let's start a day with jared's smile

Imagine Jared calling to cheer you up

You groaned as your phone buzzed, pulling it out to see your own tear-stained face staring back at you. You were totally unsurprised that it was your fiancé’s name lighting up the screen with a FaceTime call.

You sighed, holding your thumb over the front camera as you answered.

“Hey!” Jared beamed, before rolling his eyes when he realised you were covering the camera. “Y/N, sweetheart, lemme see your face.”

“I look like a piece of shit,” you protested. “I’ve been crying.”

“I know you have,” he shrugged. “I just want to see my girl.”

His unyielding smile had you giving in without further protest.

You moved your thumb away from the camera, smiling weakly back at him.

His grin widened.

“Well there’s the prettiest piece of shit I’ve ever seen,” he teased, and you let out a surprised laugh.

“You’re an idiot,” you told him, sniffing the remnants of your tears away. Just like that, he’d helped you start to feel better.

“Yup,” he agreed, still beaming. “Now, tell me about your day. How are the dogs?”

The Touch of Your Hand

SPN FanFic

Jared x Reader

2,049 Words

Warnings: Panic Attack.

A/N: This is what I think about when I’m about to snap.

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Jared fit his key into the front door and gave a little push. The portal resisted him, pushing back as the door got stuck on something left in the arc of its swing. He exhaled in annoyance and gave another shove, managing to open the door enough to slip through. When he emerged from the gap, he looked down to find the toe of your snow boot jammed under the door.

With a laugh, he kicked the shoe over towards the closet, shaking his head at your typical forgetfulness. When he looked back up, however, the scene around him was far from typical.

The small living room was cluttered with stuffed animals and baby toys. The long couch held piles of laundry in various states, only half sorted and folded. On the usually pristine hardwood floor, lay a trail of Cheerios from the entertainment center straight back towards the kitchen.

Jared sighed and pressed his thumb and index finger against the bridge of his nose. However hard his day had been, it appeared that yours had been worse.

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summer shenanigans: a headcanon

evan hansen x reader

one of the few evan hc’s that i Love for No Reason is that our boi cannot swim and @sincerlyyme & i had an extended convo about how cute this head cannon is & that convo has inspired an actual hc so shoutout to alli because she lets me talk and talk and talk and lots of these bullet points are bc of her so hERE WE GO

  • our sweet evan never rlly learned how to swim
  • he took a few lessons when he was really young but some asshole child pushed him in and he started to drown and he’s been super terrified ever since
  • it’s summertime tho and alana invited everyone over to her house to swim !!!!! isn’t she cute
  • you were very excited to go
  • evan was Horrified
  • but alana had mentioned that you were going so….. here he was. nervous. excited. a little in a love. but mostly just nervous.

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Not losing you - Jensen Ackles x Reader

Title: Not losing you

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word Count: 2,107

Warnings: Serious injuries, Jensen relating to Dean

Prompt: Hey! I was wondering if you could maybe write an imagine where the reader is an actress on the show, and she and Jensen really like each other, and y/n gets badly injured and like unconscious when filming a scene and Jensen is really worried and stays with her in the hospital and such! Love your writing!!

“Jensen” Jared pursed his lips as he let Jensen’s cup of coffee on the table “Don’t do this to yourself, man. Please.”

Jensen’s hand rested on his knees as he stared at the sleeping form. Your sleeping form. If it was any other occasion he would have loved it more than anything, because yes he had guilty pleasures, but at that very moment he just wished so bad you could wake up.

“I almost lost her, Jared.” he felt a lump form in his throat as fresh tears welled up in his eyes “I almost lot her.” he buried his face in his hands as he tried to keep his sobs in.

“J” Jared placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder “It’s not your fault.”

“No but I should have been there, Jared. I should have been there damn it.” Jensen gritted his teeth “I should have been by her side in an instant.”

“That’s humanly impossible, Jensen. You know it.” Jared breathed out with a smile as his friend stubbornly shook his head.

It had started out first as a game. The four of you goofing around as you always did on set and as Jensen had come to love more than anything else.

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Damn Guest Stars

Anonymous said: 

Hey! I wanted to request a RPF drabble or one-shot (you chose the length of it I don’t have a problem c:) of Jared x Reader, maybe there is a new temporary member in the show that starts flirting with the reader(who is Jared’s wife) in every small chance he gets until Jared gets super jealous and confront the guy and then goes with her wife to have kind of angry sex maybe? If you feel like using the number 72 of your kink list would be awesome c: Thanks!

A/N: Jared is single in this fic, and Gen is happy with her life somewhere else! :)

warnings: rough, unprotected sex, Jealous!Jared

word count: ~1250

You could see out of the corner of your eye Jared and Jensen whispering to one another, obvious annoyance on Jared’s face.  You were in the middle of your filming day, on location at what was supposed to be the local sheriff’s station.  It was going pretty well, most of the shots easy to do, giving you lots of breaks between set ups, but there was one major problem.

The guest star, Spencer, hired to play the sheriff on this episode, couldn’t stop flirting with you, and obviously also couldn’t take a hint.

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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Sixteen

Summary: Your mom confronts you in the airport, leading to friction within your new family
Words: 2.2k
Jared x Reader x Gen, Danneel, Jensen, JJ, Tom
Warnings: aggressive confrontations, angst
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

Your name: submit What is this?

“It’s… it’s my mom.”

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White Roses Chapter Two: Lunch Date

Chapter Summary: You invite Jared over to your place for lunch, can you let go of your past this time?

A/N: I am sorry that I never specified! But this series will probably only be updated once or twice a week. I really want to be sure that it’s good quality and in order to do that I have to spend a little bit longer writing it. <3

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Warnings: A little bit of language, some..adult content?

Word Count: 2.1k


Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

“I’ll call you,” he started, “or you can call me, if you want.”

“Okay.” you smiled before leaning in and placing one more chaste kiss to his lips.

You got up slowly and walked to your door, waving at Jared as he pulled away, and sighing when you let everything sink in.

You really liked Jared. But you couldn’t let your past with Chris get in the way. Unfortunately, it felt like it would.


