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*curtsies* Good evening Duke! Congrats on getting published, you must be very proud of your word-baby! What is your personal opinion on writing believable and well rounded characters and how do you go about creating them? Thank you in advanced for you time.

*Curtsies* Thank you and oh my God word-baby is my new favorite term, especially since I just realized that I keep saying “we’re getting published” like my agent and I are having a baby together or something. 

Anyway. My personal opinion on writing believable and well-rounded characters is that, uh, you have to do it. Otherwise, why are you writing? Even readers of trashy romance word-porn expect some level of characterization, and if you’re writing the same stock characters over and over again, people will notice (and get bored, and stop reading, looking at you John Grisham). But this also doesn’t mean you can do the John Green thing of pulling quirks out of a hat, sticking them together and calling it a person. Characters should feel like imaginary friends–incredibly real, even though technically, they’re not. Explaining how to do this is difficult because, like so many other things, it’s going to be different for every writer. But here’s my two cents:

Advice for Aspiring Authors: On Character

  1. Nobody’s perfect. If you’re writing a story about your personal Manic Pixie Dream Girl/Guy, the reader will notice, and will not be impressed. Yes, you usually want your lead(s) to be, to some degree, likable, but if they don’t have any flaws they cease to be believable and readers will actually like them less because they can’t relate. Perfect people make us feel grumpy and inadequate. We love fictional characters for their flaws. You do the math. 
  2. Everybody needs motivation. I don’t care if it’s your leading lady or her waitress who only has one line. They both need to have an objective, even if it’s just “Pour this coffee without spilling it.” Too often (especially in collegiate writing classes) I see stories about these listless characters who are sitting around moping about how they don’t know what they want. It’s boring. It’s overdone. If your character truly doesn’t know what he wants, then his motivation better be to fucking figure out what he wants. 
  3. Everybody has a past. Part of crafting a complex, convincing characters is knowing their whole backstory. Sit down, and write out all the significant events and circumstances of that person’s life from the moment they were born. You’ll come up with a lot of information that a reader will never even see or be aware of, but you, as the creator, need to know. Our parents and childhoods and life experiences shape who we are. If you don’t give your characters as rich and detailed a history as your own, they’re only ever going to feel like paper dolls. 
  4. Plot and character affect each other. Someone once asked me whether I started with plot and then shaped characters to fit that plot or if I started with characters and then told a story to suit them. And the answer is both. Because what I write is largely upmarket (where you’re trying to straddle the line between commercial–plot-focused–fiction and literary–character driven–fiction) that makes a certain kind of sense. But it’s not a bad way to go about it. Sometimes “What would this person do in this situation?” leads to whatever happens next. And sometimes, “What kind of person would do this?” determines traits of an existing character. There’s no perfect formula, but it happens both ways. 
  5. Dialogue is your best friend. You can learn so much more about a person by watching them interact with other people than by dumping a huge paragraph describing that interaction on the reader. Bonus? This is a great way to help a reader get to know several different characters at once. What a person says and how they say it is really informative. Use it to your advantage.
  6. Show, don’t tell. This is a good rule for all writing but especially for crafting characters. A lot of young/new writers are tempted to tell us that their hero is stubborn and taciturn and blah blah blah, I’m already bored. Don’t tell us he’s stubborn and taciturn. Show him being stubborn and taciturn and let us figure it out on our own. 
  7. Physical description: less is more. It’s tempting when you have a perfect image of a character in your mind that you want to share with everyone, but there’s nothing more tedious than extraneous physical detail. I once read a story that started with something like, “She slipped her size nine feet into her blue Nike trainers and tied her shoulder-length dirty-blonde hair back out of her olive green eyes” and because there were like twelve adjectives attached to every body part as it performed every mundane action, it took the character like five paragraphs just to get out of the fucking door. Let me save you a lot of time: I know it’s heartbreaking, but no reader is going to see these characters exactly the way you do. We want to know the basics of what they look like, but we don’t need a head-to-foot examination. You (hopefully) have more important things to talk about. And so help me God, do not ever use the device of a character looking in the mirror to give us a physical description.
  8. Don’t write archetypes. Real people do not fit into neat little boxes. If your main character is like every other hero in the genre, you’ve already done yourself a disservice. YA is full of plucky teenage girls who are going to have to save the world. Sci-fi/fantasy is full of angsty orphaned man-children who find out they’re ‘The Chosen One.’ Mystery is full of hard-boiled, hard-drinking, divorced detectives. If you’re writing any of these characters stop right now and re-evaluate everything.
  9. If a character exists only to make another character more interesting, you’re doing it wrong. This goes for female characters who have no function but to sleep with your male lead, bullies who have no function but to pick on your female lead and make her look angelic by comparison, the fat best friend who is only there for plucky comic relief, and the mom who dies in chapter one to give your lead a tragic backstory (looking at you, Disney). Your reader will be insulted on behalf of these one-dimensional characters. 
  10. Villains are people too. Nobody thinks of themselves as the villain in their own life’s story. Even Hitler and Voldemort thought they were the good guys. Your villain can’t do what he does just because he’s a villain. He, like everyone else, needs to have a backstory, motivation, and should not exist just to make your lead’s life difficult. 
  11. Villains and heroes are an outdated fairy-tale concept and real life is actually much more complicated. We live in an age of moral gray areas. Nobody’s all good or all bad, and stories are much more interesting when it’s not totally obvious who we’re supposed to root for and who’s supposed to win. Complicated character dynamics are partly what make a story worth reading. Some people fit together like peas in a pod; others are like oil and water and don’t mix. There are few things more fascinating than watching fully-formed characters with different histories and personalities try to solve a problem–or create one–together.
  12. Learn from real life; don’t steal from it. I’m an actor and I’ve just written a book about a bunch of actors. I’ve already gotten a lot of questions about whether my characters are based on real people, and the answer is yes and no. No character is solely based on one person I’ve known. Instead I’ve crafted characters who have habits and tics and traits which I’ve observed in real people. If your characters are fictional replicas of your friends or someone you work with, you’ll not only run into legal trouble, but you’re not actually doing any creative work. As an author you absolutely want to mimic real human behavior, but you don’t want to reproduce it verbatim. That’s lazy.
  13. Just like real people, characters can (and should) change in the course of a story. If your MC is exactly the same man at the end of the story that he was at the start, what’s the point? If you’ve written a good story, then he’s been on a hell of a journey, and he should not be emotionally unscathed. Maybe he’s a better man. Maybe worse. Maybe he’s overcome a major fear or learned to let go of some serious baggage. What the change is doesn’t matter–it matters that there’s change. Consider Gandalf’s words to Bilbo at the beginning of The Hobbit, when he asks, “Can you promise that I will come back?” Gandalf says, “No. And if you do, you will not be the same.” Thus always to fictional characters. 

