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prompt #15 (Theo Raeken)

15. “you shouldn’t be so trusting darling, the world is a dangerous place.” “you don’t scare me.” “I should.” Requested by @thesaraaaaahpfan

this ended up being really long because I got really carried away so I hope you like it! xoxoxo​

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“Are we really sure it’s Theo or could it like be someone that just looks like him?” I questioned my brother Scott for the hundredth time.

“y/n it’s him.” Scott said rolling his eyes and handing me a helmet.

“but like did you hear him talk or just taking stilinski’s word.” I said putting on my helmet.

Scott didn’t answer me just pulled out of the driveway. Earlier we got a call from Sheriff Stilinski saying he picked up Theo along with two other werewolves. We were going to see them and hopefully get them out so we could protect them. We pulled in the station where Lydia and Malia met us. Quinn, the newest werewolf in town also joined us.

“where are they?” Scott asked rushing in the station. 

Sheriff Stilinski and Deputy Parrish sat in front of a monitor. We crowded around the monitor seeing two other werewolves along with thee Theo Raeken. I felt my heart rate racing just at the sight of him. If there was one person that could make me crazy it was him.

“I didn’t murder anyone! Come one just tell them who you killed.” Theo yelled at the two other werewolves.

“murder?” I questioned looking at my brother.

“the two other werewolves are being charged with murder. We found three bodies in pretty bad shape right near where these three were found.” Deputy Parrish explained.

“we need to get them out of here, there are hunters a lot of them.” Scott said looking at Stilinski hopeful.

“Scott their being charged with murder, they’re not going anywhere.” Sheriff Stilinski said looking at us.

I looked back at the monitor seeing the one werewolf getting in Theo’s face getting angrier. 

“look Sheriff I didn’t want to have to tell you this but one of your deputies is working with the hunters.” Scott said gesturing to Quinn.

Quinn told Stilinski of the deputy that shot her in the head.

“there is a couple of holes in your story.” Stilinski said looking at Quinn.

“well maybe because there was a hole in her head.” I sassed rolling my eyes at him.

Malia started laughing really loudly making the tension in the room rise. Our attention was turned back to the monitor when Theo and the other werewolf started yelling at each other. He finally admitted that they killed people. Theo smirked looking at the camera. Another deputy came over letting Theo out. I walked over to the window peeking out.

“uh Scott you might want to see this.” I said feeling a shiver run down my spine.

They were outside, a lot of them. Scott and the others came over looking out at the hunters.

“what’s going on guys?”

I turned around catching sight of the one person I had no desire of seeing. Theo Raeken.

“we're trapped.” Scott said looking at all of us.

“still don’t think one of your deputies is double crossing you.” I said rolling my eyes.

Stilinski walked over to the window seeing Monroe standing with Gabe and Nolan.

“I’ll go talk to them.” He said walking outside.

I stepped back from the window sitting on the empty bench. Theo glances at me making me roll my eyes at him. You might be wondering at this point what happened. Well it’s a long story so I hope you’ve got time. You see ever since Theo came to beacon hills there was always something there. I was the first one to get close to him, in fact Scott trusted him because I did. That was my first mistake. I’m usually a better judge of character but I guess his good looks and charming personality fooled me. I still remember the night he kissed me. He made me feel like I was the only girl in the world, that was my second mistake. My third mistake I regret most of all, telling him I loved him. He promised me that he loved me too but it was all a lie. Eventually the real Theo shown through and Kira sent him to hell where he rightfully belonged. He didn’t stay there unfortunately. Liam being young and dumb brought him back. He tried to use his charm on me again but I was much wiser this time around. He hasn’t let up and neither have I. I wasn’t going to let him take advantage of me, not again. I’m not the fragile girl I once was.

 "Malia are you okay?“ Theo asked coming to stand by me.

"shut up.” Malia growled at him.

I looked at Malia than at Scott.

“we need to get the hell out of here.” Malia said pacing around the room.

“there’s only a dozen hunters out there, we could take them.” Lydia said looking out the window.

“Scott we can’t leave them, they’re the last of Satomi’s pack.” Liam said.

“Don’t worry we’ll get out of here, all of us.” Scott said looking at all of us.

I grab the keys walking over to Liam. Theo comes over grabbing my arm.

“you’re seriously letting them go?” He asked looking at me like I was crazy.

“yeah you got a problem?” I asked putting my hands on my hips.

“they killed people what if they hurt you?” Theo said looking at me.

“honestly, I trust them more than I trust you so I’m willing to take my chances.” I said turning away but Theo grabbed my arm again.

“you shouldn’t be so trusting darling, the world is a dangerous place.” He whispered dangerously close to me.

“you don’t scare me.” I said glaring at him.

“I should.” He said letting go of my arm.

“I got them.” Liam said coming out followed by the two wolves.

“everyone ready?” Scott asked looking at us.

“Ready.” Liam said showing his claws.

Everyone said they were ready but Theo. I elbowed him in the side sending him a glare.

“yeah whatever.” He said showing his claws.

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“alright on three.” Scott said preparing to run out but Stilinski came in telling us to stop.

“We can take them.” Lydia said glaring at the Sheriff.

“No one is hurting anyone, now get away from the doors and windows and Parrish take them back to their cell. They’re giving us until midnight to hand over the wolves dead or alive” He orders.

“so what do we do?” Scott asked him worrying about us.

“we prepare for a siege.” Sheriff says.

We started moving desks and cabinets to block the doors and the windows. I was trying to push a filing cabinet but it was too heavy. I put my whole body in to it and suddenly it moved with ease. I looked up to see Theo pushing it, the same stupid smirk on his face.

“I didn’t need your help you dumbass.” I said rolling my eyes.

“I think you meant to say thank you.” He said smirking at me.

“no I meant to say you’re a dumbass.” I said walking away from him.

I could hear him chuckle as I walked away. I walk over to where Quinn and Lydia were talking.

“the hunters are jamming the cell signal and the radio.” Quinn says looking out paranoid.

“there isn’t a jammer big enough to do all of that.” I said looking at both the girls.

“meaning what?” Quinn asked confused.

“meaning that someone in here is doing it.” Lydia said looking at the deputies.

As soon as she said that the lights in the station went out. The only light was the light coming from their cars outside. I move closer to Scott feeling safer next to him. A deputy comes in throwing Nolan to the floor. She holds up a pare of bolt cutters signifying that Nolan cut the power.

“Nolan? You’re a liar and sick in the head! I should just kill you now.” Liam growls.

“please don’t. Don’t make me go back outside. She’ll know I screwed up.” Nolan begs looking at all of us.

“lock him up.” Stilinski orders one of the deputies.

I had to take a step back, this was all beginning to be too much. I went to the bathroom splashing some cold water on my face. I looked up to see Theo standing behind me. I jumped a little off guard by him suddenly appearing.

“what do you want.” I asked drying my hands.

“we need to leave. now.” Theo said looking at me.

“we can’t leave, not without them.” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

“well we’re going to have too unless you want to watch everyone die.” Theo growls.

“we can’t leave them they have nobody and you of all people should know what that feels like.” I seethed.

A look of hurt crosses his facial features but only for a second.

“look I get it you lost people but your dead friends they’re dead and they aren’t coming back.” He growled again.

I smirked before punching Theo right in the face. I wasn’t that strong but when I was angry I could be a firecracker. Theo held his bloody nose glaring at me.

“by the way i’m still working on my anger.” I smirked walking out of the room.

“good to know.” He said wiping his nose and following me out.

We didn’t get very far before Parrish yelled.


I didn’t have time to think, it all happened so fast. Theo grabbed my arm pulling me to him. His hands flew to my ears putting pressure on them. The bang shook the entire room. Smoke filled the room making it hard to see. Theo held a tight grip on me.

“are you okay.” He said loudly.

I started coughing as the smoke entered my lungs. Theo picked me up dragging me back to the bathroom. My vision started to get clear again.

“y/n talk to me. are you okay?” He asked again looking at me.

I could finally see again. The first thing that I saw was blood coming from his ears. He protected my ears which left his uncovered. He also covered my body with his making sure I wouldn’t get hurt.

“your ears.” I said wiping some of the blood with my fingers.

“I’ll be okay once the ringing stops.” He said smiling a little bit.

I grabbed a paper towel wiping the blood from his ears. He didn’t say anything just studied my face with that same stupid smirk.

“this doesn’t mean anything.” I said continuing to clean off the blood.

“whatever you say.” He says smirking.

We walk back out seeing now that the smoke has cleared. I could hear Scott growling in the holding cell. I guess the wolves weren’t as innocent as they looked. Theo was right I shouldn’t trust them. Deputy Parrish takes Nolan to a different room telling another deputy to keep an eye on him.  I walk over to where Lydia was standing pulling her in a hug.

“what happened to you and Theo?” She questioned looking at Theo who kept his eyes on me the entire time.

I was about to tell her when an arrow flew through the window right past our faces. It landed in a support beam just near Parrish. I looked out through the little hole in the window to see Gabe smirking. I grabbed the arrow in case it was poisoned with anything. A piece of fabric falls from it. I grab it seeing it as a bloody seven.

“Brett.” I said clutching the fabric.

I could feel my blood boil. I clench my fists trying not to explode. They aren’t going to get away with this.

