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Smutty September!

Thank you to the amazing Cat (@lattecalum) for this beautiful edit!

I’m so happy to announce the arrival of Smutty September! This is an event in which I post a new smut everyday of the month, including eight of each boy and two special items! 

I took inspiration from 5sexonds-of-smut’s 25 days of smut (it wouldn’t let me tag the blog), so full credit to them for giving me this idea! I started writing for this in May and I’m the worst at keeping secrets so I’m honestly surprised I’ve kept it this quiet for so long.

Anywayyy, this is going to be a masterpost where I’ll link each imagine with a little synopsis part. Please enjoy reading!!

Feedback/excitement would be appreciated! (pls come freak out with me)

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Mob Psycho 100 Fanfiction Masterpost: Fandom Basics Edition

These are the most popular fanfics in the mob psycho 100 tag on AO3 when filtered by kudos, comments, and what I’ve seen personally in the fandom. All of these are for general or teen and up audiences. None of these fics contain pedophilia, incest, or rape. 

If you’re new to the fandom and haven’t read any of these yet, they’re a good place to start. 

Featuring works by phantomrose96, UncannyCookie, Sifl, and more. If you feel like there is a work that belongs on this list that isn’t on it, please let me know. 

tomorrow isn’t always another day



It’s like Reigen’s been waiting for the question. He stops dead on the pavement, grips Mob by the shoulders, and stares down into his eyes with an expression as haunted as though every ghost the pair of them has ever exorcised has taken up residence behind it. “Mob,” he says. “Mob,” he says again. “Tell me, Mob. Look at me and tell me. Tell me truthfully. Do I look cursed to you?”

Mob looks at him, and tells him truthfully. “No.”

“Well, you didn’t look very long,” says Reigen. “Let’s just stand here for a moment, like so, and you can have another look, a nice long look, and really think about it…”

 (There’s nothing strange about being called back to exorcise the same haunted photocopier six days in a row. It must just be a very haunted photocopier.)

General Audiences


Of Cold Hands Reaching



After six months in Mogami’s mind world that weren’t even real anyway, Mob returns to his old life.

Everything is fine.

General Audiences


And Nearly Letting Go



Mob and Teruki are the sort of friends that never fight. 

General Audiences


do make tomorrow a sunny day (series)



An AU that hinges on one question: what if someone at Claw noticed Mob’s powers much, much earlier? MANGA SPOILERS

General Audiences/Teen and Up Audiences





Your name is Hanazawa Shigeo, and when you are twenty four years old, you meet a boy.

His name is Reigen Arataka. 

General Audiences


It Runs in the Family



Teru agrees to attend a party celebrating his uncle’s full recovery after a horrific “car accident,” but he’s not excited about reconnecting with his cousin, Minori, who he recalls is as bad, and likely worse, as he used to be. 

However, he is not expecting to find her trying to turn over a new leaf in the wake of a traumatic spiritual possession, and in dire need of a confidant. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, they have more in common than Teru would like to admit…especially when he realizes that Minori is trying to track down her mysterious rescuer.

General Audiences


Color in A Monochrome World (Series)



A series of interrelated Mob Psycho 100 stories. They are meant to be read in this order, but they can also be read as standalone works.

General Audiences, Teeen and Up Audiences


A Breach of Trust



This is a world in which Mob and Reigen’s paths have never crossed, in which 10-year-old Mob found psychic guidance in the form of the aging, retired tv personality Keiji Mogami, in which Reigen followed through on his plans to close the Spirits and Such Agency, in which a cruel twist of Mob’s powers forces him to confront how dangerous he really is.

10 year old Shigeo Kageyama has vanished, his trail instantly cold, and his case gathers dust in police archives as a kidnapping never solved. Four years pass before a chain of events causes his path to cross with that of the despondent, unfulfilled fake-psychic-turned-fake-investigator, Arataka Reigen. Reigen finds himself in over his head caring for an escaped victim of abuse who, for reasons unfathomable, has been taught to believe his very existence is a horrifically dangerous thing…

Teen and Up Audiences


A House Made of Cards



Reigen is terrified of the man standing at his office door. And it’s not his own safety that concerns him.

Teen and Up Audiences





The staff of Salt Middle School consider Kageyama Shigeo’s third emergency contact.

General Audiences


Extracurricular Education (Series)



A collection stories revolving around Mob’s growth through his part-time job with Reigen.

General Audiences, Teen and Up Audiences


Temporary Accommodations



Due to a matter of circumstance and some near-death escapades, Mob’s body gets kidnapped.