The next few days were spent texting Jared whenever you could. Or, however often you would allow yourself. You wouldn’t let yourself text him back too fast, and you had to be sure that you didn’t come off too excited whenever you did text him.

But he’d been asking when he could see you again outside of the coffee shop, so you waited until you both had a day off and you put your fears aside; as best as you could anyway.

It was another beautiful day, almost as beautiful the day that Jared asked you out, only slightly cooler. You had your living room window cracked as you frantically cleaned your small house, getting things ready for Jared to come over for lunch.

Why did I invite him over? You asked yourself. You weren’t a very messy person, but you weren’t particularly a clean one either. You had started some chicken noodle soup that morning so that it could cook while you cleaned; but it was almost done, and Jared would be there within the hour.

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Bowled Over (Jared Kleinman x reader)

{I’m so sorry. -Fiona} Also this took me so long omg}

FYI: Swearing, Jared really loves bowling. Featuring as many of Will’s bowling tweets as I could get in. Again, I’m sorry.

“Hey, Y/N, look at this.” Jared nudged you to look at his phone as the two of you walked home from school that Friday. You rolled your eyes and held your breath cos you knew what this would be about.

“Did you know that Donald Trump had a bowling party?! I mean, not a big fan of this guy but a good idea is a good idea. Maybe I’ll get an invite next time.”

You sighed half jokingly and pushed his phone away from your vision. Jared loved bowling and had been trying to get you to go with him ever since you started dating. But you hadn’t played since you were seven and you sucked.


“Please!” He pleaded, poking you in the arm repeatedly.

You swatted his hand away and rolled your eyes for what was probably the millionth time since he first brought it up, “Are you really going to make me do this?”

“Hey! It is a wholesome, fun, and active way to spend an evening! You’d love it.” He defended his beloved bowling as if it were his only child.

“Fine. If you’re so desperate that you dig for Donald Trump tweets then I need to put an end to this for all our sakes.”

Yes! Bowling starts tomorrow. Be ready.” Jared shot you finger guns and skipped ahead of you with a glee that you had a feeling he wasn’t faking for laughs.


He picked you up in his car the next day to go bowling. The rain was pouring hard and fast and you had to scramble into his car to avoid getting too wet. As soon as you were in, you saw the big smirk spread across Jared’s face, “Man it is raining cats and bowling balls out there!”

You groaned and let your head fall into your hands, refusing to let him hear the laugh threatening to slip your lips. Jared patted your back as he drove, “Come up, buttercup. It’s gonna be fun.”

The rain died down just then and the clouds started to slowly clear.

“Jeez, bipolar weather today.” You commented, the wet car windshield being the only evidence of the previous monsoon.

“Yep. And now the sun emerges, like a great golden bowling ball… He smiled innocently and winked at you, Today is a 300 day. Perfect score, baby. Hashtag, Turkeys!”

“I don’t understand your bowling references!” You moaned desperately (Not in a sexy way you pervs).


Back on the lanes! I’m home, baby!” Jared shouted a little too loudly as he finished putting on his bowling shoes. He definitely earned some glances from the fellow bowlers around you.

You pulled a grimace as you put yours on, “I’m wearing borrowed shoes. This is going to be hell.”

That trademark Kleinman laugh echoed through the bowling alley. It was his turn first and he picked up his bowling ball with such flair he could be one of those dancers that perform with those twirly ribbons. Except this was a fucking bowling ball.

I really love to throw a bowling ball. Sometimes strikes, sometimes spares, sometimes gutters. Always friendships and love. Jared finished his love letter to bowling by swinging his arm and letting the ball slide down the lane, knocking over 8 pins.

“You might not have a relationship by the time this is over.” You pointed out, prodding his chest as he passed you to take a swig of his beer. He definitely wasn’t legal to drink but you remembered him mentioning he has a friend who works at the alley who probably supplied it.

His next shot floored those remaining two pins, much to his delight but not surprise, I love bowling! Man oh man I love bowling!” Jared cheered. He strutted back to the bench and lay across it while you struggled to even get your fingers in the bowling ball holes. You half threw, half pushed the ball out of your grip in the most awkward way possible and it rolled right into the gutter. You heard Jared cackle behind you.

“You weren’t kidding when you said you can’t play. Need some help?”

“Save me, Jared, for the love of God.”

It wasn’t the most successful of bowling lessons. Honestly, most of it was Jared standing behind you trying to do that cringey flirty golf position that looks a little too risque. It doesn’t work with a bowling ball, you and Jared can confirm that. But you managed to wrack up a fairly decent score for a beginner, even if Jared did do miles better.

And that was just the first game.

OKAY SO MAYBE you had fun and the two of you ended up playing several games. Your score only improved a little each time and Jared was always the reining champion.


Enough bowling. Time to rest. Jared finally said after winning the sixth game. Yep, the sixth. He was curled up on the bench now and his eyes drooped.

“You can’t fall asleep here, dumbass. Come on, you can stay at mine tonight, it’s a shorter drive.” You pulled him into a sitting position and the two of you returned your bowling shoes. As you walked out of the bowling alley he had both his arms slung around you and his head was leaning against yours. Not the best walking position but dammit he was really cute.

It was night-time now, just gone 9pm. Jared pointed lazily at the full moon, You know, it kind of resembles… in a way…

You both laughed hysterically. What few people were in the car park were looking at you, probably thinking you were high. Sleepy Jared dissolved and he was like a bouncy little kid again. You offered to do the drive home but when you stopped to yawn, he insisted he was fine to drive.

Jared started the car and your journey home, you yawned again, “Ever having trouble sleeping? Count pins. There’s only ten. Then knock ‘em down and count em again. He whispered, playing your favorite playlist while you giggled and rested your head on the window. You were just about ready to fall asleep in the car when;



I miss bowling.”


Imagine singing in the car with Sam

You couldn’t help but turn the sound up when one of your favourite songs started playing on the radio.

It was one of those rare occasions where Dean wasn’t around and Sam had given in and let you drive the impala so you had to make he most of it, even if it meant blasting the radio so loud you couldn’t hear anything else.

