let's talk about this scene ok

honk honk its hance time
  • best friends since literal birth. since before birth. their moms were friends before they were born
    • so many embarrassing baby photos of the two of them in matching halloween costumes e.g. as woody and jessie from toy story
    • so many videos of them as little kids playing in hunk’s backyard, pretending to be explorers on a new planet
    • so many pictures of them at important events in each others’ lives (hunk at lance’s mom’s wedding, lance at hunk’s first piano recital, and of course hundreds of pictures of them at school dances, family vacations, award ceremonies)
    • also they “got married” at age 6 in lance’s bedroom and they both have photos from the wedding saved on their phones
  • hunk: [hyperfocusing] lance: [drawing hearts on post-it notes and slowly covering hunk’s back with them]
  • lance is chronically unable to not talk about hunk. doesn’t matter what he’s talking about, he will somehow relate it back to something hunk has said or done
    • pidge plays a game where she’ll bring up the most absurdly specific and obscure topic of conversation that she can think of with lance, and time how long it takes for him to start talking about hunk
      • his longest record is forty-eight seconds
  • lance: [takes hunk’s hands from behind, makes him dance]
  • both like to stim by making noise & like to copy each others’ noises
    • they will be sitting in the same room, working on separate projects, saying “bleep bleep bloop” back and forth to each other
    • they’re also the Spontaneous Harmonizing couple
  • hunk: [picks up lance when he’s in the middle of talking and just. holds]
    • lance continues talking almost as if he doesn’t notice
  • lance when hunk is being needy: ugh god hunk you’re driving me crazy, why am i even dating you hunk: ok let me just remind you that i, hunk, bore earthly witness to your real actual middle school scene phase, i was there, in the trenches, on the front lines, and i still had a crush on you so you don’t get to complain about anything i do literally ever
  • can smell each others’ meltdowns coming a fucking mile away
  • if one is ever hyperfocusing to the point that it’s sort of Bad the other will just. come over and take his hands and say “ok you’re done with this for now” and take him to get some food goo
  • lance loves when hunk lays on top of him it’s like he’s under a big ol rock and he feels safe and grounded
  • hunk when lance does something cool: [yelling] THAT’S MY HUSBAND

ok lets talk abt the scene with lance and shiro in episode 4 because what the Fuck

we all know shiro was probably taught jack shit in the garrison about handling an injured person which is why he carries lance Like That but like,, why the Fuck was he carrying him down that hall anyway?? hes like “hang on help is on the way” but he’s just carrying him?? out of the castle?? bitch where the Fuck were you planning to go??? also that fuckshit’s like, what, a mile long and you had to get halfway down the thing to notice that sendak was riGHT FUCKIGN THERE like buddy wtf he was 2 feet in front of you the whole time theres no way you were carrying lance downstairs and through the hall without seeing sendak

I’m relatively open to all kinds of ideas and theories, the’re a lot of fun to talk about and mess around with. 

But there are just some i just can’t accept, and i think it’s harder to accept, when they were created on little fact…and seem to only exist to put down. character or ship.

I love tom, but i can respect it if someone just simply doesn’t like him.

He’s flawed, every character is, which is a good thing, he’s going to screw up…nobody is perfect…

But abusive? 

Abusive is a strong thing to call somebody, if you’re referring to someone as being abusive you are referring to someone who can cause physical and/ or mental damage to someone…and who doesn’t care about the victim’s feelings and /or well-being.

That’s a pretty hard accusation to place on Tom, especially when he’s still a character with much mystery behind him.

I wouldn’t be nearly as bothered by it, however, if the fandom didn’t treat this as more of a FACT sometimes…and not an headcanon.

You can’t use a headcanon as a reason to hate Tom, or hate any ship he’s apart of.

A headcanon is a theory or idea of something that may happen, or could happen…..it’s nothing that’s confirmed yet.

Unless Tom is proven to be abusive on this show, he’s not.

And it’s a hard claim to stake, because it really doesn’t make a lot of sense considering his character and his relationships.

But Star-!

Star is one of the biggest reasons i don’t buy this idea.

all of her actions towards Tom are not the ones of a victim of abuse. She’s not really afraid of Tom, has no problem saying no to him, and frankly doesn’t really seem to hate him despite everything.

