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If you like Asgore...

Please reblog for this goat dad.
Seriously please. I’m seeing Asgore hate everywhere and it just makes me sad. So I decided to make a post to see how many people actually love goat dad. C'mon people. I don’t care if you support Soriel or Torgore. I’m just happy to see love for him. C'mon guys.
Let’s show em.

also let me say how proud i am of the fandom, how glad i am to see so many people genuinely caring about louis, being proud of him and supporting him, how many people are offering help with the project, how many people are helping and spreading links and donating to charities and spreading some much needed positivity, seeing how determined so many people are to make this happen.. like it gets too much here more often than not but at the end of the day im so proud to be a part of something like this

it should be somewhat inspiring to see white folx & liberals say they’re going to organize & protect people on my facebook feed but it isn’t

and it’s not even because i’m being cynical but because i question how many actually understand what it takes to galvanize people en masse

for me it’s not enough that white folx can now say “we got work to do fellow white folx”

because long before this election happened 

we asked you to do that work 

and it still didn’t really happen

so let’s be clear about something: 

pathologizing trump supporters as “undereducated” backwater poor white trash is not “the work”

using ableist rhetoric like “lazy” and “crazy” to shame people into voting for the democratic nominee is not “the work”

ignoring PoCs who say “i’m not him” isn’t a substantive platform

ignoring us when we want to push a candidate on the issues isn’t the work

ignoring people who have real concerns about foreign policy’s impact on their homelands and the survival of their families isn’t “the work”

ignoring Muslims when we say that the Democratic party still pushes forth a fairly islamophobic agenda in it’s own way isn’t “the work”

you fundamentally can’t spend months, if not years, ignoring the concerns of real people & then wake up and claim to understand “the work”

well-intentioned as it is, on a lot of levels it feels like a major slap in the face.

and flattening “the work” down to either “addressing white supremacy” or increased voter turn out 4 years later doesn’t inspire hope for me. 

because at the crux of any organizing is the ability to listen. even if a person’s views repulses you or challenges you to do better

and the test of being able to “listen” has been failed over and over by white liberals & liberalism proper long before the ballot count

{SIGN up sheet} Next Friday. March 31st. 7EST. #HuluSaveGmw  Twitter Hashtag Flooding! :)

We should all go on to try and “@hulu” and “@Hulu_Support”. For one hour. Things have become quite quiet- but they shouldn’t be. They should be as loud as ever now. 

Reblog this with your twitter name, let’s see how many are ready for next Friday- How many people haven’t given up, and it might just give the ones who have given up that little push that they need to believe again.

I’ll start off first! 

MissAntlers” On twitter : )

Hey everyone! So, one of my friends is trying to get a bunch of people to send in 30 sec. (or less) videos of them showing support for Amber! As most of you know, she posted on Instagram yesterday and she’s not in a good spot right now.
I think it would mean so much to her if we could get a lot of people to participate in this so she can (visually!) see how many of us love and support her 💜

The deadline for video submissions is tonight at 8pm PST. Send them to the kakao ID mentioned in the photo.

Let’s show Amber how much we all love her!!

thecozypreacher  asked:

Hi Sweetie, I know you are going through a very hard time right now, but I just wanted to see how you were holding up. Also wanted to let you know that I am thinking about You and your family. Sending hugs & prayers, if you need anything, to talk, cry, or just vent I'm here I have been in your shoes and I know how painful this can be. You take care of yourself okay. Talk to you soon. XOXO 🌹

Thanks. This week has been all over the place emotionally…. the closer his visitation gets which is tomorrow (Friday) the sicker I feel. The more anxiety I feel. I have so many people who will be there to support me which helps. But through this I have not wanted to be held or anything I just kinda want to not be touched if that makes sense. Idk what I need. I just discovered I need to look in the mirror a little closer cause I am wearing 2 different earrings…. ugh lol at least the stones are the same colors lol

imitchingonaphotograph  asked:

1/2So far I'm doing well in my Master; my professors love me; I'm accepted for a scholarship for a year abroad, in The Netherlands, and so I'm leaving for Europe next July. After so many years fighting and suffering, it seems like things are finally going well for me. Thanks for your never ending support and how much you believed in me and made me understood that I'm a good person who deserves good thing

