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1. “Open your mouth. I’ve got something to fill it with.”

2. “Bend over. Bad girls/boys need spankings.”

3.“Spread your legs. Let everyone see what a mess you’ve made.”

4. “Open those legs. I want a taste.”

5. “Pull my hair. Fuck me like you mean it.”

6.“Nasty girls/boys love giving head. Are you a nasty girl/boy?”

7.“How bad do you want me to fuck you? Hmm? Beg for it.”

8.“I haven’t even touched you and you’re moaning like a whore.”

9.“Make me cum. Use just your mouth.”

10.“Look me in the eye while you eat/lick/suck it.”

11.“Did you just tell me ‘no’? Bring me the paddle, slut.”

12. “My little prince/princess looks best with a cock is his/her mouth

13.“I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m really horny, and you’re really hot. Can we fuck? Like, now?”

14.“I can’t stop thinking about your hands on me.”

15.“I think I could fall madly in bed with you.”

16.“Kiss the hell out of me. Please.”

17. “Your lips make me wonder what the rest of you would taste like…”

18.“What was that? You don’t think you can cum again? I’m going to show you that you can.”

19. “You like it when I do this, admit it. You like it when I pull your hair and pin you down, you like when I take control over you.”

20.“Fuck, you look so hot with my cock in your mouth.”

21.“Ride me, pet, and I promise I’ll make you come.”

22.“No, you’re not allowed to wear anything today. And no, I’m not closing the curtains.”

23.“Come here and get on your knees. Show me how much of me you can swallow.”

24.“We don’t need a safe word. You should handle everything I want to give you…”

25. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry- I didn’t mean to finish so early!”

26.“Ah, I feel so embarrassed…”

27. “Wow…you’re easy to rile up.”

28. “I wish I could control myself better around you, but when I see you, all I want to do is rip your clothes off and fuck you.”

29.”I’ve been trying but I can’t get the image of you…on your knees…sucking my cock, out of my head.”

30.”You look so pretty begging for cock.”

7 Nights of Got7:BamBam & Yugyeom

“Noona, you’re with the hyungs more than us! Come on let’s go have fun at that festival.” BamBam whined as he followed behind her. 

“So you can get recognized and then we can get swarmed? No.” She tidied up for the night, making sure everything was in it’s place before signing off on a clip board the night manager held out. 

“It’ll be fun. We can play some games, I heard they have some sport activities there.” She moved past the manager bidding her a goodnight, and then grabbed her coat and faced BamBam. 

In the little alcove where they stood no one was around, and so he moved close to her licking his pink lips. “BamBam, I’m going to shower and eat and watch a movie then crash.” 

“It’s Saturday.” He took her hands in his own, his much longer hands encompassing hers. “If you don’t want to do that, I know some indoor sports we can play.” 

He brushed his full lips across her and she shivered giving him a grin pushing him backwards gently. “I’m going to bed.”

She didn’t hear Yugyeom come through the door and toss a coat at BamBam. “Then can we come with? We haven’t spent any time with you.”

Come with? She knew where this would lead, and after her night and then morning with Jinyoung was she really ready for some more action? Yes, four hands were better than two. Shaking her head she moved out the door past Yugyeom. “Fine, but behave. I don’t want to have to get Jaebum and Mark on y’all.”

A little while later, showered and clothed she walked into her living room where BamBam and Yugyeom where setting out Chinese takeout. She grabbed a pair of chopsticks and tossed in The Fifth Element. As they ate, BamBam kept bumping his knee against her making slightly lewd jokes that he got off the internet. Yugyeom laughing boyishly, he winked every time she looked up at him.

“Noona, do you like BamBam?” Yugyeom asked innocently, as she turned her head from one young man, to the one speaking.

“Yes.” She answered, laughing at what BamBam had finished saying, when she felt Yugyeom’s hand under the table.

“Noona, do you really like him?” He asked her again, his hand moving closer to her core. 

She pushed his hand away, putting more rice into her mouth. “BamBam is cute and funny. Are you about to ask me how much I like you?”

