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i have two rough and tumble boys. they climb trees and play swords and have more nerf guns than is fucking healthy. they love disc golf and camping and fishing and dragons and shit marvel movies and xbox and, god help me, fedoras and wearing socks w/ their slides. but they also love sewing and cooking and drawing and the color pink and they know how to iron clothes and scrub a fucking toilet. they prance around the house in my high heels because they think its badass that i can go backwards down the stairs in them. one of them has long hair and gets teased for it. they know about bodily consent. they know about the patriarchy and how toxic that is. they know what intersectional feminism is. they know what emotions are and are learning how to handle them in healthy ways. they’re currently watching moana for the seven-fucking-thousandth day in a row and belting the shit out of the songs, not just maui’s, because it’s a good fucking movie. we go on bike rides and walks and play these awful geek role playing games that i hate but we do, because they love them. they know about institutional racism and the school to prison pipeline, police brutality, redlining, etc. and all the layers of privilege they were born into. we only read family books that had a girl protagonist for a year. this coming year, we aren’t reading any books about white kids. they love plays. we talk about internal biases and acknowledge that we are all racist, and learning ways to overcome that and educate ourselves. 

anyway fuck gender norms and ‘boys will be boys’ and ‘my kid is too delicate to handle these heavy topics’ bullshit. you can let boys express themselves in traditionally masculine ways, if that’s what they want, and still raise them to be thoughtful, conscientious human beings. it isn’t that fucking difficult.

  • Me: Harry Potter is perfect.
  • Also me: If Bill Weasley could become the secret keeper for Shell Cottage, why couldn't Lily or James just be the secret keeper for their place? Would Sirius have really left the side of his just orphaned godson, the last living piece of his best friend? And why didn't he get a fair trial? Moving on, isn't it just a little too convenient that both James and Lily's parents died, especially since James and Lily were so young when they were killed? It seems like that was just to push Harry's abusive upbringing... on that topic, are you telling me that the whole wizarding community was just fine with their hero child living in an unsafe and abusive environment? And and and *goes on for five more hours*


It’s not even that he’s slow for a ninja. The other completely regular students  noticed the pencils and even THEY are dismayed by Miharu’s eventual reaction.

Honestly this series is comedy gold a lot of the time and I love it so much for that. 

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Single parent AU: Stacie convinces Beca to go to a support group for single parents.

“What? Dude, no!” Beca says as she picks up a squirming toddler from his highchair. 

Stacie sighs and moves to grab a baby wipe to clean the toddler’s hands and mouth. “Why? I think it’s a good idea.” 

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*note top thing is a gif to show the convo, some lines were removed about her checking on Robert*

OK! I need to talk about this, because everyone keeps holding Mary up and slamming Joseph.

Let’s talk about Mary first. I have a LOT to say about Mary from what I have seen so far. She is an alcoholic, abusive, neglectful to the point of focusing on her glass of wine rather than her missing toddler, and she CHEATS TOO. In my opinion, being all over guys like she is counts as cheating in the first place. She is making sexual advances towards an individual that is not her spouse. On top of this, there is one scene in Robert’s path where she drops the innuendo and makes it pretty obvious that she intends to have sex with one of the guys from the tour. I have seen her check on Robert, which was a nice friend gesture, but it also feels like she crashes at least one of your dates, and stays long past her welcome in others.She is also constantly down-right rude to most people (Robert even makes a comment to her to cool it when she basically attacks you for making a pun).

While Joseph is far from perfect, let me talk about a few things that I have noticed about after doing his “bad” ending. When he has you on the yacht, it is pretty obvious that he really has been living on it. Multiple days worth of clothes are strewn on the floor and bed. Also, he seems rather sheepish about the fact that he and Mary are divorcing and that he’s been living on the yacht (I will get screenshots later). Also, on his ending, he doesn’t just say, “oh, I didn’t actually leave my wife.” He tells you that the two of them decided to work on their marriage, but only after he went back. I’m pretty sure that he intended to leave with the main character, but divorces aren’t easy, especially when there are kids (one of which is word-of-god autistic), and an alcoholic spouse.

On top of this, when you get him up to two dates, but get a third date with a different dad, you get the dialogue above. Which, to me, seems like he seriouslty has feelings for you that can’t be resolved because you two both have relationships.

One last note about alcoholics. I personally went through abuse from my alcoholic father, and let me tell you, I see some of that in Mary. She constantly HAS to have a drink in her hand. She doesn’t remember things you talk to her about, then kinda snaps at you. She is also downright verbally abusive and crud towards her husband IN PUBLIC. Imagine how she gets at home. She has also thrown a necklace (likely a gift from Joseph) onto the floor like it was nothing. I am trying hard to see the silver lining in her character, but it’s hard when I see an abuser being given a free pass, but her victim is a total demon.

