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Maybe it’s better that Bellamy and Clarke were separated this ep tbh I don’t know how Bellamy could’ve handled Clarke’s hair down without brushing it away every four and a half seconds

A Deep Breath and Steady Hands - a Julius Escapes AU

Summary: When his family is killed by visitors to Whitestone and Julius is the only one to escape their clutches, he loses his faith and seeks justice on his own power. But fate seems to have a different idea, when he ends up in the path of a certain group of mercenaries and he finds something he’s been missing.
Rating: Teen and up
Words to date: 1513

(So this is a Julius-escapes-instead-of-Percy AU, inspired by this post by @tanoraqui, and this post by @arkhamarchitecture, who both kick-started my muse for this. Some things will be different than their ideas, and some things will be similar, but I highly recommend you check out their individual works!)

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Chapter 1: Set a Fire in Our Flesh

There was a part of Julius that remembered his time in service to Pelor and wondered what he would be doing had he continued with that path in life. He’d left Whitestone before swearing any oath to the god of the sun and agriculture, but there was an indecisive part of him that stirred at the worst moments, questioning his actions.

Julius was quite sure that, had he become a champion of Pelor, he wouldn’t be loitering in a tavern, waiting for proof of his foe’s presence there so he could take the opportunity to murder the man.

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can I ask for the RFA finding out MC was homeless before they were invited to live in Rika's apartment??


  • He feels awful.
  • Even if he’s probably the least financially stable member of the RFA, he knows that there’s more he could be doing while in school than what he is doing and he feels as if he’s almost directly insulting them by wasting the opportunity of going to SKY University 
  • He’s so scared that if they don’t do the work for the party, Seven will make them leave the apartment he’d never do that
  • When he first meets them he’s just bursts into tears and apologizes to them and they honestly have no idea how to react to Yoosung just breaking down in front of them 
  • He offers to let them stay in the guest room in his apartment  if they’re scared of staying at the apartment after everything that happened there. 


  • She’s so kind, so pure
  • She absolutely hates that she can’t do more for them between all the work she has to do for Jumin and the fact that she doesn’t know the location of the apartment 
  • They start talking on the phone to each other a lot
  • The bond over talking about how hard Jumin makes her Jaehee work and how she never has a break
  • Jaehee’s glad that another member of the RFA shares in her opinion of Seven talking about how he wants yet another fancy sports car and Jumin constantly talking about his driver and his private jet, even a little bit. 


  • He’s the one member of the RFA who actually understands and he’s there for them 100%.
  •  Even if he’s not entirely what you’d call financially stable, he had a place of his own and, for the most part, a stable job (well as stable a job as acting could be) and for the most part, could afford to eat. 
  • After everything that happens with the bomb and Unknown at the apartment they’re moving in with him until they can find somewhere else to live


  • The second he figures out he insists that MC either come and stay with him or, if they were uncomfortable, that they stay at the apartment, even after the ordeal with Unknown and the party is over, at least until they get back on their feet
  • He does his best to help MC out the best he can without letting them know that’s what he was doing
  • “I was going out to get some lunch for Jaehee and I but it turns out she already ate, so I asked V to drop this off at your apartment” 
  • He didn’t get Jaehee any food, it was all for MC. 
  • If they need help finding a job, he’s more than willing to either give them a job at C&R or if they don’t want to work at his company 


  • He feels completely awful for always complaining about wanting another car and work and every other insignicant thing he’s complained about in the past eleven days when MC didn’t even have a home because being dragged to Rika’s apartment
  • As much as he hates what Unknown’s done to them, he can, in a way, appreciate how the other hacker chose who should go to the apartment. 
  • At least this way, MC has a group of close friend and a way to prevent being homeless again
  • He’s actually crying when he first meets them in person because he was being awful and they didn’t even say anything to him
  • After everything happens he’d offer to let them stay in the apartment or, after realizing all the bad memories associated with the apartment to move in with him
  • He’s equally embarrassed and excited when they agree, saying how they don’t want to be a burden
  • Seriously MC. He installed a bomb in the apartment you were living in for eleven days. You’re not the burden here 

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Thank you for defending the boys and inform us about this thing. You're right the only thing to do now is to report her and I hope she's not serious about spreading the fake rumour about Kookie. I'm so sad now how can someone be so mean whit a group only because she don't like them? It's so stupid :( Now I'm sad, let's stay strong and hope for the best.