At first you simply started drumming your finger against the steering wheel, humming the tone under your breathe. But it didn’t take long for you to start belting it out, hand actions and head moments along with it.

Sam watched you from the passenger seat, his smile growing as he let out a small chuckle. The younger Winchester loved your voice, even if you did sound terrible.

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Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 59

My panties were instantly wet.  

As Jared’s words sunk in, I could feel my mind quieting while at the very same time my body beginning to tingle in anticipation.   My sole focus was on him.  

My eye lids fell slightly closed despite my eyes being glued to his.   The tone of his voice, the pressure of his fingers wrapped snugly around my neck; he made it easy to let go of everything around me.   Easy to fall into all that is him.  

“My God baby girl …”  Jared whispered, pressing his forehead to mine,   “You will forever amaze me.”

Letting his hand slip from my throat and travel across my collarbone, his wide palm pressed me harder against the door as he sealed this intimate moment with a kiss.  

With my hands around his waist, I gripped his shirt trying to pull him closer as much as he pressed himself against me.   Our tongues danced, deepening the kiss even further.   There was so much want, so much magnetic attraction, it was undeniable.  

I was against the door so when another, this time harder knock hit it, it caused us both to jump in surprise.  

“Shit!”  He mumbled, not at all pleased.  His tone reflecting his irritation, “Just a minute.”  

A slight groan left his lipa as he stepped back and adjusted his growing length causing me to giggle.   I was just as turned on as he was but for me, it was nothing anyone could see.   It was also a bit easier to push it aside since I was scared out of the moment too.  

Jared, being totally in control always, it just left him even more frustrated.  

Taking the upper part of my arm tightly in his hand he pulled me away from the door and out of the way.   Without another word he grabbed the handle to the door and roughly yanked it open.  

“Hi.”   He said to the bell hop, ushering him in.  

“These bags, Sir?”

“Yes, that’ll be all.”  He said,  "Thank you.“

Bitting my lip, I could feel his hand squeezing tighter as I continued to giggle at his obvious discomfort.   Probably not the smartest idea but I couldn’t help myself.   Usually I’m the one in that position so this was a nice change!

After our bags were taken out, Jared let the door slam shut and I should have taken that as a bad sign.  

"Thank you, baby girl.”   He said, surprising me completely.

Jared obviously had something up his sleeve and I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be good for me.   Well, maybe not in the traditional sense of the word, that is.  

“Thank you?”   I asked, my nervousness apparent in my voice.  

Finally letting my arm go, he slyly smiled as he gave his cock as squeeze then pulled his shirt down enough to cover the bulge in his pants that seemed to have only gotten larger.  

“That giggle earned you a spanking and you know how much I enjoy turning your pretty little ass pink.”   He stated, opening the door at the same time.  

My mouth dropped open ever so slightly.  

Shit.   I take what I said back.   This would not be good for me in ANY sense of the word.   Based on his demeanor, I’ll be lucky if I can sit tomorrow.   Now all I could hope for is that I’d have enough time to hide the paddle before he was ready to dole out that spanking.  

Jared stepped aside so I could walk out first.    I waited quietly for him as he shut the door, throwing his duffle bag over his shoulder.   When he turned around, it was the most relaxed I’d seen him all day.    

He grasped the nape of my neck as we walked down the hall to the elevator.  Before the doors opened, I tried to turn my head feeling the need to say something but his grasp tightened and wouldn’t allow it.  

Continuing to look forward, he brought his index finger to his lips,  "Shhhh…“  

The familiar ding of the elevator as it arrived was muffled by the sound of my heartbeat thumping loudly in my ears.    Guiding me inside, he held firm.   Our eyes met in our reflection, the mirrors were the only way I could see him and I needed to see him.  

Was he really and truly upset with me?   No.   Not based off that wickedly mischievous smile gracing his sexy lips.   Was I in for a spanking?   Oh, absolutely.    

This was our own form of foreplay and I loved every second of it.  

I could already feel my clit throb wishing we didn’t have two car rides and a flight between us and our next hotel room.    The longer we stood there, reading the subtle ques we silently gave to one another, the more I felt the need to fidget.  To move in some way that would possibly relieve some of the tension that was quickly building between my legs.

Our eyes were still locked as he stepped closer, taking his other hand to my hip.   Jared’s fingers dug into my skin, gripping me by my hipbone.   Holding me in place, he tried to not be obvious to fellow passengers as he pressed his hard cock against me trying to relieve a little pressure himself.  

"Fuck.”   Jared mumbled,  "This is going to be a long day.“  

Once the elevator doors opened again, Jared let his hand slip down from my neck to the small of my back as we walked into the main lobby to find everybody in our party.   It was the same group from this morning, most of which had already been waiting for us.   Emma smiled and waved when she saw us.   Thankfully, we weren’t the last to arrive this time, Shannon was.  

"I was starting to take bets on which one of you guys would make it here first.”   She laughed.

“It’s all Vivie.”   Jared said, totally straight faced,  "I don’t know….“   shanking his head for effect,   "She gets distracted so easy.”

I laughed,  "There isn’t a single person here that believes a word of that.   They know you too well.“  

Everyone around us, even those not in the conversation but still listening couldn’t help but acknowledge the truth with a snicker.   ‘Sidetracked’ is his middle name and it has been long before he met me.  

"Ha, ha…very funny…”  He said waving his hand as if blowing me off.  

Wanting to shut me up, he wrapped his arm around my shoulders so he could put me in a playful headlock.   I could barely breath between my mouth being pressed into his arm pit and my laughing.   He moved so quickly I didn’t even see it coming which only added to the hilarity of the moment.  

“What’d I miss?”   Shannon said casually, strolling to us holding his piping hot cup of coffee as if he were early instead of fifteen minutes late.

“Vivie’s being a smartass.”   Jared stated very matter-of-fact before finally letting me go.  

Shannon smirked as he looked between us,  "Hey, truth hurts..“  I giggled, quickly stepping far enough from Jared’s reach so that he couldn’t grab me again.   Not that he didn’t try though.  

