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Scorpio: Why Does Everything Always Happen So Much

Whenever a Scorpio feels something, anything, it hurts. 

Think of the strange, compelling, almost-frightening pleasure-pain of sex. It hurts, but it’s good, but it’s too much. You want it to stop. You never want it to end. You feel like it could kill you; you think you might die without it. 

Dramatic? Yes.

But it’s not an exaggeration. 

That’s what emotion is to a Scorpio. It’s choking, burning, drowning everything. Happiness, sorrow, love, anger, fear- it’s always Too Fucking Much. Life, for a Scorpio who as not yet learned to control emotions, is an intense, interesting sort of hell. 

Cancer is so weak that a gentle breeze might as well be a hurricane. Pisces actively seeks out or creates excessive emotions to deal with boredom.

Scorpio is a different story. This is a sign that can know, accept, and even embrace powerful emotions, despite being strong and without actively seeking such experiences. 

This is the root of Scorpio’s secrecy: they don’t want anyone else to know how much every little thing, good or bad, hurts. They’re frightened by how intensely they can focus, how long they can obsess, how deeply they feel. If you knew, you’d be frightened too. 

They feel too much, and they also see everything. 

Say a wife is cheating on her husband, has been for some time, but no one, including the husband, notices. An evolved Scorpio can see, with a single glance, exactly what is happening and why. A mature Scorpio knows that it’s best to let them figure it out themselves. 

It can take people years to see what is painfully obvious to a Scorpio in an instant, which is another reason Scorpios prefer to keep quiet: they’re afraid they’re wrong. They feel like they’re crazy for seeing what no one else can. Even if they speak out and are right, people may deny the truth and stick to more comfortable lies. 

So… There you have it. 

For Scorpios, Everything Always Happens So Much and it is Literally The Fucking Worst. Please try to understand.

[also applies to pluto dominants; can apply to anyone with significant scorpio energy in the natal chart; does not necessarily apply to all scorpios, because a good number shut that part of themselves away and refuse to/can’t access it.]

Two weeks. They had only been together for two weeks before people had found out.

 Draco paused before the entrance to the Great Hall and pressed his forehead against the cool stone wall. He could do this. So everyone knew that he was dating Harry Potter. So what? He had ignored the sneers when he had returned to Hogwarts for his 8th year, he had suffered through the occasional hex and had pointedly ignored any waspish comments that had floated his way. Somehow, he had endured all of this with his chin up and a disinterested look on his face.

He straightened determinedly, took a deep breath and walked in. Keeping his eyes on the wall above the Slytherin table, he still couldn’t miss how the noise of people chattering tapered off. Undeterred, he marched on. Pansy and Blaise, who had their heads close together in conversation, looked up. They glanced quickly at one another and then slid apart making space for Draco. He didn’t let the relief show on his face. Pansy was smart enough to wait until he was settled in and had filled his plate before asking, “Really, Draco? You didn’t think to tell us before we found out from a shrieking Weasley?”

Draco huffed out a sigh. “Of course I did. When we were ready you were the first people I was going to tell. It’s not my fault Weasley and Granger had the same idea we did and happened upon our broom closet.”

After giving him a searching look Pansy nodded, satisfied. She leaned in and whispered, “Tell us how it happened.”

Sneering, Draco was about to tell her to mind her own business when a hand fell on the back of his neck. He turned and found himself mouth to mouth with Harry. Whistles and cheers, and a few other less pleasant sounds, rose from around them. Panic rose thickly up his throat. He used both hands to shove Harry off of him. “What are you doing, Potter?” he whispered harshly.

Harry was looking rather taken aback and more than a little confused. He glanced at the surrounding Slytherins who were all watching with interest. Clearing his throat he answered, “I came to say good morning. I thought that since everyone knows..” He trailed off. The uncertainty in his bright green eyes made Draco uneasy, but he couldn’t ignore the panic he felt or the blush blooming on his cheeks.

“So because they know we are seeing each other it’s alright for you to maul me in front of everyone?” Draco asked.

A hint of amusement lit in Harry’s eyes. “Maul? Really, Draco. By now you should be able to tell the difference between a chaste kiss and when I’m trying to maul you.”

There were snickers around the table and a delighted laugh from Pansy. She moved over and patted the seat between her and Draco. “Potter, please do sit and tell us more.”

Draco made a choking noise. “I think that’s rather too much already. Potter, why are you sitting down?”

Harry reached for some toast and buttered it. “I’m having breakfast with my boyfriend.” He looked around at the many Slytherins still staring at him. He tilted his head to the side and added, “And all of Slytherin apparently.” More snickers.

This was too much. Far too much. And when Harry extended his hand for Draco to take a bite of his toast, he couldn’t believe it. He looked down at the toast and up at Harry again. Harry raised an eyebrow. “I am not eating toast from your hand, Potter!” Draco sneered.

Harry sighed, put the toast down and turned to face him. “What’s wrong?”

Draco huffed and looked down at his untouched plate. “Nothing.”

“Are you sure? Is it because I mentioned mauling and didn’t follow through? Because tonight-”

Horrified, Draco could do nothing but cover his eyes with a hand and weakly say, “Harry..”

Which, thankfully, was enough to shut him up.

With a sigh, Pansy offered. “Purebloods aren’t very affectionate in public, Potter. Or possibly at all, I really couldn’t say for sure since I don’t think I have even seen my parents kiss.”

There was a drawn out silence and Draco couldn’t take it anymore. He lowered his hand to find Harry was staring at Pansy in shock. He looked at Draco and quickly shuttered his expression. “Right. Sorry. I guess we didn’t really have time to prepare for this.” He cleared his throat. “I’ll just go back to the Gryffindor table.”
“No!” Draco said. “I don’t want you to leave. Just.. behave?” He smiled tentatively and was relieved when Harry grinned at him before he resumed eating.

One month later.

Harry watched Draco roll his eyes at Ron. They were sitting in the Three Broomsticks on a Saturday night with Ron, Hermione, Pansy and Blaise. Looking back at the past month, Harry couldn’t believe how smoothly it had gone and how well everyone was getting on. After that first awful morning when he had kissed Draco in the Great Hall, Harry had learned to keep his hands to himself when they weren’t alone. He was enormously relieved to find out that Draco still wanted to spend as much time as possible together in and out of their rooms. He was not embarrassed that people knew that they were together; he just did not want people to see them being intimate.

Something that Harry, several times a day, thought was a great pity. In fact, he was thinking it right this very second as he watched his beautiful boyfriend smirk at Hermione and that now familiar feeling rushed through him and all he wanted to do was kiss those smirking lips. Draco glanced at him and he must have had a dopey smile on his face because he saw the smirk fall away as Draco gave a soft smile meant just for him. The feeling grew along with Harry’s smile and he knew he should tell Draco that he loved him soon.

