let's talk about s2


Ok, let’s talk about this (AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL) scene.

Many of Malec fans said this Malec scene was:

  1. “not good” (sorry, I don’t know how to define it) because Magnus didn’t show Alec his cat eyes, before having their first time,
  2. and forced because Alec didn’t respect Magnus’ feelings by wanting to take the next step in their relationship.

So I think…

About the first point, guys, we all know the tv show is different enough from the books so we should expect anything from the show (different situations,  events, etc..)

About point 2… at first, I thought this Malec moments was… not forced but, maybe, a little bit rushed because they haven’t been in a relationship for long time and this because of many issues (finding Jace, defeating Valentine, protecting the Institute by demons’ attack…) so they had not time enough to stay together and have a moment for themselves, and Magnus said this to Alec too (2x06).

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So they finally had their first date and Alec becomes aware of the 17.000 Magnus’ lovers. By here, he feels a bit uncomfortable about this situation but, at the end, he understands that it doesn’t metter how many people Magnus has been with because they are here and now, so he decides to pursue their relationship.

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In 2x07, Magnus realizes how much he really loves Alec, who give to him a gift (without he needed a particular event). Magnus also realizes Alec is really different from all his old lovers so he feels so close to him that he want to enjoy every single moment of his life with him.

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For this reason, when Alec seems to rush into this, taking their relationship to the next step in such a short time, Magnus feels worried about it because it’s like they have not fully enjoyed all the moments spent together (Magnus is immortal so he lived for many years, centuries and for this reason he thinks that it’s a bit rushed), also because he is worried he could lose him after this “next step”. (This can be seen in his eyes in GIF 3 when Alec starts to push him unbuttoning his shirt: it’s like he thinks “I don’t wanna lose you”)

So when Alec says “You have nothing to worry about. I want this”, I thought, at first, not that Alec doesn’t respect Magnus’ feelings…. but almost (?).

But then, on second thought, I really understand that it wasn’t like this.

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* Alec is a particular character (introvert, a person who used to follow the rules to not wrong or make mistakes and a guy ashamed of what he really is, even if only at the beginning, who has learned to accept himself and his feelings), so I understand that this is a big step for him and he decides to do it with Magnus (!). *

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So this is a very important thing to consider. And Magnus understands this. He knows this is important for Alexander and so this is why he let Alec kiss him and let it happen. (GIF 4)

I don’t know about you guys but, I think this love story is made very well and both, Harry and Matt, interpret their own characters at best!
They are so great and I’d like them to have a never-ending (love) story!


Let’s talk about:

Yamaguchi Tadashi (and why this episode made me emo)

1. Yamaguchi Tadashi is one of Furudate’s most well-developed and realistic characters. This much is obvious. Having been an average player amongst an odd and talented set of first years (Tsukki as the tall, clever blocker, Kagehina as the freak duo), Yamaguchi often felt left behind, as he’d mentioned before. So he decidedly dedicated his efforts to become amazing at the one thing the rest of the first years couldn’t do–float serves. He’s worked at it since that day when the association came to play. He’s so persevering. He didn’t give up. Yams wasn’t content with being overshadowed by his peers, and the result was him scoring four points straight to turn the game around. 

2. He’s a damn pinch server. That’s honestly one of the most nerve-wracking, vomit-inducing, terrifying positions in volleyball. When the team is losing, it’s up to you to score that point–with one serve. Yamaguchi knew this. He did it anyway. 

In fact, he personally went up to Coach Ukai and asked that he be given a chance. He asked for that pressure–for that faith. From a teeny first year who had stomach aches from the thought of getting a serve inside, he became a pinch server. Someone who willingly takes on the pressure–someone who chooses to ask the rest of the team to have faith. Thing is, to get other people to have faith in you, you really need to have faith in yourself. This episode was Yams’ testament of confidence. He’s growing, inside and out. The little freckled crow is growing, and everyone saw it in this episode–this inspiring leap was what made those Seijoh fangirls cheer for Yamaguchi as well.

