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Dear ARMYs

I’m worried about BTS’ health. They all seem tired and really skinny. It’s not just me, I see a lot of you also worrying.

We should start a Twitter hashtag to let them know that we care about their health more than anything. They need to eat and rest.

I don’t have a lot of followers so I don’t know how many people this will reach, please either share this post or make your own post but please. I think they really need our support right now and need to know that above all else we care for their health and safety.

I’m thinking the hashtag should be something like #HealthyBTS ? If you have something better please let me know or put it in your post.

*this is a personal opinion. I have no idea how the boys are feeling right now but encouragement and support is always a good thing.

Let’s do this ARMYs! Hopefully by September 28th we can do this.

Advice on Grad School from Reddit User RadioMars

  1. Impostor Syndrome is 100% real and will affect you (yes, even you). It’s okay, though. You can overcome it. You just have to build up enough knowledge & experience that you start thinking, “hey, maybe I do know what I’m talking about”. It takes time.
  2. Related to #1, regardless of how much you know about your topic, there is much more that you do not know. Cultivate humility, learn from others, and don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know something. Real learning will not happen until you accomplish these things. Plus, you’re not fooling anyone; I wouldn’t even attempt it.
  3. Try as much as possible not to compete with your cohort. Don’t undermine them, don’t put them down, don’t be upset when they succeed. Foster a support network, based on care and trust. Help them and they will help you. They will be your colleagues, now and forever.
  4. Seek out mental health resources, early and often! Can’t stress this enough.
  5. Show up to your advisory meetings with a clear agenda, starting with things that are most time-sensitive. Your advisors are busy and may not have the time to be as involved as they want to be in your life. Make it easy for them.
  6. The second you start writing the 3rd paragraph of an email, stop. Delete the whole thing. Schedule a meeting instead.
  7. Get 8 hours of sleep a night. Non-negotiable.
  8. And lastly, honest to god, very few people are working as hard as they claim they are. There is this weird culture in graduate school centered around complaining about how much you have to work. I’m not saying you won’t have to work hard or that others don’t work hard, but take what you hear from other people with a grain of salt; I see a lot of self-reported work inflation around me. Given that there’s so much flexibility in how to get work done, there are many ways to get it done. Someone else’s method may not work for you. Don’t let it get to you.

Top Comment by Eigengrad:

  1. This isn’t undergrad. Don’t approach it with the same priorities. Courses can have varying importance, but research is king.
  2. Build a support network. In or out of school, the friends and colleagues you have supporting you will make or break your academic career.
  3. Your life matters. Don’t sacrifice important things (health, relationships, sanity) for your degree.
  4. Coming from 3, remember grad school isn’t a marathon to push through. It’s a building block for the rest of your academic career. Things get harder after rather than easier, so learning how to keep your work and life in a sustainable balance during grad school is really important.

i wish these people could experience what it’s like to be a gay fan, going to a 1d show wrapped in a rainbow flag full of nerves because you’re putting yourself out there in a crowd of so many people, and then having the people you came there to see directly acknowledge you and support you.

louis did that for me. the person i genuinely love the most in the world went out of his way to give me smiles and waves because he saw me in the crowd wearing rainbows. and let me tell you - i have never, never felt more safe to be publicly gay. (so did liam, by the way, on the same day, maybe two weeks after the attitude article.) 

louis did the same thing for so many of us, show after show, making sure we knew that he wanted us there, that he appreciated us, that we were welcome. that’s a hell of a lot more than most people ever get from their fave. i can’t put into words how much knowing, without a doubt, that louis supports me for who i am, means to me. i really can’t. 

i just wish everyone could know and see, without this bullshit marring their perception of louis’s beautiful kind soul. he loves us, and he loves his community, and he makes sure to let us know in whatever way he can. even though i don’t know him, i’ve felt directly supported by him as a lgbt fan on more occasions than i can count, and that’s so very, incredibly special. 

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Please reblog to show @staff we do not appreciate the “best of Tumblr” feature.

Activity on all my blogs are down, and I can’t imagine what OC/art blogs who use this media platform to help support themselves are dealing with.

Activity for many blogs is near stagnant whereas before this update we had moderate to high levels of activity. Stop letting staff tell you what you’d like to see, if you didn’t appreciate the stuff a blog put out you could just unfollow them yourself. Tumblr is essentially assuming they know what you’d like to see over preferences you’ve already chosen for yourself.

I can reblog and post instructions about how to turn it off and why every day but the truth is some people won’t notice, you won’t see it because my stuff will be pushed to the bottom, or some people just don’t want to spend the three seconds it takes to do it.

This. Feature. Is. Killing. Blogs. Get rid of it please.

We Got Married (Zico x Reader)

Requested by anon. this was so much fun, I always wanted to write a we got married scenario, and keep this scenario in mind cause I got some plans. Enjoy!

Originally posted by ukwno

After you won on Unpretty rapstar you wanted to show a different side of you. You were aggressive, especially on the diss tracks you were pretty ruthless, at the finals you performed a very vulnerable song called “For the ones i loved” which was dedicated to people that passed or people that still are on your life, from the love of your mother to the heartbreak of your ex you loved so much. You wanted to show the world the normal funny (y/n) so your manager suggested on going for we got married. You were a pretty big fan of the show so you knew how it worked, and also being a mixed race would make it even more interesting. Soon enough it was time for the interview.