And if Tom DID abuse her, that doesn’t add up and instead raises more questions like:

  • Why did Star accept Tom’s invite so easily in BMB? And leave so willingly in this and the original storyboard?
  • Why is Star so forgiving towards Tom?
  • Why does she still have his number?
  • Why is she perfectly fine with Tom and Marco hanging out together?
  • Why would she egg Marco on to hang out with Tom?
  • Why does her reaction to him inviting her in BMB sound more annoyed then angry and aggressive if he hurt her?

Look, i don’t know for sure about what happened with their relationship, but this is not how an abuse survivor treats their abuser.

Star would want nothing to do with him, wouldn’t let Marco ever hang out with him, wouldn’t willingly go anywhere with him anymore, and would treat him a lot more coldly.

But he’s mean!! He’s hurt star and Marco-!

Here’s the thing about abusers, they don’t realize (Or Care) about how they treat the victim. 

This is literally the opposite of Tom’s entire character.

When Tom hurts people, he genuinely looks hurt and ashamed of himself.

When he gets scolded, he looks as if he’s about to cry.

Making others sad and/or upset isn’t something he takes pride in and he has no problem taking the blame when he screws up.

He genuinely apologizes, this is not something an abuser would do.

Tom’s character revolves around him trying to improve upon himself, he goes through the effort to become a better person and tried to fix something he knows is causing so much trouble, You can’t simply pretend these efforts mean nothing when they’re such a big part of his character.

Tom’s flawed, sure, but so are Marco and Star.

And between the three of them, Tom tries the hardest to change for the good of himself and everyone around him.

There’s also the matter that out of everyone on this show, Tom gets this label despite him never harming anyone on this show.

The most damage he’s done to anyone so far is hit Marco with some ping pong balls, that’s not exactly the worst Marco’s encountered compared to what Star has put him through.

Sure he attempted to attack Marco during BMB, but considering that fight never happened….we’ll never know what Tom could’ve ended up doing or if he even would’ve gone through with it.

The guy kinda lost everything that night, his anger was building all night and this was what broke the camel’s back.

It’s probably harder to handle this kinda thing when your emotions link to your powers.

He didn’t even hurt Marco in “Friend-enemies” when he got upset, and the position he chose to “Attack” him with doesn’t look too effective considering it looks more like Tom’s going in for a kiss.

(( No seriously, who attacks people in this kinda position?))

But in “Mr Candle Cares”… he said he was gonna destroy Marco!!!

Yeah, but did he? He and Marco played 58 games, despite the fact that they only needed to play one to decide Marco’s fate and Tom never told him to stop starting these new games.

Honestly is anyone really sure Tom would’ve “Destroyed” Marco? 

It looks more to me like he’s all talk in that scene, upset Marco discovered his plan and is trying not to panic about what he’s gonna do about it.

Cause he can’t let Marco leave and tell Star, but now he doesn’t know what to do with him.

When he thought they kissed the worst he did to Marco was spin him and get him wet.

B-But he wanted to do a battle to the death!

Ok, for one, i think that has much more to do with Tom’s violent culture, and less to do with him being abusive. It’s probably how the underworld settles deputes normally, and considering Tom’s species seems to have a harder time being killed off….it’s probably less of a big deal to them.

Tom wasn’t raised in exactly the most comfortable and understanding universes the show has presented.

So Far Tom’s been about as dangerous as a kitten. Star’s done worse damage to other’s then him.

Heck i’m sure the water fountain at the school has harmed more people then Tom at this point.

but one of the last things that needs to be said about this and why this doesn’t work is that if Tom was meant to be this awful, unforgiving, harmful person….why try and make him sympathetic?

The crew actually loves Tom, and if you’ve been around to their blogs it’s very common to find the crew’s draws of Tom…sometimes by himself, but other times with Marco and Star.

It’s clear the crew likes him, and they constantly put him in a position where he’s friends with Marco and Star.

If Tom is meant to be this horrible abusive person? Then why give him sympathy? Why allow him to have anything to do with Marco or Star?

If you’re going to portray an abusive relationship, one of the last things you want to do is make the abuser sympathetic.

Especially on a show like this one that’s meant for kids.

If you wanted to make Tom abusive, why not keep his old evil design? That would fit more with that idea, not this version.

You can interpret the characters how you want but saying that this is canon, and putting people’s ships down because of this claim that has no real good evidence to it….that doesn’t work.

It comes off more like the fandom wanted an excuse to hate Tom, and find ways to put down other’s for their ships.

And considering Jackie gets worse treatment then Tom, despite doing nothing wrong…that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Tom’s a mystery, there’s a lot we still need to know about him. But i don’t believe this abusive version of him was what the show was intending to create.