“they’re just trying to rattle us.” Lydia says

“I think it’s working.” Theo says walking over to me.

He puts his hands on top of mine unclenching my fists.

“breath.” He says leaning closer to me.

Theo always knew what I needed, that’s what I hated most about him. I let out a deep breath squeezing his hands. We were interrupted by a loud scream. We all ran to the source to see one of the deputies hanging from the ceiling. Sherriff Stilinski and Parrish rush past us to cut him down. I suddenly felt this overwhelming fear. I didn’t know what it was but it scared the hell out of me.

“I didn’t do anything, he just lost it.” Nolan said showing that he was still handcuffed.

I could feel my breathing become heavier as the chill ran down my spine.

“oh god we’re never getting out of here.” the other deputy said rocking back and forth in the chair.

she repeats that a few more times before removing her pistol and aiming it at her own head.

“no wait.” I called lunging forward but I was too late.

blood splatters all over the wall behind her and all over me. I stand there shocked looking at her lifeless body. Scott pulls me away wiping the blood off my face. He sits me down on the bench and soon I am joined by Theo. He wraps an arm around my shoulder offering his embrace. Normally I’d push him away but I needed it right now. I leaned in to his embrace laying my head on his shoulder. I just watched someone commit suicide right in front of me and there was only ten minutes until the hunters would break down the door guns blazing. The two bodies are brought out to be disposed of later. Everyone crowds in the room wondering what to do next. Lydia walks over kneeling down beside the bodies. 

“it wasn’t just panic. It’s here with us.” Lydia says stepping away from the bodies.

“and it’s only ten minutes until midnight.” Scott said looking up at the clock.

“I already have two bodies I’m not about to give Monroe two more.” Sheriff Stilinski says.

Suddenly I had an idea.

“two bodies.” I said quickly sitting up.

Everyone looked at me confused.

“she said dead or alive right, and she’s never actually seen what the werewolves look like.” I said hoping they’d catch on.

“we have two bodies right here.” Scott finished for me.

Everyone agrees with my plan because it was the only plan that we had right now. We stripped them of their uniforms and place them in body bags. Sheriff Stilinski fires two more shots to trick the hunters.

“wait you guys can’t go outside.” Sheriff says looking at the wolves.

“I’ll go.” I said but was quickly shut down by Theo and Scott.

“Not a chance.” Scott said.

“If you’re going I am too I don’t care if they shoot at me.” Theo said coming to stand beside me.

“they only wanted them not us anyways.” Scott says.

Stilinski shakes his head in agreement. Scott, Theo, Sheriff and I drag the body bags outside. Monroe doesn’t look impressed.

“let me see their faces.” She demands looking at us.

Scott and I slowly unzip the bags so just their faces are showing.

“they tried to run and harm the deputies so I had to kill them.” Sherriff said gesturing to the body bags.

“let me see their pack tattoos.” she says glaring at us.

“their what?” Stilinski asked.

I didn’t think about that. Oh god my plan failed. Scott and I looked at each other worried.

“those aren’t the wolves.” She growled.

The hunters aimed their guns straight at us. Theo growled from beside me pushing me behind him.  Suddenly there is a ton of flashing lights and sirens. Our dad comes out from the shadows calming everyone down. He tells the hunters to put their guns down before stopping in front of Scott and I.

“what the hell are you doing here?” I growled glaring at my dad.

“I’m here to make sure no one else dies.” He says gesturing for us to go back inside.

He stays outside talking to the hunters. He soon comes in looking down.

“you guys need to leave Beacon Hills.” He said straight forward.

Everyone starts to immediately protest.

“they’ll just come after us.” Liam says earning agreements from Lydia and Quinn.

“look guys the hunters already agreed to it and I think some de-escalation is what is needed here that is why you called me right Sherriff.” Our dad argues.

I glared at him about to say something but Scott cut me off.

“fine.” He said simply.

I was shocked at his agreement.

“we’ll leave.” He says looking at his pack.

They didn’t argue because he was their alpha after all. We exited the police station that was still surrounded my hunters. They smiled sickly looking at us. I felt someone grab my hand squeezing it. I looked up to see the hand belonged to Theo. The two other wolves were led out by dad to a escort van. The girl nods her head at me and Scott before climbing in. We’re all escorted home to start packing our things.

“I guess I’ll grab the suitcases.” I told Scott as soon as we arrived at our house.

Scott quickly put an arm out stopping me.

“you’re not going.” He said looking at me.

I felt the tears well up in my eyes.

“what do you mean I’m not going yes I am.” I said glaring at him.

“No you’re not. There are people that need you here okay Mom needs you here. You’re not safe with us anymore and I can’t risk you getting hurt. You can pack and protest all you want but you’re not going and that’s final.” Scott said his face stone cold.

“I hate you.” I screamed running up the stairs and in to my room.

I felt the tears fall down my cheeks. I didn’t really hate him. I shouldn’t have said that. I was losing my friends, my family and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I cried some more until I heard a loud thump. I looked up to see Theo standing there next to my now open window.

“you could’ve used the front door.” I said smiling a little through my tears.

Theo came over pulling me in to a bone crushing hug.

“why are you here.” I said looking up at him.

“I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye, not again. You don’t know how much I regretted not saying goodbye after we defeated the wild hunt. I stayed up all night thinking about it. I’m not going to make that mistake again.” He said pulling me in to another hug.

“goodbye Theo.” I said returning the hug.

“No matter what you think I have always and always will love you.” He said pulling away from the hug.

I was shocked at his confession. I wanted to believe him but there was still part of me that didn’t trust him. He leaned down slowly looking at my lips. I sighed heavily pulling away from him.

“goodbye y/n.” He says before exiting through the window.

That night I don’t do anything but cry. The next day is absolute hell. I didn’t want to go to school but I knew Mason needed me. He was in the same position I was. We walked in to math taking our normal seats. I looked down at my phone hoping for a text or a call from Scott but I got nothing.

“Mason would you come do problem #45?” Our teacher asks.

Mason walks up to the board starting to do the problem. I was staring down at my notebook. Suddenly my pencil is picked up and a note scribbled in my notebook. It says animal clinic now. I look around knowing Corey must be here. I glance up to Mason who is slowly backing away from the blackboard. He drops his math book taking off.

“Mason wait!’ I called running after him.

I could hear the teacher calling our names but I didn’t care. I caught up to Mason and we made our way to the animal clinic. We arrive opening the door seeing the pack standing there.

"you lied to me.” Mason said looking at Corey.

 I caught Theo’s eyes in the back. I was feeling betrayed by him as well.

“I had to.” Corey said grabbing his hand.

“We all had too, we needed everyone to think that we were really gone.” Scott said looking at us.

“yeah well it worked.” I said a tear falling down my cheek.

“what’d you think we were going to do? run?” Scott said coming over and pulling me in a hug.

“I don’t hate you, I didn’t mean that.” I said wrapping my arms around him.

“I know, I know.” Scott said kissing the top of my head.

I walked over to Theo who was leaning against the wall.

“I guess it isn’t goodbye.” I said looking up at him.

“guess you’re stuck with me.” He says shrugging his shoulders.

I grab the back of his neck pulling his lips down to mine. I kiss him surprising not only him but everyone in the room. I pull away leaving him wanting more.

“I regretted not doing that last night.” I admitted holding on to him.

“once we kick these hunters asses we’ll have all the time in the world for that.” He smirked kissing me again.

prompt from: https://radwriting.tumblr.com/post/161218974947/teen-wolf-prompt-list-2 requests are closed cause I really am trying to catch up and do all of the ones I promised people!

EXO Reaction to getting a lot of support from their fans and their girlfriend’s

So I finished early today and I thought it would be good to take my mind off studying for a little while and write some pending stuff. ILY and thank you for waiting, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*He can’t with it* “Look at them jagi… holding banners with our couple name… it’s so sweet!” *Relationship goals*


*Always goes online to read fanfics of you two xD* “I might have a blog about us… or not…She can’t know I’m our fan number one”


*He would probably post everything about your relationship on Instagram* “I’m giving these flowers to my jagi today, do you guys like them? Should I buy more?”


*Pretty shy baby* “Do you hear that baobei? It’s our fans chanting our name outside… my heart is beating so fast”


“I told you there was nothing to worry about, going public was one of the best things we have done. I love showing the world that you are mine, and the world supporting it”


*He would often be fangirling with your fans* “Omg omg I have to tell you this thing y/n did the other day! It was so cute!”