“Hello, i’m Katana a.k.a (y/n) I am 25 years old and i’ve been a professional rapper in JYP for 5 years”

“What made you come on we got married?”

You pushed your lips together thinking of how to answer properly, but also honestly.

“Well I always wanted to get married, but my life has been chaotic and I never had time to invest in a relationship, so I felt like it will help me get a taste of what’s about to come. Also, I’ve left a very… Rough? I guess image on the world, being on Unpretty rapstar meant I had to sharpen my knives and that had an impact of how people see me, so this is me letting people get to know another side of me”

You smiled at the end, you were pretty happy with your answer and you could see that also the producers were, they were smiling and nodding.

“What do you look for in a man?”

“The ideal man that I would marry would have to be very… Supportive and understanding. The image that I have is very cold and aggressive and I don’t want to change it completely, I understand that many guys don’t like their wife cursing and being… Scary. I want him to be powerful, on his career but also on his personality, there’s nothing more sexy than a successful boss man, also I am a very opinionated woman so I need him to have a bigger attitude than me. But, he has to be sweet and goofy sometimes, I love a tender man that can hold me and whisper in my ear.”

- ———————————

Soon enough it was time to meet your “husband”. You were wearing skinny ripped jeans that complimented your figure, a tight black long sleeve bodysuit that only showed your collarbones, you had your hair up in double buns and for accessories you wore your silver hoop earrings and a necklace with a silver small heart, you chose to rock your black high heel booties (get your mind out of the gutter) and your long black jacket with the hot pink fur inside.

“ I am nervous”

You confessed to the camera crew that rode with you and recorder every move. After a few minutes the car stopped in front of an arena.

“He has rehearsals here”

They let you know, since they saw the confusion on your face. You nodded and took a deep breath to calm your nerves.

“Are you ready?”

“Hell no, let’s do it”

You said and opened the door. The chilly air hit you right in the face and you rushed inside. They led you in a room and you sat down in one of the chairs, taking of your jacket.

“Does my make up look alright?”

You asked, feeling insecure all of a sudden. The cameramen giggled but gave you a thumbs up. You looked around trying to find clue. You snapped when you heard the door clicking. Your breath hitched your throat and you wanted to jump out of your seat

“No way”

You said in a loud voice. He seemed shocked to see you two, he froze in his spot and his mouth opened as his run his tongue over his teeth. He took a bow and you stood up to do the same.

“Hello, i am Jiho”

“Hello, I am (y/n). Nice to meet you”

You both sat back down and stared at each other for a few minutes. You were a fan of his for the longest, you always dreamed about collaborating with him. Now he was going to be your husband.

“This is weird”

“I never expected you to be my wife”

He spoke. You smiled at him and placed your hands on your thighs


You asked him, placing your hnds on your lap and a smile never left your lips. He hesitated, probably thinking of how to phrase it without being rude.

“Cause you look like a person that does not really care about marriage”

“That’s the biggest lie, I started thinking about marriage since I was a child”

That was true. You wanted to have someone by your side, to think of and to love and respect, to have kids with.

“What do you think of each other?”

The staff asked. You turned to him and motioned him to answer

“I was a fan of hers on Unpretty rapstar, she is a very talented and hard working woman, she is also very… Beautiful”

“Awwww thank you”

“She is blushing”

The staff pointed out. You immediately put your hands on your cheeks to cover them, but your guilty smile was all it took for him to start laughing.

“I am not, no I am not”

“You’re so cute”

He complimented you between his laughs. You controlled your blushing cheeks and he controlled his laughter, now you were able to answer.

“I have been a fan of his for a long time now, so I am very happy I got to meet him. I hope we can be a good couple”

“Of coure we are going to be, I am your husband who’s better husband than me?”

“Give me a month, I’ll give you a list”

You snapped back, making everybody laugh and cheer you on. You started to feel more comfortable with him, you were optimistic about this whole thing.

“What’s the best case scenario between you two?”

“Ahhh tough question…. well I hope we can at least develop a nice friendship”

You answered truthfully. You haven’t really thought of that and how it could really turn out or how could the other person react to this.

“What about you Zico?”

“Well…. a friendship is a standard for me, we are going to be husband and wife which means that we will share a lot of moments with each other, but you never know… we might be our one true love”

“Boy you trynna fuck is that it?”

You joked and winked at him. He laughed and clapped his hands, you were feeling confident about this as time pasted by. He seemed like a good man and you were very curious to know how he was in his private life.

“So would you like to mention something that the other person should know about you?”

“I love hugs, so get prepared for a lot of sudden hugs out of nowhere”

“Getting hugged by THE (y/n)? that’s an honor”

“How about you?”

“I am sure you know about the whole scandal that happened and the aftermath of it. So I hope we can be honest with each other and maybe help my… relationship skills”

You nodded at his honest words. You were sure that what happened with his previous relationship was not pleasant.

