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Ok this blog is not about politics, but somehow it’s about my life.
So here I am, living in Russia, the country with beautiful people: talented musicians, artists, dancers, amazing doctors, teachers and all the other professionals who know how to be a good person and how to do things right.

But the rest of the world judge us just by one politician. Radical, homophobic, aggressive. The world says - that’s their leader as a representation of the nation. So let me show you what our nation is.

Today, on March 26, we had meeting protests against the government throughout the country in 99 (!) cities and towns. People were clamoring against the system and corruption with slogans ‘Russia shall be free’, ‘Russia without Putin’, ‘The criminal has to go to the prison’. In Brazil or South Korea that would end for the government in a fair law court…  But what we got as a feedback? When thousands of unarmed russians went to the street to shout out for justice, thousands of policeman and soldiers started to arrest them. There was no exception for women, children or oldman. I was there, in the heart of Moscow, protesting with others. 

And here I want to say that it literally hurts me when I see in social networks like tumblr all the hatred adressed to Russia. When you are afraid of russians, when you think of us as rude homophobic savages who barely know what civilization and human rights is.

, try to look deeper on what happens here.
We are people. And we need your support. 

As a bonus, photos from another date in St. Petersburg

‘  all i need is for you to stay by my side.  ’
‘  all of the love songs remind me of you.  ’
‘  all of the words in the world can’t show how much you mean to me.  ’
‘  boy,  could i use your love  &  affection right now.  ’
‘  concept:  we’re both awake at 4 a.m.  i call you to hear your sleepy voice.  ’
‘  cute thing that you do:  the most stereotypical giggle  &  then hiding your face.  ’
‘  don’t let this be temporary.  ’
‘  don’t worry about me.  i just want to know you’re okay.  ’
‘  every day i get to see your gorgeous face is a good day.  ’
‘  everything about our relationship feels so natural  &  perfect.  ’
‘  feelings change,  but mine about you won’t.  ’
‘  hey,  guess what?  i love you.  ’
‘  hold me tight  &  tell me you love me.  ’
‘  i always daydream about living with you.  ’
‘  i am so exhausted,  but i’d sleep so much better with your arms around me.  ’
‘  i can’t help but imagine living with you years from now.  ’
‘  i can’t keep setting fires to keep you warm.  ’
‘  i could listen to you talk about the things you love forever.  ’
‘  i don’t think i’ll ever stop wanting you.  ’
‘  i don’t want those memories any more.  ’
‘  i forget who  &  where i am when we kiss.  ’
‘  i get that warm,  pleasant feeling in my chest when i’m with you.  ’
‘  i hope with all my heart that you love me like i love you.  ’
‘  i hope you feel the same way you make me feel.  ’
‘  i just want to softly cuddle with you  &  count the freckles on your cheek  &  i want to run my fingers through your hair.  ’
‘  i know it’s getting scary,  but you’ve just got your perfect self out of bed  &  do the best with what you’ve got.  i believe in you.  ’
‘  i love looking into your squinted eyes while we laugh.  ’
‘  i love when you give me little kisses on my hand  &  cheek  &  neck.  it makes me feel so loved.  ’
‘  i never thought i’d deserve the love you give me.  ’
‘  i think you’ve shown me what love really is.  ’
‘  i want the only thing between our bodies to be our love.  ’
‘  i want the only thing between our love to be our lips.  ’
‘  i want to bury my face in the crook of your neck until we both fall asleep.  ’
‘  i want to listen to the beautiful song of your voice for hours.  ’
‘  i want to make you just as happy as you make me.  ’
‘  i want to wake up to your smile.  ’
‘  i want to wrap my arms around you at 3 a.m.  &  tell you i love you.  ’
‘  i want you to be my yesterday,  my today,  &  my tomorrow.  ’
‘  i want you.  ’
‘  i will always love you.  even when you don’t think it’s a possibility,  i am going to love you.  ’
‘  i would sleep so much better with you right next to me.  ’
‘  if only you could see your angelic self from my perspective.  ’
‘  if you frequently play with my hair,  i might just fall in love with you.  ’
‘  it’s amazing feeling the warmth of your love.  ’
‘  it’s okay to have a bad day every once in a while.  ’
‘  it’s so much easier to fall asleep when you’re in bed next to me,  running your gentle fingers down my back while we softly smile at each other through the darkness.  ’
‘  i’d wait a lifetime to be in your arms.  ’
‘  i’m all yours.  always.  ’
‘  i’m always going to support you.  without even a second thought,  i’ll be there when you need me.  i want what’s best for you.  ’
‘  just knowing you’re there comforts me.  ’
‘  just thinking about how you make me blush.  ’
‘  keep in mind all the things that you have to look forward to,  babe.  ’
‘  kiss me under the starry sky.  ’
‘  let me know if you’re in love with me too.  ’
‘  let today be the day that everything changes.  you are capable of so much.  ’
‘  let’s go on a cute,  cliché date.  ’
‘  let’s sleep together under the stars.  ’
‘  make yourself  &  your own happiness you priority.  ’
‘  make yourself happy before you worry about me.  ’
‘  my kindness isn’t weakness.  ’
‘  my new years resolution is for all our arguments to be settled because i know you’ll still have my love  ’
‘  oh,  what a privilege it is to matter to you.  ’
‘  our love could make flowers bloom int he dead of winter.  ’
‘  pet names are my weakness.  ’
‘  start setting boundaries.  enough is enough.  ’
‘  thank you for caring like nobody else ever has.  ’
‘  thank you for caring when nobody else has.  ’
‘  the world is going to do something amazing for you.  ’
‘  there are times to power through it  &  there are times to say no.  ’
‘  when i look at the stars i can’t help but think of you.  ’
‘  when you look at me,  the butterflies flutter.  ’
‘  you are my happiness  &  you don’t even know it.  ’
‘  you are my starlight.  ’
‘  you are the one i’d do anything for.  ’
‘  you are what puts my mind to rest when i can’t sleep.  ’
‘  you don’t need anyone to rescue you.  you can do it all on your own,  babe.  i know you can.  ’
‘  you feel like home.  ’
‘  you have a smile that lights up my world.  ’
‘  you have no idea how proud of you i am.  you’ve done so much for everyone.  thank you.  ’
‘  you stole my heart,  but i’ll let you keep it.  ’
‘  you’re made of stars  &  you’re my favorite constellation.  ’
‘  you’re my favorite notification.  ’
‘  you’re my home  &  i’m homesick.  ’
‘  you’re not just your mistakes  &  you deserve to be happy.  ’
‘  you’re so much more than good enough.  don’t ever doubt that.  ’
‘  you’re soft  &  sweet  &  too good for me.  ’
‘  you’re something special babe.  you can make a difference.  ’
‘  you’re the happy part of my days.  ’
‘  you’re the one i’m looking for.  ’
‘  you’re the one thing i think about when i wake up every morning.  ’
‘  you’re the reason why i want to get up every morning.  ’
‘  you’re waking,  talking,  living,  loving poetry.  ’

