let's see if she will see them

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(Omg the thomas sanders gif, mod lili is killing me) Nekomaru has everyone grouped to assess Akanes condition? Also ypu might want to make sure Masaru doesnt see Akane if she goes angry with despair.


Most of them are here. They came as soon as they heard the news. The others are coming too.

Shit. This sound really bad…Did she really…?

Let’s not draw conclusions too quickly.

Yeah. We have to hope for the best.

Don’t worry about the kids, they are already sleeping.

To see my athlete in such a state…It’s my failure as her coach !!

What are you saying? You couldn’t have done a thing to help her. We just have to wait. So calm down.

…You’re right. Sorry.

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Can you do Hamlet for the fandom ask

character i’d like to see in a flower crown - Horatio is the queen of flower crowns she makes them with ophelia. (she makes special ones for when she and hamlet have their secret wedding ps)
character i’d like to see get punched in the face - there will never be a day that i don’t want to punch claudius
character most likely to sing along to journey songs in the car - laertes gets really into it
character who refuses to pull over and ask for directions on roadtrips - polonius WANTS to stop but no one lets him because do you think they want to sit for an hour while polonius talks NO
character who always stubs their toes on the washing machine - as i’ve said before hamlet is a klutz and it’s a miracle she can fence
character who changes their starbucks order ten times - ophelia but instead of changing it mid order she just gets ten separate items and they’re all teas
character who shows up late for everything - miss “what did i miss” fortinbras
character who is the worst kisser - claudius ew get it away
character who takes 45 minutes showers - hamlet because she just cries which like same girl
character who gets most bent out of shape over the pronunciation of gif - osric because people tell him both and now he says both and it’s very confusing

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what an amazing parents, they're never alone with that kid, bribri always has olivia, her mom or trashley and louis always has oli and used to have this body guard, like???? you can't go outside just on your own without all your friends???

Ikr is so weird. One can’t go out with the girlfriend without the bff glued to them, the other always need a nanny to watch over her when she’s out with the kid… like lol 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I saw there are even two pics (for now) (on twitter) from those pap pics after the X factor performance and even if it’s just Louis and Lottie hugging is still makes me feel so uncomfortable

Yeah, they were not in the mood for pics 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:lool, this time i`m thinking they`re actually gonna end it, first day of spring see you later …

Let’s see, anon. Let’s see… 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Olivia is abandoning the ship before it sinking lol

lol she is

this is probably an unpopular opinion and don’t get me wrong, i love callen but i really don’t hate joelle for what she did and i’m not angry about it. 

i know callen got hurt and i hate seeing him like that but what joelle said was true - how many times has he and the rest of the team done what she did to him? doesn’t make it right or okay but she had a point. he has done the same thing to people, he hurt them and now we are seeing the situation reversed. which, let’s be honest is a rare thing. 

we are seeing the actual struggle that the people who the team manipulates or have a relationship with under false pretenses go through when the truth comes to light. 

whether they take this anywhere, i don’t know but this has the potential to be a really good storyline for callen. we always see how sorry they are that they have hurt and lied to people but knowing you’ve hurt them is very different from experiencing that level of betrayal yourself. 


When we get caught up in the minutiae, the details that make us all different, there’s two ways of seeing that. You can see the texture of that person, the qualities that make them unique, or you can go to war about it, say, ‘That person is different from me, I don’t like you, so let’s battle.’ My mother is an ordained minister, I’m a Muslim. She didn’t do backflips when I called her to tell her I converted 17 years ago. But I tell you now, we put things to the side, I’m able to see her, she’s able to see me, we love each other, the love has grown. That stuff is minutiae. It’s not that important.

I figured it out!

@asktheboywholived is referred to as “TT” but what does that stand for??

After many minutes of research I have come to the conclusion that it is the first T name that pops in my head.


but wait

*gasp* Is TT the creator of My Immortal??? Is their blog just redemption for the abomination they created so long ago??

