let's talk about tears


‘The Amethyst connection is hilarious. It was not intentional but Steven Universe is a great show and Amethyst could be like my sister, so… so lets leave it at that, maybe I was cosplaying her!’  *laughs* - Cherry (x)

A Playlist You’ll Never Listen To Pt. 2
  1. You and I - PVRIS
  2. Somebody Else - The 1975
  3. Let’s Talk About Your Hair - Have Mercy
  4. Remember You - G-Eazy
  5. The Beach - The Neighbourhood
  6. Empty - PVRIS
  7. Phantom - The Story So Far
  8. Colors - Halsey
  9. Don’t Say - This Wild Life
  10. Honest - The Neighbourhood
  11. L’exquisite Douleur - Being As An Ocean
  12. White Horse - Taylor Swift
  13. Eyelids - PVRIS
  14. $TING - The Neighbourhood
  15. Transitive Property - Bayside
  16. Tears On the Runway pt. 2 - ISSUES
  17. Bulls In the Bronx - Pierce the Veil
  18. Don’t Let Me Go - G-Eazy
  19. Better With You - This Wild Life
  20. The Worst Of Them - ISSUES
  21. Stifled - The Story So Far
  22. Doubt You - Twenty One Pilots
  23. Bakowski - Moose Blood
  24. Some Kind Of Drug - G-Eazy
  25. Skeleton - The Front Bottoms
  26. Coffins - Misterwives
  27. Mad At Myself - ISSUES
  28. Distaste - The Story So Far
  29. Thinkin About You - G-Eazy
  30. Last Kiss - Taylor Swift

let’s talk about my brother’s keeper let’s talk about sam cowering on the floor because his brother has beaten him bloody let’s talk about how sam still refuses to see “the real dean” as anything but good let’s talk about sam still understanding this dean is bad let’s talk about sam willing to sacrifice his own life because this dean won’t stop hurting people let’s talk about the one tear that he allows himself before dying let’s talk about the panic turning to resolve on his face let’s talk about how he won’t close his eyes how he wants dean to be the last thing he sees let’s talk about how he knows dean will find his way back with those pictures how dean will follow his family his love for sam back let’s talk about how it was death threatening to take sam himself that made dean snap and literally kill death let’s talk about “forgive me” how sam thought until the last second his own brother was going to kill him let’s!!! talk!!! about!!! 10x23!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the emotional night Sami had at Battleground, he could use a good shoulder to cry on (even if it means ruining Cesaro’s suit, but that’s something neither of them are thinking about right now).

Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen!!!


First of all, SMARKLE MADE MY DAY!!! This episode made me love them more than I already do. And my heart is at peace with the knowledge that they’re still going to be together coz THEY HAVE FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER THAT THEY STILL NEED TO FIGURE OUT!

And MY PRECIOUS CHILD SMACKLE! That scene where she let her walls down and admitted that she has insecurities with Farkle’s feelings toward her, explaining the way she was with Lucas when Farkle was around was just her way of trying to protect herself! Dude. That scene squeezed my heart real good I had tears in my eyes!!!

NOW LET’S TALK ABOUT ZAY!!! I’ve always loved Zay! But this episode finally brought me to a decision that yes, I AM GOING TO MARRY ZAY! My adorable cinnamon roll is everything in this episode!!!!

What’s next?? Oh yeah let’s move on the part where RILAYA OVERWHELMED MY HEART WITH COMPLETE GAYNESS AND THEN PROCEEDED TO RIPPING IT OUT MY CHEST AND SMASHING IT WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER!!! Oh boy. I don’t even know where to begin with that. Should I discuss to you how gay they were in this episode? I mean yeah they’ve always been gay in every episode but like 100 times in this one! The part where Zay said that they were the “strangest”? What he actually meant to say was “gayest”. AND LISTEN UP FOLKS! MAYA HART FINALLY BELIEVES THAT HOPE ISN’T FOR SUCKERS AFTER ALL!! WHILE LINKING HER ARM AROUND RILEY’S! (inside voice: and probably later on realizing that it still actually is. and life is still so mean to her. f***!!!) AND CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT ONCE AGAIN, RILEY MATTHEWS PARALLELED RILAYA TO CORPANGA AND THIS TIME, IN FRONT OF HER MOTHER AND SHE DIDN’T EVEN HOLD ANYTHING BACK. My, oh my…how my sweet child has grown so gay! Really made my heart happy.

You know what hurt my heart tho? The part where they got home after school. THAT PART BROKE MY HEART SO BAD I WON’T EVEN DISCUSS IT coz I’ll just end up wailing like a dying sea creature.

I was rewatching the episode to try to pin down my thoughts on a whole slew of things, but it also increased my appreciation for the moments I enjoyed, so… I want to talk about Sam. Remember how Metatron was driven nearly to tears talking about the hope and perseverance of humanity? Sam Winchester embodied that from the start of the episode to its finish.

Let’s talk about how Sam was relentlessly invested in saving as many people as he could. When they went out to look for Deputy Harris, Sam stopped everyone he met in order to tell them to go somewhere safe. Sam addressed Harris calmly and asked her to let him help her.

When the fog was bearing down on him, Sam, already having been infected with this same thing once before, was mere feet away from it, unfastening a baby from her car-seat and turning his back to the fog in order to make sure the infant and her parents got to safety.

When he noticed two people who were about to be consumed, Dean had to physically turn him around while Sam was reaching toward them.

And when they all made it someplace safe and the tape over the vent came unsealed, Sam rushed to fix it despite the deadly fog pouring out…and infected himself in the process.

And when he was infected by the fast-acting contagion that drove the people on the other side of the door to madness in moments–when he was spiraling into hopelessness and despair, Sam snapped himself out of it and begged Dean to go somewhere safe so Sam couldn’t hurt him.

If we’re talking about giving and loving and never giving up–if we’re talking about courage in the face of something that nearly killed him and unerring determination to save people, let me tell you about Sam Fucking Winchester, my friends.

open for anyone

“I’m fine, of course I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be? I’m always fine.” The only thing not fine was that Eliot was entirely too sober to deal with this conversation and the emptiness in his chest that felt like it was tearing him apart. “Now let’s talk about something interesting, like your complete lack of a drink. What’s your poison?”

She (Sansa) really is becoming more like me. More Baelish–like in the way she’s operating, and the fact that she’s operating at all. She has become a player under my tutelage, and that’s what I wanted. There’s a scene way back when we’re discussing a battle, a scene with Cersei, and we’re talking about Stannis and the Boltons, and letting the two of them tear each other apart, and coming in at the last minute with the Knights of the Vale. Who’s to say that Sansa wasn’t thinking of doing something like that as well? Let them kill each other. Again, it’s not likely, but not impossible.
—  Aidan Gillen at Vulture 

Let’s talk about Joe’s vlog

It literally made me cry. Like tears going down my cheeks.

When that old tune started playing all I remembered was his old Vlogs back in like 2013 or some shit. I lost my crap when it zoomed in on them it was just… Wow!

Then I saw Joe’s mate and like wow… He probably never thought joe would come this far. Then there was Zoë who looked so proud of her bro joe.

And there was so much emotions in that vlog like wow.