“Can I hug you?”


You got up and wrapped your amrs around his frame, resting your chin on his shoulder as placed his hands over you.

“See? We love each other already”

“This is going to be the best we got married couple ever”


It is overwhelming to see that we lost some best musicians this year. The most heartbreaking ones are Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. They were in physically good condition, nobody expect them to gone too soon, let alone in a really shocking way, suicide. How could this happen to them? They got everything people crave to get, the dream job, many people work their ass off to be notable musicians. Prior to that, they had money, fame, and if it’s not complete, let us remind you that they both had incredible supportive families. They got the world in their hands. People keep wondering why? Yet, nobody can give the exact answers, but Chris and Chester themselves.  

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Five Years

Pairing: Mike Faist x Reader

Warning: swear words (as usual)

Request: “mike faist x reader where she is laura’s best friends and he is in love with the reader but he thinks she is dating Laura but she have a huge crush on him”

Word Count: 7981 

Note: oh man i worked so so hard on this and i am very proud. this is the longest fic i’ve written. i’m sorry this came out late but something happened and you can read about it here lmao at least you’ll know the reason if u find the ending a bit bleh. some of you might find it cheesy but idc right now I AM PROUD OF THIS Y’ALL I HOPE YA LIKE IT TOO (as usual, feedback and comments are appreciated. you can even hmu if u just want to talk)


1:47 PM

You eyed the brightly-lit numbers in your phone before shoving the device back into your pocket, huffing. You leaned forward from your position as your leg started bouncing with anxiety. You were picking at your nails while Laura shouted into whoever was on the other line.

You and Laura were situated in your usual spot – the love seat. Everyone knew to stay clear from that piece of furniture because most of time, it was hogged by the two of you. Laura always stayed in the left side while you sat at the right.

Right now, you were slightly irritated at Laura. You knew deep down that you shouldn’t be due to the fact that she’s already doing you a huge favor but you couldn’t help it because you were pressed for time.

“Are you going to take long?” You ask softly as not to disrupt her conversation but enough to catch her attention. She turned to you with an apologetic smile, wrapping her arm around your shoulders as she pulled you into her.

“Just a few more minutes, I promise.” She mouthed. You bit your lip as you nodded. You really couldn’t do anything about it. You had to wait until she finishes whatever kind of conversation she’s having right now, eyes shifting to Mike as he uses his phone.

You saw how his eyes crinkled when he read something on his phone. You guessed it was something hilarious because it made him giggle nonstop. You watched as he showed his phone to Will, who then threw his head back in laughter before passing the phone along to Ben.

Your eyes darted back to Mike. 

God, how can one person be so infatuated with someone like him? Things have changed since you met him a few years back. Five years, to be more exact. Circumstances were different now yet the feelings stayed the same.

You sighed as you tried clearing your head of these thoughts, sinking further into Laura as you shut your eyes. You felt her rest her head on top of yours as she carried on with her conversation.

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Received my Overwatch D.Va statue today. This thing is huge. Weighs 40 lbs. And is magnificent.

I don’t really own anything quite like this. (A couple small figures/toys here and there, sure, but not anything even close to this behemoth.) As a D.Va main, I was like ‘Aw hell, well if I’d ever own ONE of these Overwatch statues, I guess it’d be THIS one.’ and put in the pre-order back in July.

Well, Blizzard didn’t disappoint. Some assembly is required, (thankfully, making the statue a little more durable when moving,) and the different pieces actually stay in with embedded magnets which is cool. Attention to detail is excellent, paint job is top notch. I have no idea how many people bought these, but if you wondered what it was like, here’s an unboxing and photoshoot for you.

New art is coming soon, I promise :D Including Synthesis. The comic. For real.


5-6 /  gifs of my prince~

I don’t get people who hate the actor because of the character??? Like, I get that it’s hard to separate the two, but think of it this way.

You meet a bank teller. (S)he’s a really nice person, they stand up for the right things, and are overall wonderful.


Pretty ridiculous, right?

After all, why would you judge this perfectly nice person just because of their job—oh wait.

Now, if that wasn’t enough for you, let’s just say your best friend tells you they’re depressed.

Your response is “oh my god, we can’t be friends anymore. After all, I hate mental illness. I cannot view you as a person who has to deal with depression, I now see you as mental illness itself. Here, let me send you some death threats and tell you how horrible you are for killing so many people.”

But, Susan, Jenny isn’t mental illness. It’s just a part of her and she needs your love and support.

You would never do any of this, right?

Well, Susan. You kind of already are. See, actors are not their character. You can hate an actor for something they’ve done, but isn’t it kind of ridiculous to hate them for something their character did? Really, all they did was read the words given to them and portray the emotion in any way they could. It’s their job. So, Susan, the next time you attack an actor, make sure they actually did something wrong. Please, go ahead and send hate mail to Kevin Spacey or George Takei. Rapists who think their positions of power should let them get away with it deserve all your hate. But don’t hate on Chris Wood or Bob Morley because you hyper-focused on that time their character made a mistake.

Reblog and tag an actor that gets a ton of unreasonable hate.