*Always showing his love and thanks to the fans for supporting you*


“You see what we did there baobei? We united our fandoms… it’s so beautiful. Thank you y/n for letting me be part of your world”


“How come our fans have better pictures of us than we do…. how?” *He really wants to know… and also wants good pics too xD*


*He knew it would happen* “I hate saying it but I told you so. There was no way the could hate you, you are adorable and I’m the lucky guy that got you”


*He’s always online, reading everything the fans write about you two* “I wonder how they get to know all these things… I bet someone is telling them… giving them some info, probably Baekhyun… but they say we are relationship goals which is nice”


*Him every time he hears someone talk about you two* “It’s so heartwarming hearing people talking about us with such nice words”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]


“Hey, Aud!” It’s Malcolm Relf, her old boss and mentor at the Bridgeport Tribune. He often calls her for a chat, or a favour. But today his scratched, gravel-soaked-in-whisky voice sounds concerned. He wants to know if she’s heard any rumours about Alex.
Audrey feels something tighten in her chest, like a cold and tiny key.  
“No, Malcolm. What kind of rumours?”
“I got a strange email a couple of days ago, sent from a bogus email address. Saying that photos were soon going to be leaked that would show the world what a filthy pervert Alex Dunlop is. That was it.”
“Have you still got the email?” says Audrey. “Can you forward it to me?”
“Sure,” says Malcolm. “Are you going to tell Alex?”  
“I think I probably ought to,” says Audrey. “He can decide whether he wants to let the police know, although I doubt there’s anything they can do. Alex is used to being threatened with extortion. If you’re well-known and have a lot of money you’re automatically a target for these sickos.”
“So you think that’s all it is?” says Malcolm. “An amateurish blackmail attempt?”
“I’m certain that’s all it is,” says Audrey.“He’ll probably find an anonymous letter in his letterbox when he gets home, you know, put together with letters cut out of the newspaper. "LEAVE 5 MILLION IN UNMARKED BILLS ON A PARK BENCH AT BUTTERFLY ESPLANADE OR WE’LL LEAK THE GERBIL PHOTOS TO THE PRESS.”
“Gerbils, hahaha” says Malcolm. “How 80s.”
After she gets off the phone Audrey sits staring at the forwarded email for a long time. Then she gets up and walks over to the window, but the view doesn’t calm her in the way she has come to rely upon it to do. She takes a step back, to try and shake herself of the unfamiliar feeling of dread, of being drawn against her will towards the precipice. But the sensation of vertigo remains.  

A Day Off~ Dean Ambrose Imagine

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Note;  You are Dean’s wife but he hasn’t said I love you yet. Let me know if you want to be tagged in any of my future imagines. 

He watched you sleep, a smile made it’s way to his lips as he thought about how beautiful you were. But he was never good with feelings, telling you how much he does care for you. Action speak louder than words, that’s what he did. He showed you how much he cared about you. He kissed you first, he asked you out, he asked you to be his and he asked you to marry him. 

His hand made its way to your hair, moving strands from your face smiling to himself how he loved running his fingers and playing with your hair.

Dean scooted closer to you leaning down pressing his lips onto the side of your neck. Brushing his nose on the soft skin, his lips brushing softly placing a kiss there.

You shifted as he continued his kisses up your neck savoring how soft your skin felt against his lips. His lips brushed up your jaw, your hand went to cup his cheek brushing against his cheek. He leaned into your touch. Dean nipped at your jaw.

Whimpering sounds came from you making Dean smile. 

He pulled away, glancing down at you as he watches your eyes open and the corner of your lips turning into a smile. 

“ Morning sweetheart” He greets you with a gruff morning voice. 

“ Morning handsome” you greeted him, your hands running up and down his chest. It was quite for a few moments, jut the two of you laying there. Dean was watching you, he loved the color of your eyes and the smile that would always make him smile.

“ What do you think about a bath?” you asked, looking up at him.

“ That sounds good” He nodded.

“ I think I’ll go make it now” Dean saw a spark in your eye, a hint of mischief there. He licked his lips sitting up in bed watching you leave the bed in his shirt.

“ You coming?” you asked, biting your bottom lip.

He jumped out of bed, making his way over to you making you giggle.

Moments later, you sat with him in the tub surrounded by bubbles, he was giving you a massage, moans filled the bathroom. Dean had the magic fingers when it came down to this. 

Dean reached over to the soap running it down your arms but his eyes remain on your eyes watching your reaction. 

He was so in love with you, he hasn’t told you those words yet but soon he was going too. You were the first women he was going to say those words to. It scared him and at the same time excited him. He finally found someone that loves him and cares about him. 

He moved your hair to the side, kissing your wet shoulder then your neck running his hands down your body.

You were a goddess in his world and he was going to treat you like one. 

“ Sweetheart?” He called to you. 

You turn your head towards him, catching his eye listening to what he has to say. 

“ I know we’ve been together for two years and married for one. But the thing is I never got to tell you how I really feel about you-”

“ You don’t have to Dean, I know” He shook his head.

“Let me finished” you nodded motioning him to go on. 

“ I  never was good with feelings until you. You showed me what’s it like to feel love, to be loved, to be wanted. I used to be a messed up guy but when it comes to you, everything just goes away. All I see is you and all I want in my life is you. All I care and love in this world is you. You are always my number 1. I love you so much princess” 

“ All I need is you too Dean, you are my light to my darkness. My lunatic and my everything. You have no idea how much I waited for you to tell me those words, even if it took a long time” you two shared a laugh before you kissed him.

“ I love you so much Dean” He smiled, showing his dimples before burying his face into your neck.

He had to get used to hearing the words. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on writing our boys? Especially Draco? I've never published a fic I've written because I just can't manage the characterization right. Thought I'd ask because you do so WONDERFULLY!

I’m so glad you think so thank you! That means a lot because there are definitely times I struggle with it (although to be honest I think all writers do).

I think one thing to remember is that characterizations can be fairly fluid depending on your timeline and situation. If this is 8th year or post hogwarts the reality is we don’t know exactly how the boys will be. If you’re writing within the timeframe of books 1-7 it gets a little tougher.

I’ve read Harry and Draco so many ways…thrill seeking, depressed, self loathing, grateful to be alive, angry at the world, angry at each other, ambivalent, etc…

What makes a character believable to me is when you show me why they are the way they are. It doesn’t have to be 10,000 words of backstory, but let the reader see something that shows us how they got to be where they are.

For me I tend to have this sort of quasi emotional beginnings in my stories like…“Draco had no idea how he and potter got here, he could’ve never imagined that apologizing to potter would lead to an awkward agreement to owl each other lated which had somehow led to meeting for lunch once at the Leaky which had then somehow turned into a weekly seekers game…”

Like ok that was more plot driven than character driven but hopefully you get the idea. If you find certain characteristics you’re writing might be perceived as out of character maybe just try showing a train of thought and how Draco came to feel that way.

Another thing that to me is so important is differentiating what is canon and what is fandom driven and decoding whether that’s an important distinction for you.

For example there are things we know to be true of Draco…he hides his emotions (or he did, could be past tense depending on your time line), he’s dramatic as fuck, he craves praise and attention, he’s an excellent seeker, he’s very driven, etc….

Then there are things about Draco that most (not all mind you just most) people seem to commonly associate with Draco….perfectionist, smells like citrus, apparently really likes his potions and hair products, see god, etc…

You could write a Draco that is NOTHING like the general fandom consensus and it could still be in character if it’s believable and realistically makes use of his past and possibly character development.

Anyway I rambled a little but I hope that was helpful!

Our First and Last (Ch. 10)

Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 | 

Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 (Final)

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (MAIN) | Park Jimin x Kim Taehyung | Jung Hoseok x Min Yoongi | Kim Namjoon x Kim Seokjin
  • Genre: angst and fluff, soulmate au, scifi
  • Words: 3,811
  • Description: He’s really that person. He still exudes that comforting aura of warmth and that feeling of home. Yeah, in this universe he’s a genius and really just owning life, but the more you got to see the sides of him that he normally doesn’t show to the world, the more your able to see what he truly represents and understand why you fell in love with him so long ago.


The sound of Jungkook’s faintly husky voice calling you for the first time after the procedure startles you, even more so than it used to (if that was even possible). He had let you take as long of a break as you needed after the procedure, and two weeks later, (after that beach trip with Jimin and Taehyung and confronting Hoseok about Yoongi) you were finally back in lab.

Yes, you were very eager to see Jungkook again, but a part of you saw him much more differently than all your previous impressions of him. Although his different personalities never failed to surprise you, he wasn’t your famous MD-PhD neurosurgeon professor/casual “friend” outside of lab anymore. He was the warmth of summer, the cherry blossoms in the spring, all the stars in the night sky, and the person you loved from long ago. He was someone who was always out of reach but now closer than ever. And now that you remember, now that you know, acting natural around the guy was going to be even more of a challenge than it had already been.

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College Man-- A Freshman Fanfic

Hey! So, this idea came to me right after we learned that Zig had been accepted into the university in the finale of book 3. We saw his friends react but I wanted to know more about how his family must have felt. And, some of his own thought process as he wrapped his brain around such a big dream coming true. And I also wanted to incorporate the little nickname that’s been floating around for him lately. So here’s this thing.

It’s rated T. It’s kind of short. But I hope it works for anyone who reads it.

Off we go.


Zig couldn’t sleep. He lay in the darkness of his bedroom, a light sheet draped across his legs and his arms behind his head. He was no stranger to restless nights. He’d had more than his fair share throughout the course of his life. But this time, instead of images of handcuffs, flashing red and blue lights, and his mother’s tear-stained face as he was sentenced in court, his mind was focused on something new. Something that would change his life forever. Something that, for all intents and purposes, shouldn’t have been possible.

We’re pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hartfeld University on a full academic scholarship.

The words replayed over and over in his mind. He could still remember the moment he read that portion of the acceptance letter. He’d been overrun by feelings, but the predominant one had been elation. He’d shouted and thrown his arms in the air. It was the most pure expression of joy he’d displayed since childhood. And with a childhood so marred by fear and struggle, even those joyful moments were few and far between.

