let's take a moment to appreciate his beauty

okay I know that no one else really cares but I’m genuinely upset about Ichiya and him disappearing from everyone’s life because I’ll be damned if that man deserved to. He’s such an awesome dude despite his uh… quirks and omg can we just take a moment to appreciate him and mourn cause I’m so distraught like there’s tears everywhere. 

look at this man. He’s the epitome of perfection with his snaz snaz hair and constant sparkles. AND DO YOU SEE HIS LIL BOW TIE!!! HE’S ROCKING THAT LIL BOW TIE!! LOOK HOW FANCY HE IS! SO HANDSOME







Can we just take a moment to appreciate this? Michael was so sick he could barely sing Jet Black Heart but he did it anyways! They even had to remove Catch Fire from the setlist because he couldn’t manage to reach the high notes, yet he was determined to perform this song despite being so sick he couldn’t even talk properly because of his stuffed nose. This moment was literally so damn beautiful and this is why Michael is one of my most inspiring people. He doesn’t want to let anyone down even if he’s not feeling great himself. And the crowd was there to support and finish the last lines when he couldn’t sing anymore. Bless this wonderful boy and his talent 

SLFL: Copenhagen | May 29th, 2016

The room was dark and silent, only the occasional sound of a car driving and their lights moving through the curtains. Every time a light illuminated the room, Dean could see Sammy’s shinning eyes staring back at him for a few moments before it was all dark again. They didn’t needed the light, their visions were already trained to see well in the dark, but both of them enjoyed the moments when they could appreciate the beauty in the other’s eyes.

John was away for the next few days for a hunting trip- a bunch of people were spontaneously combusting. Dean wanted to go with him, but Sammy doesn’t like fire, or people dying in one, so he convinced dad to let him stay this time, Sam needed him. Dad left telling him to enjoy the spare bed while he could, cause it would be his after he comes back, - now that Sam and him were both too old and too big for sharing, John and Dean take turns sleeping on the floor - but Dean just smiled. He never stopped sharing a bed with his little brother, even if their dad doesn’t know about it.

The bed has just the right amount of space for them to lay on their sides, facing each other -sometimes for almost a hour - without saying anything. Sammy is growing up so fast, his long legs curl with Dean’s and their tip toes now touch, but Dean remembers the time his little brother were you know, little. When they were both just kids and these kind of moments didn’t had the same meaning they have now. Until the day they had.

Dean remembers the days when Sam’s touches started causing more than affection, but also desire inside Dean; when the way Sam looked at him caused his heart to beat so much faster; when every time they slept together, Sam’s smell, his warmth, his presence, would make Dean want to touch him and kiss him. He remembers the guilt, the sick feeling of wrongness, but mostly he remembers the fear. Fear of losing his baby brother, and he hated himself so much for not being good enough, for not being the brother his Sammy needed. For being so fucked  up he wanted more than Sam could ever give him. But now, he smiles as he remembers how wrong he was. Sammy was always smarter than him.

Sam was 15, but already so focused and so mature, so grown up it still breaks Dean’s heart. Of course he knew about everything Dean was feeling - Sammy was always the only one to really know Dean, even when he was just a boy. When Dean tried to push him away, Sammy always forced harder. In those countless road trips with them on the backseat of the impala, Sam would always hide his face in between Dean’s neck and shoulder and place little kisses on his skin, gentle enough for Dean to pretend they were just the touch of his breath if he wanted to. But he didn’t. At night, Sam would always press himself closer to Dean, and Dean knew he could feel his inevitable boner, but Sammy didn’t cared. Sometimes, Dean would look at Sam and caught him staring with something like fire inside his eyes. Dean would look away, but he still could feel Sam’s stare.

Dean thought he was going crazy for a long time. His heart ached so hard he could literally feel it break. He loved his baby brother, his whole life and reason to be alive, he wanted to take care of him and protect him, but he also wanted him. He wanted him so fucking much it was almost unbearable.  

At Sam’s sixteen birthday, John called to say the hunt he thought it was just a simple vengeful spirit turned out to be more complicated and it would take a few more days. Sam hadn’t looked disappointed. Instead, when Dean gave him a hug and asked what he wanted to do for his birthday, he just said

“Will you give me what I really want, Dean?”

Dean couldn’t have said no even he wanted to. That night, when they shared the bed naked for the first time, when Sam kissed him, he felt the taste of his little brother and devoured it. He kissed every inch of his baby brother’s body, eager to make him feel so so good, to make him moan with pleasure - the sound instantly become Dean’s favorite song - and shiver with his touch. He stopped only once, but when Sammy begged Dean to fuck him, saying he wanted, needed everything he was not in control of himself anymore, Sam was. He still is and will always be.

That night, almost two years ago, when Dean fucked Sammy for the first time It was also the first time in Dean’s life that nothing felt wrong.

It was everything their souls ever wanted.

“Hey” Sam’s soft and sleepy voice pushed Dean out of his wander “What are you thinking about?”

Another car drives by and the light shows Dean a little smile forming in the corner of Sam’s lips. He leans in and kisses his smile before the room in completely in the dark again. Sam’s little pleased sound makes Dean’s heart grows twice its size.