If Joseph was a woman and Mary was a man, would everyone be reacting the exact same way? I just wonder.

All of this is being said without be fully finishing all routes (still need to get the bad routes and finish some of the good ones), but I almost feel like I’m playing a different game.

I will also keep looking for screen-caps that can further illustrate my point.


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Can I request the reaction of the boys + Leiftan if they find Guardienne asleep cuddling with a piece of their clothing? Like a shirt or a scarf etc. (btw. I really enjoy your writing. Thank you for posting it!)

Ahhh! You don’t know how happy it make me to hear (see?) such lovely words!

I hope you enjoy headcanons, Anon!

Nevra –

  • Nevra’s been looking for his scarf all morning, but can’t find it anywhere.
  • Imagine his surprise when he sees you curled up in bed clutching onto it.
  • It only takes a minute for the sight to register, before he’s silently aww-ing over you.
  • He really wishes he had one those ‘cameras’ that you talked about, this is a picture perfect moment.
  • He lets you keep the scarf, but snatches a kiss later as payment.

Valkyon –

  • Valkyon isn’t surprised to see you fast asleep when he gets back from his mission, but he is surprised to see you wrapped up in one of his shirts.
  • He’s blushing, but really happy and he’s just smiling stupidly as he gazes down at you.
  • In the end, he gently takes his shirt from you, but cuddles you close afterward to make up for it.

Ezarel –

  • Where the hell is his goddamn coat?!
  • He can’t leave the lab like this, he’s practically naked! Dramatic elf is dramatic
  • He almost overlooks your form, snoring in a corner. When he looks at you properly, he’s both enraged (“That’s mine!”) and amused.
  • You’re using as a blanket and he can see you nuzzling it every now and then.
  • He doesn’t have the heart to rip it off you, so he leaves the room in a huff, grumpily muttering about cute humans stealing his coat.

Leiftan –

  • Leiftan hasn’t really noticed his coat is missing.
  • It’s only when Miiko points it out does he go looking for it.
  • When he sees you, hugging the coat to your chest, so endearingly adorable, he just dies from the cuteness.
  • You’re always adorable, but this? 
  • This is a whole new level of cute.
  • He’s sorely tempted to join you, but decides not to disturb you, and presses a light kiss to your forehead instead.

That was strange. I was awake but dreaming. I was here but- but not here…

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Person A had a rough day. Person B sneaks into their room at night to comfort them. Maybe they are in a relationship and maybe the parents don't approve? Up to you.

Tears fall hard and quick down Aubrey’s cheeks only to be soaked up by her pillow as the 17 year old curls further into herself, her fathers words still reverberating in her mind.

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I know that Keith was using the black Bayard in the episode where they went to Fascist Altean Empire Universe. I have't seen it since

response to this post

Yes, exactly!  Good eye.  We saw a bit of bayard exchange going on back in season 3.  Keith was using Black’s and Lance gave Blue’s to Allura and was using Red’s.  Lance and Allura are still using their respective lion’s bayards but Keith is using his BoM knife (in non-sword form I notice) and Shiro is using -

his hand.


Which, hey, I do love watching him fight with the glowing hand so I’m not exactly complaining but since it looks like the bayards take the form of weapon that’s most suited to their paladin no matter what lion it is, there’s been a lot of speculation about what Shiro’s will become.  And, assuming Keith gave it back which only makes sense, why hasn’t Shiro used it yet?  I mean, we haven’t even seen him try it out in the training room just to see what it turns into. 

I’ve got two guesses.  One - he’s scared.  Black’s rejection is still a thing for Shiro, now more than ever no matter how confident he acts I can only imagine each time he sits down in the pilot seat these days there’s a little clench in his stomach until the screens come on and the lion responds.  The bayard is an extension of the lion and - what if it won’t work for him?  How can he bear that on top of all the other things he’s carrying?  Isn’t it easier to just keep going with what works, the Galra hand, that’s never failed him and leave the bayard for some other time?  If none of the others have asked about it, why should he?

Two - it doesn’t work for him and he’s already tried.

When honestly - we all know it’s three: Story Convenience.  The writers know Shiro’s bayard and its form are going to be a Big Reveal and they want to save it for a properly dramatic moment in the story - like Black’s Ghost Wings or the Blazing Sword.  And, if he is a clone, there’s a good possibility they want the bayard in the real Shiro’s hands before it sees action.