2/2 I’ve made 2 friends IRL since I’ve met you, real friends, and thank u. You helped me see i could seek good people and expect good from people and that I wasn’t my mistakes nor my past. I am not my scars. So, thank you a lot. Let me know if I can do anything to help you?!! Xxx

Omg,  Gen! You made me cry! I am so very proud of you!! YOU did all that hard work so YOU deserve the credit … I did nothing but remind you of that a few times.  You are an amazing,  smart and wonderful woman who is going to impact so many in her life.  THANK YOU for allowing me to witness a small part of that.  You are just on the cusp of so many great things. I can’t wait to hear about all that you do. 


anonymous asked:

Do what makes you happy. Match-ups can be exhausting, especially with coming up with new scenarios each time. If you need to close match-ups for the time being, do it. Maybe what you can do is open them up around only holidays, or things like that? That way it's a limited thing. I still look forwards to your writing, no matter what!

Thank you for your support!

When I started this blog I saw many other people separating requests and match ups and that was thing I didn’t want to do. But slowly with the passing of time I saw the lack of the other requests and I see by the other blogs how many match ups they also have to do.

The other thing it is that it rarelly got noticed. I know, I know, this is just my whinning, but let me say, that there are people who draw wonderfully and the same art appears on the different blogs and I also reblog it quite often. But the writes? If you look on the Overwatch writing blogs, 99% of the notes under the writing would be ‘like’. Not many people see this. And the writers I talked with also get kind of tired with that, because this makes their writing visible only for their followers.

I just mean, once I was travelling by train and during those 5 hours I managed o write all match-ups that were currently in my askbox (about 12 I think at that time). And the only words ‘in return’ were  “Thanks!” that are coppied and paste in every match up request that one person (including me) sends to twenty different blogs. And sometiems you can’t even count of the support of your friends, when they do not understand why you want to write the things like that in the first place.

So maybe it is that. Maybe because I have a real life trying to chase me down, or can do something more relaxing, I am complaining. But I assure you that I only complain in a while, but then with even more energy am I coming back to write for you.

Sorry you have to read this, I hope you would have a brilliant…whatever part of the day is where you are. I adore you all, but sometimes we all had bad days.

welcome and thank you!

Hey cactus enthusiasts! This little blog has been growing exponentially recently and I’m almost at 1000 followers! I made cactanna to just store pictures of my spiky friends and I had no idea how many people would like, reblog, and follow! Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy my plants as much as I do. I’ll try to post more regularly soon as I’m pretty busy but stay tuned. Reminder- I will gladly answer any questions or dms about anything plant related(or not!). I’m also gonna start posting more educational things- common myths, care tips, identification, conservation etc. Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see on this blog! -anna

@ Non-black POC: stay in your lane, support black people with out saying “what about me!?!?” We all have our struggles. We all want representation. We all want to dismantle negative stereotypes in media and bring light to injustices. We can do both. Make art about your struggles, make films about your experiences, write about your issues with out bringing down black movements. We can shine together✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

Contact your superdelegate

We need to let the superdelegates know how we feel. Many superdelegates are elected officials that we voted in to represent us. There is a list here of all the superdelegates and who they have pledged to support: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Democratic_Party_superdelegates,_2016 If your representative is supporting Clinton, please contact them and let them know how you feel.

Here is the letter that I sent to my rep:

Dear Scott Peters,

I was very disappointed to see that as a superdelegate you have already pledged to support Hillary Clinton. I strongly believe that you should wait until the people that you represent have had a chance to vote in the primary election on June 7th before making such an important decision. As a superdelegate, of course it is your prerogative to make your own decision on who to support, BUT as an elected representative, it is also your responsibility to represent the people who have elected you.

Based on general election polls and net favorability ratings, Bernie Sanders is the stronger candidate for the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders has a rating of approximately positive 7%, while Hillary Clinton’s rating is negative 13%. Additionally, Senator Sanders beats all three Republican candidates by considerably higher margins than Secretary Clinton does (she actually loses to Kasich; of course it is highly unlikely he will end up the Republican nominee). (All numbers from RealClearPolitics.com)

Please, reconsider your decision and wait until we, the people of your district, have a chance to voice our choice.

