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This may be a stupid thing to worry about, but what will Jongup do at the end of the music show? He is an awkward cutie and I hope he will be able to talk to someone (maybe Knk will still be there and he can talk to them). But then again We don't really know how Jongup is in these situations as we just know whats shown to us. I'm just a typical BABY being worried lol. However, I am very happy that Jongup is performing as well as Daehyun and hopefully the others will showcase themselves aswell!

I’m so proud of Daehyun x Jongup! Hopefully we get to to see the others’ solo efforts as well since these two have had such a successful run ^^

And it’s not silly to worry, it’s totally valid! What will our awkward little bunny do? 

So let’s do a “Jongup alone at ISAC” storytime:

Here he is, alone, before his event:

He has a mini interaction with ex-EXO member Tao:

(look at him being all nice and helpful ^^)

Here he is with his bud BTOB’s Ilhoon:

And finally, here he is alone again, where he spends five minutes happily taking off his hoodie in the most awkward way possible:

All in all our favourite introvert was fine all by his lonesome. And let’s not forget he won’t be technically alone, just like at ISAC, BABYz will be there cheering him on (and capturing every ungainly moment lol) 

Kyoya swallowed hard but kept his cool demeanor on for (Y/N)’s sake. He couldn’t tell who was more worried about her meeting his father, himself or (Y/N)…

(Y/N) was not as well off as the Ootori family, though her family was well known in the business world. They might not have things like private beaches and a private police force, but they had enough to spoil her as the only daughter in the family, along with her 2 older brothers.

The tall dark haired 2nd year straightened his suit jacket and tie, glancing at himself in his bed room mirror. (Y/N) was in the room next door getting into evening attire. They had come from school to Kyoya’s house and were now getting ready for the dinner they were supposed to have with Mr. Ootori.

There was a knock on the door. “Young Mr. Ootori, are you almost done?” came the chipper voice of one of the maids. “Your father has already sent for (Y/N).”

Kyoya’s head lifted immediately and he opened the door swiftly. “Wait, (Y/N)’s already with him?” His frown tightened as the maid nodded. Kyoya took in a deep breath and started walking down the hallway, his hands to his side. He made his way briskly to the large dining room.

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SasuSaku blank period (Making him jealous)

“Who the hell told you about this place?”
“Temari and Ino did.” Of course it would be her friends who dragged them into this nonsense. The troublesome and the beautiful, as called by their husbands, always gave Sakura idiotic ideas, Sasuke realized. From using overwhelming aromatic oils in the bedroom to purchasing weird sex toys. Not that he didn’t enjoy that last spice up of their private life, but this was too much.
“You said we were going on a masked party, not a masked sex party.”
“I just didn’t specify, that’s all.”
“Sakura!” He choked out her name, feeling like suffocating as they were nearing the curtained entrance. “I don’t want to.”
“But darling, it’s completly anonymous, no one will recognize us.” He was doubtful about that, not many pink haired women or right-armed-only men walked the Konoha streets.

“Not because I am ashamed.” He grunted “I wouldn’t want… other people to touch you.”
“That’s not necessary to do, we can just do our own thing, but among them.” She traced her fingers along his clenched jaw, but no matter how he was turned on by her clothes, under no circumstance will she lure him in. Her wife knew how to push his buttons and get her way, but this was not happening now.
“No. I don’t want them, or you, to watch, either. I don’t want them to see, hear, smell or taste. If Shikamaru or Sai are okay with their wifes being passed around and displayed like plates of food I don’t care, but I refuse to let my wife lower herself like that.”
There was a short silence, her emerald eyes were staring at him through the mask.
“You really are jealous.” She stated, grinning.
“Obviously. You’re mine and I am not sharing you.” Her heart melted. Success, just as Ino has predicted. What Sasuke didn’t know was this was ll a set up on him to confess he can be jealous to. She wanted to make sure she wasn’t the only one whose blood was boiling when her spouse was objectified by other women. Sakura propped herself up on tiptoes to give him a thankful peck on the cheek.
“Well that changes a lot. Thank you for finally saying that, Sasuke-kun. Now let’s go home.” She turned around to walk the path back to their house, but he caught her hang and spun her around. He had something else in mind right now.

Minutes later, he had her moaning in the narrow alley next to the sinful building. His wife wanted dirty, so dirty was exactly what he planned on giving her right now. Just not on the swingers party, just not in front of eyes of the other men - sure, he was now nipping on her neck in a very public place, but this part of the villiage was pretty much deserted during the night. All due to the secrecy event taking place in the house he presed her flustered body on.
“You did this on purpouse, didn’t you, Sakura.” His lips left hers for a brief moment.
“I wanted to see you jealous, Sasuke-kun. Recently I felt like you started to lose interest in me…” He glared at her and caressed the heat between her legs. This woman is going to be the death of him.
“Pathetic.” Sasuke bit on her neck. She moaned. “So annoying…” his mouth muffled her screams as he thrust two fingers inside of her.

