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I needed some evidence for a lot of head canons, but when you said Megamind was not entirely male I only remembered one of my favorite scenes in the movie: Megamind walks totally overdressed into Titan’s apartment and scolds him for letting him wait with sentences and gestures you would expect from a girlfriend or mother. And I thought: Yeah, seems canon.

Megamind definitely moves, speaks, and dresses in ‘feminine’ ways, yes!

Queercoding (like coding for neurodivergency) is a big thing with classic villains; the great thing about Megamind is that the creators kept the queercoding and the neurodivergent coding and let him be the hero. 

The depressed, eyeliner-and-heels-wearing, feminine-gesturing, overdramatic, queer-coded hero

It’s one of the main reasons I find him so relatable and so compelling. (I think this might be true of a lot of the fandom; we tend to shade queer and neurodivergent, in general, identity-wise) 

See, I’m so used to only seeing myself in villains–and! this movie starts off like that: ah yes, there I am; the villain as usual…




The entire point of the movie is YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE THE VILLAIN ANYMORE.

This film gave me something that I have always, always wanted, and I am really continually amazed at it.

Apology For The AHCA

Hello to all my lovely voters. I want to deeply apologize for the recent Republican healthcare proposal, the American Health Care Act (AHCA).

I will definitely not be pursuing or starting it until it’s revised.

I genuinely wanted to help people. Thank you to all those who yelled at me during town halls and let me know the reality of the situation. I was extremely naive.

Here are some free resources for those who are depressed or not in good situation.
1. Blahtherapy: 7 day free trail to talk to online therapists, talking to strangers is free
2. 7 cups of tea: Connect with caring people for online therapy and counseling.
3. Muttr: Anonymously vent to get something off your chest.
4. iPrevail: Connect with supporting and trained people
5. crisistextline: For those in depression or suicidal

I know it won’t make up for what came across as exploitive and greedy, but what matters to me is that those that need help can come and seek it.
If you have more resources I can add to this list let me know!

This is part of my new affordable healthcare proposal. :)

Thanks, Paul Ryan.

Shinsou AU: You were Born to be a Villain

 *IMPORTNAT* If you enjoy this, I have made an updated version to this one, and posted it, if you plan on reading this one, I’d recomend that one instead, in my mind, it’s the superior version!

   “This was a waste of my time.” Shinsou sat down onto the bench with a deep sigh. The mall was buzzing with people, from every store to every cafe. “The hero course attract a crap ton of people, that’s for sure.” he looked over to the right seeing the stage set up at the far end off the first floor with colorful lights and massive speakers. The yearly “Meet the Heroes” was taking place, where many of the U.A. students met with their first gen fans. Something to also let the students taste the reality of being a celebrity.

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1.take a hot bubble bath when you feel icky. wash your whole body and appreciate how smooth and soft it is. get out and moisturize everywhere. put on a fuzzy robe and drink a cup of tea.

2. go outside at 2:00 a.m. on a summer night. try to wrap your head around the infinity of the universe. remember that there are some things you don’t need to understand.

3. eat a lot of fruit and drink a lot of water. eat a lot of chocolate and a lot of bagels. it’s okay, i promise.

4. make an effort to look your best everyday, whatever that means to you. wear something that makes you feel comfortable and sexy. you’ll feel better.

5. be impulsive sometimes. cut your hair, paint your room, get a tattoo. never regret anything that you wanted at some point.

6. be nice to your body. don’t pick at your skin, touch it gently and feel what you are made of. don’t take out your anger on yourself. you don’t deserve it.

7. if something makes you unhappy or uncomfortable, change it or get rid of it. break up with that person, stop texting that friend, get fresh towels, change your sheets, change your major, stop pushing yourself to do something you don’t want to do. every little thing you change makes a difference.

8. don’t let yourself or anyone else invalidate your problems. they’re real, they’re valid, and you deserve to work through them, no matter what someone else’s situation is.

9. let yourself feel things. you are allowed to feel however you feel, and you are allowed to express whatever that is.

10. you don’t have to look or be like that person to be pretty or fun. you’re not going to be them, so start focusing on you.

11. it’s okay to put yourself first. your physical and mental health are the most important things in the world. if you’re tired, take a nap. whatever it is can wait. if you’re depressed or anxious, take a day off work or school to rest and focus on feeling better. if you’re just not up for something, you don’t have to do it. take care of yourself.

Dealing with ART BLOCK


Path of art is a path of struggle. A path that one time can be easy and appealing, quickly leading you to its destination, but the other time it can be full of obstacles or even blocks… art blocks.

What is an art block? Various artists from around the world seem to refer to ‘art blocks’ every time they have troubles producing new works. The cause and process of typical art block will differ from one person to another, but generally speaking: everything that prevents you from creating art, despite all the opportunities, can be called an art block. Although very common, art blocks can lead to some serious issues like loss of confidence, no motivation to improve or even fear of drawing (to avoid disappointing oneself).

In this little article I’ll do my best to tell you how to deal with this biggest artistic illness!

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Rumour has it; Archie Andrews

-based on show

-not proof read

-i wrote this at 3am

I hadn’t seen much of Archie Andrews over summer. Mi amigo, my closest confidant throughout freshman year. Perhaps he was preoccupied, maybe he’d met someone, can’t blame him, the boy’s a die hard romantic. Even when I curiously messaged Jughead, who Archie had also seemed to have given the same treatment, I knew something was up. He seemed dazed once the school year started up.