…Without Mob himself in it.

 (In which the great Reigen Arataka’s body becomes a sort of temporary accommodation for Mob’s soul, and Reigen quickly finds out he’s not really built for this sort of thing.)

Teen and Up Audiences


We’ve Really Grown Up



Mob and Reigen hang out and solve cases together.

Teen and Up Audiences





In the aftermath of the night fighting Claw’s 7th Division, Mob’s powers return to him. However, something unknown is left behind with Reigen. Something that doesn’t want to remain there. And someone begins to take notice of the strange psychic activity coming from the Spirits and Such Consultation Office. 

(Or: in which Reigen is saddled with ???%, and things go poorly for all involved.)

Teen and Up Audiences


A Risk of Going Through a Doorway Is That It May Be Locked Shut Behind You



“You’re always you, and that don’t change, and you’re always changing, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

(–Neil Gaiman, ‘The Graveyard Book’) (AU)

Teen and Up Audiences


A Different Outcome



In a world where it is not a peaceful life that Mob seeks, but redemption, the road to recovery seems so far-fetched, a distant dream that nobody could hope to achieve.

General Audiences


About RvB15 and tags

The long wait is finally over and this coming Sunday (April 2th) Red vs Blue season 15 will premiere for First members! To be fair to non-First members I will not post any spoilers until the episode has aired for non-First members the following day (assuming last years schedule is still valid). 

I will be using the tags rvb15 and rvb15 spoilers as well as rvb15xepisode number (for example rvb15x1) for all posts about the new season. Any new posts/edits about the new episode will be scheduled to be posted starting 15-30 min after the public release and will be tagged. Any possible text posts (aka me losing my shit) before that time will be tagged and under a read-more. 

Tagged by sweet @lithialetheia​, thank you, I was playing way too much Dragon Age so really I needed a distraction x) (this girl just built herself a new PC!!! So I can finally record and start editing my shitty videos again!) <33

Birthday: 6th of March, born on the planet of Mars. I’m also a marsipan. 

Gender: Batman.

Relationship status: Let’s see here. Married to Avallac’h and Regis, second-wife to Caranthir and Eredin, third-wife to Cullen and Blackwall. Also, slightly infatuated with Solas and Sera, AND OMG DORIAN. Have I forgotten my 43 other fictional partners? I can’t remember as I often lose count. Maybe I’m picky, maybe I’m just messed up, but if I do ever meet someone who’s as interesting as these characters, sure, I could give it a try. Haven’t happened for 20 years though so I doubt it’ll happen in the future either. 

Favorite color: Usually switches between red and blue. Today I like blue. 

Pets: I have a dog who looks like a mop, does that count for a bonus?
(he may look cute, but he’s seriously the sassiest little shit I’ve ever met)

up time: I know it’s common to hear about people referring to themselves as “night owls” instead of morning people. But then they go to sleep at like… midnight. When I say I’m night person, I’m seeeeeeerious. I don’t go to sleep at all. The sun is coming up earlier now, so I go to sleep when the sun comes up basically, around 5. So usually I wake up at 12. (my dog has a habit of barging my door open with his head every morning at 10-11 tho)

Love or lust?: It’s more complicated for me. I think love is so beautiful when it heals people, and when it’s deep, non-shallow and loyal. But I’m pretty sure I’m aromantic, though I’m constantly denying it, because I don’t want to be. I love the idea of love, but I hate the reality of people being romantic with me. I find it repulsive and smothering. (Tho again, I don’t want it to be like that, I’ve just always felt that way) Lust is different though, since I’m not asexual, but then again, I have problems with physical contact too. So I don’t know, neither and both. I like to talk about how much I’d like to marry Avallac’h for example, but would he be standing in front of me in person? I think I’d be pretty terrified of the idea then, it’s a lot of fun in my head though.  

Favorite food: I loooove raw salmon and herring soooo much. (and sun dried tomatoes) (also anything italian) 

Met a celebrity?: Not a single one, I don’t think I would’ve cared about it though, if they’re nice, I’m nice, but I don’t idolize celebrities one bit. 

Last song listened to: Old Money by Lana Del Rey, it’s not often I find a song that weirdly reminds me of myself. Have you guys found a song like that? 

First kiss: When I was 19 before my graduation. A fellow advice to those who haven’t experienced it yet; I used to ponder about it so much before I had kissed someone, what it would feel like, romanticize it, but then I suddenly gained a lot of experience in just a year and realized I hadn’t been missing out on much. Maybe it’s different if you actually like the person, though. But to me, it felt so strange, I was always uncomfortable and I thought it was gross. 

