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do you still ship klance?

Eh I guess I’ll answer this honestly if it’ll get the asks I get to reduce even by a bit

No I don’t like it anymore, and just because I know everyone will ask here’s why (also please for the love of god don’t take this as me saying you’re an ass for liking it, it’s just my personal opinion):

  • Their relationship is constantly shoved down your throat everywhere you look and that too at the expense of other significant relationships in the show. You constantly read stuff about how keith and lance helped each other and comfort each other and this and that but if such a scene exists between ANY other characters and keith/lance it’s completely dismissed and barely acknowledged (or worse, completely shit upon in the name of some delusional moral crusade). And that just personally annoys me to no end. 
  • I’ve literally seen so much of them that even the idea of any potential they might have has become s o boring to me. Like I just. I don’t care anymore. I’m more fascinated by coran and pidge’s friendship at this point than I am with klance. I’m willing to talk in depth about ANY interaction in voltron outside of kl my guy
  • People who’re more passionate about said ship don’t particularly like me, and have said some nasty stuff about me on their blogs so that kinda you know. Put me off. Probably forever lmao

but yeah that’s the gist of it. I’m probably taking this way too seriously but since i get asks about it all the time I figured I might as well let you guys know

hey guys if you’re having a bad day then let me offer some solutions, fake sugar pine style

• autumn hates having her nails painted. they’re always bitten down to the nub anyway so she never found it useful to paint them.

• cib, however is not having that. he’s always one of the last to leave the warehouse with autumn (besides steve but that man doesn’t Sleep) and he’s been taking note of how sad she seems when she thinks no one is paying attention.

• cib is always paying attention.

• it’s futile sneaking up on autumn, so he just slides himself in front of her station one night, knocking over her notes and barely missing her laptop.

• autumn’s signature eyebrow is already raised before cib can even wiggle the small black bottle in front of her. she shakes her head. he shakes the bottle.

• ‘it’ll make you feel better,’ he signs clumsily, and she huffs, a signature autumn laugh.

• ‘i’m not upset,’ she signs back, but cib isn’t having that. and autumn is kind of too tired to fight back. she’s always too tired. so she doesn’t argue when cib plops the pen out of her hand and gets to prepping.

• and autumn’s never really been taken care of so tenderly before. cib is very gentle with her hands, and it’s dry against calloused, but it’s warm all the same.

• all of his attention is on her hands, and autumn can’t help but feel the heat of cib’s hands reach the pit of her stomach. she lets herself smile, and it’s not forced. it’s the most natural one she’s felt in a while.

• cib sees it spread out of the corner of his eye, but he lets autumn have the moment to herself.

Starting and Building a Spirit Family

When it comes to starting a spirit family there are several things to understand: (1) bonding with every spirit is important, (2) spirit companions aren’t always forever, and (3) not everyone will always get along.

Bonding isn’t necessary for just beginners, but for all spirit keepers/workers/companions (whichever phrase you wish to use; I prefer keeper for myself as I work with human spirits, servitors, and living entities as well). You don’t bring a new friend over to your house and act like they’re not there or decide after just a few days to a week that you suddenly want a new one (at least not without discussing it first, I hope). For beginners, I would advise working with your new companion for at least a couple months before taking in a new one. Generally beginners need to learn the ropes even if they already have a few companions before adopting from me- though that may not always be the case. Even with more experienced keepers, working and bonding with your newest spirit companion for at least a few weeks before taking in a new companion. However, sometimes callings do happen despite when the last time you took in a new companion. If you feel that has happened: speak to your spirit(s) first before you add on to your family.  I do this every time before I take in a spirit regardless, and I will spend a minimum of three days discussing a new addition with my spirit family. It helps me determine whether it’s a calling or either my bleeding heart or a potential response to a good deal (I have been drawn to companion shops a few times to meet a companion) such as a flashsale sort of thing with a companion shop. Take it slow and reflect with the spirits currently with you when adding to your spirit family.

