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Can we have a smutty/fluffy blurb? lazy weekend in la after having a few shows? pleaseeeeee i love your writing :D xo

yes susie lets talk about harry’s lips and maybe you can give us some smutty blurbs about those hot plumped lips leaving u a love bite ;)

It was kind of nice to be alone with Harry after the last six weeks of promotion for his first solo CD.  It seemed like any spare moment the two of you had just to give each other a little attention was quickly interrupted by Jeff or someone who needed him for something.  Harry had prepared you for how crazy this was all going to be once the record started being heavily promoted so you weren’t exactly shocked but it was still slightly disconcerting to see how hard he had to work for all of this.

Harry was fit.  He took care of himself.  He ate right, worked out, did cardio and slept well but this schedule seemed to even zap him of the endless amount of energy he always seemed to have.  Most nights when you would return to the hotel, he would barely make it to his bed and your lap before he was passed out and lightly snoring.

But Harry promised you that once the show at The Troubadour ended tonight, he was all yours.  You couldn’t wait just to spend a few moments loving on him.  He looked so drained and tired but also so happy and excited.  It made your heart swell to see him so excited in his enjoyment with the fans he loved so much.

You held a towel out to him, wrapping him up in it good and tight when he came off stage as your lips lightly brushed across his,

“Good show.”

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