“Harry, Mrs Weasley wants to know if you’ll be having Christmas with us at the Burrow. She says she asked Ron to ask you ages ago, but we both figured he hadn’t said anything yet.” Hermione said, eyeing Ron who was sheepishly avoiding her gaze.

Harry laughed and quickly looked at Draco who was watching him carefully. Turning back to Hermione he answered, “I haven’t actually thought about Christmas yet. I’ll be sure to let you know my plans soon.” There was warmth and pressure on the side of his leg as Draco scooted closer to him on the bench. Harry glanced up but Draco was focused on the Butterbeer that he was busy sipping.

The conversation continued and Harry was laughing at Pansy’s impression of Filch when he felt warm fingers on his wrist. He looked down at his lap underneath the table and saw Draco’s pale hand flip over his own and intertwine their fingers. Looking up, he found Draco engaged in a potions conversation with Hermione. The only proof he had that Draco’s hand hadn’t acted of its own volition was the pink staining Draco’s cheeks. He recovered rather slowly but managed to rip his eyes away from Draco and look around the table to see if anyone else had noticed. They hadn’t. Nobody questioned the big goofy grin that stole across his features when Draco squeezed his hand either. He risked another glance at Draco and their eyes met. Draco’s cheeks were becoming pinker and he rolled his eyes at Harry, but Harry still saw the quirk of his lips.

“Wait,” Pansy interrupted them loudly. “Are you two holding hands under the table?”

Harry’s smile vanished and he made to let go of Draco’s hand, but Draco held on.
“Yes, Pansy. We are holding hands. So what?” He drawled.

“No, I don’t mean it like it’s a bad thing, Draco. I was just surprised. What made you change your mind?” she asked.

Harry was also particularly interested in this answer. He watched as Draco’s blush deepened. “Well, I thought about it and I don’t really understand why purebloods are so opposed to showing affection. The only thing I could think of was that a lot of the marriages are arranged, so maybe there was no affection there.”

Hermione was smiling and nodding at Draco while Pansy looked pensive. Blaise on the other hand, was grinning slyly. “So, Draco.” He started. ”You finally decided there was nothing wrong with showing the world that you’re in love?”

Everyone was silent, so Harry could clearly hear his heart thumping in his chest. He watched as Draco chewed on his bottom lip, face aflame. Slowly he turned to Harry, his grey eyes cautious but full. “Yes,” he cleared his throat. “I did.”

And finally, Harry got to kiss his boyfriend in front of other people. And he did. Thoroughly. Even when their friends started to laugh and groan. Draco was laughing against his mouth when he pulled away and said, “Thank Merlin, because I have a lot to show.”

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My IT Review (May Contain Mild Spoilers)

Trying to record a video was just not going my way, so here is a post about my thoughts on IT. After reading some other people’s reviews, some of my opinions will definitely be in the minority, but it also looks as though many people had some of the same complaints as I did. But overall, IT WAS AMAZING.


  • It’s scarier than the trailer 
  • For some, IT looked too silly in the trailer and promotional stills, and I promise he makes up for it in the movie
  • The kids are totally motherfucking bad ass, especially during the rock fight scene and the end scene. 
  • Richie, Beverly, and Eddie stole the show. Richie is hilariously funny and had me laughing out loud. Richie and Eddie together are even better. And Beverly punches you right in the goddam gut with her emotional performance. 
  • Finn gets a mother fucking bat scene. 
  • The acting is amazing overall; these kids are so impressive. 
  • Although some things were changed, overall, it did a good job staying true to the book. 
  • No orgy scene for those of you worried, lol.


  • Although the Derry history was touched upon, I wish there was even more. 
  • The kid’s backstories and upbringings could have been fleshed out a lot more, and because they were limited, it was hard to emotionally connect with the characters, other than Beverly. 
  • Mike’s roll seems very random and awkward. For some reason they changed his entire backstory and his addition to the loser’s was just…out of place. I was highly disappointed in this; he deserved way more screen time as I find him sort of like a default leader if anything happened to Bill. Mike deserved better.
  • Henry and his gang are also just…an awkward addition. I felt there roles were simply added just because they were characters in the book, when in reality, their roles play a much larger part in the book and original TV adaptation. The entire end scene in the sewer is changed from the book and movie; I won’t say how but it for me, it was highly disappointing and they took away important things. Henry’s gang was painted as mere bullies when in the book Henry is much more sinister than that. 
  • Although Eddie’s leper was added, some IT incarnations are not. 
  • SPOILER: There is no “this is battery acid you slime!”, nor is there a dam building scene, nor is there Beverly kicking the boys’ asses with the slingshot. They don’t even bring the silver dollar slug down into the sewer in the end. 
  • I feel the emotional bond between the kids could have been stronger. I also feel like in the book/TV movie, we got the idea that these kids were chosen by fate to defeat IT. I feel like in this version, the burden sort of just…fell in their laps.
  • CGI. I really hated it, but I have a theory, haha. Some things looked too silly and fake to me, but if we are seeing it through a child’s perspective – a child who watches cartoons or reads comics – then what they see will somewhat reflect that. I don’t know if that theory is accurate, but it helps me feel better with all the CGI used on Pennywise. 
  • Literal floating dead kids. *rolls eyes*

Things You Wouldn’t Notice Unless You Read The Book/Saw TV Movie

  • The turtle. I am not 100% sure, but I’m pretty sure the lego set that Bill is holding from Georgie’s room is a turtle. If anyone else can confirm this or correct this, let me know. Also, a turtle is mentioned during the swim scene. 
  • You may see certain IT manifestations during the end scene; they are quick though, so if you blink, you will miss them. (Hint: Mummy)
  • The dead lights are shown, but not explained. 

Awesome Things I Fucking Loved

  • All the 80s throwbacks, especially Nightmare on Elm Street 5, Street Fighter, and New Kids on the Block!!!
  • Finn’s mother fucking bat scene!
  • The end scene is phenomenal and although I was in the theater by myself, I legit threw my arms up in the damn air and cheered like a nerd. 


  • For those wondering about gore, it’s not that bad. There are disturbing scenes, jump scares, and blood, but nothing that wouldn’t be shown on network cable like Walking Dead or American Horror Story.
  • EDIT: I said no animals die, but there is one on-screen death of a farm animal. Sorry!!!

And lastly,

Carousel | 03

➤ Playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07

➤ Character: Min Yoongi x reader

➤ Genre/words: Angst, Future Smut/Mature scenes, Arranged Marriage! AU / 10,648 words

➤ Summary: He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out. Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it?