things I learned actors don’t know: the tech world is very competitive. think about it, the cast can be five or fifty people but there’s only one lighting designer or one stage manager. and we can’t walk in and audition for the part, we have to network. even, like, rigging, the same small group of people can rig all the theatres in the area for every show. 
lesson for technicians: get to know the cast, let them know what you do and how well you do it. because they have good memories and can get you jobs in the future. 


Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPyoungatheart

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post every week announcing the latest project.

Age really is just a number. This weekend, head out into the world and capture playful, candid photos and videos showing how life is better when we keep a touch of whimsy in every day.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Turn the mundane into the magical by observing daily scenes through the eyes of a child. Clouds become animals, the ground turns to lava and a cardboard box lets you travel through time.
  • Have you kept any mementos from your own childhood? Take a video, Boomerang or multi-post to show their presence and meaning.
  • Just grab your camera and be joyful. Be spontaneous. Be silly! We could all do with taking ourselves a little less seriously.

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPyoungatheart hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.

Red Hood and the Outlaws (2016) #7: Jason and Bizarro

I love these panels. I love Jason seeing himself in Bizarro. I love Jason trying to help Bizarro. I love that Jason took him to a beautiful place to show him how beautiful the world is because Jason had needed it at a dark point in his life as well. I love Jason sharing his experiences and feelings with Bizarro. I love that because Jason is doing all of this Bizarro is also healing better than he would have alone.

