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I loved billdip for a long time but often other fans of gravity falls said mean and rude things about it and to those who ship it? As a fellow shipper, I ask for your wisdom to tell me why?

Hello sweetheart, I’m sorry for taking so long to reply you.

For your question, I pretty much don’t want to discuss about this publicly but I think it would be better if I say it out one more time. 

As much as I hate to admit this but BillDip is neither the most popular ship AND the most hated ship in this fandom, the reason can be summarized in one word: pedophilia - which stands for a relationship between an adult with a child. Others reasons is about abusive relationship or some sort.

If you ever want an advice from me, let me tell you one thing, that is certainly important to remember if you ever see someone harrassing the ship again: they are fictional characters. None of the thing we artists/authors draw/write are real, it’s just our own imaginations. 

Sure when I say this some of you might wonder: “Then it’s okay to ship pedophilia with fictional characters because it’s your imagination?”. If I answer this in my very opinion, I’m the kind who would like to build a proper relationship for the couple I like so I can avoid all the bad things happen to them, but if I answer this in the role of all BillDip shippers, I must say yes and no, cause we all people and we have weird tastes in something sometimes but that not mean we support/are that kind in real life, fiction and real life are really, really different, please remember. It’s like watching some Disney movie which make you wondering “How the heck can two characters fall in love in like one day?”, but yet you still ship them. Yeah, that’s pretty much it mate, fiction don’t happen in real life. 

So if someone don’t like the ship please just move on, this fandom is not about us shippers so don’t pull the rage to you by yourself just because you don’t like it or want people to stop shipping it, trust me, they won’t stop…


I really wanted to have this done for valentine’s day but my stupid brain won’t let me stay awake for more than 20 hours at a time.

Anyways, I love chibis and I love blog decorations, so have a full soriel set of them for the free use of any shipper! I picked some of the most popular AUs in which you usually see soriel plus some of my personal favorites, so sorry if I missed a fan favorite in the way, there are just too many AUs in this fandom.

Undertale by Toby Fox
Underswap by @popcornpr1nce (and if you like Swapsoriel let me promote @royalbluetale because we make a ton there)
Underfell by… whoever the creator was before the AU was left orphan (but I totally recomend the comic Soulfell by @rainbowchibbit if you like it)
Reapertale by @renrink
Altertale by @friisans
Undernovela by @pig-demon
Mob AU by… I have no idea, there are like 4 different people with Undertale AUs based around the mafia, but this particular pic was inspired by the drawings of @theslowesthnery and the amazing fanfic “Never a lovely so real” by @kaesaaurelia

“You’re cute when you’re jealous” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Hey dude ! First, a big thanks for the compliment, always more than appreciated :D. And then, here’s your request, hope you’ll like it :

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


-I just don’t understand why it has to be with a model that’s all…

-Honey, I already told you, she’s the face of the brand, she has to be on every pictures.

-Yeah well then if she’s the face of the brand, why would they need you ?

-You know why, it’s for the charity campaign we’ve been working on for the past few months. They’re a huge brand, they’ll help spread the words across the globe, more than we could on our own.

-”We’ve been working on” are key words here ! I worked on it as much as you, if not more, and I don’t get to be on the pictures. They just want you and her to have cute and classy “couple pictures”, because I’m not good looking enough for their damn brand and…

-You’re very cute when you’re jealous.

-I could knock you out with a punch to the face when I’m jealous.

-Oh, believe me, I know.

Bruce massages his jaw a bit, as a reflex, reminiscing of that time he made you jealous on purpose…It was a terrible idea. 

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We should not forget this...

Remember? This is one of their last peformances (maybe the last??) before filling lawsuit against TS…

You see that? They were tired, Himchan didn’t feel well but still had to sing in backstage… see Daehyun’s hand on thumbnail? He was dragged on stage straight from hospital… you see how unhealthy and tired he was… you see frustration on Yongguk’s face and how angrily he rapped (I can’t imagine how angry and frustrated must’ve felt)… You see how they can’t look straight to the audience… It still breaks my heart T_T

And still… despite this fact they give their everything there… they sang it live, not just lipsyncing… they danced… and audience was still hyped… and I can’t help it but be angry to TS… when you hear audience… that year they finally won first show… they started to getting more and more attention… and if it wasn’t because of TS and how they treated them I think that they will be among top groups…

But every bad thing is good for something… I am still doubtful towards TS, but I see them more happier than before, they are just so grateful to BABYz… I can’t think of other group which is so much grateful to their fans and show that much of affection towards them through social media and so on… I was happy when Yongguk was diagnosed with panic disorder and they let him rest, even though it was before their comeback… it look that TS learned some lesson and are more considerate… they know that they can’t screw it again…

So B.A.P maybe lost their popularity which was growing during their best/worst year, but seeing them right now… I have to say I don’t mind… they are still getting new fans (especially after Skydive), they get so many steges during two gayos… and I just hope that 2017 will be like the last year or maybe even better for them… but we really shouldn’t forget this performance and video!!!


Once again, Taehyung won’t make it home for Christmas.

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word count: 3.9k
genre: angst/fluff [i know, i’m in shock too]

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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #127 - Chicago

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Spoilers below.

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: Blu-ray

1) This film holds a lot of personal significance to me. I first saw it when I was 13 in one of the hardest months of my life. I was sick with pneumonia (diagnosed that day) and my great grandmother had just died, so the whole family was over because the funeral was that week. It was late and someone wanted to put in a movie so my dad pulls out Chicago. My mother was a little bit strangely strict about what PG-13 movies I could and could not see, usually forbidding more sexual stuff than anything else. So this was the most sexual film I had seen at the time and I had felt because of that, and the fact I was watching it with all the adults of my family, that I had been promoted to the adult table in some senses. I was really captivated by the music, the story, the moral ambiguity, it was just so different from anything else I’ve seen. I would not be Just Another Cinemaniac without Chicago. In some ways its as important to my film fan identity as Back to the Future.