Thank you for your time.

petition for Dad Egbert to be the legal guardian of EVERYONE in Homestuck.

Let them be raised with constant support and baking instead of neglect, being forced into murder of their species/caretakers of their species instead.

let’s see how the same story plays out then.

2 days post Op: Key hole with Dr. Ereso $5,800
super stoked about how it all looks, couldn’t really see all of it but it was very emotional to see my chest this flat. He said he pumped a bunch of liquid in my chest so that will go down with a couple weeks. So blessed to have this chest, thank you to everyone who has came out to support me and visit me. On heavy meds because the first set of meds didn’t take any of the pain away. We are trying something new so let’s see how it goes! Im also get my new binder on Thursday because they ordered the wrong one and size, so I’m looking forward to that. Today’s pain was the worst so far, but Dr. Ereso said next week I will be feeling and looking a lot better. So grateful to have so many amazing people here for me 💙👏🙌👨🙏😘👌

Let’s Talk About Mental Illness

Let’s really #Listen to those who suffer from it.

Let’s #Look deeper at those in our lives who need our support, let’s see the struggle not the mask.

Let’s try to #Understand why someone may be acting out of character, let’s not mistake a cry for help as attention seeking.

Let’s #Think about how we talk about mental illness, let’s break the stigma, let’s destroy harmful stereotypes. Let’s put an end to the alienation and isolation of those who suffer from mental illness.

#Listen #Look #Understand #Think

1 in 4 people will be affected by Mental Illness at some stage of their life, many will face life long battles.

No-one should face mental illness alone.

jfc oAo

Oh. My. Good. Lord - I just noticed I hit another milestone which I really just can’t believe I actually did. A bit more then a year ago I had for 3 long years all together 186 followers. 

I used a different url back then as well - an url which I changed to start a new after I went through a heavy loss. Seeing how far I got is really inspirative and touching for me. I not sure I can use English well enough to really thank for this much support and encouragement. 

You can’t imagine how much this can push me forward when I fail and feel like not wanting to move forward and just give everything up, including art. But then I just see how many of you interested to see more update from me, and it can pull me back and make me still keep going. I can’t disappoint this many people to just let the bad days defeat me and just quit everything. For this I really thank for every one of you. 

This is a huge inspiration. I am incredibly touched and only can hope my future artwork will repay this to all who following me and won’t disappoint any of you ever. ;A;

I’ve not been in the fandom for a very long time, however I still feel extremely sad seeing Zayn leave the band. I’m so sorry to see so many people being hugely affected and upset, and I understand you :( On the other side I’m really surprised how united and supportive the fandom has became in the last day, and it’s amazing.
I think it’s really important to be here for each other these days, be nice, to reach out and offer kind words to other fans, no matter how many followers do they have, because not everyone has got understanding friends or family around them in real life. Lets be here for the boys too, and show them we still care. For all 5 of them. Always.


What if this guy

was actually the suit that was used to kill the children?

Let me explain why I think this is true:

Everyone believes that a Golden Freddy suit was used to kill the children, however we don’t have any hard evidence to support this. Seeing the trailer for the third game, for all we know this could have been the suit used. Also, if you remember night 6 from the second game, Phone Guy mentions someone using a spare suit, a yellow one. But how do we know for sure that this was Golden Freddy’s suit? 

Also notice how old the animatronic is. It’s all stitched up and really old looking. No one has even attempted to fix this one up and redesign it. Even Golden Freddy got redesigned, why not this one? I personally believe this was one of the company’s earliest mascots but due to a bad rep, they had to stop using this animatronic completely 

Now I’m sure many of you already heard the theory that the purple guy may be stuffed inside this mysterious animatronic. I personally believes this theory as well, but I also believe that the purple guy is the phone guy. Remember in the first game when phone guy dies on your fourth night and he says to check the suits in the back room? Perhaps this animatronic in the trailer was there in the first game but it was just out of camera view and in the second game as well. 

Bottom line: The animatronics finally got their revenge on the man that took their life away and stuffed him in the suit that started it all. And what’s the suit doing now in the third game? We just have to wait and see I guess