I just love this scene so much and as it goes on we see that Bizarro understands everything that’s happened to him.

Then when Jason is putting the kryptonite bullet filled gun to Bizarros head, to me it reads that Bizarro is LETTING him.  Bizarro knows what he is.  Bizarro is trying to come to peace with it and he may not seem so smart but his words show otherwise. What’s really happening is that he’s GIVING Jason this power over him because he doesn’t trust himself to make that kind of judgement.  

But Bizarro thinks that if Jason can trust him, keep him on the path of good, then maybe he can become better, his own person.  But Bizarro doesn’t want to become evil, he fears himself becoming like that, but the bullet is actually a comfort to him because if he went too far, became evil, then Jason would be there and he trusts that he would put that bullet in his head.

Jason himself isn’t used to being the one holding the moral ground around someone else, this is also something new and scary for him because he gets to experience first hand what it’s like to trust another person who may fall into moral ambiguity.

In the end it’s extremely bittersweet because when you read this issue Jason purposefully is being written to make you feel that he’s just so young (and he is still pretty young) and unsure even though he’s seen and been through so much already.

Then when you read Bizarro you really feel so much of Superman, so much of Clark Kent’s certain brand of ‘goodness’, inside Bizarro even though he was never, and never will be, Superman.

These two are just being really well set up for some emotional trials that are still to come.



Take a look at the following info ;)

What’s this for?

EruRi of the month is an initiative to both spread the love for this pairing and let the artists show their art to the community.

How this works?

Every month a different topic will be revealed, along with its specific tags. The idea is having as many artists as possible creating content about the same thing in a given month.

The beauty on this is that we’ll be able to see how different people represents the same idea, each mind is a world, and even having the same theme, there are infinite possibilities! We want you to let your creativity fly!

Ok but, what am I supposed to do?

Wait for the Flavor of the month and create!

Once you have your entry remember to use the proper tags, so we can reblog your art and many people will be able to enjoy it.


Each month will have a specific topic, you can add as many pieces as you want (fanfics, drawings, edits, etc) and you can upload them within the month. Once the month has passed and a new theme is announced, posts should only be made about the new theme.

The main tag will be #eruri_of_the_month but each topic will have its own specific tags and you can also add whatever tags you want. But please don’t forget to add the main tag!

NSFW is allowed as long as you properly tag it as #nsfw 

 Have fun!!! This is all about spreading the love for the EruRi and nothing else. Posts containing hate against other couples/characters won’t be allowed. Also please remember to respect and tolerate each other.  The EruRi fandom is a bunch of incredible people and we want to continue being a nice community :) 

One last thing!

The topics haven’t been decided yet, we want to let this opened to the community, so please feel free to suggest ideas! Depending on how many we receive, we’ll be creating a poll — or something —

That’s all for now! We may be adding more rules if doubts arises :D


I… honestly am full of too much emotion right now to describe how this night made me feel, how this fucking incredibly kind and talented and sweet and considerate man made me feel tonight. (also big shoutout to @hikasho who let me scream with them and helped me keep my cool agdusjsg E im so fuckin glad i could share this experience with you!!!)

the show was UNBELIEVABLE, they were so into it and intense it was incredible, we met so many nice people and the bands they played with were out of this world, and i got the tour shirt!! AND THEY DID A DAVID BOWIE COVER WHICH KILLED ME INSTANTLY

meeting him was absolutely the most heartfelt and honest meeting ive ever had with someone I admire, hands down. there were autograph hounds waiting for him but he came out to see us anyway because he cares so so much about his fans, the people who care about him, and he took SO MUCH time with everyone?? like he was making actual conversation with us and making adorable monty python references, and he asked my pronouns unprompted!! that was incredibly important for me, that doesnt happen in my daily life and to have ezra, exhausted from an intense concert and putting all the gear away and still out talking with us at 1am, he took the time to ask right away what my pronouns were, and that will always be special to me. i almost wore the exact shirt hes wearing in the pics, and when i excitedly told him so he said “oh wow really? this is the first time ive worn it!” and he was just so happy and calm and sweet with us, and gave the BEST hugs on the entire planet, of that i am certain. and like i was there with E and it definitely seemed like he wanted to talk with us more, like he kinda lingered with us? and he gave me another hug and like grabbed my hand and held it softly and im so very compromised right now.