Take your time. Writing a character is like being in a relationship. You’ll get to know them inside and out, good and bad, and it is not an easy or a simple process. But you stick with it because you’re in love. And if you’re not, maybe it’s time to say goodbye and go find someone else.

Sorina (Soma x Erina) hints post



1. “The secret to becoming a great chef is…meeting a woman that will make you want to give all the food you make her.”

Let’s start off this off with the first and most obvious Sorina Hint: Joichiro’s advice to Soma. In all honesty, I thought this was blatantly obvious and needed very little explanation; However, lots of people tend to dismiss this hint, so I guess I’ll elaborate.

One thing I’ve learned from reading books and manga and watching anime is that things don’t happen without a reason. Since this is based on a ship, I’ll give ship examples. Every time I shipped something in an anime It usually would become canon in the end, and out of excitement I would go back to relive all my precious otp moments. After going back I would notice that all those moments in the anime that I thought were ‘boring’, 'stupid’, 'pointless’, and 'did nothing to the plot’, actually did a lot to the anime as a whole. Undeveloped character's become developed, hints as to why a character become evil were more evident, why two characters ended up together was clear, quotes that were long or boring were a big part of the plot. You get where I am going with this?

Also, if we go back to what I said about things happen for a reason, Erina was the first girl to show up, and she showed up right after the Joichiro said that. Once again, things happen for a reason.

2. Yoshiaki Nikaido’s Warning to Soma

Originally posted by sansan9

I honestly don’t know how many people have noticed this but I thought it was rather interesting, so I included this.

This rich boy, in episode 2, declared that Erina can end a chef’s career with no problem at all! Anyways, in the first episode it seems - to the ignorant haters - that Erina hates Soma as well as his cooking. If the tsundere aura and tone Erina was emitting at that time wasn’t obvious to how she really felt deep down inside then let me explain. That is not true. Why? Because if Erina truly hated him she would’ve said something to the general public about his “bad” cooking. She didn’t though! Isn’t that amazing?

So what does that have to do with my (as well as many others) beloved ship? For the readers who try not to let their bias get in the way of judging a character it does a lot. The reason is because the author portrays her as an antagonist that isn’t truly an antagonist to hate. I mean she is introduced as a tough, scary, and intimidating young women, but her reputation is shattered as soon as she was introduced. So the author isn’t trying to make her into a complete antagonist, but is, still, making her enough of a threat and interesting character to add to the tension of Soma’s high school career.

This is a small indirect way of portraying Erina as someone who isn’t to be hated. This is yet Another small window that the author has given us to peak through, so that we can have a small idea that these two will be involved with each other in the future (even if we aren’t aware of that small window).

3. Erina’s Shock to Soma’s dish

Originally posted by commiesubs

I found this to be pretty cool. Soma managed to make the God’s Tongue speechless?

At first, I didn’t think much of it until I realized that Erina mentioned something about how she never tasted anything like it (Soma’s style of food) before. So we all can agree that in the beginning of the series Erina had a rather intriguing idea of what the 'perfect food’ is like. We also know that she has always been surrounded with elite cuisine and nothing less, letting us make the connection that her notion of 'perfect food’ is elite cooking (although she does state it shortly after), yet despite her perfect world, Soma manages to introduce something new and different to her. Since we are perceptive enough to realize that flaws like that (Erina having an interesting view of how food should be like) are usually taken care of in a good written anime/manga, then we can tell that this is an obvious indication that Soma is going to have something to do in changing her point of view as well as impacting her cooking and character growth. After all he is the one who shocked her with his not-very-elite cooking. 

4. Erina Taste Testing Soma’s Food

This is a hint because it shows some Soma and Erina development and the author wouldn’t do that if she were the true antagonist (especially in such a comical, lighthearted way that this scene was executed). We see Erina taste testing Soma’s dish before the finals of the autumn election in exchange for some shoujo manga. Am I the only one who say that Erina’s love for shoujo manga was like a small foreshadowing that she'll be in love with someone? *cough* Soma Yukihara *cough* It proves my point even more that the extra chapter with Erina and Alice was alluding to fact that Erina is going to experience the “taste of love” some point in the manga.

The second time she taste tested his dish she did it without him having to repay her in any way. This illustrates that Soma’s and Erina’s relationship is changing and becoming a little more friendlier than it was in the first chapter/episode.

5. “It seems your abilities were nothing special.”

This was right after Soma (Spoiler) was third in the autumn election. Erina managed to show her disappointment, that she herself would never admit, through her words, “It seems your abilities were nothing special.” She never says that she is disappointed but you cant see that she is somewhat disappointment. Not to a high degree, of course.

This moment in the manga shows that Erina truly has been watching Soma’s progress and talent through the autumn election. This shows that she is interested in his cooking.

She is interested.

At this point it isn’t romantically interested in him, but she definitely has her eye on him. This a step forward in the right direction for the progression of their relationship.

6. Erina & Megumi, Soma & Hisako Newfound Friendship

Despite how happy I was to see the character’s interacting more and Erina and Megumi’s budding friendship, I saw this as a way to bring Erina and Soma closer.

As far as the people who are close to these two goes, Megumi and Hisako take the cake. Soma recognizes Megumi’s strength and supports her, and Erina shares those same view points. On the other hand, Hisako is Erina’s most trusted friend. Hisako becoming friends with Soma will make Erina have to reevaluate her opinion of Soma due to holding her friends opinion to heart. This, as mentioned by squisherific in one of her posts, is a way to bring these two closer together.