2) The film opens with an extreme close up on Roxie’s (Renée Zellweger’s) eye, giving us our first inkling on how this is a musical in Roxie’s mind. But more on that later.

3) Note that we never see Velma Kelly’s (Catherine Zeta Jones’) face until she’s on stage giving a performance. This creates the feeling that Velma is ALWAYS putting on a performance.

4) Catherine Zeta Jones as Velma Kelly.

Originally posted by musemm

This film is pretty much perfectly cast, I think. 4 of its actors were nominated for Oscars, with another being nominated for a Golden Globe. Zeta Jones actually won her first (and to date only) Oscar for her role in this film, and for good reason to. She IS Velma Kelly. Zeta Jones is totally lost in the role, being able present all of Velma’s different qualities. Her showmanship, her rare vulnerability, her killer instinct, and it all just WORKS. You never EVER feel like you’re watching an actress. Zeta Jones IS Velma Kelly and as the first character we get a nice long look at, it is a great performance to start the film off with.

5) Hey, it’s Dominic West!

6) Renée Zellweger as Roxie Hart.

Originally posted by segel-sudeikis

Roxie is really the lead of this film, the character who we follow along and see the world through. The writing is really interesting. It would have been easy to start Roxie off as some innocent girl who made a mistake and goes on this big journey, but Roxie - despite whatever facade she puts up - is hardly some innocent girl. She readily and passionately has an affair even though her husband is a pretty nice guy (and not a “nice guy” where the guy acts nice but is really a jerk, but is actually pretty kind), murderers her lover just for being a jerk (there are better reasons to murderer someone), all while putting up this act like she did nothing wrong and is the victim. And I honestly think she believes it.

Renée Zellweger captures all these conflicting parts of Roxie’s character with true mastery. She also is able to handle Roxie’s transformation into a more cutthroat and determined creature with the same expertise. Like with Zeta Jones, you never feel like you’re watching Zellweger just giving a performance. She is - for all intents and purposes - Roxie. Originally Charlize Theron was cast in the part but after a change in directors there was a change in casting, and Zellweger had to learn signing and dancing for the film. It paid off wonderfully, as she was nominated for an Oscar for what is possibly her best role ever.

7) John C. Reilly as Amos.

Originally posted by mikewazowskis

John C. Reilly was also nominated for an Oscar for his performance in this film, and it is clear why. Amos is the only honestly good character in the film, and even then he is not without his flaws. He is not above losing his temper or being able to say when enough is enough when it comes to Roxie (you know, the woman who cheats on him, tries to have him take the fall for murder, and manipulates him in court just to get off). But - because this is Chicago - he’s the only main(ish) character to come out the other side being totally and utterly screwed over. There are some nice layers to Amos (mainly the loss of temper as mentioned above) and Reilly is just totally sincere in the part. It’s no wonder he was nominated for an Oscar.

8) This film sets itself apart from other movie musicals through the idea that the musical is all in Roxie’s head.

Originally posted by inlovewithaudreyhepburn

This creates a plausible explanation for why character’s burst into song and dance, allows the film to utilize some unique editing and art direction, and finally gives us a nice peek into Roxie’s head. This element allows us to see just how passionate Roxie is not only for the desire to perform but also the desire for fame. It also lets us know how she sees OTHER characters in the film (namely Billy Flynn, but more on that later). I think it is this key element that set the film up for such critical and artistic success, leading to its best picture win at the Oscars.

9) Danny Elfman provides a few nice instrumental pieces of score for the film which feel totally period Chicago. When you are adapting a popular musical such as Chicago adding extra music could be a challenge, but Elfman’s occasional score blends perfectly with the rest of the film.

10) Queen Latifah as Mama.

Originally posted by isabellenightwoods

Latifah rounds out the quartet of Academy Award nominated performances with her portrayal as Matron Mama Morton. I think it’s Latifah’s best performance. She is able to portray Mama as cooperative and a bit soft spoken, but still someone who deals with no bullshit from her inmates. She is as manipulative as any other character in this film, if not as in big a way. You often hear her tell Roxie and Velma EXACTLY what they want to hear knowing that it will lead to a big pay day for her. It is a crafty role which Latifah plays well, and her introductory song “When You’re Good to Mama” shows off not only this characterization but Roxie’s perception of her quite well. It also allows for Latifah to show off her impressive singing chops.

11) The Cell Block Tango.

Originally posted by queen-cii

Where do I even begin with this number? It is by far the most iconic and best part of the entire film. The filmmakers are able to use the idea of “the musical in Roxie’s mind” to create a visually unique and compelling number which is edited together seamlessly with the “real world” of the Cook County jail Roxie finds herself in. Each of the “murderess mistresses” is given enough time to create a unique character and create a sense of the world Roxie (and the audience) finds herself in at this time. I particularly find the use of ribbons to illustrate blood/murder wildly effective, noting that Hunyak’s ribbon (the girl who constantly claims she is not guilty) is white whereas the others are red. This suggest that she is - in fact - innocent.

It is also worth noting that while the first story starts off very much “I’m guilty, here’s what happened”, that by the time we get to the inmate who claims her husband “ran into her knife” ten times the stories have become more and more claiming of legal innocence. This is a trend which continues through Velma’s story, where she claims she blacked out after seeing her husband & sister having sex and came to with blood on her hands. We as the audience have actually seen NOTHING which contradicts this story, further creating a nice sense of showmanship within the film.

Originally posted by mymovieblogx

12) Okay, I am all for good female friendships on film and television, but I would be lying if I said the catty relationship between Velma & Roxie was not entertaining. I think this is a byproduct from good writing (with what we know about these characters, how ELSE could their relationship go?) and the wildly captivating chemistry between Zeta Jones and Zellweger. Their relationship is one of the key sources of conflict throughout the film and with those two actresses it just WORKS.