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Hey Keoni, will you let us know how combining your packages goes? :) If it makes much difference? I've had great success doing it for TS3 but am too nervous to do it for TS2! x)

Hi! ^^

Well, I’m right in the middle of merging and testing, but I did see a difference.

Yesterday I was testing my Buy mode recolors. It’s 2 GB of recolors, which is a tiny amount of CC (for me anyway), but I did notice a bit of difference. 

Before combining recolors I had 14.187 files, after I had 5.903 files. Uncombined my game loaded from desktop to neighborhood in 3 minutes. Combined my game loaded in under 1 minute.  

I combined my recolors per object. So all my Klippan recolors are in their own package, and all my Value Counters, and so on. 

There is a bit of a downside though. Not all recolors I have work when they are combined :( I have so many Surfing The Universe poster recolors, but only a few work (my Sailor Moon ones don’t, that’s a deal breaker, :| ). Same with my BV Travel Poster recolors. 

For some reason, when combined, those recolors only have 1 MMAT file when I add them to my package. So I have 120 textures and 1 MMAT in my combined package. So by now I can tell if a combined package will work or not. But I have no idea what’s causing it. 

So I won’t be combining ALL the things, like I hoped. But I think I can shave of a lot of loading time. I’ve also combined my CAS files too, hair retextures with their meshes, and all of my blushes per creator in 1 file and they all show up. I’ll keep you posted :3

No tengo miedo de apostarte, perderte si me da pavor.

Simon and Luna are stepbrothers and just arrived from Mexico to Argentina, they inmediatly friend Nina, but the power trio of the school gets really interested in this new squad.  

Chapter 6 | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 

-And she knew about all the autors I’ve read, can you believe it bro? -Gastón was telling enthusiastic to Matteo -Then I asked if she wanted to go to the movies tomorrow, she said yes, and recommended the same movie I was thinking, she is like my soul mate -Gastón said letting a hopeless sigh out 

-Hey, I thought I was your soulmate -Matteo said faking hurt, placing a hand in his chest 

-You are, but, a different kind, our love can’t be disturbed for anything or anyone -Gastón said placing an arm around his shoulders -But right now I want to go to find Nina, where do you think she is? 

-I don’t know bud, I don’t know her that well, maybe she is in the rink -Matteo said trying to guess 

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Day 0 Ketogenic diet: (30 day challenge as a skeptic)

I want to see what all the hype is about so I’m starting keto today. I will post results after 30 days and let y'all know if it is worth it. 

What is the ketogenic diet? It is a type of very low carb, high fat, and moderate protein diet. The theory is that it moderates insulin levels and turns your body into a fat burning machine because the body is so low on dietary carbohydrates that it starts to burn fat for fuel (I am very skeptical of this lol) 

How will I measure my success? I’m taking measurements and scale weight tomorrow. I am also testing my body fat percentage at my local gym. Also I will be taking before and after pictures. 

Why am I doing this low carb madness to myself? I think my family is genetically sensitive to insulin so I’m giving it a whirl. My whole family is on board so the support is there too which is nice :) Also, my mom had breast cancer and low carb diets are supposed to be the best for those with a history of cancer in their families.

My main concern is how this diet will effect my lifting.  Also, I am a bit concerned because the diet is so heavily reliant on dairy, and I am very sensitive to dairy.  

World’s Okayest Behavior Strategies

I work at a Community Day School (AKA: where you go if you’ve been kicked out of school) and we deal with negative behaviors on the daily, hourly, and seconds in between. It’s our bread and butter. 

Maybe you’ve got a kid in your classroom this year with behaviors much more extreme than you’re used to dealing with. Here’s a short list of phrases/strategies I use in common situations we experience with the majority of our population that you might want to try out. 

1. When a student is refusing work. “You’ll be earning (recess/table points/incentive) as soon as I see you give that serious effort.” This gets partnered with a planned ignore and works really well if you have a “must do” system in your room- You get ___ if you finish your work, and you’re denied ____ when you don’t and instead work to catch up. 

I don’t give the negative behavior much attention because it doesn’t really effect me. It’s going to suck for the kid if they don’t figure it out, so I can give true empathy for them when their classwork strike doesn’t pan out the way they’re hoping. 

The phrase serious effort also gives you an out for when you see their attitude make a 180. YOU get to decide what the expectations for success in the classroom are, not them.

2. When a student is disrespecting me in front of the class: “Your opinion matters to me and I’d love to have a conversation with you about how you’re feeling. Let me know when you’re ready to respectfully talk.” A lot of times the students are so worked up that they can’t hear all that, so I’ll use: “Let me know when you’re ready to tell me what you need,” or even, “Tell me what you need.” They’ll scream, “I am!!! You’re not listening!!!” and I’ll say, “Let me know when you’re to calmly tell me what you need.” 9/10 times this works. The other 1/10 usually escelates to the next bit….

3. When a student crumples up work/throws a tantrum: “Let me know when you’re wanting to be a part of our classroom,… Students who are a part of this classroom go the cafeteria for lunch,…Students who are a part of the classroom use their words,..Please join us and be a part of the classroom.”