It’s always like this, ever since the day Sammy was born. Dean is completely lost for his baby brother, even the smallest of things leave him smitten. Dean’s life is held by a thread and Sam is the one holding the scissor that can cut it, but Dean trusts him to never do it, even though he would gladly die for his little brother. There’s never been a day in his life where Sam wasn’t the most important thing. Sam is his flesh and blood, his oxygen and strength and before he fully accepted his true feelings, it was like he was living in half. Now, Sam fills his whole body with his love, his touches and kisses. Dean knows now there was nothing he could have done to stop this from happening, but still, he knows it was their choice to let it happen.

“I was thinking…” Dean starts, pushing Sam’s bangs away from his eyes “About how much I love you.” He finishes, kissing Sam again.

“And why do you love me?”

The words come out of Dean’s mouth like they’ve been just waiting for the right moment.

“I love you because you’re mine. I love you because you need love. I love you because when you look at me I feel like a hero. It was always like that. I love you because when I touch you, I feel more a man than any other man.” He’s looking right at Sam’s eyes, and even in the dark he can still feel the intensity of his brother’s young, wise, sad eyes.

After a moment, “I love you too.” It’s all Sam says.

“And why do you love me too?” Dean smiles with his voice, he knows Sam can feel it.

“I love you because when I touch you I make you feel more a man than any other man. I love you because nobody could ever accuse us of love. I love you because to understand our love they’d need to turn the world upside down. I love you because you could love somebody else yet still you love me. Just me.” Dean always thought Sam’s voice was beautiful, but the words sound like the most beautiful thing Dean’s ever heard.

“Just you, little brother. It’ll always be just you.” Dean says, and he knows this is the only thing that will never change in his life.

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Let's just take a moment to appreciate Lysaedion in Eos

“He dared another step closer, not caring who watched on the deck or in the rigging or in the armada around them. Color bloomed high on those beautiful cheekbones, and it was an effort not to stroke a finger across them, then his mouth. To taste her skin. But he’d take his time. Enjoy every moment, as he had told her to do. Because this would be his last hunt. He had no intention of wasting each glorious moment in one go. Of wasting any of the moments that fate had granted him, and all he wanted to show her. Every stream and forest and sea in Terrasen. To see Lysandra laugh her way through the autumnal circle dances; to weave ribbons around the maypoles in the spring; and listen, wide-eyed, to ancient tales of war and ghosts before the roaring winter fires in the mountain halls. All of it. He’d show her all of it. And walk onto those battlefields again and again to ensure he could.” 

 “Open your gods-damned eyes,” Aedion snarled. She snarled back but cracked open an eye. “You made it this far. Don’t die on the rutting beach.” The eye narrowed—with a hint of female temper. He had to get the woman back. Let her take control. Or else the beast would never allow them near enough to help. “You can thank me when your sorry ass is healed.” Again, that eye watched him warily, temper flickering. But an animal remained. Aedion drawled, even as his relief began to crumble his mask of arrogant calmness, “The useless sentries in the watchtower are now all half in love with you,” he lied. “One said he wanted to marry you.“ A low snarl. He yielded a foot but held eye contact with her as he grinned. “But you know what I told them? I said that they didn’t stand a chance in hell.” Aedion lowered his voice, holding her pained, exhausted stare. “Because I am going to marry you,” he promised her. “One day. I am going to marry you. I’ll be generous and let you pick when, even if it’s ten years from now. Or twenty. But one day, you are going to be my wife.”Those eyes narrowed—in what he could only call female outrage and exasperation.He shrugged. “Princess Lysandra Ashryver sounds nice, doesn’t it?” And then the dragon huffed. In amusement. Exhaustion, but … amusement.” 

 I love them

BTS REACTION - What kind of kissers and cuddlers they are

One more to the kissers and cuddlers series! And once more this post got waaaay too long… sorry T.T 



Rap Monster

Passionate, but teaser kisser. Namjoon would love to tease you, with many kisses in many places and a lot of almost kisses, just little pecks to provoke you. Being rough from time to time and lots of shoulder kisses. But, although he’s always trying different ways to drive you crazy through kissing, he is also the type of guy to cup your face and kiss you deeply, not necessarily provoking. He wants you to know exactly how you make him feel.

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His lap is your perfect spot, with your head on his shoulder, also he’s always big spoon. Cuddling mostly happens under your request or after sex. He’d take this intimate moment to talk about everything, meaningful and deep thoughts or even the most trivial topics. He’d ask about your day and tell you about his. If you’re comfortable he won’t move, even if his arm goes numb.


Sweet kisser. There is no doubt seokjin would be a very warm and loving kisser, simply adoring forehead and cheek kisses and being as gentle and romantic as he can. I do believe he would take his time to appreciate you and let you appreciate him, principally setting the right moment. His kisses are something you’d be looking forward to.

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He loooves cuddling. Your head on his chest listening to his heartbeat, your smell everywhere, both of you so close and intimate is just like heaven to Seokjin. He would like to have a good view of you, so he can admire you completely, caressing your hair and exchanging sweet compliments (he’d from time to time mention his own beauty to mess with you, almost apologizing and reseting the mood) or light kisses. And, he wouldn’t let you leave. Cuddling session is Jin’s, you must follow his rules.