Despite what some of the community tries to imply, you may not be working with all of your spirit family all of the time for the remainder of your life/lives. Paths do change- for both humans and spirits- as they grow while they age. As mentioned in a response, two of my mates I met as a child and they both ended up leaving while we worked together because our paths were no longer inter-connected; this has happened to me several times the 24-ish years I’ve been a spirit keeper. I can say this with confidence: It’s not the end of the world if that happens. Friendships aren’t always forever. Sometimes they only last for you to learn specific lessons for your personal growth. Sometimes down the road they may even come back. If your companion decides it is time for you to part ways, then discuss it with them, and let them go. (If you got the companion from a companion shop then talk to the conjurer first before rehoming the spirit yourself- if the spirit wants to find a new companion- or talk to the conjurer about releasing the spirit from their binding if they’re vessel attached.) Always make it known that it is okay if the spirit decides to leave and request they speak with you first (if you want) so the spirit doesn’t feel they need to continue working with you and risk becoming unhappy or depressed down the road.

Much like with humans, spirits aren’t always going to get along. Age can sometimes be a factor as older spirits aren’t always taught acceptance, whether it be towards a specific spirit type or an alignment, and pasts are not always friendly, which can cause prejudices. (Even I’ve been guilty of this when it comes to spirit types.) Before you add on to your spirit family, ask your spirits how they feel about the spirit type you’re interested in working with; sometimes they’re willing to work with the spirit type despite prejudices and sometimes they’re not (unless it’s a true calling, then try to respect your spirits). If it is a calling, however, and for some reason they’re not already in your house rules (honestly, it’s much easier with them as rules right off the bat with your first companion), then make the following rules: (1) Come to me if there are any disagreements/issues, and (2) Do your best to be accepting and tolerant of each other.

Other Tips:

(1) Set up house rules. Consider things such as safety (not just for you, but for those you live with and guests as well), harmony among the spirits you work with, the nature of the spirit types you work with, and your living space.

   Examples: For my companion Hound he has a house rule that allows him to protect me without causing harm to humans unless the human means me physical harm. (It leaves him the option to ward me, to accompany me while I travel, to watch over me.) For my faeryfolk companions they’re not allowed to take shiny things unless they’re offered to them with honeyed milk. (Some of them are mischievous little buggers.) A general house rule is to not take food from my parents or any of our house guests- that they can take my food or drink only.

(2) Schedule! This is important no matter how big or small your spirit family is! Coordinate with your spirits to make times to work together (especially if they have other things they do daily) that way you’re not neglecting anyone and you will have a general idea when to expect your companions around. (They can still come around whenever, of course. It doesn’t need to be just within the scheduled times they visit.)

(3) As your family grows give everyone a job of some sort or a list of daily tasks. It will help instill a family-like mindset and may ease some potential tension. Some spirits are natural protectors (such as my companion Hound) so ask them to act as your protectors- set up warding, enchant things for you for extra protection. Some spirits are natural caregivers- ask them to help raise any younger spirits you work with or ask them to help you with any sort of emotional issues you or your spirits could have. Some spirits are natural teachers- ask them to help instruct you or younger spirits in something. Some spirits are natural cooks- let them cook for you spirit family or even teach you how to cook. Some spirits are natural healers- have them be your spirit family’s doctor/counselor/healer (they can even help you some as well).

(4) Have one of your spirits (can be more than one as your family grows if you like) be a welcoming committee. That’s what Everchanging and Crane and Hound are in my spirit family. Any new companion I get are generally greeted by some form of those three. They explain my house rules, about myself- personality, some of my likes and dislikes, my routine- about our astral refuge, and about my family as well. Everchanging even keeps some homey things on hand with them- a blanket or light jacket, a glass of cool water or hot tea (depending on the time of year), and usually a small book. It helped a lot of them transition easier into the family.

i’m forever delighted about neil and matt’s friendship, they’re like, bffs and it’s so good, so pure, and i’m just thinking about everything they’d do together????

  • matt, the dad friend number one, constantly making sure that neil is feeling alright and that neil knows that he can talk to matt about everything
  • neil and matt, just watching films in silence, casually commenting on things happening in it, matt laughing at neil’s dry commentary
  • grocery shopping??? matt reaching for stuff in upper shelves and going “hey i got this“ and neil being a bit embarrassed but he lets matt do that because???? matt is just so nice??????
  • them doing schoolwork together, in silent companionship
  • morning coffee together, best buds just talking about random things and neil feeling so happy and warm because matt’s friendship means the world to neil and he becomes kinda emotional and matt’s like, hey u alright??? and neils, like????? yeah i’m alright, i’m here with you????????
  • pls murder my entire ass their friendship means so much to me
  • feel free to add more to this and kill me even further, thank you,
Mary Jane M.C

Originally posted by cliffordstralia

warning: smut

word count: 2100+

summary: Best friends Michael and y/n get high together, one thing leads to another and they end up fucking on the couch

requested?: yes, hope you like it Anon! I’m really loving writing Michael smut so expect heaps of it in the future ;) Don’t forget requests are open and I respond to all!