➤ a/n: for my curious babies, @ssconce, @the95liner :’)

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Come Back to Me (Part Ten)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Warnings: Kissing (but who is kissing who 👀👀👀)
A/N: We’ve made it my dudes (also ignore the fact that i had to make the gif myself bc it’s so bad)

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine

*Five Months Later*

“Where are you?” You asked through the phone, slightly worried but immensely irritated. “It’s our first homecoming, together. You were supposed to be here already!”

“I know, I know,” you heard him sigh through the phone, and you thought you could hear some kind of noise in the background. “I’ll be there as soon as I can. I promise.”

You sighed now, louder than he did, and you were sure the displeasure on your face was obvious to the classmates around you. “Okay,” you said before hanging up the phone and shoving it in your coat. 

You made your way to your locker to put your coat away, and you walked slowly to waste time before he got here. You knew what he had to do was crucial, but it was his homecoming too. And, even though it was insignificant in terms of what he was doing, it was your first homecoming as a couple.

You wanted it to be special. But he was late, so late.

When you arrived back to the gym, you smiled when you saw Michelle standing by herself in a corner, looking around the room in mild disgust. “MJ!” You yelled, walking up to her and throwing your arms out for a hug. 

“Hi,” she said, wrapping her arms around you. She pulled away quickly, looking at your outfit. “You look nice.”

“Thanks,” you said, still smiling. You looked down at your own outfit before looking at hers. “So do you.”

She nodded in recognition, looking away from you and around the gym. “Where is everyone?”

You sighed, beginning to frown. “I have no idea.” You looked at the school doors, waiting for him to walk through and give you a large smile. But he didn’t, so you looked back at Michelle. The two of you chatted, and at some point, made your way over to the punch table.

“So the author said-”

“I’m here, I’m here!” A panicked voice interrupted Michelle and the two of you turned around.

You smiled brightly, reaching in to hug him immediately. “Hey, Ned!” You exclaimed as he put his arms around you as well. When you pulled back, you adjusted the crooked hat on his head. “I like your hat.”

“Thanks,” he smiled in response, and then looked over at Michelle. He smiled shyly then, more subdued than when he looked at you, and you saw her give him the same look. You smiled slyly as you watched them hug, and when you gave Michelle a wink, she glared at you.

You excused yourself quickly when they parted, and the alarmed look on both of their faces made you laugh as you walked away. You hoped the privacy you gave them would finally lead to something more.

You roamed around the gym, not quite knowing what to do with yourself. You made your way through the gym doors to make your way to your locker, and you felt a strange feeling come over you when you remembered you doing the same thing exactly a year ago.

You smiled, nostalgic, as you thought of the night Peter had told you he was Spiderman. It felt like centuries ago, not just a year. So much had happened since then. It was like nothing in your life was the same.

You arrived at your locker, and you quickly unlocked it and pulled your phone out of your jacket pocket. You sighed when you opened it to see no messages or calls. You shoved it back in and slammed your locker shut in irritation, the sound echoing through the empty hallways of the school.

You leaned your head against it afterwards, the cold, hard texture feeling so vastly different compared to when you had leant your head against Peter’s, so many months ago.

You didn’t know why you were feeling so disappointed. It was just homecoming. It was just a school dance. It didn’t matter. 

It didn’t matter.

But he promised, he promised, he said he would be there. He had kept his promise when it was most important; he could keep it again now. He had to.

It was your night to make good memories, good memories with him. And maybe it wasn’t prom, but it was still an important night. You still wanted it to be a night to remember. But maybe it wasn’t meant to be, and maybe—

“(Y/N),” you heard from behind you. It was a soft, breathy noise, and you recognized it immediately. You whipped around, nearly falling over in the process. The smile that graced your face when you saw him was the largest it had ever been, and the smile he gave you in return was just as blinding.

“Peter,” you said in return, just as soft. He was only a few feet away from you, but it felt like too much of a distance, so you rushed forward and wrapped your arms around his neck. His arms closed around your waist, and he held you close to him, with your face nestled in his neck and his head resting against yours. “You’re here,” you whispered into his neck.

“I promised,” he said in return, his arms tightening around you. “I always keep my promises.”

“You do,” you said, smiling, and you pulled back slightly to look at him.

He was clearly out of breath. He was trying to hold his panting back from being obvious, but you knew him better than anyone else. You laughed when you saw that he realized you could notice, and he laughed lightly, too. You let go of him to fix his tie, retying it for him when you noticed it was loosely put together.

“You’re a mess,” you chuckled, patting his chest after you adjusted his tie. He caught your hand with his, interlocking his fingers with yours. You looked up into his eyes to see him staring at you intently. “What?” You asked, confused.

“Thank you for waiting for me,” he said quietly, and lifted your connected hands to press a small kiss to yours. You felt your face grow warm as he did so. He had done it so many times before, and you should’ve been used to it already, but every time he left a lingering kiss on your hand, like something a prince would do to his betrothed, you couldn’t help but feel the blood rush to your cheeks.

It made you feel special, and it made you love him even more.

“Of course,” you said, a smile on your face and a blush on your cheeks. “I may have been a bit impatient, but-”

“No,” Peter cut you off, shaking his head, and you looked at him with a confused expression. “Not just tonight,” he said. “It’s all the time. I always keep you waiting for me, and I never show up when I say I will, but you wait for me anyways. You’re always there for me, and you say you don’t mind but I know you do,” he gave you a pointed look when you opened your mouth to object.

“Anyone would mind,” he continued, reaching his other hand up to hold your cheek. “I understand that. But you never leave,” he looked at you so intently, his gaze burning into you so deeply that you couldn’t help but lean closer to him as his thumb stroked your cheek. “And just- thank you. Thank you for always staying with me,” he was whispering now, and he started leaning closer to you too.

When you were sure he was done speaking, you only whispered a soft “I love you” before reaching up and kissing him. You felt him sigh against your lips, a happy, content sigh, and you began to smile into the kiss. He began to smile as well, but that didn’t stop the two of you. So you stood there, in the empty school hallway, embracing the love of your life.

You were happy, and you knew Peter was, too.

So I guess that’s it?? It’s been a wild ride, my dudes, and thank you for all the support I have received because of this story. I hope everyone liked this final part. Peace out, and I’ll be back with more writing for you guys.


anonymous asked:

May i request for RFA and the Minor trio with MC getting beaten by her ex and hospitalized? Thank you!! :*

Hey hey! More angst!