13) Richard Gere as Billy Flynn.

The number in Roxie’s head which introduces us to Flynn - “All I Care About” - is a pitch perfect example of expectations vs. reality. After what she’s heard about Billy (which isn’t much mind you), Roxie expects him to be this honest to goodness lawyer who only wants to save women from dying in by the noose in Chicago. What we get however is the craftiest, most manipulative skeeze ball in the film. So why is he so damn likable? Who is he comparable to the roguish Han Solo? Why do we root for him? I think that is all in Gere’s performance. It would be easily to play him as a disgusting slime ball but there is a charisma that Gere brings which I think elevates the character and the film. Originally offered to Hugh Jackman & John Travolta at different parts, Gere’s chemistry with the rest of the cast is great and although the film didn’t land him an Oscar nomination he did receive a Golden Globe for his work.

14) I think it’s worth noting that Roxie does not take too long to adapt to prison. Again evidence that she’s not as innocent as she wants people to think.

15) “We Both Reached For The Gun”

Originally posted by darker-than-light

I can never tell if this or “Razzle Dazzle” is my favorite number in the film, but I think for a visual standpoint it HAS to be this. This is once again where the conceit of “the musical in Roxie’s head” benefits the film GREATLY. The imagery of Roxie being a dummy operated by Billy to sell her story not reflects on their relationship in an incredibly clear way (as well as how Billy is literally using people) but also is just visually fascinating. Zellweger is a lot of fun during the number, and if you ever want to know why this film won the Oscar for best editing the year it was nominated just watch this scene.

16) The song “Roxie” when Roxie is at the top of her game is a great character study. It goes even deeper into Roxie’s desire for fame and admiration, a key quality in her character that drives pretty much all her actions throughout the film. It features gorgeous cinematography with its use of mirrors and presents us with Roxie’s ideal self. This ideal self is not a good person (not necessarily), but someone who is adored by her audience. If that doesn’t speak to who Roxie is as a character I don’t know what does.

Originally posted by barbara-stanwyck

17) A film is told in cuts, as in cutting from one moment to the next in as clean and clear a way as possible.

Velma [after Mama suggests she kisses Roxie’s ass to maintain some position]: “Over my dead body.”

[We cut to the mess hall, where Velma is seen smiling at Roxie]

Velma: “Mind if I join you?”

18) “I Can’t Do It Alone”

Originally posted by avengerassemble

Up until this point we have not seen Velma truly vulnerable. We have peeked more into who Roxie is as a character than who Velma is. That all changes with this number, which shows us that Velma is just as desperate for the spotlight as Roxie is. She NEEDS to stay relevant, she NEEDS the fame and the admiration, and only when it was too late did she realize that the murder of her sister took away one of the key things that made her so desirable to the world in the first place. This song is a fun number that adds nice depth to Zeta Jones’ character and shows off just how talented she can be with Velma’s vulnerability.

19) My heart broke a little when I saw Velma’s face after Roxie’s rejection of her.

And in that moment and that moment alone, I think I shipped the two of them together.

20) Lucy Liu’s glorified cameo as Kitty, the newest jazz killer in Chicago and the one who threatens to take away Roxie’s fame, is a perfect example of how easily Roxie can fall. But here’s the thing, Roxie is smarter than she appears. And more manipulative. It is her greatest strength that people underestimate her, so when she “faints” and mentions “the baby” everyone - from Velma to Billy - are all surprised by her.

21) I was a naive 13 year old. I didn’t understand that the doctor who said he’d testify that Roxie was pregnant had very clearly slept with her (hence Billy’s remark about his fly being open).

Originally posted by mulder-scully-gifs

22) “Mister Cellophane”

Originally posted by 80plays

Somehow this song not only shows us how ROXIE perceives her estranged husband as being someone who’s not worth caring about, but also makes Amos into a sympathetic character. He is not particularly whiny about the fact that he’s oft forgotten, he’s just a little sad about it. Reilly’s performance in the song is filled with soft sorrow and vulnerability we don’t always get to see from the actor, an honesty which carries the entire song on its back. It is a truly worthy number to be included with the rest of the film, with its Chaplin like art style and Reilly’s vocals, and I’m glad it made the cut.

23) In a lot of ways Chicago is a noir comedy musical. I say this for two reasons: Amos being kinda screwed over at the end, and the fact that Hunyak - the only innocent girl in the jail - is the only who is hanged. This also reminds Roxie of the fact that she IS on trial for murder and of the fatal consequences she could face.

24) “Razzle Dazzle”

Originally posted by barbara-stanwyck

If “We Both Reached for the Gun” is my favorite number in the film from a stylistic standpoint, then “Razzle Dazzle” is probably my favorite from a thematic one. Gere expresses Flynn’s belief that the courts are just a circus, simply entertainment to be manipulated, in a way which is just that: entertaining. I am always totally taken in by the song through its themes of craftiness, playful melody, and fun visuals. It is just a wonderful number which I love watching again and again.

25) If “Razzle Dazzle” doesn’t tell you how Billy sees the court system than this line will:

Originally posted by stilinska-archive

Hell, the non-musical court room scenes are in a lot of ways more dramatic than the musical ones.

26) This film had a song which was shot but not included in the final cut, one sung between Mama and Velma called “Class”. Still found on the movie’s soundtrack, “Class” had the pair discuss how the world seems to have gone to shit and how no one has any class. It was cut both for pacing issues and - largely - because it did not fit the theme of “the musical in Roxie’s head”. Roxie was at the court house and these two started singing after hearing about what was going on over the radio. It is a wonderful song but I think the film works better without it featured.

27) It took absolutely no time at all for Roxie not to matter. The press didn’t even want her picture after the verdict was read. Another killer, another star.