I’ve had kids hear this and use it as an invitation to destroy most of my classroom, throw chairs, or ruin other people’s items just to get a reaction. The initial statement only works if you’re 100% ready to do a planned ignore for continuing negative behavior, but you know where the line is to intervene. I try to kindly tell me students what the line is if they get close and what I would do at that point: “If you throw that chair, then I’ll have to call an officer. What do you need?” 

I absolutely love my job. That being said, I go through these phrases on the daily and it becomes tiring especially as I use these phrases over and over again. One thing that helps me stay fresh in the moment and give authentic empathy to these type of situations is to remember something I was once told: Each student wakes up in the morning wanting to be loved. While love is giving boundaries, love is also listening. There is a reason for their behavior, and it’s not their fault that you haven’t figured it out yet. Their trauma and experiences should shine like a badge of courage when you witness a student meltdown, because there’s nothing braver than fighting for protecting yourself. That’s what most of them are doing in these moments of destruction and defiance: Staying alive. 

One last strategy we use at Community Day School: Know your limits, know theirs, ask for help. 

V/ Jihyun Kim Wedding Dance: One Shot

Hello everyone c: there was originally suppose to be only two winners for the wedding dance one shot: Saeran Choi & Jumin Han  but I made a open debate for either Seven or V :) Reading the arguments I decided to side with V :)  Its been amazing writing this little series and I hope I can do future polls :) Now lets enjoy the ending of this series. The song of the wedding dance is: Like I’m Going To Lose You, by Meghan Trainor ft John Legend 

“The one word in the English language, fuck it, in any language, is the word almost. That one small six-letter word has the power to change your mood drastically. It has the power to make you feel happiness and yet it can be the reason for the death of the old you. Almost is one hell of a word” - Mod Saeran

I don’t believe people know the real meaning of almost. The power that “almost” has is very terrifying because I almost died because of Rika. I almost sacrificed my life for her simply because I was in love with her. I looked into the mirror and all I could see was was blur, the eye surgery I had months ago was a success but they did say it would be slow process. How pathetic am I for being a baggage for (y/n). I could see some things but the rest of my life was one huge blur. I left the bathroom and I saw Jumin, my best man, and the rest of the RFA who are my groomsmen. I walked closer to them and fell on my knees letting the demons take over “ I DON’T FUCKING DESERVE HER! SHES BEEN IN LOVE WITH ME FROM THE BEGINNING AND ONLY RECENTLY I LOVED HER BACK” I cried out shaking from reality. Jumin kneeled on the floor with me and pulled me into a hug “Jihyun I known you for a long time, you are practically my brother, please don’t be hard on yourself. I am truly sorry you have to go through this but just know we are your family and we will be here for you” he hugged me even tighter and I opened my eyes and I saw my family. They all helped me freshen up because they were afraid something might happen to me. Damn, I’m a baggage to everyone in the whole RFA. I blinked quickly a few times and I noticed I looked quite decent. I smiled and was ready to meet my bride.


I grabbed her hand and brought her closer to me. The whiff of her perfume brought me to so many memories that it made it seem like I was watching a movie in my head. I brought her closer to me and then reality hit me, Im actually married. However, she isn’t the one I want. I don’t love her…. my heart belongs to someone else. I grabbed her face and made her look into my hazy eyes “ Im sorry, I only married you because of the baby but, my heart belongs to someone else, enjoy the party” I kissed her forehead and went to look for Jumin. I accidentally bumped into Saeran and he knew what my crazy ass was thinking. He gathered the whole RFA and they knew where I needed to go, where I needed to be. 


I kneeled down and looked into your eyes. My god, I am thankful that my vision gives me enough strength to stare at your angelic face. “My precious (y/n) how thankful I am that we were born in the same century because I was graced with your angelic beauty. You showed me the reality of love, the cold hard truth of it. That love isn’t about the good but also the bad. I’m sorry that I didn’t return your love till later, but please understand I only married Rika because she is carrying my child. You are my true love and I just wish I realized what love really is before it was to late” I grabbed my phone and played the song that I am going to dedicate to you.

I found myself dreaming In silver and gold Like a scene from a movie That every broken heart knows we were walking on moonlight And you pulled me close Split second and you disappeared and then I was all alone

I gave a heavy sigh and looked into your soul “You came into my life out of nowhere. Whenever I chatted with you briefly in the RFA messenger, my heart skipped a beat and I always looked forward to talking to you, even if it was once in a blue moon. When I noticed you weren’t active in the messenger as you use to be, I visited the apartment and noticed you were ill. It was an honor taking care of you because you could of simply refused but you didn’t. You didn’t even ask me about my sunglasses but I told you either way. When you got better, I still visited because you were a bright light that kept pulling me towards you. I always thought to myself, ‘Why does (y/n) have a strong hold on me if I haven’t even looked into her eyes’ because looking into a persons eyes you can tell what kind of soul they had. That night that we saw each others soul, we made love that night. Neither of us didn’t plan it but the moment we looked into each others eyes, our souls gave that little ‘hah I finally found you’ type of feelingI was opening my heart to you and I wasn't afraid because you needed to know….

