let's talk about how badly i smudged these not long after the picture

Lights On

based off this quote from Harry’s trainer bc FUKC and also based ‘Lights On’ by Shawn Mendes

WARNING: HARRY’S S/O IS PLUS SIZE and this isn’t edited so..

“I wanna love you with the lights on. Keep you up all night long. Darling I wanna see every inch of you; I get lost in the way you move.”

“What do you mean that I would ‘want to have a girl that shares what I have’? Do you not realize that when I look at you my world stops? It completely stops, even when we were talking in the hallway with your makeup all over your face, you made my world halt. There will NEVER be a girl that even holds a candle to what you have,”

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The Spaces Between Us

“do you want another chair”

“no we are okay”

I think a lot about those limbs and hearts and minds that were squeezed into spaces that struggled to contain them. For a time just melded into, comfortable for now, and maybe safe and warm.

I think about spaces.  About the spaces taken up. And the spaces left behind.

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So this was supposed to be in answer to a prompt, but the story got away from me and I never even used the prompted sentence.

Narry, rated M, hiatus phone-sex. Reblogs and comments are cherished and petted. <3

The first time it happens, Niall dismisses it as mere banter. He’s just sent a text message telling Harry to suck him, and Harry’s With pleasure is almost expected, really. Niall doesn’t bounce back on it, asks Harry about Tom Hardy instead, and Harry takes ten minutes to send back the longest text message Niall has ever seen, an overwrought tale that seems to boil down to Harry being parched and Tom offering him his canteen. Niall thinks it sounds sick anyway.

The second time, Niall’s in the middle of a festival crowd, only half paying attention to his text convo with Harry, and it takes him a while to even notice that Harry’s doing it.

Saw the latest pap pics. Chest rug looking nice.

Wish you could grow one?

Rather wish I could pull on yours.

Rough love eh?

If you like it rough, yes.

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