28) The final number of the film is a dual thing. The first of which is Roxie singing the song “Nowadays” on her own at an audition. The song is sad, somber, and lacks umph. This causes the directors to pass on Roxie. But when Velma and Kelly work together? When they’re able to work with their heat and chemistry and put on a duet of “Nowadays”? The umph is back and it is a wonderful number to end the film on!

Originally posted by damnafricawhathappened

I’m obviously biased through my own personal experience with the film, but I think Chicago is quite possibly the best movie musical of the 21st century (yes, even better than Les Miserables). The acting is incredible across the board, with Catherine Zeta Jones and Renée Zellweger being the obvious standouts. The concept of “the musical in Roxie’s head” allows for a musical which is unique and supports a wonderful art style. The songs are fun, the pacing and editing are great, and it’s a technical spectacle in its subtletly. Just a wonderfully entertaining film I think everyone should watch.

Sudanese model nicknamed 'Queen of the Dark' offers stunning display of black beauty

Meet Nyakim Gatwech, the South Sudanese model taking the world by storm thanks to her flawless midnight complexion, penetrating gaze and unwavering message of empowerment.

The 24-year-old is as determined as she is breathtaking — living in Minnesota, Gatwech is on a mission to promote skin positivity and self-acceptance amongst women with darker hues. Along with her stunning photos, which she shares with nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram, she also sends out inspirational messages targeting women who are struggling to be comfortable in their own skin.

Accompanying one of her most popular photos on Instagram, Gatwech shared a Marcus Garvey quote that embodies her own views: “The black skin is not a badge of shame but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness.”

See gallery for more photos of the Nubian beauty and let us know what you think by tweeting @YahooStyleCA!

Nyakim Gatwech, ‘Queen of the Dark’


Source: Yahoo Canada Style

Source: Yahoo Canada Style

Source: Yahoo Canada Style

Source: Yahoo Canada Style

Source: Yahoo Canada Style

Source: Yahoo Canada Style

Source: Yahoo Canada Style

Source: Yahoo Canada Style

Source: Yahoo Canada Style

Get to know Formula-1 fan!
  • 1. How did you get into F1 first?
  • 2. How long do you watch F1? Do you remember the first race you've watched?
  • 3. Favourite driver(s)?
  • 4. Favourite team?
  • 5. Favourite track(s)?
  • 6. Favourite team principal?
  • 7. Least favourite driver(s)?
  • 8. Least favourite team?
  • 9. Favourite driver(s) from 70s/80s?
  • 10. Favourite driver(s) from 90s/2000s?
  • 11. Your dream team (drivers & principal from any era)?
  • 12. Your dream podium (three drivers from any era)?
  • 13. Ferrari or McLaren?
  • 14. Lauda or Hunt?
  • 15. Senna or Prost?
  • 16. Schumacher or Hakkinen?
  • 17. Which GP would you like to visit and why?
  • 18. The race(s) that impressed you most?
  • 19. Your opinion on female drivers/the idea of female racing series?
  • 20. What do you think about your F1 commentator(s)?
  • 21. Your favourite F1 couple(s) and family (families)?
  • 22. Do you watch all the practices, quali and race, or quali and race, or just race?
  • 23. Describe how do you watch F1? At home or somewhere else, with family, friends or alone? Any special pre-race rituals?
  • 24. Do you do any F1 fan creativity yourself (arts, fanfics, handmade stuff, videos etc.)?
  • 25. The craziest thing you've ever done to express your F1 passion?
  • 26. Let's imagine that you've suddenly met your favourite driver. What would you like to say to him and how do you imagine your meeting in general?
  • 27. Would you like to get back in time to watch old F1 races?
  • 28. Let's imagine that you are a F1 driver (in any era). Which team would you like to drive for and whom would you like to see as your teammate? Do you see yourself as a world champion?
  • 29. Do you have any suggestions how to make F1 more interesting and popular?
  • 30. Do you know what musical composition is playing while drivers are spraying the champagne? /for music lovers ;P/
  • 31. Your top-3 of the sexiest F1 drivers from all the time?
  • 32. Whom would you cheer for (in current F1) if not for your most favourite driver?
  • 33. Do you watch any other racing serie? If yes, what do you watch? Your favourites from there?
  • 34. Do you watch any other kind of sport? Which one?
  • 35. [Free to ask any other F1 question.]

anonymous asked:

hey sarah! so youve become rlly popular and i want to know ur secret. im an art student and have been for many years, ive had an art account for 5 yrs and im STILL stuck on 200 followers. i didnt want "fame" i just wanted my art appreciated. it was special to me but without motivation i deleted my account and dont draw except for my coursework and art projects. aah it hurts when you try to be appreciated and no one cares :-(

Hey!!! Tbh I don’t think I’m that popular but ayy;;;
It’s been one year that I’m drawing on this blog and I know how things work here for artists, so I’m going to talk frankly

Some people might tell you “you only need to post quality drawings to get noticed uwu”. Well thats not true. Here’s why

You see you have on tumblr the “popular” section and the “newest section”. Most people only go to the popular section. So when you’re a new artist who doesnt get a lot of notes, your drawing will only stay in the “newest” section. And like I said only a few people look at it.
But there’s something else, if a post has a lot of notes, a lot of people will reblog it because it has a lot of notes. If another post doesnt, a lot of people will hesitate to reblog it. It’s a thing, when something is popular we kinda want to be part of it “if its popular there must be a reason so I want to reblog it”. Lets not forget that reblogging something means that the post will be on someone’s blog. People dont want to have a “bad post” on their blog. And for a lot of people good post= a lot of notes, which isnt true.
So how to get noticed? Well you need someone who’s popular to reblog your drawing. Thats it, thats how things work here. Most of the time your followers see you as a support person. So if a popular blog reblogs something, more people will see it and more people will reblog it because they trust the person they follow. “If they reblogged this then it must be nice”, so people wont be scared to reblog.
Also a popular blog often has popular friends/ mutuals yknow, so they might all reblog and bam you get noticed.

