let's see what happens in 5 years

Seriously, guys, the more I think about the dynamics and such that are playing out in the last episodes of this season, the more I’m just LOVING what the show is doing for next season. 

1. We have Lady Knight Echo who lost her King, but finds a new one in Bellamy. We’ll likely get the whole knight/king (aka queen) trope between them, and I could see her being fiercely loyal and protective of him, and I’m honestly going to love seeing Bellamy having a loyal fighter who is completely devoted to him, ya’know?

2. We have two soulmates seperated by space and an apocalypse, and they’ll spend most of season 5 finding their way physically and emotionally back to each other. 

3. We have Bellamy Blake who is full out the central leader of his group, and it’ll be amazing to see the kind of man he’ll be now that he’s stepping in the role of being the head. He’ll be more mature and likely a bit more big picture thinking, and I can’t help think that he’s not quite going to be as emotional and impulsive like he use to be.  Bellamy is also going to be the leader that ALL of Clarke’s friends look to now, and I bet they’re going to have their own routines down and Clarke will find that she doesn’t really fit anymore (though, she’ll fit again, it’ll just take awhile). 

4. We have Braven being the new co-leader couple (not romantic, bc yeah, that ain’t happening), so that when Clarke comes back, you can already see that Braven will struggle with letting Clarke back in and Clarke will struggle with that fact that Raven and Bellamy are now use to being the co-leader couple without her. 

5. Clarke is now a mom, and it’ll turn her more into a heart, like Bellamy was, and now she and Bellamy will understand each other EVEN MORE (and I didn’t think that was possible). 

6. You just know that either Marper or Memori is having trouble in paradise and likely not together after 6 years, so we’ll find out what happened there and why. 

7. We’re likely going to see some pairings that we didn’t expect (for example, maybe Murphy x Raven or Octavia x Niylah or Bellamy x Echo, etc). 

8. BELLARKE REUNION (like… omg that’s going to be EPIC)

9. Octavia is totally going to be a completely different person, and Bellamy and her are going to clash on leadership ideas and decisions. 

10. These prisoner miners from space might allow us to have at least one good, old antagonist like in Mt. Weather and the story NEEDS that. 

11. We get to expand (truely expand) the world of The 100 and learn about a new culture, and realize that we have new cultures all around next season w/ Octavia’s group being the Mt. Men (basically), Clarke the grounder, Bellamy the Sky person, and Unknown Belters. 

12. We get to see how much Murphy and Emori change now that they’re part of a group and no longer outsiders. 

13. We get to see Jaha likely be a father to that boy in the finale, and him having a son again… and maybe doing right by this son like he didn’t with Wells. 

14. We get to see Abby’s brain falling apart slowly, while she likely has more premonitions (and is prophetic) and so we get some cool “magic”-like elements in the story next year. 

15. We learn more about the Red Dawn, Becca, and the Penal Colony and their connection with each other. 

16. We get to see how ALL of these new cultures will either destroy each other or work together to survive on that tiny bit of earth that’s still inhabitable. 

There’s just so much, and I’m soo excited for all these new possibilities. 

Danger In Fiction: The Parasite

‘He stumbled down the path he newly laid, loose papers falling from his messy ink-stained notebook. The Author’s heart was nearly beating out of his chest; frantically writing a way out of the woods and trying to hold back the searing pain of the bullet in his back was proving more difficult than he expected. But he still kept going, scribbling page after page after page to keep his path clear. He’d be out of the woods soon enough. He just need to keep going…

He stopped?…

After a moment he… threw his notebook to the ground. He started to look around the woods, spinning on the spot, his eyes wide and scanning every detail around him.

He spoke suddenly.

“Who are you?! How are you doing this?! Stop it!”

His voice hurt after his screaming beforehand. The pain in his back increased suddenly and he flinched, clutching his back and hissing in agony.


He screamed. The pain subsided-


“Nobody controls me!! Nobody!! I can write things into being!! I am the one in control!!”

Ha ha.

How foolish the Author has become. How little he understands his own power. And how little he knows about how much danger he is currently in if he doesn’t keep moving-

“I don’t care!! Stop narrating me!!… I can write my own way out of this! I don’t need anyone’s help!”