he also asked if id be at the show in san diego tomorrow and i said maybe, and he seemed so excited that i might go that it made my mind up right there, so i guess im seeing them again tomorrow XD i told him to drive safe down there, and then he asked me how i was getting there and told me to travel safe as well, and im just way too full of love and admiration and gratitude for this man. gah.

(in the last pic he said “lets make shapes with our hands like beasts” and i was like yes ezra of course lmao)

Reblog if you agree.. again:

Dear Hill & Bill, again: Please do a joint interview- SOON; Be adorable, give us hope, be YOU. Love longer, be stronger. Show us how to have hope. Kiss, hug & be cute. Show us that the world is OKAY. Be HOPE. Love. We miss you. Let us all rise.. always & forever. We persist because we are STRONGER together. Always, we are yours, forever & always- Thank you!

Cry with me - Part 1

Whether they are tears of laughter or tears of pain may depend on the person, but I promise you will probably experience both.

Join me in diving into the totally bizarre world of The 100 books in which the Bellamy Blake as we know him would cry tears of humiliation and perhaps the occasional bout of awe at the things his AU self says.

I honestly can’t NOT bring to attention some of these gems that truly demonstrate how vastly different book!Bellamy and show!Bellamy are so let me get down to listing actual quotes from book!Bellamy himself.


“Is he your boyfriend?” Bellamy pressed.
“No,” Clarke said flatly. But then her mouth twitched into a questioning smile. “Why do you care?”
“Just taking a census,” Bellamy replied. “Specifically, to determine the relationship status of all the pretty girls on Earth.” [listen to this guy]

2. That’s what Bellamy liked best about Earth - the unexpectedness. Like a girl who kept you guessing. He’d always been drawn to the ones he couldn’t quite figure out. [listen to this lil fucker]

3.“Off you go,” Bellamy said, motioning her forward with his hands. He watched her scurry off with satisfaction. [This fUcKER]

4. “Breaking news, pretty boy.” Bellamy winked. “We’re all criminals here.” [WINKING. PRETTY BOY. I CAN’T]

5. “Good afternoon, ladies.” [please pause for a moment and try to picture show!Bellamy sauntering into Clarke’s tent and saying this line - just please TRY]

6. Bellamy didn’t know why the ancient humans even bothered doing drugs. What was the point of shooting junk into your veins when walking through the forest had the same effect? [he’s such a cliche]

7. He’d always assumed those ancient poets had been full of shit, or at least had much better drugs than he’d ever tried

Originally posted by vlociraptor

8. A crack sounded from inside the woods. Bellamy spun around so quickly, he lost his balance and fell backward with a splash. [smooth bruh]

9. Bellamy brought his hands behind his head and tilted his face toward the sun, exhaling as the warmth seeped into his skin. It was almost as nice as being in bed with a girl. Maybe even better, because the sun would never ask him what he was thinking. […]

10. “You’re doing a great job for a quack.”


“I’d recommend putting your shirt back on.” (Clarke)
“Why? Are you worried you won’t be able to control yourself? Because if you’re concerned about my virtue, I have to tell you, I’m not-”
“I meant”-she cut him off with a small smile- “there are some poisonous plants out here that could make that pretty back of yours erupt with pus-filled boils.”
He shrugged. “For all I know, that might be your thing, doctor girl. I’ll take my chances.”

12. “I know you’re not the type of girl to make out with random guys in the woods,” he’d said with a mischievous grin, “but maybe you should be.” [i cAnT]

13. “Well, hello there,” he said as she came to a stop and paused to catch her breath. “Couldn’t stay away, could you?” He stepped forward and placed his hand on her waist [omg stop]

14. “I thought you were different. But I was wrong. You’re just another stupid Phoenix bitch who thinks she knows better than everyone else.” [this is the part where you cringe and cry and thank the TV lords that show!Bellamy would never even think of breathing such terrible words to Clarke Griffin, or probably anyone else for that matter]

15. “You’re going to regret this,” Bellamy said in a low, dangerous voice.