So basically it’s luck. I always said that it’s hard to get noticed here because its just luck. You might be the best artist on this planet, there’s a lot of chance that you wont get noticed. And you might be a not-so-good artist like me and get noticed (i mean it was easier for me because I draw “humourous” stuff but yeah).
I can’t give you a way to be popular because it’s just luck. I see so many good artists who only get like 20 notes. So really it’s not because you don’t get noticed that it means you’re not a good artist, dont forget that.

allura-of-altea  asked:

hey, this is for Minty. I'm an anti, but right now i'm contacting you as a concerned adult who has seen your type of behavior before. You don't have to stop shipping sheith, I think it's toxic but honestly my main concern is real life minors like yourself. Right now it seems like the people around you are grooming you into thinking adult/teen relationships are ok so long as the teen is 'mature' enough. i've seen you say that you're 'practically an adult' which is concerning

i’m reaching out because I really want to help you. I know these messages will probably be ignored/brushed off but I have to try. I’m not saying that your fellow shaladin shippers are pedophiles, or anything of the sort, they probably don’t even realize what they’re doing. I’ve seen this happen before, telling a teen that they’re mature for their age, that they’re practically an adult is so normalized especially in fandom where adults/teens interact a lot.

but that doesn’t mean what they’re saying isn’t harming you. That doesn’t mean some other won’t predator will take advantage. you’re in a situation that’s very dangerous right now, and you should leave it. Continue to ship what you want but cut yourself off from anyone who tries to convince you you’re basically an adult. reach out to adults outside of fandom and let them know what’s being said to you. this is so important. I hope you at least think about what i’m saying.

I became an anti not because I am a minor or a CSA survivor but because i’ve seen fandom used to groom teens into entering unhealthy relationships with adults. My concern isn’t the fictional characters in adult/teen relationships but rather the minors in the fandom like yourself who i’ve SEEN get abused. I don’t care what you’ve said or done, you don’t deserve that no one deserves that. At the very least you should think critically about why someone would try to convince you you’re an adult.

there’s nothing else I can say other than I truly hope you seek out an adult outside of fandom to help you through this. and I hope you realize that the way this fandom portrays sheith and other adult/teen relationships isn’t how they are in real life. They aren’t happy and healthy, they’re abusive. It’s not worth the risk. whatever you decide, I hope you don’t get hurt.

ok ma’am. i’m going to start this off simply. there’s no need for help.

now, from your first paragraph with that “practically an adult”, when did i ever say that.

i’m going to teach you something: there’s no fun in being an adult.

what? you’re gonna get to drink and drive? then pay bills, taxes for bombs, having to see money go by. probably struggle some times. maybe get a shitty job here or there.

ma’am, i’m not rushing to be an adult. ive stated that being a teenager is to get ready to be an adult. there’s still many things i have to learn and experience and i know that. you shouldn’t be concerned if you haven’t read what ive said correctly

this fandom isn’t “grooming” me into thinking this or that. i know when im ready to have a relationship with anyone. it’s under my control. i know if the relationship is toxic, bounce the fuck out.

this fandom, is a fandom. it’s not a lifestyle, it’s a place where i can jump in with some friends and share tasty art and fics. nothing is damaging me because at the end of the day, it’s a fictional show for a fandom. so away with that.

“im not saying you or your shaladin shippers are pedophiles but they probably dont know what they’re doing.” no, they know what they’re doing. they’re shipping two characters together. end of story. its a character in fandom space, we can change ages, we can change stories for the fun of it. (aging up, au’s.) there’s no morals being tugged. just do whatever you want. if someone is uncomfortable, tag and tell em about blacklisting. blacklisting is the way to go most of the time.

now to the third one, i don’t think you understand how much i know. is it because i’m 15? look, i said this before, im a social junkie. ive seen toxic relationships no matter what age. no one is grooming me, im choosing what i want to see. not that hard to understand. just like how you might enjoy the popular ship k/ance, you would like to see it. (which has a mass amount of nsfw for it being underage kids but lets not talk about that ;) )

“i’ve seen fandoms groom kids into unhealthy relationships with adults.” three words: manipulation, fandom moms. when someone says “hey i like this too!”, you’re obviously going to strike up a conversation with them, correct? this is simply how they get minors with them. “that cool dude likes the same content as i do? awesome!” then they interact more and have that bond like any other normal person.

it just gets concerning when they start suggesting weird things to do. (start up discourse, ask for any nsfw content, etc.) 

look, thats the least of my problems, i can detect bullshit from a mile away, you got nothing to worry about my friend.

“there’s nothing i can say except i hope you contact an adult outside of the fandom.” wym, i see my mom everyday, she’s my ride or die. lmao wouldn’t me contacting and adult outside of the fandom backtrack what you said about adults in general? 

to wrap this up, i dont think you got the answers you wanted. what you probably wanted was a “omg im so sorry, ill listen to you ok!” which won’t leave my fingertips anytime soon. yallah my dude.

Something Unspoken Part 2

You guys, Part 1 is my most popular post so I have to say than you so much for the feedback it means the world to me. I hope you guys like part 2 just as much, and let me know if I should make a third, and most likely final part!


Something Unspoken Part 2

I have to wait a few days before I can see what Peter has planned for our date. The day after our little encounter we had to speak with the Nova Corps about another mission which takes about a week before we’re finished, and even after we take a few more to ourselves; our energy completely wiped from the consecutive fighting. I had to get involved at one point, fighting off a band of rouge officers that had been a larger group than expected meant Peter had to reluctantly hand me a gun in the middle of battle. I still remember the look on his face as he opened the secret door underneath the hull of the Milano as he came to fetch me.

“We need every person we can get out there. Can you do it?” I remember him asking.

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Newsies High School Teacher AUs P1

This first one is JackxKatherine, and tomorrow will be DaveyxReader. Please message me with other ships I should include because I have so many ideas for all the Newsies!!


