let's talk about s2


Ok, let’s talk about this (AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL) scene.

Many of Malec fans said this Malec scene was:

  1. “not good” (sorry, I don’t know how to define it) because Magnus didn’t show Alec his cat eyes, before having their first time,
  2. and forced because Alec didn’t respect Magnus’ feelings by wanting to take the next step in their relationship.

So I think…

About the first point, guys, we all know the tv show is different enough from the books so we should expect anything from the show (different situations,  events, etc..)

About point 2… at first, I thought this Malec moments was… not forced but, maybe, a little bit rushed because they haven’t been in a relationship for long time and this because of many issues (finding Jace, defeating Valentine, protecting the Institute by demons’ attack…) so they had not time enough to stay together and have a moment for themselves, and Magnus said this to Alec too (2x06).

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So they finally had their first date and Alec becomes aware of the 17.000 Magnus’ lovers. By here, he feels a bit uncomfortable about this situation but, at the end, he understands that it doesn’t metter how many people Magnus has been with because they are here and now, so he decides to pursue their relationship.

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In 2x07, Magnus realizes how much he really loves Alec, who give to him a gift (without he needed a particular event). Magnus also realizes Alec is really different from all his old lovers so he feels so close to him that he want to enjoy every single moment of his life with him.

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For this reason, when Alec seems to rush into this, taking their relationship to the next step in such a short time, Magnus feels worried about it because it’s like they have not fully enjoyed all the moments spent together (Magnus is immortal so he lived for many years, centuries and for this reason he thinks that it’s a bit rushed), also because he is worried he could lose him after this “next step”. (This can be seen in his eyes in GIF 3 when Alec starts to push him unbuttoning his shirt: it’s like he thinks “I don’t wanna lose you”)

So when Alec says “You have nothing to worry about. I want this”, I thought, at first, not that Alec doesn’t respect Magnus’ feelings…. but almost (?).

But then, on second thought, I really understand that it wasn’t like this.

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* Alec is a particular character (introvert, a person who used to follow the rules to not wrong or make mistakes and a guy ashamed of what he really is, even if only at the beginning, who has learned to accept himself and his feelings), so I understand that this is a big step for him and he decides to do it with Magnus (!). *

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So this is a very important thing to consider. And Magnus understands this. He knows this is important for Alexander and so this is why he let Alec kiss him and let it happen. (GIF 4)

I don’t know about you guys but, I think this love story is made very well and both, Harry and Matt, interpret their own characters at best!
They are so great and I’d like them to have a never-ending (love) story!

I am having sad season two thoughts and I have no intention of sparing the rest of you from my angst, so gather round and let me talk at you about place settings in the back half of S2.

So in Naka-Choko, Will brings his favourite cannibal loin of Randall Tier, and Hannibal, enchanted, places Will opposite him at the table-by providing the meat, Will has proved himself Worthy and now they are eyefucking dining as equals. Hannibal is a smitten kitten and Will is hardly less so. 

And again in Ko No Mono, with the ortolans (a scene from which I don’t think any of us have recovered) they are again sitting opposite each other, with much eye contact and little smiles and everything is perfect and adorable.

No dinners together in Tome-Wan but if we jump to Mizumono (oh god oh god) and THAT dinner, post Hannibal’s discovery of Will’s betrayal, we see:

Will has-despite the forgiveness on offer-been demoted. That intimacy, of seeing and being seen, that equal footing has been stripped away. No more gazing directly into each other’s eyes- despite Hannibal’s vulnerability in this scene (the way he fidgets with his glass stem, oh my god) his shields are back up, and they won’t drop until Will is bleeding in his arms, both of them heart sick and devastated.

Someone rec me some fluff, PLEASE.

Why did Magnus put a shirt on?

When Alec arrived, Magnus was in his comfort zone. His apartment. Doing his magic. In a position where Alec couldn’t really look at him. Everything was on his side, and it was on his side all the time Alec was trying to apologize.

This is Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn, surrounded by his walls again. Because he’s hurt, and he needs all that to protect his heart.

But then, Alec asked him to “cut that out”. Which, in Alec’s still rudimentary (and quite rude) communication skills, it’s the equivalent of asking Magnus to really look at him. To drop his walls and actually look at him, once again.

Magnus knew he couldn’t avoid Alec forever, not if they really wanted to fix things. So, after reminding Alec that he was not going to fix anything with that bossy attitude (that’s how I interpret Magnus throwing that sphere of magic in Alec’s direction), Magnus left his comfort zone: he let go his magic, he let go the protection he had from not letting Alec to see his expression.

But, what else did Magnus do? He put a shirt on.

Why? They were in Magnus’ apartment, he could be naked if he wanted. Was he being considerate with Alec? Maybe that was part of the reason, yes. But, do you know what I think the main reason was?

Magnus put a shirt on because it was the only possible way he had to hide, at least, part of himself. Because he’s hurt. And even if he wanted to hear Alec’s apology, even if Magnus himself wanted to fix things with him… He couldn’t help but be scared. Magnus had already tried to reach Alec many times and failed, and if it happened again… Would Magnus be able to feel and hide his hurt? So he put a shirt on, and hide himself. The shirt was Magnus’ last wall.

(Please notice here the parallel with Alec putting a shirt on when Magnus saw him half naked in Shadowhunters S1. Yes, I think that was also Alec’s way to hide himself —or better said, to distance himself from Magnus.)

