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honestly the biggest reason this hell site is so fucking bad is that you guys refuse to let anyone enjoy anything like. some will make a totally unproblematic post like “I love [insert cartoon]!” and then someone will come along and be like “how can you do that!!11!11!! the creator of that show’s nephew once rode a train with someone who’s against gays!!!1!!1! OP is a homophobe who wants all gays to die” and that’s the biggest fucking reason we can’t have good things if something is remotely unproblematic y'all flip out like can you let people have a good time jfc bye

A message to those who think running 5K is impossible.

I’ve seen a lot of people in the community talk about running a 5K like it’s some sort of impossible feat only the fittest of the fit can achieve and I want to talk about that for a moment.

Here’s what I have to say about it: If you can walk. You can do it.

I’m not saying you should, or that you’ll be able to do it right away or that it’s some sort of obligation. No. 

All I’m saying is, you can. 

There’s a phrase I love that goes “It always seems impossible until it’s done” and it can be applied to running your first 5K.

It might seem like an impossible feat right now. Something you can only dream of because “not everyone is cut out to be a runner” and you’re one of those people who would only run to save their own lives, right?

Well, let me tell you something… you’ve probably already walked 5 kilometers.

Are you a mall rat? You’d be surprised how much you can walk just by going from store to store. Download a step counter if you don’t believe me.

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Have you visited and explored a new city? Chances are you walked way more than 5 kilometers.

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Do you have a dog that enjoys long walks? Your pooch has probably made you walk 5K already.

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Do you play Pokémon GO? Guess what? You’ve definitely walked 5K because that’s what it takes to hatch a yellow egg. And maybe you’ve even walked 10K!

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Isn’t that amazing?

“It’s different” You say. “I as walking. I was taking my time”

Fair enough, let me ask you something…

What makes you think you can’t do that when running a 5K? 

I promise you this. Unless it’s an obstacle course or one of those zombie runs (which are fun as hell) no one is going to chase you. No one is going to hurry you and make you run faster than you want to run.

In fact, no one’s going to make you run. You can walk if you want.

You can stop, take a break, get up again and keep walking.

The goal for most people isn’t to get there before everyone else. The goal for most people is just to finish the race and, dammit, you can finish it.

I know it because you’ve already done it, and you can do it again.

So what’s so intimidating about running 5K again?

What’s so impossible about it?

Let me tell you about my first 5K.

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You can only be a he or a she.

So its safe to assume anons never played a pokemon game before?

Though, i DID mention some time ago that i encourage anyone interpreting Reshi as anything they want, actually! So its up to the viewer, really.

Did someone say alolan form rangers?!

No? Just Me? Well too bad

AU where after all the stressful crap that the SOA plot threw at them, Kate and Kellyn take a vacation in alola because they darn diddly deserve it

Maybe thats the reason you never see them in the plot of GS– Hastings saying “The elite ranger Kellyn has gathered information” was actually code for them soaking it up on the beach :)

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You like watching cartoons, do you?)Well, have you ever heard about Miraculous Ladybug? I just have an idea to make TR and Ladybug crossover. I think, that some traits are the same. So, could you, please, draw it (if you can of course)?

“Like” watching cartoons stands short to the love I have for them ♥♥♥
I managed to watch a few episodes of M. Ladybug when it aired on Nick. I’d certainly like to go back and watch it properly for sure!

*Whisper* Plz help me, when drawing his ears I randomly spouted out loud “Damn this is a nice furry”

Recently @buchichu has also drawn this concept, you should check it out, it’s pretty much better made than mine! [X]

Thanks for the Submit Anon!

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Nick, it has been Actual Years since I could last reveal a member of Fai's Pokemon Team (remember that? before sun and moon came out?) but the time has finally arrived! I chose Altaria for several reasons: 1. blue/white colour scheme. 2. tbt to fai in hanshin, 3. "hums with its soprano voice" is the closest i could find to the Whistling. 4. when it bonds with a person it will "gently envelop the friend with its soft wings" and fai needs that in his life lbr


I’m in love with this. It fits so well. 

Also that means I know THREE of Fai’s Pokemon now, right? JUST THREE. 

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i love ppl who will listen even if they dnt understand wht u mean like my mom lets me talk abt pokemon (my big big hyper fixation) nd she just lets me ramble abt and will even ask questions i get so !!! :D it makes me a happy

Me too! I have friends who just smile and nod when I start talking about guinea pigs. (I have one friend who also loves guinea pigs and has ADHD, so yeah that’s extra fun.)



It’s time to return to the beautiful monstrosity that is POKEMON: DARK CRY