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You can only be a he or a she.

So its safe to assume anons never played a pokemon game before?

Though, i DID mention some time ago that i encourage anyone interpreting Reshi as anything they want, actually! So its up to the viewer, really.

A message to those who think running 5K is impossible.

I’ve seen a lot of people in the community talk about running a 5K like it’s some sort of impossible feat only the fittest of the fit can achieve and I want to talk about that for a moment.

Here’s what I have to say about it: If you can walk. You can do it.

I’m not saying you should, or that you’ll be able to do it right away or that it’s some sort of obligation. No. 

All I’m saying is, you can. 

There’s a phrase I love that goes “It always seems impossible until it’s done” and it can be applied to running your first 5K.

It might seem like an impossible feat right now. Something you can only dream of because “not everyone is cut out to be a runner” and you’re one of those people who would only run to save their own lives, right?

Well, let me tell you something… you’ve probably already walked 5 kilometers.

Are you a mall rat? You’d be surprised how much you can walk just by going from store to store. Download a step counter if you don’t believe me.

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Have you visited and explored a new city? Chances are you walked way more than 5 kilometers.

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Do you have a dog that enjoys long walks? Your pooch has probably made you walk 5K already.

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Do you play Pokémon GO? Guess what? You’ve definitely walked 5K because that’s what it takes to hatch a yellow egg. And maybe you’ve even walked 10K!

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Isn’t that amazing?

“It’s different” You say. “I as walking. I was taking my time”

Fair enough, let me ask you something…

What makes you think you can’t do that when running a 5K? 

I promise you this. Unless it’s an obstacle course or one of those zombie runs (which are fun as hell) no one is going to chase you. No one is going to hurry you and make you run faster than you want to run.

In fact, no one’s going to make you run. You can walk if you want.

You can stop, take a break, get up again and keep walking.

The goal for most people isn’t to get there before everyone else. The goal for most people is just to finish the race and, dammit, you can finish it.

I know it because you’ve already done it, and you can do it again.

So what’s so intimidating about running 5K again?

What’s so impossible about it?

Let me tell you about my first 5K.

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E9 or B5 for our precious little maxie ❤

One Archie is gonna be sleeping on the couch tonight. Wonder who it is~!


It’s time to return to the beautiful monstrosity that is POKEMON: DARK CRY



🐞  Beautifly & Dustox  🐞

Beautifly are famous for the brightly coloured wings and riding the spring wind to search for pollen. Attracting them is easy as they are drawn to most potted plants however it is not always the best idea as Beautifly also has an aggressive nature especially if disturbed while pollen collecting.

Dustox are instinctively drawn light and are often seen in large swarms in the city. This causes problem as in their search for food, they will strip the roadside trees of their leaves. As both a offensive and defensive strategy it’s wings are coated in a toxic dust which it can send at the foe by flapping its wings violently.

I keep seeing Mimikkyu all over my dash and I want to protect them all so I’m making a headcanon post cause I love them and the posts keep making me sad and -

Headcanon that the little guy evolves when shown enough love and affection and doesn’t feel the need to hide under the disguise anymore. That’s all. I want there to be a brilliant moment when it feels safe and secure and loved. (Like for all I care, nothing happens in the evolution other than taking off the disguise)

Unless they like wearing it cause it makes them feel nice, cause you do you, little guy, I ain’t taking that away from you. (And I will gush at all the fanart I’ve seen of Mimikkyu dressing up as different pokemon because that’s also adorable) But if it’s purely for affection from trainers I want it to get the support it needs. 

…I’m sorry, I’ve grown attached to the little guy.

Alrighty, here we go! So lately I’ve been getting asks about what constitutes a good trade or what can make a trade better. I’m not an expert on Wonder Trade, but I have traded  A LOT and I’ve been involved with @wondertag for a long time, since its inception (although I was not a mod there in the very beginning). I’m a BIG fan of wonderwashing and trying to make Wonder Trade a better place!

That being said, I know there are already guides to wonder trading out there, and you should check out @tinytheursaring‘s guides when you get a chance. I’ll probably cover a lot of stuff other people have already touched upon, but that’s okay I think. Anyway, let’s start with the basics.

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Let's talk about the next pokemon game.

let’s talk about immortal lysandre.

let’s talk about malva getting kicked off of the elite four and leading team flare.

let’s talk about the shalour tower.

let’s talk about kalos at 8 at night.

let’s talk about the other entrances to the power plant.

let’s talk about snowbelle city.

let’s talk about trainer customization.

let’s talk about lumiose.

let’s talk about riding pokemon.

let’s talk about rhyhorn racing.

let’s talk about the ghost girl

let’s talk about fucking primal zygarde.

let’s talk about prism tower.

let’s talk about the electric guitar in the ost.

let’s talk about mega evolution.

let’s talk about chain fishing.

let’s talk about pokemon amie.

let’s talk about sky battles.

let’s talk about geosenge town.

let’s talk about the pokespe arc.

let’s talk about emma and looker.

let’s talk about xerosic.

let’s talk about AZ and floette.

let’s talk about friend safaris.

let’s talk about starting with running shoes.

let’s talk about lysandre’s theme.

let’s talk about roller skates.

let’s talk about the coumarine monorail.

let’s talk about professor sycamore.

let’s fucking TALK about professor sycamore.

let’s talk about the gen six cutscenes.

let’s talk about the PSS.

let’s talk about anistar city.

let’s talk about all this getting upgraded to hell coming back in a final kickass epic sequel.

you hyped yet?