The Author stared at his notebook, for an embarrassingly long time-

“SHUT UP!… Ok, ok.”

He writes…

“The Author… looks up from his notebook to see the path continuing through the woods. The path weaved around trees… as not to give anything following him the chance to catch up with him!”

This was a foolish thing to write-

“Shut up!… he started to follow the path, safe in the knowledge that he would soon he out of the monster infested woods and back to civilisation!”

… The Author followed the path, unaware of what a stupid mistake he’d made.

“What do you mean?”

In the distance behind him was a hungry roar. The ground began to rumble as one of these ‘monsters’ caught his scent and would now proceed to chase him down on this new, completely obvious path.

“What?! No!-”

He started to run. He ran much faster than before, as if the bullet in his back had completely vanished… but the monster was catching up to him. He started to weave around the trees the path had placed, but the monster merely thundered on, ploughing through the trees, and the weaving only slowed the poor Author down. The monster leaped at him- the Author suddenly stopped running- he headed back, trying to run past the monster in the other direction, thinking he could fool the creature…

The Author lay face first into the ground, his notebook torn and pages scattered around him. The monster had gone, thank goodness, but the Author… The monster’s hand had caught him on the way past, dragging its huge razor sharp claws across his face… shredding the skin around his eyes, and nearly his eyes themselves, to a gruesome and unfortunate result. He had his face in his hands, blood dripping through the gaps in his fingers…

He didn’t have to create the monsters. He could have left them out, made a simple path out of the woods. Not mentioned them at all. But he was greedy with his power, and this is what happens when you get greedy.

“…I couldn’t help it… I write horror for a living… I… I couldn’t help it.”

I step out from the darkness, revealing myself to him finally. I had searched for a raucous cry of betrayal that woke me, and I found him, lying in his own blood, growling his every breath in pain. I pitied him. He was betrayed. All he wanted was cooperation. All he wanted was his ‘characters’ to respect him. But he couldn’t control everything. And only now has he finally realised that…

He sat up and lowered his hand from his face. His eyes were a mess. His left eye was ruined; it was difficult to tell which bloody cut was the lip of his eyelid. His right eye… although he could open it, it stung to feel the air rest on his eyeball-


He lay his hands on the ground suddenly. He started to grab at the air, fumble through the ground… He paused…

“I can’t see.”

It was hard to tell through the trickles of blood, but by his shuddering breath, it was clear he was crying.

“I can’t see…”

“I’m blind… I’m finished. I can’t write anymore. I’ve lost everything that means anything to me!!”

He continued to sob heavily.

Now more than ever before did I pity him. Such a wonderful talent should never go to waste. All he wanted was to express his abilities…

I could help him. You see… I have powers too. Like him, I can control what happens, not by writing, but by speaking. He saw for himself. I was the one who helped him get on his feet when he was shot down, I was the one who walked him out of the cabin, I was the one who got him so far… until he took control and screwed himself over- but anyway, I could help him… if he helped me.

I have this power because I am not human, as he guessed. My kind are born with this power… Our name is unpronounceable and our species is unknown. But I guess the best way to describe our kind is… a parasite. Sounds off-putting, I know, but it is true. A parasite meaning, an organism that can only live by the means of another creature…

A host.

The Author’s head raised from his hands. I peaked his interest.

I can give you back your power to bring whatever you want into being. Although you can’t write anymore, you could still narrate! You would become omnipresent, you would know everything that will happen, even without seeing it! You could proudly state what would happen in the next minute, 5 minutes, 5 days, weeks, even 5 years and know you will be correct, for whatever you say will happen will happen! You can get everything back… just let me in.


Thank you, Author.


“The Host took a deep breath in… and out. He stood up, tall and proud, taking in another few breaths… it felt good to feel cold crisp air filling his lungs. He took a long look around him. Through these new eyes… he saw everything. Everything that was going to happen. Everything that will happen. The Host smiled, knowing he would find a new place to start over, new… friends to meet, new places to go, new goals to accomplish.

He turned and walked down the path leading directly out of the woods, leaving the scattered pages of his notebook behind.

And the Host was happy.”’