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“do you have it?” I asked Michael, letting him into the empty house. He scanned my barely covered body, only in a pair of shorts and a flimsy tank and nodded, giving me a cheeky wink. 

“you know it baby” he grinned, holding up the small ziplock bag full of Mary Jane. I let out a cheer and walked to the kitchen, grabbing the bottle of whiskey my parents think I don’t know about. 

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I know very little about this "Colin Wilkes" character. Please inform me of this person who is hanging out with my beautiful baby bird.

SOOOOO this is the most exciting ask I have ever received. My sweet, precious anon… LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT COLIN WILKES! I am protective of the baby bird as well, but Colin is 1000% approved company :)

Basically, he was Damian’s first friend that he ever made outside of the Bat family, which I think is REALLY important. He mainly only appeared in the Dick-Bats book Streets Of Gotham, and the extremely adorable Lil’ Gotham, but sadly now he doesn’t exist or something because DC CONTINUITY LOL. This gives a nice summary of his origin, but essentially Colin Wilkes was an abused orphan the same age as Damian who was kidnapped by the Scarecrow and given Solomon Grundy-esque powers and used as a weapon against Batman. Batman ultimately saves him (but doesn’t adopt him ??? wtf) and Colin, who idolizes superheroes, goes back to the orphanage, where he decides he should use his new powers to fight for those who can’t. 

(There’s also a fairly solid theory that Colin may be the son of Tommy Elliot, aka Hush, but who cares)


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Social Competence: How do increase the density of insightful things I say in conversation? I want people to like talking to me, but I think I have a low signal-to-noise ratio. This mostly comes up at parties/social gatherings. I don't say anything because nothing I think of is interesting. Is there a way to improve SNR?

I hope you don’t mind if I don’t answer the object-level question (how to increase insight-density in a conversation) in favour of answering what I think is the meta-level question (how to be a pleasant conversationalist). [Also, all advice given here is aimed at the readership in general.]

I want to focus on the latter because signal-to-noise ratio is a terrible way to think about conversations.

This is because conversations have basically no “noise”. A lot of people with the not-geek not-autism thing hate when conversations go over things that don’t feel deep or insightful. Similarly, a lot of people who like clear systems would like to purge all the irregular verbs from their language. However, natural communication doesn’t work that way. Just as fully-regular constructed languages are hard to speak, conversations purged of “noise” are hard to have.

Firstly, because the “noise” serves an important purpose. It’s the bit of the conversation where people display the pattern of their own thoughts. When you’re aiming to be insightful, you give the other person what you think they want to hear, which tells them little about the kind of person you are. However, when you freely meander through conversation space, it lets people trace what pattern your thoughts generally follow.

Furthermore, the “noisy” parts of the conversation are generally the ones where personal information is shared. It’s where you talk about your weekend, your family, your hobbies, and all the other things that make you uniquely you. As I’ve said before, letting people see into you is what allows you to make close friends.

I think I’ll just quote HPMOR!Draco on it over and over again forever, because this is the first law of friendmaking:

Harry glanced away uncomfortably, then, with an effort, forced himself to look back at Draco. “Why are you telling me that? It seems sort of… private…”

Draco gave Harry a serious look. “One of my tutors once said that people form close friendships by knowing private things about each other, and the reason most people don’t make close friends is because they’re too embarrassed to share anything really important about themselves.” Draco turned his palms out invitingly. “Your turn?”

It doesn’t actually matter whether or not it’s embarrassment causing it. It could also be an unwillingness to seem inane. Whatever causes you to not show others who you are, that is an obstacle to becoming close to them. It’s not the signal-to-noise ratio that makes people feel connected to you, but actually feeling like they know you. 

Seeming insightful can get people to listen to you, but it won’t form a friendship on its own. It’ll be more like being a lecturer. People may seek you out to hear you speak about that particular topic, but they will only care a little about you-as-a-person. They may remember what you said on the philosophy of identity, but they won’t remember your birthday (which’ll be your fault for never telling them).

