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Dating Sherlock Would Include
  • Having to explain yourself five times that “Yes, Sherlock, I am actually asking you out on a date.”
  • He blinks furiously. “As friends?”
  • “OH MY GOD”
  • Once he actually understands, you have to deal with clingy Sherlock
  • Mycroft offering you as bait during a case and Sherlock is outraged
  • Especially when you say yes
  • Pacing, so much pacing
  • Like ‘Mrs Hudson is concerned about an earthquake’ pacing
  • Instead of waking up to breakfast in bed, you find yourself waking up sounds of furious violin playing and sometimes shooting at the wall
  • Every third Wednesday of the month, you and John go out to brunch simply to talk bad about Sherlock and let out your frustrations(because, face it, there are many)
  • Sherlock hasn’t caught on yet
  • Molly is a little jealous at first, but is now a regular participant of the Wednesday brunch
  • Even Mycroft shows up every once in a while 
  • Lestrade has been invited, but declined(you’re pretty sure he will come eventually)
  • Strictly no PDA…unless Mycroft uses you as bait
  • Sometimes it’s hard to tell you’re in a relationship
  • When you ask him for reassurance in your relationship 
  • He is very straight forward, but refrains himself from saying it like you’re an idiot
  • He says I love you first(which you were not expecting)
  • To be fair, it was probably to annoy Mycroft but you tend not to think about that
  • Sometimes you feel a little bit bad for almost replacing John, but John assures that “Trust me, Y/N, it’s fine. I like the space.“ 
  • You didn’t expect Sherlock to actually propose, so you planned to casually bring it up
  • With all your "subtle” hints of wanting to propose, Sherlock, being one step ahead of you, pieces it together and brings John along to pick out a ring
  • Since he absolutely has no clue 
  • John basically proposes for him during a case, since Sherlock was so nervous, but you found it sweet. 
  • “Sherlock, just say it.”
  • “Say what?”
  • “The thing
  • “Oh, right” He starts talking about the case. 
  • “Oh my god, Sherlock! Just propose!”
  • “Oh, that thing”

Requested and my first headcanon!

Concept: Philip Shea loves wearing Highlighter and occasionally loves doing make up- especially costume make up. But if he’s going out somewhere fun like a club or something he’ll just pop on some gold on his cheek bones and on his nose. maybe put a little glitter in his hair 

Visions (Pietro Maximoff X Reader)

Fandom: The Avengers: Age of Ultron
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff X Reader
Word Count: 3,507
Translations: First Russian word means “my turtle”, the second one means “soul mate”.

“I’m not here to hurt you.” You said softly, holding your hands out placatingly.

“That’s vhat they all say.” Pietro said bitterly. He was tense, and clearly prepared to run. The only reason he hadn’t run already was because he had absolutely no idea what you special ability was, and he was only slightly worried that it was something extremely dangerous.

“Please, trust me.”

“Vhy on Earth vould I do that?”

“Because I know how you feel.”

“Really? Stark killed your parents too?” He raised an eyebrow doubtfully.

“Actually, yes. It was an accident, but…” You trailed off.

The look on Pietro’s face was priceless.


You shrugged. “I was ten, and both my parents were in the army. They were stationed overseas in separate units, but at the same base. Tony sent over some missiles, and they, uh, they got intercepted. The people that stole them activated them and then launched them at the army base. None of the soldiers got out. It wasn’t really Tony’s fault, I don’t blame him, at least, but a lot of other people did. Tony feels guilty about it ‘til this very day. So yeah, I do kind of know what it feels like to lose your parents because of something Tony did, even if he had good intentions.”

Pietro frowned. “I am sorry.”

“Will you trust me? Just for a second?”

Pietro looked you up and down before nodding reluctantly. “Otay.”

You stepped closer to him and leaned in, connecting your forehead with his and pressing your fingertips to his temples.

You felt Pietro tense up. “Relax.” You murmured gently. He, surprisingly, did as you asked and relaxed ever so slightly.

You concentrated on Pietro’s mind, and you were suddenly assaulted with a multitude of feelings. Anger, despair, loyalty, and, quite oddly, hope.

You were just about to speak when you were suddenly hit with a wave of emotional pain. You stumbled away from Pietro and caught a glimpse of brown hair and a red, flickering light, before you were suddenly back in your aunt’s house the day you found out your parents died.