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Big Bang reactions to his depressed S/O [WARNING][SENSITIVE]

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You were home, studying for your exams. You couldn’t leave your room because you wanted to focus on studying too much. He noticed you’ve been locked in your bedroom for a couple weeks and you ate poorly and you almost never drank water. He noticed you became thinner and thinner and he didn’t know what to do. He came home and saw you behind your desk. You didn’t even say hello to him and he was standing a few meters away from you. That hurt him but also that was the sign you were really deep out of this world. He closed your book and span the chair and looked you in the eyes. He was angry because he didn’t notice earlier and because you didn’t try to give him any signs what is happening to you. If he had to he helped you get changed and talked to you. He wanted to hear every feeling you’ve been keeping inside for these couple weeks
“We’re going out. Change your clothes. We’re gonna eat dinner outside”

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He just called you to ask how you were because he was in France on a fashion show. He always left like that and never took you with him. You felt like he was embarrassed by you and the longer he was gone the more you thought about it. You were hopeless and started to losing weight and stopped eating. You thought if you would be skinnier he would like you more. When he came home and hugged you he could feel your ribs and he changed his face expression immediately. He gave you a glance and you drove home. He kept staring at you which you found weird. You wanted to make a conversation so you asked him if he met any celebrities on a fashion show. He knew why you asked him that and started naming some famous models. He saw how sad and depressed you look and made you stop the car safely to talk. He never imagined you would feel like that about his work and promised he’ll bring you with him as a date next time.
“Stop the car Jagi. Just turn right and let’s talk. I can see you’re about to cry.”

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Lately, you felt worse and worse. You always had that feeling like you were nothing because Youngbae was always busy and he came home late. You began to think maybe he is cheating on you or he is just bored of you. It made you feel the worst. You ignored him and always acted like you were sleeping just so you could avoid talking with him about how you were. He thought you were always tired since you attended university and had a job at the same time. But when he came home and every day he was just ignored he felt like something was wrong. Today he came home, you were already in bed, reading a book. When you heard the door you turned off the light and acted like you are sleeping. He had enough. He turned on the light and woke you up, saying he wants the answers. The moment you saw his face you broke down and started crying. He hugged you and let you cry on his shoulder and explain everything.
“That’s enough Y/N. I want to know what’s going on. WAKE UP.”

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Daesung knew everything about you. You told him how depressed you are sometimes and you told him what will you probably do if you get depressed again. You didn’t want to get depressed, you just knew it won’t just leave you like you wanted it. Once again you thought horrible about life and you wanted to hurt yourself again. You didn’t care if that was the last time. Just when you wanted to go to the bathroom and grab the razor you heard the ring tone of your phone, which meant Daesung was calling you. You answered the phone and he started saying cute and funny thing which always made you laugh but not this time. He could feel how wrong your voice sounded and told you he is just a few meters away from home. You totally forgot you left the razors outside and when he came the first place he looked at is the bathroom. He held your hand and told you to calm down, hugged you and made you watch some awesome movies and talk with him.
“Again? Okay, come here. Let’s talk. It’s okay. It happens.”

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He knew about how it feels when others just don’t appreciate you. He had experiences with it. But he never imagined you would ever have to feel like that. You went with him to an event he was invited and when you were walking down the red carpet and everyone was screaming  'Seungri! Seungri-oppa! We love you Seungri- oppa!’ and you saw all those jealous and angry faces towards you, you just couldn’t keep it together. You wanted to go to the bathroom since he met some of his friends and was talking with them. The event was about to start and he knew something was wrong. He opened the women bathroom and saw you crying on the floor. He rushed to you and asked you what happened. You told him how bad you felt when you passed through the fans. He hugged you and said calm words to you. He felt bad for making you feel that way and he was ready to go home if you wanted to.
“Okay, let’s just go home. I can’t believe you would think like that about it. Don’t worry, I’ll do something about it.”

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Jack, Our Hero

Reblog this post with the story of when you realised that Jack is your hero.

Let me tell you mine to start this off.

I was in my second year of university (or college, as some might call it). Depression had me firmly in its grasp, and anxiety hung over me like a big storm cloud. I would spend hours lying in bed, watching video after video while knowing I should be doing something productive. 

I’d been watching him for a while now. I realised that his videos made me smile, even when nothing else did. When a really bad down day came along, I knew exactly what to do. I lay on my bed with my iPad, went onto YouTube, and began watching Jack’s videos.

I’d felt like crying, but I laughed. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to live, but he was able to make me smile. I had lost all hope in myself, but then he said the words I needed to hear: ‘I believe in you’. He told me that even if no-one else did, I could trust that he believed in me. He told me that things would get better, to keep on fighting. His words lifted me up once again.

As I stopped watching and put my iPad to one side, I realised how much happier I was before I started watching the videos. He’d cheered me up more than almost anything else could have done. I felt like someone cared. I didn’t feel alone for once. I had a little hope, a little light in the darkness. I’d found a reason to keep on living, a reason to hope in happiness again.

And that is when I knew he was my hero.

I’d love to hear your stories too, we as a community should share them with each other. And hopefully, if @therealjacksepticeye sees them around on Tumblr, it’ll give back some of the smiles he gave us <3

Abducted (part - 2)

Pairing: Loki x reader

Summary: it was time that you learn why you were held captive by a god. A/N: MOMMY’S BACK!!! Man I have been having the worst of both worlds but I wrote, I fucking wrote. Tumblr gotta give me a good kid sticker. I didn’t really edit it because ya know the reason you follow me plus my laptop’s on the verge of dying. Hope you like it! (ignore the text in the gif, or actually don’t imagine all the dirty you sexy little swine)

Warnings: swearing, being chained.