The second thing is that artificial attempts to increase the signal-to-noise ratio are generally self-defeating. If you’re trying to filter out all the uninteresting things you might say, you’ll often end up saying nothing at all. Far too many times, I’ve seen two nerds have a brief interaction, followed by both of them staring at each other trying to come up with things to say, and then drifting away from each other for the rest of the evening. Almost invariably, they wonder why the conversation died.

Conversations die when you hold yourself back from speaking. In my opinion, not wanting to seem boring is a particularly bad reason to have that hesitation. In the worst case scenario of being boring, the other person stops talking to you and drifts away. In all scenarios where you let a conversation die, the other person stops talking to you and drifts away.

However, even if you can keep the conversation by throwing out random bits of insight-porn, you will usually end up talking about the least insightful things out of the set of insightful things you could talk about. You’ll talk about the few things you manage to throw out as non-sequitur, which are generally not where the most stimulating interactions lie.

Most of the really interesting conversations I’ve had have been ones that evolved organically. The conversations you can have when both sides have a general feeling of understanding and common knowledge are usually far superior when to the ones where each person is trying to see how many layers of signalling they can be on.

So, in conclusion: Don’t hesitate to be inane. Say the things that are on your mind! Explore conversation-space! Avoid being frustrated by a conversation not being 10 lightbulbs a minute. The best conversations - and all close friendships - are built on background knowledge.

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Hey guys, i’ve been meaning to do this for a while and figured now was perfect. I’ve reached a milestone on both Buffy and Tyler, and am already almost at my first milestone on my new Dean. I decided to do a joint thing because, well making multiple graphics sounded exhausting. Also I tend to follow the same people on all my blogs because I can never get enough of you guys on my dash. So this is a FOLLOW FOREVER for @buffyisms, @temperproblem, & my new Dean @endsbloody.

You guys have been so amazing. You have made playing Buffy and Tyler for all these years amazing. I’m gonna try not to make this intro too long, coz no one likes super long posts on their dash. But I just wanted to thank you for being so awesome, and for being so welcoming to my new Dean Winchester. Seriously, logging on to thee blogs just makes me smile so much. The threads, the ooc interaction, the friendships, the everything. You are all talented amazing babies.

The Babes

@seesgood Lia, my best friend, the soulmate to my Tyler, the reunion that made my soul just like, glow. Three years ago we started an epic thread to end all epic threads. Then we found each other again. Now 43540938x threads later here we are. You are such an amazing human being who is just always there for me. You are a light in my life. Also you are such an INCREDIBLE writer, like you always awe me with your replies. You deserve all the love in the world.

@onlylovedherself KT girl, you’re Kat is amazing. But not only that, you are an amazingly strong person. You are my shoulder that I can lean on. You never judge me but you never sugar coat anything. Also our Buffy and Katherine threads were epic! Just please alwas remember you are strong.

@deathlywails omg i’m so glad we found each other and became friends. Our Tyler/Lydia threads give me life. ALL THE SASS. Lydia being judgy and Tyler well, being drunk. It’s seriously some of the best threads i’ve had, the way they just click together. And I love our Lydia/Buffy friendship. AND YOU ARE JUST AMAZING OKAY. You are so talented in writing and with graphics. I’m always in awe. And you are always there to let me vent. I’ma keep you forever okay?

@weatheredsovl / @vclvtile DEENA DEENA DEENA. Our Duffy is a ship to last the ages. But you are way more than that. You are one of my best friends. You are there for me to vent or give me advice or just talk about fandom stuff. You are the OC queen, like srsly Dani is like, jaw droppingly amazing. I love you forever k.

The Mystic Falls Squad

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Loving A Lannister

Title: Loving A Lannister

Pairing: Jaime Lannister x female!Reader

Word Count: ~1k

Warnings: none, open end though

Summary: You have feelings for a Lannister, said Lannister however is too thick to see it while the other is actually quite aware.

(A/n: I suck at summaries.J)

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You giggled softly at Tyrion’s words. Truth be told he was short and not exactly the fairest of them all, but you absolutely adored his fast and witty sense of humour. The queen’s youngest brother never failed to brighten your day.

“You should stop Tyrion or she might fall off her horse laughing.”

While her other brother never failed to make your heart skip a beat. Jaime Lannister was for certain the most handsome knight you’ve ever seen.