"Hey Jared…”   Emma called to him from the other side of the lobby.

Nodding towards her,  "I’ll be right back.“  

"Okay.”   I smiled.  

As Jared walked over to Emma, Shannon stepped closer.   Jared made a mess of my hair so I tried to straightened it again.  

“My god, that smells strong.”   I said.

Shannon’s coffee smelled so strong it could take paint off the walls.   Not kidding.  I don’t know how he drinks it.  

“It is..”  He winked,  "The stronger the better.  Wanna taste?“  

Handing me his cup, I wasn’t sure I wanted to try it.  It doesn’t help that I’m not even a coffee drinker anymore.   It’s been at least five years since I’ve had a drop.    

"Come on…”  he taunted when he could see I wasn’t sure.  

Rolling my eyes, I literally took the tiniest sip I could.   I can say with certainty that there’s no way I’ll ever do that again again.  

“Oh my god, Shan, that’s disgusting.   Ewww..”

Laughing at my reaction,  "More for me then!“

"I don’t know how you deal with the taste either.”   Jared said walking up to us,   “Or all the caffeine pulsing through your veins.”  

“Me either.  I can feel it right now and I just had a little sip!”  I said.  

“So, uh, you guys got plans tonight?”   Shannon asked us both.  

I looked to Jared..

“I think we’re just going to hang out at the hotel.”   Jared said distractedly as he bent to put papers in the pocket of his bag.  

“Oh, okay.”   He shrugged, taking another sip of his coffee,   “Me and Becks have that thing tonight, thought maybe you guys might come.”  

“Oh really?   What kinda thing?”   I asked, having no idea Shannon had another project he was working on as well Thirty Seconds to Mars.  

Jared put his arm around my shoulders,   “Time to go, guys.”  

Behind The Story – Pt. 5

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend and also a cast member of the show. The reader and Jensen go to a family vacation with the Padaleckis after finishing shooting Supernatural S10.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2.6k+

Warnings: FLUFF


A/N: GUYS. This part is so freaking fluffly that would have anyone smiling like an idiot, I’m just saying lol Hope you guys like it. It was fun and maybe a bit painful cause I’m single to write this but what can I do? If you guys could leave me a message or an ask with y’all reactions to this part I would appreciate it so much cause this might be my favorite part so far and want to know y’all reactions. ♥ 

Also, next part is going to be a con one, so please go to this link, read the post, is a project I’m mixing with this series so please send me y’all questions or photo ops ideas. 

Beta: @lovin-ackles (thanks bby girl, you’re the freaking best and i love you)

Behind The Story Masterlist


Middle of the night and you were sitting on your couch, changing channels with Jules cuddled up next to you, his tiny soft snores filling the air. Since you’d gotten back home from the meeting you’d been very quiet and distant. Jensen noticed something odd was going on with you when he got home but he was so tired from a long day on set that he went straight to bed. You sighed deeply, running your fingers through Jules’s soft golden locks.

“(Y/N)?” Jensen called, his voice deeper than usual yet very soft.

Looking over your shoulder, you saw him standing in the middle of the hall, shirtless with a pair of red plaid pajama pants.


“What time is it?” Jensen frowned, his naked footsteps  sounding gently on the wood floors.

“Past three… Can’t sleep.” You said, biting the inside of your mouth.

Jensen sat next to you as he laid his arm around you. “Why?”

“I had a meeting with Jeremy today…” You sighed.

Jensen rubbed his eyes, squinting them afterwards, adjusting to the TV light as he let out a yawn.

“What was the meeting about?” Jensen asked.

“Jeremy wanted to talk about my future in the show and my role future.” You bit your lower lip, playing with the knit blanket that covered your legs. “He told me I’ve got two options, either I stay in the show and the writers add a baby to Katherine’s and Dean’s story or if I decide to leave and be a mom full time, that would mean killing my character off.”

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Reigning Madness – Chapter 66


Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: Smut

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Caroline’s POV:

I searched in my bag for the keycard, retrieving and swiping it. Closing the door, I walked in to find Jared sitting on the couch with the laptop. His brow was furrowed and his shoulders were tense as he typed away furiously. I shrugged out of my jacket and shoes. Dropping my bag, I made my way over to the back of the couch, letting my hands rest on his shoulders, gently massaging them.

Jared looked up at me, a small smile breaking out. “Hey.”

“Hey. How did it go today?”

Jared sighed, setting the laptop aside and making me squeal as he pulled me down onto the couch, his arms wrapping around me as he laid his head on my shoulder. “Terrible. She made a huge scene but at least one of the lawyers got it on tape.”

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Exposer-Chapter 7-Honesty

“ I’m sorry…”
Jared breathed out the words, surprised that he could still even breath after his sprint down the hallway. He stood there staring at the back of (Y/N)’s head ,close enough to her that he could smell the citrus scent of her shampoo. Suddenly Jared realized he was holding his breath waiting on a response. The one that he knew he deserved wasn’t the one he was seeking at the moment though and for this second he was hoping that miracles do exist.
Angels are responsible for miracles sometimes right? Jared thought to himself while (Y/N) fought with her decision of what to say to his previous statement.

She then turned around slowly and looked up at him, eyes meeting, each set trying to decipher the feelings attempting to hide behind the other. Jared gulped loud enough that he was positive she heard him in the quiet hallway and started to flex his hands to fight off the nerves that were radiated through his body.

“Pardon me?” (Y/N) finally replied , face scrunched up looking perplexed. Jared repeated himself again trying to pour all his feeling into his words.
“I’m sorry.”
“Sorry for what?” (Y/N) said still looking into his  hypnotizing blue orbs filled with emotion, not able to look away. What was that particular emotion? (Y/N) couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Pain? Sadness? Regret?

Jared broke their gaze to look down at his feet as if he was ashamed and shrugged slightly putting his hand in his pockets.
“A lot of things….”
(Y/N) crossed her arms still staring at his face, slightly more comfortable now that he wasn’t looking her in the eye.
“Please…pray tell.” (Y/N) said confidently now , not wanting to be left in the dark any longer. She didn’t like secrets and she hated lies. They may be in a big hallway but she still didn’t have room for either.