Yugyeom looked surprised, but moved closer his lips next to her ear, she felt his warm breath as he spoke. “I think I want to watch BamBam pleasure you. I think I want to hear you moan when he fucks you on your bed.”

He said it loud enough for BamBam to hear, who was now leaning back in his chair, legs open and making his dick jump in his jeans. “I can show you what part of me is the biggest.”

She raised an eyebrow at the lewdness before her and almost choked on her rice. “I think I can take a wild guess.” She finished her food and started putting away the rest.

“Noona let us.” Yugyeom placed his hand over hers, his fingers moving up her arm to her neck. He pulled her closer to him, his pink lips hovering just over her mouth.

He licked her lips before pushing his against hers, then she felt another set of hands on her waist, and lips on her neck, both of the men sandwiching her between them. This was more intimate than what she had with JB and Youngjae. BamBam and Yugyeom seemed closer, they held onto each others arms, as she stood in the middle not moving and traded kisses with the both of them.

Tongues melting with BamBam she heard Yugyeom calling her softly, massaging her breast as he wanted her attention.

“Don’t hog Noona to yourself, share with me.” She grinned, as Yugyeom spoke and tapped him on the nose, her ass now grinding into BamBam’s crotch as her lips touched Yugyeom’s.

Somehow, they moved into the bedroom, one of the men taking off her shirt, the other pulling her pants down her legs. They stood at the end of the bed, thirsty as she pulled her legs up, and kicked her panties down.

Her channel revealed, she watched as Yugyeom opened his mouth to breathe heavily while BamBam licked perfect, pink, full lips.

“Command us Noona.” BamBam said, his shirt coming over his head.

Yugyeom was standing in his boxers, his length at full attention. “Tell us what you want.”

She nodded a\her head towards the light switch on the far wall. “BamBam turn the lights off, and Yugyeom open the curtains, it’s a full moon.”

Doing as she asked, she felt powerful, she felt wanted. God, she hadn’t had this feeling in so long. She felt as though she could tell them anything, and they’d jump for the opportunity to please her. As they did their tasks and stood in front of her once more, BamBam began to touch himself.

“I didn’t say that you could.” He grinned, moving his hand running it through his hair instead.

“Baby, please. You know you want to watch me. You know you want to see.” His hand moving down his chest, he tried to entice her.

“No, don’t touch.” she moved herself backwards on her silver comforter, her brown skin skating across the satin she was propped up by pillows now. She opened her legs wide, the glisten of her wetness, shining in the dark as she locked eyes with Yugyeom. “BamBam has been naughty, so you get the first taste. Come kiss it Yugy.”

The taller man moved slowly, his stern jaw clenching as the bed dipped. His hands on her knees he looked back at BamBam and winked. Noona pointed for BamBam to stand next to her, he moved fingers itching to be able to touch her. Yugyeom kissed down her thighs, he knew what to do. He learned well from his hyungs, watching them when they allowed it and shared a woman.

His lips on her inner thighs he learned to leave wet kisses from JB, biting gently from one thigh to the other he learned from Mark. Licking a trail that stopped just at the lips of her slit he learned from Jinyoung. What did he learn from Jackson to kiss those lips, hold her open and blow gently on that pearl and feel her shiver and right as the goosebumps started to lick her from bottom to top.

Noona gripped the sheets. All the sensations she’d been feeling in the past few days came into one. She breathed heavily, and opened hooded eyes to see BamBam practically drooling watching his friend. “Bammy, touch me.”

“With pleasure.” He sat down on the bed, and massaged her breasts, careful not to get in the way of her pleasure, he rubbed and licked around her breasts. Doing what Youngjae taught him he moved his tongue in swift circles around her areolas before giving her nipples a good hard suck. Her back arched off the bed, and her heard Yugyeom’s tongue sloppily licking and sucking at her.

“More tongue Yugy, slide a finger in.” She spoke, humping his face he gave gentle nibbles to her slit lips.

BamBam was kissing up her throat, his lips on her hers. “I want to taste you too, Noona. Let me see how sweet you are, I’m sorry I was a bad boy.” He rolled her nipples between his fingers, his tongue pushing past her teeth and into her mouth.

