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♡ 2 years with ahyejin giveaway ♡


in celebration of mamamoo’s upcoming comeback and the this blog’s two year anniversary (in two days!!!!) i have decided to host a giveaway! 

♡ rules ♡

  • old and new followers are welcomed to join the giveaway!
  • must love and support mamamoo ofc! ♡♡
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  • winner will be chosen with a random number generator.
  • there will only be one (1) winner! there will be two (2) winners!
  • you must have your inbox/messages open so i can contact you!
  • you must respond three (3) days after being notified, after this grace period a redraw will occur.
  • !!!this giveaway will end on July 17, 2017, 12 am EST!!!

♡ prize ♡

one winning moomoo will be allowed to chose any mamamoo album of their choosing as their prize. this can include:

  • hello (mostly likely red version as the pink version is impossible to find ;;)
  • piano man
  • pink funky
  • melting
  • memory
  • purple (this may include just one type or both types as it is the upcoming album and it will have more preference in being picked as to support the girls this time around!)

you must also be mindful of whether supplies allow for a certain album (eg. if piano man is nowhere to be found then i cannot give piano man as a gift)

posters will not be included as they may complicate transactions and i would rather avoid that!

- OR -

the winning moomoo will be allowed to choose any mamamoo merch of their choosing as their prize.  this can include:

  • concert goods such as the fan, stickers, paper doll
  • official merch such as the slogan, ball cap, face mask
  • the moobong (which i have not bought myself so i will tearfully give it if chosen ;;)

you must also be mindful of whether supplies allow for a certain good 

!!!HOWEVER, an order cannot exceed $50 USD!!! (we can discuss which option is most doable!

chosen album or good will be sent directly from seller (website) to the winner so you must be comfortable giving your name and address!

the second winning moomoo will win a Purple mini album,(random type).

this second prize will be kindly provided by @ihatezensponytail

♡ ♡ ♡ this is my way of thanking you for both following this blog, supporting my writing and supporting mamamoo!!  hopefully this giveaway will be able to show how much i have enjoyed running this blog and supporting mamamoo with you all!  lets hope mamamoo keeps going forever and that we can be fans as long as they keep making music!!  ♡ ♡ ♡

please participate!!! & if you have question feel free to send me a message!

We Got Married (Zico x Reader)

Requested by anon. this was so much fun, I always wanted to write a we got married scenario, and keep this scenario in mind cause I got some plans. Enjoy!

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After you won on Unpretty rapstar you wanted to show a different side of you. You were aggressive, especially on the diss tracks you were pretty ruthless, at the finals you performed a very vulnerable song called “For the ones i loved” which was dedicated to people that passed or people that still are on your life, from the love of your mother to the heartbreak of your ex you loved so much. You wanted to show the world the normal funny (y/n) so your manager suggested on going for we got married. You were a pretty big fan of the show so you knew how it worked, and also being a mixed race would make it even more interesting. Soon enough it was time for the interview.

“Hello, i’m Katana a.k.a (y/n) I am 25 years old and i’ve been a professional rapper in JYP for 5 years”

“What made you come on we got married?”

You pushed your lips together thinking of how to answer properly, but also honestly.

“Well I always wanted to get married, but my life has been chaotic and I never had time to invest in a relationship, so I felt like it will help me get a taste of what’s about to come. Also, I’ve left a very… Rough? I guess image on the world, being on Unpretty rapstar meant I had to sharpen my knives and that had an impact of how people see me, so this is me letting people get to know another side of me”

You smiled at the end, you were pretty happy with your answer and you could see that also the producers were, they were smiling and nodding.

“What do you look for in a man?”

“The ideal man that I would marry would have to be very… Supportive and understanding. The image that I have is very cold and aggressive and I don’t want to change it completely, I understand that many guys don’t like their wife cursing and being… Scary. I want him to be powerful, on his career but also on his personality, there’s nothing more sexy than a successful boss man, also I am a very opinionated woman so I need him to have a bigger attitude than me. But, he has to be sweet and goofy sometimes, I love a tender man that can hold me and whisper in my ear.”

- ———————————

Soon enough it was time to meet your “husband”. You were wearing skinny ripped jeans that complimented your figure, a tight black long sleeve bodysuit that only showed your collarbones, you had your hair up in double buns and for accessories you wore your silver hoop earrings and a necklace with a silver small heart, you chose to rock your black high heel booties (get your mind out of the gutter) and your long black jacket with the hot pink fur inside.

