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ok guys buckle your seatbelts because it’s all downhill from here

alright, so, I was studying the Jacksonian era for midterms and when i went on wikipedia to get info on John Calhoun this picture came up

and naturally the first question that passed through my shit brain was

why is there a picture of Jean-Ralphio on Vice President John C Calhoun’s wikipedia page

but while i first dismissed it as ridiculous, like…


but that got me thinking even more, because if this guy

looks a lot like this guy

then that means he ALSO looks a lot like this guy

and THAT can only mean one thing.

John C. Calhoun is the missing link between Jean-Ralphio Saperstein and Steve Harrington.


The first official Forest of the Dead Friday post for tardis-ten

@the ace community (read: cishet aces) before u start shitting on allosexuals please can u consider the following groups of ppl

  • ppl who are hypersexual due to trauma or
  • csa victims who need to cope
  • woc, who are already shamed enough for being sexual despite being sexualised in every aspect of their lives
  • ppl who experience sga, and already are marginalised for their preferences
  • trans ppl who are trying to find comfort in their bodies, pre hrt or not

so lets not. make jokes abt “allosexuals are so wild they want to have sex and do ‘weird sexual things’ XDD” because its not really helping anyone and youre doing the opposite of challenging any kind of negative sex related stigma against others, thanks

When people post ship hate or “you should ship this instead” in a ship’s tags, I always wonder what they think they’re going to accomplish. Do they really think people are going to read it and think “my GOD they’re right! i’ve been shipping the wrong thing all along!!!” and then change their lives?

Allow me to be abundantly clear

This blog has zero tolerance for Acephobia, Biphobia or Transphobia. If you see me reblogging anything from anyone who does, let me know so I can get that shit off my fucking blog.

Signed, someone who just cleaned up their dash a little bit.