Jared snapped his head back up to her to reply with a low rasping voice , slightly wavering.
“Let’s see… where should I start?”
“Try the most recent maybe.”

“Most recent… that I can do.” Jared said letting out a sigh before continuing.
“ Back there in the dark room I was short with you and rude even. I thought you had come in there to be nosey and I don’t like people to know that I’m in there usually. I know for a fact now that that wasn’t your intention. For that I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. Or said those thing to you.”
“I was only in there to work on a project. I wasn’t trying to stalk you if that’s what you were thinking.” (Y/N) said looking across the hall and out the window to try and escape the situation even if it was only mentally.
“No…no… that’s not what I meant at all. I was just surprised to see anyone in there after school let alone you of all people.”

“ Why ‘me of all people’?” (Y/N) said using her fingers to make air quotes around his statement.
“It’s just … I figured you’d have better things to do than be in the art department all by yourself after school.” Jared really wanted to say that he figured she’d be off laughing at one of Shannon’s jokes but he decided that wasn’t going to help the situation.
“ I wanted the extra credit and since I’m new in town I don’t really have a lot else to do other than school work, so I didn’t mind staying. That’s only one thing you’ve apologized for. You said you had lots and as I said I have nothing better to do so I’m all ears.” (Y/N) quickly tried to move the conversation onto a new topic so she didn’t seem like such a loser for not having a social life.

“Huh, alright. I’m sorry for losing my temper the first day of school and punching Brad. I’m not really sorry he got punched but you shouldn’t of had to witness that, at the time I couldn’t think of any other way to get him away from you though. You probably think I’m some crazy person with anger issues because of it.” Jared said letting out a scoff , his turn to look out the window now.

“Wait..” (Y/N) said holding up hand in the air confused.“ Why on earth are you sorry for what happened that day? That creep said some nasty things to me and I don’t know how I would have gotten out of that situation if you hadn’t stepped in. You didn’t even know me and you could have just ignored it like everyone else and walked away, but you didn’t. You shouldn’t feel guilty for that.”

“You’re not mad that I threatened him?”
“No! He deserved whatever he had coming to him. I’m just mad I didn’t have the guts to knee him in the balls that day.” (Y/N) said with a hint of laughter. Jared laughed along.
“You know ..you could have but I still don’t think the meathead would have taken the hint. Probably would have thought you were playing hard to get.” Jared said with a small smile.

*sigh*Damn that smile of his. (Y/N) thought while uncrossing her arms letting them fall to her sides.
“ So if you weren’t mad then why didn’t you speak to me?” Jared said trying to figure everything out.

Jared nodded shifting his weight to his other foot.

“I was shocked really… I didn’t even know your name and you defended me like you did. I just moved here and it was my first day of school and it started off horribly but you still stood up for me. I was shocked and confused. I didn’t know why you would do something for someone you’ve never even met before. So when you looked at me that day I just didn’t know what to say.”
“ Coming  from where you were standing that seems pretty understandable.” Jared said while  rubbing  the back of his neck.

“So that’s why you never talked to me? Because you thought I was mad that you punched Brad? This whole time I was thinking you hated me for not saying thank you.”

“What?! No! I just thought you didn’t want anything to do with me after that. Plus I didn’t want to make your first year here any harder than it needed to be.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” (Y/N) said tilting her head to the right.
“Nothing…” Jared responded shaking his head.

Speaking of names. Jared thought.
“ When I yelled for you to wait I would have used your name but somehow in this small town school I’ve still yet to hear it, which is very surprising by the way since you’re the new girl. How is that even possible?”
A half smile crossed (Y/N)’s face .
“ I like to keep to myself mostly. I’m quiet and don’t talk to a lot of people so it probably hasn’t gotten a chance to circulate because of that. You can’t spread something that you don’t know in the first place. The only people here I even talk to are Megan and Shannon.”

“ Ahh yes… unfortunately I get the pleasure of talking to Shannon too.” Jared snickered while taking his hand out of his pockets.
“I take it that’s how you heard my name then?”
“You mean from Shannon? No actually…. I found out from Megan. She seems like she’s known you guys for awhile.”
“It is a small town. Most of the students here have known each other since pre school, Megan included.”
“Gotcha.” (Y/N) agreed.
“So… was that your complete list of sorrys?”
“Hmmm… I believe so.” Jared said rubbing his chin.

“Well in that case I should probably get home. My parents are expecting me for dinner.” (Y/N) said crossing her right hand over to grab her left arm.
“Yeah you’re right. I need to get home too. I gotta go back and get my stuff tho. Left in kind of a rush.” Jared said with a small smile.

“ Do you need a ride home?”
(Y/N) suppressed the giant grin daring to grace her face and thought to herself before she answered.
The one time I wish I didn’t have a car, as she mentally pouted.
“ That’s very sweet to offer but no. I’ve got my car. Thank you though.” She said with a sincere smile.
“ You’re very welcome…..” Jared said waiting for a name to finish his sentence and complete his dreams.

“ You’re very welcome (Y/N).” Jared said smiling and trying to hide the disappointment of not being able to take her home, before he turned to walk back down the long hallway towards the art department.

He looked over his shoulder at her before she reached the exit doors. “ I’ll see you tomorrow!” Jared called down the hallway making it echo louder than he had intended.

(Y/N) giggled and called back. “ Bye Jared , See you tomorrow!”

(Y/N) walked out into the bright sun of the student parking lot smiling like an idiot while inside Jared  reached the dark room and said ,“Looking forward to it.”


























































Future Part 51

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1040

Summary: Filming starts back up, new friends are made, and then the reader slowly doesn’t start to feel well.

Part 51 in The Future Series.  Read Part 25 here,Part 26 here,Part 27 here, Part 28 here, Part 29 here, Part 30 here,Part 31 here,Part 32 here,Part 33 here, Part 34 here, Part 35 here, Part 36 here, Part 37 here, Part 38 here,Part 39 here,Part 40 here, Part 41 here, Part 42 here, Part 43 here, Part 44 here, Part 45 here, Part 46 here, Part 47 here, Part 48 herePart 49 here, and Part 50 here

Future is back!! :D Enjoy, guys! We have a lot coming! ;)

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‘Just Keep Swimming’ PART 2!!