3. Karasuno believes in him. All of them cheered. All of them had so much faith. They love Yamaguchi (especially Tsukki tbh~ did you see how hard Tsukki fought to keep. Yams. on. the. court. with him? To give his best friend another chance to do what he was good at?), and everyone knows how hard he’s been working on his serves. They even did their best to make sure that Yamaguchi stayed on the court. Yams was aware of this faith and did everything in his power not to let them down. Half this episode was a Yamaguchi-appreciation post, and no one can say otherwise. However, it also spoke volumes of Karasuno as a team–they are a flock of never ending support. 

4. He received an Iwaizumi spike with his body–probably bruised his chest–but he continued to serve, nevertheless.

5. As mentioned by the senseis, Yamaguchi Tadashi was the hero of this match because he’s a symbol of the product of hard work, faith, dedication and confidence. An inspiration. He is Karasuno’s pinch server. He is the pick me up; the pillar they rest on when it goes downhill. Yamaguchi’s serves aren’t only there for him to prove himself and his abilities–when he serves, Karasuno thinks– because Yamaguchi has done all of this, so should I. 

i rly love yamaguchi



Sugawara Koushi

1. Suga’s skills are one of the most underrated in the whole anime–PERHAPS it’s evident that there are other setters who are much more talented than him, but what people forget is that Suga has had several years of practice to perfect his basic skills. 

2. But that skill–that skill is not basic. 

I’ve met volleyball players who have been playing far longer than three years, and one of the things that is hardest to master are basic serves. In fact, keeping a jump serve within the boundaries is much easier than aiming a basic serve. This means that Suga is fucking talented. He is not, contrary to popular belief, useless and talentless. In fact, his stats show that his game sense and technique are much better than other players’.  


Coach Ukai knew this and went to Suga–believed in his skill and talent enough to ask Suga to switch into the game. He could’ve motioned to Daichi or Kageyama, Tanaka–but Ukai understood that of all of them, Koushi was the most capable of aiming that serve. 

3. so wtf is this???!?!?!?!??!

like WTF is this… 

I am having sad season two thoughts and I have no intention of sparing the rest of you from my angst, so gather round and let me talk at you about place settings in the back half of S2.

So in Naka-Choko, Will brings his favourite cannibal loin of Randall Tier, and Hannibal, enchanted, places Will opposite him at the table-by providing the meat, Will has proved himself Worthy and now they are eyefucking dining as equals. Hannibal is a smitten kitten and Will is hardly less so. 

And again in Ko No Mono, with the ortolans (a scene from which I don’t think any of us have recovered) they are again sitting opposite each other, with much eye contact and little smiles and everything is perfect and adorable.

No dinners together in Tome-Wan but if we jump to Mizumono (oh god oh god) and THAT dinner, post Hannibal’s discovery of Will’s betrayal, we see:

Will has-despite the forgiveness on offer-been demoted. That intimacy, of seeing and being seen, that equal footing has been stripped away. No more gazing directly into each other’s eyes- despite Hannibal’s vulnerability in this scene (the way he fidgets with his glass stem, oh my god) his shields are back up, and they won’t drop until Will is bleeding in his arms, both of them heart sick and devastated.

Someone rec me some fluff, PLEASE.

let's talk about Ushijimas serve (s2 spoilers)

I’m gonna rant about Ushijima’s serve and eventually Noya’s receive, so if you don’t want to be spoiled of anything, please watch the episode first!

so you all know that his serve has monster impact, not as precise and in control as Oikawa’s, but god damn does Ushi deserve to be top five spikers in the prefecture.

Every inhuman/surprisingly strong serve has this blurred/thick outlined affect, and that’s exactly what Ushi has, so you know this is something big.

But what’s so important to me is that Ushijima’s serve is like 5 times stronger than the others. Whoever plays volleyball, new or old, knows that receiving fucking hurts like a god damn bitch.