  • He cries
  • How could this have happened?
  • Yoosung is with her through as much of her recovery as he can
  • She forces him to go to work, though, so he’s not taking care of her 24/7
  • Until she can come home, Yoosung spends every night at the hospital (he doesn’t go home unless he has to take care of Lisa or needs to change his clothes)
  • Once she’s out, he makes sure that everything is comfortable for her
  • He’s such a worrywart
  • Her recovery is slow, but she’s well taken care of, and when she’s comfortable, she returns to work
  • It’s not until the ex tracks her down again (this time at home) hoping to hurt her again because he wasn’t done with her and only stopped because someone called the cops
  • Except Yoosung is awake (playing LOLOL) when he breaks in, and goes a bit yandere
  • In that he grabs a knife from the kitchen and goes after the guy
  • He manages to cut the guy, call the police, and the guy is put in jail for breaking and entering, premeditated assault, and attempted assault


  • “She has multiple puncture wounds from being kicked with high heels. She’ll likely have scars for the rest of her life.”
  • Jaehee has to force back the tears
  • Especially when she sees MC
  • But Baehee stays strong for her
  • Jaehee brings tea and desserts to MC when the doctors allow
  • While MC is still in the hospital, the ex, who Jaehee has seen in pictures before, walks into the cafe with a large smile on her face
  • She’s gorgeous, unscathed, and Jaehee is furious
  • She refuses to serve the woman
  • When the woman starts throwing a fit about it, Jaehee pulls up a picture of MC at the hospital
  • “I have the right to refuse service to anyone. Especially the woman that put my girlfriend in the hospital!”
  • The woman begins laughing
  • “So that’s why? That means you’re Jaehee! You know, she called out for you when I kicked a hole in her stomach! So pathetic! And you’re not even very pretty! Guess she downgraded!”
  • Jaehee recorded everything, and there was a cop in the cafe that was a regular and usually showed up in uniform, but was in civvies today.
  • The woman is arrested on the spot for committing assault (possibly with a deadly weapon because heels) and confessing in front of a whole crowd and witnesses
  • Jaehee is able to tell MC all about it when she goes to the hospital that afternoon with a smile on her face


  • Sees red
  • The moment he hears that she was beaten, he wants to hunt down whoever did this to her and return the favor
  • However, when he sees her, it’s another story
  • He sits with her, stays with her as much as he can, touches her when he’s allowed to be a source of comfort
  • Hell, he takes time off work to take care of her as much as possible
  • He’s super considerate and holds her whenever she gets scared
  • When they go back to work together, she’s still pretty banged up, and the people that Zen has worked with before that know her are super freaked out
  • Zen explains what happened, and honestly, some of them are just as eager to start a fight as Zen
  • When Zen is walking her out to the cab they’re taking home one night, they pass the guy that beat her, and she just about screams
  • Once he realizes who the guy is, Zen throws a punch
  • Nobody hurts MC and gets away with!!
  • Zen doesn’t beat the guy nearly as much as he hurt MC (he believes the guy needs to be hurt double what he did to her), but makes himself clear
  • “If you ever so much as look in MC’s direction ever again, I’m going destroy you! The only reason I’m not going to kill you is because I need to be there for her! So count yourself lucky!”


  • Jumin is furious
  • Where were her guards?!?!
  • How did this happen?!?!
  • The moment he saw her lying in the hospital bed, barely recognizable, he was furious
  • A few people were fired
  • Her finger was even too swollen to even wear her wedding ring
  • When MC is able to talk again, Jumin discovers that it was actually stolen by the man when she was attacked
  • Jumin has the man tracked down, arrested, gets MC’s ring back, and then goes to see the man in question
  • He informs the man he has fucked with the wrong person
  • You do not hospitalize the love of the CEO of C&R’s life without major consequences
  • A few well placed bribes land the man in the worst prison in the country and the man lives out the rest of his days in absolute misery
  • Jumin tells MC nothing more than, “you never have to worry about him hurting you ever again.”


  • He brings his laptop with him when he goes to be by MC’s hospital bed
  • The moment Saeyoung hears the name of the guy who hurt her, he begins hacking
  • He ruins the guy quickly, hacking his facebook and phone, posting a picture from the phone of MC horribly beaten
  • “Look what I did over the weekend! :D” the post says
  • He hacks the guys email and sends out nasty letters to his boss, sends dick pics to various female coworkers, etc
  • He ruins the guys financials by buying a shit ton of sardines (his most hated food) and sending it to his house
  • Which he is later kicked out of, when his landlord gets an anonymous email with video of the guy hitting on the landlords teenage daughter
  • 707 ruins the guy in every way possible
  • Then he contacts the guy
  • “Congratulations! You have achieved ‘Hacker God’s Fury!’ Now, you can feel free to try to rebuild your life, but know, I’ll be watching. And if you ever hurt MC or anyone else like that again, you won’t have any possibility of rebuilding. I can and will turn you into a foreign spy committing high treason against the government and have you thrown into the type of camp you only see up North, if you catch my drift! ;)”


  • They were at an outdoor market together, browsing, enjoying each other’s company, etc
  • MC let go of his arm for a minute to go grab something from another stall, and suddenly she was gone
  • In the hustle and bustle of the market, he didn’t notice she had disappeared for a little while, but when he did, he started calling out to her
  • Mind you, he couldn’t see, but he still searched for her
  • When he hears the sirens, his heart drops
  • He rushes towards them, confirms it’s MC because she says his name when she hears his voice, and they go to the hospital
  • He’s in tears, blaming himself for this happening to her
  • She’s under a sedative because of the pain, so she can’t speak very well, but she manages to communicate to him not to blame himself
  • V doesn’t know the extent of the damage until a doctor tells him there was irreparable damage to both her eyes and no matter what they do, she will never see again
  • V decides to get the surgery because he knows his condition is treatable and hers isn’t, and when he asks her if it’s okay, to make she won’t resent him, she tells him, “Of course not.”
  • He’s sad he’ll never be able to see her eyes outside of pictures, but once they’ve both recovered, he’s able to take her home
  • He goes back to taking photographs to help build up some good money for the two of them so that they’ll always be financially secure
  • V’s first collection after she’s gone blind actually has all his photos 3D printed, so she can feel the shape of the images
  • The guy is arrested a few weeks after V takes her home
  • When he is, MC willingly testifies against the man, and V is able to do everything in his power to protect her


  • Saeran deletes everything about this guy
  • He becomes a ghost
  • He has no credit, no identity, no drivers license
  • Saeran then tracks him down, which isn’t very hard
  • Saeran kidnaps the guy, holds him captive, and tortures him
  • When the guy is on the verge of being broken, Saeran stops and releases him alone in the mountains
  • He then washes his hands of the guy altogether
  • Nobody hurts his MC and gets away with it


  • Hahaha
  • They wouldn’t find the body

Disability representation is one of my favorite things, but does anyone else get a little tired of the disability=superpowers things?