In the blink of an eye, Just a whisper of smoke, You could lose everything The truth is you never know, So I’ll kiss you longer baby, Any chance that I get I’ll make the most of the minutes and love with no regrets

I wiped my tears away gently trying not to worsen my vision because I needed to look into your eyes while confessing my truth to you “The few months that we spent together was honestly the best time of my life. Who cares how cliche it sounds but its my reality. You were my personal oasis and I will be forever grateful that you provided a heaven for me while I was stuck in hell. I didn’t tell you the truth of my situation because I knew Rika will kill you off in a instant and that was the last thing I wanted to happen. I told you one night that I couldn’t come back and visit because I needed to take care of business and all you did was kiss me and we made the most passionate love that night. It was our souls and bodies melting together into one. You made me breakfast and you kissed me with so much tenderness and you looked at me with those eyes and simply said ‘ We will find our way back to each other don’t worry baby. We will always find our way back cause our souls loved each other for so long that nothing will tear us apart’ and I kissed you not knowing what life would bring us. Oh how I wish you were wrong my love”

I’m gonna love you, Like I’m gonna lose you, I’m gonna hold you, Like I’m saying goodbye wherever we’re standing, I won’t take you for granted ‘cause we’ll never know when, When we’ll run out of time so I’m gonna love you, Like I’m gonna lose you ,I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna lose you

“ You walked in that night and I saw you, Saeyoung, and Saeran caught in the trap of my ex lovers web. Emotions were high because everyone was finding out the cold hard truth of my ex lover. That she was the reason for everyones pain and suffering but it was worse because I knew what was going on. I notice Saeran pointing his gun at Rika and old habits die hard that I was getting ready to take the hit. What I didn’t know that you were going to jump in front of me and take the bullet yourself.” I wiped the tears from my eyes and finally had a clear picture of your face that was on your tombstone. Your tombstone. It still hurts to admit it. You died for me. You risked your own life for me while I was risking my life for another. Your last words to me was the one that dragged my heart and soul with you to the after life. I closed my eyes and remembered your final moments: “Thank you for giving me forever in just a short span of a couple of months. Please do not feel guilty because its an honor dying in your arms Jihyun Kim.” I remember you coughing out blood while my hand was firmly placed on your wound hoping the bleeding stopped. You looked at me and your soul was leaving your body “We will always find our way back to each other, I love you Jihyun, Ill see you in our next life” You eyes were slowly closing but I kept screaming for someone to do something. Three minutes later you died in my arms. I witnessed your final breathe and from that moment, I died as well. 

I got up and digged a little hole next to your tombstone and buried the ring that was wrapped with a red ribbon with the wedding vowels I had attached to it.

I breathed in while placing the dirt to cover the rings “Here are my vows to you. I promise when we meet again, I will cherish you and love you till the end of my life time. With this ring that I am placing next to you, I promise to always walk by your side till the end of time. You are the owner of my heart, body, mind and soul and it doesn’t matter if we couldn’t spend this life together because I know our next one will be beautiful. You don’t understand how much I miss you when I wake up and you aren’t next to me. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve such a precious soul like yours but I thank God every moment that we were together for blessing me with you. I vow to found you in our next life and I vow to make sure that our forever will be longer”

 I did a small prayer for you and looked at your picture again and sighed “ I love you (f/n) (l/n) and I cant wait to spend forever with you again in our next life. Thank you for teaching me what love really is and I hope in our next life we can have a family of our own. I love you. Im glad we almost had our happy ending.” and I walked toward Jumins limo where the rest of the members were waiting. Jumin gave me a reassured hug and the other members were giving me warm smiles, while Saeran looked into my eyes and I saw his soul was taken from him as well. Before I lost sight of your tombstone I breathed in heavily and exhaled “ Goodbye (y/n) see you soon” and closed my eyes. 

For the past year I’ve been totally fixated on this phenomenon of gay men who are constantly traveling to expensive luxurious places and never seem to be working. What job is it that allows you infinite money and vacation time. When I look up their facebooks, they either have no work information available or it’s something that barely counts as a job, like “social media manager”. I know people who have been out of the country every week all year. I wonder if they can even comprehend the insanity of this kind of privilege. Their lives are better than mine in every conceivable way. I, like many others, am forced to spend a minimum of 40 hours a week at a desk, doing intensive work that exhausts me emotionally. All of those hours are chosen for me and prevent me from using my day for pretty much anything else. I can’t go out at night because I won’t have the energy to wake up in time for work the next day if I do. From Monday to Friday I have about an hour of free time to myself a day when you factor in going to the gym, cooking for myself, and sleeping. If I want to travel anywhere, I need to give at least 2 months notice to my employer and then wait to see if my time off is approved. I’m also allowed to do this an absolute maximum of 3 times a year, and typically only twice. You would think with devoting so much of my life to work, I would at least have money, but even with this schedule I can barely afford the CLOTHES that I see these perma-vacation gays wear on their trips. I have to budget and plan to take my 1-2 small trips a year (within the country, nothing crazy like the Madrid/Mykonos/Berlin I am seeing on a weekly basis). How? How is this happening? Do they all have sugar daddies? Are they all extremely successful prostitutes? Every single one of them also happen to have totally ripped bodies and handsome faces. Is this something that comes with being a handsome fit white gay man? I cannot imagine the improvement in my mental health that would happen if I even had to work one less day a week, let alone never having to work at all. Even as I write this I’ve spent the majority of my Sunday with a sense of dread of the work week approaching. Tomorrow is Monday and I’m going to be bombarded at 9am with a huge workload that will weigh on my mind every minute of the week until the end of Friday. Somebody please let me know what life hack they’ve implemented to make this work, because seriously what the fucking hell