-Jack is the art teacher that every single student absolutely adores

-He started off just teaching basic drawing and painting classes, which were so insanely popular
-He had to bring in beanbags and pillows for students who didn’t he didn’t have enough tables for, the students were more than happy to sit on the floor if it meant they could be in his class
-He always starts off with a lesson plan but as his students start to develop their own ideas, he lets them do basically whatever they need to do, going around and helping each person individually
-One day he’s on his way to lunch and sees a student in the middle of a panic attack. Jack immediately rushes to their aide and helps to calm them down, they explain that they’re just so stressed with all of the ap classes and a lot of parents don’t let their kids take fun electives like art because it’s not beneficial to college or their futures
-That day Jack sits down with the school administrators and gives up his free period to teach a new class called Art in STEM, where he teaches honors and ap students about the geometry and psychology of artwork while giving them a class to just relax and find creative outlets
-Jack is just a really good guy
-He gives up his lunch period to help kids who are struggling with their artwork
-He’s literally always in the art room
-His class room looks like a tornado flew through it at all times
-Paints and pencils and paper are just strewn about, and half the fun of the class is trying to weird objects Jack has lying about
-When no one needs his help, Jack works on his own painting and all the students guess every day what this huge canvas is going to end up being until one day halfway through the semester, “holy shittt is that ms plumber??”
-Immediately becomes the hottest ship of the school

-It was indeed Ms Plumber, but Jack made his students keep it a secret until the last day of school when he unveiled it to her, she cried.
-She teaches journalism, sociology, and media studies to upperclassmen
-Shes the teacher who tries to act strict and tough the first day of school, but by the second day she bursts into first period ten minutes late because “omg you guys I was driving here and on my way I saw the cutest little kitten”
-Everyone loves her
-She spends lunches working with people who have writers block because there is so much writing in her class but it’s all worth it
-With Jack spending every second of the day with his students, Katherine has one person a day go down to the art wing to make sure Jack is still alive and eating enough, everyday that student returns with a tiny cartoon of her
-They’re just so in love and the students love it

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I hope this doesn't offend you! How do you feel about so many people looking up to you? Some folks I follow and look up to hate it. They don't like being put up like that.

well…it’s a weird feeling really. 

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halcyonsynthesis  asked:

You seem to be a very strong supporter of the NDP. Can you recommend some Canadian politics blogs that you follow that are either unbiased or strong supporters of the other parties? I love your blog, I'm just looking to see things from other perspectives.

There are no unbiased blogs, because unbiased people do not exist. I do like the NDP a lot, but I do post about important things that every party does (such as the Liberals Bill C-16 which just passed in the Senate).

There is one other popular Canadian Politics blog @fycanadianpolitics (whom you should follow too), but they’re even more left leaning than my blog is. :P

If anyone has suggestions of other blogs that support other parties, let me know.

Things we need to stop doing in the kpop fandom...

1. When an idol, even if it is a fave appropriates someone’s culture and y'all defend them
2. When people of said culture are offended and y'all come for them like naaaw bruh they have a right and said idol needs to learn!!👏👏
3. Making jokes that make idols uncomfortable. Yo if they don’t like it don’t make it it’s simple.
4. Stalking.😐Need I say more??
5. Feeling that they are obligated to you or belong to you. They are humans with personal lives that are none of your business so sit down sis.
6. Sexuallizing minors!!!!!!!👏👏👏👏I would really like y'all to stop sexuallizing anyone but ESPECIALLY minors! You gon catch a charge!!!👏
7. Stop. Being. Disrespectful. I mean stop asking for other members on livestreams, don’t be making fun of them when they are trying to speak another language, all that mess you know what I’m talking about
9. Leave idols weights alone! Okay let me repeat: LEAVE👏THEIR WEIGHT👏ALONE👏
10. These wars and petty fights be on every single nerve on my body I am sicc and tide of it!👏 Be mature please, everyone has differences but some of them don’t need to be fought
11. Respect older kpop groups or singers even if you don’t like them. You really don’t have to like them but at least respect them, a lot of our current faves look up to them and wouldn’t be here without them
12. Okay this is specific but aaaaalllllll my POC kpop fans😐I ask of you, I beg of y'all to not, I mean NOT give idols or other fans the okay to be disrespectful and problematic when it comes to POC matters. I mean from hair to words to style do not give them any more reason to justify bad actions. If YOU personally aren’t offended, good for you, keep that to yourself because some snake will see your tweet, tumblr or IG post and think ‘if this one poc is okay with it then it isnt bad!’. Untrue!!

This is just a little list to help us ALL get along and work on these things okay? Not calling out anyone I just felt it was needed.

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And can we pls remind everyone not to hunt down this Marie Claire and start clicking. I saw people talking about it, but refuse to go read it. Pls, let's not give them ammunition this is what we want to read.

There is that to it, anon. The article exists to entice the clicks, which feed the publication. It doesn’t matter what the source of your curiosity is, a click is a click. And whatever topic gets the clicks will get “reported” on by them, and others, in the future.
Fans can do a bit of behavior shaping here: click on what you like, ignore what you don’t. If enough fans agree, you will see more of it, and less of the less popular topics. To a degree, anyway. Because, of course, the studios and celebs, also also play a role here. A “suggestion” from them, or a publicist, about topics concerning their talent has a large impact on what is covered. That’s why these Hiddleswift things, and other related “celebrity image” ideals always are sold to the public through the gossip press…

Always keep in mind that it’s an image of a celebrity that they are selling in these articles, and sites, it’s not news in the traditional sense. And because of that the truth, or lack of it, of any “information” they impart in these pieces is not an issue, it’s just marketing. All just part of the campaign to sell the celebrity for roles that comprises a large part of any actor’s career.
Living Dolls

“Living dolls, in my experience, are the sweetest, kindest, and smartest individuals, save for those that are the most horrifying, dangerous, brutish creatures, I have met. An adventurer would be a fool, however, to not keep one at their side, just as any wizard who attempts to create one as a servant is a fool.” – from an interview with Geritoni Rossai, Father of 14 living dolls.

