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Makenna Hair 

Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and all of that all at once because these meshes took me so damn long. But I'm very happy with the outcome. I’m so excited to finally share these hairs with you i’ve wanted to for so long but they just needed a little more tweaking and i never had the motivation… but i finally got it randomly and here is the result! :D Thanks to everyone who tested :D I will convert to Child and maybe to adult when i get a bit more time :D

  • 4 New Meshes Toddler 
  • Comes in the 9 base game colors for toddlers
  • Recolors and all that Jazz are encouraged (just give credit :D) 
  • BGC

Enjoy!  And always you don’t have to but i’d love to see it on your sims so tag me if you like! :D 

Any Issues let me know!

Made with S4 studio (wishes) 

Thank you @smubuh for the templates!

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moffat era meme || companions ➡️ [5/4] river song [1/1] wife [or you know, the woman the doctor married out of his free will, spent his nights with, went on dates with, shagged all over time and space, couldn’t let go of and let her ghost haunt him for heck knows how long, had a 24-year-long date with & so on, so suck. it. haters]

You know when you see a photograph of someone you know, but it’s from years before you knew them. It’s like they’re not quite finished; they’re not done yet. Well, yes, the Doctor’s here. He came when I called just like he always does, but not “my” Doctor. Now, my Doctor, I’ve seen whole armies turn and run away, and he’d just swagger off back to his TARDIS and open the doors with a snap of his fingers. The Doctor in the TARDIS. Next stop: everywhere.

“Vulnerable” Sweet Pea imagine part two

A/N: Thanks for the amazing response on the first part! Btw, I gave this series a name to recognize it by. Hope you enjoy!

Part One

Noise coming from the kitchen was the first thing Y/N noticed when she regained her consciousness. Secondly, her eyes refused to open. And the third thing… a horrible aching in her entire scull. What the hell?

“Y/N?” She opened half an eyelid, only to realize that it was early in the morning. Light seeped through the bedroom window and Jughead Jones were standing in the doorway, smiling slightly at her. She could see straight through it though, worry etched through his very being. That’s when she remembered the day before.

“Oh fuck,” She hid her face in her hands, when she realized what had happened and what she had done. “I’m so sorry.”

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no offense but i will never be over the fact that this “getting on with my life” montage includes john seeing all male patients with…dysfunctional genital conditions let’s say and sherlock seeing all dysfunctional het relationship clients as they volley back and forth literally finishing each other’s sentences i just. subtlety 101 friends

Can you believe that they Finished the Wings tour? I cant say how happy and Proud i am. I am so touched but i hope they will get some Rest over Christmas. They all deserve a break and a goot time with their friends and Family. I dont lose hope to see them next year. It will be a lot bigger for them. I love them so much and im so thankfull for everything they giving to me. Seriously i love BTS. Lets all have a great Time together. Armys and BTS 

 A new Chapter is waiting for us. 




I said i was only gonna draw a part of the story google wrote,I might draw more, but maybe not, Hope you like it anyhow, The art that is at the end will be posted on it’s own,

 Please look at this story to know what’s kinda going on


Roto belongs to @moochi-mirchancey

Carlin coco and gem soda belong to me.


Okay, funny thing about the picture at the end, I got done drawing,coloring and shading carlin and gem, And
i was so sleepy that in my mind, i was like “okay i’m done, Let’s post it”, only to go to full view and see
roto in the background with just his face colored, i was like “ oh crap, I need to finish drawing him first”

Lesson here is, Don’t draw while really sleepy

anonymous asked:

Hi Emma, i was wondering, have you released your 2018 desktop calendars yet? I used your 2017 lit and I cannot tell you just how much of my life has been sorted because of your calendar. Idk about others but my 2017 was relatively well balanced and I've released that happened because I could actually plan things months in advance and I went to do that for Jan 2018 and released I don't have a calendar lol. I'm now obsessed with planning out my life and it's going so well, thanks to you!!!💕💕

Hello :-) I haven’t done any desktop background for 2018 besides https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/576950347/2018-monthly-calendar-desktop-background on my Etsy shop. I do plan to make up those over the next two weeks - I finish interning next Wednesday so will be back to having some time off during the day to organise them. Please let me know which styles/designs you’d like to see for the whole year xxx

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Let’s see if you can playlist this: It’s 2 am, you find yourself in a diner on the side of a highway you have driven one too many times. You feel bittersweet, for no particular reason other than you feel your life is passing by without meaning. Desperate to make a change, you pay for your half-finished milkshake and get into your car, driving into the summer night with no specific destination in mind.

1) Sonora- Spendtime Palace (my #1 road trip song, forever and always)
2) I Don’t Trust Nobody- cucu feat. shiloh
3) Drunk Text Romance- Cyberbully Mom Club
4) I Wanted To Die Alone- Donny (Suicide tw!!!)
5) Is it Too Much to Ask For- Jordan Maxwell feat. shiloh
6) idontwannabeyouanymore- Billie Eilish
7) River- Bishop Briggs
8) Please Never Fall In Love Again- Ollie MN
side note: this scenario gave me such soft and chill vibes so this is a pretty soft playlist? also for some reason it really reminds me of the book My Heart and Other Black Holes

Well, for now, Kurisu and Daru are getting as far away from the lab as possible. Good. It’s better than nothing, for sure.

And now Suzuha has wandered up all casual-like and has let slip that Mayuri is just around the corner!


Apparently it takes as long as a complete sundown to go around a corner…

Well, dang. It really was as simple as this, huh? To be honest, after I finished the last episode, I was envisioning a story arc where Okabe did in fact get detained by SERN, and he’d go through all sorts of trials to get a chance to go back to the past, and him seeing Mayuri would be this huge triumphant moment…

So the fact that we’re meeting up with Mayuri so easily and so soon after her death kind of takes the wind out of the sails. Kind of… makes it feel like a weaker moment, retroactively.

Which now has me worried that Mayuri dying may happen again. Because this was too easy. Suspiciously easy.

And where’s that text from Red?

me: oh new SW movies and live action TV show? that’s great i am really looking forward to seeing all that!

me internally:


kiss kiss kiss in the rain


So, if anyone remembers this work in progress i posted two weeks ago, here’s the finished product! (Bonus details under the cut ^-^)

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