Pietro blinked in surprise as the warmth from your body was suddenly gone, looking up to see his sister staring at him anxiously.

“Did she hurt you? Vhat vas she doing to you?” Wanda asked, eyes scanning his body worriedly for any wounds.

“I’m fine.” He said distractedly, his own eyes flicking down to your body. His eyebrows knitted together in concern at the whimpering sounds coming from your mouth, and he frowned even harder when he saw the tears spilling down your cheeks. Before he could do something stupid, like ask Wanda to stop hurting you because really you had done nothing wrong, he scooped Wanda into his arms and sped away from the building.


“Oh god.” You groaned, pressing a hand to your head as if that would stop the pain. You felt like you had the world’s worst hangover. Taking a glance at the other Avengers, you figured that Natasha, Thor, and Steve had also been whammied by Wanda’s magic, because they all looked about as good as you felt.

“Well,” Tony said, looking around the ship. “That went a hell of a lot worse than expected.”

Natasha managed a weak smirk. “Careful Tony, Steve doesn’t like that kind of language.”

Steve grumbled something unintelligible, but it sounded suspiciously like curses.

“Language!” All of the team said in unison.

Steve buried his face in his hands. Why did his team have to be such a big group of punks?


The whole time the Avengers were staying with Clint’s family, your thoughts were on Pietro.

For some reason, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t get your mind off of him. You had only met the guy once, and you knew he probably hated your guts, but you had seen something in him. Something good.

He didn’t want to be the bad guy, he just wanted revenge for what he felt had been a wrongdoing. And honestly, you couldn’t blame him. He had no way of knowing (before now) that Tony had never meant to kill his parents, so it was understandable that he would blame the guy whose name was literally on the thing that ripped his parents away from him.

Every time you saw Clint wrap his arms around Laura’s waist from behind, or you saw the shy smiles that Natasha and Bruce exchanged (since when had that been a thing, by the way?), you thought of Pietro.

You still didn’t understand why, you knew pretty much nothing about him, but something in your heart was telling you that he was special.

Or maybe it was the fact that reading people was something you rarely did, and never in that way. You usually only did it when The Avengers desperately needed information, and there was no other way to get it. But what you had done…it was more instinctual than anything. You wanted to calm him down, so the feelings you had sent through the bond were calm, soothing ones.

The feelings you had felt through the bond were raw and unbridled, deep and powerful emotions that Pietro had been completely unable to tone down or hide. You were inside his head, and you knew just how strongly he felt things, how strongly he felt hope.

He had hope that his life would get better, he had hope that he could make a difference in the world, he had hope that, maybe, one day he could even get a significant other. He cared about his sister and he loved her, of course, but he wanted someone he could love in a romantic way.

God. You were so screwed. You knew none of the basic, simple stuff about him, but yet, the moment you laid eyes on him (which, mind you, had been when he was smacking most of your friends and teammates around), it felt like you were really, truly alive for the first time. So, so screwed.


“Hey punk, you doin’ alright?” Steve approached you with a concerned smile on his lips, and you lifted your eyes up from the flower you had been staring at for the past five minutes.

When you shrugged instead of speaking, Steve knew something was wrong.

He sat down beside you on the lawn. “Okay, __y/n__, what’s on your mind?”

You looked up at him forlornly. “You, uh, you remember Pietro, right?”

“How could I forget?” Steve asked, raising an eyebrow at you curiously.

“Well, you know how I can, uh, read people’s feelings and their minds and stuff?” Steve nodded. “I kind of read Pietro’s, and now I kind of think I have a crush on him?”

Steve’s eyes widened before he wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “Oh, dear. Do I need to give you “the talk”?”

You chuckled, despite your crummy mood. “No, Steve, you do not need to give me “the talk”. Believe it or not, I know how sex works.”

Steve pretended to wipe a bead of sweat off his forehead. “That is a relief, because I had no idea where that conversation was going.” Steve then looked at you, smiling kindly. “Do you want to talk about it?”

You shrugged before letting out a sigh and burying your face in your hands. “Why does he have to be so cute?”

Steve rubbed your shoulder comfortingly. “Let it out, kiddo, let it out.”


You must’ve done something to him. That was the only explanation Pietro could think of as to why your face kept popping into his mind. If you hadn’t cast a spell on him, why else would the thought of you make him feel calm and peaceful?