16. He’d start with letting the bastards starve. Then, maybe when they were all so weak with hunger that they had to crawl over to him and beg for forgiveness, then he’d consider going out to hunt. But they’d have to make do with a squirrel or something small - no way was he killing a deer for them. [this is some next-level petty shit - he’s talking about the deinquents btw]

17. Over the past few weeks, he’d discovered that he enjoyed the company of trees more than people. [k but tbh same]

18. Perhaps Earth had had enough of their bullshit already and was initiating a second nuclear winter. [k this isn’t really a noteworthy quote but its too real :0]

19. Tears were beginning to blur his vision, although if anyone called him out on it, he’d blame it on the smoke. [okay mister tough guy]

20. “Okay then.” He took a step forward and gestured for her to follow. “But I should warn you … I’ll probably take my shirt off at some point.”

So there you: Bellamy Blake Book 1. I intend to do the other two books I have read at some point as well. Hope you enjoyed! Lol. Tell me what you think of this Bellamy vs the one we know and love.

give me minute yall

please excuse my english, i’ve never gotten good grades 

i finally pulled myself together(not) and I just want to say that I’m very very proud of NCT and even us the fans . We’ve all been through so much . Protecting our boys from the cruel world with the best of our abilities;A;

OK lets start from  the oldest Mark, we all know about him having to debut in 3 different units. And not once he complained about being tired or anything .He even told us how happy he was and how he wanted to see the fans more. That shows how much he love this career and would do anything to make us happy. From being the youngest to being the leader would have taken a toll on him. And im pretty sure that even if he doesn’t show, there was probably times where he felt very exhausted . Especially with the people calling absolutely fully capable .You’ve worked hard Mark Lee

Renjun , omg this boy . He came from China and had to learn korean and being far from his family would probably make that kid sad af. Apart from that , he also helps his fellow member Chenle with adapting to this new surrounding . imagine being not sure of something yourself but then you go take yourself sure of it cause people look up to him.  Iwould honestly be stressed to the max if i was him.I applause him for that. you too, have worked hard Huang Renjun 

next we have Jeno. Being an idol , theres this part where you’ve gotta be talented at many things and also be funny.As most of us would know Jeno finds himeself the most boring in NCT which is not true of course. I believe he just gotta open up more and he probably be as funny as Haechan . Jeno needs more confidence and I can tell he’s working on in especially in the recent NCT DREAM Vlive where Mark was absent and he took the sub leader role .And we can see how much he talked compared to before. Actually all the members became more comfortable now and it makes me so soft inside .SO if we give it more time ,NCT would probably be variety gods. You’ve work hard Lee Jeno.

now my boi Haechan . I have no idea where to start and I feel that this will get long af. We all know how this boy can be mischievous and sassy .But lets all also remember that he is probably the most softest kid in NCT. As canbe seen from today, he was the first to cry when NCT DREAM was announced as the winner . I could understand why though. He has been going on about wanting to get first place on music shows since early 2017 and having his wish come true probably felt like a miracle (oh god im crying again) He ihas been a trainee since 2014?? when he was 14. Like damn his voice was probably just started to break and we all know how stressful it is to train your voice when puberty is hitting you like nobody’s bussiness. Oh and let’s not forget how strong he is . Like he was bawling his eyes out awhile ago but then a few seconds later he started hitting notes like an angel like it was a piece of cake.Damn son. He was probably thinking about how he was the team mood maker , and he wanted to show us how he happy he is . AND IM CRYYING .ok so. im so proud oof you . You’ve worked hard Lee Donghyuck 

Chenle , oh baby chenle .All the way from china with not much knowledge about korea or even kpop but here he is ., Slaying every stage . He was already a celebrity in China before he came here, but he still stayed in korea ,learn the language , and debut as a member of NCT. How hard did he work to be here only he and the members a know.Let’s not forget he is only 16 this year. WOW . when i was 16 i was stuggling with school.Im sososo proud of him . I can’t fully describe how much this is making me feel.yOU Zhong Chenle, have worked hard.