Why Some People Don't Support Your Writing Goals

One of the weird things about writing is that to many outsiders, you look like you are doing nothing. Often, people don’t see the results until months after the work has been completed. That, coupled with the fact that most of the population doesn’t actually understand how complex and difficult it is to write fiction, let alone be successful at it, can lead to some negative encounters. Most people don’t know how to value storytelling. So much of their experience of it is based on feeling and subconscious thoughts.

And of course, there is the tendency to measure things by income, and to some people, skills and work only have value if they can bring in the money. There is a realm for this kind of thinking, but it’s not for everyone and every skill at every level. D. Todd Christofferson once taught, “All true work is sacred.” Even those who have made a beautiful income off their writing were writing without it for a long time.

I remember back when I graduated high school, people were, of course, interested in knowing where I wanted to go from there. When I told them I wanted to be a writer, I was surprised how people felt about it. No one said it straight out, but I could tell from their tone, body language, and what they did say that they thought it was stupid. I clearly remember one person (a graduate from a different high school) sticking her nose up at me and then going off about all the super, amazing, world-changing things she was going to do–all before the age of 19, apparently. She emanated arrogance.

By the time I graduated college with an English degree, I got less flack from people, but I still clearly remember the day of commencement, standing outside a college building in my gown, and one person’s disbelief in me when I said I wanted pursue a career in fiction writing.

Look, I understand where this disbelief comes from. And for you, it might be helpful to know where it might be coming from too:

  • Statistics–the actual stats of how many people want to work in the writing industry vs. how many people actually do. The stats of how many people want to write a book vs. how many people actually do. The stats of how many people want to get published vs. those that do.
  • Money–our world often measures worth based on income. I’ve met people who make all their decisions based on income. I’m not going to say they are wrong. If their dream is to have a great income, good for them for pursuing it. Hats off! But sometimes people forget that not everyone measures life that way. Another point of problem may be that they think you are spending too much money pursuing your writing goals, in one form or another.
  • Time–some people won’t support your writing because of the time it requires you to work on it. They do not view it as a good use of time or that the rewards will be worth the time. I’ve met some people who think choosing to do anything that requires real effort outside of work and other high-priority areas is dumb and wasted energy. If the person is close to you, they may not like how time is taking you away from them or how it affects other areas of your life.
  • Ignorance–As I mentioned, the majority of the world’s population doesn’t understand storytelling or its worth in society. Most people are clueless that there is more to writing than punctuation and grammar, and most people have no idea that you can actually learn how to write better stories. They don’t know it’s a skill that people can actually develop. They think it’s something someone is simply born with, regardless of effort, or something someone just sits down and does in a night.
  • Self-projection–When people hear what others want and are doing, one of the first things they are wired to do is to project themselves into it. I’m pretty sure this is human nature, and if we want to move beyond it, we have to recognize it and retrain ourselves. But it makes sense, because we are trying to relate to whatever people are saying. Because people can’t personally see themselves doing a writing career, they can’t see you doing one. They’ve projected themselves into it, instead of you. This one goes deeper though, beyond career. It also goes into lifestyle.

    People don’t think you have the self-discipline to write a book because they don’t have it.

    People think you don’t have the self-discipline to work from home because they don’t.

    People think you can’t make it as a writer because they can’t.

    and it goes on …

      • Jealousy–Some people won’t support you in your writing because they are jealous.  

        Jealousy (real)–Remember how I brought up stats at the beginning of this list? All those people who wanted to work in the writing industry but didn’t, all those people who want to write a book, but haven’t, all those people who want to be published but aren’t, are out there. Now, many of these people aren’t jerks, and frankly it’s okay they haven’t done these things, or haven’t done them yet. But if they aren’t okay with it, then that might be manifested in jealousy–that you are pursuing what they want to pursue. This might result in them being jerks or unsupportive of you.

        Jealousy (perceived)–Other people who care less about fiction writing can get jealous, but it’s a perceived jealousy. Remember how I said most of the population doesn’t have a clue about how fiction writing works? Some of these people have misconceptions about it. They may be jealous because they think you are sitting at home all day, and you have it so easy. They think fiction writing is easy. They don’t appreciate or understand the process. They’re jealous you don’t have to slave away all day. Or they’re jealous you are following your dreams, when maybe they aren’t. They’re jealous you have a job you enjoy (even if it’s a love/hate relationship).

          All of these are reasons people may not want to support your writing endeavors. Often when people start writing, they don’t have a lot of people rooting for them.

          But guess what? If you want to get real, the only support you absolutely need to write is your own.

          You need to give yourself permission to love writing and to write.

          Now, this doesn’t mean you need to give everything else up and that you should quit your job. But if you want to write. Write. Write on your lunch break. Wake up early and write before anyone is up. Write in secret. Who has to know? If you don’t have time to write, consider how you can make time now or eventually down the road.

          This is your life. Life is short but it is also long. Do you want to miss out on doing what you love? Do you really want to spend all these decades not doing it?

          As I often like to acknowledge though, there are things that happen in life that might hamper your ability to do this or might keep you from being able to do it at all. Life hits, and sometimes there are bigger priorities. That’s okay. Life is also long. And it’s unlikely it will be how it is right now for all of it.