Because Alec means so much to Magnus, and Magnus just can’t help but feel that much when it’s about him. Because, as Magnus himself told Alec…


Let’s talk about that scene with Annalise and Eve kissing. When did you first come up with the idea that Annalise had a sapphic relationship in the past? I would say over the hiatus I was thinking about who was the number that Nate called, who would Annalise trust that much, and what felt true to Annalise. I do know that I told Viola about it, who is always my first go-to about Annalise – Is she going to buy this? Is she going to like this? She’s such a good litmus test of the character – at the GLAAD Awards, because we hadn’t seen each other for so long. The minute she smiled, I knew it was a good idea. – Pete Nowalk



Sugawara Koushi

1. Suga’s skills are one of the most underrated in the whole anime–PERHAPS it’s evident that there are other setters who are much more talented than him, but what people forget is that Suga has had several years of practice to perfect his basic skills. 

2. But that skill–that skill is not basic. 

I’ve met volleyball players who have been playing far longer than three years, and one of the things that is hardest to master are basic serves. In fact, keeping a jump serve within the boundaries is much easier than aiming a basic serve. This means that Suga is fucking talented. He is not, contrary to popular belief, useless and talentless. In fact, his stats show that his game sense and technique are much better than other players’.  


Coach Ukai knew this and went to Suga–believed in his skill and talent enough to ask Suga to switch into the game. He could’ve motioned to Daichi or Kageyama, Tanaka–but Ukai understood that of all of them, Koushi was the most capable of aiming that serve. 

3. so wtf is this???!?!?!?!??!

like WTF is this… 

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Ah, everything comes back to S2 because seriously, that could fix quite a few of the issues I have with my least favorite part of the manga, which I can safely say is the Erwin coup from chapter 51-61. Also, to add about the Levi thing, this OVA isn't the first time Levi smiled, we had a small one when he was talking to Erwin back in ch. 51.

Hi anon! I know a lot of people have issues with this arc, but I’ve really enjoyed it. I understand it’s not perfect, but I’m delighted that we are getting answers. I can’t wait for S2!

But let’s talk about Levi’s smile. I was discussing it with kamichu81 earlier today, but I’ll use this post to expand on it and share images.

As was pointed out in this post  by beatotsundere, we saw small (small, small) smile in the OVA Ilsa’s Journal. I’m borrowing their image, I hope they don’t mind!

That scene is anime only. It did not appear in the manga. The only hint of a  manga smile is in this panel. I believe it is the one you are referring to:

I don’t want to minimize this scene, because it may very well be my favorite Levi/Erwin moment in the whole of the SnK. Levi is teasing Erwin. It’s evidence of what a comfortable relationship they have. And, yes, Levi does have a pleasant expression on his face.

Here - look closer:

But when we compare it with the smile in ACWNR, there is no comparison. The smile in the new trailer has the fandom excited because it’s the first one that looks truly genuine. It’s far more expressive than any we’ve seen in the past.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to expand on this!

Puzzles and forgotten content

I am bored, so lets talk more about my work on S2. Today I will talk about the puzzles made for S2. Mostly why I picked the puzzles, the process of making them and talking about the quests that was made for the series but the streamers missed.

I created all the puzzles using a combination of redstone, command blocks and mods. Most of these puzzles were made for the “Crypt” events. Now, the crypts were made by me to help make it seem like the streamers are actively working towards a goal. Rather than just waiting for something to happen. removing the “We need to bring back Dianite!” “Great, how?” “err….” moments. There are 5 crypts, one for each streamer. First I would look at the streamer’s knowledge and favorite mods and pick the crypt item. For example, Crypt 3 was the teleport crypt for Jordan, I decided this the moment started loving the portals in the modpack. So I thought a gem that allowed him to teleport around would fit him nicely. Then, for the puzzle I picked the mod that Jordan was used to but also fit the theme for teleporting. To decide the puzzle itself, I researched everything to do with that mod and decided that a teleport combination combined with pressure plates would fit the theme, give it a challenge but also make the crypt seem more… magical. After decided that, I tested my ideas on my own world.. After testing and creating a prototype, I created the real thing on the server. I picked a place where the streamers wouldn’t see on their normal day to day streams but not too far away so their streams isn’t just them traveling. i then got the Crypt item and gave it a enchantment, this was to make it more special than just a regular item. After creating the crypt and the puzzles by myself. I gave the creation to the talented builders at BlockWorks to Decorate and write a small story on the crypt item. Then all we had to do was pick a time we thought all the streamers were online, or at least the required streamer for the crypt and the right number of people to complete it.

Fun fact: Did you know that all the way put to Crypt 4 was made before the streamers went to crypt 1? Planning ahead for the win.

Some content I made on the server was never shown on the streams. This is due to many reasons, either the streamers didn’t end up going. Or we thought the streamers would make a choice but choose something else instead. One major example is inertia (Also known as The Factory.. okay really only I call it the factory.. but still).. I was tasked to create 3 extra puzzles in inertia after the streamers went in their to break out Farmer Steve. This was to save the remaining people left there. I created one puzzle which was a timed pressure plate puzzle, to act as the security. Another puzzle was a water puzzle, where  you got to work as a team using buttons and pressure plates to redirect water to land on all 5 outputs at the same time. This was going to be used to “flood” the guard’s rooms to prevent them from defending the cells. The final puzzle took me about 2 days to make… it was a complex redstone and command block creation to make a puzzle to act as a prison breakout scene. The streamers would have to find keys on guards, hidden blocks and “pick the lock” on the doors. After doing all that, sound effects and fireworks would go off and open all the doors, releasing the people. However, all of this wasn’t used during the streams. Why? I don’t really remember, but there was a good reason.

Anyway, this is another huge post. Thanks for reading, hope you guys have a lovely day.