*hacker voice* i’m in

She was not going to text him. She’d have to get used to missing him all alone. She had to. She was not going to let her sadness consume her whole when the time comes. She’s got to be prepared.
But how do you let go of a certain routine; of a person? She can’t imagine them slowly drifting apart. She can’t imagine not hearing his voice, seeing him, touching his face.
His soft hair. His scrubby chin. The way he cracks her knuckles, making her flinch. Then she’d laugh with him.
The way he looks at her. Like she was all he could see. His smile, making her melt inside. When he kisses her, she loses herself in him. And yet, she keeps wanting him closer. Holding her. She could never get enough of him.
She’d wander around the hallways and catch the sight of him. In the library. At the gym. And perplexed, knowing he’s not there.
Sometimes she craves him.
Most of the time she feels affection.
She’d smell something and remember about him. He smells good. The manly, cleanly kind of smell. Even when he just finishes a dancing session and was sweating hella lot.
She made up her mind. When he’s gone, she was going to put all of him inside a box in her mind. Seal it tight. Open it, when she misses him too much she can’t take it on her own.
It’d hurt, she knows. She’s already bracing herself for it. Come what may.
But now, she’d bury herself in him and forget all about them. Just for a while. He can make her forget everything. And for once, she doesn’t mind.
—  Limited number of days

Chapter 90 was a big disappointment, wasn’t it? All we wanted was to see a memorial or funeral of Erwin. I espacially wanted to see his family, his mother and the woman he once loved. I wonder what Marie did when she heard the death of an old friend, a lover. What about Nile? His sorrow and regret? 

I wanted to see tears, screams, mourning… Above all else I wanted to see Levi’s reaction to Erwin’s death. I hoped Levi would keep Erwin mentioned. None of them happened. But let me point out something now.

  • Let’s remember the scene that Hange declared Erwin as deceased. What was Levi’s reaction?

“I see.” 

A silent goodbye. 

Did he tell something else? Did he scream? Did he cry? No. He didn’t. He never does. But look at his face and say that he is not in pain. Say that he is not devastated. Can you?

  • Now remember the scene that Hange noted she believed Erwin should have lived. What did he say?

He said nothing. But we can easily say that he is depressed and desperate just by looking at his face. He shows the severity of his pain with body language. With his facial expression and miserable pose…

  • And now, look at this panel:

What did he do when Flocke blamed him for catching up in personal emotions and choosing Armin?

Nothing, the same as before. But, guys, I can swear that I heard his screams and felt his loneliness. Yes, he didn’t even say a single word but… isn’t Levi like this? Is this not our dark, complex, quiet Levi?

Some great pains can’t be spoken. And Erwin’s death gave him such a pain. He probably won’t mention about this, he will suffer silently like he suffered silently after Farlan and Isabel. And it doesn’t mean that he will forget about their friendship, their bond, their love

Levi can never get over Erwin. How can he?

Shakespeare Gothic
  • You were born on a ship at sea. No one survived the wreck but you. Or so you’ve been told. 
  • Your father has been dead for months, and your mother has remarried. He still comes to dinner every night and sits in his usual chair. Nobody can see him but you.
  • Your last lover disappeared. They told you she died, but they never let you see the body. The statue in the churchyard looks just like her.
  • Your pale white hands are stained with red. You wash them and wash them and wash them, but they will never be clean.
  • You find an infant abandoned on the beach. Your country does not have a coastline. You do not know where this ocean or this infant came from, and you do not ask.
  • The owls and ravens shriek wordlessly in the night, but you ignore their warnings. They are always shrieking about something.
  • You visit a faraway city where you have never been before. Everyone there knows your name.
  • You wake up alone in the woods. You have no memory of how you got there. You hear fey fairy laughter and someone singing in the darkness. You feel woozy, as if you’ve been drugged.
  • A girl you loved once tries to return your letters, even though you never wrote her any. Clearly she belongs in a convent. You burst into her bedroom half-dressed to tell her so.
  • You are invited to a ball and you go, despite the strange feeling that Death will find you if you do. You wear a mask. Death is not fooled.
  • Your young cousins went to visit their uncle last month. He says they never arrived, but you saw them playing in the garden. Nobody else has seen them since.
  • It is time for you to be married, but first your suitors must answer a riddle. If they guess wrongly, they die. Your love cannot save them. 
  • There is a storm on the heath. You do not know what a heath is, and you do not care. You are mad. You are naked. You are dancing in the rain. The storm never ends. 