Pair : Single!Jensen x Reader
Request : hi I love the way you write. Can you possibly make a OS of jensen x reader. The reader is Tom and shepherds personal swim instructor. Little did you know, Jensen was over with his daughter JJ. He and Danneel got a divorced and he wanted nothing more than to get to know you. You can decide what happens at the end! Thank you love you!

Read part 1 : http://sincerelysaraahh.tumblr.com/post/123011149781/just-keep-swimming-pair-singlejensen-x


You pulled up to the drive way, feeling nervous as ever. It’s been a week since you met both Jared and Jensen. And though you were trying to be professional, it was hard not to be excited.

You grabbed your floaty and made your way to the door. Your stomach churning as you collided your knuckles to the wooden surface.

“Just breathe.” You kept mumbling to yourself.

The door swung open, and there stood Jared, shirtless with Shep in his arms.

“Hey! Come in.” He smiled, motioning for you to come inside.

“Hi.” You exhaled.

Tom ran to you immediately. He was in his swimming trunks, with a smile plastered onto his face. His tiny arms wrapped around your leg, and he squeezed.

“Hey kiddo!” You chuckled.

He was jumping up and down, pulling on your shirt.

“Tom, why don’t you go outside and let uncle Jensen and JJ know Y/N is here.”
Jared muttered.

Tom nodded and ran out to the back.

“Sorry about that.” Jared chuckled. “He’s just really excited to learn how to swim.”

“I can tell!” You cackled.

Jared escorted you out to the back. Your stomach fluttering as your eyes met the back of Jensen’s head. He was in the pool, holding jj in his arms as he swam in circles.

“Hey J, we are about to start here.” Jared croaked, putting shep down. Taking off his shirt.

Jensen turned his gaze towards you, his lips curving up. His hat shadowed his eyes making it hard to visibly see his face.

He escaped from the pool, JJ still in his arms. Their smiles growing by the second.

“Hey!” He yelped.

“Hi!” You chuckled. Trying to refrain from blushing like an idiot.

He let daughter down, and stretched his arm out. Taking his hand into yours, you immediately felt chills cover you.

“It’s great to see you. JJ hasn’t stopped talking about this day all week!” He chuckled.

Seeing him smile and even hearing him laugh, you couldn’t help but mirror his actions. Giggling like a kid, something you did when you were nervous.

You both stood quietly for a moment, staring endlessly at each other.

Until you felt a small tug on your hand. Looking down, JJ had a smile plastered on her face, she seemed a lot more at ease than the last time you saw her.

You knelt down to her level. “Hey beautiful!” You stammered throwing your arms around her.

She squealed, and pulled you in. “I’m wearing my mermaid swimming suit.” She pointing at the design on her bathing suit.

“Oh wow! That’s awesome! Did you know, the little mermaid was one of my favorites when I was your age.” You flashed a wink.

Her eyes grew wide and she smiled.

“Wow you two have something in common. Both like the same movie.” Jensen stammered.

“Can we swim now?” Tom interrupted.

His lips slightly pouting, flashing his puppy dog eyes. Something he probably learned from Jared.

“Yes! Of course.” You smiled.

Slipping out of your clothes, you started to pull your hair up into a messy bun.

Jensen couldn’t keep his eyes off you. Watching you crack jokes with the kids, making them laugh as you got everything together for the lesson.

He couldn’t help but notice the way JJ grew so comfortable around you.

“She’s pretty great with them.” Jared croaked, snapping him out of his trance.

Jensen cleared his throat, shifting in his stance. “Yea, she’s pretty awesome. And they seem to love her.”

“It’s funny, she wasn’t the trainer we talked to at first. The person we talked to was a guy but had to pull out last minute for some reason.” Jared stammered.

“Huh, well glad they sent her. I don’t think JJ would ever be so calm with anyone else.”

“Okay, let’s all get in the pool!” You exclaimed, grabbing the floaty in your hands.

The water was lukewarm and felt relaxing on your skin. It was probably one of the things that soothed you instantly.

“Okay, today you are going to swim from the edge to me. Who wants to go first?”

Tom was more than excited to volunteer. “Me! Me! I want to go first!”

“That’s my boy.” Jared chuckled, shaking his head.

You weren’t that far from Tom. Maybe 2 feet away. You wanted to make sure you were able to help him if needed.

Tom started off immediately. Kicking his feet like crazy, splashing everyone around him. But he made his way into your arms. Cheering loudly as he took in a long breath.

“I did it! Daddy I did it! I did it!” He chanted.

“That’s awesome!” He pulled Tom to him, and gave him a high five.

“I want to go next!” JJ spewed.

You snapped your gaze to her and flashed a smile. “Okay sweetie. Do you want your daddy to take my spot?”

She shook her head. Surprising both you and jensen.

“What? You don’t want daddy to help you?” He muttered.

“Uh uh. I want Y/N.” She squinted.

You could feel your cheeks burn red as you noticed Jensen  grow shocked at JJ’s response.

Jensen helped her to the edge. She held on to the railing, taking in deep breaths.

“Okay, whenever you are ready.” You muttered.

JJ loosened her grip and started toward you. Jensen shifted, holding his breath as he grew anxious.

Her little arms and legs splashed water around as she swam her way to you.

She was in your arms and she took in a long deep breath. Her eyes grew as she smiled.

“I did it!” She squealed.

Before you could say anything, she pulled you in.

Jensen couldn’t believe his eyes.
“Oh my god Princess! You did it!” He croaked, taking her from your arms and into his. “Daddy is so proud of you.” He began to tickle her sides. Her laughter along with the other kids filled the air.

Just watching them giggle made  your stomach flutter.

His eyes met yours, his smile still plastered.

“Can I go again?!” Tom asked, snapping you back to reality.

You turned your gaze to the little boy and cleared your throat. “Yea of course.”

You tried to refrain from looking at Jensen, but it was hard. You could feel his state digging into you. And it made you fluster.

