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What’s the matter? You don’t look as pretty as you wish? That’s kinda true, you do look a little…. how can I say it? Round. Round, fat, piggy, ugly as shit, and on and on and on. When you will realize that this will never do any good to you?? Feel bad because you have eatten too much? Can’t purge? GO EXERCISE BITCH. Starve the day next. Start doing a change today to get different results tomorrow. Get advices, a buddy, pills, stimulating things, ANYTHING to make you do the right thing. Don’t let me down, not now. By the end of the year? Show all your relatives how you can be dedicated to what you do and not just some troubled ordinary girl… Make them think how beatiful you are after losing those extra fat. You won’t let us down. Will you?

The Sith Rise

All those pretty faces
in the mirror
running late for work
for the doctor
for the Saturday Couch

don’t need make-up,
that just builds
on their pretty
make-up does not
make up

All those men
who view the right path,
know what to do
choose not to
what they should
why they should
when then should

The dark side
is not a metaphor

Words shoot
to your heart like
Palpatines lightning
chokes the life out
of you in a launch hall,
Tatooine’s surface
burning below the
abysmal wibdow

Over here, we feed
on our own. We topple Gods
like they were never there
like a child left in the crosswalk
and a parent who hasn’t
stopped drinking since

but will one day soon

he, she, everyone feels the force
Poetry, Art, Heart, The Dark

We don’t need lifetimes of classes
to control our souls
We have already aced tests,
skipped class, smoked weed
in the bathroom during third period
our senior year.

Why control who you are?
Give into the Dark.
Let the Light do
as it pleases,
Nietzche was right

some things are
beyond good
beyond evil
we start fights

we finish them

we finish ourselves
without your help


A Random List of Things That Have Helped Me In Building Fictional Stories

So I was suddenly inspired to type these up tonight, idk why. I know I’ve mentioned them to friends in conversations, or kind of vaguely talked about them in other posts, but I decided to collect them all into one thing. Basically some practices that do my worldbuilding by which have helped me a lot.


I can’t begin to describe how many times I’ve had a brilliant idea and I’ve been like “eh I’ll remember it later” and then it’s been lost to me forever because I didn’t write it down. Seriously, it’s never too early to start taking notes, and it’s never too early to start creating a system to organize your notes. You’ll thank yourself a year from now when you want to remember that one vague idea you had for a character or a scene but you can’t quite remember it exactly. I personally love Evernote because I can jot notes on my phone, and then it syncs with my computer so I can pull them up later to expand on it more.

2. Always be willing to radically change things.

So your story or world has been “this way” for many years, that’s just how it is yeah? But suddenly one day… you get hit with this notion of… what if you radically changed this one element and turned it into this kind of story instead? The improvement would be massive! and yet… and yet… you’re so familiar with the current story, it’s been your best friend for so long, it’s almost painful to ditch huge portions and rewrite them!
Trust me I know, I’ve done some massive overhauls to certain stories and it’s hard, it’s sooo hard. However, in the long run I’ve been glad EVERY SINGLE TIME that I did make those changes. Any chance to improve a story should be jumped on immediately.

3. But ALWAYS keep those old ideas logged away in your notes.

I say this because of two things. 1: you might actually change your mind and want to switch back to an older idea that fits better, so having all that info there makes it a nice and easy switch. Also 2: It’s fun to have a documentation of how your story has grown and changed! You can look back and be like “wow that sucked, glad I changed it” or be like “awww, it was so rough back then, I’m glad I was able to flesh things out and fill in the details.”
I’m a bit of a hoarder by nature, because everything has to run through the “but I might need this later” urge in my brain. It’s not practical for all the cardboard boxes that tend to build up in my house, but it’s been absolutely invaluable in regards to my art and stories.

4. Scrutinize the hell out of your story.

So I fell into the same trap myself that I think literally every new writer falls into… and that is using way too many cliches. Or just essentially copying stories they’ve already seen. Honestly I don’t think they realize they’re doing it. I know I sure didn’t. I think it’s just somehow part of being 15-16 years old? Because SO MANY 15-16 yr old artists I’ve seen are just ripping off other ideas. So don’t worry if you’re in that stage right now, this is your chance to get a heads up on your competition. This is where you get to do lots of research and realize what common story trends you might have accidentally fallen into.
It helps a lot to take a hard look at your story elements and just do the “does this HAVE to be this way?” test. Does my main character HAVE to be another white male seeking revenge? Does there HAVE to be a sexy female love interest? Does it HAVE to have the usual bad guy that wants to take over the world?

Mostly I’ve done this with checking out the minority representation in my stories, and female representation. I’m super white myself, I’m as white as they come, and lemme tell you there was almost 0 representation in my earlier stories because it just didn’t dawn on me to include non-white characters. I was definitely young and oblivious once, but I’ve done a lot of learning and exploring of other cultures. Now every time a new character pops into my head and they’re the default caucasian, I instantly go “ok but what if they had Middle Eastern descent, or were from somewhere in Asia?” Additionally I’ve switched so many male characters to females because I was getting quite a sausage fest. Not sure how that happened, I guess the default of “male character” has been so embedded in my head because of popular culture that even I, a woman, had to fight against it.