On second thought, why would you have cast a spell on him to make him feel tranquil whenever he thought of you? That didn’t make any sense, but neither did him thinking about you as often as he had been.

He kept thinking about how much he it had hurt him to see you cry. Why on Earth had it hurt him so much? He didn’t know you, he wasn’t friends with you, and he most certainly didn’t care for you. So what was it about seeing you look so small and broken that made him want to protect you?

Pietro frowned to himself and shook his head, trying to rid his mind of those foolish thoughts. You were an Avenger, and right now, The Avengers were his enemy (so why did even the thought of hurting you make him feel sick to his stomach?).


Pietro and Wanda had officially switched sides, after realizing that Ultron was a complete nutcase who wanted to destroy the world.

You, The Avengers, and the two of them were now on your way to Sokovia to stop Ultron’s plan to destroy the world. Fun times.

You were clipping a gun to your belt when someone suddenly scooped you into their arms and zipped you down a hallway, carefully setting you down before pinning you to the wall.

You raised an eyebrow at Pietro. “You know, if you wanted me pressed against the wall, you could’ve just asked.”

You and Pietro were kind of friends now, and he usually laughed at your jokes or made one in return, but this time, he just stared at you, his eyes dark and unblinking.

“Pietro? You okay, buddy?”

He shook his head, letting out a sigh before leaning forward and resting his forehead against yours. “Vhat have you done to me?”

You frowned, knitting your eyebrows together in confusion. “I don’t think I’ve done anything to you?”

His eyes flicked open and he grabbed your one of your hands, pressing your fingertips to his chest. You could feel his heart hammering rapidly against his ribs. “I spend a lot of time running, but my heart has never beaten this quickly. Ever.”

You couldn’t help it. You kissed him. Leaning in and gently touching your lips to his was pure instinct (you had been trying to refrain from showing him that you liked him because you still knew barely anything about him and didn’t want to scare him away), but god, his lips felt wonderful.

Pietro made a sound of agreement in his throat before wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling your body closer to his. You wriggled your arms out from in between your bodies and snaked them around his neck, running your fingers through his silvery hair.

You heard a cough and hurriedly broke the kiss, but neither of you made any move to get out of the other’s arms.

“Really?” Clint asked, arching an eyebrow at the two of you.

Pietro smirked, his arms tightening around your waist. “You didn’t see that coming?”

You and Clint let out simultaneous groans.

“You can’t just reuse lines like that!” Clint huffed indignantly.

Pietro shrugged distractedly, nuzzling his nose into the hollow between your neck and your shoulder instead of responding.

Clint rolled his eyes and started to walk away, not wanting to witness the lead up to you and Pietro procreating. He turned around once, shouted “Use protection!”, and was gone, leaving Pietro with a smirk and you with a bright, ruby red blush.


You startled awake, blinking rapidly and breathing harshly as your mind was filled with a horrifying vision. Which didn’t even make sense, you had never had a vision before and your first thought was that Wanda was doing something to your mind, but this was different. It hadn’t felt like the last time she had whammied you, it felt like you were seeing something that was actually going to happen.

You saw Clint, who was holding a child, looking up at the sky fearfully, before turning away from your line of sight, protecting the child from something. Before you could register that anything had happened, there was the sound of gunfire, and you looked up, surprised to see a car in front of Clint and the child.

Pietro had taken the brunt of the bullets, while the car had only received a few hits.

“You didn’t see that coming?” Pietro joked weakly to a confused Clint, before he collapsed to the ground, a limp pile of bullet riddled flesh.

Wanda’s scream of despair tore through the air, and you felt as if someone had torn your own heart out and crushed it into dust.

You blinked and you were suddenly back in your bed, with Pietro sleeping soundly next to you (no, you hadn’t done anything, but you had asked him if he would be okay sharing the bed with you, and he had happily agreed).

You wanted to let him sleep, you did, but you needed to talk to someone about your vision, and he was the closest person.

“Pietro,” You murmured quietly, shaking his shoulder gently. When he barely stirred, you tried something else. “Sonic! Wake up!”

Pietro groaned as he slipped back into consciousness. “Vho is this ‘Sonic’ you speak of?”

“I’ll explain it to you later, right now, I need to talk to you about something.”

Pietro could tell by the tone in your voice and how glossy your eyes were that it was something serious.