“ I am nervous”

You confessed to the camera crew that rode with you and recorder every move. After a few minutes the car stopped in front of an arena.

“He has rehearsals here”

They let you know, since they saw the confusion on your face. You nodded and took a deep breath to calm your nerves.

“Are you ready?”

“Hell no, let’s do it”

You said and opened the door. The chilly air hit you right in the face and you rushed inside. They led you in a room and you sat down in one of the chairs, taking of your jacket.

“Does my make up look alright?”

You asked, feeling insecure all of a sudden. The cameramen giggled but gave you a thumbs up. You looked around trying to find clue. You snapped when you heard the door clicking. Your breath hitched your throat and you wanted to jump out of your seat

“No way”

You said in a loud voice. He seemed shocked to see you two, he froze in his spot and his mouth opened as his run his tongue over his teeth. He took a bow and you stood up to do the same.

“Hello, i am Jiho”

“Hello, I am (y/n). Nice to meet you”

You both sat back down and stared at each other for a few minutes. You were a fan of his for the longest, you always dreamed about collaborating with him. Now he was going to be your husband.

“This is weird”

“I never expected you to be my wife”

He spoke. You smiled at him and placed your hands on your thighs


You asked him, placing your hnds on your lap and a smile never left your lips. He hesitated, probably thinking of how to phrase it without being rude.

“Cause you look like a person that does not really care about marriage”

“That’s the biggest lie, I started thinking about marriage since I was a child”

That was true. You wanted to have someone by your side, to think of and to love and respect, to have kids with.

“What do you think of each other?”

The staff asked. You turned to him and motioned him to answer

“I was a fan of hers on Unpretty rapstar, she is a very talented and hard working woman, she is also very… Beautiful”

“Awwww thank you”

“She is blushing”

The staff pointed out. You immediately put your hands on your cheeks to cover them, but your guilty smile was all it took for him to start laughing.

“I am not, no I am not”

“You’re so cute”

He complimented you between his laughs. You controlled your blushing cheeks and he controlled his laughter, now you were able to answer.

“I have been a fan of his for a long time now, so I am very happy I got to meet him. I hope we can be a good couple”

“Of coure we are going to be, I am your husband who’s better husband than me?”

“Give me a month, I’ll give you a list”

You snapped back, making everybody laugh and cheer you on. You started to feel more comfortable with him, you were optimistic about this whole thing.

“What’s the best case scenario between you two?”

“Ahhh tough question…. well I hope we can at least develop a nice friendship”

You answered truthfully. You haven’t really thought of that and how it could really turn out or how could the other person react to this.

“What about you Zico?”

“Well…. a friendship is a standard for me, we are going to be husband and wife which means that we will share a lot of moments with each other, but you never know… we might be our one true love”

“Boy you trynna fuck is that it?”

You joked and winked at him. He laughed and clapped his hands, you were feeling confident about this as time pasted by. He seemed like a good man and you were very curious to know how he was in his private life.

“So would you like to mention something that the other person should know about you?”

“I love hugs, so get prepared for a lot of sudden hugs out of nowhere”

“Getting hugged by THE (y/n)? that’s an honor”

“How about you?”

“I am sure you know about the whole scandal that happened and the aftermath of it. So I hope we can be honest with each other and maybe help my… relationship skills”

You nodded at his honest words. You were sure that what happened with his previous relationship was not pleasant.

“Can I hug you?”


You got up and wrapped your amrs around his frame, resting your chin on his shoulder as placed his hands over you.

“See? We love each other already”

“This is going to be the best we got married couple ever”

compactdiscreflections  asked:

what can straight allies do to protect lgbtq rights?

Support, understand, encourage and participate. This is about discrimination.

We can educate ourselves and become advocates for equality. We can speak up when LGBTQ rights are threatened. And most importantly, we can use our voices to elevate and amplify the voices of our LGBTQ friends, family, and neighbors, understanding that they are best poised to lead the way.

1. When you hear people talking down or badly about members of the LGBTQI community, speak up. Let them know that you do not agree and that you find their comments upsetting and disappointing. We are a social species and the opinions of others influences the opinion of the whole.