          But even when you give yourself permission to write, you’re still going to have to deal with unsupportive people. I’m very lucky in that my family has always supported me, my boss supports me, most all my friends support me. But not everyone has that.

          In some cases, if you really want to pursue writing, and you keep having to deal with people tearing you down about it day after day, it might be best to cut that person out of your day-to-day or even month-to-month life. Maybe “cut” is too harsh, but maybe you can sort of fade-out.

          But again, not everyone has this option. What about when you are married to that person? What about when that person works next to you at your job? Since I don’t have personal experience with these, I asked another writer to talk about how to deal and interact with people who don’t support your writing goals. That post will be up next week.

          Did I miss any other reasons people don’t support writing? Feel free to add them.

          ♡ 2 years with ahyejin giveaway ♡


          in celebration of mamamoo’s upcoming comeback and the this blog’s two year anniversary (in two days!!!!) i have decided to host a giveaway! 

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          please participate!!! & if you have question feel free to send me a message!

          Concert Hall || Park Jimin

          Originally posted by jikookshandshake

          Word Count: 2k

          Genre: fluff

          The energy and electricity flooded through the crowd and Jimin could feel all of it running through his veins and making it’s way underneath his skin. It found it’s way into the cracks of who he was and underneath where it made it’s way through his entire body, the tingling feeling causing a smile to keep itself on his face. It was how he felt every time before he got on stage, and he would never be able to forget it.

          Jimin took a deep breath as the lights dimmed slightly and the cheering in the stadium began to start up. It was louder than he had ever heard before, echoing off the walls and back into his ears before he could even process what was going on. The beginning chords to Fire started playing and Jimin walked out onto the stage, getting into the position he had been waiting for.

          So many things flew past him, faces, sounds, noises, screams. Jimin had barely any time to even think about the choreography before he was dancing around and letting the sound of the music carry him. He let it wrap around him, lifting him into the air and carrying his arms and legs, teaching him the dance he had learned so many times before.

          The smile stayed on his face as the next song started to play and Jimin continued to sing. He sang as best as he could, wanting the fans to be able to see just how much he cared for this. How much he cared about being in front of them and showing them the best sides of himself. He loved the feeling of being watched, loved knowing how many people supported him for doing something he loved.

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          compactdiscreflections  asked:

          what can straight allies do to protect lgbtq rights?

          Support, understand, encourage and participate. This is about discrimination.

          We can educate ourselves and become advocates for equality. We can speak up when LGBTQ rights are threatened. And most importantly, we can use our voices to elevate and amplify the voices of our LGBTQ friends, family, and neighbors, understanding that they are best poised to lead the way.

          1. When you hear people talking down or badly about members of the LGBTQI community, speak up. Let them know that you do not agree and that you find their comments upsetting and disappointing. We are a social species and the opinions of others influences the opinion of the whole.

          2. Be vocal with your government. Call and write your federal, state and local representatives. They are in government to represent you, so let them know how you feel. Respect and equality will never happen if the law is not equally applied to everyone.

          Straight allies need to be visible, outspoken, and resolute in their support of LGBTQ rights. Discrimination is discrimination, regardless of where it’s directed, and it must be combatted by everyone. People who are dealing with the effects of bigotry should never feel isolated or alone. They need to see to see their allies standing alongside them at all times. There are many ways to show your support—you can volunteer at LGBTQ community centers, take part in events celebrating LGBTQ members and their shared history, support social programs that help LGBTQ positions, and make your displeasure known when discriminatory political platforms are developed.

          In today’s political climate, we must be cognizant of the inequalities that people face daily. As an ally, we can’t remain silent. We are living in a time where it is imperative for heterosexual, cisgender people to make their surroundings comfortable for their  LGBT peers. We must intersect our problems in order to find resolve. Your fight is my fight.

          anonymous asked:

          Do you agree with Linkspooky meta about chapter 125?

          Drawing me into the tumblr drama, eh, anon? Because we have very different interpretations of the overall trajectory the series is going to take, our views are naturally inimical, and I don’t really want to start anything that might be considered ‘beef’, because you see…

          But you did ask, and fandom’s full of debate, right? Because it’s quite a lengthy meta and I want to provide a sufficient rebuttal, this post is pretty comprehensive and/or exhaustive.

          Along with theme-related disagreements, there are two major things in the meta that I take issue with: 1) It presents a lot of assumptions as fact without making the case for them, and 2) It expects Ishida’s moral system and values to match the analyst’s own, even if there isn’t any evidence for it. I’ll be coming back to these two here and then. 

          Early on in the meta it makes the argument that the final panel is unlikely to be a 19 because usually reversed Tarot are simply presented as upside down in the manga whereas this one is mirrored. But later, it goes on to argue the case for it being a 16, even though no matter how the image is moved, the 16 will remain in the wrong order, whereas at least in a mirror a 19 can clearly be made out. For that reason I would definitely say a 19 is more likely and could possibly even reflect (lol) Kaneki and Touka’s parallel development.