What it means to be a slytherin

Being a slytherin is about power. Power is everything. If you do not have power, then what do you have ? Although of course, power does not mean that you have to run the world (although this is always good)

Keep those who are useful to you close, and trust only those who deserve to be trusted. If someone is likely to tell someone a secret, then never tell them anything that you dont want leaked to the public. That said, if you do want to distribute information, then use these people as much as possible. Connections are power, and power is key.

Knowledge is power. Before opening your mouth, make sure that you know exactly what youre talking about. Know everything there is to know about the things that matter, and at least a basic understanding of things that don’t. If someone tells you something personal, remember it. Personal knowledge is a very important weapon, and should be used with discretion. That said, it should most definitely be used to ones advantage no matter what happens. Never use something for the sake of using something. Have purpose to your actions and you will go far. Act on impulse and you will most likely flounder.

Plan ahead. Planning is power. If you expect every outcome then you will always be the one with the power. If nothing can surprise you, then nothing can defeat you if you play your cards right. Look ahead, and learn to read people. If you know someone’s reactions and motives, then you can always be ahead of them.

Discretion is power. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer, yet let neither know what youre doing. If you’re really going to use your ambition and cunning then you better be good at what you do, or there is no point in doing it. Trust nobody but yourself, and even then trust critically.

Trust is power. If people trust you, then they will never be let down by you. Build up your connections and relationships. Always be polite and civil to people unless you are sure that nobody will know if youre not. Outright lie if you have to, but never lie if its not believable. If you cant even convince people you can be nice, then what kind of trust do they have for you ? Always have impeccable manners and always value other people’s opinions, even if only to humour them. You can always learn from their mistakes and laugh later when theres nobody to hear but yourself.

Learn to disregard remorse. Learn from your actions, but do not dwell on past failures or pipe dreams. Calculate your actions and if you make a mistake either fix it quick or shift the blame and escape trouble. Never make a mistake that cant be fixed, and never offend someone who is likely to take revenge so great that it will mess you up.

Picking your battles is power. Know when to quit and when to admit defeat and start sucking up to people. If you can quit whilst you’re ahead and avoid being ruined then do it. Self preservation is key.

However, do the thing that will help you most in the long run. If something risky with a bit to lose out on will in the long run gain you a lot more then do it. Ambition relies on cunning and resourcefulness to succeed. A slytherin never fails in public. Or indeed at all whenever possible.

Slytherin is about getting what you want and where you want to be. The reason why so many slytherins get positions of power and are so organised is because we will use any means necessary to achieve our goals. Manipulation is a favourite among many, and words aimed in just the right place can go a lot further than any physical action.

Slytherin is about bonds. Never make a threat you cant carry through. This makes you seem untrustworthy, weak, and overall powerless. Stay within your limits, and know the boundaries. Again, never make a promise you cant keep. Stay true to your word, and never build unrealistic expectations because people stop taking you seriously.

To be a slytherin is to live by a code. This doesnt always mean the rules and the laws. But ever slytherin should have their own personal code and never ever break it no matter what the cost. The dark lord himself never broke his own code, and this is the testament of someone who keeps their word. They know where the line is and they know how to go far enough to get what they want but not too far that it undos the hard work put in.

Traditions are also important. If something is proven to work, use it. Traditions keep bonds firm and cultures together. A slytherin never disregards valued customs, which is why we are the best as having manners and civility. Politeness is power, and power is everything.

And most of all, slytherins are the best at knowing how to fake being superior, and act like it. I’m not saying we are better than you, I am just saying that we act like it until eveyone else believes it. If you arent good enough, then fake it and try as hard as you can until you are good enough. Play to your strengths, and if something will never benefit you again, dont be afraid to change your course of action until youre on the sttaught and narrow road to success and superiority. Never let them see the real you, and alwaya change once they get to know you. To know someone is valuable knowledge. To have someone truly know you is dangerous.

Tutorial halp: Pleated Skirts that don't want to pleat

Do your pleated skirts end up looking more like this:

When your goal is to have something more like this:

Maybe I can shed some light on this for you! I’m going to proceed under the assumption that you’ve worked with numerous pleated skirt patterns and the results you’re getting, regardless of how well you follow the pattern, are not quite what you’re hoping for- despite what you’ve tried (and tried again).

Both of these skirts I made within two years of each other. Previously,  I’d always had a hard time making anything other petticoats or pencil skirts, and the first one (from a Persona 4 costume) started my crusade on finding out how to make the perfect skirt where the pleats won’t just auto fall out when I walk. (Which I finally obtained for that Fairy Tail costume in the second photo)

Things you’ve probably already tried?