“Vhat is vrong, мой черепаха?” Pietro asked, grabbing one of your hands and rubbing the back of your hand soothingly.

“I had a vision, which I have never, ever had before, but I just…I know that it was showing me something that’s going to happen.” You were shaking almost violently, and Pietro frowned, drawing you into his arms and pressing a kiss to your temple.

“And vhat is going to happen? It can’t be that bad, can i-“

“You die.” You said suddenly, cutting him off before he could finish. “You, uh, you sacrifice yourself to save Clint and a little boy and I-“ You broke down crying then, wrapping your arms around him and burying your face in his shoulder. “I don’t want you to die.”

“Vell, uh, there must be some vay ve can avoid this, yes?” Pietro said, trying to comfort you (however, comforting girls was not really a strong suit of his). “Don’t vorry. Everything vill be fine.”

You both hoped to god that he was right.


So far, the battle against Ultron was not going well. Even with the Maximoff twins and Vision, you were still terribly outnumbered. Ultron had thousands upon thousands of robots at his disposal, and you had nine humans and an android. Definitely not a fair fight.

And then reinforcements finally showed up.

They certainly helped, you could finally start evacuating the city, but there were still just too many people to save, too many robots to destroy, and too little time to get everything done.

You were doing all you could, chucking cars at robots with your mind and even exploding some of them from the inside out, when you started to get a terrible sense of déjà vu. You looked to your right, fear making your blood run cold as you saw Clint running to save a little boy.

The same little boy from your vision.

You waved your hand and a car shot across the street, landing directly in front of Clint and the child, protecting them from the barrage of bullets that one of Ultron’s robots had sent forth.

You didn’t see Pietro around, which you took as a good sign, and you were going to go make sure that Clint and the child were okay when the robot’s guns turned towards you.

You huffed in annoyance, squeezing your hand into a fist and grinning in satisfaction when the robot was crushed into millions of tiny pieces.

You ran towards Clint and the child, assuring that they were okay before taking the child from Clint. You brought him over to one of the rescue ships and passed him to who you thought was his mother, if the way she was crying was any indication.

You were heading back into the throng of the battle, but you were interrupted by Pietro picking you up, speeding you out of the immediate danger area, pressing you into a wall, and slamming his lips onto yours.

You kissed him back eagerly, savoring the taste of his lips, mostly salty from his sweat, but there was something else there, something purely Pietro that tasted delicious, before nipping on his lower lip playfully and breaking the kiss.

“What was that for?” You asked, running a finger gently along a cut on his chin, and healing it with your mind.

“I’m not dead, you’re not dead, seemed like a good time as any.” Pietro murmured, pressing a kiss to your finger. “You didn’t need to do that,” He argued. “It vould’ve healed. You need to save your strength, don’t go vasting it on me.”

You shook your head. “Not a waste. Can’t let you go around destroying that pretty face of yours, can I?”

Tony’s voice crackled over your ear piece. “If you guys could save the mushy gushy stuff until after we save the world, that’d be great.”

You grinned at Pietro sheepishly. “Guess that’s our cue.” You leaned in then and kissed him once more, a slow, lingering slide of your lips against his that left your mind feeling a little fuzzy. “Don’t die, alright?”

“I von’t. Try to stay alive yourself, da?”

You nodded, and then Pietro had zoomed off and you were throwing yourself back into the battle.

It was going to be a long day.


When the battle was finally over, you and the team practically collapsed into Fury’s helicarrier. The rest of the team had accepted that Pietro and Wanda were now members of the team, so they came too.

Ultron was destroyed, the world was safe, and Pietro wasn’t dead, so in your opinion, life was surprisingly good right now.


Over the next six or so months, you learned more about your visions. They happened more frequently, and for some weird reason, they were always about Pietro.

They would show you unimportant little things, just what Pietro was doing when you were away on missions, or sometimes they would warn you about things that were going to hurt Pietro on missions, so you could always make sure to go with him on those missions or at the very least, warn him about the dangers.

Tony, being the nice, generous guy that he is, bought you and Pietro a house (slightly in the country, because Pietro wanted a place to run), and he bought Wanda one as well, in the same neighborhood. It was literally only 0.005 seconds away for Pietro, and five minutes away if you walked.

You were sleeping with Pietro’s arms wrapped tightly around you, when you suddenly jolted awake. Your eyes drifted out of focus as you were pulled into a vision.