7. Papa Nakiri’s visit + Grandpa Nakiri’s visit to Soma

So I decided to smash these two together because why not? Anyway, Erina’s father first showed up I immediately knew that it was time for some Erina character development. As soon as I saw how much of a threat her father truly is and how terrified and hopeless Erina looked around them, I immediately theorized that Soma, in a way, was going to support her and help her through her trauma of hers. This was easily proved correct when Senzaemon paid Soma a little visit. Sanzaemon gives us insight on Erina’s past and then asks him to save Erina. Although I don’t think he’ll be 'saving’ her completely -I’m pretty it is truly up to Erina to save herself- he definitely will be her emotional support and help her gain the courage to do what she needs to do. This is going to bring the two characters together which means Sorina development! Can I also point out that Hisako is (sadly) out of the picture? This means her original support has been chased away by a crazy father which will lead to more room for Soma and Erina to get to know each other. However, just to make things clear I don’t think Soma will be taking Hisako’s place. I’m merely pointing out that the first person she went to for support is now gone.

8. The Interview

Originally posted by mamodos

I’ll make this quick and snappy since there really is no need to elaborate on this. In a recent interview it’s been confirmed that Erina will start having feelings for Soma soon.

Need I say more?

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

@monstacookieshere’s that other fic rec list I promised I would make for you because you are lovely and wonderful and gorgeous and i’m so happy we discovered each other. Happy reading. 


1.  Of Superheroes and Super Tantrums by starspangledsprocket 

After Steve makes a bad call on a mission, Tony and Bucky are de-aged into three year olds. It goes about as well as can be expected.

Super cute, super fluffy. 

2. And You Needed Someone To Show You The Way by sailorchibi

Tony knows what the team really thinks of him. It’s a delicate balance: they tolerate him because of his money and his toys, and he gets to stay on the team and fight with them. He’s okay with that. So long as he hides the fact that Steve’s and Bucky’s names are written on his skin in the most embarrassing act of one-sided love affection ever, everything will be fine.It just figures that a fantastically stupid villain, a kidnapping plot and a video camera will bring Tony’s well-kept secret out into the open.  

Heavy on the feels. Sorry. 

4. It’s Not An Epic Romance (it’s a love affair) by ErisDea

They come together at the worst possible time.

(And to be fair, the writing on his back and her unmarred skin literally promises that they will never have the romance of the century.)

There is so much threesome porn my head spun a little. But it’s also pretty fucking cute even though it’s kind of hate-fucking and competition for a while. 


5. Salami by L1av

Everyone hears stories about the idiots who have to go to the ER to get random objects removed from their asses. If someone told Bucky he’d be spending his weekend in the hospital for one of the most embarrassing occurrences of his life, he’d probably laugh in their face and tell them to go fuck off. But here he is, in the ER with eleven inches of packaged, cold salami stuck up his ass. To make matters worse, his nurse is really hot. Really hot.

Join Bucky for one of the most awkward and yet comical experiences of his life that leads to self-discovery, trust and maybe even love.

I laughed so much reading this, not as cringe-y as I thought it would be (going to the ER because you’ve got salami stuck up your ass sounds mortifying) and I honestly think more people need to read this because it’s amazing. 

6. Bucky Barnes Has His Shit Together (and Other Lies He Tells Himself) by betty days (sadrobots) ***

You’d think a guy who owns one of the most successful bakeries in Brooklyn, has a million-dollar smile and that antiquated good ol’ boy charm, blond hair and blue eyes and biceps for days, would know what’s what.

But don’t let that fool you: Steve Rogers is a mess


7. Critical Feline Mass by Kryptaria, rayvanfox ***

Adjusting to civilian life is hard for any military veteran — especially for one ex-sniper with a cybernetic arm, a classic Harley, and friends who keep trying to ‘help.’ When Sam Wilson at the VA sends Sergeant Barnes to rent a room from the hottest guy in the DC area, Bucky thinks maybe civilian life is worth it after all. And then he finds out Captain Rogers is everything Bucky’s not: a real hero, a Medal of Honor recipient, and an all-around nice guy. Bucky doesn’t have a chance in hell with him.

Sam was a huge help to Steve Rogers when he left the military. In the spirit of ‘pay it forward,’ Steve decides to rent out his basement room to a vet in need. But when Sergeant Barnes shows up on his doorstep, he knows he’s in for a world of trouble. Barnes is exactly what Steve never knew he wanted, from his bedroom eyes to his wicked innuendos. And he’s Steve’s tenant.

A love story in twelve chapters, including two Harley-Davidsons, a guardian angel, multiple snipers, the only woman who can scare them into behaving themselves, spontaneous kittens, and one attacking sheep.

Bucky’s makeup and dressing habits actually break Steve’s brain. It’s adorable. 

8. Itsy Bitsy Yoga by wearing_tearing

Bucky teaches a Parent & Toddler Yoga class. Steve and his two year old son are his students.

The absolute cutest shit. Steve’s kid adores Bucky. 

9. The Art of Standing by eadunne2

Steve and Bucky have perfect chemistry from their very first scene, and it leaves them both wanting more. But they’ve both learned the dangers of wanting, and for people that practice good communication so regularly, they kind of suck at it.

So they’ll fuck and tease and talk dirty and even dance. They just can’t kiss

Why yes, I’d love a BDSM fic with fluff and feels. 

10. Click Here to Read Full Article by thecommodore_squid***

“You’re losing public favor at a dramatic rate.”


Fury glared. “Fortunately, I am smart enough for the both of us and have created a narrow pathway of recovery. This option has a little bit of opportunity-cost, but I’m eighty-three percent sure that it’ll be worth it and it’ll work in the long run.” Nick paused, then amended, “Eighty-two percent.”

Steve and Bucky are famous and pretend boyfriends until the moment they’re not. 

11. Lights, Camera, Action by AustinB***

Steve gets a job as costume designer under Nick Fury for Shield Studios, where he meets movie star Bucky Barnes, and it all unravels from there.

Pining. So much pining and adorableness on set. 

12. Run Your Fingers Through The Knots of My Soul by caelestys

Sometimes Bucky thinks it would be really cute to meet someone in a coffee shop, like in those silly romantic comedies Clint makes him watch. But there is a reason why meet cutes in cafes don’t happen in real life, and it’s because customers suck. And besides, love fades. But coffee? Coffee is forever.