Emmerdale Survey Results

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do u have any headcanons abt Percy and Annabeth as parents?

oh boy do I

  • listen they are amazing parents, like model parents.
  • Percy really likes kids in canon, and Annabeth is just… a really good leader and I don’t see how she wouldn’t be an amazing mum.
  • Percy probably lets the kids get away with murder by just pretending he didn’t see it because they’re cute and he hates telling them off (shh i do this with my cat).
  • Annabeth pretends to be exasperated by it, but honestly, she turns a blind eye too.
  • Percy cooks all the food and Annabeth sorts out all the fights.
  • They both love playing with the kids; like Annabeth loves lego and Percy adores all the cuddly toys.
  • They wouldn’t force gender roles on their kids and would encourage them to do whatever they enjoy, even if it’s not the ‘norm’.
  • it’s just a really happy house
  • like they probably argue, but it’s just over silly domestic things like who needs to wash the dishes.
  • Annabeth always wins.
  • They love their kids a lot, but I bet they need a break sometimes, and Sally and Paul are always there to lend a hand if they need a weekend away.
  • Frederick probably isn’t as prominent in their lives, but I think they go to visit him still, but they live far away so it’s harder.
  • They probably have the best bedtime stories to tell, like come on.

“I think what I have learned from working on Moonlight, you see what happens in persecution. What I was so grateful about and having the opportunity was playing a gentleman who saw a young man folding into himself as a result of the persecution of his community and taking that opportunity to uplift him and tell him he mattered, that he was OK. And accept him. I hope that we do a better job of that. 

We kind of get caught up in the minutiae and the details that make us all different. I think there’s two ways of seeing that. There’s an opportunity to see the texture of that person, the characteristics that make them unique, and then there’s the opportunity to go to war about it. And to say that that person is different than me and I don’t like you, so let’s battle. My mother is an ordained minister. I’m a Muslim. She didn’t do backflips when I called her to tell her I converted 17 years ago. You put things to the side and I’m able to see her and she’s able to see me. We love each other. The love has grown. And that stuff is minutiae. It’s not that important.”

Mahershala Ali talks about persecution and religious freedom at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night, where he won Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role for his work in Moonlight. (via Us Weekly)

Dimples - Jensen Ackles x Reader

Title: Dimples

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt:  I have a passion for Jensen/Dean’s dimples (along with everything else) every time I see them I want to hug and kiss him hard. I was wondering if you could make a Jensenxreader on this? maybe where they are dating recently and she is still a little shy, but one day while he is talking to someone she sees the dimples and without thinking she takes his face in her hands and kisses him. when she realize what she did she began to blush and it’s all super adorable and fluffy?

“So in the end he let me take a break because everybody knew I would keep messing my lines if they didn’t.” he chuckled and you did the same.

“Sometimes I wonder how Jared or Misha put up with you! But every time I’ve seen you act for real you don’t make such a fool of yourself!”

“Maybe it’s because I’m trying to impress my best girl.” he shrugged, giving you an innocent smile and you bit your lip, snuggling closer to his side and he tightened his hold on your waist.

If someone had ever told you that one da you’d find yourself casually relaxing in Jensen Ackles’ trailer, on the set of Supernatural, with formentioned man holding you like you were the most precious thing he had, you would have laughed straight in their face. Yet here you were, and here this was. The relationship. It sounded so surreal in your mind yet everything, literally everything (including the shipping name the fans had come up with for you), only proved to it. That is was real and you weren’t dreaming.