Tender kisser. Yoongi would probably mix kissing and cuddling a lot. He loves to just feel you, your smell and your closeness, when kissing. His kisses would always start softly, a mere brushing lips to a very long and passionate kiss, also lazy kisses on your neck and shoulders when you’re distracted. Mostly he keeps this moments between you two only, but depending of the setting or situation I think he wouldn’t mind sneaking a cheek kiss or a peck in public.

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Lazy cuddler, obviously. He’s the big spoon, keeping you as close as possible. It wouldn’t be a talking moment for you two tho, he would probably be napping when you snuggle up to him and he half-asleep pulls you closer and finds that perfect position, where you’re just close enough to kiss, but he can also play lazily with your hair until he goes back to sleep. Cuddling for him is a relaxing, silently loving moment.

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Playful kisser. No doubt. His kisses would be everywhere he can reach at that moment, although he have a thing for your lips (loves lip bites). He would make sure you’re always having a good time and enjoying him as much as he’s enjoying you, kissing you sweetly. He would love to snap you little kisses in public to make you flush and giggle. His kisses would always put you in a good mood, and when you’re alone he’d let it evolve to a more passionate kiss leaving you out of breath.

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He also likes cuddling. It’s a very funny time, where he can be close to you. There’s no doubt he would tell silly jokes to make you laugh and turn the cuddling sessions into a tickle fight that only ends when he makes you kiss him, but he’d also lazily talk about anything while holding your hand or drawing figures on your back, he may even try to seduce you too. He doesn’t mind much between big or small spoon.

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Bold kisser. Jimin would love to make you breathless, biting your lipas and giving you hickeys so everyone would see. But, although he is mad in love with sexy kissing, he knows how to be sweet. Eskimo kisses is something he likes but would never admit on, also when you ask for a kiss or a peck he would softly obey, instantly getting embarrassed on himself, but would totally get revenge asking for kisses too.

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He doesn’t really care about position, he only wants to have a hold on you, hands or arms touching, close enough to sneak a kiss on your cheek and make you blush and cares about you being comfortable. He loves to cuddle with you at all times, including when the boys are around (we all know he’s kinda show off). And, when you’re alone, although he’s being cute and quiet, he would make sure to “accidentally” grab something he shouldn’t or make a pervy comment.

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Slow and playful kisser. A little like J-Hope, Taehyung would simply love to tease you and play around. Like kissing you lightly then running away, or licking your nose when you’re about to kiss. Surprise kisses are a must. But, every time you do kiss he makes sure to take it slow and get deep, although it can easily become rough, principally because he always uses his tongue. His kisses naturally progress to leave you both panting.

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His position doesn’t have a name, for it’s a mess. You two would be always in random positions, only close enough for him to snuggle up on you, burying his face on the crook of your neck or kiss you (basically any part of you that is close enough). He’d also be playful, as soon as he gets bored he’d annoy the crap out of you, poking and saying nonsense, until you give him a death glare and he’s saved by his square smile you love. (sexiest gif ever… i’m almost sorry)

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Childish kisser. Being the shy bunny he is, at the beginning you’re the one leading, but not for too long. As soon as he started to feel comfortable, his kisses becomes more playful and childish, he holds you tight when you have to leave and kiss you until you’re late, or you get into a tickle fight that ends up on you two kissing. Those kisses, mostly starting on your cheeks and neck, becoming tender, deeper and more passionate.

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Cuddling with him came natural to you, he was a little unsure of it in the beginning but as soon as he got used to it, he makes sure you feel special. He just keeps you comfortable and very close, talking lightly about your days and maybe singing something softly. He’d shyly kiss your cheek and play with your hair, sometimes little spooning and holding your hand tightly.