Untill there is more evidence then “ Tom’s done bad things”, (something that all people do), this is just a headcanon that isn’t very likely to be true at all.

And it really needs to die because it’s not doing any favors for this fandom at all by taking a character whose most relatable to victims of abuse, and labeling him worse then the show’s intentions.

Let's talk about Nerd Bakugou

So there’s a little scene in episode 24 of Boku no Hero Academia that sort of hits home something it took me a while to notice: Bakugou is really, really clever.

He masks it with explosions and the worst pubescent attitude this side of a /RedPill commentator, but the boy is a strategist. He’s perceptive and his moves are extremely premeditated.
The show and the manga love to throw this in our faces by the way. Anyone with half a brain (sadly this excludes my son Kaminari) who has been in a room with him, is aware of this.

Aizawa certainly is, in that wonderful scene from the Bakugou x Uraraka fight, as are several of his classmates.
In fact, the show LOVES slapping us in the face with this little tidbit of knowledge. Here’s one from the OVA.

And then there’s that fight scene near the end of season 1.
This one is probably the most impressive, because please note that Bakugou, who ostensibly hates the living shit out of Deku, is absolutely saving his life here, in a split second decision, in a very chaotic battle.
In a scene, I might add, where Deku is nearly getting himself killed in a pretty stupid way.

In the scene, All Might is caught by Kurogiri and when running to rescue him, Izuku is on the verge of being swallowed.

A split second later, this happens.


I love that scene, because it is Very Insightful and for me, it puts Bakugou right up there as one of the better antagonists in the anime I watch.
You see, he’s an obvious foil for our hero. But what makes him special, is that he’s a foil on so many facets. I mean, several characters mirror Deku in some way or another, but Bakugou is by far the most complex. He’s a character whose depth goes a mile underground and then explodes into a warren of underground caverns.
What this scene shows, in particular, is that Bakugou is way better at keeping a cool head, making him, at this point in the series, a much stronger hero than Izuku. He has him beat on TWO of his three strong points.
It goes like this.
If you want to put it in symbolic terms, what Deku has going for him, is Brain, Strength and Heart.
Strength is One for All. Izuku is given literal superstrength, but at this point, he has yet to master it. See: all the broken bones. All of them.
On the other hand, we’ve been introduced to Kacchan as someone with a powerful quirk. As a result of being coddled his entire life, he’s a complete emotional mess, a sack of raging hormones (and just… so many explosions), but as a hero and a fighter, he’s incredibly strong. He has a very good grip on his quirk. He even knows his own limits, creating a costume that lets him go over them.

Which takes us right towards the Brain. From the start, this has been shown to us as Izuku’s advantage. He has all those notebooks, he’s constantly muttering under his breath, thinking up strategies. His intelligence, his perceptiveness is what makes Izuku special, or so we’re told.
But here’s the thing: Kacchan is as clever as he is. He is, at the very least, as perceptive and good at creating or recognizing, strategies as Deku. Even in the official stats you see this. Kacchan has 4/5 intelligence, the same as Izuku. For comparison: someone like Yaoyozoru has 6/5, whereas dum dum Denki has 1/5 (poor thing, I still love you).
More importantly, for someone who loses it at the most minor of social interactions, Bakugou does keep his head cool in a fight. He stays cautious in his duel against Uraraka, he recognizes that plan in the OVA and he reacts quickly and precisely in the villain fight.
In this regard, he has Deku beat.
Remember that every time Deku (nearly) fails, it’s because he lets his emotions take over. You see it in his duel with Shinsou, you see it with his willingness to save All Might and nearly get killed. That shit with the portal dude happens twice in the same friggin fight. And it nearly kills Deku twice also. But this is All Might and Izuku loses his shit when it comes to saving his loved ones.
Now, later chapters reveal that Kacchan is At Least as much of an All Might fanboy as Deku, but in that particular fight, he manages to keep his cool. Because Bakugou is most at ease in a fight. He’s most concentrated in a battle. He’s in his element there.

Which brings us to the Heart, where Izuku is still on top and where Kacchan has so, so much growing to do. I could (and probably will) write an entire rant about Kacchan’s emotional journey throughout the manga, but for now, let’s just say that he has some Inner Turmoil™ and it’s causing him to act in ways that would get him kicked out of friggin 4chan for being an ass. Meanwhile, Izuku wins at empathy. This is one of his strongest suits.