Tall or short: If I’m tall or short or if I like tall or short people? I’m short, especially in a country of giants, but in others I don’t care or even notice their height. 

I’m tagging, firstly anyone who wants to do it (also I don’t know who has already done it): @cirillach @vaporeox @vernon-roche @ferelden-doglord @lunedin @the-sweet-fox @the-night-mother @shadanakara @annarieta @alifelongpassed @dandelionandbuttercup :) i’m sorry I’m too lazy to tag any more

You know what I think could actually be really fun?

 If we had some sort of voltron cross-medium week, where everyone creates stuff in a medium they’ve never really used before (can’t draw a stick figure? Try fanart! Enjoy writing but your similes all come out wrong? Write a fanfic! Think that edits are awesome but have no idea where to start? Have a go!) 

It’d mainly be designed to take the pressure off starting a new thing (no one’s going to be perfect from the get go, but if we have a separate tag for new starters in a particular area it could help us encourage/help each other, and you never know what you might love).

In the lead up we could all help share the knowledge that we have about the mediums that we regularly use, and then switch it up for a week and see what we get. 

I dunno, I think at best we could all maybe discover some new hobbies (serious or not), and at worst we could probably all learn to appreciate all the ways that people make fan content a little bit more. 

Anyway, this is more of an fyi post as I am already planning to set this up, but if you’re keen to help out with the organisation let me know (it’ll probably be running late June or early July), or else just get keen! 

About me

I was tagged by @inkcollectorus and @conversationinthehallway  ❤️

If you’ve been tagged, reblog and edit (or if you’re on mobile erase the old text when reblogging) to answer the questions, write who you’ve been tagged by, either come up with new questions or leave the old ones and tag 5-10 people who you want to answer them.

As I’ve been tagged by two people, I have to answer 20 questions… So yeah, here’s more than you really want to know about me…

Let’s start with @conversationinthehallway‘s 10 questions

1. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
A tiny charm to put on my Pandora bracelet. It wasn’t the real gift in itself, but implied another gift to come… Yeah, I’m being vague on purpose, I’m not gonna say more 😉

2. Your dream job? 
I know I bitch about my job quite a lot. But I really like being a teacher, and I think I wouldn’t be good at anything else, so… Yeah, I’m gonna stick with it and hope I’m doing it the best way I can. 

3. What inspires you? Where do you look for inspiration?
Life is inspiring. When I write, sometimes it’s because of a tiny detail I’ve seen or come across during my day. When I draw, I try not to overthink and just let my mind wander.

4. What can’t you live without?
Coffee. Music. My phone. Wine. Laughing. My daughter.

5. What are you known for?
I hope I’m known in this fandom for writing good fics, and for just being a nice girl from France 😊. But in real life, I’m known for being the crafty girl who can do anything she wants with her hands (I knit, I crochet, I paint, I draw, I sew sometimes…). I’m also known for being the girl with the impossible eyes (people never agree about their color)

6. If you could live anywhere, where would you live? 
I’d live where I live 😊 I’m in love with my little piece of South West French countryside. Yes, my neighbors are cows and I need to take the car to buy a loaf of bread cause there’s nothing around, but I’m surrounded by the sounds of cicadas and the view is fantastic ❤️

7. What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
I can sing! And people don’t usually know it cause I’m kinda shy about this. It reminds me of a funny story I told @therobbinsnest not so long ago because I have this pupil, C, that she knows of (we played match makers and set C up with her son so they would chat and improve their French/English 😉). 
C is the best pupil you could dream of, nice, super polite, funny, interested, clever and witty. She has been my pupil for the past three years now, so I know her quite well, and apparently, she thought she knew me too. She is a member of the school choir. And this year, with a couple of other teachers, I decided to join the school choir too! My music colleague knows about my singing abilities (he knew I used to sing in a band), so when he asked for a volunteer to get a solo for the end of that song, none of the kids volunteered cause they thought it was too difficult. I thought I was gonna die when he said that was no problem, cause I was gonna do it… He grinned at me, and started playing piano right away, never letting me time to think . I started singing, and C, who was standing right in front of me, turned away, like 😳, waited for me to finish while still looking at me like I was an alien, then, for the first time in my life I heard her swear! “HOLY SHIT YOU CAN SING! FUCK ME!” 😂