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~ADM Jam

Stanning Joshua
  • First off get ready to share
  • He’s super popular 
  • But we’ll start from the beginning 
  • Tbh this is gonna start out negative but it’ll get better i promise
  • Despite being in the vocal unit he didn’t get as many lines as we thought 
  • Actually in Adore U he had one line more than china line
  • That’s just like a second more 
  • Everyone was all protect china line 
  • And joshua was over there just … 
  • Ill stop now before i cant stop but you can tell it annoys me 
  • Anywaysssssss
  • Fancams 
  • Yah all my fellow jisoo stans just cringed 
  • Go watch any of the old fancams 
  • You’re just gonna get a bunch of crotch shots of the other members 
  • You’ll see him maybe half a minute of the whole video 
  • cause he’s always in the back
  • Literally its the biggest mess 
  • So if you are into that kinda of stuff just go look up joshua fancams 
  • ALSO
  • Vernon always get recognized as the english speaker 
  • Tbh dont get me wrong i love vernon 
  • So so much 
  • But like Joshua grew up in America 
  • He’s only lived in Korea for what 3 or 4 years at this point ???
  • He clearly has more experience speaking english than vernon
  • I know vernon has experience too im just saying… 
  • Someone needs to stop all my bitterness
  • Okay one last rant 
  • Very nice era anyone?
  • That moment where we all finally finished screaming and started to focus on the video 
  • And then shua has that great screentime 
  • We are all screaming because he finally got proper lines 
  • And he does that cute lil finger gun
  • And everything is perfect 
  • And then he just ??? walks away ??? and doesn’t ?? come back ???
  • You paused the video and scrolled back
  • Everyone’s going at it but like where’s joshua ????
  • You pause it and count and there’s only 11
  • Mind you wonwoo is out that was a rough time for all of us 
  • But anyways he’s gone like why ???
  • He doesn’t even come back until after chan and hansols part like ???
  • The one moment in fancams where you actually get to see jisoo is when he’s standing on the side lmao 
  • Nah jk with each comeback joshua gets more lines and more screentime 
  • Speaking of comebacks 
  • Boom Boom broke all joshua stans 
  • He got so many more lines than usual im yelling 
  • If it killed me it surely killed all of you 
  • He wasn’t in the back the whole time 
  • Guys our shua is getting better at dancing wow so proud 
  • Also lets just take a moment to appreciate all the times his hair is styled up and his beautiful forehead is exposed 
  • Anyways watching him get all these stans is great usually
  • All the cringie “wow”s and “yes”s that he does 
  • When he finally broke and started dabbing 
  • Tbh i was like unstanning
  • Jk i would never 
  • But anyways 
  • If you’ve biased Joshua as long as i have you’ve noticed how much shua’s come out of his shell
  • He’s shown us his true self 
  • He’s a freakin weirdo and i love him 
  • He’s gotten so much more comfortable since he debuted
  • All the jokes he makes 
  • We can just tell when its coming like he just gets a certain way and you can tell its coming 
  • He legit kills us everyday 
  • His laugh 
  • Like the weird wheezing laugh he does 
  • His cute lil cat smile 
  • His eye crinkles 
  • The hella cringie aegyo 
  • His gentle, soft voice that melts our faces off 
  • When he sings low and time stands still everything is magical 
  • When vocal unit forgets about him multiple times now and our hearts just break a bit because what 
  • When he plays his guitar and our faces are melted off for the second time
  • Everything about Joshua in acoustic very nice broke you 
  • All of the meme’s that come from this boy 
  • Not knowing if we ship jihan or jicheol 
  • worried for your life when you don’t ship either aka me
  • Stanning him is 50% “love me” and 50% “fight me”
  • Okay but back to fancams; macaronshu, atta boy and today jisoo are the go to fancams
  • Every now and then remembering how much he does miss his family and his home back in LA and aggressively awaiting moments when he can go back 
  • 100% loving how proud he is about things; the people he admires, his home, his career, and of course his religion 
  • Like whether you’re a christian or not you totally admire it 
  • Like tbh its gotta be hard at times when it comes to his religion 
  • Im surprised we haven’t had issues regards it that i know of
  • But im glad knowing even if we do no shua stans will take it 
  • Half of us loved the purple and pink hair 
  • And half of us hated it 
  • But no matter what he looks like an angel from heaven 
  • All in all stanning Joshua is wild 
  • Full of laughs and tears and cringe and tbh you’re just gonna die 

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that the writers of “This is us” didn’t use the fact that Jack had an abusive father as an excuse to make him abusive towards his loved ones? Because I see it happening so often on tv, that male characters use this as an excuse for their abusive behaviour, and here you have this loving, caring men who would do anything for his family and who loves his wife more than life itself, and is probably trying his best to make his children feel loved like his father never let him feel. I think this is really beautiful and I love the writers for doing that.

Imagine: You and Henry spend two long weeks at home with his family before he’s set to pick up filming for his latest project.

Words: 1223

“Henry!” You gasp as a cold blast of air threatens to disrupt the bubble of warmth surrounding you. Catching the shower curtain, before all the cold air can get in, you cover yourself. “What are you doing?”

“Trying to take a shower,” he replied casually as he tugged his left sock off. His eyebrow rose at your attempt to remain hidden from his gaze. He removed the other before forming a pile. “I think the better question is, what are you doing?”

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anonymous asked:

Simon and baz have a BAD argument. Simon goes somewhere else. Later baz finds him attempts apologizing. LOTS OF KISSING.

Anonymous said: If you wanted to, maybe something for the “don’t fucking touch me” one? 

(This almost didn’t end the way it did. Also, maybe not as much kissing as you had hoped?)
This one took me all night and ended up at 1336 words, so I hope you like it!

Shout-out to @consultingreaders​ for helping me come up with fight inspiration!

Baz almost can’t remember the last time he drank blood. He can remember the feeding itself, but he’s not sure how long ago it was, which is…well, not good. Going long enough without drinking blood sets him on edge. He gets irritable and all his insecurities are magnified.

Normally it doesn’t bother him. Seeing people look at Simon when they’re out. Boys, girls. It doesn’t matter. They all look. And they should. Baz can’t blame them. Simon is beautiful.

But Baz is crotchety today and this is the third time he has caught someone looking at Simon. He lets it go, but it sits in his gut, twisting at his insides. They go back to Snow’s flat and start catching up on a new series.