5. Let your story take time.

Ok so after scrutinizing your story you’re probably going to notice a LOT of problems. And it’s going to be infuriating and beyond frustrating if you don’t have any immediate ideas for them. Y'know what the best thing I’ve done for this dilemma? WAIT.
Some authors will spend YEAARRSSSS working on a story. Christopher Nolan spent 9 years working on his script to Inception. It actually got studio approval very quickly when he only had the rough idea, but then other projects demanded his attention and he couldn’t get around to directing it. But he’s said in interviews that the extra time he then spent tweaking the script and letting it grow and change were absolutely invaluable.
So don’t get distressed if you don’t have a million brilliant ideas right away. I’ve had some stories that I’ve been working on for 10 years or more, and it took 7 years for one of them to finally make sense.
Of course there’s a balance to be found, you could end up waiting your entire life for the “perfect story” which can never be found, so you have to learn when it’s good enough and to start working to finish it.

6. On a similar note: That initial idea rush is the BEST THING EVER… but never go with your first idea (although always keep them around just in case).

All my stories, the first versions, were absolutely rip-offs or heavily inspired by something I had recently read/watched/etc. However, over time, as I let them grow, I started to notice the problem areas and worked to change them, and the end result now is something where the original influences can barely even be seen anymore (although they’re still there and I won’t deny it).
So this kind of encapsulates all my other points, don’t be afraid to make huge changes, but keep your old stuff around in case you like the original better, but also let it take time so your brain can work to fix the bad stuff.
Being aware of how other stories and art and etc sticks in your brain and influences your thinking can be very helpful. I’ve had to fight to not change some of my stories based on each TV show I’m currently obsessing with. I’m basically just a giant sponge so I’m like WOW I LOVE THIS I WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING LIKE THIS. So instead I have to think hard about “ok, what is it specifically I love about this? Is it how they set up scenes? Is it the dialogue? The character interactions? The cinematography? The pacing? The directing?” If you break something down to it’s base elements then you can say “I really like how they pace out the reveals of information so the audience is always hooked and interested in more, I’ll have to take notes and see if I can improve that in my own story.”

Now I’m realizing I could make “analyze other media in your chosen medium/genre” yet another point, but I think there’s tons of other articles that have covered the importance of knowing your field. This was just me blabbering about general concepting ideas that have helped me a lot over the years. I can only hope that they’re helping to make my stories better as I’ve yet to finish any stories technically haha, but maybe someone else out there can get some ideas to help them out.

Happy Worldbuilding Friends!

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[ ❅ : Advice to non-role play blogs that want to get started? ]

munday meme . 004 .

                              THINGS WON’T ALWAYS GO YOUR WAY. i feel like that’s a mindset you have to ?? establish before you head into the world of role play, as the community on tumblr has gotten quite stiff over the years ( eyooo i started in 2014 or some stuff and it was way more chill back then, in all sorts of ways, than what it is right now — i miss the good old days and i wish some people could have experienced the days i did, halfway at least ). it’s important to NOT LET YOUR MOTIVATION DIE JUST BECAUSE THINGS DON’T GO AS FAST WITH EVERYONE ELSE. see, some people will always receive more notes than you, that’s just how life is — and that’s fine ?? try to be happy with what you have. love what you do and you’ll be rewarded in the end. god knows how many times i have almost deleted andrew’s blog. heck. i wanted to give up after two months because i didn’t feel comfortable writing him, but loved him and that love has given me two years of swedish fuckery ( and some amazing friends ).
                              WRITE SOMEONE YOU LOVE AND SOMEONE YOU FEEL COMPATIBLE WITH. i think this is something a lot of people tend to mix up, because you can love a character but not be compatible with them. it’s a bit like choosing friends, or — food. you may pick something you LOVE, but something that will upset your stomach or something in the long run. an example for me will always be bigby wolf as i admire his character and i love his design to death. am i compatible? not really. because i can’t get his voice right, nor does the writing feel natural to me. it’s all about Finding Your Muse and enjoying the writing you manage to make — me with lavi. i hate him, but i love him, and sadly we’re compatible through the saddest of moments. try and fail! don’t be afraid of dropping a blog after a week! it happens!!! god knows it has happened with me a lot of times — but it’s a fun experience!!!

2017 Is Full of Changes!

Lets start the year off on the right foot and make a wish for good things to come.
I’m excited for stuff starting in 2017 but of course a little apprehensive at starting new projects.
I’ve got a few things in the works for my channel including voice acting, original collaborations, and streams.
But I’ve also got some stuff outside of youtube that I hope will help this community become more connected
and creative so that everybody can have a better experience and better chance at becoming a Youtaite.