Our maknae , jisung.Bby chick JISung he so young . AND SO TALENTED .how does SM get this kids????Omg ok smol baby  jisung started dancing probably after he came out of the womb.Ok but serious , boys his age would be playing outside with friends instead of being in the studio and dance rooms for hours .With so much schedule and rules to follow.Scratch that NCT DREAM practically gave up their childhood to be where  they are now. Damn . You’ve  work hard Park Jisung .

Last and not least, Our Happy Virus Jaemin .gOd i missed him so much it hurts, so , damn, much. From what i heard , he was already suffering that waist injury since he was a trainee? im not so sure . But if  its true, i’m so proud of him, risking his health so that he could show us am azing performance that they have been practising .But i also hope that he take care of himself more now. it really hurts to see them hurting. Im sure he is sad that he can’t join his members in this comeback. sO many things had happen , and not being able to be there probably made him guilty but i hope he knows everyone misses him and hope he recover really soon cause we really need our happy virus.omG HIS SMILE. yOu’ve worked hard Na Jaemin

so in conclusion im totally whipped for NCT as a whole but today’s event made me reflect on how hard they all worked . Haters , if you have nothing nice  to say,then please shut up and mind your bussiness. NCT fans let’s continue supporting every single one of them cause they are family and everyone should be loved.Let’s not hate one member or one unit because your fav didnt get to shine.Its just the start ,theres still alot of time ,I believe all NCT members will shine so brightly that the haters go blin. lets love them okayy!

Season 5 of "GMW"

Ok so based off of how many people flip their sh*ts over this, I’ll consider doing what I’m implying here:

So, alot of you liked my “Girl Meets Confusion” fanfiction and have pretty much DEMANDED I pick u their stories one or two years later. (Why years? But I guess your wish is my command…)

Some of you just want a quick paragraph to give you closure. Other want me to do a full on “season” of these “episodes”.

Whelp…here ya go. It’s an overview of my ideas. Based on how much love this post gets I may just do it😉.

Besides, maybe it’ll help us ‘forget’ (not that we could or should–#savegmw) about the show being canceled for a sec.

Anyway I thought it over last night and I came up with a storyline I think want let y'all down. Send me which episode you’re most excited for!!

Girl Meets World; Season 5;Picks up 1 year after Season 4

Girl Meets Birthday:Farkle’s 16th birthday rolls around and Riley becomes puzzled on what to get him for a present. Maya is concerned about the rift that been lingering in their friend group for a while. The kids talk spring break/colleges.

Girl Meets Dance:No-one has a date to their first high school dance despite most of them being in relationship. Smackle starts to think she may like someone and is scared that she’s moving on from Farkle too fast.

Girl Meets Smackle Again:Zay becomes cold hearted towards the group, especially Lucas. Riley feels awkward about not having any future plans

Girl Meets Father:Maya is worried about how weird Lucas has been acting. While in the locker room Zay notices that Lucas is hurt. The group finally meets Lucas’ parents.

Girl Meets Subway:Riley and Lucas are helping show a new student around and they learn something about the world they never noticed. Shawn and Katy are acting strangely, Maya thinks they’re getting a divorce.

Girl Meets Women’s Rights:The kids are annoyed and uncomfortable with the reading material that their English teacher assigned. Zay becomes interested in the book when something happens to Ava

Girl Meets Microscope:Riley and Farkle get in an argument and Farkle does something drastic. The next day Riley is no-where to be found

Girl Meets Cool Kids: Riley is invited to a party that Maya and her friends aren’t. There she meets sunglasses boy, twin-bun girl and the meaning of byob. Meanwhile, Farkle and Zay are tempted to smoke while trying to find Riley at the forbidden party.

Girl Meets Real Heart:Lucas notices that Zay has been paying close attention to Smackle. Zay notices that Smackle hasn’t been herself lately. Riley notices that bullying doesn’t just end in middle school. And a bully notices a bunch of middle schoolers go to her high school.

Girl Meets Growth pt. ½:When Farkle is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, Riley is convinced that he has to take it. Even though it’d destroy the friend group. Maya feels peer pressure from Lucas as Lucas feels peer pressure from his sport-buddies.

