let's take a moment to appreciate his beauty

Let's just take a moment to appreciate Lysaedion in Eos

“He dared another step closer, not caring who watched on the deck or in the rigging or in the armada around them. Color bloomed high on those beautiful cheekbones, and it was an effort not to stroke a finger across them, then his mouth. To taste her skin. But he’d take his time. Enjoy every moment, as he had told her to do. Because this would be his last hunt. He had no intention of wasting each glorious moment in one go. Of wasting any of the moments that fate had granted him, and all he wanted to show her. Every stream and forest and sea in Terrasen. To see Lysandra laugh her way through the autumnal circle dances; to weave ribbons around the maypoles in the spring; and listen, wide-eyed, to ancient tales of war and ghosts before the roaring winter fires in the mountain halls. All of it. He’d show her all of it. And walk onto those battlefields again and again to ensure he could.” 

 “Open your gods-damned eyes,” Aedion snarled. She snarled back but cracked open an eye. “You made it this far. Don’t die on the rutting beach.” The eye narrowed—with a hint of female temper. He had to get the woman back. Let her take control. Or else the beast would never allow them near enough to help. “You can thank me when your sorry ass is healed.” Again, that eye watched him warily, temper flickering. But an animal remained. Aedion drawled, even as his relief began to crumble his mask of arrogant calmness, “The useless sentries in the watchtower are now all half in love with you,” he lied. “One said he wanted to marry you.“ A low snarl. He yielded a foot but held eye contact with her as he grinned. “But you know what I told them? I said that they didn’t stand a chance in hell.” Aedion lowered his voice, holding her pained, exhausted stare. “Because I am going to marry you,” he promised her. “One day. I am going to marry you. I’ll be generous and let you pick when, even if it’s ten years from now. Or twenty. But one day, you are going to be my wife.”Those eyes narrowed—in what he could only call female outrage and exasperation.He shrugged. “Princess Lysandra Ashryver sounds nice, doesn’t it?” And then the dragon huffed. In amusement. Exhaustion, but … amusement.” 

 I love them

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that the writers of “This is us” didn’t use the fact that Jack had an abusive father as an excuse to make him abusive towards his loved ones? Because I see it happening so often on tv, that male characters use this as an excuse for their abusive behaviour, and here you have this loving, caring men who would do anything for his family and who loves his wife more than life itself, and is probably trying his best to make his children feel loved like his father never let him feel. I think this is really beautiful and I love the writers for doing that.

Instead of watching The Counselor...

…watch this post of collected gifs of Fassy looking extremely bangable in The Counselor.

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Aww. Remember the beginning? When things were so promising?

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This black shirt, Fassy’s most supportive co-star, gives the best performance in the film.

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EYES SO BOTTOMLESS BLUE I practically forgot that I have no fucking idea what’s going on here.

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Arms, sexy. Smirk, sexy. Dialogue, cringeworthy. Why?

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He’s as confused as we are. How did he end up leading this garbage movie?

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His accent is making him sad too. Free him, Hollywood.

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Shark smile makes an all too brief appearance. I was not smiling while watching this movie. My face was more like this:

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And finally, here is Fassy in sweatpants. I have nothing snarky to say about Fassy in sweatpants. It’s fucking beautiful. Practically worth the torture of watching this film. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate. Appreciate Fassy in sweatpants, that is - NOT this film. This film is a nightmare.

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Yoongi snapback/forehead appreciation

I know this isn’t in my orbit and I’m pretty sure there’s already one of these BUT I can’t find one to reblog + I have a bunch of pictures.

So let’s just take a moment and appreciate Yoongi in a snapback…

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Remember how Ryan had a full scholarship but gave it up because he really believed in panic! At the disco? His father was so angry but Ryan loved playing music with his friends. I just think some people don’t fully appreciate everything Ryan did to keep the band going. Had he taken that scholarship there’d be no panic! Let’s all just take a moment to love Ryan and his dedication.

But let’s consider...

Okay, so we always hear about how smitten Daichi is for Suga, which no complaints here, because who wouldn’t be smitten with that slyly mischievous and beautiful angel on earth? However, let’s take a moment to appreciate how smitten Suga would be with Daichi.

  • Admiring Daichi’s broad shoulders and his thighs at the worst possible times
  • Being unable to repress a smile whenever Daichi makes his rounds as a Captain, checking on each of the players and seeing how they’re improving individually
  • Suga being almost unable to breathe from how much his heart swells whenever Daichi has a proud smile on his face, or whenever he acts like the Papa Daichi that he is.
  • Feeling an overwhelming sense of pride whenever Daichi really steps forward as the Captain, whether it be physically or for the team’s morale.
  • Feeling a warm lightness in his stomach whenever Suga hears Daichi’s laugh.

Just…smitten Suga for Daichi is so important, and sometimes I feel like it’s slightly overlooked because Daichi is u n r e a l smitten for Suga.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate Aron’s singing. No, really. I can still remember Aron mentioning that he’s interested in singing back on Music Access, before saying that he’s not good at it. I know he’s sang songs for his solo stages in Japan concerts before but this, this is beautiful on it’s own because he’s actually seriously singing a song. He’s trying his best to actually sing properly. 

Aron might have a lot of his derpron moments, sometimes yelling and purposely cracking his voice when he ‘sing’ high notes back on MA, he’s actually a guy that’s easily embarrassed. Just listen to how he talks about his ideal date, or how he got flustered when he needed to do a punishment game of dancing in public, or flashing his awkward smile when he’s at a lost of what to do on Korean shows.

He may not be the best vocalist even in NU’EST, but so what? Look how much he’s grown - from a rapper to a vocal. I am proud to see how far he’s come along now and he’s seriously underappreciated even within the NU’EST fandom. And I could only wish Aron could gain more confidence about his vocal abilities, because he can do better if given the chance. Please, give him more love!


Hey everyone! Ok, first let’s just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful art above, I’m literally still losing my shit.

OK now theory time: It’s a small theory, nothing too much. But remember that picture of Alec & Maryse fighting outside? Ok, so that results to Alec going to Magnus and notice how Magnus is dressed so casually, I believe that Alec walked in on Magnus shirtless. Now, you might be asking me why I think that but McG made it clear we were going to get a shirtless Magnus scene but not just that, Harry posted a snap of him getting makeup put on his back & body but very quickly deleted it when we started talking about a Magnus shirtless scene on twitter. That could just be coincidence but he’s wearing a zip up shirt, that looks pretty easy on easy off and I’m juuuuust saying all the signs are there. So, not only are we getting an Alec shirtless scene but a Magnus shirtless scene and possibly within the same scene/ episode. So, just think about that. And be happy because Shadowhunters Season 2 is ON IT’S WAY!



Let’s all just take a moment of silence to appreciate this man for being on this Earth today and to value what he has given us from ftp. Now that Cubbie has gone it doesn’t mean that he’s any less or unimportant anymore. Cubbie has always been the backbone of ftp; he gave so much energy in his performances and was always so kind to fans and had never once let anyone down. I hope now that wherever he is or whatever he’s doing I just hope he’s happy. I wish Cubbie a long, happy life, with his beautiful family, which he deserves and I hope that someday he’ll be able to return to ftp. I’m still finding it a struggle to come to terms that he has actually gone, I just wonder if he’ll continue to make some sort of music which would be amazing. 

Happy 32nd Birthday Jacob, Cubbie, Fink; you have been a light in my life and have made me laugh and smile countless of times which has always gotten me back on track. I hope you never forget the thousands of fans missing and loving you continuously and I thank you for everything you have done for ftp <3