And yeah, after a while you get used to it and you just get numb to the shock, but what about Ushijima’s serve? The strongest spiker any member of Karasuno has been up against, practice matches or not.

Yeah, some of them have been up against Bokuto, in the top five spikers, but let me show you what I noticed.

I don’t have any screen shots of someone reviving Bokuto’s serves, but let me show you Daichi receiving Ushijima’s

Do you see how it fucking twisted his upper body? Daichi, well rounded, seasoned player and excellent receiver, couldn’t even keep his arms forward after trying to get the ball.

We don’t really get to see Daichi’s reaction to it (other than disappointment/frustration) but let’s look at Hinata.

And yeah, Hinata isn’t as well rounded or experienced enough to receive/block well against someone like Ushi, but his fingers are red, puffed up, and throbbing. And Hinata isn’t exactly new to volleyball, either.

So you can see just how powerful this serve is, enough to twist Daichi’s body sideways and injure Hinata’s fingers to the point of him complaining.

But then, but then, we get to see someone receive the serve properly, and I’m so thankful that it’s Noya.

Noya Noya Noya, let me talk about my son for a moment.

Yes, he is an experienced Libero. Yes, he has practiced a lot more than average. Yes, he has tough skin on his forearms. Yes, he is a professional receiver.

But he’s never received a serve like Ushijima’s. Ushijima’s serve that has made a seasonal players body twist sideways and jammed fingers.

So yeah, it takes Noya a while to get used to it. His body twists a little, but not completely sideways and the opposite directions of the ball.

But when he finally does, its so much more important that you originally thought

His form is perfect, if a little slanted because of the position of the ball.

His body doesn’t twist, his skin isn’t red, his arms don’t move, his form stays the same. (he doesn’t complain like Hinata, either)

He’s the first one of any Karasuno member to successfully receive the ball, let alone perfectly. He’s received Ushijima’s serve three times, and just those three times he’s figured out the Lefties technique.

Do you know how impossible that is? How professional and not at all highschool worthy?

Shiratorizawa (Ushijima) has been playing against college teams and beating them at their own game. Karasuno has played against Aoba Johsai, the closest to a college leveled team they had. And they only played against them two times before beating them.

Does anyone get where I’m going with this? How amazing my son Noya is? After three tries he receives a lefties serve perfectly, a monsters serve.

I’m not an experienced volleyball player, but I know that Noya did something amazing, anime or real life.

Thank you for reading!!

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Hi!! I can't understand what Arrow fans mean by S2 was better than S3. Did people really forgot S2 eps 12 to 20? UNWANTED Lance family angst, Flashbacks focusing on how exactly Sara and Oliver betrayed Laurel, birds of prey ep, blind spot ep(shudders) and meager amount of Olicity. It was last three eps of S2 that brought back the glory. I think we should wait till finale before reaching conclusions.

TRUTH, nonny.  Listen, s2 wasn’t awful.  Episodes 1-10 were great.  20-23 were great.  11-19…. had a lot more misses than hits if you get my meaning. Mostly for the reasons you say.  Plus, we had the Winter Olympics last year.  Remember all those god-damned hiatus’?  Waiting weeks and weeks only to get… more shitty Lance drama.  When we did get Felicity (which we didn’t get a lot of during that time) she was feeling insecure about herself and her place on the team and in Oliver’s life… she was not exactly happy.  And it HURT ME, as a Felicity fan, to see her that way.  And Oliver, while she was hurting, seemed not to really give two craps about it.  It drove me nuts. 

Then we had all the interviews and sneak peeks and everything… always talking about how Sara was perfect for Oliver.  Olicity mentioned in interviews and articles?  HA!  I wish!  It was a good day when we got tossed a little nugget.  ANYTHING to keep us trying to go.  And we just did not know. We knew there was a shelf life on his relationship with Sara (and that Sara would likely die).  But would they return to Laurel?  We hoped that all the Olicity hints we’d seen would mean something but we had nothing to base any hope upon.  There was no precedent.  This time last year was truly dark times.  And if you binged s2 you don’t really know what that was like.  What Tumblr was like as everyone grasped for some sort of HOPE. 