          “Sex isn’t really a net positive or a net negative, it’s just neutral”

          This is really just a personal opinion stated as fact, and ignores the very real and very powerful emotional charge of 125. Such an objective view is far from universal, and in many circles sex is triumphed as the ultimate form of love, which, I think, is closer to what Ishida’s view is, judging from the care and dedication he took to drawing 125. And again:

          “having sex doesn’t really resolve any of Kaneki and Touka’s issues” 

          This reduces the act to just a quick shag without acknowledging the clear emotional significance of the experience for both the characters, proved both in the chapter and beyond it. Sex does really resolve their issues when both of their issues revolve around the need to be loved. The comment is a subtle reductio ad absurdum which tries to instantly dismiss an argument without really fighting it.

          “Having sex, or advancing their relationship might solve their relationship arc, but it’s tangential to their individual character arcs.”

          Again, it underplays 125′s significance and the enormous impact a sexual-romantic relationship can have on one’s character - it seems like it’s trying to clinically separate the two when, the way I see it, the relationship arc has become a major part of their individual characters now. Just look at the ending narration for Ch 131: “A reminder that the two of them were once two”, i.e. they are now one.

          “Kaneki isn’t really experiencing a happiness of his inner spirit though, considering he started crying in the middle of sex and could not explain why.”

          This is another example of stating assumption as fact. I really don’t why everyone assumes crying has to be a negative thing when tears of joy are a well-established concept. He leans into passionately kiss Touka right afterwards, so why do people assume his heart isn’t in it? I would argue that he does explain why, but chooses not to do so with the unreliability of words, but the certainty of action in the kiss. And again, with evidence from recent chapters, he’s clearly drawing strength from his relationship with Touka in trying times for him.

          “There’s also the fact that they’re having this sex in the darkness, with black borders around the panels and constant cut to black. I hope this makes a good case for why I think the sun isn’t exactly the perfect fit for this scene.”

          Not really, because the final page of the chapter is bathed in light, specifically for the sake of showing the illumination in their lives, the way I see it. Furthermore, the panel specifically makes use of that darkness to make it seem as though light is emanating from Touka over the naked Kaneki, strongly paralleling the Sun Tarot.

          The darkness does in fact serve one of the purposes the meta argues for - to close them off from the rest of the world. But even then the interpretation of that feature feels unnecessarily cruel. It goes on to argue that Kaneki and Touka are being selfish for forgetting the troubles of the outside world for this one brief moment. Considering everything they’ve been through, and all the incredible effort they’ve put in (and are still putting in, as the following chapters prove), to punish them for relaxing for a few hours just seems brutally unfair. Like yelling at Churchill for pouring a brandy in his room after a day hard spent towards the war effort. If this was just sex for the sake of distraction, then why dedicate a whole chapter to it? Why focus so deeply on the strength of the emotions involved, and why portray it so beautifully? As we have seen from the following chapters, no-one has suffered as a result of their actions, Kaneki and Touka are still working diligently for the future of the Ghoul, and in fact this experience has strengthened Kaneki’s resolve to fulfil his duty as the One-Eyed King rather than undermined it.

          That white hair is Giri, not Ninjo. Kaneki stuck his head in the sand as Haise and wilfully rejected the greater concerns of the world as the Black Reaper, but his sense of duty now is stronger than ever by working in tandem with his feelings rather than against them. Having one night of relaxation with a loved one is in no way a neglectful failure of duty, especially when it’s only improved his work ethic.

          The next part doesn’t really make much sense to me:

          “In a way it’s an unequal love because Touka can never value Kaneki the way Kaneki wants to use her, as a reason to live, as a symbol for all the good things that make life worth living.”

          Yet not that long ago I was arguing against a meta by the same author claiming Touka had an unhealthy and unrequited fixation with Kaneki. Touka definitely wants to be a source of support to Kaneki, but that’s because she wants to return the favour for how he once supported her, knowing how much of a difference it makes first-hand. What we’re seeing with Kaneki now is not all that different to what we were seeing with Touka back in the original manga’s first half, and as such, it is both equal and balanced. I’ve just seen so many stretches from people trying to find ways to claim their relationship is unhealthy, when there’s barely been any circumstantial evidence to suggest that, let alone definitive. If you’re shooting from a tragic axis, then focus on all those death-flags in recent chapters instead - even though I think they’re red herrings, they’re at least more substantial than this ‘toxic love’ angle I keep hearing about.

          “That being said, defining yourself entirely by the relationships you have in your life and trying to keep them around is in and of itself a flaw.”

          And see, this goes back to my major issue #2 with this meta. This is just a personal opinion. There really has been very little in the manga to suggest that Ishida thinks the same. I hear this statement like it’s a given truth, but really Tokyo Ghoul has been much more focused on finding the right people to rely on than giving up on them altogether. The concepts of both :re and Anteiku are heavily lauded by all upright characters in the series and by the series itself; both Kaneki and Hinami’s lives going off the rails upon leaving them and various troubled lives finding peace within them – Yoshimura, Amon, Akira, and pretty much all of Goat. These two cafes are founded on the story’s very heart, the current series even being named after the latter, and they are institutions that represent community and family, not strong-willed independence. Both Touka and Kaneki have been punished for trying to take that latter route and are now only now feeling something close to peace because they have embraced the former. The whole struggle between Humans and Ghouls exist because they reject interspecies relationships and stubbornly persist on their own path and their own way of being. So for that reason, I highly doubt Ishida shares the same individualist outlook, whether you consider that to be personally right or not. His sympathies, and those of the series, lie on a more communal and social axis – a kind-of “power of friendship” for adults, acknowledging the rocky roads that relationships can go down, but for the sake of both parties, insisting that they’re worth preserving nonetheless. Tokyo Ghoul triumphs ultimate interpersonal understanding over individual integrity as the way forward for societies and ourselves.