2. Be vocal with your government. Call and write your federal, state and local representatives. They are in government to represent you, so let them know how you feel. Respect and equality will never happen if the law is not equally applied to everyone.

Straight allies need to be visible, outspoken, and resolute in their support of LGBTQ rights. Discrimination is discrimination, regardless of where it’s directed, and it must be combatted by everyone. People who are dealing with the effects of bigotry should never feel isolated or alone. They need to see to see their allies standing alongside them at all times. There are many ways to show your support—you can volunteer at LGBTQ community centers, take part in events celebrating LGBTQ members and their shared history, support social programs that help LGBTQ positions, and make your displeasure known when discriminatory political platforms are developed.

In today’s political climate, we must be cognizant of the inequalities that people face daily. As an ally, we can’t remain silent. We are living in a time where it is imperative for heterosexual, cisgender people to make their surroundings comfortable for their  LGBT peers. We must intersect our problems in order to find resolve. Your fight is my fight.

Spreading some love!

Share this cute Markimoo hug with as many people as you can! Tag some people to make it even easier! @driplierst@therealjacksepticeye@ashtrashbin@justacomicreader@cuntdestroyer5000@itstimeent@punkyoutubertrash@sabfromspace@victoria-saenz@gena-evlev0wao8p@oliviamcrobinson@paramarketing@ask-theblindhost@markiplier@crankgameplays@darkiplier-support-group@thehost-support-group@misspanda28 Let’s see how far this goes! :)

Originally posted by booper-dooper

Hey y'all! It’s been a while since I’ve made a personal post, but I really want to apologize for not replying to messages as much as I used to or being as active on here as I was before.

I’m going through some really tough times now–I know this might sound super edgy or something, but I haven’t been doing very well mental health-wise. For those who aren’t familiar with my Sad and Tragic Backstory™, I come from a very abusive household and my time living there has taken its toll on me through things like PTSD and bipolar disorder. It takes a lot of energy for me to get out of bed, let alone interact with others, but I am trying my very best to get back on my feet again!

I also wanted to thank everyone for all your support for Puu; the story means a lot to me, and I’m glad that it’s bringing many people happiness. I never expected it to be received so well, so it’s a pleasant surprise every week when I see people’s tags, comments, and messages about how they enjoy Puu. All your support keeps me going, not only art-wise, but also in life! You all make things a little easier for me and put a smile on my face the times I need it the most.

Thank you for sticking with me! I hope you all can continue to enjoy my art and that I can keep on creating the things I love.

Wishing you all well! xoxoxo

i’m just so… overwhelmingly proud of the man miles edgeworth grew up to be after surviving the trauma of seeing his father die, believing it to be his own fault, getting framed for murder himself in his twenties, and enduring more than a decade of psychological (and possibly physical) abuse from mystery aunt, manfred fucking von karma, and damon gant

not to mention how many people offered him love, patience, and understanding before and during his recovery, and then how he chose to dedicate himself to returning the support when the tables turned and they needed him instead. how he’s still just as much of a devoted friend to those same people post-seven year gap. like. even if capcom didn’t deliver the development and justice that most of its other principal characters in this series deserved, at least it let us see miles edgeworth’s personal growth, healing, and continued success over the years

Reblog if you are a Homestuck or were ever at one point a Homestuck. I want you guys to hold each others hands. And never let go...

      Wow, so this is it. Homestuck has finally ended. It has been a good seven years. It really has! This fandom might have pissed me off at times, we’ve had our ups and downs but, I really do love you guys. We are like a large, dysfunctional but loving family.

      Even though the thing that brought us together has come to a close, I still want to laugh and create with you all. There probably won’t be anymore regular updates, no more regular update art, things like that, but I don’t want this fandom to die. Even if you aren’t really into Homestuck anymore, please try to remember it fondly. Once a fan, always a fan I like to say! I don’t want the cosplay, art, music, and the creativity with this fandom to stop. The roleplays, ships, even the arguing!

      You guys are the best fandom I have ever been a part of. Because of Homestuck, I’ve met so many amazing people, made so many creative arts, and made so many amazing relationships. I’ve made amazing memories! This fandom made me feel like I belonged here, even if I did get into silly arguments from time to time or shed a couple tears. To be honest, looking back I think that enhanced my great experience with you all! This fandom is amazing, you’re all amazing. You don’t have to reblog this, but I’d really appreciated if you did.