This is a story about love and life–and coffee, which Bucky would’ve argued was probably more important than either of the first. But that was before Steve Rogers came along. 

A nice steady burn. Everything’s on fire. This is fine. 

13. Never Say I Don’t Get You Anything Nice by TheMeaningofHaste

“Buck up soldier, it’s time to get you laid for the disabled kids of America!"Steve groaned, wishing he had taken Tony up on his earlier drink offer. "There will be no getting laid,” he grumbled, his voice hushed in case someone might hear. “This is a charity dating auction, not a prostitution ring!"Peggy smirked at him through the mirror. "Don’t say that before you see who wins you,” she teased with a wink. “You might get lucky and land a fella who’s crazy about you.”

Saccharine sweetness. Seriously. I have a cavity. 


14. Hard Time Forgiving, Even Harder Forgetting by lunacanislupus_22

It takes walking down a crowded street in Brooklyn hours later to realise what the emotion is. He’s passing a small child with its mother, smacking their small hands demandingly against the glass of an icecream shop. The child’s eyes are wet with tears. He shies away from it. Particularly sensitive to the sound of children screaming. It’s only after he’s out of hearing that his head clears enough for him to realise. What he’s been feeling around Steve.


Even when Bucky doesn’t know himself, he takes care of Steve. FUCK. I’M NOT CRYING UR CRYING. 

15. Got Me Going Crazy by FawkesFlame123

“Do you have any idea what you do to me, Stevie?” Bucky growled, his voice deep and husky, straddling Steve’s hips, pushing him down onto the sofa, pinning his arms above his head. “Bucky, what is – oh,” Steve frowned, then, thankful that this was Bucky, not a lapse into the Winter Soldier, and he smiled cheekily, “no.”“God, baby doll,” Bucky growled in Steve’s ear, rolling his hips against Steve’s, so that he could feel just how hard he was for him, “you’re so perfect, fuck, gettin’ me all hot and bothered. Do you even know what you’re doin’ half the time?” Steve arched his back instinctively and melted in Bucky’s touch, in his voice, in the lips that were mouthing along his jaw, nipping lightly at firm skin, making him whine, before, “I’m not doin’ anythin’.”Bucky tightened his grip on Steve’s wrists above his head, rolling his hips again, grinding down on the blond, both of them straining in the restrictions of their clothes, “oh, yeah, then what’s caused this?”

Basically, the one in which Steve is an oblivious sweetheart and Bucky doesn’t know how to deal with that.

Ah, yes, some lovely porn. It’s stupid how much Bucky adores Steve. Fuck me up. 

16. Nothing’s as Sweet as Supersoldiers in Love by heartsdesire456

Informally titled: Bucky Barnes Loves The 21st Century Almost As Much As He Loves Steve Rogers

“Captain America’s mystery lover! That’s what everybody’s talking about.”Bucky turned around as soon as he heard ‘Captain America’, only to see Tony had on some entertainment news report and his latest photo of sleeping Steve was flashed up on the screen beside the person talking. “Hey, what’s that?” he asked, hopping over the back of the couch to land beside Stark.“Your Cap lovin’ gone viral, I guess,” Tony said, turning up the volume.“Rumors spread like wildfire with the first photo of Steve Rogers, Captain America himself, was posted to a comically named Instagram called ‘GodBlessAmerica36’.”

Bucky is that boyfriend. 

17. Super Soldier Drug Reactions and Other Engineering Failures by AgressiveWhenStartled 

Beside Natasha, Steve’s phone buzzed facedown on the table. After the last text, he’d hastily flipped the screen over and stared straight ahead like he’d been caught talking in church. Clint nudged him with his elbow. “Better check that,” he murmured. “Could be important.” Everyone at the table pretended they weren’t looking as Steve hesitantly turned his phone over, blushed so hard his ears looked like they’d been boiled, and slapped it back down again.

Covert missions. Stupid guy is stupid. Nick Fury is so done. 

18. Never Someone Else by Kellyscams

Prompt: ok. sub!bucky post catws, D/s universe where bucky is learning to be steve’s sub again. ((with clarification from prompter: Steve was Bucky’s Dom in a D/s world before the war and before the fall. PostWS Bucky is now recovering and learning to be Steve’s sub again))

KELLYSCAMS IS AMAZING OH MY GOD. Read everything they write. Everything. Set yourself on fire. It will hurt less. 

19. Redefinition by manisseta

They took their time to talk about it, both at home and at increasingly surprising places, like that time Steve had asked Bucky, “But would you want me to tie your feet as well or only your hands?” on a rooftop during a recon mission in Finland, and Nick Fury had gently scolded through the comms, “Gentlemen, surely there’s a better time to discuss that?”

I’m always a slut for Stucky nonchalantly discussing shit on missions. 

20. There is a Church Where They Whisper Your Name by bazanite

What you want and what you know to be true are battling up against each other like animals, tusks locked, breathing heavy into the twilight.

I’m not normally into Second Person but this one is perfect. 10/10. 

21. Persistence of Memory by hollimichele

It’s a nondescript sort of a Wednesday morning when the Winter Soldier walks into SHIELD headquarters, bold as brass, and announces his intention to surrender.

This is honestly one of my favorite fics and I’ve read it about 500 times. 

22. Steve Rogers Versus The Classics by thecommodore_squid

Steve narrowed his eyes. “I’m beginning to suspect I’ve been set up.” “I would never,” Natasha said, feigning shock. Steve sighed.“God fucking dammit,” he heard someone say and looked up.

An AU in which Steve is still Captain America and Bucky is the unfortunate history professor selected to help him understand those references.

Quickly becoming a favorite of mine, simply for the way this person writes Steve’s struggle with the 21st century and how some poop culture would affect him. 

23. Young Heart, Out Our Minds by junko

Bucky posts a selfie of the two of them in bed to his instagram. He hashtags it #goodmorningamerica. Sam Wilson and Pepper Potts retweet it to their twitter accounts.

Steve and Bucky acting like the young men they never got to be. 