Word Count: 1636

Part 1

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Petrichor. The smell after the rain had kissed the earth and nourished nature again. lying on your dirty mattress it was a great comfort. From nowhere the breeze blew against your skin, you nuzzled in your blanket. Only these comforts where what you had now. For four days you had been numb and scared, but now, you were at peace with it. you knew there was no escaping, you’d have to serve Loki, you’d have to do it all without losing your strength and hope.

You inhaled deeply and wrapped your arms around yourself, the rain had stopped. Your emotions had been quite in sync with the weather for a while now, and you hated it. you wished it could always be sunny and so that your mood could be good again.

You shook your head at this thought, it was all rubbish. Just some nonsense you made up to think that you had something special. Oh, how you wished you had some sort of magic that could overpower your captor’s. then, you kept a hand on the wall you were facing and ran a hand down on it, you wouldn’t be here. The sound of the now familiar footsteps grew closer. You sat up and fixed your now rugged clothes. He gave you the same smug smile and dragged a chair in front of you.

‘so, have I finally tired the beasty kitten?’ he asked. This man surely had a thing for sarcasm and patronizing everyone. You didn’t reply and looked at him with the same uninterested face. he may have nearly destroyed new York once, but you weren’t going to be meek or submissive. ‘human-‘

‘(y/n).’ you corrected and he quirked his brows.

‘very well, (y/n). let’s talk properly now, shall we?’ he looked at you and you nodded slightly. ‘the reason you are here is because you have something I need.’

‘I am a normal person with normal abilities, I don’t understand what is this ‘thing’ of mine that you need.’ You said sharply.

‘have you ever seen signs of things and had that thing happen?’ he asked ignoring what you said.

‘yes bu-‘

‘do you have a very strong intuition?’ he raised another question.

‘yes.’ You rolled your eyes, you were getting tired of this little game of his. ‘

do you have a good eye for colours?’

‘yeah, I –‘

‘lastly, has anything unusual happened when you experienced a strong emotion?’ he interrupted you again.

‘no….’ You furrowed your brows.

‘think again. never? Wasn’t it your birthday that you were upset about and something happened causing an electricity failure?’ he looked at you.

‘it was a coincidence!’ you threw your arms in the air. ‘What are you trying to say? Huh? Do you ever talk without being all puzzle like? What are you? the fucking riddler?’ you stood up with your chain rattling with every little movement you made.

‘calm down,’ he ordered and motioned you to sit. You sat down cross legged with your arms crossed over your chest and huffed. ‘what I am trying to say is, you have powers. ones which can be used after you have practiced.’

‘I don’t have any fucking powers.’ you scoffed.

‘you do. you should’ve noticed it. after all the weather is mimicking your mood and state of mind.’ he said and you thought for a while, was it true? Did you possess some sort of power? ‘in three months, with my help, you shall be able to use them properly. Then you will be of my use and can assist me.’

‘what if I don’t?’ you asked in a low voice.

‘I will make you.’ he grinned in a manner that sent shivers down your spine. You gulped slightly. ‘you don’t really have an option here, mortal. You really don’t. look at yourself.’ He crossed his arms. ‘now, get yourself together,’ he snapped his fingers and the lock of your chain was unlocked with a click. ‘your training begins right now.’ He stood up and started to walk.

‘no.’ you said standing there and he stopped. his brows furrowed and a bit of confusion on his face he turned in your direction.

‘pardon me, but did I hear a no?’ he tilted his head.

‘yeah, I want to take a shower. And I need some new clothes. It’s been days for god’s sake.’ He thought for a while and nodded.

‘fair enough. Follow me.’ You followed him to where his room was, that area looked no less than a palace. He stopped and turned to you.

‘do not touch anything.’ He warned and left. You looked at the neatly stacked books and the lavish looking furniture. Where did he get it from? God Ikea? Your musings were interrupted by a clearing of throat. You faced him and tried to look as innocent as possible.

‘what did I say?’ he asked and you shrugged. ‘you can use the bathroom, I have kept what you will require. You can go now.’ You nodded and paced to the bathroom.

The ‘bathroom’ was almost half the section of the second level of the warehouse. it had a bathtub near the old window with frosted glass, a marble wash basin next to it, the shower area was at the opposite wall and right in the middle was this table with soaps and a bag kept on it. you recognized it at once, it was your bag! You shuffled through it and took out a towel. You were going to take a nice long bath.

You were skipping when you walked out of the bathroom, the light feeling was great and the soaps the god used smelled amazing. Loki saw you and smirked, ‘silly girl.’ He thought.

‘save it for later, human.’ He said from his chair in which he used to read. ‘you practice now.’ He stood up.

‘how do I “practice”?’ you asked. He didn’t say anything but climbed the stairs so you followed him. ‘the bathroom?’ you furrowed your browns.

‘no, the other area.’ A creaked open as he said those words. You didn’t notice there was another door here. The room was big and had nothing in it. it was maybe what was used like some sort of storage back when the place was functioning. ‘so tell me, how do your powers function?’ he stood facing you.

‘I don’t know?…’ you said.

‘ah yes, they’re new…. This is going to be much harder than I anticipated….’ he said mostly to himself. He walked further keeping hand on his chin. It felt so weird, the man you were so scared of wasn’t so freighting right now. He stopped and looked at the ceiling. The idea just might work.