8. What’s the best advice you’ve ever given?
I have no idea!! You’d have to ask people I gave advice to know that!

9. What makes you feel strong?
My man, my daughter and my friends.

10. Nutella or Peanut Butter?

And now, @inkcollectorus‘s 10 questions

1.     Favorite movie(s) you’ve seen recently?
I really REALLY liked Moana. Also, @alldolleduppink made me watch Mulholland Drive and my mind was blown away…

2. Favorite show(s) at the moment?
At the moment I’m kind of obsessed with Netflix’s new show “13 reasons why”, but I’m also super excited about American Gods

3. Favorite fandom(s)?

4. Favorite thing(s) you’ve most recently read?
I’ve read “California Dreaming’” by Pénélope Bagieu which is about the life of Mamma Cass and I loved it

5. A quote that you relate to?
Be the change you wish to see in the world.

6. A few of your favorite songs/music?
Oh god this is tough… Let’s just say you can never go wrong with The Red Hot Chili Peppers or The Beatles. Or with Edith Piaf… (yup, those are my very eclectic tastes)

7. Some authors you enjoy?
Hmmm… I’m not sure I have any favorite since I can read absolutely everything that I get my hands on…

8. Favorite places you’ve been to?
I always loved London and Paris. But I also loved my trips to Sicily, to Andalusia, to Madrid, and I also have fond memories of my trip to Boston when I was in high school. Also I’m going away to Athens on Monday for a one-week school trip, and I’m sure this is gonna be awesome too. I’ve never set foot in Greece before and I can’t wait!

9. What is your ideal free day?
Staying in my PJs, read fanfic, drink wine. Lots of wine.

10. Favorite scents?
Orange blossom. Peonies. Summer nights (mix of barbecue and freshly cut grass)

For the questions, I’m gonna let you pick the 10 questions out of these 20 to which you wanna answer 😉, and I’m tagging @therobbinsnest @whatfallsaway @alldolleduppink @sembell @storybycorey @sunshinetoday @bohoartist and @chileananderson, but feel free to ignore the tag if you don’t wanna do this 

Soulmates (Part One)

A/N: Happy New Year, y’all. I’m starting 2017 with a long story. It will be about 15 parts, maybe more, maybe less and IDK how often I will be posting. probably 2-3 times a week as I have already finished this story other than last minute editing. It will eventually deal with things like swearing, torture, angst, occasional smoking, and a whole lot of fluff. I’m probably missing things but I will mark that as I go. If you like it, can I ask that you reblog? Also, if you would like to be tagged in the series let me know. Please and thanks in advance!!!

Pairings: Crowley x Reader, Sam and Dean Winchester

Warnings: Swearing

Word count:2,552


“Shit.” You thought to yourself as you looked down at your phone, trying to figure out just how late you were going to be. Of all the days your car doesn’t start, it’s the day you have a big meeting with your new client. You ran as fast as you could in heels as you unlocked your phone to call your boss and tell him you are going to be late. You weren’t paying any attention to your surroundings as you scrolled through your contacts when suddenly you heard yelling and the blast of a horn to your left. Before you could react to the car that was only inches from running you over, a strong hand grabbed your jacket sleeve and ripped you back towards the sidewalk as the car blazed by, the driver screaming out the window at you. You tripped on the curb and collided with the firm chest of the person who held on to your arm, the coffee you held in your hand spilling over both of you.

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Personal favorite shot from last night! 

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Please do me a favor guys and do not remove the watermark and if you repost, please credit. (Why would you want to remove my fancy, new watermark, anyway? It’s got my signature and everything! So cool, right??!)

I did a quick “best of” batch of last night’s concert and edited them to post on here, Twitter, and Instagram. The rest I will get to as I can between school and my jobs and internship. Thanks for the understanding and the support. Was great to see some familiar faces last night at BB Kings!


Let me tell you about a man // A walking storm who destroyed all things in his path // But you see, it wasn’t his fault / His life was stripped away before he could talk // With this demon blood pumping through his veins // And the desperate need to change // He prayed and prayed // Holding on to that last strand of hope that one day he could be saved // And as the angels came before him // He thought this is it, the time has come // Only to be called an abomination, cast out and stepped upon // So, he stays and cleans the wreckage of his own undoing // But this time… this time is different // He has no faith // And no belief that he should be saved // He does not fear death // In fact, he welcomes it // This poor boy // Beaten and broken // Who does not deserve the cards that were forced upon him // He’s done more good than evil // And yet he still wants it all to be over // Let me tell you about Sam // Who never stood a chance // But he still fought with everything he had // He deserves a crown, not these broken wings // Let me tell you about the boy who should be king (x)


AU: Your period is late this month, so you decided to take a pregnancy test. To your luck, you’re definitely pregnant and you try to hide it from your boyfriend Calum. He doesn’t find it, but Luke does. That’s kind of a problem.