24. Shyest by biblionerd07

SHIELD discovers that HYDRA took a DNA sample from Captain America and a DNA sample from the Winter Soldier and tried to breed a perfect supersoldier. Steve and Bucky suddenly find themselves the parents of a three-year-old boy who won’t speak.

The cutest kid fic ever. No mpreg (not that I have anything against it, it’s just nice to see an alternate version of these two meatballs having a kid that is genetically theirs) but IT’S SUPER SWEET AND ADORABLE. 

25. Just Hold Me by shanology

Bucky Barnes is living in Avengers Tower, and all he wants in the world is to be cuddled. He sets out to get his new friends to give him the snuggling he needs, because it’s not something he can ask of Steve yet. Steve doesn’t see it in quite the same way. Also, there are Avengers movie nights, possibly with a showing of The Covenant. Just saying.

These two idiots I stg. 

26. My Soul to Keep by hitlikehammers

They’ve had more second chances than anyone has a right to. They’ve survived the unthinkable, and emerged not only breathing, but together. So they don’t risk it; they don’t play games with fate. Every night, they lay everything out: the good, and the bad. The life-altering and the mundane. The bad haircuts and the shitty cologne. Every night before they go to bed, they make damn sure nothing’s left unsaid between them.

Just in case.

I really like this idea of complete opens with ones partner, just laying it all out on the table every night. 

27. Dream of Caramel by gwyneth rhys (gwyneth)

But none of that explains why right now Clint’s pants are literally on fire and Barnes is pitching an entire five-pound bag of pastry flour straight at Clint’s crotch with his metal arm.

Clint’s POV is what I live for. Super cute. Bucky and Steve are such oblivious idiots, but Clint and Natasha love them anyway. 

28. It’s Always Been You, Stevie by FawkesFlame123

Bucky smirked, his blue eyes light in the evening darkness, his short, dark hair lighting up whenever the streetlights fell upon them, “told ya, punk. Now, spill.” “This really isn’t the time to – “Steve, fuckin’ tell me,” Bucky demanded, cupping Steve’s face now, all humour gone, replaced by worry and fear, “what’s wrong?” “I’veneverhadsexbefore!” Steve said, all in one go and managed to slip out of Bucky’s hold, as he went slack, just staring at him. “There, are you happy?” Steve huffed, his voice was shaking, eyes wide and fearful, worried that Bucky would turn and run, “that’s what’s been botherin’ me. ‘Cause, I-I, you know what, forget it.”

What better way to end this list than with a Virgin!Steve fic? 

It Doesn’t Matter - Part 1

Pairing: Bucky x Reader x Steve

Warnings: Implied smut, swearing (maybe?).

Words: 1,774

A/n: Lol look at me! Writing about a poly soulmate AU where I kill myself. Also, can’t find the original post that inspired this. You know… The legendary soulmate prompts? If anyone could link it to me that’d be amazing. P.s. This chapter is more stucky. I promise the stucky x reader stuff will make an appearance pretty soon.

Summary: Steve always knew his soulmate was Bucky. The only problem with this was the fact that Bucky’s soulmate was someone else.

|| Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 ||

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Drunk On Love - Part 3 (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Here we are! The final chapter to this saga of Thomas Jefferson being a human disaster. It got so much more out of hand than I ever planned, but I have loved every minute of it! I hope you all enjoy this!

Words: 1834

Warnings: Language?

Your emotional night out on the streets of New York City last night had left you wanting nothing more than to sleep for a week. Your phone, however, had other plans for you, and you were seriously considering hurling it across your bedroom. You’d ignored the first five or six chimes, simply mashing your pillow around your ears, but whoever was hell-bent on bothering you had progressed from texts to actually calling you now. You groaned and blindly reached for the device, merrily playing In The Heights, and answered it without lifting your face from the sheets.

“What the fuck is so important at whatever-the-hell time it is?”

“Y/N, what did you do?” A man’s voice was practically shrieking at you, and you lifted your phone slightly away from your ear.

Something resembling rustling sheets was heard, followed by a sigh. “Y/N, I’m sorry, he wouldn’t give up until I gave him your number!”

You scrunched your face in confusion at the second voice and lifted your head, blinking in the sunlight. “Angelica? Did you fucking sleep with Madison after the party?” You shook your head in disbelief. “My god, girl.”

“I plead the fifth.” whined the eldest Schuyler daughter, her voice fading as she presumably walked away from the phone.

“Anyway.” James Madison cleared his throat loudly. “Y/N, what the hell happened last night?”

“Um…” Oh, god, what if those girls reported me or something?

“He’s doing damage control on your relationship!” Angelica yelled into the phone.

“I left Peggy’s and went for a walk. May have traumatized a pair of teenagers. Why?” You tried to sound as casual as possible, even as the memories of last night crashed into you full force.

“Yes, whatever, don’t care.” James said shortly. “What did you do to Thomas?”

“Oh, that.” You sighed evasively.

“Yes, that. What the hell did you do?”

“Well…” you dragged out the word. “I may have screamed at a pair of teenage girls and sort of brought up him while he was right behind him.”

“Brought him up how? Y/N,” James groaned on the other end of the line. “You’re a lovely person I wish I knew better, but, frankly, you done fucked up.”

“Excuse me?” you laughed humorlessly. “What was I supposed to have told those lovesick teenage idiots? Yes, the love of my life told me he loved me while drunk, but it turns out he thought he was talking to the girl he actually loves, and we’re not even friends anymore and she’s probably some perfect pretty little thing with amazing hair and who the fuck names their kid Sally anyway?” you ended up yelling in anger, the pain coming back and stinging your eyes with fresh tears. Tears you would rather die than let fall.

“Can we just take ten seconds to clarify that ‘the love of your life’ is, in fact, Thomas Jefferson?”

“Madison, I swear if you called me just to embarrass me—”

“Because Thomas is swearing up and down that you’re in love with Alexander and you’re afraid of hurting Eliza.”

Your free hand clutched at the blankets as your world seemed to tilt. “What?”

“Y/N, he texted me last night that he’s leaving.”

Your stomach was suddenly squirming in panic. “Leaving?” your voice was a hushed squeak, and you cleared it impatiently. “Where…why?”

“He wants to take a permanent position at the American embassy in France.”