  1. Following the pattern instructions
  2. Starch
  3. Stabilizer/fusible interfacing 
  4. Hairspray
  5. Unicorn tears

If you’ve done all of these things and you’re still not having success, AND you’ve tried multiple patterns, I’ll let you in on my two secrets: 

  1. It’s the fabric, not you.
  2. You can add some ninja stitching to the pleats!

It’s really hard to see in that first photo, so I’ll out line it here (I am so sorry for my really bad photoshop, lol):

The light blue lines are my pleats in the skirt. The red is the box I had sewn with clear thread after the skirt was assembled. This does two things for the skirts, if you have a tiny waist, you can choose to style the skirt to show that off a little more and it will flare out at the hips nicer; but also, it helps the pleats keep their shape- even when you’re walking!

For the fabric! In the first instance, I was attempting to use suiting fabric- that really thick stuff? I figured why not at the store: It looked nice, it felt nice, but… it sure didn’t pleat nice. The best fabric I’ve found for pleats is your basic cotton, some cotton blends or twill, you can use other stuff, but I’m just personally a big fan of how those kinds of fabrics iron. Anything that (sadly) wrinkles really easily is probably going to pleat and keep it’s pleats.

[Side note on using thick fabric: I’ve read online tutorials on how to make “pleats” with thicker fabrics, such as fleece, but that won’t get the same look as say a school girl uniform would. It’s possible, yes, but it all depends on what look you’re going for.]

After you’ve made your skirt, added your ninja!stitches, Best thing you can do is iron it! Ironing is key to finishing any project sewing before you wear it, but I can go on about that forever… and may just do so in another post!

I hope my misfortune-turned-into-discovery will help someone out there who may be having the same issue. As always, my ask box is open for questions/conversations and I wish you the best, fellow cosplayers!

As a bisexual woman who is very confrontational and vocal when it comes to bisexual erasure how about we, the bisexual community, NOT do the same thing people have been doing to us for years by erasing Tracer’s canon sexuality and ‘headcanoning’ her as bisexual.

She’s a lesbian. Closed book. Nothing more to it. I am extremely happy that we have a queer, female hero who openly identifies as a lesbian. I am extremely happy that lesbians get to see themselves represented in the poster character for an extremely successful and widely loved video game.

Don’t be a dick about this guys, please. Let people enjoy this.

I was genuinely in tears reading Louis’ article tonight. I’ve always known that he was in the “background” but since the beginning of my 1D involvement Louis has been my personal #1 I always rooted for him and loved him more than anything . he made my fandom experience so much better . When I was going through rough times positive louis stuff and positive fans and just his gorgeous personality and love for everyone got me through a lot. So to see for real how insecure and the struggles he went through tears me apart and I now am going to do everything in my power to make his solo career successful to let him know how much he mattered and how I don’t think I would be who I am without him.

U.S. Skam is gonna suck. I am going to watch it to see how it goes but I know its gonna suck because Norwegian Skam’s success was serendipitous a once in a life time thing and was not created because it was going to be a success. It was created because Julie Andem took a chance and tried something new. Now Hollywood thought lets swoop in and do the same thing because it was a success because they live for making remakes these days from movies to television. Maybe they will prove me wrong but I’ve been disappointed before.

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Isn't it in the best interest of the big Larries to keep promoting the idea that Harry and Louis are still together? They know that Louies would drift away from Harry without it, and the most important thing for them is clearly superstar Harry. It makes more sense now why they all dislike Niall especially after he went solo. His sales were surprising to them, and now that same group is trying to downplay his success. I am happy to see that many other Larries are finally seeing the light.

I think many people have seen the light it’s just very difficult to let go of something that you’ve invested so much time and energy in. They also see Niall being genuine and by contrast how Harry is being so manipulative.🌺



- Requested by anonymous - If you have a request do ask! - 

Walking into the room it felt weird, everyone returning to their cliques and joking as if we were back in High School. Moving out of the doorway I wandered around, looking for anyone who I knew well as opposed to talking to the ones who used to criticise me. Glancing up I saw someone waving in my direction, checking around to see that they actually meant to talk to me I walked towards the group, smiling as I did. 

“I can’t believe you came!” Y/f/n squealed, bringing me into a tight hug, just like old times. “How are things with you?” I let out a small laugh, back in High school everyone thought I would go off and do something with my humour as that was what I was mainly known for, that and one other factor that shaped who I am. 

I wasn’t going to boast, I didn’t come here to show off my success like others did, “Well I’m a doctor now.” Everyone began to ask questions about what it was like to be in that environment and how challenging it was to get through the exams to be where I am today. 

“Have you seen Luke yet?” Another person asked and all went quiet in our group, I cleared my throat and someone else tried to change the topic of conversation. 