Pietro’s hand was gripping yours tightly, a lot more tightly than he ever did. It concerned you, but Pietro was leading you into your dining room, so you didn’t think that anything was actually wrong. The table was decorated with candles, flowers, champagne, and all your favorite foods.

You turned to look at him. “Pietro? What is all this?”

He shrugged shyly (you had never seen Pietro be shy before in your life, so now you were definitely worried). “I just vanted to do something special for the voman I love.”

You smiled, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze. “It’s beautiful.” You turned to him, leaning up and pressing a chaste kiss to the corner of his mouth.

Pietro then led you to a chair and pulled it out for you, gesturing for you to sit down. You did as he asked and he then pushed your chair, before taking his own seat.

The vision skipped a bit, skimming over the meal like a movie on fast forward.

The vision slowed back down, and you saw Pietro slowly (you didn’t even know that was possible for him) moving toward you, before he got down on one knee in front of your chair. The vision cut out right after Pietro pulled a small, grey box out of his pocket.

You blinked as you slipped back into the present, smiling down at Pietro’s sleeping form fondly.

You pressed a kiss to his forehead and were pleasantly surprised by the happy noise he made in his throat, before settling back into Pietro’s strong arms.

That was one vision you could keep to yourself. You knew that sooner or later (assuming nothing bad happened to either of you), the vision would come true.

Pietro was your родственная душа, just like you were his, and when the day came that he decided he wanted to marry you, you would say yes. There was not a single doubt in your mind about that.

This was one thing that both you and Pietro didn’t want to rush. For once, you knew Pietro was willing to take it slow. 

End.  <3

shipping in general is like. annoying. i dont mean to be a dickhead but i cannot help but just get generally annoyed at shipping, especially when people are super in your face about it and dont let you talk about a character without bringing up their most popular ship

like i enjoy shipping OCs way more than just. fandom ships. fandom ships/shipping is just. mostly obnoxious and i swear i have so much stuff blacklisted just cause it irritates me

GOT7 As Types of Cuddlers

A.N. Did a post on who is as Little or Big Spoon a while back so why not do a post as type of cuddlers?

JB: The one who won’t speak much cuddler. Holds you close to the point you can hear his heart beat but really he just loves smelling your hair. Holds your hands and plays with your fingers from time to time. He’ll let you do all the talking, rather knowing what you did with your time. He’ll just smile the whole time and gives occasional kisses on the top of your head.

Mark: The really funny cuddler that talks about anything and everything. While your legs are intertwined with each other and your head rest on his shoulder, the topics you talk about are rather weird. Topics will go from “Is Tupac still alive?” yes to “what weird things are in the sea”. You’ll take turns on who goes to sleep first every time you two cuddle

Jackson: The never shuts up clingy cuddler let’s just face this boy would just hold on to you like a kola bear and than talk nonstop about random memories, work, future dates, debates about the most random things peanut butter vs jelly/ are tomatoes really a fruit? Even though he knows he talks a lot it means so much to him that you’re willing to put up with it. Once you get use to it you’ll fall asleep to the sound of voice easily, which makes him smile like an idiot. 

Junior: The movie/book cuddler that just loves to have you right there next to him when you two are watching a movie or reading book. Sure when its in bed you’ll cuddle but Junior just loves having you next to him while he’s reading or watching a movie. He would just glance at you while your head rest on his shoulder. Just smiles, gives you a kiss and refocus on what he was doing.

Youngjae: The silent cuddler sure you’ll talk about your day or your random thoughts but he’ll probably just rather have you just next to him. With your head on his chest and you’ll probably fall asleep before he does, he’ll just have random thoughts about what the future will be like and the thought of you would come into his mind and he’ll just tightly hold you while he’s all giddy inside.

Bambam: The one that forces you to cuddle with him even when you aren’t in a  good mood and he can sense that so he here comes to attack you with cuddles and his annoying thoughts. He is of course is a small spoon so he loves having his forehead resting against your neck while he just have you hold him. He’ll let you talk about your day or whatever problems your facing. Just let’s you ramble on and on until you fall asleep.

Yugyeom: The shit talking cuddler man he’ll go on for hours on how the fuck can a person be so stupid and start to crack jokes which throughout the whole time of course that’ll make you laugh so much. After having such a talk he’ll just throw his arm over you while your legs are intertwined and there’s a smile on both of your faces until you both fall asleep.