‘Focus’ you thought to yourself.


As the night rolled in, you were pulling your shirt over your head, getting ready to leave.

“Alright boys, let’s get you all cleaned up and ready for dinner.” Jared croaked, motioning for the boys to go inside.

“Can you eat with us?” Tom asked, pulling on your shirt.

“Uh I-uh” you met Jareds gaze, not knowing what to say.

“Yea! You should definitely stay for a bit!” He smirked. He turned to Jensen who nodded in agreement.

“I-I don’t know-”

“Come on! It’d be fun.” Jensen interrupted.

His smile made you feel at ease. Your stomach fluttering and you swore your heart skipped.

You felt something grab ahold of your hand. As you looked down, you noticed JJ next to you. Her hand in yours as she looked up to your gaze.

“Can you brush my hair?” She asked.

“So it’s settled! Add another plate on the table!” Jensen croaked, his lips curving more and more.

“Alright! Come on boys.” Jared stammered.

JJ began tugging on your hand. You followed, as jensen held the door open.

“Thank you.” You smirked.

“No problem.” He whispered.

The blood rushed up to your cheeks, and you immediately flustered. As you walked in, Jensen followed close behind.

“It’s going to be a long night.” You thought to yourself.


It was different being in side for longer than 5 minutes. You would usually just walk right through. Never had the time to actually look at the place, until now.

It was a few hours of nothing but laughter and great conversations with the guys. Talking about the show and hearing their stories. It was the most fun you’ve had in a long time.

Here you were, sitting across from Jensen at the table, the kids were upstairs playing, and Jared went down to get some wine with Gen.

“Did you enjoy your dinner?” Jensen asked, catching your attention.

“Oh, yea. It was great. Better than my usual dinner.” You chuckled.

He leaned back into his chair, furrowing his brows. His gaze never leaving yours. “And why is that?”

You took in a deep breath. “I’m not that great at cooking.” You chuckled. “I’m actually pretty terrible at it.”

He let out a soft cackle. “Maybe I can scone over and make you something?”

Your heart started to race and you felt your palms begin to sweat. You opened your mouth to speak until…

“Okay, we got merlot.” Gen stammered.

She and Jared made their way to the kitchen.

“I actually have to be leaving soon.” You exhaled. Looking at the time on your phone.

It was midnight, and you still had a 1200 essay due 6 AM sharp.

“Aw okay.” Gen frowned. “It was really nice meeting you.”

She pulled you in to a hug, she was warm and light.

“Thank you, it was nice to meet you too.” You smiled.

“You are always welcomed here! It was really nice hanging out.” He exclaimed, giving you a quick hug.

“Thank you. I had a really great time.”

Jensen cleared his throat, propping up on his feet. “I’ll walk her out.”

They nodded and made their back to the kitchen.

Walking out to your car, the breeze hit your face. It was refreshing, relaxing even.

“Thanks for hanging out. It was nice to actually talk to you.” He smile.

You turned on your heels, meeting his gaze. “Yea, it was a lot of fun. You guys are pretty crazy.” You cackled.

Jensen chuckled to himself, staring intently at you. He slowly inched toward you, not realizing he was holding his breath.

Your heart picked up, and your stomach churned. “So uh-I was-I was wondering if maybe-“he paused, growing nervous. "Maybe we could-”

Your body stiffened and you breath hitched to the back of your throat. You lingered on his words, waiting for him to spit it out. You couldn’t help but stare at him wide eyed.

“Hey J, JJ needs you.” Gen called out.

Jensen looked back, “okay, he right there.”

He returned his gaze back to you and shrugged. “I should go.” He smirked.

“Y-yeah of c-course.” You stuttered.

He reached out his hand toward you, and you slipped yours in his hand. He cleared his throat. “Anyways, it was nice seeing you again.”

Your heart sank as he pulled away. Opening your door, he motioned for you to slide in.

“Thank you.” You whispered. “See you next week.”

Closing the car door, you put the key into the ignition, feeling Jensen’s gaze still locked onto you.

As you were about to put the car into reverse, jensen knocked on your window, startling you.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He stammered. “I was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime? Maybe get some coffee?” He asked.

Your lips started to curve up, making your cheeks hurt. “I’d love that.” You whispered.

“Awesome.” He smiled.

He took a few steps back from the car, still looking at you. Your heart was pounding profusely and all you could focus on was him.

“Good night, Y/N.” He muttered, waving his hand.

You felt your cheeks blush for a moment, before escaping the drive way. “Goodnight.” You stammered.

False Pretense

Prompt: Jensen runs into a problem after leaving a con early, which leads him to finding out the true origin behind ‘Supernatural’.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 2603

The crowd erupted into fits of laughter, watching Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki work together on stage, finally calming down only to be brought into another fit of laughter. It continued throughout the entire panel, Jensen laughing along with the crowd when Jared did something and vice versa. But, no matter how hard he was laughing, no matter how hard he was smiling, Jensen could not get rid of the empty feeling he started feeling in his heart the day Danneel packed her things and left, taking JJ with her. It was months ago, but Jensen had managed to keep it on the down low and he was grateful that Danneel hadn’t made it public either. He just didn’t feel ready letting the world know that the marriage between him and Danneel stopped working.

Once the panel was over, Jensen waved a farewell to the crowd and disappeared through a guarded door, walking past fellow cast members and making his way outside. He wasn’t quick enough, though. Before he could open the door to his car, he was grabbed by his elbow.

“Jensen, what’s up?” Jared turned him around, forcing Jensen to look at him. “Where are you going? We still have a photo op with the fans.”

Jensen nodded, rubbing the back of his head. “Yeah, yeah, I know,” he said, “but I’m… I’m just not feeling it tonight, Jared, alright? I’m pretty tired.”

Jared nodded and released Jensen’s elbow. “Alright,” Jared said with another nod. “I’m sure that the fans would understand.”

Jensen smiled a small smile. “Thanks.” He turned back to his car and opened it.

