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As a bisexual woman who is very confrontational and vocal when it comes to bisexual erasure how about we, the bisexual community, NOT do the same thing people have been doing to us for years by erasing Tracer’s canon sexuality and ‘headcanoning’ her as bisexual.

She’s a lesbian. Closed book. Nothing more to it. I am extremely happy that we have a queer, female hero who openly identifies as a lesbian. I am extremely happy that lesbians get to see themselves represented in the poster character for an extremely successful and widely loved video game.

Don’t be a dick about this guys, please. Let people enjoy this.

Hi friends! I’m having my (laparoscopic) surgery tomorrow at 6:15AM PST (I have an appendiceal mucocele that has to come out).

If anyone wants to send positive vibes/prayers/thoughts my way, I really appreciate it. I’ll let you all know how it went as soon as I can!

edit: And cute animal friend photos!! Those are always appreciated!! 

(And emoji spells! I don’t know anything about them, but I see them here and on twitter and I am very intrigued and amused by them. Especially that cute one for protecting all cats on Hallowe’en! Does anyone have any for a successful surgery and recovery? c:)

superha This is me with the super talented Darren Criss six years ago at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. It was a pleasure to see him again and let him know how happy I am to have seen his success through the years. And, I had so much fun rapping for him! 😂
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P.S. Thanks, Dad, Mom, and Dan for watching the Ha Dogs tonight!
The song I rapped:

November 12, 2016

BTS reacting to you being successful at young age

Thanks for the request!:) And btw, this is just goals, like having your own house and car and having a good job at 27…please let that be me in some years xD

-Kiki <3



Would be super impressed to see your house and everything.

“How come you have all these things and I am still being stuck with these six children? What did I do wrong with my career choices?” He laughs.

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“I see where you got the inspiration for your successful life.” He smirks cheekily.

You obviously confused by what he means with that remark: “What do you mean by that?”

Looking hurt for you not getting his reference, he starts rapping: “How did you not get that? I want a big house, big cars and big rings…???”

“Haha, oh you mean that…Yoongi, don’t mean to disappoint you but I actually just wanted to be successful, this house and everything is just a plus actually.”

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“Okay wait…how did you never tell me about all this? Like wow, you must be super successful and pretty good at your job. Wow!” He says, walking around in your house.

“Ah, it is nothing actually, just hard work.” You smile shyly, feeling uncomfortable being praised for simply doing your job.

“Don’t be so modest, baby, this is so much hard work of yours, you should be proud!” He smiles and hugs you from behind.

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“Okay…your house is so pretty…you have a similar taste as me when it comes to decoration…and it is so quiet here…mind if I sleep over? I could have some quiet hours of sleep, actually?” He asks.

“Just feel at home.”

“I am already, haha!”

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“Now I feel old and useless.” He states as he enters your big house with a pool in the big garden.

“Why that?” You laugh

“See, you are two years older than me, same age as Jungkook (let’s say you both are now 25 or sth) and you have a sports car and a house for I don’t know how many people to live in and work as a successful manager. And I share my room with two idiots…useless and old.” He chuckles and you hit him playfully.

“Stop talking like that! You have achieved so much already!”

“If you say so…” He smiles.

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“Hey babe, what did you today at work?” Taehyung asks as  he enters your home.

“Oh, I started work a bit earlier today, they needed me for some problems in our recent project with this big company from Europe, you know? What did you do today?” You ask interested, as you still worked at something from home.

“Now that I hear what you do all day and that I see that you are still working, no wonders you have a car and a house and everything. All I did today was making tacos with Jin and I felt like I accomplished something…in relation to you..well taco is taco.” He laughs.

“You have to be joking, tacos are so much cooler than a project with Europe, I hope you brought me one.”

“Of course I did!”

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“May I drive in your car?” Jungkook whines.

“You have your own car, Jungkook, don’t you?”

“No I haven’t. Plus, your car is much cooler.”

“I won’t give you my keys, forget it!”

“But why???”

“I swear Jungkook, sometimes I am asking myself, are you my boyfriend who is my age or are you my son and I am the manager mom?”

“Please, mommy, give me the keys?” He asks making a cute face.

“Drive with your own car, Jungkook.”


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Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! <3

None of the gifs are mine, credit to owners <3

Hakuouki SSL- Okita Souji’s Chapter 2 texts to everyone

Just for laughs, I decided to translate the succession of texts Okita sent everyone in SSL’s Chapter 2 regarding a certain bit of info…

To Toudou: “Chizuru-chan’s going to the pool on Sunday. We should go too.”
Toudou: “She’s going to the pool!? Then I really gotta go too…!”

To Kaoru: “Chizuru-chan’s going to the pool on Sunday. I am too, by the way.”
Kaoru: “Okita’s going too!? As if I’d let that guy see my little sister in a swim suit…!”

To Kazama: “Chizuru-chan’s going to the pool on Sunday.”
Kazama: “What!? How did Okita get this information!?”

To Nagakura: “We’re all going to the pool on Sunday. What about you, Sensei?”
Nagakura: “Oh, the pool! Sounds great. It’s been pretty hot lately after all!”

To Harada: “We’re all going to the pool on Sunday. Will you please come supervise?”
Harada: “I don’t really think high school students need supervision, but why not?”