Girl Meets Growth pt. 2/2:The kids learn that there’s never a point in life where you truly stop growing. Farkle faces his biggest fear and Maya faces hers.

Girl Meets Love Maybe: Zay doesn’t know what to do with his feelings and ends up blowing up on the clique six, especially Smackle. The group receives letters from their colleges. Farkle and Riley get advice from Cory and Topanga.

Yup. That’s it. Are y'all down? (If you think ANY of those are filler episodes YOU’RE WRONG)

btw @riarkletown @weirdoshippergirl and @lucasfriarfan are responsible for most of this.They talked it out and persuaded me.The rest of y'all just yelled at me😂😂 Love that y'all like it though💜💜

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Just thought you might be interested in a post by rock-and-compass called 'Why the swords...?' It might be of interest to u since u like myself wonder what the hell they are doing with Regina's story and have the Regina going villain train of thought as well.

‘In the twisted wishworld the villain won, in the real world the hero will win’ - please god, let that be what happens, that’s the only acceptable outcome! It’s actually a genius back up for the writers too, when the complaining starts about how they could do that to Regina after everything, 'this is a show about hope’, they can just say 'well better hope wishworld OQ had their HE’! But we’ll never know for sure and those that prefer every part of Regina get what she deserves remember (cont)

(cont) that she was wanted in the whole kingdom. I don’t think most people would complain about Rumple not getting a HE since he’s been a villain for most of the series and he’ll probably go out in a blaze of glory, but Regina has been on team hero albeit not really redeemed so I could see backlash. So what do you think the final battle is about, Henry? Thank you so much, btw, this lifted my spirits greatly, I have been really down since the ridiculous mess that was 6x14, I needed this hope!

(I think these are all one, sorry if I got mixed up.)

I saw that post! I had not made the connection with Regina having a sword-fight in this episode myself, but Gideon’s fight with Emma was so clearly not the end of it that I am happy to entertain the theory. It would be a really fun bit of misdirection on the part of the show, I think. Also, rock-and-compass is a good person to follow generally. :)

I really hope that the writers aren’t doing anything out of fear of their own viewers. They have to know that if they do go with any version of evil Regina for the endgame, the fan rage will be immense. (Honestly, I wonder if Adam doesn’t enjoy it, the guy does have some strong trollish tendencies.) People will not be mollified by the existence of any alternate realities that may or may not be happy. I won’t even blame them for being mad, honestly. A lot of people really love her character.

As for what the battle might be about, like I said earlier today, that’s the critical missing piece. We have Regina’s prior envy-based behavior patterns to work from, but we don’t have anything on stage that would kick them into motion. There are possibilities - Henry, the wedding, a new baby for Emma afterward maybe, Zelena - but we don’t know, which is one reason I’m not popping champagne bottles yet (the other being that it does not go with NyQuil). There is still room for this theory to be wrong.

I’m a little more hopeful than I was earlier in the week, though, and I’m glad you are, too. :)

Hello everyone! It would mean the world to me If you invite your friends to follow me! You can make my Christmas very special and I promise I will keep the Christmas mood with much more pictures and surprices!

I know we can do it together! Let’s show everyone how many we are and how much we love Christmas! Thank you, love you xoxo

You know what I really like about A Series of Unfortunate Events? Yeah, it’s this grim and morbid story that gives kids a new perspective on the world besides fairy tales and action shows where everybody gets a happy ending. But the Baudelaire kids know they don’t have a good outcome ahead of them. Throughout every book in the entire series we’re reminded of how miserable and disheartening it is, and that it’s perfectly okay to “look away.”

But the kids can’t look away. They’re in the thick of it. And do they let that misery consume them? No. They accept the circumstances and try to make the best of it, even though they won’t be happy. And that’s so important! Realizing that even if you don’t have a reward in sight that you can still find motivation. That even if you can’t be “happy” you can thrive off of moments of happiness. That it’s possible to keep going in a world where there are no happy endings.

It’s one thing to tell kids that the world sucks. It’s another thing to say, yeah it sucks but there is just as much good in the world as there is bad.