          “At it’s core it’s a struggle of people from two different worlds trying desperately to connect.”

          This bit I agree with! Touken is a microcosm of Ghouls and Humans trying to understand each other. Only because to me the relationship seems so clearly positive, I take that as a symbol of hope for the triumph of peace between Ghouls and Humans as has been the goal from the series start. :re is not the same story as the original was and so is free from its trappings of Tragedy; making it possible to view its developments under a very different, and in my opinion more precise, lens.

          “Re: and Anteiku before it was a place where both of them were sheltered and allowed to be mostly innocent to the world.”

          No, not really. Touka dealt with her father being killed and lived on the streets as a predatory Ghoul before coming to Anteiku, and even when she was there she became embroiled in Investigator-killing and various loved ones put at risk of death. During Kaneki’s time at Anteiku a loving mother was murdered before his eyes, he fought a Dove who detested his very existence, he was almost made into a meal twice by an insane cannibal who pretended to be his friend, and he was kidnapped and tortured for two weeks. In no way can they possibly be considered to be innocent to the world during their time at Anteiku, and the claim holds even less water when referring to :re after everything they’ve been through in the first series. It’s an attempt to paint Anteiku and :re in a negative light when there really isn’t one.

          “At some point theoretically the idea is that Touka and Kaneki will decide for themselves what they view as right and wrong, rather than following simply what Yoshimura or Arima told them, or endlessly substituting new parental figures to guide them.”

          This is again a substitution of the analyst’s own rhetoric over Ishida’s concepts. Yoshimura’s ideology has no need to be replaced, because the story has only ever lauded his stance, and Touka is clearly benefiting from following his ideology (calmer, wiser, gentler) as well as providing a positive influence to others (through creating a home for them in :re). Yoshimura’s legacy ought to be honoured and not simply thrown away because it’s not Touka’s original idea; no ideologies really are original - you pick up everything from somewhere. Touka has chosen of her own will to adopt Yoshimura’s ways because she has seen firsthand the good it can do people. She’s not blindly obedient - she is capable of thinking otherwise and disagreeing with Yoshimura, as she did plenty in the original series, concerning how to deal with the Doves, Kaneki’s kidnapping, and his decision to save Touka from the Anteiku Raid - so why should her growing respect for his ways now be childlike deferral? Kaneki likewise has his own reasons for continuing Arima’s legacy, as Ishida has taken care to point out for us:

          Kaneki is equally capable of turning against his mentor as he demonstrated when he physically fought against Arima. Respecting and adopting other people’s ideas is no great sin if it appeals to your already present sense of right and wrong, as is the case with both of these two. As for the parental figures part, that returns to the “finding the right people” argument I made earlier. Young people have a natural need for an older generation to guide them as they come into their own, as they have now. Demanding that they leave that hole in their heart empty as they continue to make poor, uninformed decisions is like telling a child to skip high school and go straight to work. Both Yoshimura and Arima have made a great contribution towards these two finding their own identities, and towards a huge and necessary step in resolving their parental issues before they can pass into life’s Adult Stage. 

          “Surely she did that because she wanted to love a man, yet you say she wanted to be loved. It’s a good summary of their relationship and the tragedy of Touka’s own self conflicting selflessness.”

          I agree with the Adam and Eve stuff as they will effectively be the parents of the new world of the Half-Ghoul ideology, but not the conclusion drawn from Eto’s speech; isn’t the point that she wants both? To love and be loved? Isn’t that exactly what Touka has received?

          “Characters consciously wanting to change but being unable to do so is basically the theme of the past ten chapters.”

          …But they have changed. In the past ten chapters before 125, and the chapters after them, characters have been addressing their past mistakes and moving beyond them. Their core desires may remain the same but that’s what makes them them. That’s what good, realistic character development is; to change their behaviour and their outlook without ever changing them into a completely different person. Amon has moved past his grudge against Ghouls and even the specific Ghoul that killed his mentor, and hopes to create what is a truly righteous world; Akira has come to drop her father’s vendetta and understand Ghouls as people; Urie is placing his morals above his position in the CCG; Saiko has finally decided to make a stand; Takizawa has found purpose and selflessness in his life once more along with something like a reason to live;and finally, Kaneki and Touka have talked over their relationship that has thus far been fraught with misunderstanding and reaped their reward, finally discovering the love that both of them have been searching for. That’s what makes this the Sun Arc of revelation. They don’t need to become different people, they just need to become the best versions of themselves. 