To Saitou: “Chizuru-chan’s going with the rest of us to the pool on Sunday. Hijikata-san will come too.”
Saitou: “I’m worried that everything will be under control, but it Hijikata-sensei is there as well…”

To Sannan: “There will be an interesting incident at the pool on Sunday.”
Sannan: “Well now. If this shall be interesting, I most certainly must go.”

To Hijikata: “I’m going to cause an incident at the pool on Sunday. It’s up to you if you want to stop me.”
Hijikata: “Say what!? What’s that Souji planning…!?”

To Yamazaki: “If you want to keep Hijikata-san from killing himself from overwork, come to the pool on Sunday.”
Yamazaki: “Why to the pool? But I can’t just ignore this…”

To Ibuki: “Duel me at the pool on Sunday.”
Ibuki: “Huh? What the heck? Some kind of letter of a challenge…?”

Gotta love how he worded it for everyone.

An Open Letter to All of You

I’m sad tonight, y’all.

I am sitting here reading @kimrhodes4 ‘s beautiful words about being Wayward AF. I have so much to say about this, my own stories to tell, but I can’t do that here on Tumblr.

I want to personally thank y’all for the success of Sanctuary. I am now a published author, and it’s going better than I could have ever hoped. But I can’t show you my face. I can’t let you see how thrilled I am.

I want to let you in on my life, post videos and pictures, talk to you about my day and hear about yours. But I can’t.

I want to keep my career, and therefore I must stay completely anonymous on this blog. I’m generally okay with that. But tonight, when my heart is full, staying anonymous kinda sucks.

It’s important that you know I love you and appreciate you. My “mystery” and lack of interaction is not because I don’t care. Maybe someday that can change. But for now, I will just do what I can to let you know how important y’all are to me, even though you can’t know who I am. Because you are.

You have changed my life. Thank you. I love you.


A song from my Richard III /Wicked parody musical, to the tune of “Popular.” This is Richard and Buckingham plotting to take the throne and complaining about how everyone mispronounces “Gloucester.” Yes, I know my voice is not very suited to this music. Shhh. I tried.


Whenever I see someone
Less hideous than I
And, let’s face it, who isn’t
Less hideous than I?
My jealous rage tends to mean they die.
But if I am going to take over
My image needs a makeover
And Buckingham, I think that you’re my guy.

‘Cause even in your case–

With my disfigured spine and ugly face!

Succession is my game, and you’ll succeed
You’ll take the lead
You’ll never need
Again be…

They all call me Glockester!

I’ll teach you the proper tricks—
It’s all politics
Little ways to win crowd’s hearts.
I’ll give you a book of prayer
And a humble air.
Answer ‘nay,’ play the maid’s parts,
They’ll cry “Glockester!
Our dear Duke of Glockester!”
You’ll hang out with clergymen
Wear a cross, and then
You’ll be king just like your bro.
So let’s start
(Swatting a copy of The Prince out of Richard’s hands)
‘Cause you’ve got an awfully long way to go.

Just like a non-backstabbing Earl of Warwick, I’ll
Mentor you to make sure you become historical
Now that you chose me to become your oracle
Your alter ego
Wherever you go, we go.
No one will call you Glockester.
King Richard, not Glockester.
They won’t mispronounce your name
When you’ve staked your claim
They’ll never talk of who you were—right boss?
We’ll stage it like a caucus—
“Elect the Duke of Glockester!”

RICHARD: (correcting his pronunciation)

Gloucester, Gloucester,
Good riddance to the name Gloucester.

Sure, I’m a misshapen creature
With not one redeeming feature
I will blind them to it, in their eyes
I’m a saint.
Lofty ministers of state
Quite soon will be decapitated.
All of their brains and knowledge
Can’t stop my rise.
“Please, Lord Glockester! Please!
Have mercy, Lord Glockester!”
But I will ignore their cries
As each traitor dies
And he tries to make his final plea.
“I’m sorry, who’s Lord Glockester?
Not me!”

BUCKINGHAM: (spoken)
Why, look at you, my Lord of Gloucester! They’re all cheering for you!

RICHARD: (spoken)
I knew they would.

BUCKINGHAM: (spoken)
You’re welcome?

(sung) And though I’m impressed
With how you’ve progressed
I know clandestinely
Though crowds are growing raucous
You’ll still be Glockester to me.
(Correcting himself)
Gloucester, Gloucester.
You’re still Glockester.
Without my help, that’s all you would be!

That thing where you’ve obviously put all the slurs and insults you know in the YouTube filter to be banished forever but somehow when you get comments via email you still see:

Let’s talk about how protected I feel when I use this service. How everyone has an equal shot at success on this platform. How taking YouTube’s advice for building community by reading the comments and responding isn’t a simultaneously heartbreaking and infuriating experience. How inspired I am to keep making things knowing that I can’t even block people from viewing my content even when they are being abusive. 

Things. Need. To. Change. Make it a priority.

I am so pissed off at adults today

You all pretended like you had your shit together and knew SO much more about everything than I did when I was in high school and college. But now here I am, one of you, and it’s all a lie. You people don’t know how to communicate, follow through, manage your time, or spell things correctly let alone form a coherent sentence. Fuck. I am disappointed.