‘mortal!’ he called. ‘come here!’ He said and tied ribbons on the ceiling with a movement of hands. ‘try to move these.’ He said.

‘I don’t think I can.’ You stared at the ribbons.

‘one thing I learned from my experience, if you believe you can’t, you won’t, if you believe you can, you will.’ He circled the ribbons dangling in the air. ‘what do you think this power does, mortal?’ his voice was much softer. ‘feel what it can do.’ you closed your eyes and tried to feel. ‘what feels natural to you? what is that voice inside you saying?’ he moved around you speaking gently.

‘The air.’ You breathed. ‘it feels like, like a part of me.’ you felt like some part of you lived in the air.

‘good, now envision what you desire to do.’ he was close to you could tell but there wasn’t a warmth a normal human would’ve radiated. You moved, or maybe the air which was an extension of you. you opened your eyes and the ribbons blew in the other direction. It was a weak gust of wind but you could feel it. maybe it was true, you possessed something unique.

‘well done for the first attempt.’ He took a step back. You didn’t reply, you felt lighter than a feather. ‘let’s take it a step further.’ He said and you gave him a confused look. He grabbed your hand, twirled you around and made your back crash into his chest. before you made a noise covered your mouth with his big hand. ‘shh….. your emotions are what highly affect your powers.’ you could feel his breath on your face. ‘I want you think of all the bad things that have ever happened to you. see darkness is very strong. Tell me what saddens you.’ he removed his hand and you looked down.

‘I have always regretted opening my mouth in front of people who don’t give a shit about me.’ you said.

‘how about give and take then? I will give you something you need if you do as I say.’ It seemed like a fair deal.

‘where do I start?’ you chuckled sadly. ‘it goes way too back.’

‘why not use what destroyed you then?’ he said loosening his grip. ‘think of it, let the anger fuel you, feed off it.’ he said and so you did. all those things that made you anxious, depressed. You then let the hurt swirl, you didn’t know how it was possible but you did it. the air around you wasn’t still now, it started swirling, Loki smiled a content smile. his idea had worked. The air current was very strong, you opened your eyes and saw how you were standing between the ring of air and dust you had created. Something went wrong then, the room began spinning, you started losing balance and were starting to fall but he caught you. The wind died as your eyes began to close.

‘congratulations, human.’ You saw his blurry face but it cleared as you strained your eyes. ‘you are magic.’ You heard and closed your eyes.

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Okay, alright, okay. But what about an AU where Padmé never went to Mustafar?

Think about it. Imagine if she’d just stayed in her apartments. Imagine if she’d realized ‘hey I should stick around to try and pick up whatever pieces of this societal flustercuck I can instead of running off to a contested planet’ and just stayed on Coruscant.

What would have happened?

Well, first of all, she would have survived. Mainly because Obi-Wan wouldnt have stuck around with her for long.

The Temple is ransacked, Jedi are being hunted down and killed, Obi-Wan has no clue where Anakin is and if he sticks around Coruscant to find out, he’s gonna get caught and killed, or worse.

So after he tells Padmé he loves Anakin too, and then Padmé doesn’t sprint off to her own death, Obi-Wan is forced to flee Coruscant. No babies, no Padmé, no knowledge about what the fuck happened to Anakin. Nothing. He has no choice but to flee alone.

Of course, he has help. From Bail, and no doubt from Padmé, whom Bail trusts enough to be like “Hey, I’m keeping Masters Kenobi and Yoda safe for the time being. Just letting you know, fam.”

This leads to Obi-Wan and Yoda essentially in hiding together, since neither of them have any clue what to really do after this major fuck up, and inevitably, you get Vaderkin’s face plastered across the holovids and such.

“Ooooh he’s a war hero. Oooooh the Jedi refused to let him be with his pregnant wife. Oooooh he’s the one good Jedi left.” Or something like that.

Yoda and Obi-Wan (mostly Obi-Wan, Yoda’s a bit a lot depressed) start to devise a plan of action. First, they need to round up any remaining Jedi. Then they need to gain help from sympathetic senators and such. Then they need to overthrow Palpaprune.

They have to do this while Vader is relentlessly searching for Obi-Wan, remember that.

Things start off as well as they can. Someway, by some plot convenience, Padmé gets Obi-Wan to the Jedi Temple, where he sends out another message, “HEY MEET AT DAGOBAH.” Or “VIVA LA REVOLUTION.” something along those lines. Has she had Luke and Leia by that point? Shit maybe.

What really matters the most at this point is that Obi-Wan is well aware that by going to Coruscant and doing this, he’s 100% gonna get caught.

And he does.

He turns around and boom, there’s Vader and a bunch of clones. Obi-Wan’s prepared for death at this point. Vader has killed so many other Jedi already.

But you know what Vaderkin does?

He doesn’t kill him.

He walks right up to Obi-Wan, all decked out in Imperial aesthetic bullshit, eyes like the sun, and straight up hugs Obi-Wan.

“I’m so happy you’re okay.”

SEE, I said Vader was relentlessly searching for Obi-Wan. I didn’t say why. In all honesty, if Mustafar hadn’t happened; if Anakin hadn’t assumed Padmé was betraying him because of Obi-Wan, what reason would he have to want to kill Obi-Wan?

Oh, he’s a Jedi. Yeah, okay, but first and foremost, he’s Anakin’s dearest friend. Given enough time to chill out after initially turning, he’d be in control of himself enough to think, “I’m not gonna kill him, I can make him see logic!”