As if Jensen looking at you, just another fan a little while ago, with so much love wasn’t enough of a dream coming true.

“Did you see the photos?‘you whispered in his arms and looked up at him as he let a soft sigh.

“Couldn’t avoid it even if I wanted to.” he kissed your forehead “Seems like we are going to be every magazine’s hot topic for the rest of the month.”

“Yeah” you whispered because you knew it was true, ever since you came out to everybody and spoke openly about being in a relationship fans weren’t the only ones that went crazy “Do you mind it?” you were scared to ask but above all you were scared of the answer.

“Seeing this pretty face everywhere I go even if you are not by my side? Sweetheart, honestly they are doing me a favor because it makes me miss you a little less. Just a little though.” he said innocently and you couldn’t help but breathe out a chuckle.

You pulled away from his arms and only held his hands in yours now “I’m just- I’m just not sure, that’s all.”

“Of what?” he frowned, his face coming closer to yours.

You shrugged, looking down “What I- I am not enough in a way, I guess.” you whispered and felt his give your hands a squeeze.

“Don’t. Don’t you ever say that again, alright?”he said firmly “Sweetheart you know I don’t care about what others say, right? Especially to people that have nothing to do with me and the fandom. You know the fans and my family already adore you and I-” he cupped your face, making you look at him and you burning cheeks were a great contrast to his slightly cold hands.

Yet another proof that winter was approaching and you’d be back to one of your favorite activities, holding his hands to warm them up for him.

“I love you more than anything else in this world, just the way you are.” he whispered that word that you could count down the times he had said and each and every time made your heart leap to your throat.

“I would never change anything about you. Anything. Not this bashful smile. Not the hugs that still get you shy all around me and in public, not this nervous giggle, not these adorable eyes that make my knees go weak. Never.” he breathed out, resting his forehead against yours “And above all not-” a wide grin spread on his face.

You looked at him with a frown for a moment until your eyes widened in realization and a small whine left your lips. You shut your eyes and buried your face in his chest “You promised you were going to forgive about it!” you squeaked and he chuckled deeply.

“Never in a million years sweetheart!” he gave you a squeeze as his arms stayed around you.

Because of course he wasn’t going to either forget it or let go of it. You knew he wasn’t teasing you about it of course, but it still didn’t help the fact that you felt utterly embarrassed about it.


It happened quiet a while ago, when you and Jensen had just announced your relationship. You were on the set of Supernatural, and you being the fangirl you were you had once more asked Misha to walk with you around. That was when you had spotted him and Jared next to the Impala talking about something as the crew was making some final set ups. Their laughter could clearly be heard and you in particular spotted Jensen’s laugh.

You had become so used to hearing it from up close the last few months but it always felt as contagious as at first. You found yourself smiling every time and it wasn’t just his laughter that managed to make you smile. It was everything about him, because yes you loved everything about him. Everything of his, from his laughter to his eyes, from his touch to the way he whispered sweetnothings to you, made you go weak on the knees. But there was one thing in particular that caught your attention, and captured your heart you now realized, that was his dimples.

His smile was amazing with every meaning of the word and it did make your heart skip a beat but those dimples, oh dear Chuck. You were so glad he had not realized a single thing yet. Each and every time you held yourself back so hard from not grabbing his face and kissing the hell out of him whenever those dimples showed up. But you were too freaking shy to do anything in the first place anyway.

However that one time, that one time he was laughing with Jared, and those freaking dimples of his showed you just couldn’t help yourself. You didn’t actually. You’d been staring at him for quiet long and before you could realize it you found yourself striding towards him and grabbed his face.

Jared stared at you with a perplexed smile while Jensen was utterly stunned as you appeared out of nowhere, without any of them realizing you, and grabbed his face and did just what you’d wanted for so long but were holding yourself back. Kissed the hell out of him. Your lips were tingling after the kiss but you certainly felt a great satisfaction at being able to do that.

“Well, hey too you too again baby.” Jensen chuckled, staring at you with a shit eating grin.