“Wow. She’s gorgeous,” Simon says about the female lead.

That’s all it takes for Baz to completely lose it. He knows he’s being irrational. Simon is allowed to appreciate other people’s beauty the same way other people appreciate Simon’s. Baz knows this. But he’s thirsty and irritable and - at the moment - a bit insecure.

“Are you fucking kidding me, Snow?” Baz says, his anger taking control of his whole system. “You do realize I’m sitting right next to you.”

“Baz, what-” Simon starts, only to be cut off by Baz kicking over the coffee table in front of the couch. “Baz!”

“All those people all the fucking time.” Baz starts rambling. “I bet you see them, don’t you? Everywhere we go.”

“Baz.” Simon warns.

“What about me? Do you even give a shit about me?” What are you talking about, Baz? You know he does. You need to stop talking now.

“I’m not doing this with you again.” Simon stands and starts to walk towards the bedroom.

“Don’t walk away from me, Snow.” Baz gets up to follow the boy who walks to the other side of the bed and sits, back to the door. “So you’ll look at her, but not me?”

“What are you even talking about, Baz?” Simon stands, turning towards him again. “You sound crazy right now.”

“Maybe I am crazy if I ever thought you really loved me.”

He regrets the words as soon as they pass his lips. All the anger dissolves immediately into shock that he actually let those words come out of his mouth. He see’s the look of pain flash on Simon’s face for a moment before it twists into anger. Hate.

“How dare you.” Simon takes a step back.


“Don’t.” The boy holds up a hand in warning. This time, Baz steps back.

“I-” Baz starts, but Simon cuts him off again.

“I can’t even look at you right now.”

Simon looks around the room, everything in here reminds him of Baz. His drawers are full of the boy’s things. The bed that they share whenever Baz stays the night, sheets only covering half of the mattress. The boy’s shirt is still lying on the floor where Simon threw it the night before in the midst of a heated moment. He can feel Baz everywhere in here. Surrounding him. Touching him. Kissing him.

Simon shakes his head attempting to clear the fog that has settled in it.

“I have to get out of here,” he says, eyes still scanning the room. Taking in everything that is Baz.

Simon starts to walk towards the door.

“Simon, wait-” Baz says, reaching for him as he passes.

Simon avoids the boy’s outstretched hand. “Don’t fucking touch me!”

Baz pulls back as if burned by the air between them. “I just,” the boy’s voice cracks before he continues, soft, “This is your place. I should be the one to go.”

Simon looks at Baz then, taking in the boy’s wounded expression, eyes filled with hurt. It only makes him angrier.

“I can’t-” he takes a breath to calm the storm raging in his blood. “I can’t be here,” Simon spits out, shoving his way through the doorway.

He doesn’t hear Baz’s whispered, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for,” through the ringing in his ears. The front door slams closed behind him.

The first stop Simon makes is to the cafe because the thought of tea and scones seems comforting in theory, but his stomach turns before he even walks inside. Instead, he starts walking. He walks around for hours before he ends up back in front of the flat he shares with Penny. Simon wants to go inside, but he’s still not sure he’s ready to face Baz. He stares at the door to the building for a few minutes before deciding to sit out on the stairs and watch as the darkness settles around him.

As if summoned by the darkness, Baz is standing in front of him.

“What are you doing here, Baz?” Simon sighs, his voice exhausted, not filled with the heat it held earlier.

“I went looking for you. Ended up back here.” Baz sits next to Simon on the step, leaving a space between them.

Simon lets his head drop into his hands. When he speaks again, his voice is muffled. “I don’t know if I’m ready to talk to you yet.”

“Simon, please?”

“What do you want from me, Baz?” Simon turns his head so his cheek rests in his palm. He sees the shining in the boy’s eyes. Tears on the verge of spilling free.

“I want you to forgive me.” A single tear escapes and trails slowly down Baz’s cheek. Simon fights the urge to reach out and catch it with his finger. “I know that’s selfish, but that’s what I want.”

“I don’t know if I can do that,” Simon whispers and turns his head so his face is back in his hands. He won’t be able to hold his will if he sees Baz cry. It’ll break him and he needs to stand his ground.

“Simon, please.” Baz repeats, a plea instead of a question.

Instinctively, Simon knows Baz is crying now. Even if he hadn’t heard the sniffling, he could feel it in his gut. If he looks he’ll break, he knows it.

“Look at me.” It’s a question, though it doesn’t sound like one.

If I look, that’s it. There’s no going back.

Simon turns his head to look at Baz again. The boy has wiped the stray tears from his face. There’s still a slight shining on his cheeks and in his eyes, both now red. Another tear springs free and this time Simon doesn’t fight the urge to reach for it it. Baz catches Simon’s hand against his cheek, leaning into the touch.

“I’m sorry.”

“I can’t keep doing this, Baz. If I haven’t convinced you by now that I love you, I don’t know if I ever will.”

“Simon,” Baz says again. Simon’s pretty sure Baz has never used his first name this many times in one day. “I know you love me. I don’t know why I said that last night. It’s just - I haven’t been drinking. It sets me on edge. I wasn’t thinking. I’m so sorry, Simon. Please forgive me. You have to forgive me.”