      I’d appreciate if you reblogged for yourself and your fellow homestucks, young and old. I want this post to be important, to mean something. Homestuck has done so many wonderful things for people. It’s even saved lives! Andrew Hussie is an amazing writer and though some of us didn’t want Homestuck to end, all things must come to a close. Please, reblog. Help pull our family in with a great big hug. Lets see how many notes this can get. Let’s see how proud, how loud, loving, and how LOYAL OUR FAMILY IS! I want this to be the post, THE POST, that pulls us all together, to support each other, to show Hussie how much he’s done for us, and to show our appreciation. To honor the fandom that has been following the comic for YEARS. Whether you joined April 13, 2009 or yesterday. You deserve a round of applause! We deserve a STANDING OVATION! HUSSIE DESERVES TO KNOW HOW MUCH WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE HIM. HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE EACH OTHER! This is it, THIS IS IT. Let’s go out with a SHOUT! Make it count, guys. I’m proud of you.  I love you! <3 

To those who are upset about no Sinnoh Remake

Remember, sending hate mail to Game-freak won’t do anything. Instead show your love for Sinnoh by making fan art and sending support letters!

For example, many people who spoke Mandarin Chinese wanted the next Pokémon games to have this language as an option. These people didn’t send hate and instead they made fan art and showed support for the company to allow this translation. And guess what? Now people who speak Mandarin Chinese can play Sun and Moon in their native language! See how showing support can make things possible?

Let’s show our support for the new games Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and soon, Sinnoh remakes are bound to happen!

Kaistal have broken up.

I’m pretty sad. There was a lot of hate for the two (especially for Krystal, let’s face it) and many people said it was a fake relationship, which I dont believe but we’ll never know. Even if it wasnt real, I loved them and tried to support them like many others too. But seeing Kryber shippers actually being happy because of these news and saying now it’s “their time to prove” is just rude and ignorant. I actually expected EXO-L to be more happy about all this, but I was proven wrong.
Please, if you call yourself a fan: Have some respect and cheer both up instead of writing such things. Imagine someone did this to you. Awful.

Still 24K

Look at them, just….look at them. When I look at 24K now, I see men who have been through it all. I see how far they have come over the years. It hurts my heart to think of all the pain they’ve been through. Member changes. Injuries. A forced 2 year hiatus. Byungho’s messy leave. The fuckery Jinhong had to deal with about Double A (don’t even get me started on how the ball was dropped on that group). Every comeback, there was a new maknae, it seemed like (remember when this all started and DAEIL was the maknae?! Holy shit, can’t even believe that hardly now!) Everyone’s screaming because of how amazing they look in this new video. They do look amazing, as they always do. But to me, “Still 24K” is a rallying call for these boys who grew into men under a harsh spotlight, one where everyone whispered, “You aren’t good enough,” “You’ve been gone for too long, just disband already,” “Nugu group for life,” “Nobody cares about 24K,” “Adding members won’t help a group that sucks.” 

They heard all this and last year, they came back with new members and a new sound and a new concept and blew everyone away. They might not be the top group, but they have respect now. People see how hard they work, how much they throw themselves into every single promotion, because they want to make their name look good; they want to show their fans who have never wavered in their support that they deserve our adoration. “Still 24K” says, no matter how many members come in or how many take breaks (Daeil hasn’t left, fact check your info before you spread rumors), 24K will always be 24K, the group that never gives up, never ever lets their 24U’s down and never, NEVER backs down.

“Because I know my heart is made of 24K (gold)”

“They know we still 24K”

anonymous asked:

Tbh I used to have hope Kagami would make mikayuu canon when I first entered the fandom but after about a year, I realized there was no way it'd happen and we'd only get an open ending. Now? I'm convinced he's going to make Yuu and Shinoa canon and in the worst way possible by fucking up Shinoa's character with the sex for power thing and making Yuu have feelings for her out of nowhere. I wish I didn't care so much, but it makes me feel really nauseous when I think about it...

(same person) I know not being canon isn’t the end of the world, but it still hurts. Sorry for dumping this on you, you don’t have to answer. Hope you have a good day and I really like your posts 

I didn’t expect my response to get this long but

Keep reading

Fellow fangirls and fanboys,

Aren’t you tired

Tired of having to wait until some rich businessmen decide if they are going to renew your favourite tv shows? Tired of reading of actors who suddenly leave a show for no apparent reason other than to make more money?
Aren’t you tired of being disrespected?