Hear me out.
The middle circle of the blurryface cover design (the one that supposedly represents TIMH) is, in-fact, inspired by a magnified onion layer.
Let me take you through it;

Tear in my heart is the first clue. Tear can also be pronounced as tear, such as crying. Tell me, what makes you cry?
Sadness? yeah.

What makes you cry when you don’t want to?
Laughter? sure.
Small animals? i mean go for it…



As Tyler was discussing the design of the cover, he thought of Jenna, whom the song is about, and how she makes him cry (with laughter) even when he doesn’t want to. A thing that onions, can also do (probably not with laughter tho). Onionspiration strikes again.

Point 2:
The song, Tear In My Heart, goes for 3:08 minutes.
Exactly 3:08. A strange number… why not stop at 3 minutes? Why not go the extra 2 second to 3:10. I’ll tell you why;
3:08 or as I like to see it as, 308, is the precise street number of the one and only GLASS ONION SOCIETY. I kid you not.

Coincidence? Hardly.

Point 3:
The Blurryface album features three colours; black, white and red.
What do these colours have to do with onions you may ask. Well i’ll tell you;

The two most common colours of onions are…

And the seeds colour?


Point 4:
The music video for the song Tear In My Heart, takes place in Chinatown, Los Angeles.
A very different scene to other of the band’s music videos, the perfect way to hide a clue. In plain sight.
Onions, originate from Asia.
And as we all know, China is part of asia.
Point closed.

Point 5:

Point 6:
It is a widely know fact (obviously) that the average person consumes around 13 pounds of onion per year.
The exact number of letters in “Tear In My Heart”
Facts in ya face.

Point 7:
At the beginning of the song, Tyler shouts the words ‘Un Yong Haseyo’ a phrase that means ‘Good Morning’ when translated from Korean to English.
“Good Morning”… the exact words any rational, civilised human would utter upon the viewing of an onion.

To any bystander, it would appear that Tyler is screaming ‘Onion i say yo” which is also an appropriate way to greet an onion.

Point 8:
“Tear In My Heart” is the fifth song on the Blurryface album. 5 also just so happens to be the average number of useful and edible layers an onion has.
Like Shrek, an onion is DEEPLY layered. A lot like love.


Fifth design:

I know what you’re thinking. “Whats the difference?”. Don’t fret, it took me 2 years to see the truth

And thus, thy case is closed. The fifth or centre circle of the Blurryface album is indeed inspired by a magnified onion layer.

Thank you for letting me enlighten you. Please feel free to add your points to this completely valid, informed and in no way joke of a theory. (also i know people think the middle circle is doubt but i don’t think i can make a theory this stupid about doubt XD)

Robin’s Nest: Part 15

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 732

AN: I want to get a kind of fluffy chapter in, and this is what happened. In the next chapter we’ll start seeing the story move along again.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12 , Part 13, Part 14

    After thirty-six years of life, nearly twenty years of marriage, seven kids, and several years of crime fighting, you like to think you’ve learned some things. For instance, if you let one kid fight crime, eventually the others are going to want to as well. And if you set a bedtime for one, you have to set a bedtime for all of them. And if one of you gets sick, you’re ALL going to get sick.

    It starts with Damian and Helena. You try to quarantine it right off the bat; after the first sniffle. You barricade them in their room, and you keep everyone in the family away from them. You’re the only one allowed in and out.

    The rest of the family takes up residence in the batcave. The family motto becomes ‘distance is your friend.’ You see the rest of your family very little over the next few days, until Bruce sends you a text asking you to come down.

    More than a bit tired from taking care of two sick kids, you trudge downstairs to find four more. Tim looks absolutely miserable, slumped over the computer in his Robin uniform, Dick is shivering, Jason is groaning, and Cass is curled up on the gurney in a little ball.

    You and Bruce share a look, he removes the cowl and picks up Tim and Cass, and makes his way upstairs while you guide Jason and Dick. You and Bruce call out of work for the rest of the week and spend your days taking care of your kids. The only ones you were able to save were Alfred and Terry.

    The butler had been kind enough to take the four year old to a hotel when the first symptoms had made themselves known. With Terry being so young, and Alfred being older, you hadn’t wanted either of them catching the flu. So you had sent them packing.