Your world had officially tilted on its axis. Thomas was leaving. Leaving you. And this wasn’t a stupid business trip. He wanted to leave and he didn’t want to come back.

“I thought he was in love with Miss Perfect Sally.” you sneered. “He’s leaving her here too?”

“Y/N, are you talking about Sally, his cousin?” James’s voice sounded absolutely bewildered.

“But…but you said!” you protested weakly. “At Peggy’s, you said you were talking to Sally, and then you said ‘she’s the one’.”

The man burst out laughing, and you rolled your eyes far back enough that they ached, falling back onto your pillows in frustration. “Your lack of communication is comical, Y/N. We were talking briefly about his cousin Sally and then I noticed you walking over, so I pointed you out to Thomas and asked if you were the girl he’s always on about.”

“So Thomas isn’t in love with a girl named Sally?”


“And he thinks I’m in love with Alexander Hamilton?”


“And he’s leaving for France?”


“Fuck.” you cursed quietly, running a hand through your sleep-tangled h/c hair.

“Pretty much.”

Damn it all. “I swear when I find him I’m going to murder him for this.”

“But you’re going to go find him?” Relief filled Madison’s voice. “Thank God.”

“I’m going to do something, alright.” you muttered. The relief you felt at finally clarifying the situation was overshadowed dramatically by anger at the both of you, and an overwhelming panic that he’d be gone before you could find him. “Look, thanks for calling me, even if it was at an ungodly hour. I’ve got to go.”

You didn’t wait for Madison to respond, merely hanging up and throwing your phone down on the bedspread before climbing out in a rush and rushing to your closet. How you’d let things get this far out of hand, you didn’t know. Thanks to Madison’s unlikely help, though, you had a chance to fix it. You’d already screwed up majorly once when you avoided dealing with his drunk call. You’d be damned if you’d miss your chance to do it right this time.

You froze a moment later though, your hairbrush halfway through untangling your hair. What am I actually going to say to him though? What if Madison’s wrong? I mean, just because Sally’s his cousin doesn’t mean he’s in love with me.

No, James Madison couldn’t have been that wrong. Not if Angelica let him call you. You didn’t necessarily trust the friend of Thomas’s you barely knew, but you trusted Angelica. Who, apparently, was sleeping with that acquaintance. You shook your head in the mirror, unable to wrap your head around that concept. God, please tell me that’s never happening again.

Your phone rang again from the bedroom and you let out a quiet scream of frustration, tripping on your way out of your bathroom and diving onto your bed to answer the phone without looking at the caller.

“Hello?” you asked breathlessly.


“Thomas?” you asked incredulously. “What are you—never mind. I need to—”

“Just listen, please.” He begged, cutting you off mid-sentence. “I’m taking a job in France.”

“I know, I—”

“Don’t say anything, Y/N. I need to do this.”

“Okay,” you whispered, sinking to the carpet with your back against your bed and your phone pressed tightly to your ear.

“Y/N, I… I’m leaving. I have to. But I didn’t want to leave having lied to you.”

You stayed silent as per his request, even though you wanted nothing more than to jump in and ask what the hell he was on about.

“I love you.” he said simply. “I’ve always loved you. Your eyes, your laugh, your patience, your personality.”

You covered your mouth, choking back a strangled noise at finally hearing the words from him sober. Oh, Thomas.

“You don’t have to say anything. In fact, don’t. I know you don’t feel the same, Y/N, I just needed to say it, once, before I left. You won’t be hearing from me–”

“To hell with that.” You cut him off, the emotions in your chest making it hard to breathe, let alone speak. “Thomas, I don’t know where you got it in your thick head that I had feelings for Alexander, but I don’t. I–” you broke off, swallowing thickly. “I love you. I have for a while.”

Dead silence on the line. You bit your lip nervously and continued. “You remember calling me drunk from Paris? You told me you loved me then. And I told you nothing happened because I couldn’t bear to hear you tell me sober that you didn’t mean it. Thomas, I’m so sorry I didn’t—”

“Do you mean that?” he asked you quietly.

“No, I just made the whole thing up to humiliate you when you called to tell me you loved me.” You deadpanned, your voice dripping with sarcasm. “Of course I meant every word, love.” The endearment fell from your lips before you could think.

“Y/N, I—”

“Where are you?” You stood up suddenly, crossing your apartment and picking up your car keys.


“Where. Are. You? I’m coming over.”

“Still at my apartment. I’m packing.”

“Yeah, about the packing thing? Stop it. I’m not letting you go anywhere.” you said, playfully threatening, and hung up the phone for now, before tearing out of your apartment and down to the garage.

It had begun raining when you finally parked outside his—really incredibly rich looking—apartment complex, and you sighed. Sometimes it seemed like the universe really was conspiring against the two of you. It was a brutally cold autumn rain, and you braved it without a coat, sprinting through the lot. In spite of your efforts, you still arrived in the entry soaked to the skin, your hair plastered against you and your clothes dripping on the carpet.

Thomas was in the lobby, and lost no time in opening the door and letting you in, pulling you into his arms without a word.

“Thomas, I’m soaking wet.” Your protest was muffled against his chest.

In response, he only tightened his hold on you. “I don’t fucking care.”

You laughed a little at that. “Well, okay then.” You leaned back enough to look up into his face, pushing your icy hair off of your forehead. “We suck at communicating.”

He lifted one hand off your back and brushed some of the raindrops off your cheeks with his thumb. “Yeah.”

“Thomas?” you whispered, leaning further into his embrace. “Don’t go to Paris.”

“Oh, Y/N.” His voice was soft, his eyes glowing with an expression of love you’d never seen before. “I’m not going anywhere.”

He bent his head, his lips just barely brushing yours uncertainly. It was enough, though, for you to understand the laughably cliche fireworks Eliza spoke of. Your hands came up to tangle their way through his wild hair as you crashed your lips back against his, leaving him in no doubt of your feelings.

There you stood, dripping on the carpet in the apartment’s lobby, soaking the front of his shirt with your wet clothes, with your arms around his neck and his hands resting on your waist. You hadn’t noticed that something was missing until they landed there, his fingertips skimming your hips, but in that moment the lost piece clicked into place. You leaned against his chest, breaking the kiss to look up at him.