He wants to help people. He’s so preoccupied with saving people that it sometimes turns out to be his downfall. He very nearly dies in that All Might fight. He loses that Todoroki fight, but in the end, he does save Todoroki. So while he has to work on his Strength, and has to find a better balance between his Heart and his Brain.
Kacchan main goal towards becoming a hero is to grow emotionally (even if he doesn’t realize it yet), but no one in their right mind has any doubts about his Strength and is Brain.

Westallen bits in Justice League Mortal.

First of all: What´s Justice League Mortal?

So, let´s see! 

Warning: sex, not too explict tbh.

» Just this one «

» I KNEW IT! HE DOES USE HIS VIBRATION IN SEX! I remember when wa ships, even myself, talked about it, awee. I´d like to see that scene so fucking much!

» Humm… Reading this, I felt like a really porn girl, but ok.


» Does it remember you a little bit about S3 finaly?

» It´s real! You can read the official post on @myrcellasear Twitter!

Let's talk about bughead antis

Ok so I didn’t initially want to get too deep into the hate surrounding bughead as a canon ship, but seeing the number of hate comments on the cast’s tweets (particularly Lili, since she’s the one who has tweeted about the deleted bughead scenes the most) has honestly made it hard to stay out of. I understand not backing a particular ship because you just don’t see the two people connecting, or because you ship one of them with a different person. That’s all fine and good. But to go after and verbally attack the writers and cast of the show because you don’t agree with how the story is being written is unacceptable.
I know a lot of people are mad because bughead as a ship doesn’t fit with the comics, which I can certainly see if you’re comparing the show to a few specific storylines in the comics, but it definitely doesn’t apply to all of them. The Archie comics have been around for a very long time, and in that time there have been a countless number of tellings of the lives of the characters. Granted, most (if not all) of these feature Jughead as either romantically/sexually uninterested in anybody, or as strictly asexual/aromantic, which makes the argument that he shouldn’t be in a relationship a little more valid. However, that’s not to say a more romantically interested Jughead character is completely off the table, as there are endless possibilities for the story of the Archie comics characters.
The idea of endless possibilities brings me to beronica. Obviously there were a huge amount of people who went crazy for the beronica kiss in the first episode. Who wouldn’t? The idea of two strong female characters being in a relationship is more than appealing, and I would honestly like to see their relationship develop more throughout the series (maybe not romantically, but I like the idea of them as a sort of power duo). With that kiss came a lot of expectations as to where their relationship would go, and thus bringing about beronica shippers. But, when bughead was made canon in episode 6, beronica shippers, for lack of a better term, went crazy.
This brings me to my main point. Now, like I said before, it’s perfectly fine to be dissatisfied with a couple in the show because it’s not allowing for your personal ship to happen. But, as I also mentioned, attacking the actors and writers of the show for making it impossible for your ship to exist at the moment is unacceptable. No amount of hate comments or protests is going to get the writers to change anything, so you might as well just let the show run its course, and if your ship ends up working out, that’s great! But don’t spend your time angrily tweeting at the cast and writers just because you’re unhappy with how they chose to write the show.
Lastly, and I’m surprised this isn’t more obvious, it’s a TV show. It is a fictional story comprised of made up characters and a screenwriter-developed plot. Of course it means a lot to all of us who watch it, but there comes a point where you need to separate reality from fiction. The actors on the show are real people. Lili, Cole, Camila, KJ, Madelaine, Casey, Roberto and all of the other wonderful people who make this show what it is are just that: people. So stop treating them like robots who will respond to your every demand, and stop saying so many hurtful things to them. Whether or not you think they do, they see the awful things you say to them on Twitter and everywhere else. And I bet you anything that those things hurt.

TL;DR: y'all gotta just suck it up, stop being assholes and let the show run its course

Ok so I have a billion and one headcanons about Jack being all uncley to Henry. That shark scene sure did it for me like he’d know the kid his when life.

Also he would protect him at all costs, not like he would just let any stranger die but this is Elizabeth’s son we’re talking about. When Will is away 99.9% of the time Henry is all she has and God how much she worries when he goes off to find his dad. The entire time he’s gone she’s worried sick even though she knows he’s resourceful and smart. But if she knew he was with Jack she would probably be like “hell no, thats so dangerous” but also at the same time she would know Jack is the safest pirate for Henry to be with.