Baz starts to cry again, choked sobs tearing through him. Simon catches the boy’s face with both hands, holding it up for him. He closes the distance between their bodies and pulls Baz’s face to his. Baz doesn’t kiss back immediately, but after a moment the boy melts into it.

Baz’s lips are salty with his tears and Simon licks them all away with his tongue. “Shh. Baz, it’s okay. I’m right here. It’s okay,” Simon mumbles between kisses. “It’s all going to be okay.”

He keeps working his lips with the other boy’s. I love you, they say. I will always love you. I’m right here, love. I’m not going anywhere.

When the tears stop and Baz is no longer shaking, Simon pulls back, hands still on the boy’s cheeks, and locks their gazes.

“I love you, Baz.”

“I love you, Simon.”

Simon smiles. “Good. Let’s go inside.”

A DiNozzo Story

gif is not mine

Title: A DiNozzo Story

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

Word Count: 1,009

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: This was requested by @tillielynn16! I hope you all enjoy this one! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3

Working for NCIS was tough.  DiNozzo hadn’t had a day off in such a long time.  He missed seeing your face.  He would go to the diner you worked at whenever he could just to see your face.  It was getting closer to Christmas day; he was getting antsy.  He had to see you again.  He even started to plan the perfect date to take you on.  The date was something he knew would knock your socks off.  All he had to do was get a day off to take you.

Tony walked into the squad room, marching for the bullpen.  There wasn’t a case today and Tony was going to take advantage of that.  He made his way to Gibbs’ desk, opening his mouth to talk.

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The Five Times Phil Was Jealous

Summary: Phil’s not a person who gets jealous very easily. Until it came to his boyfriend.
Word Count: 1912
Warnings: alcohol consumption (but for fun), jealousy (duh), pre-smut components (like hickeys)
A/N: this was inspired by this fic all the way from 2013. (I would recommend a read if you want to feel better about your writing or if you want to laugh at how god awful i was at fanfiction at 13). it’s kind of an homage to my bestest friend josie and the fact that my 15 birthday is tomorrow?? what?

Phil Lester was not the type to be jealous, thank you very much. No, that was more the expertise of his best friend and boyfriend of six years. Dan got jealous when Phil stepped outside and the wind caressed his boyfriend.

And it’s not like Phil was oblivious. He slept with Dan, for god’s sake. He knew that the younger boy was attractive, and he was well aware that other people way take the time to appreciate his boyfriend’s beauty. The difference between Dan and Phil was that Phil knew that Dan was his. Dan? Well, Dan wasn’t so convinced.

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It took some convincing but Jason managed to talk you into camping with him in the middle of nowhere. The main reason you agreed to it is because you hardly see him anymore. That isn’t his fault, you are well aware of that, he has an important role to play for Gotham and you respect that. So you will agree to almost anything just to spend some time alone with him. He has been your best friend for many years. You looked out for him when he was a street kid and you will always be there when he needs you and vice versa. 

As the years passed you became more and more worried about falling in love with him, you didn’t want to jeopardise your friendship with him. No matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t stop yourself from catching those feelings. Your connection/bond with him is strong, you need each other. No amount of time apart could change that, not ever. Even if you were to be separated, for whatever reason, you would surely find your way back to one another. You are sure that he is your soulmate. One thing that you don’t know for certain is if he feels the same way. It’s something you have never dared to mention or talk about in fear that it may ruin everything, so you keep quiet. Maybe someday you will get to tell him how you feel. 

The two of you finally come to a suitable stop to set up camp for the night. You help Jason put up the tent (which he brought no instructions with) how hard can it be to put up a tent? Surely not that difficult. The sun will be setting soon so ideally you both want it up before then. 

Jason is just glad that you agreed to come. He always talked about camping one night together, it’s something he has wanted to do for a long time. If it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t be up for this, you’re not an outdoorsy type of person. Since it is with Jason, it is a lot more bearable. How could you say no when he was so excited about it all? Planning the entire thing detail by detail. 

The tent is proving to be rather difficult, neither of you knowing which pole goes where. It is the first time either of you has attempted to put one up. Honestly, it is not as easy as some people make it look. 

“This is why we needed the instructions.” You make a dig at Jason who peeks his head around the opposite corner of the tent from you. 

“We’ll figure it out, eventually.” He makes you laugh and he smiles. 

“For your sake, I hope so, I don’t want to be sleeping out here.” You shake your head whilst still laughing a little bit. 

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Like Real People Do

Summary: They just moved in together, and as she’s unpacking the boxes, she finds something she doesn’t expect. I’d listen to this or this while reading, if you want. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: ~ 2,000

A/N: This is a re-write of an old fic, but it was just so fluffy that I had to write it for Bucky. I really hope you like it, and just to warn you, it is super sweet & there might be some implied smut. But nothing too crazy.

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He said, ‘let’s worry about unpacking later’.

A few dozen boxes were stacked from the floor to the ceiling, each one of them labeled something different. Each one of them needing to be unpacked. They had moved into their new home nearly four days ago, and since then, the only thing they had managed to do was set up the television and order take out every single night.