He was skating that fine line between obeying her and doing what he wanted. It seems he knew how to walk along that knife edge. His tongue raced along hers, over the roof of her mouth and sucked her own tongue into his mouth. She was breathless by the time he let her go, and she was on a climb to her first orgasm as Yugyeom added a second finger.

“Play nice with Yugy.” She pushed him away from her mouth. Opening her legs as wide as they would go, she sat up and watched two heads between her legs. Yugyeom stopped long enough to look up at her, his lips and chin glistening in the darkness he smiled at her.

“Make me come.” She commanded them, fingers wrapping in the blanket.

Then there were two tongues on her, moving over each other and around and under, one tongue inching it’s way inside her, while the other thrummed on her clit. Her fingers ran through their hair and she breathed deep, a moan escaping her mouth as she leaned her head back. God, was there any sensation like this? This was heaven, if this feeling, this sensation, this level of pleasure was found beyond the realm of the living she would surely go. And with that thought, she screamed out her first orgasm, wetting their faces in the process.

They thought to climb over her and let themselves have their pleasure but no. Noona demanded that they take off their boxers. Slowly. wings on their waist showing, Yugyeoms more muscled thighs came into view and popped free a long shaft with thick veins all around. She shuddered, imagining the dancers hips as he thrusted in and out. Looking left, BamBam’s toned but more lithe body revealed an equally long but much thicker appendage. Well, well now she knew why he was so confident.

Her hands moving on both cocks, she rubbed them up and down, the smooth skin in her hand. They were on their knees at each side. Leaning to the left she licked BamBam’s tip and tasted the saltiness of precum. His hips jerking as she swirled her tongue around the head of him, the thickness darker than the rest of his body. She could take him, and so put her whole mouth over her, moving her hand behind her mouth as she swallowed him up. His loud groans in the room, as she sucked him down once then twice, the head of his shaft touching her uvula.

Yugyeom’s hand in between her legs, he tapped on her clit, making her shiver. “Noona, don’t forget me.”

Freeing BamBam from her mouth with a pop, she turned towards him licking his chin. “How could I?”

Giving Yugyeom the same treatment, she rubbed him before she gave him her mouth, the soft moan that left his mouth and the way he tried to buck into her mouth worth it.

She kept her mouth on Yugyeom, as she bent over shaking her ass, moving her mouth just enough to speak. “Come on Bammy, let’s see how good you are.”

His hands steadied her ass, delivering a hefty smack to one cheek as he teased her opening with his tip. The thick head pushing in, making her want to grind her teeth if her mouth wasn’t so full of Yugy dick.

He did it again, smiling as he did so before he hand cupped his balls from underneath. “Stop playing, give it to me, or lose your turn.”

Game over he pushed home, steadily letting himself get mid way before he just slammed home. He felt her jerk and the sound of her gagging on Yugy’s dick had Yugy cupping her face as his eyes almost rolled into his head.

BamBam held onto her waist and prepared himself to move, but instead she did, throwing her ass on his dick. Slap, slap, slap. The sounds of moans, groans, skin slapping, and the wetness of sex making a symphony in the room.

BamBam almost couldn’t take it the way she sucked his dick into her channel, was like getting pulled by a rip current. He leaned his head over her back, and gripped her hips taking control from her. It was hard enough to do such a thing, force her to stop and move his own body in and out of her. He heard her mouth come off Yugyeom who whined sadly as she looked back at BamBam.

“Quit playing and make me want it.” Noona practically growled as she arched her back, her top half laying on the bed. BamBam moved his hand down the skin of her body making note of the goosebumps as he slammed into her.

Though he was blessed with a rather large member, he learned how to use it. No use in having a sword if you didn’t know how to swing it. He moved his hips about, leaning back to hit the perfect spot within her. Watching her hands bunch in the blanket and then the loud moan that came from her mouth let him know he had it.

Yugyeom was on his knees, kissing her, as he continued.

Pound, pound.