    For a week you dealt with upset stomachs, fevers, chills, congestion, and sore throats. By the end of the tenth day, you and Bruce were ready to die yourselves, but you both keep going. Because that’s what parents do.

    “I want to die,” you murmur, face down into your pillow.

    Bruce rests his head on your back, “If you go, I’m going with you. You’re not leaving me here alone.”

    You turn over, so that his head is resting against your belly. You run your fingers through his hair, “Not an option.”


    “You said it, buddy. But in the grand scheme of things, we were kind of due. We haven’t had an outbreak since before Terry was born.”

    “Still, I hate to see them suffer.”

    “A parent’s worst nightmare is to see their kid in pain.”

    “And yet, we let our kids run around as masked vigilantes.”

    You laugh, “They take after their father.”

    Bruce smiles, “They keep evolving and changing too. Dick’s almost as tall as me now, and Jason is getting there. Tim is a string bean if I’ve ever seen one, and have you seen how long Cass’ hair has gotten?”

    You smile. In the four years since the doppelgangers had vanished you’d watched as your sons evolved. Dick had become Nightwing, Jason had become the Red Hood, Cass was BlackBat, and Tim was the latest Robin.

    You nudge Bruce, “Helena told me yesterday that she wants to be the next Robin, and then Damian started arguing saying that he was going to be the next Robin. It would have been cute had they both not had fevers.”

    Bruce just sighs, “Are we doing the right thing?”

    Your hand stills in his hair for a second before starting again, “I think the time to have asked that question has long passed Bruce. Our family is made up of crime fighters, I find that it’s better not to question it.”

    Bruce just nods, before sitting up, then he’s leaning over you and kissing you. His fingers tangle in your hair and you clutch him close. He whispers in your ear, “I love you so much.” He peppers your face with kisses, “Thank you for loving me, and marrying me, giving me seven beautiful children, and for putting up with Batman. Thank your for existing.”

    You pull him in and kiss him again, “I love you Bruce Wayne. Don’t you ever forget that.”

    He just smiles and kisses you again.

Ages at the end of this chapter

Bruce and Batmom- 36


Jason- 14

Tim- 11

Damian and Helena- 8

Terry- 4

til death do us part, fAndom

So, with the finale less than a week away now, let’s start a thread, yeah? Reblog and add your answers! 

1. Who are your biggest suspects going into the finale?  (add motive if you want to!) 
2. What are some things you really hope to see in the finale? (non mystery related)
3. What are some things you really hope to see in the finale? (mystery related)
4. What do you not want to see happen?
5. What are you going to miss the most about PLL Tuesday’s?
6. What won’t you miss about PLL Tuesday’s?
7. What’s been your favourite theory over the years? 
8. What’s the *one* thing that could happen in the finale that would ruin the series for you?
9. What’s been your favourite thing about all 7 seasons?
10. What’s been your least favourite thing about all 7 seasons?
11. What’s your favourite episode and why? (Pick up to three!)
12. Has this show taught you anything? Has it changed you in any way?
13. Who has been your favourite guest star (recurring guest stars are allowed)? 
14. Who has been your least favourite guest star (recurring guest stars are allowed)?
15. Favourite storyline?
16. Least favourite storyline?
17. Favourite liar? (Mona and Alison INCLUDED)
18. Least favourite liar?
19. Character (any character) you’ll miss the most?
20. Character (any character) you won’t miss at all?

My 20 year old husband - [Day 9 : War of Hormones]

20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he met at a fanmeeting. Things get a little out of hand and you find out you’re pregnant.

Read: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5 / Day 6 / Day 7 / Day 8 / Day 9

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Looking through old Olicity videos I came across this one of @mrseclipse555 and realised, if you listen to the lyrics, it fits them PERFECTLY as they are NOW. 

Cannot WAIT for if/when Tanya returns to do another. Their reunion has been on a steady incline for several episodes (it was put on halt in season 4) but something changed very recently. It’s started its own beat so to say. A beat, a rhythm - a heartbeat - that wasn’t there in season 3. 