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Broduce 101: Episode 5 (Quick Livestream Recap)

Unfortunately I had a few problems with my livestream although the mods did a wonderful job, so I missed most of the first half and a few bits after. Here are a few things that happened that were worth mentioning from the parts I did catch. There were a lot of tears to swift through so I’m sorry if that affected my recap, which is not in order soz:

  • At some point, Pledis’ Dongho (or Baekho) arm wrestled and pretty much humiliated the whole of the Avengers team. It was very cute because they keep editing him as this massive sang namja guy while I think he’s a squish.
  • The Avengers team are pretty much squishes. Ha Sungwoon was shook.
  • Their editing of Baekho is weird in general, since it’s based on his appearance.
  • Oh god I had a vision into the future where they make him lose weight. I don’t know if it’s Pledis for the now practically guaranteed Nu’est comeback or Mnet because he made BOI
  • The editing also very helpfully kept showing the trainees around their number to maintain suspense. If the camera swerved to Noh Taehyun after a number is called out, I feel comfortable assuming his name’s going to come out
  • Also it was 60 trainees that made it, not 61. Probably because they had dropouts anyway.
  • They also kept the 60 seat empty for last because the suspense about whose dream is going to get crushed is more than watching Park Jihoon take first place
  • Park Jihoon was first place btw. He was very gracious but no one’s surprised.
  • His labelmate, deep voiced cutester Kwon Hyeob did not make it. It’s a shame, because he looked great. He has such a nice face, and a nicer voice. I’m bitter.
  • There were hair changes! Kim Samuel is blonde, Baekho had a haircut and some perm that I hope can be brushed away. Ong Seongwoo has a haircut and looks fine as ever
  • Yoon Jisung has deep purple hair, Kang Daniel got a trim and is an ashy brunette. It suits them both really well The other MMO kids changed their hair too
  • Joo Jinwoo made it at 45! He jumped 32 places, for which he has to thank his incapable teammates
  • Park Woodam, the other vocal discovery, made it by the skin of his teeth because how soon the voting ended
  • Oui’s Kim Donghan, the centre from Jang Moonbok’s CMB that everyone thinks looks like Yugyeom jumped a whopping 41 places to made the cut. He should thank his stars their performance aired earlier.
  • Kwon Hyunbin made it at 23, he changed his hair too. He’s been feeling the backlash from all the people that voted for his looks and were furious at the crappy edit Mnet gave his laziness to make Pledis Jonghyun rise, so he was a bit teary. He thanked his Sorry, Sorry team and said he’ll work harder to improve
  • Lee Daehwi has dark hair now, which is a better look. He dropped 5 places and had to apologise for being a sixteen year old which is just upsetting. He said he’ll make up for his mistakes and work harder too.
  • I think they’ve all already worked harder in two weeks than I have this last year.
  • Both Starship boys made it - Sewoon was 13
  • Jang Moonbok dropped to 14, but he’s also number one on male voting lists. He thanked his hyungs, but they’re crappy fans, Hip Hop President. You deserve better.
  • Both Hotshot boys made it. 
  • Noh Taehyun, whose had a haircut and got a bronze-blond dye, was 26. His new hair looks really good, he’s a lot handsomer with the styling.
  • Ha Sungwoon was 21, which is slightly disappointing because I want him to be in the final line up. He had to stand next to tall trainees in addition to being so nervous that he was more adorable than usual. BoA offered her stand because he was so embarrassed being a shortie next to his tall hyungs
  • Tiptoe Ajusshi made it! He also apologised for his lack of coordination and said he’ll improve
  • Jaehwan made it. He picked Woodam as a vocal rival, whose apparently is also his hyung?? He looks so young though?
  • My man Star Road’s Kenta made it. He thanked his parents in Japanese was very precious.
  • The usual suspects from the F ranked visuals made it. Joo Haknyeon very sweetly thanked his sisters and his family. He’s a good boy, my top candidate for the Chaeyeon this season
  • Yuehua’s Ahn Hyungseob, Justin, JungJung and Lee Euiwoong made it.
  • Handsome man Ong Seongwoo was number 4, and picked Samuel as future dance rival. He said he’d like to battle him, and BoA said she’d like to see that
  • Me too, personally
  • Brand New’s quieter talents Im Youngmin and Park Woojin made it
  • The kid whose parents handed out flyers, Wings’ Kim Youngjin, he made it. He’s the twerking kid from Mansae. I’m worried for him because there are so many Brohyes this season and he really needs more training. His hair is copper coloured now
  • Kiwi’s Kim Dongbin miraculously made it
  • Thankfully C2K’s Kim Seunglee, aka easily best singer on the show, made it. He’s also changed his hair colour to a darker shade that suits him more. No screentime that I saw yet though.
  • All of Nu’est made it. JR and Minhyun were top 11.
  • Kang Daniel was 5. He knew he was going to be in the whole time, but he was surprised it was that high. Meme King Jisung aka his mother yelled when his name got called and cried dramatically. 
  • He’s top pick for women over 30 lol. I see it, he really is handsome. There’s something about his eyes and laugh that reminds me of my ultimate bias too. He thanked the noonas. As his noona, let me assure you, it was gr8.
  • At some point, Daniel shifted in his seat and almost knocked over his big crown 5 chair 
  • Speaking of Meme King Jisung, he was third, to the surprise of everyone. He began tearing up when BoA said he was a candidate for top 3 and fully ugly cried when he got third place
  • He pigeon bobbed his head walking up like a big toddler, so endearing I died. His ugly crying was so extreme BoA didn’t know what to do and they had to cut to when he was more in control a few minutes later
  • Jisung was basically gratified he was being received well at his age out of nowhere. He thanked everyone and ugly cried to his seat, where he saw hunched over like they were going to tell him to get out anytime soon
  • Samuel got second place and had more Somi comparisons. I’m not sure about his blonde hair yet. The shade is jarring.
  • When he got to his seat, he reached out to high five Meme King Jisung over a distance of three feet and Jisung almost knocked his own crown 3 chair over to return it
  • Hip Hop President’s rap buddy Vibe Label’s Sung Hyunwoo got axed at number 61. It was awful because all his labelmates got through, but he thank Jang Moonbok’s check power for pulling him up there at least.
  • At the end, when the elimated trainees and their friends were crying, Jang Moonbok sprinted to the back to where Hyunwoo was to sob
  • Kwon Hyeob cried, so I felt bad. This is why I stopped watching closely last year. I can’t see young girls being torn down :(
  • Yong Yongbin of the real high arched nose didn’t make the cut although his hair is silver now. It’s a shame, he was good too.
  • Next episode has position evals with the trainees picking their positions. There’s voting on the website with five (?) demo songs of different genres, and voters have to pick which of the trainees suit which best
  • Honestly, the audio clips were only 30 seconds but all but the hip hop sounded palatable. I’m also not sure what qualifies lay people to pick songs for trainees like this. Half of the popular picks can’t sing and we haven’t heard enough of the other trainees’ voices.
  • This is super long, but I’ll come back when I have more details! Let me know if you see errors, please!