BTS Reacts

BTS Reacts to a tattoo idea

Warnings: none


“Hey honey?” You say to Jin.

“Yes y/n?” He calls from the kitchen. He was making dinner for your 3rd wedding anniversary. 

“We’ve been married for a few years, and I really love you…” You started, hesitant to tell him on what you wanted to do. 

“Y/n are you okay? You’re kinda scaring me,” he turned the stove off to give you his full attention. 

“I wanna get a tattoo to represent you. So I have something as a reminder for when you’re on tour and stuff,” you said it. “We could get matching ones, but only if you want to." 

He was touched. He wanted to get a tattoo with you but it just wasn’t him. It wasn’t a part of his personality. But the fact that you wanted a reminder of him, permanently, was something that melted his heart. 

"I would get it with you but it’s not  in my personality. Otherwise, what do you want to get? Where are you going to get it? When?” He pestered you with questions about the tattoo. You were happy that he wasn’t offended that you wanted to ink your body for him. You were washed with relief that he wasn’t weirded out by your tattoo idea. 

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I’ve been thinking about. How I would have written this season trade in in Fallen London, while keeping in the same story they used: 

1) Have a “join the protesters” option. I feel like this one was vital, and I don’t know why it wasn’t included.

2) Let the player ask the questions to the masters BEFORE having to make the decision. People should not be punished for not wanting to make an incredibly uncomfortable decision. Technically the monthly payment is for lore. Make an excuse, let the player stand their ground and request answers before deciding. Make it an uncomfortable conversation for them. It’s a court, there’s options to bring this across

         2.1) alternatively if you choose to join the protesters you get revolutionary lore (of the same scope as the masters one). you still get something and not an immediate end to the storyline.

        2.2) In general, more options that do not assume the player character is a) a detachec scholar b) a detached aristocrat c) both.

3) Connections and choices are there for something. I know EF stories aren’t supposed to be grindy, but previous EF stories have made use of character attributes to unlock special options (like, having played lost in reflections, for example). So Connected: The Masters, at the very least least should have had an weighty option. 

      3.1) Choices made through the stories could have been interesting, considering it’s required to play them all! Invite the people you met/sided with to share their stories. Especially since the season was about knowing about the lives of the oppressed members of society. Why should you be the one to tell their stories in your voice? Let them face the masters and talk about the city being hell for the people. They might attend or not depending on how you treated them. They might aid your cause or not. 

4) As other people have mentioned, I think this could have been an opportunity both to raise and to use “Adrift in a sea of misery” for something. 

5) FL is known for risky options. Let the player take control of the situation. Hell, have an option to try and attack the masters, even if it fails. I know I would have tried if I was presented with this. 

6) You helped create a new urchin gang in HOJOTOHO! so why this “it’s impossible to change anything in the city no matter what you do, what you choose, how much renown you have, how many fate you’ve spent. so just take it.” attitude now? Giving the player the option to end on a more hopeful note would have been nice. Even if it only changes a few opp cards. 

anonymous asked:

Can you do a imagine of the RFA (With Jaehee and V) holding their newborn child(ren) for the first time? *I imagine Seven having twins and V having triplets*

Honestly, I always imagined Seven having twins as well! I think several people do haha.


  • When he was going to hold his newborn baby, he would be THRILLED
  • He is so exited, and he would probably be shaking and jumping impatiently waiting to hold his child
  • Whether it be a girl or a boy (though I imagine him having a girl), he would instantly love them with all his heart
  • He will be smiling like an idiot the whole day, and probably everyday until they get to go home
  • Definitely comments on the baby’s inevitably good looks
  • “Well, she/he has MY genes, after all ;)” 


  • This poor boy, he is so nervous
  • “Aaah, what if I don’t hold him/her right? What if I’ll be a bad father? What if- ”
  • But when he sees the baby, he instantly shuts up, and he stands there awestruck until you say he should hold the baby himself
  • He is nervous, but once he holds the baby, everything falls in to place. It just felt so… right
  • As he looked into the baby’s eyes, he was smiling and crying at the same time
  • “They’re beautiful MC.”