Back in High school Luke was my boyfriend, we weren’t secret, we didn’t prance around showing off our relationship but people knew we were together. Yet when we both started applying to colleges we wanted to go in different routes, the break up wasn’t messy but it was kind of ugly yet I do miss him. “I haven’t seen him since we graduated.” I spoke up and some I saw a few of them nod or subtly exchange looks. 

“Wait, is that, is that Luke?” Y/f/n spoke up in the middle of an anecdote someone was telling causing an abrupt silence to occur around us as he walked in, unaware of the attention he was creating. 

If I wasn’t in a public place my jaw might’ve dropped to the ground. Since graduating he must’ve worked out, looking at him now he looks broad, muscular. My eyes wander up to his face, his once pushed back light blonde hair that I always styled has now gotten darker and is flatter, less voluminous but it suited him, his blue eyes stood out as clear as day even with all these dim lights. Even after all these years he knew how to dress well, create a good first impression and damn, he knows how to work it. 

Pushing my brown hair out of my eyes I continued talking to my friends as they all focused on him in that blue suit, similar to the one he wore to graduation, the shame shade that I told him brought the blue out in his eyes. Even with my back turned he was giving me chills with his voice, hearing him having small talk with others, talking nonsense made my heart race inside of my chest. In my mind it itched for me to turn around, give him a smile or have a chat to him, but my heart reflected on the life I have now. 

Luke was apart of who I used to be, when I was thinking about colleges but not sure where life would lead me. Whereas now I have a brilliant career and I’m job focused, sure my parents wished I had someone but I didn’t, there hadn’t really been anyone serious after Luke. 

“Y/n?” Closing my eyes I let the sound of my name in his voice sink in, in that moment I allowed it to consume me. A sense of nostalgia becoming alight as I turned around, my eyes locking with his. It seemed like some sort of trance, my eyes refused to part gaze with his, I felt absorbed by the enticing cerulean shades within his eyes, how wrinkles formed slightly around his eyes meaning he was smiling at me. “I thought it was you, how have you been?” He asked, motioning to move towards the drinks as he poured one out for me and for himself. 

As he passed the drink to me his fingers lingered against my hand, I heard that familiar soft chuckle beneath his breath; looks like some things never change. “I’ve been doing great, I’m a Doctor now.” He stopped drinking his drink and placed it down. 

Bringing his arms up he hugged me tightly, just like he used to. “I always knew you had the potential to do great things and help others Y/n.” He beamed and I couldn’t help but smile with pride. “Ah, there it is.” He pointed to my smile. “I’ve missed that.” 

It’s just the nostalgia you two feel, it’s nothing more. 

I tried convincing myself but seeing him stood before me didn’t feel like it was just nostalgia, it felt like more. “So how have you been since college?” He took a quick sip at his drink before putting it back down and placing his hands in his trouser pockets, effortless but made me smile inside. Reminding me of how he would wait for me after school by my car and then we’d go for a drive, just the two of us and not have to worry about anyone or anything with school, graduating or college, not thinking or focusing on our relationship ending. 

Everything seemed so easy. 

Well I’m now a CEO of Hi or Hey records,” He chuckled as he focused on the ground and I couldn’t comprehend it. Sure I’d heard of the record label, I remember all of the songs Luke would play to me or sing lyrics that came into his head, but never did I think he would make something of it. 

“I mean, wow.” I was stunned, the look on his face told me he couldn’t quite get to grips with it either. 

“Yep, it’s a big deal. But so is being a Doctor, I mean helping people everyday is huge.” He nudged me and all I could do was nod.This felt right, the atmosphere between the two of us and the jokey manner, it’s as if nothing’s changed. “I’d love to go for coffee some time, we can catch up some more. There’s so much I have to tell you.” In that moment a glimpse of the shy guy who asked me out was seen, a sense of vulnerability on display. 

Sizing up to him although he was only a few inches taller than me I saw a slight blush rise in his cheeks. “Are you asking me on a date Hemmings?” Raising an eyebrow to him I saw a small smile forming on his face. 

“Yes, yes I am.” He stated as he kept his eyes focused on mine, I barely felt his fingers brush against mine as I fixated on his eyes, on all the features I’d missed. 

Breaking the silence I spoke up, “So, tomorrow?” 

He nodded in response, picking something out of his pocket, “Here’s my number, see you handsome.” Winking he placed the card in my top pocket before walking away, leaving me stunned on the spot. 

Looks like he still has that effect on me then. 

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Hi everyone ✌ 1. Ichi I'm curious did u always want a daughter when u were younger ? 2. Toko chan r u excited 4 the baby 3. How will the baby's room be decorated ?

Ichi: Well I never really pictured myself having kids one day, someone like me raising a kid didn’t match. But now that we’re expecting I guess I would like to try with a girl. Mom says she would’ve loved to have a daughter too so maybe I can give her a grand daughter. 

Totoko: Oh yes I am! Finally another little person to interact with aside from Osomatsu and his brothers! I’m sure they’ll let me show her all the tricks in being a successful idol and I’ll teach her how achieve your goals! My way of course! ^///^

Ichi: That is something we went to see today since we got a new house now…But…

Kara: I tell you it’s a boy, my love.

