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This is how I interpreted the ending:

John and Sherlock live together at 221B with Rosie or possibly John has a place very close by. Molly seemed happy in the small clip we saw of her so I’m assuming Sherlock explained the situation to her. They go on solving crimes of couse, just like Mary said. Nothing too big though. Nothing like Moriarty or Eurus. They work close with the police and help Greg out as often as needed. Sherlock doesn’t mind the easy cases as much as he used to. In fact he finds he kind of likes them. They enjoy their lives. They are happy.



The feral cat that lives in my neighborhood had kittens!

“The Gilmore girls revival was garbage”

“The characters would never do that”

“Season 7 was better”


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Emmerdale Survey Results

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Imagine Woozi asking for some congratulatory kisses after Seventeen’s first place win.


You are engaging him in a lightsaber duel. Neither of you are skilled enough for such endeavor.

It’s no secret I love stories about Vader and people who - directly or indirectly - are working for him. Since Aphra is “fired” from being Vader’s agent, I have a lot feelings for Kreel. The few frames shows an interesting dynamic between Lord of the Sith and his subordinate:

  • Vader already knows Luke is his son, that means he wants him alive, preferably unharmed. Not so long ago Kreel had a chance to see that Skywalker caught Vader’s attention (“What did you learn of this boy?”, “Tell me what else you learned of this boy”, Star Wars #12) yet despite orders(?), he sought after Luke to challenge him to lightsaber duel.
  • When Vader asked Kreel if he located the boy, the response “Sort of. Sorry, a bit busy right now” is not how imperial soldier should talk to merciless Lord of the Sith. 
  • Apparently, this rule does not apply to the 501st Legion, what implies that either Kreel gained Vader’s respect and is his valuable stormtrooper or Vader’s tolerance for specific behaviour is bigger than anyone could guess. Probably a bit of both.
  • Vader’s reaction? He guessed / knew without trouble that Kreel is engaging his son in potentially dangerous duel (against his orders?). Still the first thing he says is, in my opinion, something between rebuke and statement about Kreel’s own skills in that matter. “Neither of you are skilled enough for such endeavor” means(?) neither of you should do what you’re doing now boys.
  • The SCAR squad doesn’t know Kreel’s past nor extent of his skill with lightsaber. Vader on other hand knows. What makes me wonder if Vader taught Kreel some basic knowledge how to use lightsaber (as to help him catch Hutt’s attention so he had a better chance to success while doing undercover mission?) or tested his skill personally or is just so experienced master to judge others?
  • Despite Vader’s threat, Kreel doesn’t sound apologetic / scared at all.

I heard some voices that this pic in colour dismiss the idea that it’s a wedding photo because the colours of their clothes aren’t the same.
Viktor’s tie matches with Yuri’s flowers, while Yuri’s tie matches with Viktor’s flower.
Viktor - light hair, dark suit
Yuri - dark hair, light suit

The clothes aren’t the same but they are complementary! (just let me believe it’s a wedding photo)