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Five Years Later - L.H.

Request: Could you do an imagine where you and Luke are dating but he gets you pregnant and you tell him when he’s drunk and he says he doesn’t want it so he leaves you but then like fast forward 4/5 years to your kids first day of school and you bump into Jack(his brother) and he’s taking his kid to school too and he sees you and you tell him about what happened then later in he lets Luke and his mum about everything and then Luke tries to get in touch with you again

Summary: Luke finds out he’s the father of a child and panics, ending up making the worst mistake of his life.

Pairing: Luke x Female Reader

Y/N’s fingers grazed over the small plastic stick, shaking with fear as the small plus sign slowly became visible. A smile twitched on the corners of her lips as it turned solid, meaning one thing and one thing only. I’m pregnant. She wrapped the test in toilet paper and hid it in the bottom of the waste bin before getting up from the bathroom floor. Luke would be home from the bar soon, and she was so ready to break the news. She could already envision the smile on his face.

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Very few things make me angrier than seeing people - even other trans people - getting up in arms about a young trans child transitioning.

Even the trans community pipes in with ‘well as long as they’re not going on hormones—’ Like??? Are you living on the same planet as me? It’s not legal or medically ethical to give a small child hormones. You don’t have to continue to say it over and over. It’s not going to happen, so relax and back off. You don’t have to worry about a 5 year old being pumped full of testosterone. Not going to happen.

I see so much 'I knew as a child but I’m glad my parents didn’t let me transition until I knew for sure!’ Like. Good for you? But so many trans people would have loved that opportunity. What’s good for you may not be good for that child you’re so quick to analyse.

Let children express their feelings and experiment. People love love LOVE to conveniently forget that children are intelligent and complex small people who often know themselves at a young age. 'Children are so impressionable!’ - sure. But they’re also much more self aware than adults give them credit for. If it turns out to be a phase, so what? At least you will have allowed them to learn that for themselves.

And if they do want puberty blockers? Puberty blockers are reversible. Puberty is not.

Sorry. I just needed to rant about this.

- Enjolras.

Let me Explain Myself

Part of the 5 years later series , First chapter here (x)

Warnings: Sad :(

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling

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Fred’s POV

She doesn’t even look at me, and that’s what pains me the most. When I first saw her, I thought she would be overjoyed, but she looked like I just hit her with the cruciatus curse. Wasn’t she supposed to thrilled to see me alive and well? Everyone else appeared to be elated that I was back. Something must’ve happened while I was gone, but what? Maybe she would tell me.  At least she appears calm now, tea in hand while Hermione whispers things in her ear.

“Fred,” George called, then proceeded laughing. “Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve said that. Do you mind telling us what you were doing for five years.” Five years was a long time, but not as long as it could’ve been. I could’ve been gone for ten if I wasn’t so determined. I remembered going days with little sleep and food, not bothering to buy clothes for the colder months because it would take me away from my job. It’s a miracle I didn’t die out there.

“Well, let me start before five years later. Ron, during your fifth year I went to Dumbledore and asked what else I could do for The Order,” I paused a second and looked at Mum, who as expected looked furious. She never wanted her children getting involved with dangerous magical affairs and one of her sons managed to anyway. “Dumbledore knew I was of age, so he gave me a task. I was to go undercover and take down death eaters that fled to other countries. Of course Dumbledore offered me a years’ worth of training all crammed into a year.”

“Wait,” Harry interrupted. “Did he tell you he only had a limited amount of time to train you?” I shook my head. Dumbledore’ death was just as shocking for me as anyone else. I was supposed to train up to the bitter end when the inevitable war broke out. I knew a year was not enough time to be fully prepared, but I couldn’t sit idly by while evil spread throughout Europe. No one else knew where these people were besides me. It was too risky to tell anyone else. If word got out that our side knew that  You-Know-Who was spreading his armies to other countries , we wouldn’t have maintained that uneasy peace for as long as we did.

“Why didn’t you want us to help you? We all wanted what was best for the wizarding world,” George suggested. I wished George didn’t ask me this question. It was one topic I wanted to avoid, one that would unearth old wounds.

“That would be too many deaths to stage. There would be too many things that could go wrong,” I answered. “I talked with Snape about this and he-“ I was cut off by a voice that was all too familiar. I wouldn’t have believed the sound was real had I not seen her lips moving.

“You discussed your death with Snape, someone that you hatted, but not with us,” Y/N breathed her hand wrapped tightly around her cup. “You trusted Snape creating your false death, but not your friends. Wow I guess we’re too dumb to come up with a way to fake your death.” Before I could answer, she stood up setting her tea down.

“Wait Y/N that’s not what I meant,” I stammered as she brushed passed me and walked toward the door.

“I think I understand exactly what you meant Fred,” I can hear her voice breaking . “You left us in the dark for five years. Do you know what that did to your mum, George, or me?” She’s right. I have no idea the pain I inflicted on my family. Did my mum sleep soundly ever again? Was George able to laugh when I left? My mind can’t even think about what I did to Y/N. Before I can comfort her, I hear a loud crack. Once more, Y/N is out of my life. Will she ever truly be back?

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lmao i just made my brother watch the late late show, he enjoyed the dodgeball skit, said it was perfect if they wanted to show 1d as a fun band of cool guys to older audience; said that louis was totally lying about “everything is good between me and zayn now” (same tbh); also

brother: so the host says that louis is single now and louis smirks like that? yeah i remember a long time ago, remember i had a girlfriend for 2.5 years and then we broke up? let me tell you, if a month or so after that i’d talk about being single with THAT face and all of my friends laughing along, if i talked like that and she somehow could see it, i’d have been in so much trouble, there is NO WAY you have that fucking face while people talk about your recent break up and how much you party now


me: did you see what happens when harry tells this story about the bread van

brother: LOL yes he talks for ages and louis is the only one still laughing and listening from what i can see, the other two were so ready to move on, is it always like this

me: ….basically.

all in all, he said that it’s the first interview of 1d he actually liked from start to finish (and he’s seen many of them, THANKS TO ME, SUCH A COOL SISTER I AM), and that he’d be surprised if there are many people who won’t enjoy the show if they see it

Why not Swan Queen?

I’ve been thinking about the reasons *cough-cough-excuses-cough* A&E wouldn’t go through with Swan Queen and that’s what I’ve got so far:

  1. The Plot. There’s absolutely NOTHING in the plot that would prevent Swan Queen from happening;
  2. ABC policy. ABC Family has got “Fosters” which is a show about a family of two moms and their 5 (soon to be 6) kids. And on top of that there are two 13 year old gay boys. So please. What policy are you talking about?
  3. OUAT is a fairytale. Let’s see… Take ’Shrek’. It’s a farytale too, right? Well, kinda. Anyway, the point is it is meant for children too. And as far as I remember there is a Donkey/Dragon family with cute little donkey-dragons. So why can a donkey and a dragon have a family together and can’t two stunning amazing women?
  4. That’s not the story A&E are telling. Then what have I been watching for past 4 years? Seriously. This whole show is about Emma and Regina, about their relationship, their unspoken family (aka Swan Queen Charming family ) (don’t believe me? Watch the show. I mean REALLY watch it). Besides, they admitted as much. (“It has always been about the Savior coming to town and meeting the Mayor”)

So. I DO NOT see any reason as to “why not Swan Queen?”

Are there any other reasons *cough-cough-excuses-cough* I haven’t come across yet? Let me know.