Like, this character has epilepsy, but don’t worry, they can see the future during a seizure! This character is autistic, but don’t you worry, they’re a super detective. This character’s psychosis lets them talk to elves! This character is blind, but they can see into the spirit world!

And it can be fun, don’t get me wrong. I love Akata Witch, where noticeable features or disabilities can influence the type of magic you have. My favorite book is Chameleon Moon, where a cure-all type medicine backfires and can give people either superpowers or curses.

 But sometimes I want to see myself without a justification. I’m autistic, but I could never solve a crime. My anxiety doesn’t mean I can see the future. I really want a paranormal, fantasy, Sci-fi, etc. book where the disabled character just is. They’re autistic and they can talk to plants, not they can talk to plants because they’re autistic. A character is epileptic but it doesn’t do anything for them, it’s just part of who they are. 

Does anyone else feel this way?

If You Could Forgive Me

King Oropher finds you and Prince Thranduil together in bed and it infuriates him.

Warnings: Oropher being a real dick, like wowza, light nsfw themes, protective!Thranduil (that’s the opposite of a warning), Oropher yells at you and Thrans all like bro fight me, you do get hurt tho (Oropher slaps you and thran loses it), humiliation…
I think that’s all? There’s probably some more I can’t think of…


The Prince had his lips locked on Y/N’s, sealing a deep kiss. His hands gently touched her neck as his tongue touched hers.
She lets out a soft moan, and Thranduil smirks.

Y/N smiles. “Oh shut it.”

“Mmm, as you wish.” Thranduil’s large, warm hands traced underneath her light robe. He felt her soft skin and he let out a moan.

Y/N touches her lover’s cheekbone, ear, down his jaw, and gently through a few strands of his long, white hair.

Thranduil was ready to take off Y/N’s robe when suddenly the door slams open.

“Get her away from him.” It was the King.

He did not fancy Y/N, a soldier, he wished Thranduil to wed an elf of higher rank.

The guards hesitated. Thranduil tried cover Y/N with his large frame.

Oropher yelled at them again. Y/N immediately felt two rough hands on her arms as the guards dragged her off the bed. They force the maiden to stand up in front of Oropher. Her robe was hanging little off her shoulders, nothing was exposed but she felt glared and hated upon as Oropher’s eyes filled with hatred.

“What do you think you are doing with this elf in your bed, my son?” The king asks turning his gaze from hers and turned to his son who stood from the bed.

“Father! Do not harm her! She had nothing to do with this!” Thranduil spoke loudly. He treads to Y/N’s side and takes her sweaty hand in his.

“You’d dare touch a lowly elf soldier instead of a high Silvan maiden?”

“Yes. I would. I love her father, and I would see that I would be with her for the rest of my days instead of anyone else you bring to me.” Thranduil straightens up and squeezes her hand.

“Thran…” Y/N tries to whisper.

“Silence, whore!” He strikes her. She lets out a squeal as she felt his nails lightly dig into her cheek. Oropher orders the guards to drop her.

She fell to the ground, holding her face and did not notice her prince lunging towards his father.

“You dare lay a hand on her!”
Thranduil is suddenly held back by the guards. “Get your hands… off me!” He struggled to get out if their grip.

Thranduil wanted to kill the guards holding him, he wanted to strangle his farher, but most of all he wanted to take his elf in his arms, kiss her tears, heal her wound and take her away with him. Away from here, away from his father. He feels his knees being kicked, and he kneels on the ground, right next to where Y/N’s laying. His eyes grew wide upon hearing her small breaths coming out her quivering mouth. She held her hand tightly to her face. If she was bleeding he did not know.

“Oh, Y/N.” The elf prince’s voice was laced with worry. He looked at her, his eyes were wide with a deep concern.

“Look at her. A eleven soldier couldn’t even take a small slap to the face before she’s on the ground, sobbing like a child.” Thranduil glared at his father. “Tell me Thranduil what exactly do you see in her as opposed to all the other maidens I bring here? They are here for you, you know.”

“None of them want to be. None of those elves want to set foot here, being forced to marry some elf prince they had never seen before. Y/N is-”

“You think you love her? You think you love this weeping snake?”

“Do not call her such names!” Thranduil could feel his face getting warm. “Her name is Y/N. She is a captain of your guard. She is my longest friend and she will be the person I marry!” Thranduil shouts.

Y/N had finally opened her E/C eyes upon hearing what he had said. She knew she loved him. She knew. But of course there was that tiny little voice at the back of her mind that tried to prove her otherwise. Y/N places a hand on Thranduil’s thigh and looks at him.

“Thranduil, please. Don’t do this on my behalf. Your father is right,” She hated these words. “You deserve someone else. Not me. I’m sorry Thran.”

He looks at Y/N. “Don’t say that-”

“Enough!” Oropher raises his voice and drowns out any other sound. “Guards take her to the dungeons. Let no one see her.”

“What? No, my king, please, forgive me. I do not want to be sent there. I’ll do anything. I beg of you!” Y/N cries as one guard takes her out of the room as the other holds her prince. She tries to ignore his desperate pleas and screams.

I’ll probably do part 2 but we’ll see.

Tony Stark as a Father (50+ HEADCANNONS)

A/N: ik this has been done so many times but fuck i live and breathe for dad!tony ok BTW THIS IS QUITE LONG IM SORRY BUT NOT SORRY