“It’s not my fault I’m so unbelievably charming that she might throw herself off her horse for me.” Replied Tyrion quickly, winking in your direction.

“I’d call it shock about your lack of charm, brother.”

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to everyone who's struggling with school at the moment:

- it doesn’t last forever, I promise
- your grades do not define you
- friendships come and go. let them.
- whatever people say, these are not the best days of your life. it gets better.
- I’m proud of you
- being yourself is so important but go at your own pace
- I know it’s exhausting but you’re stronger than you think
- fitting in is overrated
- don’t worry about finding friends for life, there’s plenty of time later
- teachers are just people too
- just because someone’s really smart doesn’t mean you’re not!
- take time to relax and look after yourself
- please talk to someone if you get really down
- what you can afford doesn’t represent who you are
- self harm is never the answer
- keep doing your best, you won’t regret it
- if you get overwhelmed, go and walk around outside for a bit to clear your head
- one bad exam doesn’t mean you’re stupid
- your future is so bright and you might not be able to see it yet, but I promise you it’ll be okay

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Can I please get a younger Derek hale imagine where you find out he's a werewolf and you aren't scared of him. Instead of screaming or running away you smile about it and ask him questions... I love your tumblr and I hope you're well

You should be scared (Young Derek Hale)

Originally posted by tytydclive0217

I was walking through the woods on my way to the Hale house. When I arrived I knocked on the door but no one answered. I was about to turn around when the door opened. I saw little eight-year-old Cora standing on the other side.

“Y/N.” Cora smiled with her front teeth missing, it was the cutest thing ever.

“Hey sweetie do you know-”

“Derek’s in the basement. He’s been down there for hours and he won’t let me down there.” she crossed her arms and stuck out her bottom lip.

“Well we’ll see about that.” I crouched down to her height level. “Do you think Derek will mind if I go down there?” 

“Nope. He likes you. He talks about you all the time. It’s so annoying.” she said and I giggled.

“Okay Sweetie I’m going to talk to him.” I stepped inside.

The Hale’s and my family had been friends forever, Derek and I were meant to be best friends before we were even born, but our friendship had turned into something more. One thing led to another and now we’ve been dating for about seven months and he’s perfect. Having a best friend for a boyfriend is something I am beyond grateful for. I trotted down the stairs towards the basement calling for Derek.

“Der? Babe? You down here?”

I walked over to the cellar and pulled at the door and inside I don’t know what I saw. It looked like Derek but it was more monstrous, it had teeth sharp as shard of glass and claws like knives. It’s eyes were a bright beautiful blue. It’s ears were shaped like an elf’s. My curiosity got the best of me and I stepped in the room.

“Der? Is that you?” I questioned. It’s head shot up immediately. 

“Y/N? No, you can’t be here. Get. Out.” he panted.

“Derek? What’s wrong.” I creeped closer.

“Stop! Go away!”

“Der I’m not leaving.”

“I could hurt you.” he growled.

“Derek you won’t hurt me, I know that. Now breath and talk to me.” I got close enough so I could reach out and touch him. I cupped his face and carefully looked him over.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” he whimpered.

“And you won’t. I love you Derek and if this is who you are than I love you just the same.”


“Really, now look at me and calm down.” I rubbed his cheeks gently with my thumbs. He had slowly turned back to the face I had come to love.

“Thank you.” he whispered.

“It’s no problem, now do you want to tell me what I just walked in on?” he nodded.

“Not here though, my room?” he asked and I nodded holding out my hand. He looked down at it and back up at me, hesitant to take my hand so I grabbed his and interlocked our fingers.

“I’m not scared of you Derek.”

“You should be.”

“Well I’m not. Come on let’s go talk with out.” 

I led us up to his room and I plopped down on his bed. He stood standing. So I grabbed his hand and pulled him down. He sat up against the wall so I sat in between his legs and wrapped my legs around his waist, facing him. His arms instinctively wrapped themselves around my waist.

“So Derek unless your an amazing actor or magician I would like for you to tell me what you are exactly.”

“I’m a werewolf.” he sighed. I motioned for him to go on, he looked surprised but continued anyways.

“When I turned 16 it released a part inside of me that’s been dormant for most of my life. It’s my werewolf side. I was a born werewolf so it runs in my genes. Every full moon I’ll turn into a big hairy monster with a bloodlust to kill people.”