  • She would try to not show her nervousness, as to not make you any more nervous
  • When she holds the child (I imagine it would be a boy :D), she is overwhelmed by her feelings
  • She would cry and look at her s/o, then back to the baby
  • She would be out of words, but you knew how happy she was
  • ((Sorry if this is bad, I’m not used to writing about her))


  • His face looked as emotionless as people said it was, but that was because he wanted to compose his feelings to help you better
  • You saw the sparkling in his eyes though, and he looked like an inpatient 5-year old who’s trying to stay calm
  • He insisted on being the first to hold the child, but when the time came he was really nervous
  • Once the child was safely in his arms, he smiles from ear to ear
  • “This is our child MC. Our child.”
  • Holds onto the baby for dear life, while still being as gentle as possible 


  • He had mixed feelings, because he was really really happy, but at the same time worried and scared for the children’s future
  • Can he, who never grew up in a loving home, really be a good father? 
  • Like Yoosung, he forgets his worries when he sees the twins. When he sees the slight,thin red-looking baby hairs on their heads he freaks out
  • “omg MC look at their heads! Look at their little faces, look at-”
  • You just let him ramble, and his exited face talking about your children was absolutely adorable
  • As each of you hold one baby, he stands there just grinning like an idiot
  • He probably cries to because he always wanted a family and he is just so happy


  • He is so happy and exited, he just can’t wait to hold them
  • Three babies MC. Three!”
  • (assuming he has taken surgery) He keeps looking at them, saying how beautiful and gorgeous they are
  • He can’t wait to start taking pictures of you as a beautiful family of five
  • He gets very emotional, this precious man. He keeps looking at you and your babies , commenting on how “this one has your eyes! They all have your nose MC!”
  • He will stay by your side every second until you go back home, holding your new family members 

I hope this is fine. Have a great day!

Tomeo and Maemi

SO I just wanted to doodle Mama and Papa Hamada because I’m just having so much feels now.

NOW if you guys don’t mind I will share SOME headcanons.

  • Tadashi takes after his dad. Tomeo has a smaller nose and Tadashi most likely got his ears from his father’s side and also THAT JAWLINE.
  • Hiro looks a LOT like Maemi. Like he takes after her hair volume! Also, he most likely got her button nose, those cheeks, and THAT SMILE.
  • Tomeo may look all cool on the outside, but on inside he’s a big nerd who’s extremely doting and he loves his family very much. His cool exterior is usually poked on by his wife and he just loses it when she’s around. XD
  • Maemi is quite sassy, very opinionated, and extremely intelligent. She’s a tough, sometimes serious but very gentle lady and Tomeo teases her A LOT about the time he first met her and she was such a tomboy. She would give him playful punches once in a while, like what she used to do back when they were in college.
  • THEY DEFINITELY MET IN COLLEGE and have been together ever since. Tomeo was such a goober trying to ask her out. He could have melted ON THE SPOT. XD
  • Maemi surely thought Tomeo during the first time she met him, NEEDED to brush his hair and find clothes that would fit him well. She also thought that he was extremely shy while she’s the more outgoing one.
  • Tomeo LOVES baseball and Maemi would gladly take him out on dates to see some games. Tadashi got to watch with them back when he was only 4 years old.
  • In family photos, Tomeo is the one who gives Maemi “bunny ears” and Tadashi would ask his dad what it was. Maemi would see the photo and playfully give Tomeo a jab and she tells Tadashi that you do it to the people you love so that they would look “cute.”
    Tadashi believes her. XD
    Tomeo is a medical engineer who first took a major in Pediatrics while Maemi is an Astrophysicist that loves to build her own model aircrafts, robots, and even dolls at times. She says it’s a hobby she picked up back when she was little and she fondly remembers building her own hovercraft. :3

OH AND… I kinda drew Tomeo with Daniel Henney in mind. Would you look at that…

Eyebrow game too strong. XD

ANYWAY. WOOH! I still HAVE SO SO SO SOOO MANY ideas and headcanons! If you have some, do talk to me! I would love to hear them! <3

Spider-Man: Homecoming Aesthetics

MJ: biting your lip until it bleeds, late night diner food, early morning protests, pins on a jean jacket, sarcastic remarks, ice on a window, listening to the Sex Pistols, long talks about nothing and everything, letting your hair fall in front of your face, hands covered in pencil lead, ranting about everything, sketchbooks with the pages ripped out, walls covered in Polaroid pictures, streetlights shining into a dark room