Logic being that the Jedi were evil, the Empire is good, Obi-Wan is better off joining the Sith. Etc etc.

Would Palps butt in and be like, “You know I offer great Conversion Training on Byss. Give him on over, I’ll have him back before you can say noooooooo?” Yes, totally.

That’s when this plot jackrabbit could go two ways. Either Anakin refuses because he wants to keep Obi-Wan close, or Anakin says “k.” and Obi-Wan is sent to Byss, where shit happens.

Then the plot jackrabbit could split ANOTHER two ways. Either the conversion is successful, and both Palps and Vaderkin get a brand-spanking-new Sith Obi-Wan that they use to completely wipe out the Jedi OR (and I prefer this one) the Conversion training is a success, but Obi-Wan is a stubborn fuck, and even as a Sith still drifts toward the good (with the power of the Dark ofc, which is a very risky path to walk). He essentially orchestrates a big break out on Byss, helping all of those half-turned or about to be turned to get the fuck out of Dodge, and starting his own Sith cult of sorts.

Half Sith, half Jedi, half those that were just in despair.

It would be *awesome*. Basically Sith Obi-Wan and Jedi that aren’t sure if they should trust him anymore vs Vaderkin and Palps. Who wouldn’t like that?

*chin hands* possible future fic idea, hello hello helloe.

You’re Here- Sam Reinhart

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Alright anon, I kinda made this one a little angsty, but there’s fluff and Jack Eichel added in, so it can’t be too terrible right? I know nothing about Sam Reinhart (but he is cute anon) so I hope he seems like himself? And I mean Jack is Jack. Hope you all like it! Enjoy anon!

Warning: death

Anon Request: I loveeee your writing!!! Could do write something about Sam Reinhart? He’s such a cutie I’m obsessed


              You sat in your parents’ house in Vancouver, surrounded by family. Only 10 minutes until the Sabres game and you could really use seeing your boyfriend again.

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hi i was just wondering what you would say to people who think tyler and josh make music just for fame and dont actually care about it/are only trying to cater to depressed/angsty teens. thanks!

fuck, okay. it’s half past three am and it’s a bit tough for me to bring my thoughts together coherently but here: 

a little background story is necessary here: tyler joseph started writing songs when he was 17. if you listen to any song off no phun intended (except maybe taco bell saga), there is no denying that there’s something not okay. he wasn’t okay, and letting things out by writing was perhaps the only cathartic and healthy way for him to feel better. 

they took ten fucking years to get where they are now. ten, fucking, years. these ten years were characterised by hard work, sometimes even hopelessness, and most importantly, creativity. they grew a fanbase organically, not through any connexions that they might’ve had with people in the music industry. they did it all themselves. tyler and josh do not write music for fame, and just paying attention to the lyrics of their songs prove that. they have been on the road for two years now, playing so many shows, meeting so many fans. they could’ve played two sold out msg shows, accepted their fucking grammy, and then disappeared off the face of the earth to enjoy their money. but they’re not. they have done so much, are encouraging their fanbase to create (artopia, the clique art contest, etc.) because they know how important creating is. and this, this counters the argument that “they’re only trying to cater to depressed/angsty teens”. okay, maybe a big portion of their fanbase is mentally ill, but so are they. it’s only normal to write about your own issues: the fact that people resonate with those is just coincidence. their encouragement for us to create, is also a way to protect us: guns for hands is the exact explanation for this. turn your guns, to a fist. 

tyler once stopped a show (and possibly multiple ones) because fans were unwell. there’s a video of him out there stopping goner in a panicked voice because he thought something was happening. you can hear the concern. he cares, so much. josh does too. they never show off. their most prized possession is us. music has become a way of life for them, a way to live just as it has become a lifeline for so many of us. they have saved so many lives. the sole fact that tyler wrote friend, please shows just how much they care. i have trouble even imagining why someone would say they don’t care. they so fucking care. 

Luke Evans - It’s Not Too Late. It’s Never Too Late

Imagine: You’re suffering from depression and you once tried to take your life. Things were getting bad, till you met your future husband, Luke Evans. He helped you through your problems. From time to time, you get depress and get suicide thoughts. Luke helps you through these trouble times.

WARNING: Mentions of self harm/ depression/fluff/smut

Luke Evans - It’s Not Too Late. It’s Never Too Late


You on your way back home, from was suppose to be a fun day out with your friends. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as plan, like they always.

It was your only day off you had over a week. You have been stress out and needed the day off to have fun. You get calls from a co worker that wanted to call out.

Granted they had good reasons, but you just needed this day. Then one thing after another, more problems are brought up.

Work is out of supplies and your boss is happy about this. So, you do what you can on your end, as always it’s not enough.

Yours always putting yourself out there and trying your best. You go in early, you come out late, going in on your days off and covering extra shifts. You hear a few thank yous for some of the co workers, but others just seem to overlook it.

Soon as something goes wrong, all your hard work and extra effort gets thrown out of the window. Everything becomes your fault and things are always screwing up when your left in charge.

You want to speak up, but afraid to lose your job. It’s hard to look for another job, since jobs are hard to come by nowadays. So you knew you had no choice but to tough it out.


Luke’s POV

Soon as (Y/N) walked into our bedroom, I knew something was wrong. I looked up at her and I saw she had tears in her eyes.