“I love you,” you whispered. And that was all that really needed to be said.

Korra Finale Musings

Alright, now that I finished posting long essays about heteronormativity and postmodernism, I can finally talk about the episode as a whole. Sorry to any who were annoyed with my Korrasami vomiting yesterday, but as I said, that was a culturally important thing that we witnessed. Photo recaps are coming too…I have a good number of scenes scripted. Will be in two parts because I don’t feel like uploading 200 photos in one go.


Anyway, as always, my musings:

  • I liked that Asami’s hummingbird mechs were their “only hope” for a bit, because when Varrick and Asami presented it, I thought it was so adorable naïve. Can you imagine how epic the battle would have been if Kuvira hadn’t destroyed their entire stock of them?
  • Wu and Pema were everything this episode, absolutely everything. She was like, entertaining people with hand puppets and he sang their way to rescue. I loved the badgermoles…great bit of nostalgia thrown in there. Pema is such a background character that at least she got a couple of humorous scenes. And as always little touches like the engineer grumbling about being kicked off the stand…just perfect
  • Meelo’s paint idea was good, but they could have kept throwing more stuff at the head even after the windshield wipers went off. Or if they’re trying to blind it, maybe have Suyin and Lin bend metal around its scope? I just feel like they had a lot more options against it.
  • As someone with an engineering background, Mega Maid drove me bonkers. I didn’t understand its mechanics with Kuvira metalbending it around, and it was so freakin’ nimble for something that size. The tow cable and hot-foot really should have done something, not to mention Kuvira should have been tossed around every time it crashed. The fact that her crew doesn’t all have severe head trauma is amazing.
  • I guess Opal’s fine? They glossed over the injured.
  • Suyin and Baatar Jr. was very, very believable for a mother/son. He done fucked up. So why was she so dismissive of Kuvira at the end? Well, Kuvira was the one who just destroyed the fucking city. Baatar was only a follower, and Kuvira is about 1000x more culpable for everything that happened. I think it’d be lunacy for Suyin to be like “we’re cool.” I do really, really want a comic of Su escorting Kuvira to prison and what (if any) conversation they had. That relationship seems so complicated and was really glossed over.
  • Aww, Varrick’s story about his chickenhorse was supposed to be romantic for Zhu Li. I’m sad he got interrupted.
  • Mechanics aside, the fight was animated beautifully. Just seemless and exciting.
  • As soon as Asami told her dad she loved him, I knew he was a goner. But there’s no other ending he could have had. Also, wow, Asami. You’re the most self-sacrificing and just good human there is, because he tried to kill you. Like, legit. I am not going to let that go, and I don’t see how she could, but it made for one hell of a moment (and she wasn’t majorly sidelined!).
  • That said, how did Hiroshi know anything about the Hummingbirds and Mega Maid? And did Asami never notice the plasma cutter in her office? The narrative is more important than those nitpicks, but comeone…
  • The action inside Mega Maid was great. I love that Mako got a heroic moment, because kid was in need of it. Bolin’s had his moments more recently. I also started laughing like a crazy when Su and Lin were like “we can do damage from the inside!” and then just indiscriminately started tearing apart the ship.
  • Korra vs. Kuvira was fantastic. That girl clearly got over her PTSD and it was just really cool, fluid fighting. Between two women. Like, my god. This isn’t something you get a lot, especially on a kid’s show.
  • Kuvira’s gun moment needed to happen, but like. I dunno guys, I still have issues with Kuvira as the big bad. She was an orphan so she was scared about being vulnerable, makes sense. She can’t communicate her emotions in a positive way obviously. But rising up and being a dictator and the prison camps for immigrants? It just was such a leap.
  • Korra’s handling of Kuvira and that conversation was a beautiful moment and so mature. Major props to Janet Varney for her voice acting…she’s been on point from the start. And seeing Korra’s emotional development over 4 seasons has just been fantastic. This was truly great, great television.
  • You guys know my thoughts on the end and Korra stepping into the next chapter of her life. I guess I can talk about that wedding, but it was just so full of camp and fan-service (in the best possible way) that there’s little more I can add.
  • When Korra told Tenzin she “needed” to go through that with Zaheer to be compassionate, I disagreed with her, but I could see why Korra as the character felt that way. She sacrificed herself for the Air Nation prior to her injury, so clearly the girl is empathetic. But this goes back to Korra Alone, when Katara told her that Aang found “meaning in his struggle.” Korra asked her what she would find, and Katara was like “dunno, but won’t it be exciting?” This is Korra’s punctuation mark on that moment, and this is where Korra felt she landed. It was beautiful.

I can’t believe it’s over, and I’m sad as hell about it, but it was also the perfect ending. I think this is a show that’s going to have a marked impact on TV for awhile, especially kid’s TV. It pushed every boundary it could and had such a wonderful character arc that I don’t see how people couldn’t love it. I can’t wait to rewatch it knowing where it’s headed (I find rewatching/rereading things always is very rewarding), so I can just soak in the wonderful, wonderful narrative that Bryke gave us for 4 seasons.

The Accidental Hacker | Chapter Two | PG

Previous Chapters: Chapter One |

Synopsis: When Harri is asked to remotely install webcam software on her mother’s computer, she accidentally logs onto the wrong computer and ends up chatting with the stranger. She doesn’t know it yet, but the computer belongs to none other than Tom Hiddleston.

When will she figure out that he isn’t just a random stranger but one of her celebrity crushes, and the star of a few her racier day dreams.

Written in the first person.

Tagged: (Having problems tagging. If your make is here but you ’ notified, let me know. Not sure I can rectify it next time, but I’ll try). helllllooooothereeeee, damageditem,

AN: Thanks to everyone for your words of support :)

Chapter Two

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How to ‘write’ imagines, fanfiction, and other things...

So I’ve been asked a few times on how I do what I do and I thought it was about time that I let all you wonderful people now! So here we go!

Step 1: Pick a fandom.

Pretty easy right? Wrong! Just because you like something does not mean you’re going to necessarily write well for it. THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU STAY AWAY FROM IT! My example is my Cisco fic Spectre (am I shameless plugging? Yes I am! Because you need examples and you have to have confidence in your work even when you’re know it’s not your strongest piece!)