Ned: talking too much, biting your nails, late night movie premieres, eating too much ice cream, going on the same ride 5 times, studying late into the night, books on physics, staying on your computer till your eyes hurt, crying to your best friend, puns, getting excited over the small stuff, waking up too early, Legos, listening to movie soundtracks as you work

Peter: a pin board full of memories, posters on your bedroom walls, anxiety attacks, binge watching Adventure Time, neon lights, books on chemistry, talking about everything, mindless chatter, books that are ripped and stained, sweaters, cracking jokes, caring too much, golden retrievers, falling out of bed, late nights in the city, falling in love too fast

Liz: curling your hair, In-N-Out, watching the Golden Girls with the lights out, crying when you think no one can hear, watching the sunset, studying from flashcards, sneaking food into the movie theaters, loving something more than you love yourself, daydreams, secrets, sitting next to your best friend, walking around the mall, picking out tomorrow’s outfit, makeup running down your face when you cry

Flash: bloody knuckles, sarcastic insults, reading comic books, driving too fast down the highway, eating too much, history books, playing hide and seek in the dark, laughing with your best friend, looking at yourself in the mirror, finger-guns, staying up too late, raging bonfires, listening to AC/DC, crying in the bathroom, knowing the answer to everything (and nothing)

anonymous asked:

What would bts do when they notice their girlfriend is feeling down and when they asked her what's wrong all she says is "nothing, just some family things" just because he's got enough stress

Jin - Even if he is stressed with his own stuff, he is still going to wonder what is wrong. If something is wrong with your family, then he is going to to be doubly worried, because family matters the most in his eyes. I think he would go out on a limb and ask you if you wanted to talk about it, but if you say no then he will leave it be. He will just make sure that you know he is there for you; making you some snacks, getting you tea, giving you lots of hugs. He doesn’t mean anything to be irritating, he just wants to show that he loves and supports you. 

Suga - If you brush him off with an answer like that, he is just going to leave you be. However, inside he will be panicking for you. He loves his family more than anything, and if something is going on with yours, his heart is going to be heavy. However, he would also respect if you want to keep this to yourself, or figure out a solution alone, because this is your family and you know them best. He would still be there for you, ready to listen if you wanted to talk, and always ready to talk about a solution. He is a very level-headed man, and he cares about you very much, so he will do anything in his power to help. 

J-Hope - He would be worried. If you are brushing him off, he is wondering just bad things are. Your family? That’s nothing to joke about, and he wold be worried sick for you. He would ask you a couple times to confide in him, telling yo that maybe talking about it will make you feel a little better. The least he can do is try and offer a solution that you two come up with together. Or maybe even offer some comfort over something. He hates to see you down, and would do anything in his power to make you feel better. There is no better person to share these things with; this guy would even go as far as to shed tears with you.

Rap Monster - He would be worried, and ask if you wanted to talk about it. If you say no, then he will leave you alone for a little while. However, if he sees this as an ongoing thing, he is going to approach you about it again. He would tell you that it might be better for you talk about it, and that he is there to listen to you. He doesn’t want you to feel that he is too busy for you to talk to him, or that you are bothering him. He wants you to confide in him, and know that he loves and supports you always. 

Jimin - This kid would probably bug you a little more about it. You would probably end up airing your problems just to get him to shut up. And that’s not saying he is trying to annoy you to death, he just wants to hear out your problems, and help you with them in any way he can. He may be young still, but he is also pretty smart, and he will do everything in his power to put a smile back on your face. That means from letting you talk about what is on your mind, to him doing body gags and funny faces until you are rolling on the floor. 

V - He would be worried sick. He loves his family like crazy, and if you say you are having problems with yours, he would be scared for you. If you say that you don’t want to talk about it, you are still going to have a hard time getting rid of him. He would give you those deep puppy eyes, and cling to you for quite a while. The only way you could get him off your back is if you get mean with him, and unless things are really bad then I doubt that you will get to that point. He would listen to all your problems if you wish to talk, and be there for you every step of the way. 

Jungkook - He has said before that he has a hard time expressing his feelings, so if you are having a hard time talking about yours, he is going to understand. However, he would do little things to show that he is still there for you. He would linger by your side longer, get things for you without asking, and touch you a little more than you are used to. If you ever did want to talk, he would be a great listener, but I don’t know if he would have a solution for you. The others say he is pretty smart and mature, so he might surprise you. The ultimate thing to remember is that he is there for you  regardless of the stress he feels. 

~Admin C