Requested by anonymous!

anonymous asked:

What's missing E?

a long long time ago, before xkit, before tumblr was bought by yahoo, before reblog buttons were on the bottom of posts, back when the “new post” page actually opened in a new page there was an extension designed to help tumblr. it was called… missing e. the name “missing e” a clever play on the fact that tumblr is (if you haven’t noticed) spelled without an e. tumbler. missing e did all the things xkit does now but for the old tumblr. it let you tag asks, it had automatic reblogs, it let you mass edit posts, bookmark posts, put timestamps on posts, any little dashboard tweak you can think of missing e could probably do it. xkit popped up right around the downfall of e. tumblr starting denying help to accounts that had missing e installed. the creator faced legal scrutiny for messing with the tumblr code. eventually the entire operation went under. missing e is dead now. it has been for years. but it was once a mighty, helpful tool. taken in it’s prime and replaced by another.


I would love to continue in music, with writing… but I am not the kind of 

person who will hang around if I start to become irrelevant. If that happens, I 

will bow down gracefully, raise my kids, and have a garden. And I am going to 

let my hair go gray when I am older. I don’t need to be blonde when I’m 60! 

Hi! This is my first meet up. Especially for the LGBTQ+ I know how hard the holidays can be so I decided to make this meetup so people can make friends have people to talk to during the holiday.

How to join-
Just post selfies, edits, writings, anything that lets people know things about you. Also you can reblog people’s picture and edits etc. and make friends

Can I participate?

If you are apart of the LGBTQ+ community and the phandom you can join. As long as you’re not Heterosexual and Heteroromantic you can join. So questioning, Asexual, Pansexual, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Nonbinary, Demisexual, etc.

What tags do I use- #phandomholidaymeetup #phandomlgbtqmeetup #phandomlgbtqholidaymeetup

Date and time - December 3rd to December 4th starting at 12:00 pacific time which would 4pm in New York, 8:00 in London etc. and lasts for 24 hours.

I really hope this helps people get some friends to talk to for the holidays and helps some people who feel alone during the holidays get someone to talk too. 💞💕💞

Okay, so I found a way around the pain of trying to start a new thread from an ask without going through far too many steps. This is the easiest method I’ve found so far and it’s far from perfect but it’s a start. 

Step one: Open the ask on the person’s blog. 

Step Two: Find the Inspect Element option. In Chrome it’s under Developers tools. 

Step three: Search for a specific word in your reply. (Don’t pick something too simple of you’ll get a lot of results to sift through) It should look like this. 

Step Four: Select Edit as HTML

It’s really important that you click the line ABOVE the blockquote tags because that’s what’s going to get you the entire reply. This will let you copy and paste the exact coding into a new post and it will look exactly like the ask reply. 

I really hope that this helps out. If you have any questions about how to do this, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help as best we can. 


posted by Sam on FB: Sassenachs and Randallers! Excited to share this with you first! The new limited edition Outlander: Season One Ultimate Collection is available starting tomorrow. Let family & friends know this is on your holiday wishlist… @Tag them using ‪#‎GiftMeOutlander‬ for a chance to win this special copy, signed by me!

Hello everybody! Hope everyone had wonderfull end of the year celebrations! As you guessed I am here to announce something~

Asakiku Week is back in action!

This event should be running from Monday 25 to Sunday 31. Hopefully you can join!
Here are the themes! (I tried to mix new themes suggested by people and old themes from the first week so hopefully it please everybody!)

❁ Monday 25th January: Children
❉ Tuesday 26th January: Gakuen
❁ Wednesday 27th January: Cafe
❉ Thursday 28th January: Imperial
❁ Friday 29th January: Free theme
❉ Saturday 30th January: 0130
❁ Sunday 31th January:  Cardverse

It can be in any form of art you want it to be (drawing, writing, cosplay, graphics,/edits, whatever you feel like doing)! Just have fun which is the main point of the event!

The tag used will be #AsakikuWeek so please follow it for updates (as I don’t want to spam the main tag too much with this) and to share the works you did! ( you can also follow @asakikuweek for this)
Thank you again for your time and I hope you will enjoy it ! And thanks @selinawen​ for letting me use the HD version of her scans