You blinked for a moment, almost unaware of what you were doing (because partially you were) and glanced around you to see Jared, and Misha, snickering at you. And then you looked back at Jensen only to realize you were cupping his face. And complete realization downed on you. And that was the moment you felt your eyes widened and you almost stumbled back, your face was literally burning up.

“Oh my gosh” you clasped your hands over your mouth, a small whimper leaving your lips “I’m so sorry!” you squeaked out, because yes you were too shy to just walk towards him and kiss him in public like that.

“No, no!” he shook his head with a grin, his arms wrapping around your waist to keep you from leaving “ I certainly am not complaining!” he chuckled deeply, kissing your temple.

You looked at him with a burning face and buried it in his chest “- I didn’t mean to- just- I saw- you were laughing and-”

He chuckled more and you heard Misha and Jared laugh as well. He kissed the top of your head “Sweetheart, I didn’t know you had such a… soft spot for my smile.” you could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

“Jensen” you whined “I only really- I- just- I have a soft spot for your dimples, ok? Just that.”

“Of course baby, you know I don’t mind it.” he kissed your cheek but you only clenched the fabric of his shirt in your fists at hearing Misha talk to Jared.

“Is 'soft spot’ the new word for kink?”

And the guys laughed at it all the more. Jensen who kept you in his arms all the more.

-End of Flashback-

“I told you!” you whined softly “I just have a soft spot for it. I’m sorry I just… kissed you in front of everybody.”

“Sweetheart” he said softly “I understand. Let Misha say anything he wants. I just didn’t know you did, that’s all. You never told me after all.”

You shrugged sheepishly “How could I?” you fidgeted with your fingers “It’s just stupid Jensen.” you mumbled with a small pout but he shook his head.

“No it’s not.” he shook his head “Despite the pleasant surprise of the kiss I’d like you to share more things with me sweetheart.” he pecked your forehead “Who knows, I might have something out for you too.” he winked at you as your eyebrows shot up.

I understand now… How love and feelings are a choice, when someone brings out the worst sides of themselves out and you must go to bed and wake up everyday still choosing them. But sometimes it’s not a choice at the same time. Sometimes it’s unexpected. Sometimes it’s a random conversation with a friend that turns into the all night phone call when you have to be up early the next day, and the excitement to hold someone’s hand for the first time. It’s that moment when you forget how to breathe when you finally get the courage to look them in the eyes and those eyes she calls, “just brown,” are anything but that. They’re like her… A mystery, full of hidden secrets only revealed when she lets you see them. “In the right light all is revealed.” The way they go from brown to a golden eclipse in the light and you can see every streak of her irises, letting you see a glimpse of what she contains. It’s the sound of her laugh from thousand of miles away, her body that makes you feel so much, and the way you can tell when she’s holding back with you because you scare her. You scare yourself honestly. You’re a mess. You’re a storm that’s been brewing since the day you were born and you would do anything to protect her from the chaos that you are, but crave to show her the beauty that lies beneath the visible layer of the ocean that people don’t take the time to look at. So yes love and feelings are a choice. But this wasn’t a choice. You were handed to me in the chaos and I don’t want to let go.
December 16 (not 1991)

25 years since Maria Stark passed away in canon, you guys.
Also i know we all hate howard stark (if you don’t then well.) But what are our opinions about Maria Stark?
Not much is known about her.
Majority fanon says that she has italian heritage.
Also that while she was a good woman, she was an absent mother to Tony.
But very much involved in charity work.
We also see that Tony cares about her considerably more than Howard.
“The Maria Stark foundation” and “He killed my Mom!”
Seeing as we already have more head canons about howard, lets make 16th more about Maria, shall we? reblog with your headcanons about her.
Here’s mine:
1) When tony would get in trouble at school, she would dress in her finest, most elegant wear, put on her lipstick and politely, diplomatically talk everyone out of it.
Tony would stare with awe while the rest of them would be confused
‘like asdf wut happened stark was supposed to be in trouble now wut’