For me this BEAT started thumping in my chest in episode 10 of season 5 but for some reason, in episode 14 it kicked up a notch. It’s still a slow beat but I think it’s going to rev up. It’s telling of a very different kind of love, one they haven’t let us see just yet but… I feel a build up coming. Maybe. Or something. there’s just something coming up that’s GOOD for them and I can’t put my finger on it.

It might even be sexy as hell.

Maybe I’m full of it. Maybe I’m just seeing things and I’m sure I am - @n4r4nch4 @louiseblue1 @dust2dust34 @scu11y22 am I? - but what if I’m not? Listen to it. :)

We’re coming up to episode 15 now where - normally in Arrow, ep 15 is the one where something happens that decides the tone of the next few episodes (S1: Felicity officially joins the team, they develop a rhythm and Oliver starts dating McKenna. S2: Oliver meets Slade again after 5 years and the first thing Slade does is let him know that he’s ere to ruin him. S3: once again Oliver ignores Felicity and goes to rescues Malcolm and gets kidnapped by Ra’s and offered a kingdom + Felicity sleeps with ray. S4: O+ F break up. S5: ????).

Exciting the possibilities are endless.

But I feel a rhythm - something like lava flow far beneath the surface… eventually eruptions are necessary to offset pressure .

Originally posted by bemylightshadow

But… um… that part (the above) is just me. I’m gutter minded and all sorts of hopeful.

blogofbored  asked:

then doesnt that make life feel... pointless? we are all born just to die? knowing that no matter what we do: cure diseases, end wars, etc. that we are just gonna die anyway? that humanity is just for nothing.

It’s the journey, not the destination. Everyone is forgotten eventually. It’s not like you get to see what happens after your death. None of us will live 500, let alone a thousand, let alone a million, let alone a billion years in order to see the end. We make life as good as we can for the future, we enjoy life while we have it, and we die.

Nothing lasts forever. 7.5 billions years and the earth is atomized. Eventually the sun will collapse. Eventually our galaxy will collide with andromeda galaxy and be all jumbled up. Eventually that galaxy will fall apart. Eventually, the universe itself will die. Everything in the universe is still expanding farther and farther from the Big Bang, like floating petals on the water being disturbed from the ripple of a rock being thrown in. Energy conversions are not 100% efficient and more and more will become heat energy. There’s the factor of entropy, Eventually, as matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed, all matter will reach an inert stable state, and all energy will become heat energy, reactions will cease, and the universe will become monotonous. It’s called the Heat death of the universe theory.

The universe is just an infinitely complex and large chemical reaction series, and eventually it will end. There is no such thing as forever.

Hence why I play video games and enjoy life and value my time, because when I’m dead none of this will matter. Would you bother to play a video game that had no goal? No end? Even so called endless games have an end in the fact that you can’t play them forever, you have real life stuff you have to do. If you could live forever and could lay down and do nothing for a hundred years, having no reason to rush, no deadlines, all the time in the world, no challenge, knowing you can do whatever you want whenever you want because you have no time limits, life would be boring, you wouldn’t do anything. Why climb that mountain now if it will be there forever and you will be here forever? Why have kids, you have forever to have kids, you can have them when you want but when you do you’ll have them forever, so what’s the point? You think you’d do any school work or job work if you had forever and no limits and would be there forever?

You’d never play undertale, never progress, never beat it. Curiosity and creativity only work when you have reason and need and impetus.
If nothing ever died, you’d never live.

anonymous asked:

I don't mean to be a nervous nellie but with Jmo leaving and Colin possibly staying what do you think that could mean for CS? Do you think they would actually kill off Emma? Because I'm struggling to think of ways they could have Killian on screen without Emma. But killing off Emma seems such a drastic thing for this show, it would go against everything they've been promoting! Eddie has said he's the most happy w/Emma's journey, I don't see how that would = death. Any thoughts?

Okay. I have a lot of anons in this vein, but I’m not going to spend this week on pointless speculations and doomsday scenarios. So one time only:

NO, I DO NOT THINK THEY ARE KILLING EMMA.  (Seriously, just stop it with this nonsense, the show could not continue in any iteration if she died, who would watch a reboot of a show about hope if the main protagonist for 6 seasons died for her trouble?) 