“Hey, is everything alright with you and Danneel?” Jared asked, making Jensen pause. “I mean, Gen hasn’t heard from her in a while and we just wanted to-”

“Everything’s fine,” Jensen said as he loaded into the car. He looked at Jared. “Everything’s fine. She’s just been feeling under the weather.” He sent Jared a smile. “I’ll see you later, buddy.” And then he closed the door, motioning for the driver to go.

The ride was quiet, the soft hum of the radio making it bearable. The moon was getting higher, the street getting darker. After getting onto the highway, Jensen had told the driver to take the long way to the hotel. He wanted to enjoy the night just a bit longer.

The driver kept his mouth shut just as Jensen did, both of them taking in the quiet, the driver going slow down the road surrounded by trees rather than street lights. A car would pass every minute or two, but other than that, they seemed alone on the road. Jensen didn’t mind, and neither did the driver.

But when the driver slammed on the breaks, making Jensen slam forward, hitting his head on the back of the passenger seat, they both knew they weren’t truly alone.

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Baby Padalecki

Characters: Jared x Reader, Jensen, Mark, Richard, Misha
Words: 1572
Requested by Anonymous
Summary…I mean, the title pretty much says it all…there’s a baby Padalecki coming.

You spotted Jared from across the room and started making your way toward him. You had a feeling you would get stopped plenty of times before you actually made it to your husband. Everyone else on the “Supernatural” cast knew you well and always liked to talk to you when you went to see Jared.

           “You’re looking beautiful, Y/N,” Jensen said when you walked by him.

           You put your hand on your large belly, “Thanks, Jensen,” you smiled, “This little one is about to kill me though.”

           “She’ll be worth it,” he smiled.

           “I know,” you grinned.

           “There’s the beautiful mommy,” Mark’s British accent came from behind you, “How are you feeling, Darling?” he asked as you turned to see him.

           “I’m tired,” you laughed, “But I’m good.”

           “Does hubby know you came to see him?”

           You shook your head, “I thought I’d surprise him and see if he wanted to get some lunch together.”

           “I’m sure he’ll love seeing you,” Jensen said, putting his arm around your waist, “Allow me to escort you over to him.”

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howdyjensen  asked:

I'll send you the obvious: J2

anonymous: J2 for the ship thing!

Who said “I love you” first

Jensen. While Jared may have always been the more “romantic” of the two, Jensen was the first one brave enough to let out those three meaningful words…of course, Jared’s blinding smile and echoing of the three words right back made it all worth it.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Jared.  It started as a joke, before they were super serious, and he would set different pictures (note: embarrassing pictures from Jensen’s modeling days) as his phone background.  It was only later, when he tried a different phone background that he realized how right it felt.  From then on his background was always a picture of Jensen, but one that he took himself in the comfort of one another.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Jared.  He’s always the first one up in the mornings, taking the dogs for a run, putting on the coffee, and taking a shower before Jensen even wakes up.  As he would step out into the steam-filled bathroom he would write horribly cheesy notes ranging from a basic ‘I love you’ to ‘Hurry up and come downstairs so I can see you - and grab your butt.’  Those notes were almost as good at putting a smile on Jensen’s face as coffee.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Jensen.  Whenever he’s out there is almost something guaranteed to remind him of Jared.  He can’t help it really; Jared is the most important thing in his life, of course.  So when he finds something that really screams Jared at him, he buys it and can’t stop the giddy feeling at surprising Jared that overwhelms him.

Who initiated the first kiss

Jensen.  They hadn’t known each other too long, but Jensen knew that whatever it was between them was too good to let his shyness get the better of him.  And Jared, the young and vibrant thing, was too focused on trying to impress Jensen on set that he didn’t even have time to worry about his inapproriate feelings for his costar.  That’s why, when Jensen corned him in his trailer and wrapped a hand around the back of his neck and tugged him in for a kiss, Jared was just as shocked as anyone else would have been.  

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Jared.  Jensen usually is still asleep, even when he gets out of the shower.  So after he gets dressed, runs a towel over his wet hair again, he’ll lean down over Jensen’s sleeping body and pepper his face with kisses, watching as his eyes scrunch shut and his nose wrinkles before his hand rubs tiredly at his eyes and he looks at Jared with heavy-lids and a gruff, “G’mornin’.” 

Who starts tickle fights

Jared.  Jensen, bless his heart, is crazy ticklish.  His ribs especially get the most ridiculously adorable laughs out of his throat and Jared can’t help but get his long fingers under his shirt until the guy can hardly breathe.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Jensen.  It’s rare, but there are days where Jensen will wake up when Jared comes back from his run.  When that happens, Jensen will slowly get out of bed, usually waiting until Jared is already in the bathroom, and he’ll strip as he walks, quietly inching the door open until he can slip through.  From there he’ll pull at the curtain, getting Jared’s attention, and let out in a morning-gruff voice, “Mind if I join?” to which Jared just grins, running a hand through his wet hair to move it from out of his face.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Jensen.  He knows that the true way to Jared’s heart is through his stomach so, on days where he’s off or has time to run home, he’ll go grab food from one of Jared’s favorite places and surprise him.  Of course, Jared repays him quite well with loving kisses and a million, “ohmygosh, you really love me,” around mouthfuls of food.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Jared.  Jensen always seemed so put-together, mature, and beautiful that Jared never felt like he could be of equal nature.  He was just so certain that, on their first date, that he would say something so stupid and embarrassing, making Jensen think he was some idiot.  He did fumble over his words, of course, but Jensen found it quite infatuating.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

Jensen.  Jared may be 6′4″ and built like Adonis, but if there was one thing he couldn’t stand, it was spiders.  The first time that happened was on set one day when Jensen heard a scream from Jared’s trailer.  He ran in, only to find Jared holding a shoe above his head, pointing terrified at a spider.  

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Jared.  While Jensen relaxes with alcohol, Jared gets louder and more touchy.  And as attention gets put on them, Jared will wrap an arm around Jensen, grinning stupidly with a flushed face, and declare to the entire bar that Jensen is the love of his life.  And Jensen just shoves at him playfully, smiling and turning even more red, but Jared continues to repeat it until everyone in the bar knows.