Ichi: Keep dreaming, I know it’s a girl. I can literally feel it in my gut.

Kara: Whatever you say, my honey~

Hakuouki SSL- Okita Souji’s Chapter 2 texts to everyone

Just for laughs, I decided to translate the succession of texts Okita sent everyone in SSL’s Chapter 2 regarding a certain bit of info…

To Toudou: “Chizuru-chan’s going to the pool on Sunday. We should go too.”
Toudou: “She’s going to the pool!? Then I really gotta go too…!”

To Kaoru: “Chizuru-chan’s going to the pool on Sunday. I am too, by the way.”
Kaoru: “Okita’s going too!? As if I’d let that guy see my little sister in a swim suit…!”

To Kazama: “Chizuru-chan’s going to the pool on Sunday.”
Kazama: “What!? How did Okita get this information!?”

To Nagakura: “We’re all going to the pool on Sunday. What about you, Sensei?”
Nagakura: “Oh, the pool! Sounds great. It’s been pretty hot lately after all!”

To Harada: “We’re all going to the pool on Sunday. Will you please come supervise?”
Harada: “I don’t really think high school students need supervision, but why not?”

To Saitou: “Chizuru-chan’s going with the rest of us to the pool on Sunday. Hijikata-san will come too.”
Saitou: “I’m worried that everything will be under control, but it Hijikata-sensei is there as well…”

To Sannan: “There will be an interesting incident at the pool on Sunday.”
Sannan: “Well now. If this shall be interesting, I most certainly must go.”

To Hijikata: “I’m going to cause an incident at the pool on Sunday. It’s up to you if you want to stop me.”
Hijikata: “Say what!? What’s that Souji planning…!?”

To Yamazaki: “If you want to keep Hijikata-san from killing himself from overwork, come to the pool on Sunday.”
Yamazaki: “Why to the pool? But I can’t just ignore this…”

To Ibuki: “Duel me at the pool on Sunday.”
Ibuki: “Huh? What the heck? Some kind of letter of a challenge…?”

Gotta love how he worded it for everyone.

Everything Comes Back To You

this is obviously based off Niall’s amazing new single!!

“If the whole world was watching, I’d still dance with you.”

The song was about her. Everything had been about her, ever since I saw her when I was a little boy. I was in love with her, even after moving away to be in the band. She was my inspiration for the countless songs that I wrote for the albums. Even now, after years of not seeing her, she was still my inspiration.

When I left home, I packed up my clothes in a bag and left without telling anyone a proper goodbye. I didn’t think the success of the band would get us this far, which tainted a lot of my relationships. I never got to tell her how I really felt about her, how her smile lit my world, and somehow she still makes me nervous looking at her pictures. I know I should have moved on, but there was just something about her that wouldn’t let me.

Now, for the first time in five years, I am back in my hometown to stay for a little while. I love being back because it’s like nothing has changed; I can hang out with my friends who wouldn’t care if I had five billion euros or 2, I could sleep until noon and get yelled at by my dad for being lazy, and I could go to the pub….our pub.

That’s where I first met her. We have known about each other for years, but we never got the chance to meet. We were teenagers back then, still stupid in our decisions, but the one decision she made that I will be forever grateful for is that she agreed to go out with me. Tonight, I’m going to the same pub that we met in, hoping that maybe she’ll be there.

When I walk in through the doors with my friends, I hear cheers of congratulations and welcome come from across the bar. People pool around me wanting to shake my hand and ask me when the album is coming. As I make my way through the crowd, I hear the familiar laugh that has been replaying in my head for years.

There she was, sitting in a booth with her same friends. Everything was just like it was when I left except…

There was an arm around her shoulders. The arm of another man that isn’t me. A gut-wrenching pain kicks me in my stomach and I suddenly feel like I’m about to throw up. I hear the whispers of my mates telling me to go say hi, but I can’t say anything in this moment. 

With knots in my stomach, I make my way over to her. How is it that I am still this nervous around her and it’s been five years since I’ve seen her? She takes a moment to recognize me, and when she does the look on her face calms my nerves. She scoots past the man that had his arm around her and hugs me. Her warm embrace is everything I wanted and needed in this moment and in the past years.

“I heard your new song,” she smiles sweetly when she straightens up. Suddenly I don’t know how to talk to her or even speak. She has grown into a beautiful woman who would never give me another chance. Why can’t I just tell her about the song? Why can’t I tell her that she’s the one I’m singing about?

I nod my head and ask her how she likes it. After saying my hellos to the group, she hugs me again, and asks for a picture. I’m used to being asked for pictures, but when she asked, I wanted to melt into the floor. My heart has never beat so fast when she wrapped her arms around me. I feel her looking at me so I turn my head to look at her and smile. She tenderly kisses my cheek before I return to my friends.

Sitting in my bed, I look through Instagram scrolling unconsciously. My heart stops when I see a picture of her. She looking at me and I’m looking at her, a picture of something I didn’t know was taken. She was beautiful, smiling as if she truly meant it. I read her caption and my heart aches. She knows, she really knows.

“If the whole world was watching, I’d still dance with you.”