Also not only does Jack see Will in Henry constantly because he looks and sounds and acts like him but he is always seeing Elizabeth in Henry more than he sees Will. Well, he takes note of when he sees Elizabeth in Henry and he knew the kid seemed familiar has he threatened him before? But once he said Henry Turner, Jack like “yep those Turners” before Henry even name dropped his parents.

alienliaru  asked:

What to do when you feel like your story is a total nonsense?

Get a second opinion. You can either let someone read it, or, if you’re concerned about basics like the concept or plot line, just talk it out with someone. You don’t even have to say you’ve written it yet, maybe start with “I had this idea for a story. I was thinking (yadda yadda). Does that sound OK? What do you think?” 

If that’s not possible: Print it out, and highlight the sections you think are a problem. Maybe you’ll see it isn’t so “total” at all. Or you’ll start to see a pattern, like you have unnecessary scenes or you need to work on the dialogue or there’s too much dialogue. Learning to see and diagnose your own problems is a crucial skill to cultivate – though it’s usually what you should be doing on a second draft/edit. But if you’re trying to decide whether to continue with this work or not, just make sure you’re far enough along with the story and you aren’t letting your inner critic have its way and preemptively editing out its heart and soul.

Or, fuckall and keep writing and just let your mind go wild. Maybe a wild rampage is what you need. Maybe your story is too restrained and not nonsense at all. 

If none of those options produce results, then put your story away for a while and write something else. If you find you can’t get away from it, go back and see it with fresh eyes. 

Remember, all first drafts are crap. They’re supposed to be. 

– mod Aliya

Nevertheless ...

Hello everyone. I’m sure you all learnt about Floriana/Maggie/Sanvers situation for season 3. I’ll write about it later. Right now, let’s focus on the final episode of the season.

222 was good, but to me, it didn’t have the level of a season finale or “Better Angels”.


Kara: “I Supergirl”. Kara didn’t get her happy love ending in this episode, but she had so much more. She’s the strongest and when she’s fragile, Alex, Cat or Lena are there to fix her and remind her, how proud they are about her. 

It’s always hard to see Kara sad, to see tears in her eyes, but Kara made a choice, a hero choice. National City is her city, and she’ll do everything she can to protect it.

Melissa was amazing in this episode.

Alex: “Oh my god Kara”. Like in 221, Alex showed that she can be in charge of the DEO and here for Kara and Maggie. 

Being a boss and being soft, Alex Danvers rules both.

Maggie: “I know the Danvers girls you don’t break easy”. We didn’t see her a lot, maybe 30 scs… She was not even introduce to Clark… 

Anyway, Maggie Sawyer knows the Danvers Sisters, she loves Alex Danvers and she’s here for her, no matter what.

James: 10 scs of James maybe, not even a line. The good thing of those 10 scs: He’s Cat Grant’s bodyguard.

Winn: “You probably don’t remember me”. Winn is really in love with Superman, isn’t he? That was a funny little moment. I loved his team with Lena, it reminded me 208, it was great.

Jonn: Back to the action, finally! I’m so happy he had his cute love ending with Megan, Jonn deserves it.

Clark: The fight with Supergirl was intense. But seriously, as much as I love the character of Clark Kent and that Tyler is doing great, I didn’t get the point of his return. It was a waste. To tell Kara she’s the strongest, Kara doesn’t need Clark for that. She has Alex, James, Cat, Jonn, Winn, Lena… 

“You don’t have to try to make me feel better”, Clark, honey, don’t try, it’s not the time. Say “hi” to Lois for us.

PrinceMon: Again, useless, he didn’t even believe in Kara… Funny fact, after he left on the pod, the next scene’s showing everyone at the DEO celebrating. 

Mon-El, please, during your holidays in The Phantom Zone, take the time to think. By the way, if you come back, Lena Luthor is waiting for you, to talk about Kara.

Rhea: I really loved Rhea. I’m kind of sad that she died… in a dust way.

Lillian: “I taught you to be a scientist to question everything”. She still there and this is good. She once again tried to fool Lena, but she forgot how much Lena cares about Supergirl. 

Lillian wants to be a better mother, sounds interesting.

The President: OKAY… Where the fuck was she ?? Seriously ??

Jeremiah: “The truth is still out there” …

Megan: “Wake up”. I was so happy to see her. Megan is a braveheart and a hero. The show needs her.