please leave requests HERE

  • ok so tony had no idea at all that you were born until you were one and a half years old
  • it turns out your mother wasn’t really mother material and tony gained custody
  • The minute he had you in his arms, he knew that he would never let you believe that he didn’t love and care for you as he never believed his dad loved him.
  • there was no doubt that you were in fact a stark
  • but tony had no idea how to be a dad as he always saw himself to be the “cool uncle”
  • rhodey being the cool uncle even at a young age
  • him introducing you to pepper out of no where
  • “Tony you have a child?”
  • “I’m just as shocked as you.”
  • you being his biggest fan by him making you sleep in iron man onesies
  • him trying to get you to say “daddy”
  • too bad your first ever word was in fact “rhodey”
  • tony would change some of the chairs in his lab so you could stand on them and be able to tinker around in the lab and work with him
  • nat being your aunt/sister figure as you grow up
  • as you start to grow older, your inner stark sass slowly awakens which allows everyone to see that there is no doubt that you were a younger version of tony stark
  • tbh you’re a pain in the ass, always being needy and emotional
  • it wasn’t a night in the stark tower with you crying about the dark, causing you to run into your dads room every night and sleeping in his room because he was your hero from any scary monster
  • tony secretly loving this but hating this at the same time because he cant spend time with pepper ;)
  • tony showing you off to anyone and everyone
  • “Isn’t she the most precious and adorable little devil you’ve ever seen?”
  • “Devil?”
  • “Yes, Clint- devil.”
  • always dressing up as captain america on halloween just to make your dad salty af
  • tony learning how to braid hair when you were at the age of 5, with the help of pepper of course
  • there’s been ups and downs where Tony has honestly thought he wasn’t cut out to be a dad, but at the end of the day you are the one to always put a smile on his face in the darkest of days.
  • tony secretly loves that you keep an iron man plush toy in your room to help you sleep and cuddle with at night
  • you’re literally tony, minus his facial hair
  • tony now knows every single nursery rhyme in the english language.
  • disney!! world!! trips!!
  • possibly has watched every single disney and pixar move at least 5 times each.
  • tony would never admit it to anyone else, but he loved singing you to sleep
  • instead of a lullaby, he would sing “hey jude” by the beatles which would help you sleep
  • pepper being your mother figure
  • being VERY fussy with your food
  • constantly sassing your father and rolling your eyes whenever he annoys you
  • being such a daddys girl and always getting your own way
  • whenever playing hide and seek, you always hide behind a curtain. despite tony clearly seeing your adorable lil feet he lets you win each game.
  • the avengers being protective over you
  • tony loving this
  • you’d get lonely from time to time #homeschooled!!!!
  • as you’d near your pre-teen years, tony would notice that this would be a problem and he didn’t want to completely trap you with him 24/7
  • you needed a life and tony wanted you to find your own path without being known as his daughter
  • tony puts you in a public school at age 13
  • you are quick to adapt to your surroundings and you make friends quickly
  • when you get your first period, tony practically goes into a melt down because you’re growing up too quickly
  • he also has no idea what to do
  • “Hey dad, why am I bleeding?”
  • “You’re bleeding?! Oh sweetheart- what happened?!”
  • “No one hurt me, its just my stomach has really bad cramps and now im bleeding ‘down there’..”
  • “…oh…”
  • tony freaks out
  • you freak out
  • pepper sighs and takes you away from your dramatic father and sorts you out
  • tony freaks out even more a few weeks later when pepper informs him that the school had contacted her to tell your family that you were learning sex ed in school
  • he fainted
  • he freaks out even more once he sees you come back with pepper after bra!! shopping!!
  • “P-pepper what are you buying her these for?!”
  • “Tony, she is growing up.”
  • Tony refuses to believe this and hates that what Pepper is telling him is the truth
  • you’re one of the smartest in your school at age 15
  • except your competition is peter parker
  • it starts to become at that age where you talk about boys
  • tony having to walk in on you watching romantic movies all the time and ranting to pepper how you are too young to even breathe in a boys direction
  • pepper rolls her eyes
  • tony being a very supportive father, he wants you to be happy in life and live life to the fullest and be a strong individual
  • you’d be able to talk to your dad about anything however, any problems you have you’d go to him no matter what
  • but he will never watch a horror movie with you
  • he’s terrified
  • once you realise that your father is scared easily, you quickly devote yourself to prank him once a week at least
  • the avengers help you with this
  • as you get older, you realise that your parents aren’t always happy and it breaks your heart to hear them fight and how they put on a fake act whenever you are around
  • telling natasha about this and she confronts pepper and tony about it
  • tony assuring you that everything is okay
  • forehead kisses !!!
  • you start to date peter parker
  • you find out peter is spiderman
  • your dad has an heart attack
  • “You’re dating spiderboy?!”
  • “It’s spiderman dad..”
  • as a teenage girl, you get emotional moodswings and its hard for tony to comprehend 
  • this causing a few arguments
  • however, tony’s way of saying sorry is always bringing you ice cream and watching a disney movie like you would when you were little
  • you lose your old iron man plush toy from your childhood and your heart breaks
  • pepper telling tony and tony buys you another one
  • when you first sneak out, tony is shocked but impressed that you managed to get past jarvis
  • he’s ticked off when he realises you sneaked out with peter
  • tony claiming to hate spiders even more
  • tony tearing up as he sees how grown up you are at prom
  • him having a photographer for you for your special night, making sure you are happy
  • he gives peter the “talk” as he is with you as your date for the night
  • he’s glad that you have peter though, peter was a good man for you and it secretly made his heart swell even though he would never admit it to anyone
  • you knew though
  • high school passing quickly
  • as you grow older and go off to college, tony realises that you’re both growing apart
  • he’s proud of you
  • and he loves you no matter where you are
  • and you love him
  • but no matter what, you are always his little girl

Inspired by this beauty.

@malfoysscarhead Not sure if this is what you had in mind, but… it just kinda happened? 😂

“WHAT in Merlin’s name is THAT?”

Harry pokes his head out of the kitchen to see what caused Ron to shriek like that. Ah, of course. He should have known this would happen.

“That,” Harry begins amusedly, “is a picture of my fiance, thanks for noticing.”

“How could anybody NOT notice it? It’s a bloody poster! Hanging over your dining table.” Ron sounds almost outraged. Harry can’t help but snicker.

Ron keeps staring at it, open mouthed. Hermione pokes him in the ribs, giving him a sharp look.

“It’s a lovely picture, Harry,” she smiles, “I assume you took it?”

“As if I’d let anyone else see him like that,” Harry snorts.

“You’re letting US see him like that! Why, Harry? Why? I could have died happy without seeing his bum once,” Ron whines.

Harry leans against the doorframe, grinning.

He remembers the day he took that picture vividly…

It was the third day of their trip to Hawaii. Draco wasn’t as excited as Harry at first and complained about the heat. A lot. But as soon as he somewhat adapted to it, Harry often had to drag Draco out of the water and remind him to put on some sunscreen.

“Can we move here? I love it here,” Draco asked Harry excitedly between kisses, while he was carrying Draco out of the water.

“What about our jobs?” Harry laughed.

“Sod our jobs!”

Draco managed to sit beside Harry for five minutes, before he jumped up and ran towards the water again. Harry watched him as he stretched out his arms, as if welcoming the waves. His swim trunks were sitting low on his hips, revealing just the tiniest bit of that glorious arse.

Harry quickly grabbed his phone and took a picture, smiling to himself. His fiance was just too gorgeous for his own good.

Just as Harry decided to take a few more pictures, Draco turned around saw Harry with his phone. Grinning cheekily, he turned his head back to the water and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his swim trunks. Harry’s eyes widened as he watched Draco pull them down to his ankles. Sweet Merlin, he was wiggling his bum!

Draco looked over his shoulder and winked at Harry.

“You coming?” he called, before running into the water. Harry didn’t need to be told twice! Thank Merlin this was a secluded beach…

Remembering this still sends heat through Harry and he clears his throat. He turns his attention back to Ron, smirking.