NO, I DO NOT THINK CAPTAIN SWAN WILL BREAK UP OR DIVORCE OR OTHERWISE WILLINGLY SEPARATE FROM ONE ANOTHER. (Stop it with this too, good grief, they promised to love one another for eternity. Get with the program and after 5 years believe in Captain Swan.) 


For anything else we have to see what happens in the next few weeks, but let me reiterate it is pointless to drive yourself mad with doomsday speculation because anything you come up with will undoubtedly be wrong. 

For now, please enjoy the amazing Captain Swan wedding, reveal in the musical, enjoy Emma’s journey and Emma and the heroes winning the final battle. 

anonymous asked:

Call me naive,but i think that if they have designed Otabek for Yuri, his character story has it that he has been fascinated with Yuri for 5 years, finally manages to become friends with him, add how much they are putting them in official things pointing to a development of their friendship/relationship....i don't see him getting distracted by any Mila leaving who he has wanted to meet for years to a side for her, much less without having that friendship developed properly to have any effect

This is what I am saying basically. :)

The makers know what they are doing. Let’s all just chill and see what happens.


Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry #59

Some things are not meant to happen.

Today, I thought I’d finally take my revenge on Gadreel, that I’d get a chance to make him pay, blow after blow, for what he’s done, but now I’ll have to wait. The son of a bitch suddenly became a valuable bargaining chip in a deal set by Metatron himself and unfortunately, it was an offer we couldn’t refuse: Gadreel’s life against Castiel’s. I wasn’t keen on letting the angel go but between revenge and friendship, the choice was quickly made.

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{Part 6} I Can Save You // Jay Park

Originally posted by jayseattle

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Drama / Angst / Fluff

Summary: You meet with Jay and a mysterious woman. You learn the importance of decisions and choices, and having the freedom to make your own.

This scenario contains slight mentions of abuse and manipulative behaviour - talks about whorephobia and stigma.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5} {Part 6} {Part 7}

A part of Jay had already decided that you would never pick up the phone to call him. He had secretly accepted to himself that he completely scared you off to the point that he would never hear from or see you again, so upon hearing your voice on the other end of the phone; he felt an unbelievable weight get lifted from his shoulders.

“(Y/N)…I was so worried about you. I didn’t think you would call” he replied nervously as he quickly walked towards his car, letting himself in and closing the door, sinking down into the driver’s seat. He thought to himself “It’s so good to hear her voice again. Not as babydoll, but as (Y/N)”

“I didn’t think I would be calling you either, trust me” you chuckled light-heartedly, hearing Jay mimic a similar sound back through the phone. “Look, Jay…I’ve done a lot of thinking since…well, since everything happened. I just…I don’t know what to do. Part of me feels like an idiot, and the other part of me feels sorry about the way I spoke to you. And I am…sorry.”

“You have absolutely no reason to apologise to me. I came on too strong and that’s my fault. I’m part of the reason why you’re in this mess and I want to help you in any way I can.” Jay uttered almost instantly, placing his free hand on the wheel and leaning his head back on the seat. You blinked several times – completely agreeing with him but not knowing how to respond so directly. You couldn’t agree more that if Jay hadn’t of interjected the way he did, none of this would have happened – but you also couldn’t deny that if he hadn’t, you would still be in the same situation as you were previously, being none the wiser.

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So this just happened

“Whatcha watching”
AND HE WAS LIKE “nothing” AND TURNED OFF HIS KINDLE RIGHT AWAY AND MY MOM WAS LIKE “well now I have to know what were you watching??”
*5 minutes later of my mom trying to get carter to tell her what he’s watching*
Carter: …
Carter: …
Mom: *takes kindle* WHATS YOUR PASSWORD
mom: YES
Carter: *verge of tears* I WAS WATCHING..
*its been like 15 minutes*
Carter: HARRY POTTER *puts in password* SEE
mom: okay why did you make such a big deal out of this
mom: carter
Carter: WHAT
Mom: LOTS OF PEOPLE LIKE HARRY POTTER DONT LISTEN TO YOUR BROTHER BE WHO YA WANNA BE *lecture lecture to Matthew to carter to be nicer blah don’t lie to ya mom blah blah be yourself*

Me: *snickering in the corner* ik you were secretly watching gay porn and or reading smut Carter don’t even try to hide it from me.