“How do you control it?” I asked softly.

“Well you can find an anchor; something that makes you human, makes you want to stay human. I didn’t know what mine was, that’s why I’ve been having trouble shifting. But when you came in today you made me human Y/N, because I was just so scared of hurting you.”

“So I’m your anchor?”

“I think so.” he smiled and smiled down at him. I kissed him gently and passionately.

“Y/N, why aren’t you scared of me? Why are you taking this so easily.”

“I know you would never hurt me Der. I trust you. I’m just wondering why you didn’t tell me sooner.” 

“I didn’t want you to be afraid of me. I couldn’t bare with the idea of losing you.”

“So does being a werewolf only suck or are there some perks with it?”

“Well I have heightened hearing, sight, and smell. Plus I’m like really good at sports and stuff now.”

“You were always good at those babe.”

“I know but now I’m the best.” he boasted and I rolled my eyes.

“You know I am so lucky to have a girl like you. I’m sure no one else would’ve stuck around. You’re truly amazing. I love you so much Y/N.”

“Derek there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you. I love you too babe.”

The rest of the night was full of questioning, talking, cuddling, and finally Derek and I fell asleep; extremely tired from the day’s events.

I hope you guys like it! I really love young Derek Hale so keep sending in request!

harry imagine (friends or more?)

Harry and I have been friends for as long as I can remember lately though I’ve been having feelings for him, in fact, I love him but I was scared to tell him what if he didn’t feel the same?. No time to put on your big girl panties and tell him how you feel I thought to myself. Before I could change my mind my phone was in my hand and I was dialing Harry’s number “hello” he finally answered and I took in a deep breath. “Hey Harry can you come over there’s something I need to talk to you about“.“Y/N are you ok what’s wrong?” “just please come over I don’t really feel like talking about it over the phone” “alright I’ll be there in a couple minutes,” he says before hanging up. I decided to make myself look presentable before Harry got here, soon enough the door bell rang and I ran downstairs to answer it letting him in. “Hey Y/N what was it you wanted to talk about it sounded pretty important on the phone” he takes a seat on the couch and I sigh sitting next to him playing with my fingers. He sees I’m having trouble coming out with what I need to say and takes one of my hands in his reassuringly “Y/N we’ve been friends forever you can tell me anything”. I nod and it all just spills out “I love you, Harry, I have for a while now I was just scared to tell you cause I didn’t wanna ruin our friendship if you didn’t feel the same way”. He looks at me not saying anything for a minute taking this all in “I’m sorry Y/N but you’re my best friend i just don’t feel that way about you” “oh” I say trying my hardest not to let the tears fall that are welling up in my eyes “hey we’re still friends we’ll always be friends” he says kissing my cheek before standing up to leave “oh we’re still on for the club tomorrow right?” he asks giving me a small smile I nod and force myself to smile back “of course” “good I’ll see you tomorrow then” he says before walking out. Tomorrow night came to quick here I was getting dolled up to go watch my best friend who I just told I love hook up with other girls “fuck my life” I say to myself grabbing my keys and heading out to meet Harry at the club. As soon as I walk in I see some girl grinding all over him “what’s your name beautiful” he asks her over the loud music “Camille” she answers turning around and bringing her lips to his. I couldn’t watch this I walked out and decided to wait for Harry until the club closes. A couple hours went by and he finally makes his way out of the club “Y/N there you are, have you been out here all this time why didn’t you come in”. I roll my eyes at his obliviousness “because I couldn’t stand to see you all over that girl” he takes my hand pulling me towards his car “we’re going back to my place we need to talk”. I try to tug my arm away annoyed “there’s nothing to talk about Harry” “just get in the damn car Y/N” he says looking at me with a certain fire in his eyes I finally give in getting in the car. The drive back to his place was silent making me more uneasy than I already was as soon as we walk in Harry shoves me against the wall bringing his lips to mine making me so confused. “Do you wanna know why I said I didn’t like you in that way?” he asks once he pulls away “it’s because I didn’t think I was good enough for you Y/N” my heart breaks hearing him say he wasn’t good enough and I place my hand on his cheek “of course you’re good enough Harry you’ve always been good enough” I say before bringing my lips back to his.