Because if I am not wrong, and correct me if I am, WE are the only reason the entire tv show industry exits. Without us they wouldn’t be able to get people with money to produce tv shows. 

So how come we get no saying? How come we have to anxiously wait to see if people who have probably never seen their own shows will renew them?

Some could say that we decide by supporting and watching the shows. But let’s be real, there are so many airing at the same time, one would have to use a Time-Turner to watch them all. 

We all know the best tv series are produced and aired in the United States of America. Which is why the rest of world has basically no saying in what happens, even though we are a pretty big group of people. Tipically enough, tv series are renewed or cancelled at the end of season, which for most is in May. By that time most of the world still hasn’t had the chance to legally watch and support their shows.
So how can they make a choice without all the data?

As you may or may not know, yesterday Netflix officialy cancelled Sense8, an amazing tv show about culture, diversity and love. A a lot of people were watching the show, but NOT EVERYONE CAN BINGE-WATCH IT IN A WEEK-END as much as we would all love to do. So why cancel it after only a month from the airing of the second season?

Well, dear tv series’ friends I think it’s time to raise our voices adn make some noise. Maybe we wil be ignored as always, maybe nobody will read this post, maybe nobody will agree with me. 

But maybe, for once we will be heard.

Holy shit people

I love you all. I went to bed and the whole thing just … bam.

I don’t know if this is the right thing to do but I’m not going to respond to support messages on here unless there’s something specifically I want to address from it. Please please let me respond privately to you, because I want to show you how much this means to me. 

The issue is that there’s been so many people reaching out. It’s the best problem to have, but I also want to make it easy for people potentially visiting the page to have a scroll through and see what happened.

I never expected this and I appreciate you all so much.

anonymous asked:

You are not like this in camilas performance 😢

i will NOT let you dismiss the fact i have posted about her performance (and said ‘forever with you’) when i watched it or when i went to youtube to defend her from haters, when i supported her when ‘hey ma’ came out, the fact i supported her even tho i didn’t like BT or the fact i’m saving money to buy her album OR when i block many people when they send hate to her… it’s never enough to some of you, you literally want me to obsess over her and be up her ass. the fact i’m still supporting her after all the bs we saw isn’t enough for you or do i need to be one of those camilizers you see on twitter? that’s NOT how things work with me

i’m proud of BOTH but tonight was special because the girls supported normani and normani mentioned camila while remembering their performance LET ME LIVE.

anonymous asked:

i dont get why so many people like your drawings???? like?? theyre mediocre at best??? is this how low the fma and royai fandom has sunk? shitposting and posting actual shit? while serious artists who post serious art get around just 5 notes smh

Oh hello there! Let’s see… My bad drawings…i’ve been over that with some rude anons before… Yes, my “art” is mediocre thank you… And dude you don’t get recognition overnight. I’ve been here 3-4 years and experienced getting no notes. I’m sure those artists are very good and much more talented than me and I will support their art 100% because we’re all artists here. So we come to the other part My dude my buddy my bro… if you don’t know how much the fandom shitposts why are you even in here? Like????

Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan

27K Followers?! Must be an FBI Coverup! Someone call Mulder and Scully! Aliens!

Hey, everyone! So we just hit 27,000 followers on the blog which is immense and amazing and I just wanted to say a few little bits and bobs and to let you guys know how much I appreciate you.

Thank you to the new followers and the old faithfuls who have stuck around over the past near 2 and half years! Thank you for supporting me and the blog even when I was busy with university and through all sorts of ridiculous and upsetting things! Thank you for being absolutely amazing.

You come to my defence when someone sends anon hate, you listen when I have something to say, we continue to grow and work together as a sort of little community and it’s lovely to see so many positive, supportive people who are trying their best. 

I’m glad that i’ve had the opportunity to help so many of you over the last 2 years, and I’m glad that so many of you are still fighting, still living and still being wonderful even if you don’t quite feel that way at the moment.

You are some of the most beautiful and sweet people and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking that I’m worthwhile!

I’d also like to thank @alloftheimaginesblog for being an amazing and supportive friend, for being a person who always supports this blog and me and she’s awesome! 

So thank you, thank all of you! I hope you guys get to be happy and that you realise how amazing you are because you’re pretty darn amazing!

