let's talk about sext

Hello, so complete disclaimer i dont condone anything i talk about in this post which will be underaged sextexting/ skype sex. I do not encourage anyone to do this however i have been receiving messages about it and thought it would be a good topic to touch base on for my underaged littles living in different countries than their S/O. I DO NOT CONDONE ANYTHING! AND YOU SHOULD HAVE SEX WHEN YOU ARE READY AND TRUST THE PERSON even internet sex or whatever you’d like to call it. Always be safe ok? Ok good. Now that the disclaimer is over lets get on to the post.

Hello, unicorns

I wanted to talk about sexting/ having skype sex with your S/O when where they live you’re underage, but you are of age where you live. For example you may live in Germany or United Kingdom and the legal age of consent is different than America. Now, let me first start by pointing out that if you are underaged where your S/O lives then technically by law they are watching/ receiving child porngraphy which can get them arrested and put in jail as well as be ‘branded’ as a pedofile. The police will not be looking at where you live as it being legal they will only look at their countries laws which state it would be child pornography. I was getting questions about this from various people so i thought maybe people had this question. I also want to point out that even if you both are underaged where you live it would still be child pornography. Just because lets say you live in the states and you are both 15 does NOT mean you get a free pass you two are technically distributing child pornography. Now im not saying that you cant do this and im not saying you should. This post is for educational purposes incase anyone was curious

If anyone has any questions let me know thats kinda what helps me keep my posts up. Thank you