This year?  Its all Olicity. All the time. Ever since the last few eps last season, all the press all summer long, all the filming spoilers, all the interviews, comic con, buzz buzz buzz… its all been Olicity.  It’s… it’s still hard for me to believe sometimes.  Sometimes I feel like I’m back last year where we got NOTHING. And then I look around and go “oh wow, no, this is happening.”  

Now we can see what the writers’ intentions are.  Despite their diplomacy when drawn on the “endgame” question, the pictures on the screen don’t lie, baby. This whole season has been about building these two towards one another.  They had to get us ALMOST there in 3x01 (what do you honestly think would have happened had that date not blown up? if you answer anything besides “sex back at Felicity’s place” then you need to think again.).  Then snatch it away so we could see and appreciate and understand their relationship as it evolved and grew. 

I’m not sure why people complain about season 3. I have to believe it’s because of other factors other than Olicity.  Or that maybe they had different hopes for what the ship would be.  For me, I’m seeing exactly the ship I always thought they were.  But its like watching that dream come to reality.  It’s gorgeous.  And you know what? It’ll get even better.  Oh god, I could see it clearly in the last ep, they are building the road back to one another.  

So I do love s2, but you will never get me to say its better than s3.  And yeah, partly that is because we can’t really judge s3 entirely until its done and I think most people realize that.  But even comparing where we’re at in s3 to this point in s2, I still say this is far better.  

Buuuuuut, that’s my opinion.  And others are welcome to disagree.  I’m sorry they feel that way but at the same time, I’m not going to let it impact how I enjoy the show.  Will Wednesday’s ep be awesome?  Sure!  Will 3x19 be even better?  Definitely! Will 3x20 blow our socks off?  I guarantee it.  I can’t wait!  There’s things to look forward to right now, something I didn’t have at this point last year, so I’m going to savor every little minute of it. :) 

Puzzles and forgotten content

I am bored, so lets talk more about my work on S2. Today I will talk about the puzzles made for S2. Mostly why I picked the puzzles, the process of making them and talking about the quests that was made for the series but the streamers missed.

I created all the puzzles using a combination of redstone, command blocks and mods. Most of these puzzles were made for the “Crypt” events. Now, the crypts were made by me to help make it seem like the streamers are actively working towards a goal. Rather than just waiting for something to happen. removing the “We need to bring back Dianite!” “Great, how?” “err….” moments. There are 5 crypts, one for each streamer. First I would look at the streamer’s knowledge and favorite mods and pick the crypt item. For example, Crypt 3 was the teleport crypt for Jordan, I decided this the moment started loving the portals in the modpack. So I thought a gem that allowed him to teleport around would fit him nicely. Then, for the puzzle I picked the mod that Jordan was used to but also fit the theme for teleporting. To decide the puzzle itself, I researched everything to do with that mod and decided that a teleport combination combined with pressure plates would fit the theme, give it a challenge but also make the crypt seem more… magical. After decided that, I tested my ideas on my own world.. After testing and creating a prototype, I created the real thing on the server. I picked a place where the streamers wouldn’t see on their normal day to day streams but not too far away so their streams isn’t just them traveling. i then got the Crypt item and gave it a enchantment, this was to make it more special than just a regular item. After creating the crypt and the puzzles by myself. I gave the creation to the talented builders at BlockWorks to Decorate and write a small story on the crypt item. Then all we had to do was pick a time we thought all the streamers were online, or at least the required streamer for the crypt and the right number of people to complete it.

Fun fact: Did you know that all the way put to Crypt 4 was made before the streamers went to crypt 1? Planning ahead for the win.