I don’t write Cisco well. When I have him in short doses that he puts in a quick comic relief sure I can nail him, but writing him for a whole chapter!? Oi…I struggle, which is why I only have the one fic of him right now. I’m working on him. I study him and watch the show to get his moves and inflections down. 

Another example is the difference between Harry and Eowells. Same face…different people. Harry comes off very cold and all business, but deep down he’s a father who cares deeply for his child and those around him. His love is passionate and fierce! Eo is different. He comes off warm and caring when he’s actually very selfish. He cares enough to get what he wants and to supply he needs fulfilled. 

Overall, when you start out go slowly and make sure you’re hitting the characters correctly.

Step 2: No Character is perfect!

SERIOUSLY…No character is perfect. Other characters might say that as a loving compliment, but they’re not. Consistently I try to find a flaw with my character or their damage so to speak. A great example is Race You to Midnight where the character suffers from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Not only that, but she has scars from her line of work. I honestly didn’t go into details too much about it, but in my head she is tore up from being tortured, getting shot, and so much more. In random instances of normal everyday stuff she’ll have an episode and the characters in the Flash universe have to react to it. It makes the story interesting. It makes her and Barry seem more lovable.

FLAWS can be your best friend in reality and in fiction.

Step 3: Write what you know!

Let me back track to the PTSD above. I do not have nor have I ever served in any military branch or fashion. I have never had any type of traumatic event occur to me either….so how do I know what happens? How can I write about something I’ve never experienced? Welllllll I researched it! I talked to my uncle who has PTSD(I’ve watched him have an episode). This in no way makes me an expert, but it does help.

I do know what it’s like to have anxiety, I do what it’s like to be a girl, I do know what it’s like being friends with a LGBT friend(s). I do know what it’s like to be at your lowest breaking point and being able to rise back up because of friends. I know what it’s like to be one of the friends lifting a person up.

I don’t know anything about physics, time travel, or engineering. I DO have the internet and can definitely read and learn a lot!

Step 4: Relationships take work and no one just magically falls in love (unless it’s a supernatural thing)

No one just loves someone. No one just sees some and loves them. You do see someone and find them really attractive and you react. You do something. They react etc…once the talking commences there’s more reactions. Twirling hair, hearts racing, blushing, etc…include these! 

They’re helpful descriptors! They allow the reader to see that one character is interested in the other! Over time a relationship forms. Here’s where it gets tricky. Ask yourself these questions:

Do they appear happy around everyone? Are they actually happy?

What happens when they’re alone? Do they argue? Do they just hook up? Do they hang out and watch movies?

If you can’t really answer these, then are they really in a relationship? Relationships have depth. There’s more then just kissing and getting rescued. Turn Down the Heat comes to mind. What makes their relationship unique is that Len has always known her, but she’s only just met him. She’s still learning his quirks, but his eidetic memory allows him to remember hers. It makes them interesting. One person already has depth, while the other is attempting to gain it.

Step 5: Structure!

Okay so I’m just going to show this to you….

You shut your eyes feeling your heart ached for him, “You’re not going to fail her.” He watched this little bundle stare up at him. He smiled a little, “I change it…”“Len…” You knew time was fussy and linear all at the same time, “It’s not simple like that…”“She said I can change it.” He looked at you finally, “Our daughter said we can change it.” You stared at him taking a deep breath, “Okay…We’ll change it.” He looked back to Elain watching her arms wiggle around in the air as he smiled. You stood up and he looked at you, “Going somewhere?”


You shut your eyes feeling your heart ached for him, “You’re not going to fail her.”

He watched this little bundle stare up at him. He smiled a little, “I change it…”

“Len…” You knew time was fussy and linear all at the same time, “It’s not simple like that…”

“She said I can change it.” He looked at you finally, “Our daughter said we can change it.”

You stared at him taking a deep breath, “Okay…We’ll change it.”

He looked back to Elain watching her arms wiggle around in the air as he smiled. You stood up and he looked at you, “Going somewhere?”

Which one is more readable? I’m going to assume you said the second one and you’d be correct. It is statistically proven that 67%(I think i could be wrong now) of readable content becomes unreadable on a computer screen. Therefore short quick sentences help your reader through the story and keeps them focused.

Step 6: Keeping it simple

Firstly I could really care less about grammar and all that jazz. That’s something I struggle with still and probably always will…HOWEVER…I don’t like wordy stuff.

Too many words get in the way. This is especially true for ‘love’ scenes and action scenes.

There’s this saying that works well with this, ‘leave room for imagination.’


You felt his strong warm hands lift with ease setting you on the desk as if you weighted nothing as he planted himself between your legs. He parted from you leaving you breathless as he leaned his forehead against yours. His voice was ragged as his hands inched forward up your legs making you tremble in his presence, “Y/N…I need you…” 

His hands moved up your legs further beneath the hem over your skirt. How could one simple action drive you wild? You nudge his nose with yours as you bit your lips together making his look into your eyes, “I thought you were a thief…you take what you want.”

End Ex.

This is not what I put in my story this was wordy and while I don’t consider it awful, it’s…a lot to convey desire.

Here’s what got put in.

You felt his strong hands lift with ease setting you on the desk as he planted himself between your legs. He parted from you leaving you breathless as he leaned his forehead against yours, “Y/N…I need you…”

His hands moved up your legs beneath the hem over your skirt. How could one simple action drive you wild? You nudge his nose with yours as you bit your lips together making his look into your eyes, “I thought you were a thief…you take what you want.”

End Ex.

It moves faster, which in this instance, it’d been over 20 years since he’d seen her. You want it to feel fast and passionate, but you also want to make your reader squirm a little in anticipation. You’ll noticed I really didn’t take out much, except some repetition. 

USE ACTIONS, touching, smells, anything that gives you sensory feelings, they draw the reader in more. When I write a lot of times I do the action over and over to keep the anticipation up, like biting my lips for example. 

It’s the same for action scenes too, they’re supposed to be fast paced. 

Alright folks I think that’s all i got for you! If you have more questions let me know! I’d be happy to answer them for you!

Love you guys!

Peace and good vibes!