He smiled in the darkness of his room as he thought about the first phone call he made after receiving the news. His mom had answered on the second ring, sounding anxious because she knew he’d be hearing about his application soon. Before he got all the words of his good news out, she’d started sobbing and saying how proud of him she was. He would never forget the pure delight  he detected through her tears. His own eyes had misted over at hearing her so happy. He finally had a shot at doing right by his family and repaying his mom just a small portion of what she’d sacrificed for him throughout his life. She deserved this win more than anyone.

Eventually, he convinced her to hand the phone off to one of his sisters so he could continue sharing his news.  Momentarily, the whole family was standing around his mom’s phone with the speaker on, screaming and congratulating him. After a boisterous  conversation about him needing to come home soon so they could have a party to celebrate, he’d hung up. His heart felt light and his cheeks were sore from grinning so much.

The last twenty-four hours had been a whirlwind. But now, alone in the dark, he finally felt his smile falter and knots twist at his stomach. His mother’s bliss, the excitement of his sisters, his own elation…they all made him feel undeniable pressure. The heavy weight of everyone’s expectations sat on his chest like a boulder, making it hard to breathe. Why did he deserve such an opportunity over others in his shoes? How could anyone really know he’d be able to live up to the dream? The dean of the university had basically single-handedly gotten him into school and now he had to deliver. Failing would not only make him look bad, but it would make everyone who stuck their necks out for him look bad, too.

This is insane. Everyone believes in me. They’ve put their faith in me. But why? What have I done to deserve special treatment?

This was the thought that kept popping up every time he let himself fantasize about what it would be like his first day in a lecture hall or during his first study group at the library. He would suddenly be painfully reminded of his flaws. How could he hope to measure up?

His friends would say his actions at the presentation were proof of his worthiness. But all he’d done was stand and talk about himself. And he’d barely accomplished that because he’d all but been dragged there against his will. He was glad his talk helped, if it really did, but that was nothing. Some might even say it was his high intelligence that made the difference. He was willing to admit that he was smart, but there were many smarter than him. He remembered at least two guys from juvie who consistently out-performed him on tests and assignments. So, to him, that was yet another undeserved compliment.

In many ways, he felt like just another statistic. His mother had begged him not to be. But she could see it…the anger in his eyes when someone teased him or tried to mess with his sisters. She could see it way back then when he was only a boy in elementary school. Now he too could see the truth. He’d inherited more than just his height and jawline from his sorry excuse of a father. He’d also picked up his penchant for flying off the handle and his tendency to prove his worth through hand to hand combat.

His mother tried to warn him over and over. She attempted to reason with him and even punished him when he’d get suspended for protecting a defenseless kid in school. She always said he had a good heart but bad execution. Unfortunately, stubbornness was yet another strong family trait he’d picked up along the way. So instead, he chose to stick with what wasn’t working.

That’s why he was surprised when she showed up at the police station, bail money in hand, after the arrest. He knew she’d either borrowed it or let a few bills go to get the money. He never understood why she didn’t just let him stay in there and wait out his court date like he deserved. He’d told his sister to make sure she didn’t try to get him out. Later on, when he asked her why she did it, she’d responded indignantly that no son of hers was going to sit in a holding cell for taking care of family.

That was the first of many times she’d end up handing over cash she couldn’t spare in order to help him. Court fees, attorney fees, fines…it all equaled insurmountable debt. And eventually, after the final verdict, he was officially no longer a noble defender but instead a violent criminal. It was a foregone conclusion that school would forever be off the table. Yeah…he was definitely following in his old man’s footsteps.

But suddenly he was in a new city with a new job and new friends. For some reason, even with his recent mistakes, he was still granted a once in a lifetime opportunity to earn a higher education on the school’s dime. The impossible had been made possible. And yet, he was nearly drowning in uncertainty.

As he lay in bed reminiscing, he suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to connect somehow. So, he turned on his lamp and pulled open the drawer next to his bed. The first thing his hand touched was a small card. He picked it up gently. He slowly trailed his thumb along the red cardstock cover and the raised gold foil print that read ‘Thinking of You.’ He flipped it open and let his gaze travel over the handwritten message within:

Mijo, please don’t worry about what you deserve or whether or not you’re good enough. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be and you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. Just focus on giving it your all and you’ll be fine. And remember, we love you always and to us, you deserve the world. So show them what you’ve got and, most of all, be happy.

He half smiled, blinking rapidly to avoid an embarrassing show of emotion. His mom had sent him the card in the mail after a phone conversation he had with her about these overwhelming feelings. It was such a motherly thing to do but it had been just the push he needed.

He was finally starting to accept that his doubts about himself would never cease. The shadow of his father’s failures and his own screw ups would be a constant, looming threat. But it was messages like these, the pure and loving voices in his life, that would help him win those daily battles against his fears. Ultimately he would win the war.

His phone buzzed just then and he saw a text message from one of his sisters.

Mom’s still going on and on about you and being super dramatic. She’s so proud of you that it’s kind of ridiculous. But we’re proud too. Good job, big bro. I guess you’re a college man now! ;)

He shook his head with a laugh. As he started writing a snarky yet appreciative text back, he mulled over the nickname in his head.

College man…it definitely had a nice ring to it.

thoughts on Benedikt Höwedes

i cant lie, he’s the reason why i fell in love for Schalke. excuse me for the rant

i rather to have him leave us for Juve and goin back to his best form and show them what’s his got because i can’t stand looking at him on the bench every match. and its better since its Juventus, not any PL or Bundes teams. lets settle this for once at all and i hope even if he’ll goin to play with different color, no longer the royal blue, he’ll get back up and be the part of Mannschaft regular team in World Cup next year. never stop supporting him no matter what it takes.

and Schalke. well i still support them but i cant denyin that theyre the one to blame with all of this shits. just because he didnt do his best last season, they treated him like this and makes all those years of loyalty means nothing. i just couldn’t understand. well its football, players come and go but doesnt mean that you can did such thing to the most loyal one. thats difficult to be like him, especially if your team wasnt that superior.

but i learn one thing from this case.. that if you love your team that much, youre willing to do anything.. anything, for the team, even if it will hurt you the most. and only the most loyal ones can do it. afterall, this decisions is depends on Benni himself, he might want to get more playing time, something that he wouldnt get in Schalke nowadays. if he says that he’ll leave, its for the best for both sides, Benni and Schalke.

i just hope that nobody will see him as a traitor. no shit im fuckin dare you.

“So what if Anti was here all along..?” “Bing͕̝̤͖̰̝̦̜̀̓o̴͈͈̹͐̈́͌ͯ!̸̺͛”

Ṣ̱͔̩̊̊̒̎̔ͪ̐̃ͥ̕a̖̻̹͉͕̫͖̐͒̔͌̚ͅȳ̧̜͇̠̣̝̫̩̼ͧͨ̍ͮ̍̂͟ ̛̳̞̙̀͐̒́ͅG̏̎ͮ̌ͮ̂͑ͫ̀҉͓̣̦̺̝̳ơ̮̤̺͈̞̱͋̒͐ͦͮ̄̿͢ȯ̈́͋̈̽͝͏̻͔͉͎d̡̦͍͔̫̮̒̋ͣͦ̃̄ͯ̅b̗͍̦̦͊́ỹ̶̟̖͈̲̂̊́̚e̴͕̰̣̜͉̿̔̈́̕͢

Ṣ̱͔̩̊̊̒̎̔ͪ̐̃ͥ̕a̖̻̹͉͕̫͖̐͒̔͌̚ͅȳ̧̜͇̠̣̝̫̩̼ͧͨ̍ͮ̍̂͟ ̛̳̞̙̀͐̒́ͅG̏̎ͮ̌ͮ̂͑ͫ̀҉͓̣̦̺̝̳ơ̮̤̺͈̞̱͋̒͐ͦͮ̄̿͢ȯ̈́͋̈̽͝͏̻͔͉͎d̡̦͍͔̫̮̒̋ͣͦ̃̄ͯ̅b̗͍̦̦͊́ỹ̶̟̖͈̲̂̊́̚e̴͕̰̣̜͉̿̔̈́̕͢

Ṣ̱͔̩̊̊̒̎̔ͪ̐̃ͥ̕a̖̻̹͉͕̫͖̐͒̔͌̚ͅȳ̧̜͇̠̣̝̫̩̼ͧͨ̍ͮ̍̂͟ ̛̳̞̙̀͐̒́ͅG̏̎ͮ̌ͮ̂͑ͫ̀҉͓̣̦̺̝̳ơ̮̤̺͈̞̱͋̒͐ͦͮ̄̿͢ȯ̈́͋̈̽͝͏̻͔͉͎dbye

Say Goodbye, Jack…

Those words were a mantra in Seán’s mind as he stared off into the dark abyss. He had no idea how long he was imprisoned, because what else would he call it, in his own head. Was it only days? Months? Years? He had really no idea of actually knowing how long he had been sitting there. He only saw snippets of his life outside. His friends, loved ones, fans- small windows of interaction while his evil half was gallivanting in his stolen body.

His evil half, Antisepticeye.