Bucky stood in the threshold of the living room, where his king-sized bed sat in the middle of the floor. On top of it was his sleeping girlfriend; tangled up in the sheets, hair sprawled out every which way. He smiled at the sight of her, bowl of cereal in one hand, spoon in the other. ‘I Love Lucy’ reruns playing softly on the television after the two had fallen asleep watching some old, black and white movie.

The moment was picture perfect, and he couldn’t have been happier to be here with anyone other than Y/N.

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Vision in the morning when the light came through

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Request: 21 with Luke

You yawn and keep your eyes glued shut, refusing to accept the fact that morning has come as you bury your head in your warm pillow. Said pillow lets out a groan and you jump. Your eyes widen as you take in the sight of Luke in your bed.

Now, as friends with benefits, this isn’t something completely out of the ordinary itself, but to see him there in the morning…well, that’s new.

You take a moment to appreciate his beauty, messy golden hair falling in his relaxed, content face, long lashes brushing across the top of his cheekbones, dusted with light freckles. Truly a masterpiece.

Then his eyes flutter and you move back, defenses slamming back into place as you school your expression from admiration to slight amusement.

“Y/N?” His voice is scratchy, rough with sleep, and you feel a shudder run through you.

“Wait, you actually stayed the night?” You ask, a slight smirk at your mouth but your heart is beating hard against your chest, trying to understand the implications of his actions.

“Um…apparently,” he says awkwardly, blinking sleep away from his eyes. “Sorry, must have fallen asleep. Won’t happen again.”

“Oh okay,” you whisper, trying to smother the crushing disappointment in your chest.

So you wanted him to want to stay over the night, so what? It doesn’t mean you like him of anything.

His eyes are searching your face, not understand your reaction and searching for…something. You look away, instead staring at where you fingers play with the sheets.

“Unless…” He starts hesitantly, your head snapping up to meet his blue eyes. “Unless you’d want me to?”

Your eyes widen and you bite your lip, fighting against the rising blush in your cheeks.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” you finally say, but your tone is all but convincing.

“Yeah sorry,” he chuckles awkwardly, eyes still prodding yours for answers. “This doesn’t change anything.”

“Of course not,” you agree, worrying your lower lip at the tension in the room.

“Stop biting your lip,” Luke says gruffly, and there you have him like you know him, cocky and lustful. “You know what that does to me.”

“Sorry,” you smirk before he leans over and kisses you.

But…not like usual. Different. This isn’t a drunken haze of tongue and teeth and trying to get the other out of their clothes the fastest possible.
No, this is slow and deliberate, his lips moving against you purposefully, almost gently. Caring.

You swallow hard and push him away, only to see that he’s staring at you with wonder in his eyes, and worry.

“Was that…okay?” He whispers.

“Yeah. Yeah it was.”

And he kisses you again, all delicate and beautiful, and you feel like you’re melting, because this is something you never expected from Luke. He made it clear from the start what he wanted from you, so you buried inside any scrape of feeling you might have for the golden rockstar.

But now you’ve broken the two most important rules of friends with benefits: no kissing out of sexual situations and no staying the night. And you’ve never felt better.

Your hand plays softly with the curly strands of hair at the back of his neck as you mutter against his gentle, addictive lips.

“I think you can stay the night more often if you want.”

He smiles against your lips and hums in agreement, and you swear your heart skips a beat.

anonymous asked:

What do you think the hosts reactions would be to finding their s/o covered in paint and working on a new painting? (Assuming they didn't know their s/o painted or was an artist)

What a fun request! Thank you :3 Sorry some of these are so long 0.0 Hmm maybe people could specify whether they want long or short imagines from now on? :D

Also, just a note, I don’t actually do requests in the order they’re given to me, I just do the ones I have ideas for first. I promise I’ll eventually get to all of them though :) 

Tamaki - You were spending your evening working on a new painting, when suddenly Tamaki bursts into your room. “Princess! I missed you so I decided I’d com-,” he paused when he saw you, palette in one hand, paintbrush in the other. He mouth dropped as he saw your painting in progress. It was a castle among the clouds, with a blond prince looking character standing in front.

“I was going to show you when it was finished… but I guess it’s too late for that,” you say, smiling. He steps closer to the easel, and crouches down to get a better look at the prince. “Do you like the way I portrayed you?” you ask. “You drew me?” he says, eyes sparkling. “Of course I did, Tamaki. You inspire me!” That brought him over the edge. His face flushed a deep red, and he pulls you into a long hug. Tamaki was so excited when you offered to give it to him, that he insisted you finish it today. So, for the rest of the evening, you painted, and Tamaki sat there and watched you adoringly, endlessly thanking you for this sweet gesture.

Kyoya - You’re painting away in your house, when suddenly you catch a glimpse of your clock, and realize you’re completely late for your date with Kyoya. You pack away your supplies and change into a dress before quickly making your way over to the restaurant. You arrive nearly a half hour late, and scan the room for your dark haired boyfriend, sitting alone. You find him and take your seat in front of him, apologizing profusely.