Bad Habits (pt.4)

Genre: Angst//fluff??

Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Taehyung

Fandom: BTS

Pt.1 (M)// Pt.2 // Pt.3

Originally posted by thesoshisone

A few weeks had passed since your dramatic break up with Taehyung. The members were slowly getting used to the fact you were dating Jimin now. Yoongi, Namjoon and Jin distanced themselves from you because of you hurting Taehyung. It was awkward but they still managed to talk to you when they had to since you were still dating another member. Taehyung however didn’t speak to the both of you no matter what. Jungkook and Hoseok talked to you since they tried to understand the situation even if they didn’t agree with what happened. It was one of those nights where Jimin invited you over despite the weird atmosphere.

“They hate me…” You mumbled.

Jimin held your hand tighter and kissed your cheek. “They do not. It’s been almost 2 months now.”

You walked into the house to be greeted by Jungkook. 

“Hey kookie.”

He smiled. “Hey. Sorry we can’t stay for dinner. I promised Taehyung we’d go out.”

“Oh. That’s okay…”

Taehyung stopped when he saw the two of you. He just looked down and kept walking to get his jacket. You slowly let go of Jimin’s hand and grabbed Taehyung’s arm.

“You don’t have to leave you know. I’m not trying to kick you out of your own house…”

Taehyung sighs and pulls his arm away. Jimin stood there trying his best not to feel annoyed. He knew that no matter what he did you’d still be in love with his best friend. Nothing would change the fact that Taehyung did manage to get to you first. 

Taehyung looked at you for the first time. “Why do you keep trying?”

You were taken back by his sudden comment. “…I want to still be around you too.”

He laughed. “Probably should of that about that before you cheated on me and ripped my heart out.”

“Don’t you think I know that? Do you know how much-” You stopped yourself before you said anything you’d regret. 

“How much you what?” Taehyung asked, knowing what you were going to say  but was testing to see if you’d actually say it in front of Jimin.

“…I hated the way things ended.” You lied. Well it wasn’t a complete lie but it definitely wasn’t what you were going to say.

He scoffed. “Well things aren’t always about you. If I cheated on you- Oh wait. That wouldn’t happen because i’m a decent human being! You know I actually thought about proposing to you…what a joke…”

Jungkook tugged at Taehyungs arm. “Maybe we should just go-”

You ran out of the door and when you were far enough, you started walking around the neighborhood alone. 

Jungkook sighed. “Great….”

Before Jimin could run out and find you, Taehyung grabbed him. 

“Wait. I should apologize….I went too far..”

Jimin glared at him but let him run after you. He was able to find you sitting down on a curb, crying. You saw his shoes in front of you and you looked up to see Taehyung looking down at you. He sat down next to you, putting his arm around you. You sniffled, trying to wipe away your tears a little embarrassed to be crying in front of him.

“Sorry…” He said almost too quiet for you to hear.

You shook your head. “No. I deserve it…It wasn’t what you said that made me cry.”

“It wasn’t?”

You got quiet.


You shook your head again. “…I can’t tell you…”

“….Whatever it is I won’t tell your boyfriend.”

You hesitantly opened your mouth “..I thought about you proposing and If I didn’t screw everything up I could have been married to you. I don’t even know why I started sleeping with Jimin! Sometimes I second guess even being in a relationship with him. Things are so different now. I thought being with one person for so long was boring and he made it seem like it wasn’t a big deal but Tae I don’t love him…..”

When you started to cry again he pulled you closer so you could lean on his shoulder. He rubbed his hand up and down your arm. 

“Things are different because he’d not me. He’s his own person.”

You covered your face. “Now i’m emotionally cheating on my current boyfriend….God I hate myself. This is all like some dumb movie! They make it seem lighthearted and that it’ll end up in some spontaneous threesome but this is a nightmare!”

Taehyung let out a small laugh. “Yeah. Trust me I know…But do you have feelings for Jimin at all?”

You nodded. 

“Then…Make him happy. You might not love him now but Y/N you just started dating him. We were together for 5 years. It’s not weird that you still have feelings for me. I love you too but I can’t just forget what happened. It’s better for the both of us if you start seeing someone else. We can both move on..”