Do you like it Noona?

Do you want my cum all in your tight pussy?

Tell me you want me.

I want to watch Yugy fuck you while I’m still leaking out.

That’s what got her, groaning into Yugyeom’s mouth he released her so his friend could hear the satisfaction of his efforts. Noona screaming like there was no tomorrow as she came on Bammy’s dick. True to his word, he pulled out slow, watching the white milk seep from her pink lips.

He turned her onto her back, smiling as Yugyeom climbed over her. Oh how greedy she was, not even thinking about it her legs locking around Yugyeom’s waist.

And BamBam watched as Yugyeom pushed himself in, and the milk he just left followed. Swivel the hips, deep strokes. Her hands above her head, Yugyeom gave her his best treatment. Letting his chest scrape against her nipples, his tongue ran over her lips.

“Deeper Yugy, I need you deeper.” She groaned, pulling her arms free she grabbed onto his ass and pushed.

That was no thing, he wasn’t even all the way in yet, the gap between their hips closing as BamBam sat next to them, eyes in rapture. Yugyeom pressed his forehead to hers, making his body undulate like a wave. He pulled from her slow, and pressed in fast and deep. Was he touching her cervix? He had to be with the faces she was making.

She opened her eyes, mouth moving but no sound came out. Body tensing, he was close anyway, her legs tightened around his own and he felt himself twitch inside of her. Their eyes on each other, mouth bobbing like a fish she nodded her head at him. Yugyeom slammed deep, thrusting hard making sure to hit his mark every time, as a dancer this was an easy thing and making her come apart around him was no difficult task.

“I’m gonna…please Yugy.” She begged.

“Look at him Noona.” BamBam said, kissing her briefly, he held her chin hard and made her stare at Yugyeom. “Feel him fucking you, feel him hard and deep in you. He wants you to come, let go, let it happen. I want him to finish so I can go again. Damn, I want you so bad, since the day I saw you.” Closing her eyes she let herself do nothing but feel. The minute he hit her spot again she came, shuddering and cursing how good it felt.

“You’ll let us stay the night then?” Yugyeom asked as he watched her crawl into bed.

“Why not? I see no harm.” She pulled the covers back, laying in the middle.

“BamBam is a blanket thief, I’ve had to sleep in a bed with him before.” Yugyeom took the right side, his arms around her waist.

BamBam strode into the room, after cleaning the kitchen.“Because you snatch them, and you kick!”

“I do not. Noona believes me.” Yugy grinning cutely as he snuggled into Noona.

Rolling her eyes, they settled into bed and she thought about what would happen when they left? Would they just forget this ever happened? Could she even stay friends with them? All of Got7? JB, Jinyoung and Mark had each been clamoring for her attention since then. More so than the rest and she gave a thought to them. She had fun with all of them, but was this developing into something more? Sighing softly, she closed her eyes, tonight was too much to think about and for now she was happy that they were her boys.

The End

Lemonade Stand {m.c.}

(A/N: Before you read this story, know that it’s set in Australia and our summer is from November to February and also we have $1 and $2 *gold* coins. That’s about as much background info as you need, hopefully.)  

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Summary: You used to hate Michael because of what happened when you were kids. Until you realised how wrong your perception of him was. 

Word Count: 2,476


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Been off for 10 days and i am just listening to Genesis of 2PM tracks and Jun. K’s No Love… it was such an emotional songs.. I love how Jun. K always suprised us with all different type of genres but still has a strong characteristic.. I came here because of the music, and probably will stay as long as they keep doing music.. The boys never failed me, never.. if,,, if, their next Korean comeback doesnt get an appropriate respond just like Grown, then my original thought about Korean music taste is true (means bad taste in music).. From what i see and i heard, 2PM always making a great progress in music, things that you will never heard in Korean music before (i assume this after watching music program FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END OF THE SHOW..). So, my fellow HOTTEST lets support the boys through thin and thick and keep the popularity rank aside.. We all know how far the boys has grown up and how talented they are.. Lets just keep this 2PM and HOTTEST bubbles alive…