It all started out as a joke, he would record small clips of him “freaking out” and sending them to Robin, only to be in awe when he saw the finished product when it was sent back to him. He remembered asking his friend how he even did those edits, and him responding that he wasn’t sure how it even turned out as well as it did. 

“I’m not sure, Seán.” Robin had shrugged and readjusted his headphones. “The clips just worked themselves in. I wasn’t really expecting that it would come out that well.”

From that point on, they just rolled with it, laughing and getting excited over the Jacksepticeye fanbase theorizing and creating fanart of this character that they brought to life. It was all fun and games until about half way through October.

Seán remembered that day pretty vividly, or rather, remembered what had happened before it all went black. He was at his desk, editing thumbnails for the videos and listening to soothing tracks before his ears were greeted with static undertones and a whisper of “S͓ͤ̾́͡e̶̦̘͒͛̂̈́͋̇á̞̫̝̙̜͒̆ͣ͊̊͋̕ņ̞͖́̀͆~.”

He stopped for a moment, laughing to himself that he was hearing things, and continued in doing his work.


This was when he stopped the music and heard nothing but the soft static noise, almost white noise, in his headphones. He slipped them off and looked around his recording space, unsure if someone was just messing with him or if he was insane. “Hello? Anyone there?” He was met with silence. There wasn’t even the usual patter of rain outside to cut through the tension in his room. Shaking his head, he put his headphones back on and started to listen to soundtracks instead of ambient noise. The whispers and static ceased for a moment before amping up in his ears. Constant whispers of his name and laughter drowned out his thoughts before everything went dark.

The next thing he had remembered was waking up in his chair suddenly and not understanding what was going on. He thought maybe it was just a bad dream while asleep at his desk, which never happened, or maybe this Antisepticeye thing was being taken a little too seriously. He decided to shrug it off and blame it on the lack of sleep as of late, but little did he know that, that wouldn’t be the last time that this would occur.

Incidents kept happening, the blackouts took longer or the glitches in his facecam became more violent, but instead of halting the Halloween festivities on the channel he just kept going. Seán just kept telling himself that he was just getting paranoid. That a fanmade character couldn’t possibly have this much of an impact on his life. That he was fine. 

However, come Halloween, he didn’t know how wrong he’d be.
It all started out okay, he was having a blast carving his pumpkin and commentating to the camera, but when the faint laughter surrounded him, he couldn’t help but freeze. Taking a deep breath, he continued on with his recording.


He laughed nervously as sounds of thudding echoed through his apartment. Joking to the camera that it was probably his neighbors, because it wasn’t his girlfriend since she was with family in Denmark. By this time, he was trying to get the pumpkin carving done as quick as possible so that he could leave this whole “Anti” thing behind. He really did enjoy how much the community rallied behind a fanmade entity, but by this time, he just wanted it to end.

And end it did. It all ended so fast, he finished carving the pumpkin and wiped off all the marker so he could get in there and make some fine adjustments to the gourd. As he took the small carving knife in his hand and placed the blade along the mouth of the pumpkin, he froze. It was as if someone else was holding him in place and gagging him so he couldn’t speak or cry out.

“S̨̟̰̦͔̪ͩ̆̊͐͡a̴̯̣̺̻̞̲͉͉̻͋͛yͮ̓̿̍́̀̾͝҉̜̬̺̼̱̱̪͚ ̦̳̲̝͌̈́̀g̛̬͉̜̻͉͈̻̟͙ͪͯ̕ŏ̴̖̠̥̽ͪ̑͗̓̚ợ̀͂̎ͩͦ̌ͥd̛̟̘͈̙̻̣͑ͦ̊̈̊ͥ̈́b̴̄͌͑̒͏̖̬̮̠y̯̥̼̜ͣͦ͛̎̕ę̛̹̟̼͊͐ͫ̂̆̽ͅ,͈͓͆̓̾̒͡ ͪ̐́́͏͚͈̙͍Š͉̫͍̩͓̝̪͇̃̂́̾͆̈́̕͟͢ͅe͚̪̺̯͒̈́̃̒̈̃̇͘ą̲̼̼͚̺͙́ͧͯ͂ͥ̐̐̾̒̚n̴̡͙̖̘͙͗͑̇ͣͫͤ̽̊.̡̛̻̭̜̲̜͋͑̈̊͂̏̈́̂͆ ̬̭ͥ̀̚S̸̝͓ͨ̎̂̄̌͗ͤ͡a̡̧͍ͩͦ͂̎ͅy̷͉͕̼̳̝̞̎͊̃ͧ ͔̘̜͌̊̽̔ͪͥͥg͇͚̱̘̤̼̬͛́́ͥ͊͑͑̾͜ó̢̗̬̰̤̻̹͎̯͐̽̉ͨỏ̗̖͔̹͎̠͉ͯ̈́̈́͑̀̚͡d̵͉͖̺͉͈̺̫̋̽b̸͂ͧ̊ͭͦ͏̪͉̳͓͖̬͉y̮̮̎̓ͫͪ͆ͧ́ͮ͜͢͠e̸̼̻̝̖̳ͯ́̏̽͌ ̵̡͔͈̲̞̞̀̓̑͊̚ͅt̯͔̬̟͖ͥͤ̕͝o͂̈́͋̾̍҉̵̝̥͖̜͕̼͎ ̴̡̙̪͍̤̱̒ͮ̉̑̐y̩̫͙͑̃͋ͪ̿̍̆̅͂ọ̶̡͇̰̖̗̱͌͜u̱͍͐̇ͦͭ͂́͠ȑ̖̱̆ͭ͂̍̏ͦ͟͡ ̴̨͔̭̐͐̋̇͂̄̍͛ͅḻ̜̠̩̠̪̲̖ͤͮͩͤͭ́ǐ̜̭̥̾̂͌ͧ̊̽̽̀̚f̶͚̠̜̮ͪ̀ͮ̏ͧ̓̈͋̊e̢ͦ̐̾̐̉̅҉͕͚̦́.̶̩͎͚̯̼̯ͨͧͩ͢ ̤͍͈̲̜̓͑͠Ị̷͙̙̪̞̆̈͆̅͒̒͒ͩţ̧̰͙͕̔ͮ͒͌ͦ͢'̫̫̙͕͖̼̠̘̑͛ͮ̿š̰͚͈ͧ̽̈ͮ̄̀͞ ͉͖͓̺̗̼̘͕̄ͤ̎m̱͔͚̺̬̒ͬͬ͜iͫ͢͏̛̥̗̲̘̫̮͎̣̗n̎̅҉̡͕̩e̛̜̪̤̺̤̓ͪ͊́̽ͩͬͥ ͙̫̍͐ͩ̉͋n̜̺ͧͫ͘o̭̻̹̝̹̫̳̝͗ͬ̑̈ͯ̂͒̓͞͞w̦̒̉̃͑̊͡.̶̓̒͛̑̊҉͎̠̰͚̗̲ͅ
̤̪͉̟͈͉̱̣̈͌ͦͦͥ͒ͣ̀S̷̞̯̠̹ͨ͛ͪ̍̌ͧ̆͂̆͢ą̥̞͖̮̭̟̯̑̔̍ͨͥ̿̆̀̚͘ͅy̲̮̱̠̅ͭ̐ ͔̠̘̱̭̟̲̺̻̊̌̑G̷͙͚͒ͫ́oͭ̀ͦ҉͇̣̺̫͢o͔̺͉̖͊́̓ͅd̵̪͓̪̩͕͔̝ͣͧ͂ͥ̇̊ͩ̌ͣ̀͡b͈̯̖̲͉̼̿ͦ̽͌̇̅͜ͅy̨̻͖͒̅ͧͥ͠e̦̞̺͕̩̳̅̎ͧ̈́͑̂̌͢͝.̛͓͈̯̾̂ͪ͂̌̂́”

There was a flash of pain and then black. He looked down at his hands as he floated in this endless abyss of darkness. He tried to cry out for help, but no sound left his lips. All he could do from that point on was scream soundlessly. He was trapped.

As Seán brought himself out of his memories of Halloween day, he thought about how it was his fans that made Anti real. They kept giving him the attention he wanted, craved, and needed to get stronger. They posted so much fanart, fiction and general posts with theories all over social media. It was amazing to see how his community banded together and had so much fun during this time of year.

So as much as Seán wanted to blame them for where he was now, trapped in limbo with his memories, he could never actually be upset with them. That was when it hit him.

His fans.

If he was able to even get a small break through the barrier that Anti had created and leak into recordings, then maybe his fans would be able to save him. If Anti was able to get stronger because of his community, what is to say that he couldn’t as well? He was ready to make his community remember Antisepticeye and use this chance to save the real Jack. He felt his world jar around him as Anti got spooked by something, causing him to let his guard down slightly. 

Seán grinned and took the opportunity to reach through the barrier between the two.