“Just be thankful it isn’t a magical picture. I doubt you’d want to see what happened after I took that picture.”

“Harryyyy,” Ron whines, his cheeks reddening. “I really don’t need to know what you do with that… arse.”

Harry bursts out laughing.

“Come on, sit down. That arse will be home soon and dinner’s almost ready.”

anonymous asked:

How would 2D react if he 'accidently' walked in on his s/o bathing in the bath?

I hope you don’t mind if I respond to this like a prompt, I had an idea and I went with it.

You settle yourself into the warm water, bubbles encasing you. No one was home as far as you knew, and Stu’s bathroom had the cleanest best bathtub so you didn’t think he’d mind if you “borrowed” it for a bit. You close the curtain to keep the hot steam in, and let the humidity carry you away as you begin to doze off.

Downstairs, Stu comes home early from his outing. He shouts to see if anyone else was home, unaware of you sleeping upstairs. He makes his way to his room and opens up the door to the bathroom, not noticing the condensation on the mirror. He shuts the door behind him which jolts you from your sleep. You stir slightly in the water, peeking around the corner to see where the noise came from. You accidentally let out a shocked gasp, realizing you’re no longer alone as well as completely exposed aside from the bubbles. You freeze and try to stay quiet so he doesn’t investigate, but he heard you anyways. He slowly walks over to the curtain, and having seen too many horror films, pulls the curtain open quickly to reveal you behind it, sunk down as far as you could into the bubbles, leaving only what was above your collarbones visible.

He freezes, eyes wide open, and you can practically see his hair stand straight up. He continues to stare at you, neither of you saying a word until you decide to break the silence.

“Um… what, you’ve never seen shoulders before?” You decide to ease the tension.

“I, well, I just didn’t, no one was, I didn’t know, and…” He continued to babble like an idiot, still staring wide-eyed at you, clearly trying to keep contact with your face. His flustered mumbling elicited a laugh from you.

“It’s fine! I don’t mind really,” you say, playfully shifting around in the water. The possibility of him seeing any part of you caused his face to turn bright red. He still hadn’t moved or stopped staring.


“Yeah?” Your eyes meet, and he raises his eyebrows at what might come next.

“Get out.”

He’s so dumb I love him so much i’M SORRY

he tastes like you, only sweeter | woozi

Originally posted by mvpgyu

summary: you’re drunk, and jihoon doesn’t know what else to do. might as well enjoy the ride.

characters: woozi/reader (ambiguous)

genre: smut, kind of fluffy

word count: 713

a/n: the infamous seven minutes in heaven series makes a come back. ive already done all of hip hop unit so u can go check that out if u like (partially cause im too lazy to link it here lol) also nothing heavy here, just heavy petting lmao

Lee Jihoon was not prepared to play this dumb game, nor was he prepared to have to beat someone’s ass. (By someone, he means Jeonghan.)

Then again, he also wasn’t prepared to have the person he liked in the same room for seven minutes.

When the bottle that he’d spun landed on you, he cursed, feeling the blush begin to rise on his face. “Just my luck,” Jihoon muttered, noticing your heavily inebriated state.

He could see Jeonghan winking from across their little circle, the older making vulgar sexual gestures.

With anyone else, it would have been horrid, problematic even, but Jihoon had a better mind than to take advantage of anyone, and Jeonghan knew that.

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Marked|| Werewolf!Jaebum Smut

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

Anonymous Requested: “could you do a jaebum werewolf au! smut (oneshot) where he’s in heat and he accidentally marks you while having sex even though you two have been dating for a while, and he gets really fluffy afterwards n stuff??? thank u!!”

A/N: I hope you enjoy and I apologize if I went a little…overboard. - Admin Jewels

Words Count: 1581

Warnings: Smut, slight Daddy kink, dom/sub, mentions of blood

Your phone suddenly rings, waking you from your sleep. You clumsily move your hands through the sheets, trying to find the phone. After locating it, you press the answer button, not even bothering to check the caller id.

“Hello?” you say groggily.

“B-babe… Where are you?” a voice says urgently.

“Jaebum? Uh… I’m in bed. It’s like 3 in the morning,” you whine.

“Please come over, it’s an emergency!” he yells loudly, grimacing like he’s in pain.

The urgency in his voice is alarming and shoots adrenaline through your body. You’re immediately stumbling out of bed and reaching for clothes.

“I’ll be right there, ok?” you say before ending the call.

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Requested by @ladyannikki​​

Pairing: Brett Talbot x Reader
Warnings: Mention of ADHD (people might get triggered?)
Word count: 876

”Brett, I need to talk to you, it’s very important.” you shyly said and he nodded and guided you towards the locker room. He closed the door behind you both and gave you a sincere smile. ”What’s up Y/N?”

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BTS Reaction to them seeing their ex-girlfriend (you) after a while

Requested: Yes

first / this time, they walk up to you and talk to you

i hope you don’t mind but these are slightly longer than my normal reactions, oops-

Rap Monster

When he saw you sitting there on a park bench, all alone, reading a book he couldn’t help but walk over. He sat down beside you, silently, not too close as he took a good look at you. You hadn’t changed much, still beautiful to him. You looked at him for a split second but didn‘t react any further. Maybe you hadn’t recognized him? Or maybe you just didn’t want to.

“It’s been a while.” You didn’t respond at first, keeping your focus on your book but he knew you had heard him, the way your fingers clenched around the object. “I never wanted to break up.” He knew it was stupid to say but,

“Me neither, Namjoon.”

You always thought so. He had looked geniuenly sad when he broke up with you. You didn’t question it, but it had still hurt. You had closed the book, placing it in your lap as you kept your gaze ahead of yourself. His head snapped up at your words. He had expected everything, just not that. 

“I know Namjoon. I never questioned your actions, because I was sure you had your reasons. I always tried telling that to myself. It really did hurt me.” It pained him how calm you sounded while talking about how he hurt you. 

“I owe you an explanation. How about that coffee shop we always went to?” He knew it was risky to ask for and he mentally prepared himself for a rejection.

“I’d love to, Kim Namjoon.”

Originally posted by you-made-me-again


He’d be walking by the small coffe shop you two always went to. He made the mistake of stopping, letting his eyes wander through the big window. He almost didn’t notice you, almost. You were seated in the same booth you two had always been, your favorite beverage on the table infront of you while you typed something on your phone.

Without much thought, he pushed the door open, barely recognizing the small bell sound of arrival as he walked straight over to were you sat. He slipped on the bench opposite of you, waiting for you to notice him. When you did lift your head at the noise, your eyes widened slightly when they made contact with his.