accio-toffy  asked:

*flips the desk over* okay, i give up, i give in. all those gifs, and now i must ask you - who is morse and what is this show, because i feel like i need to watch it. what is it about?


Ahem. Excuse my outburst. First things first. You may vaguely know about a British TV show called Inspector Morse, adapted from a book series by Colin Dexter. This show, who got very popular, is set in 1980s Oxford and follows Detective Inspector Morse, beer and opera lover, and his Sergeant Robbie Lewis. This show produced a spin-off, Lewis, which is about the aforementioned Sergeant Lewis, now a Detective Inspector himself.

Now to the topic that interests us. Inspector Morse is still widely popular and has become “cult”, if I can say it like that. And so, for an anniversary about something I can’t remember, ITV produced a 90-minutes pilot called Endeavour. It tells us about Morse’s first steps in the police, back in the 1960s. Thing is, the pilot got so successful that ITV decided to commission four other episodes. And thus Endeavour is born…

The show, as said previously, is a prequel to Inspector Morse and introduces many characters that appear later in that show. But fear not, you don’t need to have seen Morse to understand what’s going on in Endeavour, although being familiar with the show makes you understand some references and inside jokes. But why Endeavour, you may ask me? Simply because it is…Morse’s given name. Yes, you heard that right. His given name is Endeavour. Don’t laugh. Nope. Don’t. Stop that.

Anyway, as I was saying, the show follows Morse’s (if you use his given name even once his ghost will appear and play loud, dramatic Wagnerian opera) first steps in the police force. So here’s a small guide to see if you want to watch that series or not.


Endeavour Morse

Originally posted by guardiansinferno

The eponymous protagonist of the series. Morse becomes a policeman after experiencing a difficult period in his life, which is hinted at in the show. I won’t tell you anything more, I’ll let you discover the rest! If you wonder about his given name, I’ll tell you this: it is actually a virtue name (quite popular in some Christian movements) and Morse is very embarrassed about it and would rather die than tell you his name. Hence why he only goes by Morse. He’s played by Shaun Evans, a wonderful actor who gives great depths to this character. Plus he’s incredibly beautiful. Sometimes I rewatch the show solely to see his angel face. I love this character quite much, mainly because I’ll most probably end up like him (i.e. not having his shit together and being a moody intellectual).

Fred Thursday

Originally posted by tatzelwyrm

Played by Roger Allam. Thursday is one of the few characters that doesn’t appear in Inspector Morse. He takes Morse under his wing and teaches him his trade. He is a kind of father figure. He’s great, he has punched some Nazis and he loves his wife’s sandwiches. Also don’t fuck Morse up or Fred Thursday will find you and fuck you up 10000 times harder.

Peter Jakes

Jerkass number One in this police station. He often clashes with Morse with his cutting cynicism. He’ll grow on you, eventually, as his relationship with Morse warms.

Jim Strange

A nice guy who just wants to be Morse’s friend.

Max DeBryn

Sass Master unchallenged in Oxford. He’s the pathologist (or coroner, if you’re American) for the police. He’s witty and clearly someone who has the same level of education as Morse. He has roasted almost every character on this show at least once and you will love it. He finds in Morse a soulmate kindred spirit and you see the two becoming friends over the episode and it’s just the best. Also he looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll.

…and there are many more characters I should talk about but I got lazy. But know that all the characters are awesome and most of them are my faves.


Four seasons have currently aired. A fifth has been commissioned and filmed not long ago! Each season is set one year later than the last and has four episodes (except for season four, who is set only a few weeks later after season three’s final). It has been announced that the fifth season will have six episodes instead of the usual four. There are some rumors that this fifth season will also be the last, although nothing has been confirmed so far. My personal opinion is that indeed this new season will be the last, but it’s only my opinion.


If you like period dramas, you should be in love with everything in this show. If you are familiar with the universe of Inspector Morse then you should definitively watch Endeavour! But most of all, you should watch it for the character development, the beautiful acting and the writing that gives you so much to talk about! It’s what made me fall in love with the show (that and Shaun Evans). I love the meta you can write about it, I love the dialogues, I love the characters… Even if the seasons go gradually darker, watch it. You won’t regret it. Yes, true, sometimes the plot is really meh but the characters are really wonderful and the actors (especially Shaun Evans) give such a great and nuanced performance!


Give it a go, at least watch the pilot. Do it at least for Evans’s angel face.