So a lot is coming your way and I hope you’ll support me again this year!

今年もよろしくお願いします ヽ( ’ ▽ ’ )ノ。+。゚


Is it possible that A&E are filling in the blanks from season 5 with season 6?

It all started here for me. Why would A&E give the same name to two different missions?…unless they weren’t two different missions, but, in fact, the same.

I also compare other seasons/episodes to the current season. So expect parallels, parallels galore.

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“I know I’m lucky to have a full-time job as a facility attendant in the Los Angeles Unified School District. I’ve done that for 10 years, and some days are better than others, but I like the work, and my co-workers are a supportive second family. We don’t interact much with students, but those of us who do custodial work are eyes and ears for teachers and administrators. If I see a student needs help of any kind, I take pride in letting the right people know. The one thing that hasn’t been good about the job is the pay. When I started 10 years ago, I made $8.65 per hour; now I make $9.85 per hour. But I just learned that’s going to change." 

A personal essay from a man who cleans high school bathrooms, and how his new $15/hour salary will change everything.

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i STG one thing I'll never understand is why the straights™ try and act so damn oppressed. Now not ALL of 'em but the petty ones who start running their mouths. like guys cmon ik you want your dick & pussy to get it on after all this but seriously? If you want a straight™ relationship to gawk at, pick up a damn book, turn on the tv, walk outside, if you have to, look at your parents. Yet last year we were finally entitled to the right to marry!? Dammit why can't you let us have good things.

nonono some of them are bi, don’t forget that!!! they might cry about you invalidating them

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Okay, I'm freaking out a little bit, did you see this picture of Liam getting out of a car today (11/15)? He's dressed just like Zayn was in NYC. Grey beanie, open, dark colored shirt on top of white T-shirt and jeans. And maybe that's not a lot, or maybe it's just me but we never get any Ziam anymore and so this possibly coincidental connection is enough for me to feel elated. On another topic: do you think all the Larry that happened yesterday is a sign of NT or not yet? Love your opinions :)

Hi!  I definitely noticed what Liam did right away.  Liam doesn’t really wear beanies so much anymore that I can remember.  He does occasionally, but I don’t know, something about that outfit didn’t seem usual for him.  When you look at the two outfits side by side, the different pieces of clothing aren’t the same, but as you said, each one is VERY similar.

I feel like we’ve gotten more blatant Ziam since Zayn left actually.  They didn’t have to be in your face when they were together.  Now someone has tried to mess with them and tear them apart, so they’re doing their best to make that party (1DHQ) regret it.  The ring, the tattoos, the matching Instagram photos, the outfits that are getting more and more obvious by the day.  You would have thought there would be no Ziam this year, but you’d have been wrong.

Hm, the Larry.  I think people are forgetting a bit that Larry has been increasing all year.  New Team has been around, but not in charge this whole time.  That means that 1DHQ have to have been allowing a lot of it.  I think they probably had brokered a deal where there were certain things they wouldn’t try to sabotage, but at the same time they continued trying to suppress and debunk Larry in other ways.

We’re definitely getting more Larry right now.  The increase is very noticeable. I think it’s being used for promo to some extent because you can tell how much the fandom has been whipped into a frenzy right now.  It’s a good time to do it really.  If you think about it, this is exactly what they did last year.  

Start letting Harry and Louis interact during promo season since it’s the most useful time, cool things off during the rest of the year although gradually increasing interaction, then make another push during the next promo season. That’s been the pattern.

Just because it’s promo doesn’t mean it’s progress though.  The boys are obviously in a better place this album than they were with FOUR.  They don’t look like zombies in the ad videos they filmed.  Niall is smiling and engaging a lot more with fans when they ask him for stuff on the street.  They’re all laughing more.  Even Zayn was seen laughing more this week than in the last 7 months, although part of that is because we haven’t seen him at all.

Anyway, it seems like they’re in a good place.  1DHQ might not be fully and completely gone yet, but it’s not long from now and I’m guessing their power is decreasing in increments.  

You can tell they’re not completely gone because just days ago Niall’s Instagram liked a picture of Ellie Goulding and then The Sun ran an article about how Niall needed her to help him write music for a solo career.  That’s always been a PR situation from the moment they started setting up for the Don’t stunt.  Classic 1DHQ.

You can tell because they’re still promo-ing the X Factor like crazy and they’re still having to let Simon play-pretend that he’s their respected mentor.  You can tell because there are still articles coming out that are trying to push 1DHQ narratives.  The tone has become markedly less nasty, but 1DHQ is still getting their stories out there in a lot of publications in the UK.  Babygate, Zayn ditching the band, etc.  

I would say look to the end of the year for them to start officially dropping their old team for good.  I think New Team has a lot of influence over the promo going on now, but I don’t think the strings have been cut quite yet.