Lena: In one season, Lena Luthor is the woman who saved Alex, Supergirl, MonEl, The Aliens from a virus and The Earth from Daxamites … Tell me, when will someone tell her thank you, will hug her, will kiss her ? It is about freaking time.

Anyway, I loved how she protected Supergirl and Kara. Loved her team with Winn.

Cat Grant: “Where the hell is my latte?”. Even if we saw her less than in 221, Cat Grant was the best part of the episode, it’s so good to see her at CatCo again. Cat really brings a huge strength to Supergirl.

Whatever it is a comedy or an emotional scene, Calista is fabulous.

Karamel: Kara said “I love you”, and said that Mon-El made her happy … I think, I missed several episodes, or I didn’t watch the same season…. 

Anyway, I have to say that the goodbye scene was really well played by Melissa and Chris.

Supercorp: “I just gave Supergirl the remote”. Lena and Kara, well more Supergirl in this episode, need each other and I love them.

Sanvers: “Marry me”. One Sanvers scene, and what a scene. First, I was like Maggie “Excuse me”, and then I smiled. Because it is Sanvers and because since 2x03, Sanvers is Life and Love.

But, to me, for a moment like this, they deserved better. The scene fit to Alex’s character, but it also felt rush. Not the proposal, the scene. Of course, I would have loved to see more of them as a couple, because it feels like we didn’t see a lot of their relationship.

But, during this episode, when it felt like the end of time, when you realized that tomorrow you could lose everything and the moment you finally say “I love you” could be too late, Sanvers felt like a peaceful home. A home where everything is possible, everything is real, everything is worth the fight. 

The way Maggie hold Alex, telling her that Kara will be ok, represents that peaceful feeling, that safe place. Alex and Maggie are happy, I am happy.

The Danvers Sisters: “I got you, I’m here”. Words that remind me the pilot. Alex will always be there for Kara.

One of my favorite scene of the episode is the Danvers Sisters moment on the DEO balcony. Alex chose to talk about that painful moment that changed her life. A moment where Kara was proud of her. Now, it’s Alex who says that she’s proud of her little sister even in the pain. 

“Never Let Her Go”. One of the most important line. I take a moment to talk about Kara and how supportive she’s been with Alex since the beginning of season 2. Kara was there when Alex came out, she listened to her, she stood by her during all season. “What about Maggie?”, “I’ll go get the alien, you get the girl”“I need you to be with your girlfriend”, giving advices for Valentine until “Never Let Her Go”. 

That last line of course, remind us what Kara asked to Alex in the Better Angels episode: to find love, to be happy. Today, Alex Danvers found love, is happy and Kara is there and she protects, even in her own pain, the happiness of her sister.

The Danvers Sisters are beautiful.

SuperCat: “Thank you”. The Kara/Cat moment at the end, was my favorite. I loved that the episode kind of end on this moment. 

Kara and Cat need each other, and Cat is the only one that can fix Kara by giving her the right words at the right moment. Cat Grant’s speech is again iconic, but the “Go get them Supergirl” line is legend. 

We knew that Cat knows but having her saying it, is so powerful. Besides it shows how much Cat respects Kara. She’s not disappointed or mad that Kara doesn’t tell her. She understands that Kara wants to be Kara with her, at CatCo. 

Cat has such an admiration for Kara and she’ll always stand up for her. she truly believes in her. 

Kara and Cat are important and their relationship brings the show to another level.

Oh and I almost forgot: Somebody said Reign?

OK. Now we know that it was true that Even attempted suicide. But, let’s see.

- Yousef said it completely sure of what he was saying, but the rest of the boys were like ‘we heard rumors’.

- We still don’t know the real reason, because it doesn’t seem like the same guy who told Even that he was brave for talking about the suicide attemp and is happily listening about how nice Even’s boyfriend is is the same guy who supposely overreacted with a kiss (plus, Mikael drinks in a scene?, and that’s not very muslim like, is it?)

- The boys didn’t say anything about the facebook posts (that’s understandable because it may be a little harsh on Even), but, what really intrigues me is that it seems like they don’t really know what happened at all. 

WHAT ARE WE MISSING? Were we right when we thought that Yousef was talking about himself (the most muslim guy Elias knows) and not about Mikael?

I think we haven’t seen the end of this, and I don’t know if I’m right. Why do I have so many questions?

Cresco Amor

So I have been trying to start writing little things here and there and decided to give this a shot. I wanted to explore slow, burn, pre-official MSR with my own personal ideas of the season 6-7 timeline and what I think may have been happening behind the scenes leading to … well, everything. Totally innocent (at this point), nothing explicit here. This is (hopefully) going to be the first of many stories. But that all depends on my motivation and bursts of quasi-creativity.