Without saying anything to me, she went straight into the bathroom. I turned off the TV and let out a heavy sigh

No doubt something happened that cut her timeout short. I can hear her starting up the bath water and putting on some music. I turned off the TV and let out a sigh, as I sat up on our bed.

By her choice of music, I knew her depression was sitting in. She had the bathroom door open, so I could keep an eye on her. She knew I worried that she would harm herself like she use to. So she leaves it open so I can keep an eye on her.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong my love?” I asked as I saw her leaning over the edge of the bathtub, looking at the ground. “You can tell me anything, you know that love?”

She didn’t look up at me as she reach for her phone. Knowing her, she was on her tumblr, writing a story. I didn’t mind it, it helped take her mind off of things around her.

(Y/N) would say, she may not have control of the world around her, but on tumblr she can make sure everyone got a happy ending. That’s all she wants, is an happy ending. She does have one, but she just can’t see it.

“Writing another story my love?” I said as she looked up at me. I gave her a smile and she give me a small smile. “Come on love. Won’t you come over here and talk to me.”

She unplug the bathtub and grabbed a towel. She wrapped herself up and got out, she walked over to me. “Set the phone down, love.” I said, smiling up at her.

She put the phone on the dresser and held the towel tight around her. I got up and went over to her. I press my lips against her forehead. “Now love, what happened?”

“Work.” She said, letting out a sigh.

She started telling me how things just kept going wrong. She felt she couldn’t have a day’s rest from the stress. That she was worthless and a waste of space. She felt like nothing she does would ever enough. That she was never going to be enough.

I feel like cutting again.” She whisper.

I close my eyes and let out a heavy sigh. I kiss the side of her head, as tears begin to fall down her face.

I reach up and took her hands off the towel, letting it fall to the floor. I kneel down, as I wrapped my arms around her, holding her close. I press my head against her stomach.

I press my lips gently against the scar she had on her stomach.

She use to cut because of her mother, if you could even call that woman a mother. She was cruel, heartless, vial woman that wants nothing but death for (Y/N). One day, it got so bad that she tried to take her life.

“I’m sorry, for everything.” I said letting out a sigh. “I’m sorry you’re going through this.”

“I’m man that isn’t responsible, is sorry for others doings.” She said, as she touch my hair.

“Because, I don’t like seeing you this way.” I said as I stood back up.
I trace her face with my hand. I looked into her eyes and she tried to look away. I lifted her chin up so she could look up at me.

“I know you’re hurting (Y/N). It’s not fair you’re feeling this way, but you’re not alone.” I said, as I took ahold of her face. “I’m here for you, I’m always here for you.”

“Luke.” She said, letting out a sigh.

“Don’t listen to what they say about you. You’re not worthless or a waste of space. You always try your hardest at what you do. It’s not your fault they refuse to see that.” I said, leaning my face closer to hers.

“You can’t give up, whenever life gets you down. You have to pick yourself up off the floor and dust yourself off. I know it’s rough now, but it’s not too late, it’s never too late for things to get better.” I said, as I stroke her face with my thumb.

“I love you (Y/N) and nothing will change that. Cause at the end of the day, I have you and you have me. That’s what counts the most. You have someone that loves you and cares about you. You have someone that lives for you and you have someone to live for. Isn’t that what matters most, than what people say?” I said, giving her a gently smile.

“Yes.” She said, looking up at me. “Yes that’s what matters most.”

“I love you (Y/N), remember that. When everything goes bad, remember I love you and I’ll always love you” I said, leaning down and gently kissing her lips.

The kiss slowing became tense. She needed her mind off on the world around her. I needed her to remember, that I love her.

Chapter 3 Her POV

Luke gently wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up. He spun around and laid me on the bed. Then he stood up and remove his clothes. Luke smile down at me as he lean down, kissing my ankle.

He kiss all the way up my leg as he glided his hand over my other leg. Luke slowing made his way on top of me, all the way leaving a trail of kisses.
Luke looked down at me and I stared up at him. I reach out and taking ahold of his face, guide him towards me. We kiss against as I wrapped my legs around him.

I moaned into the kiss, when he slowing enter me. He place one hand on my head, the other remove my hand from his face.

Luke pin my hand down with his. Our fingers slowing entwine, as he started to thrust in and out of me. He hold me tight, keeping me close to his body.

“I love you (Y/N). I love you.” Luke said as he broke the kiss to stare into my eyes.

He made sweet and gentle love to me. All the while, he kept whispering to me how much he loved me. How much he needed me in his life. How much I met to him.

That’s what I love about Luke. That’s what drew me to him. He was always so sweet and caring. He understood me since day one. Luke never judge me, not once.

He took care of me when I needed it. He showed me love and kindness. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here today. His love keeps me going. I guess he is right. It’s not too late, it’s never too late.

“I love you”….

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Y’all got your prom tickets?

We’re starting things off this year with something really scary.

Let’s talk about high school. I’ll start: it sucked.

Okay, that’s a little disingenuous. My high school experience, based exclusively on how other people treated me, was fine. My teachers were nice. My classmates were decent. My classes, with some exceptions here and there, weren’t too hard. If we’re to judge my high school experience based on how I treated myself, though…oh boy, I’d rather not. 

Social anxiety, depression, self-loathing…there was a lot of bad on the inside, and I’m lucky that there wasn’t very much on the outside. Anybody familiar with Carrie likely knows why I’m talking about this. Carrie White, the lonely high school girl with telekinetic powers, had a lot of bad going on, inside and out.