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Don't want to offend anyone, but I find some KL shippers really rabid. They have come for me for anything I say calling me homophobic and that for shipping karamel I ship toxic (like, iknow what toxicity is, I watched tvd haha) and KM isn't!

I agree. Not all people do. People can be vicious in this world, over trivial things. It’s seriously unfortunate. But let’s just stay in our love bubble, and talk about the show (or any other show we want) and ignore anything else. We like what we like, we perceive how we perceive, we appreciate what we appreciate. So keep on loving Kara and Mon-El as a relationship if that’s what makes you happy! Too little happiness in the world, gotta take it wherever you can get it. 

(And it’s perfectly OK to “ship” a straight couple. And as someone who has been in an abusive relationship, personally? I don’t think Mon-El is abusive in the slightest.)


  • Nothing makes me happier than thinking about your corpse. 
  • You know what, whatever, that’s fine.
  • That’s not even my name.
  • I clocked out like three martinis ago. 
  • We will all become spooky scary skeletons in the end, and all we do beforehand matters not.
  • That’s the equivalent of you saying you want to get married at LegoLand. 
  • I’m still trying to figure out a good way to back out. 
  • What? Are you CRYING?
  • I’m gonna make the whole world deaf from all your screams.
  • Off to a bad start…
  • Let me try again. 
  • I’m sorry I’m so drunk.
  • I’m going to show you how to make the perfect protein shake.
  • This is something I make for myself, just about everyday. 
  • I figured, why not show you?
  • I forgot the protein.
  • While you guys weren’t looking I actually went back and added some protein.  
  • I dedicate this song to Alexander Hamilton, the greatest president in the world.
  • Million things I haven’t done but kickin’ ass ain’t one of ‘em.
  • You’re a dumbass.
  • You’re at fault and it’s your fault.
  • You’re a mistake.
  • You’re out of luck. 
  • Your grammar sucks.
  • It’s kinda crucial if you ever wanna get to 3rd base.
  • They caught me frenchin’ my cousin under the mistletoe. 
  • Oh, what a shame that we got caught.
  • Did you know that most Christmas songs were actually written by Jews?
  • I’m standing under mistletoe waiting for some chicks/dudes.
  • We’re worried about you, _____.
  • Candy canes! Lick them in a spear and kill your enemies!
  • I wish I had a dad/mom for Christmas.
  • He/she told me he/she was going to the store. I don’t think he/she did. 
  • I wrote you a new song.
  • There’s debate among the who, when, where, and why.
  • None of them were based on historical facts!
  • It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re single.
  • Dry your eyes, no tears, don’t cry.
  • Don’t you know Valentine’s is one fat lie?
  • Show her/him you love her/him with a 40 thousand dollar ring!
  • Oh, Honey, you’re so sweet!
  • Move to Antarctica. 
Dear future girlfriend

I will love you. That’s it. I can promise you that. I’ll ask you how your day has been and want to genuinely know everything that happened. I’ll tease you a lot so be ready. I will do all kinds of stupid stuff just so I get to see that smile on your face. You better get used to laughing while I’m around because that’s what I do best. I’ll hold you in my arms when your day just didn’t go quite how you planned. We can spend all day watching Harry Potter movies and making fatty, unhealthy food for our midnight snack. I will show you off. You’re my girl, my world. Who wouldn’t be proud of you? I’ll show you compassion, faithfulness, trustworthiness, and true feelings. But once again, I promise to never let you go a day feeling unloved.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition!

Top five things I’d change about Inquisition:

1. The mage rebellion should not have been resolved in this game. Not while we’re playing as the Inquisitor. Look, I love being able to help Fiona, and I love seeing Leliana declare the mages free. But.

Two games and a novel showing us the struggle of the mages, fighting this uphill battle, winning boons only to have them taken away again, people like Anders going to great lengths to show the world the abuses going on, people like Fiona struggling to unite the mages behind her because only when they are united do they have a chance to change anything-

And then it turns out the key to freedom was to be the messiah.

Just wake up one day and find you’ve been declared messiah.

How can you convince the Chantry to let the mages go? Easy! Just be the person in power! Be the person who gets to choose the new leader of the Chantry! Gosh, it’s so simple, how did we not see that before?

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