Some content I made on the server was never shown on the streams. This is due to many reasons, either the streamers didn’t end up going. Or we thought the streamers would make a choice but choose something else instead. One major example is inertia (Also known as The Factory.. okay really only I call it the factory.. but still).. I was tasked to create 3 extra puzzles in inertia after the streamers went in their to break out Farmer Steve. This was to save the remaining people left there. I created one puzzle which was a timed pressure plate puzzle, to act as the security. Another puzzle was a water puzzle, where  you got to work as a team using buttons and pressure plates to redirect water to land on all 5 outputs at the same time. This was going to be used to “flood” the guard’s rooms to prevent them from defending the cells. The final puzzle took me about 2 days to make… it was a complex redstone and command block creation to make a puzzle to act as a prison breakout scene. The streamers would have to find keys on guards, hidden blocks and “pick the lock” on the doors. After doing all that, sound effects and fireworks would go off and open all the doors, releasing the people. However, all of this wasn’t used during the streams. Why? I don’t really remember, but there was a good reason.

Anyway, this is another huge post. Thanks for reading, hope you guys have a lovely day.

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Felicity is hailed as a hero? Funny she was also hailed as the reason the show sucked this season. How long did it take her to go from Rays bed to Oliver's? Oh but let's talk about her S1 storyline...oh wait...wait her S2 story was.....oh wait

Oh Look you are back again. The season 3 sucked. Oh Sweetie! how awful. Can you back that up. Here let me give you a hint Season 1 average viewers 2.77 million, season 2 average 3.28 million, season 3 average (the season which you delusional people claim Felicity brought down) surprise surprise 3.68 million. So if season 3 is being hailed because of Felicity, then Wow my queen brought 3.68 million people to view the show.

Felicity’s S1 storyline yeah let me see she helped Oliver stop deadshot, she helped his stop the count, well what do you know she uncovered the connection between Moira and the undertaking and wait, wait she fucking stopped the earthquake machine with Quentin Lance. What did you precious do in the meantime sweetie, let me see I hate Oliver, I love Oliver, the hood is helping people, he is a remorseless killer, I love you Tommy, I love Oliver more than you Tommy, I forgive you Oliver, let us sleep together even if I just saw Tommy in the police station and saw how miserable I make him and did I miss something oh yeah right STAYING IN GLADES WHEN YOUR FATHER IS TELLING YOU TO RUN, THE WHOLE WORLD TELLS YOU TO RUN.

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Season 2, well well. Let’s see Felicity knew the danger of Isobel taking over QC, tracked Oliver, brought him back, gave him a way to be arrow without killing and that’s just in the first episode nonnie. Hmmm, what else did she do! stopped armed dealers, welcomed Sara into the team, took a bullet for Sara, stopped Tockman, risked her life with the doll maker (in case you didn’t watch the episode sweetie), personally approached Cisco and Caitlin for the antidote which surprise surprise dear is what stopped Slade. I wonder who did inject Slade with the antidote On Silly me, it is Felicity again. What was laurel doing again honey? Let me see I betrayed Tommy, the hood is responsible I will catch him (truly hoping people forget all the time I was on his side last season), popping pills, becoming an alcoholic. Well I suppose someone should give her a medal for not exposing Oliver as the arrow (OOps she was ready to do that,didn’t she honey, only Quentin stopped her), blackmailing her boss to get what she wants. Did I miss any other storyline sweetie?

Shall we start with season 3 dear, the season you and me both love so much. Felicity became the Vice President of Palmer Tech, tracked Thea, helped your beloved in what was the term “googling”, helped create the ATOM suit, made the suit functional, still helped team arrow at night, plans to keep Roy safe all the while keeping Oliver away from Quentin’s wrath (which wouldn’t have happened if his spineless daughter told him the truth the first time), flies the suit, saves Oliver. Hmmmm! not good enough for you is it? I would go into what you fave did but all I can think is Buckles and getting a victim killed because she couldn’t use common sense when she took the bat to the abuser.

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Bye honey don’t get even more crazier, okay