“So, Anti…
͎̖̒̉̈̈ͣƠ̑̈́҉̖͎̦͎̪̺̯̪r̈́͗̾̈́̏̈̆͝҉͙ ̗͉̫͉̾ͫͮ̊̋̇̒̃j̢̝͔̩͈͐ͣ̎̑̓͊͡ų̤̤̪̥͈̫͓̺ͯ̔ͥͭ̍̾ͫṣ̼͇̻̠̼̭̱̖ͣ̇̅͢t̴̴͖̰̟̮̭̓͒ͥ͑ ̴̜̘͉̣͈̞͌̀ͪͯͣ̍̎ͮt̡̛͖̦̥̦̬ͤ͗͆ͭ͐̇o͓͙̹͖͉̭̺͊͗ͮ̾͑̉͂̆o͔̭͙͊͗͡͡ ̙͛̂͒ͭͦ͌͌̇͘a̗̱̯̺̋̎́̏̍̒͟͢f̶̗̮͔̳̳͕̫͐͑ͪ̕ͅr̨̮̮̮̅̊ͮ̈́ͬa̙̠̩̬͓̪͎ͭͮī̧̠͕̙͇̄ͧͪ͛̎ͦ͠d̛̻͉͈͖̑̀̊̈́̇̅͊̕ ̢̱̘͔͕̯͙͚͎̽̈ͧ̊ͪ̒̀t̛̠̙̭̩̳ͨ͗ͪͭ̏ơ̹͎̠̘̺̫̈ͣ ̷̸̸̩̻̼͛͌̑̌̇r̨͓̲̞̘̖̤̤̘̅̍̈́̅̅ͧ̍̆̐͢e̠̼̞͕ͤ̽͒̈͊̀͘m͈̩̠̼͗̆͌͘̕e̵̢ͤ̓̍̀̊͒̔ͨ͏̟̲̼̘̖̝̭͇m̭̗̭̃͋̌ͬͦ́̚b͉͖̗̘͔͈͎̜ͫ̊̑͞e̡͎̙̲̼̰͚̊ͩ̂̓̕ͅr͉̪̞̩̹ͪ͂͗̎͛͡ͅ?̸͚͕͙͙̦͓͙̉̏̉ͅ”

Ahhhh! I hope this is okay! 

(I love the theory that Anti has been here this whole time so I made something that basically shows Jack trying to break through.)

I got struck with inspiration and then sat at my computer for two and a half hours fleshing this out. I’m sure that If I sat down for longer amount of time, It’d come out better, but I’m still pretty proud of what I wrote. I hope to write more in the future. :) I hope you all enjoy this.

anonymous asked:

Fuwaa~ (≧∇≦)I loved your pregnant s/o headcanons!!! They were so adorable~~ so could I pretty please request a Varia + Enma with a pregnant s/o headcanons ~~~? Thank you soo so much hunny, and congratulations on hitting 100+ followers! <3 ♪(´ε` )

thanks :)


  • He actually is around a lot more when he finds out you are pregnant, especially toward the end of it.
  • Even though the Varia mansion is more than big enough, he has a house built just for the three of you and the nursery is a work of art.  The way it was built and angled, the furniture and decorations, it was designed to keep a child from never getting bored.  
  • His drinking slows down.  Some guys promise not to drink during the pregnancy since the women cant drink but he isn’t that strong.  But you were happy with him for slowing down anyway.
  • He was very active with the whole name suggestions.  He put a lot of thought into the names and was very pleased when you agreed with them


  • Like Ryohei, he had to be trained slightly to keep his voice down for when the child came.
  • He was worried about his hand.  He started wearing a glove over it when the child was born, afraid the cold metal would scare them.  You got a good laugh out of this behavior because he was worried about the metal hand scaring the baby and not the giant metal sword attached to it causing the child nightmares.
  • You had to do some bribing, but you eventually got him to go to a class with you about how to care for newborn babies and to you were quite proud over the fact that he only threatened to kill one person.  His diaper changing abilities weren’t to bad so that may have kept your mood light.
  • He wanted to name the child if it was a boy.  But whether the child was a girl or boy, he was teaching them how to use a sword.  This he was hellbent on so you gave up trying to sway him otherwise.


  • He was really worried the child wouldn’t like him.  It kept him up several nights and he thought about it.  But when you grabbed his hand and put in on your swollen stomach and the baby responded to him, he let the doubts fly out the window.
  • He was far more careful around you than before, worried that he might accidentally hurt you or the baby.  It got to the point when you had to sit him down and tell him you being pregnant was not the same as having every bone in your body broken, you could handle it.
  • You got the best laughs of your life watching him try to put the crib together.  You watched as he cursed everything, but most of all, the jackass that decided written instructions were no longer necessary and that the instructions will be nothing but horrible pictures.  
  • He started collected onesies early.  Whenever he saw one he bought it, thinking they were the cutest thing in the world.  


  • He bought the biggest names in baby fashion, no way his child would not be well dressed at all times.  Looking at some of the outfits he bought, you realized the child that wasn’t even born yet had a better sense of fashion than you.  
  • You smiled when you stumbled upon his stash of baby name books with a notepad that had all of his suggestions scribbled on it.  Some of them weren’t bad, others, there was no way in hell you would agree to.  
  • He bought a bunch of picture frames and started hanging them up, finding where they looked good.  You knew they would all be filled not even a week after the child was born.
  • The house got a while makeover.  Every wall got a new coat of paint and some of the furniture got updated as well.  Not that you complained, he was a good decorator.  


  • This was the one time he wasn’t cheap.  He bought top of the line everything for the child.  His way of justifying it was saying that it would last the longest and so was cheaper in the long run.  
  • He was a blushing mess when you showed him the replica cloak you made for the baby, matching his exactly.  It was the first thing the baby wore after coming home from the hospital.
  • He started collecting baby books, ones with amazing pictures so that if he ever had to read his child to sleep, he could look at the pictures and create them using illusions.
  • He was terrified the curse affected his body in ways that he didn’t know about, like being able to have a healthy baby.  So when the baby was born healthy and happy, he broke down crying.  The rest of the Varia, especially Bel, didn’t let him live it down, but he didn’t care.  


  • The firs thing he did when he found out you were pregnant was go have  a matching crown made for the baby.
  • He also got a hair cut.  He had seen how babies like gripping onto hair and he did not plan on having his hair ripped out.
  • He had all the best stuff bought for the child, saying a prince/princess deserved only the best.
  • You caught him practicing in the mirror his smile.  When someone made the offhand comment that his smile was too sadistic, that it would scare the child, you saw him take it hard.  So you watched him practice smiling a normal smile, a less scary one anyway in the mirror. When the baby came, the smile he had was so genuine and not sadistic that you wish you had gotten a picture of it.  


  • This man was still wondering what you saw in him to date/marry him let alone have a child with him.  
  • When you showed him how to change a diaper using a watermelon as a baby, he was a mess.  But it was the cutest thing in the world to watch.  Later, you saw him practicing on his own and when he finally got it, he let out a loud cheer.
  • You secretly hoped the child would be born with his red hair and at first he thought the child should have your hair color, but the idea of a red haired child grew on him.
  • He showered you in a lot more compliments while you were pregnant, watching as you lit up with each small thing.  He loved watching you glow like you did, it calmed him, it put his worries to rest.  If you were by his side, he would make it through this.  

things I noticed in newsies that nobody asked for but I’m posting it anyway because it’s newsies

•the freaking overture had me in tears okay that’s how much I love this show
•at the very beginning Crutchie just had a sad look of defeat on his face while putting on his best and it broke me
•pretty sure Jack was giving Crutchie a massage when he was all “close your eyes” bc his hands were on crutchies shoulders so
•I just love Andy as Crutchie okay

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Freaks and Geeks sentence starters

part 3 of 6
episodes 7 through 9
92 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: alcohol mention, sexual themes, violence
[other parts: 1 - 2]