“I’m so sorry, Kyoya. How can I make it up to you?” you say, feeling extreme guilt. He doesn’t seem too bothered, but rather pleased. “Make it up to me by showing my the painting you’re working on,” You cock your eyebrow. How did he know? He’s able to read your mind easily, and leans in close. You lean toward him, expecting him to whisper something, but instead he brings a hand to your jawline. “I know, because you’ve got paint on you,” he says, pleased with his own detective work. Embarrassed, you try to wipe off the paint. “I’m sorry, I lost track of time and then I was in a rush to get here…” you begin to ramble. Kyoya cuts you off. “It’s okay dear, I understand,” he says knowingly.

Mori - You had been feeling overworked and stressed lately, so you decided to take the day off school to relax. So, you decided to help yourself relax by spending the day doing what you love most. You didn’t know what it was about painting, but you knew it always proved to be very therapeutic for you. You started a new painting, and slowly started to forget all of your worries. Mori, on the other hand, was not able to keep the worries out of his head. He was back at Ouran Academy, sitting in class, incapable of paying attention to the lesson. Knowing you rarely miss class, Mori couldn’t help but think something awful had happened to you. When class was dismissed, he rushed over to your house to make sure you were okay. The front door was opened, so he let himself in and made his way to your room. When he looked through the door, what he saw stunned him for a moment, then brought a soft smile to his face. He love how you looked so at peace and content, and how natural your smile was. You snap out of your dream world when Mori taps you on the shoulder

“I came to see if you were okay. I was worried about you,” he says. He looks around the room, taking the time to appreciate all the paintings you’ve done over the years. His gaze stops at one. “I think this one is the most beautiful,” he says. It was a self portrait.

Honey - You had arranged Honey to come over for dinner at 6, so you decided to paint to pass the time until then. Honey, who was too excited to wait, decided he’d show up an hour early. He walked into your room, ready to surprise you, until he caught sight of what you were doing. Suddenly, he was the one who was surprised.

“Wow ____-chan! That’s so pretty!” Honey said with a big smile. “D-do you think I could try to paint something?” he asks. Curious to see his skill, you set up a blank canvas for him and tell him to paint whatever he likes. He starts working away while using only 3 colours: pink, light pink and red. You sit there, amused, for a couple of minutes until he colours in the last heart. “Done!” Honey says cheerfully. The finished product consisted of a pink, bunny-eared blob with a plethora of red hearts surrounding it. “That’s actually pretty good, Honey!” you say, impressed. “Thanks , ____-chan, but it’s not as good as any of yours!”

Hikaru - Your Sunday afternoon is going as usual, with a paintbrush in hand and a smile on your face. As you step back to admire your now finished painting, you knock over one of your opened paint cans. The pool of red paint quickly spreads across the floor, so you quickly drop to your knees to clean it, in fear of it ruining the nearby furniture. It took me years to find this shade, and it was pretty expensive too… you think, brows furrowed with anger. You dump the ruined rags into a black trash bag to take outside and throw away. Just as you were walking outside, Hikaru was walking up your driveway. He stops at the sight of you, taking it all in. Well someone looks angry… I wonder what’s in that black bag? And what is that red… substance? He calls out to you in a tone that sounds almost frightened, “Hey, ______-chan? Is uh… everything okay?” You note the fear in his voice, look down at yourself and suddenly realize how this might look out of context. You decide to play it out a little more.

“Come with me, Hikaru, I want to show you something,” you say in a low voice.  His eyes grow wide, and with great hesitation, he begins to follow you into the house. You lead him to your painting room, continuing the act. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about my… hobby earlier, Hikaru…” you say. Hikaru’s heart stops for a second, until you open the door to reveal a canvas, with a beautiful drawing of a red Cardinal bird in a winter setting. Hikaru stands there stunned for a moment, and you burst out laughing. “I can’t believe you thought I was a serial killer or something!” you say through your giggles. “I admit, you really got me there for a second,” Hikaru replies, now laughing with you. “And I also have to admit, that is a gorgeous painting. Who knew my baby was a talented actor and artist?” he says with a proud smile.

Kaoru - “Haven’t seen those pants before, are they new, _____-chan?” Kaoru asks jokingly. “What are you talking about? I wear these sweatpants all the time,” you say, looking down to see paint splotches all over you. Oh. “You never told me you painted, _____,” Kaoru says, sounding almost hurt. You give him an apologetic look, “Sorry, it’s just embarrassing showing other people my art I guess,”  "Well, if it means anything, I’m sure I’ll love it if it’s made by you! Remember that time you made me those totally burnt cookies? I still loved them, because they were yours,“ he says, smiling at the old memory. You smile back, figuring that he is right. You promise to show Kaoru your paintings when you get the chance, and for the rest of the day, he can’t stop talking about how excited he is, and how amazing you are for having so many mysterious talents.

Let's Give it up to Tall Girls

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate our tall girls. They never seem to be wanted or romanticized. If you are a girl that is 5'7 inches or taller you are incredibly beautiful. You have gorgeous long legs and hideous big feet, but you are loved for that. If a guy doesn’t want you because “he’s into short girls or doesn’t like to date tall girls” then that’s his loss!