Somewhere in Nevada, heading east

October 30, 1998

“I do want to stop.”

“Mmk” she responded groggily rubbing her eyes and reaching for the folded map in the glove box. “I think there’s a motel about 20 miles or so ahead, small town called Littlefield.”

“No. I mean stop. Get out of the car… eventually”

“Oh.” She said simply, realizing his meaning. “That’s… good, Mulder.” She looked out of the window into the darkness wondering what she would be seeing if it were daylight. It was a barren desert which they had been driving through for two hours now, since they were turned away from Area 51.

“I just cant stop now, Scully. Not with everything that’s been taken from us.”

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The Yellow Power Ranger

Ok so, I’ve seen a lot about this and I wanted to give my thoughts on the scene.

This scene kind of got blown up by the media and I got sucked into it before seeing the movie but having finally seen the movie…

The scene goes as follows:

Power rangers are each spilling personal details about themselves and Trini is being quiet until she says that she prefers moving a lot cause it prevents her parents from getting involved in her relationships.

Zack jokes “boyfriend problems?”

Trini responds “yeah…BOYFRIEND problems…”

Zack looks around wide eyed before asking “girlfriend problems?”

And she diverts the conversation about how perfect her family is, too perfect, and how she can’t tell them she’s not like them. That she doesn’t want to act how they want her to, or dress how they want her to.

Ok, so there’s no moment of her saying she’s queer, but as someone who has spent their life not talking, this scene was very spot on.

It was honest and very well performed. It’s easy to look over if you’re not queer, or if you are naturally an open person who had no problem admitting who you are to yourself, let alone everyone else, but this scene was very relatable. She’s a teenager who knows she’s not like the girly straight girl her parents want her to be, and she knows her parents won’t listen to her no matter what she says. There’s even a scene where she tells her parents she’s a power ranger and her mother makes her take a drug test. She guards herself by holding back info and speaking through sarcasm and its sold as humor but I don’t think I’ve related with a character more.

So, if you’re expecting a flying rainbow flag or even some wlw action, you’re going to be disappointed. But representation matters in all its forms and this is pretty darn relatable. Not to mention the movie was just fantastic. It defies stereotypes with the exception of the white dude who’s just so tired of being popular… I love the backstory it gave, stuff the series ignored and it was so fleshed out. I recommend everyone watch it

Ok ok ok ok i was going through voltron episodes because i have no life but i realized that in the one where lance gets tied up by that yellow ailen girl, you know the one where lance is like oh i cant hear you what? Ok lets assume you do. The literal scene after they are still talking lance is trying to call kieth while this is the background. Do you see the fucking light ass rainbow? Idk if a lot of people saw this but i was laughing about it

OK we are going to talk about the kalagang scene in 2x10 like omg theres so much to say but lets talk about how Wolfgang was surprised kala came to the restaurant and thinks and is ok with dying if that means kala wouldnt struggle anymore.

LIKE ok he really doesn’t even realise how much kala loves him, how it would kill her if he died, his love for her is so selfless, he thinks him dying would make kalas life easier, he thinks she wouldn’t come to the restaurant to help him, he thinks hes not worthy or good enough.

IM crying i am seriously crying

Im glad they had this talk though because it pushed kala to express her feelings for him, and their plan to be together for real, i swear i cried.

I love all kalagang scenes but this scene is most probably my favourite i dont know theres something about it.


lucas friar meme seven scenes [ 2 ]

There’s the secret of life. People change people. No matter what I teach you in here, learning from the people you care about is more important than the words on any page. That’s why I let you talk in here sometimes. That’s why it’s interesting.


Aerial Ethereal Challenge: Day 1 » Favorite quotes or scenes

And then John says, “You are by far the most annoying human in this hallway.” Then he tilts Timo’s chin and kisses him.

@ebaeschnbliah I found another Bohemian reference in BBC Sherlock, re: your Wenceslas post - but now I mean bohemian, as in a lifestyle context.

JOHN: Are you still at Bart’s, then?
MIKE: Teaching now. Bright young things, like we used to be. God, I hate them!

You know who the Bright Young Things were?