“Jin.” Your voice still sounded at beautiful as ever, his name slipping from your lips like you never had that argument that made you leave. You placed your phone down on the table, giving him a small smile. “I didn’t think I’d see you here.”

“Me neither.” You could tell by his voice that he was nervous. Nervous to speak to you again after so much time had passed. Now that you were right there in front of him, he didn’t knew what to say. He may have seemed confident, but he wasn’t. Your smile was so gentle, as if none of that ever happened, as if you still were the same couple as six months ago.

When he noticed the waiter moving over to their table, he went to move and just leave and let you be, though when he heard his favorite order slip out of your mouth so easily, without any question, he knew he could stay.

Originally posted by hoseoksbiwi


Since your break-up with Hoseok, you had been going to the local dance studio instead of the practice room. You had to wait for a room to get free, and you had to pay for your session, but it was fine. You could easily afford one or two hours, and it wasn’t like you went there every day. 

You were lying on the ground, exhausted and out of breath when you heard the door open. You lifted your hand, pointer finger out-stretched. “One minute.” You didn’t even look at the person that entered, though it seemed that your words had caught his attention.


You had expected everything. But never had you thought that Hoseok would use public dance studios. You turned your head to find him looking at you with a hesitant smile, though you could see the nervousness swirling in his eyes.

“Wouldn’t have thought you’d go to a public dance studio. I’ll be gone in a minute.” You knew you sounded rude, but you weren’t even sure if he wanted to talk to you. You lifted yourself off the ground slowly, walking over to your bag.

“Why don’t you stay? You were always honest with me when I looked like an Idiot trying out something new.”

His voice was hesitant, but you smiled slighty, sitting back down on the ground.

“I hope you’re still as good.”

Originally posted by gotsolucky


You never thought you’d meet him again like that. It wasn’t unusual for you to go out late at night. It was more peaceful, there were less people, less noise. Never had anything happened to you on these walks, and even if someone decided they’d want to mess with you, you could handle yourself pretty well.

Though this one guy seemed to be either extremely drunk or just plain stupid. No matter how many times you had told him off already, he’d just keep on following you. You knew you could just go home, you weren’t that far away, but you didn’t want that creep to know where you lived.

Though never had you expected the man to be cut off mid-sentence by none other than your ex-boyfriend.

“Didn’t your mom taught you any manners? Come on man, she said no. Fuck off already.” You couldn’t help but notice how the stranger eyed Yoongi carefully before he lifted his hands in defeat. “Girl never told me she was taken.” He’d shrug before walking off, purposely bumping shoulders with Yoongi when he left.

“So you still walk around late at night, huh.”

“I see you still terrify poor male specimen as well.” You could see the corner of his lips twitching up in a faint smirk at your words. Truthfully, you were glad that he had scared the other man off, even if it seemed as if he had been your boyfriend again.

“Let me walk you home. That guy could be creeping.”

You smiled slightly at the excuse, but nodded anyway. “You know the way.”

Originally posted by yoongimilky


He’d been staring at you for a while now, too hesitant to just walk over and talk to you. To others, he probably looked like a creep, but he didn’t even care. He wanted to, he really wanted to talk to you, but he didn’t even knew what he would say. Though when he saw you trying to reach for something on one of the higher shelves, he saw his chance.

He was quick to walk over, easily grabbing the object you were reaching for. When you noticed the arm beside you taking what you were just trying to get, you turned around slowly, surprised with the familiar face you met.

“Taehyung.” He was holding the object out for you, wordlessly waiting for you to take it. Hesitantly, you took it out of his grasp, your fingers brushing his skin slightly before you lifted your head to smile at him.

“Thank you. As you can see, I’m still too small for the top shelves.” Though your smile faltered slightly when he didn’t answer but just continued to stare down at you. You bit the inside of your cheek slightly, wondering if you should just leave.

When he saw your reaction, he panicked, his eyes moving over your face in a hurry, mumbling incomprehensible words to form a sentence not even he knew the meaning of. Though you had seemed to notice that he was just being nervous when you smiled again.

“You think we could get those cookies we always had as midnight snacks?”

And all he could do was nod, as he followed you around like a lost puppy that had found it’s owner again.

Originally posted by beuits


It was ice cold, pouring like hell, you had just gotten the notification that your bus wouldn’t come because of difficulties and had you packed an umbrella? Of course not. So here you were, already soaking, shivering to the bones as you made your way home from work.

What you didn’t expect was to be stopped by some boy in front of you, as you nearly bumped into him while walking. You went to apologize, though when you saw who it was, your eyes widened slightly.

“Jimin.” Even though he had an umbrella with him, his hair and clothing were completely soaked, just like yours. He didn’t say anything as he stared down at you, only lifting his umbrella slightly, a silent sign for you to get under. Hesitantly, you stepped closer, and when he made no move to step away, you smiled slightly.

“The dorm is still a way isn’t it? Why don’t you warm up at my apartment? You seem just as cold as me..”

You could see him smile slightly and with a short nod, he turned, though waited for you to walk with him in comfortable silence.

Originally posted by krdzkarla


He watched as you went to sit down on a nearby bench, probably exhausted from your run. He was just out to relax a little when he saw you jogging through the park. Though even if you weren’t together anymore, he couldn’t help but feel mesmerized to see you.

He knew he’d probably mess up if he went to talk to you, though he didn’t want to let this small chance slip through his fingers. With big steps, he walked over to where you had sat down, stopping right before you.

You had lifted your head when you noticed someone approaching you, already pulling out one of your headphones, though Jungkook was the last person you expected to meet on your walk. You were aware that his own solo ‘Begin’ was still playing, and by the smile on his face, you knew he could hear it through your headphone.

“Been a while. I see you still have a great taste in music.” His words may have sounded cocky to anyone else, but you could hear how nervous he was, even if he gave off a confident aura. You smiled slighty, moving over to give him some space on the bench.

“You want to know just how good my taste in music is?”

He gladly accepted your offer, happy that he didn’t mess up like he thought he would.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Păpuşă (Part 1)

A/N: This took a different spin than I intended when I started writing this earlier this week. For better or for worse. This might be utter drivel. And that’s why I wasn’t able to get it out yesterday. 

Pietro Maximoff liked to get on your nerves and he was good at it because you were annoyed simply at his mere presence. Now Steve has sent the pair of you on an undercover mission as husband and wife. But the mission may have been more complicated then intended, for more than one reason. 

Pairing: Pietro x Reader,

Warnings: sexual references, language, guns

Words: 1,300

Păpuşă = little doll

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So I know as crushing and sad as this entire scene was I still let out a laugh after Star yells for Marco and everyone else gasps and Ponyhead’s like


I know this is really random but I want to see if anyone else noticed this after watching the episode or this scene over ten thousand times like I have