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OOC Rant

Okay. So, I need to say a couple things.

We play games to have fun and enjoy time with friends. We roleplay for the same reasons. We make prompts to send asks or RP starters for the same reasons. All to have fun and enjoy your down time.

But that amusement is taken away when there is constant warning about other people. Oh, you see someone new is interacting with someone you had a falling out with? That totally means you need to go warn them, right?


If you want to warn people, then you must care. So why make someone who you care about have a bad day? Unless you don’t care and you only want to make someone’s life miserable. But then… who’s the real villain there? The person who you are warning others about or you? If you tell people that someone wronged you simply because you’re vindictive, then you’re no better than how you are making the other person out to be.

Be like Elsa. Let it go. Let people have their fun without needing to see ugly anons. Sometimes the anon’s are right. But then there are far too many times where it’s just a vindictive message and then when people support the so-called horrible person, they’re all labeled as horrible.

Most guilds have the rule of being good to each other. I don’t think that should be limited to just within your guild. So as a good friend and an awesome writer says, be good to each other. And not just to your own guild.

It’s stuff like this that makes the community bad.

anonymous asked:

Hi paisley♥ forgive me if my question is dumb, but I'd like to know how I, as a straight, can support the lgbt community?

Absolutely. We always appreciate support. Showing your support means the world to us, and it’s always amazing to see so many people who aren’t LGBT+ step up and let us know they stand behind us!!

TomuMobame 2017-04-13

Although I had already entered AKB48’s 49th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo, yesterday, I withdrew from the race.

I’m really, really sorry.
And I’m sorry I haven’t been able to update SNS regularly.
And for doing this after sales for Okinawa and the theater viewings had already started.

I’ve been thinking a lot since the candidacy period and entering.

At first, I didn’t intend to run at all.
I had made up my mind at the Thanksgiving Concert last year.
When that senbatsu was announced, even though you gave me a wonderful ranking in the Sousenkyo, even though I thought that would be my confidence, I felt shattered.
And because of that, all along I felt terribly sorry to all of you. And, would the next election change anything? Or would it be better for you to spend your time on something else?
This was always on my mind.

But after that, as the Sousenkyo drew near, I heard everyone’s voices cheering me on at handshake events and on SNS, and many people were expecting me to enter and supporting me saying “let’s do our best in the next one too”. It makes me feel happy, but also a little guilty–I want to meet your expectations, I don’t want to cause you worry… somehow it’s so very complicated.
Each time I heard those words, I was filled with a mix of many different feelings.

I was very worried, and sought lots of advice, and thought about it right up to the last minute. Then, with no other thought than that after all I wanted to meet everyone’s expectations, and that no matter what happens I love this group, I decided to enter the elections.

It is not an exaggeration to say Sousenkyo is synonymous with AKB48.
And for me too, the Sousenkyo was essential.
Through the Sousenkyo, you all pushed me forward, and I found so much hope. You enabled me to make a place for myself.

Therefore, of course, by appearing in this year’s SSK again, I wanted to help the group and make it exciting.
And I thought, one more time, I’ll do my best again with everyone who will support me.

I also wrote an e-mail with my feelings about the election.

However, I couldn’t send it.

I couldn’t stop thinking.

Is it really okay to keep on like this? Am I making proper use of this now-or-never time?

This hit me again after applying for the elections.
And I was troubled.

Inside, I was sad, and frustrated, and so worried and distressed that there were even times my emotions overflowed into tears. I had no idea what the right answer was, and for the first time I couldn’t control myself.

What is it that I should really be doing right now? Both to help the group and for my own future? I consulted a lot about this, and as a result of discussions with staff, I concluded I want to spend this year increasing my skills. And with that in mind I decided to withdraw.

And yet having made the decision, I know how many people will be affected by my withdrawal, and how irresponsible it is, and how much trouble it causes for those around me.
And I know it was not something granted easily.

So because of that, for as much trouble as I have caused, I will work that much harder.
So that after one year, both the people around me and those supporting me, and myself as well, will see the growth I have achieved in that year and think this was the right decision.

I don’t have any plans to graduate.
Please let me keep doing my best here.

From the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry to have caused you so much trouble and so much worry.

In the year ahead, I will do my best to grow up and contribute more to this group I love so much.
Thank you for your continued support.

N.B: This is a translation by @wlerin48 and I helped him for a bit.