The Bright Young Things […] was a nickname given by the tabloid press to a group of bohemian young aristocrats and socialites in 1920s London. They threw elaborate fancy dress parties, went on elaborate treasure hunts through nighttime London, drank heavily and used drugs—all of which was enthusiastically covered by journalists such as Tom Driberg.

Among them were Cecil Beaton, Arthur Jeffress, Oliver Messel, Beverly Nichols, Stephen Tennant (go take a look at him, isn’t he gorgeous), Evelyn Waughn, the Midford sisters, Sylvia Townsend Warner and many others.

Is the mention of the Bright Young Things here a reference to Sherlock Holmes’ bohemian side: drugs, music, ‘moods’ - that ACD describes? 

Let it also be noted that one feature of the Bright Young Things that made them both fascinating and a source for gossip and scandal was their sexual ambiguity and sexual experimentation: many men and women in this circle conducted same-sex relationships (at least for a while).

So, we have Stamford talk about Bright Young Things at Bart’s - and in the next scene, John meets Sherlock there.

I leave you to your deductions…

Ok, I can’t - take a look at Stephen Tennant and tell me this did not influence how Sherlock was portrayed in the BBC version… fight me!

Yousef x Sana Concepts

Ok guys so after rewatching the first clip of Episode 3 ‘Inshallah’ and analysing evERY SINGLE KEYFRAME BECAUSE YOUSEF X SANA. My overimaginative mind came up with a few hypothetical concepts which I shared with @orphcs and so I would kill to see these concepts in future eps omg here goes

1: initially Yousef said that he worked in a Kindergarten and made it quite fRANK that he absolutely adores kids. This contrasts with sana who seems a little ‘eh’ about having them in the future. So I just envisioned a future episode down the road when Yousef actually takes Sana to the kindergarten to meet the kids. aND CAN YOU just IMAGINE Yousef just melting your hearts by giving the kids that infamous smile he always gives Sana ??? IM ALREADY DECEASED And Sana being the unfazed type, is uninterested at first but okay say in the kindergarten there are even special needs children and one particular disadvantaged kid is the favourite of Yousef. And him in this type of environment basically shows Sana what a sweetheart he can be and hey umm potential husband helloooo…. And just looking at his passion for taking care of these kids as he says how these children are like family for him and this really just deepens Sana’s admiration for him because he’s just a big bundle of positivity and radiance all because his weakness is children. And hey maybe this will change Sana’s perception on her future family life and um maybe bumping up the number of kids to an actual football team ..

2. This ones super short but hEY STILL CUTE OK!!! I just wanna tear my heart into shreds with some more kitchen scenes pls like Yousef teaching Sana some more cooking tips. And hey looks like Yousef is the equivalence to Gordon Ramsay. Which actually ;) links back to that subtle foreshadow where Sana said she wants her husband to be the one cooking. OKAY LETS BE REAL that coincidence did NOT happen accidentally ok you don’t just say somethin like that and your future baby daddy teaches you how to peel the heck out of a carrot like a pro. So yes pls more cute chef Yousef x Sana scenes in the kitchen wit a sprinkle of ed sheeran songs thank u

3. This one kinda links to #2 but like when we progress in Sana and Yousefs relationship I really hope to see some more deep convos not jus random ones but more specifically about their future. because like … who honestly would talk about future kids straight up with their crush? the fact that they did shows us this immediate bond between the two and there were no limits, they just jumped the gun. so in the future with some good deep convos and once again Yousefs passion for having a family as he’s got his life planned out really changes Sana’s mind about her own life. And she’ll fall into the depths of Yousefs heart (im cringe) and well shit it’s too late to turn back now. Maybe Sana will even joke about how despite him determined to perfect Sana’s cooking skills she’ll still make him cook the dinner for the kids in the future xxxoxoxoxoo

and of course if you have some hypothetical concepts to add let me kno pls im dying to hear them but then again im already dead so x

p.s reblog n spread the word i wanna share this emotion

anonymous asked:

can i have mark where you guys have been best friends since you were little and you guys started dating in high school and decided to stay together when he went to korea and when he comes back on tours you guys have to sneak to see each other?

Hello, anon! Thank you for requesting~ You didn’t really specify the genre so I sort of winged it lol but I hope you enjoy what I came up with :) ♥

- Admin Dream ~

Behind the Scenes

Genre: Fluff (with a hint of smut)

*I am in line. I can’t wait to see you up close again!*

You typed a quick text and hit send. You were standing in line with the other fans as they excitedly waited for the moment when they would be able to sit on the same stage as their favorite idols.

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