You sat up in shock to look at him. “Really?”

He nodded slowly. “I’ll get over it eventually. I did kind of take you away..I guess we’re all kinda selfish..”

You gave a weak laugh and hugged him. 

“Come on, let’s go back before Jimin thinks you’re cheating on him with me. Which in my opinion would be pretty justified” Taehyung gave a light smile, finally hugging you back. 



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okay so let's say it happens, and they're really separated for 5 years... what do you see for bellarke in s5? how do you see them individually coping with the separation during that time period? do you think they'll seek comfort and companionship with others?

I expect a reunion that is amazing and glorious. I think they’ll be romantically canon in Season 5 (especially if we don’t get a confession this episode). I don’t believe we’ll see the separation. I think it’s human to seek comfort with others, but I’m not sure if they will. 

8 Things I’ve Learned in the Past Year:

1. Care about yourself. Care that you don’t feel good or anything at all. Feel some compassion for yourself. Give yourself a break.
2. Force yourself into plans with people you love. You’ll make the memories you’ve dreamed of.
3. Be spontaneous. If you wanna go out at 8:53pm, do it. If you wanna go for a walk in the woods to take a step back, pick up your best friend and your dog and go. Stumble upon new places and don’t be afraid of trying new things.
4. Prioritize the things that are important to you and bring you happiness (or used to). Learning to get back into your passions is like falling in love with an old friend.
5. Push yourself to let go of emotional ties that weigh you down. It’s so difficult, but soon you’ll see how free you feel.
6. Appreciate every moment as it happens to you. You were created and placed on this earth for a reason, even if you have no idea what that reason is. Treasure the life around you.
7. Eat that fucking cookie. Trust me, it’s worth it.
8. Don’t let your problems get in the way of your happiness.

—  i.j.
Only The Good Die Young (Sam Drake x Reader) Chapter 8: The Accident

hey everyone i am back! i have been forcing myself to write that 50′s au which is why OTGDY hasn’t been updated but… here is a new chapter! let me know what you think of it, i know i’m excited to see what happens next. love you all!

(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8)

Words: 1,267

                                             Three Years Later

     The sleepy empty streets of the early morning made you yawn as you made your way to work. You shoved your hands into your jacket pockets, the cold nipping at your fingertips. You could see your breath hanging in the air, letting the crisp sharp air enter your lungs. Your nose was red from the temperature and you sighed with relief once you reached the steps of the small coffee shop downtown.

     You adjusted your hat on your head when you finally got inside, the warmth of the building already beginning to thaw your frozen fingers.

     It had been three years. Three long years since you had started coming to this coffee shop every morning before work, mainly to stop and see the cute barista that seemed to have interest in you.

     “Hey, Evan!” You called from the front counter, seeing him pop his head out of the back utility closet.

     “Oh, hey!” He said, glancing at you and turning back to the paper towels tumbling down at him.

     You held back a laugh as you ran to help him out.

     “Rough morning?” You asked, picking the paper towels off of his face and bundling them into your arms.

     “Was until you got here.” He said, and you tried to hide the redness in your face.

     To put it plainly, Evan was a flirt. He was 22, and you were 20. Since the first day you came to the shop three years ago, he threw out pick-up lines and anything he could say to make you flustered. You admired the attention he gave you, and you were trained to tease back with witty banter.

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Ooooo AU- Emma and Killian seperate for a year.

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

The kids never do find out what happened. They came home from a day out together to find their parents screaming at each other and Emma storming out the front door past all of them. She stays with her parents for two days and David refuses to let Killian in every time he comes to see her. 

After that, Killian packs some things and moves onto the Jolly Roger. The kids go to see him a lot, but he rarely comes back to the house. They try their best not to fight in front of the kids or say anything bad about the other to them. 

About three months after this arrangement, Killian and Emma start going to couple’s counselling with Archie. It often turns to another shouting match that Archie has to break up but at least they’re talking.

Willa spends more time with Killian than Emma during the separation, sometimes spending multiple nights on the Jolly Roger. 

When Killian and Emma eventually get back together, they never speak about their time apart to the kids. Things are tense for a little bit when Killian moves back in, but after a while everything goes back to normal.