  • “I’m surprised you fit through that door, quite frankly.”
  • “I’m [insert age]. I get confused everyday.”
  • “Is this making any sense at all?”
  • “You know, not everybody in this world has to go to college.”
  • “You know who didn’t go to college? Einstein. Thomas Edison.”
  • “You gotta be careful who you hang out with.”
  • “Once he ran over an old lady, and then he blamed it on his car. He said the accelerator got stuck.”
  • “We had this teacher at our school, and this guy broke into his house, so the teacher shot him.”
  • “Our shop teacher got his hair caught in a lathe, and then he got his whole scalp torn off, and now he has to wear a wig.”
  • “Our shop teacher got his pinky cut off by the radial arm saw. And when they tried to sew it back on, it didn’t fit anymore.”
  • “Um, would you mind showing me the ropes around here?”
  • “If I start bugging you, please, be sure and let me know.”
  • “Every old person thinks they’re so smart. What, there’s, like, no dumb old people?”
  • “I just wanna be older so I can go to bars. Everything fun in the world happens in bars.”
  • “Just ‘cause you got a fake ID, don’t go lording it over the rest of us.”
  • “Dude, I hate astrology. What, everyone born in the same month is gonna have the same life?”
  • “We only kissed once, and it’s not—it’s not a big deal.”
  • “So, is this what having a girlfriend is gonna be like? She’s your best friend and she’s beautiful and you can say and do anything in front of her?”
  • “She’s the kind of woman you could cut the cheese in front of. I mean, you couldn’t be in love with someone if you couldn’t. Think about it.”
  • “You see the way she looks at me? She can barely contain herself.”
  • “I’m the happiest man in the world.”
  • “_____, why can’t you just leave me alone?”
  • “He was dropped on the head as a baby. That’s why we think he’s a bad seed.”
  • “Why do you want a fake ID? So you can go get loaded?”
  • “I’m not gonna be an accessory to this crime.”
  • “Why are we still talking? I want some ribs.”
  • “This is gonna be the best night ever.”
  • “The suspense is killing me.”
  • “You know, we wouldn’t be here without you. So thanks a lot, alright?”
  • “I had a really good time. We should do it again.”
  • “I was just coming to look for you.”
  • “_____, you have no idea what you’re talking about.”
  • “_____, mind your own business, okay?”
  • “I just blew your mind, didn’t I?”
  • “How come you’re not eating?”
  • “I know what’s bugging you. You didn’t want to be lab partners with me.”
  • “You and _____ would make a good couple. I mean, she’s popular and everything, but she needs someone like you. You’d be good for her.”
  • “I can’t do my homework without having a snack first.”
  • “This is what you should do. Find out her schedule and memorize it. That way, you can bump into her and say hi.”
  • “Being lab partners is like being stranded on a desert island. You never know what might happen.”
  • “_____ got detention for flipping off her math teacher.”
  • “I heard _____ punched you in the chest really hard. Oh, whoops, that was me!”
  • “I’m telling you, she’s abnormal. Okay, she eats carrot sticks, and she likes Miss Piggy.”
  • “The Muppets are cool.”
  • “Swedish Chef is kinda cool, but Miss Piggy is lame.”
  • “You can’t have sex with _____. Once you do, you’ll never be the same again.”
  • “I didn’t know you had a boyfriend. What’s his name? What’s he like? I want to know everything, really.”
  • “Nobody who’s "just a friend” sends a single rose.“
  • "It was the worst five dollars I ever spent. And I wish I could get that five dollars back.”
  • “Don’t touch the hair! Stop it!”
  • “Okay, I’ve never really told anyone this before, but I have, like, the hugest crush on him.”
  • “I’m always so nervous around him. I never know what to say. It’s not like with you. You’re so easy to talk to.”
  • “You see, _____, nothing about you and me should ever be rushed. I made that mistake before. But I’m not gonna make it with you. Because we got time. We got all the time in the world.”
  • “We were made for each other.”
  • “You wanna make out or something?”
  • “All guys wanna make out. But I just want to hold you.”
  • “What’s better than this?”
  • “I don’t need another friend. I already have two.”
  • “Do you ever think about heavy stuff?”
  • “I knew that you were like me.”
  • “Are you stoned?”
  • “Don’t be such a pig.”
  • “I’ll figure it out. It’s not a big deal.”
  • “What is that? Is that supposed to be funny?”
  • “That was the biggest come on I’ve ever seen. She was practically feeling you up.”
  • “This is my chance. You know how important this is to me.”
  • “You had to go and quote the Star Wars, didn’t you?”
  • “In the cafeteria today, the school mascot fell and broke his arm. It was pretty scary.”
  • “I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I just had to see your face.”
  • “I don’t wanna get you in trouble.”
  • “Do you think there’s a subliminal message in there somewhere?”
  • “Breaking up with him was like a nightmare.”
  • “Just be careful with her because she’s a liar. She likes to screw people over.”
  • “If you feel yourself start to fall asleep, pull out a nose hair. It’ll wake you right up.”
  • “This place is turning into a cult.”
  • “Could you give me a ride home?”
  • “Don’t do it. Please.”
  • “So… You gonna let me know what’s going on?”
  • “It’s just… It’s going too fast, you know? I need my space.”
  • “You don’t keep going steady with a boy just to be nice. If it’s not gonna work out, you need to muster your courage and let him know.”
  • “You were supposed to be here an hour ago. I don’t like having to wait around. I had other stuff to do.”
  • “Remember, you have to do what’s right for you.”
  • “If there’s anything else you want to talk over, I’m always here for you.”
  • “I can’t be seen with you.”
  • “I just don’t want you to get too hung up on him, just in case, you know, he won’t go out with you or something.”
  • “Please don’t break it. It costs like six hundred dollars.”
  • “Now’s not the time to get all weepy.”
  • “I knew I shouldn’t have told you anything. You know, from now on, just stay out of my life, please.”
  • “If you’re mad at me, this is a really obnoxious way of showing it.”
  • “I can’t understand anything that you’re saying.”
  • “I sort of thought that maybe you and me should take a break for a while. What do you think of that idea?”
  • “Who the hell are you?”

That middle gif is possibly my new favoritest thing in the world.

(Even with the J.J. Abrams levels of lens flare that answers any questions no one has ever asked about what it might look like if he also got his paws on Doctor Who.)

But let us also praise these for showing the constituent elements that would come together as one at the next hootenanny:

happy 21st birthday niall horan

When he was 16 years old he auditioned for the XFACTOR:

we saw him cry when he got let go:

then they said OH BOYS COME BACK lets put you in a band:

then they released WMYB:

then niall showed us all the impersonations he can do:

then niall showed the world what its like to laugh & not take life too seriously:

then niall had the most precious moment in a music video ever:

then niall held a puppy:

then niall started to show his true colors:

then he started to play the guitar and kill us all:

then he started taking a whole bunch of selfies:

then he started thrusting and crotch grabbing all over the place:

then he turned 21:

I just have to say that I find the newest coping mechanism going around to be so amusing. There is this new narrative that all of a sudden suggests that Oliver and Laurel didn’t love the real versions of themselves but only some idealized version. They didn’t love each other, they loved who they “thought” they were lol

let’s talk about this idea shall we? 

First let’s address the idea that Laurel only loved the person she thought Oliver could be and not the person that he actually was. I mean it should be pretty obvious how false that is because she died telling him that he was the love of her life. Laurel loved Oliver for EXACTLY who he was. She loved him despite being messy, despite being an ass, despite being emotionally cut off, she wasn’t under some illusion that Oliver wasn’t a shitty person. She NEVER sugar coated his flaws, she never justified his shitty qualities or what he did, she just chose to love him through them while doing her best to hold him accountable for his actions. She chose to love him almost unconditionally. She loved him when he was good, she loved him when he wasn’t, she held a love for him that ran really deep, deeper than we may have felt it should be given everything but it was deep. Laurel’s love for oliver wasn’t some fickle shallow love. She loved him in pretty much every way you could love a person, as a friend, as family, as a lover. She loved him enough to cut him off or tell him about himself and she loved him enough to forgive him and stick at his side through his most trying moments in his life. 

See yes Laurel always saw the best parts of Oliver. According to Oliver she didn’t just see it, SHE WAS IT.  She loved him, she knew him better them pretty much anyone, she grew up with him, she knew who he was under every layer that he put on. Under every facade, she always saw him, the real him. Like she said herself she knew who he was in his bones. In season 1 Oliver himself even admitted that the man Laurel knew and loved wasn’t some idealized version of him, it was the person he always was, it was just buried underneath all of his layers and his island experience peeled those layers back and revealed him the true him. That’s so important, because it’s really different from the “you made me a better person trope” that people love so much. Oliver admitted that he was always a better person, she didn’t make him one, he just had it all hidden underneath his comfortable little layers, and once those were all stripped away from him he was revealed to be the person she always saw, the person he always was. 

The biggest sign that Laurel did love the true Oliver is that Laurel loved the Oliver that became a hero BEFORE he was even a hero. The oliver that went on that island already had the capacity to become a hero, he already had the qualities, they didn’t form out of thin air. She didn’t love a man that was perfect, she loved a man that she knew was kind, and compassionate, and giving of himself for others,a man that cared about the well being of others, a man that when presented with the chance to defend the powerless he would take up the call and do it, selflessly sacrificing his own needs for the good of others. That wasn’t some idea of a person that laurel conjured up in her head that didn’t really exist, that was who oliver was, and that’s why he was able to become that person. If you believe that Oliver truly is the green arrow, then you have no choice but to believe that Laurel loved the green arrow. Her connection to the true oliver was so damn deep that she even believed in him as the arrow before she even knew it was him. When no one believed in his vigilantism SHE DID. When people saw him as a monster, and a murderer she saw him as a hero, a man who might not be perfect but he’s trying and and who’s actions are heroic. She believed all this wholeheartedly before she knew it was oliver, and when she learned that it was him she never questioned how he could ever become that hood, she never questioned if he should keep being the hood, she never looked at him differently, she knew that it was always in him, that it was always who he was supposed to be and wanted nothing but for him to continue to embrace that. 

Laurel saw the green arrow in Oliver before even he saw it. Laurel loved the green arrow in oliver before he embraced it. Laurel didn’t love some idea of him, some conjured up false reality. She loved oliver, the green arrow just as much as she loved ollie, her best friend, her childhood sweetheart. Laurel believed in oliver the green arrow so much, and loved him so much she never ever even made him choose between his life as the arrow and her. She never looked at Oliver’s life as the arrow as something that was a hinderance to him, something that would keep him away from her or away from being happy. She never discouraged him from taking on the task of being a hero but instead she always pushed him towards it, knowing that the arrow is exactly who is was inside. She looked at it like it was his calling, the person he was always meant to be, she wanted him to be every bit of the hero he tries to be. I don’t even have to point out that this is VASTLY different from another relationship he had, one where he was actually was forced into this box that he actually didn’t want to be in or fit in. One where he was actually pushed to be this person that he really wasn’t all for the sake of pleasing someone. One where he was actually encouraged to give up his calling, give up his role as a hero so that he could somehow be worthy of someone’s love and affection. The oliver that Laurel loved wouldn’t turn his back on his city, wouldn’t give up when it got hard, wouldn’t trade in a life of service to others for a life chillen in the damn suburbs doing nothing. The Oliver that Laurel loved wouldn’t have had to be convinced to come back and help his team and his city, he would have never left them in the first place because that’s not what hero’s do, and the oliver laurel loved was a hero. 