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Hi! I'm an INTP and I moved away from my INTJ friend. I do my best to continue our friendship, but I feel that without actually 'being' there that we don't have much to talk about because most of our convos aren't premeditated. Should I just let this die naturally and go on with life or should I keep attempting what, by now, seems like desperate attempts to maintain our friendship? (Not that I contact her even monthly anyways/ it's not a daily thing.)

You have to water INTJs biweekly, so unless you can hire a gardener, your INTJ will probably wither up until next Spring.


One sided love platonic or otherwise is terrible for INTPs, so unless you can hire a gardener, you as an INTP will probably wither up… forever…


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Hey, Komaeda, how do you deal when your only friend has been ignoring you? That has been happening to me lately and that really hurts..

Well I understand how you may feel and while it’s hard to do I really think the best way is to talk about it. Be honest to them, ask them is there is a reason for them doing so.

Maybe it was a misunderstanding or maybe there is a real problem and you can work together to fix it. It’s also possible that it can be fixed, sadly it happens that friendship doesn’t last forever. I know it can really hurt and be scary but if that happen you must not give up. Be sad if you feel that way but don’t let yourself be sad every day. You’ll find others friends, I can assure you of that.

so i just finished these books called ‘Because You’ll Never Meet Me’ and 'Nowhere Near You’ by @cuttoothom and they were so beautiful! It was a conglomeration of sci-fi with a coming of age story and a gorgeous love story weaved in. I loved how the two characters were so distinct. I could hear their voices, I knew who was talking. They were teenagers, but they had a voice, and they knew how to use it. And there was a story there that was larger than “we are teenage mutants”, which it could have been! I loved how it was both a love story, and a story of self-discovery. I loved that the boy who could not be near elictricity had such a spark to him. I loved that the boy who felt empty could hear a heartbeat. I liked the love story, yes, and I was very glad that they got a happy ending, but I love that it was about their friendship first.

I saw a thing once where people were talking about being in asexual relationships (link here) and the fourth one down said that they married their best friend. They live together and work together and love each other, not because of the passion behind their relationship, but because of the friendship behind it. And the dude’s pretty young, too! This is the type of story I imagine for these characters. In ten years, they will love each other because they fell into friendship first. And I could talk about this idea forever, but I don’t need to, because there are TWO WHOLE BOOKS written on the subject, which EVERYONE should read!!!!

And don’t let me forget the side characters! They were all brilliant, and even the ones that couldn’t make it into the second book had a clear impact on the characters. However, my distinct favorite was Bridget, the girl without a heart. I’m not going to give any (more) spoilers, but she was amazingly written and her story was heartbreaking, and she was a hero in the end. That’s the other thing: there was no one hero’s journey. All of the characters had a journey, and all of them were heroes in their own right.

So at this point I’ve talked wayyyy too much, but I thought everyone should know about these, and those who have read them should go give the author a HUGE kudos, because she really deserves it.

Anyone remember these interviews? 

Comicbook.com: In The Walking Dead Season 4 preview trailer, there is a scene where it appears as if Beth might be a little taken with Daryl. Can you tell us if Beth might be developing a little bit of a crush on Daryl in Season 4?

Norman Reedus: I can’t tell you that, but god she’s cute so fingers crossed.

The Hollywood Reporter: The seed for this episode was first planted in the season-four premiere in terms of Daryl and Beth’s kindred spirits.  How will we see Daryl and Beth’s relationship evolve now that he’s finally opened up to her?

That may be addressed. I like seeing those two together. They’re not characters who you’d normally see or partner up together. Being stuck with each other, this episode starts with Daryl in a dark place and he doesn’t want to go on and he’s growling at Beth the whole time. But it ends on a positive note. Beth showed him something about himself. He struggles a lot of the time and he’s got a chip on his shoulder; he doesn’t think people like him. But Beth helps him shed some of his old demons and feel good about himself and the need to let those things go and move forward. That’s a lot of what our show is about. He definitely has a soft spot for her forever. They’ve bonded during this journey.

Is their relationship more like siblings or could Daryl and Beth’s friendship turn romantic?

Everyone pairs Beth up with Carl in this weird way and she’s much older than Carl. He’s looking for comics and she’s looking for food. They’re definitely not the same age. I can’t tell you if there’s going to be a romantic thing; we’re not allowed to talk about that stuff. But never say never! She’s a cute girl in the zombie apocalypse and Daryl could do much worse.