Ure welcome im trying hard 😔😔😔😔😔 and tbh same I’m still shook about this but yea, im waiting for the french army to answer to my messages and ill see kdkdks

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If you're black. Prove it. Post a picture.

First of all, I am black. I am African-American. I should not have to say this, yet here I am. Second of all, I don’t have to prove anything to you. I don’t have to take a picture of myself and upload it on the internet, which I am not comfortable with and that’s the end of that discussion, just because you don’t believe I’m back. Third of all, this is like saying “If you’re a girl. Prove it. Post a picture” Do you doubt I’m a girl now? Or if someone says they’re gay, do you want them to paint a rainbow on their face and post a picture? Or any other sexuality. Should they paint the pride flags on their bodies to prove that they are a certain sexuality? Fourth of all, turn off anon. Stop being a coward. Say what you need to stay and let me know who’s saying it. 

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Hi! I was wondering who you think juror 737 is for the Aurora shooting trail? He said he attended Columbine, was best friends with Eric/Dylan, even introduced them to each other in middle school and his prom date was killed during the Columbine massacre. I'm curious what you think or how you feel with the court letting him stay as a juror. Thank you!

That was Nick Baumgart who was selected to be the lead Jury foreman for the James Holmes Aurora theater mass shooting trial. He was friends with Eric and Dylan primarily Freshman year at CHS and his prom date killed at Columbine was Rachel Scott. Gotta love the irony that is life, huh?

I got tagged by @incredifishface to describe my WIPs and other planned writing, so, this is gonna be sad

  1. My thesis
  2. A fic for @ohfreckle in exchange for her charity donation (<3) I’m already working on that and I’m like a kid in candy shop - so many kinks, so many decisions to make
  3. My contribution to @capri-anthology
  4. if this is hell (then let me stay) - that leaves many choices to do and many things to reveal, solve and tie up
  5. Arenas Temporis because wow did I last update like two years ago? More the shame on me because I already know exactly what to do with the fic
  6. something cute that me and @chrisshemsworth are cooking up
  7. Man On A Wire continuation, which should include Thor and Loki being spies in Prague
  8. sequel to side to side which already has a couple of boring words written
  9. sequel to ablaze because damn writing a/b/o is fun
  10. more of i like it heavy, because that, when the mood strikes, is so easy to write and very hot and fluffy

+bonus dystopian AU in which god-like creatures come to earth and terrorize human population and oopsie there you have Loki running through the woods back to the compoud as unearthly torrential storm unleashes and it looks like he’s not gonna make it.. gee i wonder who brought on the storm  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


“A lot on your mind? You know you can talk to me about it, love.”

“No, Pete… I can’t.. I’m sorry, I have to go… I’m, uh, going out with some friends.”

“Clementine, please stay in. Let’s talk. I want to help you, I–”

“You can’t help me… I’m sorry. I don’t deserve you.”

“You don’t what?! Clem, stop being ridiculous, come on–”

“Goodbye, Pete. I’ll be home later.”

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collusion // please let me stay

pile up cotton balls, small cotton balls, inside my skull to keep the fears away, a barricade against all the emotional trash and **** that haunts me always // a bag of bottles in my left hand, a match book in the other, i’m here for the party but i know that thirty two minutes in we’ll both be crying // so much music, only music, empty bottles two hours later, naked nails on my arms because a little pain gives way to more cotton balls, even if they’re the “for sale” variety // where is any of this going? i ask myself as i pile up cotton ball on cotton ball // stabbed myself with the truth one too many times, a nice lie wouldn’t hurt now // but of course they know, the **** and fears Know that deep down deep, i yearn for truth

A Sixpence Song

Sequel to The Notebook On the Bed. Prompt 2: Mistake/Faith

Keith writes poems in a notebook, a hobby that he rarely partakes in. It’s strange imagining a brooding, dark-haired teen writing poems about flowers and feelings, but then again…

I thought you could’ve been something great, but I guess you’re just a dropout.”

“It’s such a shame to see a young man throw his life away like that, without rational thought.”

“Oh what do you know, dropout?”

“You threw away your chance to be something good in this world, you know that? Threw it away on the hope for a dead man.”

We can’t let him stay, he’s Galran! Who knows what he’ll do!”

“My family is gone because of his kind, my entire planet! All my people! I will not let one of them on my ship, as a Paladin!”

“We were supposed to be fighting Galrans. Isn’t that what we’ve been doing? What do we do now?”

Maybe it’s not difficult to imagine him doing that after all.

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