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BTS Reaction to You Improperly Using Chopsticks

I hope you like it! Requests are open !!

Jin: He would help you practice with them, and give you hacks and/or pointers how to make it easier for you to use. “See jagi, this way it’s easier to pick these up. Plus, it doesn’t look like your holding chopsticks a little wrong,” he said smiling at you being able to use them. “Oppa, you’re really good at these.” “Well they don’t have Jin Eats for nothing,” he’d say causing you smile a little.

pretend you’re Jungkook okok

Suga: Yoongi would think as another adorable thing he liked about you. He would try to help you as best as he could, but if he couldn’t he wouldn’t mind feeding you a couple of pieces here and there. After seeing you struggle with chopsticks for a while he would get up and get forks and spoons for you to use. “Here you go Y/N,” he said walking back towards the table with the spoons and forks. “But Yoongi-ah… everyone here is using chopsticks. I’ll feel out of pla-” you smiled seeing your boyfriend use the fork to eating his noodles and looked down at you hands. “Gomaweoyo, but you didn’t have to-”. “It’s alright, I like it better this way so,” he would quickly say giving you a reassuring smile.

pretend those aren’t chopsticks //cries//

Rapmon: Namjoon, like jin, would also try to help you practice using them. Instead of staying in the sidelines he would also use this excuse to be able to hold your hand while your practicing, but whenever you mention it to him he would deny that it was true. Even though he knew he was lying. “No, I’m only holding your hand to show you the correct way to use it jagi-ah.”

Hoseok: He would smile at you, and reassure you that it was okay to not know hot to perfectly use chopsticks. If he ever sees you getting frustrated he would tell you that you were getting better. He would help you with them whenever he gets the chance to like at a restaurant or at home when you guys are eating. “Gwenchana jagi, you’re really improving.”

Jimin: He thought it was cute. But instead of teaching you how to use them properly; he would pat his lap or the chair next to him and take the chance to feed you your meal. You guys would also sometimes take turns feeding each other. Obviously there was another motive towards this then you just enjoying your meal, and you were pretty sure you knew what it was. “Oppa, can I get off your lap now? I’m full, and can you also teach me how to use my chopsticks instead? People are staring,” you said hiding your face in your hands. “Let them stare. I hardly get enough time to show you off to the world, and why? You don’t like being fed by me anymore? That’s okay you can just sit on my lap for fun then,” he chuckled and held you closer before kissing your forehead.

also pretend that’s you feeding him lolol

V: If you got to the point where you’re sad because you still can’t use them properly after being here for a while he would try to take your mind off of it by making you laugh. He would tell you to use whatever makes you comfortable, and whatever makes it easier to eat. Or if you asked him to, he would help you get better at using them. But be aware that there’s also going to have a lot of foolishness involved: “Oppa… That’s not how people use chopsticks,” you would say shaking your head and giggling. “Yes they do, they just don’t do it like this in public.” “I know I’m not perfect at it, but I’m pretty sure sticking chopsticks up your nose is not a way the proper way to use them.”

External image

Jungkook: Since he knows that you’re still not used to using them, whenever you guys are eating out, or eating takeout he would take into consideration the things that you guys would be able to eat without chopsticks. “Uhm so for takeout night tonight, is junk food okay with you?” He asked making sure to word that sentence correctly. “Yeah, that’s fine.”

- Admin Zo

From Wreckage to Salvation

I think this was a title of a promo for one of the episodes, I don’t know? But it inspired me to write this.

Basically: the Delinquents deciding to return to the dropship and make their own family. A lot of healing. Bitterness making way for sweetness.

Post season 3. Written after 3x04.

Bellarke featuring Minty and the other delinquents. 

Also on AO3

Camp Jaha seems whole now. It’s got a new name - Arkadia, indoor plumbing, enough resources for everyone. People are warm at night, there is no danger of anyone attacking them and it’s supposed to be their salvation.

Clarke thinks she prefers the wreckage. She prefers the wreckage of Mecha station, that huge metal skeleton that loomed over them, jagged ends of fence thrumming with live electricity. It wasn’t whole, but neither are their people.

She even prefers the dropship to this façade of being alright when no one is. Monty smiles whenever someone looks at him but when he thinks no one can see him, that’s when his face falls, from a smile to not quite a frown – just a look of wreck – in seconds.

From wreckage to salvation.

What sort of a shitty salvation is this?

At least in the dropship and in Camp Jaha they didn’t have to pretend like they were whole. They were wrecks and they could live in peace. No one to drag them to the side when they’ve had a rough night and tell them to pull it together for the sake of their people.

Bellamy’s cough interrupts her thoughts and Clarke’s head automatically comes up, searching for him in the crowd.

He’s closer than he ever was in the last two months and it startles her, gives her hope, does things to her she can’t figure out because she’s quit trying a long time ago.

“Do you mind?” he asks, looking like he’d rather run away all across Arkadia to get away from her. The guard jacket he’s wearing looks like a parody after what he’s done. Who the fuck did he guard?

He guarded you, many times, a voice inside Clarke’s head tells her and she pushes it down, quietens it with a shot of moonshine. Forgiveness is not what she’s feeling in the mood for. Not tonight.

Bellamy shifts his weight uneasily and finally, Clarke shrugs, waving her hand like she doesn’t care, like the moment he sits down won’t scorch her like flames.

“Thanks.” She knows the exact moment when he’s going to say that he’s sorry by the way he averts his gaze, swallows hard, eyes going a little glassy and reflecting the fire. “Clarke, I’m – “

“Sometimes I think we should’ve just stayed in the dropship,” she interjects, tracing the rim of her cup with a finger covered in bruises. There was an accident in the medical yesterday, something with electricity that made a door slam on her hand. It was painful but it felt grounding, like she’s alive. Like she needs a constant reminder that she is still here.

Bellamy blinks at her, lost for a second.

“When they came to get us, I thought – we’re safe now. We’ll be fine. The grownups are here.” Her mouth twists into a grimace. “And look at how that turned out.”

That turned into Jasper being the one who ended up in medical last night, just as she was about to call it a day and go to her room. Clarke likes to pretend like she’s sleeping, comforts herself with thinking that she’s still getting rest even though she’s just closed her eyes, and it’s a shitty thing to do but it’s something.

The first thing Jasper did when Monty and Miller placed him on the cot was hiss at Clarke. “You’re not touching me, killer.”

But she can’t really blame him.

Bellamy is not looking at her. His eyes are trained on the ground in front of him and Clarke wonders what happened to the rebel king who stood against the world. How did he turn into someone who stands with whoever offers retaliation?

“That’s why I think dropship would’ve been better. We should’ve just said – fuck Arkadia, fuck politics, fuck Wanheda, and you know what?” she asks and Bellamy’s eyes flick towards her. “Fuck Pike, too.”

There never was as much heat in her words as there was in Bellamy’s, always the one to rile up the masses. Now he was one of the masses he kept preaching to, an enforcer, not a ruler, and maybe Clarke can understand it but she doesn’t want to.

It’s not who he is. Not the same man who placed his hand on top of hers and nodded in Mt. Weather, not the one who dropped his head against a tree trunk after Dax tried to kill him and finally allowed how weary he was to show.

“We’ve got, what, four – five mass murders between the two of us and now we have to look like we’re alright? I don’t know about you, Bellamy, but I’m not alright. And I’m sick of pretending like I am.”

Fury boils in her veins now, always there, that anger she’s trying to keep contained, filed away for when she can deal with it. But it is always there, always itching at her skin and begging to be let out.

Well now there is fire, there is Bellamy and the world turns red.

“I am a mass murderer and so are you. Jasper told me I’m a killer yesterday and he was right. I’m sick of pretending like he wasn’t, like we can just erase the things we have done. Monty helped us, Bellamy. No one asks him how he feels. Miller can’t talk to his dad, his boyfriend left him because he couldn’t understand. We’ve got all this fucking weight that no one but us understands.”

That’s why she hates this standstill with Bellamy the most.

He’s the one she wants to talk to, the one she feels could understand what it’s like not to be able to sleep at night because your mind keeps replaying the endless dead bodies you can’t even count anymore.

And she can’t. Because she was gone and he’d gotten worse. Because she was gone and people kept leaving him.

“We could do it,” he says suddenly, cuts across the silence with determination she hasn’t heard in his voice for a very long time. “I mean it, Clarke. We could return to the dropship.”

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"Steal a kiss in the dark" - Jaime Preciado Imagine #1

Request : can you do one where you are in new york for new years eve and you are with your friend and their fiance so you have no one to kiss and when the ball drops jaime preciado is next to you and dosent have anyone either so he kisses you even though youre stangers? thanks and happy new year!

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