For starters, she’s never fit in. ‘Fitting in’ is a nebulous concept, and adults might struggle to describe what all it means, but kids won’t. Kids know. How much that means, and whether the kids that don’t fit in can escape the stigma, is something of a toss-up. Carrie can’t. In part, what makes this story so haunting is how it seems like Carrier never had a chance.

The shadow of her abusive, hyper-religious mother looms long over Carrie, and whenever she dares try to step outside the strict rules Margaret imposes on her, a gaggle of popular kids are there to pick up the slack. The whole world seems to see Carrie White as a loser, even the people who want to help her, even Carrie herself. 

Carrie hates that the other kids are mean to her just as much as she hates the fact that she never catches on to their pranks in time. She hates that she can’t ever seem to see it coming, that she’s a target at school and at home, that she seems destined to live lonely and broken with her mother forever. She doesn’t see anything good happening to her because she’s never had good happen to her. That kind of catastrophic thinking is intimately familiar to me, and will be to a lot of people who were lonely in high school.

Carrie isn’t just despondent, though; she’s mad. She hates people just as much as her circumstances. She’s hurt, and she wants to hurt in return. She yearns for a chance to give back even one percent of what they’ve given her. When she discovers her power, she gets that chance.

Up above, I said that this book was haunting. That’s the best word I can think of. It’s haunting because, even without seeing the movie(s), you know what’s coming. You know that Carrie is going to fall victim to cruelty even as she makes her prom dress and dares to hope. You know that she’s going to kill nearly five hundred people even as she arrives at the prom and everything seems special and magic. This is partially an epistolary novel; Stephen King quotes extensively from (fictional) interviews, research books, memoirs, and more to outline the facts of what Carrie did on Prom Night. The effect lends the entire story an air of chilling reality, plausibility, and terrible certainty. That it’s going to end in horror is a given from page one, and King doesn’t foreshadow deaths so much as admit that the clock’s ticking.

It’s the terror of knowing what’s going to happen, like being a kid and knowing you don’t fit in. It’s the horror of realizing you have power and that you should stop–Sue Snell when she joins in the name calling in the shower, Carrie White when she locks the doors–but that you don’t want to.

When you’re a kid growing into a teen, you think about power a lot. You wonder what the world would be like if you could make things happen, or what your life would be like if you could do everything that adults do, or even what yesterday would’ve been like if you could do what the people teasing you could. There might be a dark, vindictive part of you that yearns for that kind of power. There was for Carrie. Her world is a frightening, familiar, and unforgettable one.

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I don't know if you've done this senario before, but RFA + V and Saeran learing that mc has depression? (Maybe they figure out because they starts dropping hobbies, smiling less, or they just tell them strait out)



  • He realized you started having more and more ‘off’ days
  • You had explained to him a while back that some days you just didn’t have energy to do much of anything; you just called those days your off days
  • But it used to be that you only had them once or twice a month
  • it seemed like they were almost every day now
  • He started getting worried when you stopped getting out of bed. He would leave in the morning and when he came back from school you would still be in the same exact position, and there was no sign around the apartment that you had moved
  • He doesn’t quite know what to do, he just shakes your shoulder to wake you, and he pulls the curtains open to give you some sunlight
  • He also makes your favorite food, because you were definitely hungry after not eating all day
  • You definitely didn’t want to wake up, let alone move, but he tells you that you have to
  • Even though he doesn’t realize it, he’s doing probably everything right to getting you better. He even cleaned up the house to help clear your thoughts, and  he didn’t prod or try to get you to talk. Just seeing you eating and being slightly healthier was enough for him


  • The moment you didn’t send him off to work with a “good luck! Stay safe!” He knew something was off
  • You had been quiet that morning at the table, but you weren’t a morning person. You had been staring vacant eyed into your cup of coffee for a frighteningly long amount of time, though
  • He asks a trusted coworker what might be up, and they give some insight on what might be depression
  • He proceeds to do research on how to help you
  • He’s excellent at motivating you, which wasn’t an easy feat. But somehow he knows how to make menial tasks seem much more fun than they really were
  • What affects him the most about your depression is that he can’t cure it for you
  • Seeing you upset is the hardest thing for him, so he tries his best to make you smile every day.


  • You had mentioned to her at the beginning of your relationship that you had depression
  • At first, she didn’t pay it much mind. You seemed very happy and chipper most of the time, so she decided not to worry about it
  • But with every up came an even worse down, and she realized really what you meant when you told her about your depression
  • You ave her one word answers to everything, and sometimes not even a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ just a small groan in response.
  • You moved around the house like you were in slow motion, and your eyes looked dead.
  • The only emotion she saw you express that week was guilt when you had refused her offer to go out on a date
  • “I-I’m sorry…I just…I wouldn’t be much fun…”
  • She Was Gonna Help You As Much As She Could
  • She cleaned up the entire apartment until it was sparkling and constantly made you healthy food that she knew you loved
  • She even baked you a cake
  • Every day when she left for work she would tell you how much she loved you, and how you two could get through this together with some time


  • He freaked out internally when you did’t give him a goodbye kiss on his way to work
  • The whole day he was so worried???? You always sent him off on a happy note
  • And you were usually a morning person, but it seemed especially hard for you to get up today
  • He called you to ask if you were feeling well, if he needed to get a doctor, etc
  • You told him no, you weren’t sick per se, but you explained in as few words as possible that you’ve had clinical depression all your life, this was just it flaring up
  • He immediately went home, and all the way there, he was researching how to help you as much as possible
  • “I read that sunlight is very good for preventing depression. Should we go on a walk?”
  • “Jumin, it’s fine. Really. It’ll go away soon”
  • “How long does it usually last?”
  • “…my shortest was a month..”
  • “Come. We’re going on a walk. I know a place nearby with a lovely garden”
  • He lets you slowly open up about your depression; he’s literally so accepting and comforting it makes you want to cry