          Then there’s the rest that I can mostly skim over (haven’t read Berserk yet so I haven’t looked too deeply into that segment, but I will say that inspiration =/= exact paralleling):

          16 for Tower: 

          I’ve already made the case for the Sun and I don’t really see what would be the point in doing the Tower again when we’re already long past that point in the Fool’s Journey. The Sun has much more appropriate timing.

          Tsukiyama’s betrayal: 

          Impressive analysis of Tsukiyama’s aesthetic/emotional divide, but considering how chill and even excited Tsukiyama was to hear about the Touken marriage, I think the fandom has collectively misjudged the nature of Tsukiyama’s feelings towards Kaneki. He’s already moved past his obsessive stage in the Rose Arc, and now I think, rather than wanting Kaneki all to himself, he just wants to be his friend because most of his other friends are now dead (a comedic omake doesn’t suggest any truly deep emotion on Shuu’s part). And I don’t think that’s an avoidance of reality. Goat was about bringing people from all corners together past their grudges to form a cohesive unit dedicated to creating a better world.

          So Tsukiyama’s forgiveness of Kaneki seems to have been the mature thing to do, similar to Amon forgiving Touka, because they all share the same real enemy: the world - the egg they must shatter. Tsukiyama ending his emotional isolation by joining Goat is thus a positive emotional development his character, and so I highly doubt a betrayal. I think Furuta uttering Shuu’s alias was more of a hint to his identity as Souta than any kind of foreshadowing, and Shuu throwing open the door on Kaneki and Touka is due to him being Kaneki’s second-in-command rather than any symbolic reason. 

          Hinami will also not defect. I’m concerned that the meta considers Hinami joining Aogiri a positive development for her character and her joining Goat to be negative. Joining a sadistic Ghoul terrorist organisation is never a positive development for anyone’s character, and indeed the narrative punished her for that decision. Aogiri did teach her strength, yes, but Goat allows her to use that strength together with her kindness. Just as it is made very clear that Kaneki was wrong to leave Anteiku, so it is made clear that Hinami was wrong to join Aogiri - the kind of isolated rebellion the analyst prefers is not considered favourably by Ishida, who has consistently championed the benefits of community, teamwork and understanding above the follies of reckless self-destruction. 

          So yeah, that’s my two-cents where that’s concerned. Sorry for the delay btw anon, but, uh, you can see why.

          anonymous asked:

          what are you're thoughts on the trans danny headcanon/theory??

          Y’know, this is the third time I’ve been asked about this headcanon, yet I’ve never actually shared my thoughts. All I’ve said is that I like it. If you guys are so curious about what I think, though, I guess I can go into more detail.

          So, here are my thoughts on the trans Danny theory. I’ll put them under a cut for length and so people who aren’t interested in this headcanon can easily scroll past. Meaning I specifically don’t want my sister reading this that would be embarrassing.

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          This blog is only going to be used to post personal fic updates from a much more controlled environment, AO3, and nothing else. 

          This post has been set to queue post two more times for timezones and then no more after that.

          Explanation under the readmore:

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          You like billy hargrove?? WOW YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE -tumblr 2k17

          Guys guys listen. When someone likes a villain, that doesn’t make them a villain okay? I know y'all are worshipping Loki’s ass who is a lying, manipulative, racist murderer who killed countless people just to get his way. I know most of you are big fans of Joker, (I am too, by the way. Just saying these to prove a point. ) who is also a murderer and he rapes/abuses/beats/manipulates his… love interest? Harley Quinn just because he wants to. These characters aren’t hated for the shit they cause, so why is Billy? Loki and Joker are both psychopaths and murderers yet people still love them and there are countless romance fictions about them, and no one attacks Joker/Loki fans by saying “HOW CAN YOU LIKE HIM HE’S EVIL AND RACIST AND A MURDERER WOW IF YOU LIKE HIM YOU MUST BE EVIL RACIST AND A MURDERER TOO”. Yeah, no one does that. So why is it any different with Billy? Yeah he is a racist bully and an asshole, that’s what makes him a villain/nemesis or whatever. This is not the first time a villain is loved/liked by a fandom. So why are the people who like Billy getting so much hate? Loving a villain doesn’t mean supporting or justifying his actions. He is a fictional character with a complicated character arc and a backstory, people have the right to like him. Y'all love Loki, so you must be crazy murderers right??? Yeah, no. Just don’t let anyone say anything bad about Loki because “he went through some stuff ok they made him this way”. Soo what I’m saying is, let people like their characters okay? You may not like Billy and that is totally fine, you have the right to like/dislike whatever character you want, but you can’t attack people who like Billy. There are countless other villain fictions out there that I know most of you love reading, so why shouldn’t there be about Billy? Just scroll past it when you see a Billy imagine instead of screaming “NO YOU CANT WRITE ABOUT HIM HE’S AN ASSHOLE”. Because, like another post about Billy said, I’m tired of the hate I see in this fandom. Just let people like whoever they want to. The people who like Billy are not supporting racism or bullying, they just like him as a villain. How many times did I say this woah. Anyway, have a nice day everyone. Let’s all respect each other and live in peace✌🤘