  • When you don’t laugh at a shitty joke he told you, he knows something’s up
  • He kinda noticed that something was Off with your for the past couple of days, but he realized it had started getting a lot worse
  • You spent three hours in the shower (”wasn’t it cold???” “Yeah but i didn’t really mind)
  • Your speech is really slow and just flat, like you didn’t have the energy to put any emotion back into it
  • He knows what’s wrong and he want’s to cry bc you have to go through it
  • He may have unhealthy methods of coping with his depression, but he isn’t gonna let you do any of that
  • he encourages you to talk about it, “But Seven I sound like an angsty teenager when I do” “I’ll talk about mine, we can be emo teens together”
  • The most attentive; when ever you say how you’re feeling he can always relate


  • He gets really worried and kinda upset when you say you’d rather not come along with him when he goes to take photos
  • You usually are happy to go; you especially loved taking some yourself even if they weren’t very good per se but he cherishes them
  • So he goes on his own, and comes home to find you just. staring at your blank computer screen.
  • “MC…? MC are you doing alright?”
  • You jump, “Oh, yeah. I’m fine. just tired”
  • He doesn’t want to make any assumptions so he waits a couple days and observes
  • He finds what he had hoped it wouldn’t be
  • You’re constantly zoning out, you’re incredibly lethargic, you sleep all day or not at all, and he can tell you wish your room was cleaner but every time you try and clean it you just,,can’t
  • So he helps you along; he helps you clean up, he makes you come outside with him (you’re extremely grateful, even if you don’t tell him how much he’s helping) and he lets you know there’s nothing inherently wrong about you being depressed. Its just a matter of finding a balance, and how to cope with the bad times


  • You start acting different, he asks what ‘s wrong, and you carefully tell him you have depression, and what you were going through was just a thing that happened
  • he’s just like no NONO nO HE JUST WANTS TO HELP
  • but you tell him it’s okay; you’ve dealt with this on your own for years, he doesn’t need to stress himself out by trying to pull you out of it
  • He’s not dealing with that answer at all
  • He invites you to talk about how your feeling…a bit awkwardly but it’s the thought that counts
  • sometimes you two just end up having 2 am chats and deep conversations about your depression and he can always relate and you never realized how incredibly nice it felt to have someone who knew what you were going through
  • You also never realized you could get through one of you down periods so quickly
  • like it only took two weeks for you to start feeling less shitty??? that’s amazing it usually takes month
First lift (a while back) takes positive toll on my depression

(**not RP)
So I just wanted to share a bit of personal info for the few followers I do have. For the past 10-12 years I have suffered in and out from depression. My stress and anxiety levels were through the roof. I wasn’t sleeping, I was constantly aggravated and I was driving everyone away. Most of my stress routed from money problems. I came from a split home with minimal income. I learned quick that If I wanted something I had to work for it. So I got a job at 15 and worked 5 days a week for the next 7 years. My life felt like a never ending cycle of giving my all to corporations that would never care for me or treat their employees like family. I was able to barely pay my bills but couldn’t afford to go out with friends or keep my clothing trends up to date. I remember I wanted to go out with my boyfriend so I went to target to find something reasonably priced. I must’ve tried on a million things. But the only top I liked was almost 30 bucks and I only could afford something for $15. My eyes started to tear because no matter how many bills I paid off it seemed like something was always keeping my money tied up. Hospital bill paid, then My car engine light would come on. Rent paid, then I’d have to take my cat to the vet. This really only fed the depressing thoughts of truly hating myself inside and out. I sat down in the dressing room, wiped my tears and refused to let the same bullshit problems get to me yet AGAIN. Infuriated, I ripped off every tag I could find and stuffed the shirt in my purse. Terrified, I left the store, but the moment I was in my car I felt a liberation I had never felt before. A freedom from my depression I had never known. True release. From then I decided I would research better tactics and that’s how I found my liftblr home. Today, my depression is only a fraction of what it was. For the first time in my life, I can spend my money how I want on things and want and haul whatever else comes to mind. I don’t feel trapped or limited the way I used to. The rush of lifting now is just a plus. Lifting is truly the medication my doctor could never prescribe. I’ve been so happy for all the help I’ve found here, I’ve got Nothing but love for my fellow lifters and for anyone else out the suffering with the effects of depression. If anyone with depression is reading this please know you are not alone. Everyone’s problems route from different issues but this has truly become an eye opening community and I’ve so lucky to have found it. ❤️❤️❤️

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so i have this friend and i want to tell her about my rape but i'm afraid she'll make fun of me. i told her about how my dad was abusive and she made fun of me, and she does the same thing about my anxiety and depression. idk it's not as bad as it sounds i promise but she's my best friend and i want to let her in but i'm scared. - charlisa.

If you realllyyy want to tell her because you need the support then you should start off by telling her this is something very personal and very serious. Not something to be joked about and you’re telling her because you trust her and want her support. Make that clear and see if she becomes serious. Then if you feel comfortable telling her, go ahead. I really hope she doesn’t make fun of you or joke about this kind of stuff. Best of luck love! 💙