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Castle on the Hill : Ashton One Shot

Inspired by Ed’s new song xx

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Spring season in your hometown, where the fresh air smells like the ingredients of your childhood and the reborn grass doesn’t get much greener. You’ve missed the old place, having spent too long in your new life to revisit as often as you once swore you would. Seeing the sights again, you wish you would’ve prioritized your annual returns, noticing now how much has changed in the short three years you’ve been gone.

Your parents had let you know that they’d be moving from the house in which you grew up to one half of a more modern duplex, but the fact that you’d never get the chance to stay in your old bedroom again didn’t quite register until you drove past the street you all used to live on. While that stung your nostalgic heart, it hurt a little more to find that some of the quaint, rustic buildings that filled the inner city with close-community charm had been demolished to create a blank canvas for chain restaurants and other corporate projects. The small town that raised you is steadily losing what makes it so small, growing like you have while you’ve been away.

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Bellamy’s humility

Bellamy’s disregard of his own self as well as his importance and place in the world is something that affects a lot of the story. For instance, do you ever think why he couldn’t get Clarke to stay in 2x16, even though she managed to get him to stay in 1x08? Let me answer that for you.

People often point out that the two scenes are direct parallels—and that is true…to a certain extent. (gif source)

This is a good chance to notice just how he goes about trying to convince her. The first thing I picked up on is how emotionally-charged his argument is. There’s a pleading in his voice, his words, his eyes. It exudes sincerity. See that search in his eyes? Looking to see if she recognises the words she told him a long time ago?

They also both tell each other ‘you have to come back with me/please come inside’ and ‘we’ll figure something out/we’ll get through this.’ But there is one, very crucial thing still to be noted: (source)

Bellamy never told Clarke that he needs her.

Bellamy does not tell Clarke the one thing she once told him, when she opened up to him. In fact, Bellamy hasn’t ever really made anybody aware of the connection he has with Clarke—even Clarke herself (but that’s another thing I’ll talk about in another post). His pleading with her to stay just oozes with genuine emotion, but he still pulls back from letting her know how leaving will personally affect him. Why?

Because of his unwavering humility; his humility is what failed him in this situation. Bellamy does not, ever, put his emotions, wants or needs before anybody else’s. Yes, he needs her, but he doesn’t want that to be the reason Clarke stays. The 2x16 is a very tension-filled scene, because you can tell that Bellamy has more to say, but he won’t let it out. Subconsciously, he’s already come to terms with the fact that she will leave, and he can’t convince her to do otherwise. Instead, we have him echoing her words to her, hoping that they will change her mind just as they did with him so long ago…but to no avail. 

On another note, we see the same reaction in 3x03 when somebody else dear to him leaves him: (source)

It’s his subtle manner of trying to let Octavia know that she is his home. But it’s too subtle—Octavia and Clarke do not pick up on his attempts to make them aware of how much they mean to him. But he would never outright tell them, no matter what, as if the last thing he wants is for his feelings to jeopardise their happiness. That’s how humble Bellamy is, and how much he elevates others, even if it hurts him in the process. He bottles up too much.

However, there is something I’d like to add. Clarke does at some point realise Bellamy needs her, too.

From Day Trip’s ‘but…I need you’… (source)

To Hakeldama’s ‘I need you. You need me?’… (source)

To Join or Die’s ‘we need each other, Bellamy’. (source)

Clarke picked up on it. She went from I need you to we need each other, because she knows now that she is just as important to Bellamy as he is to her. Without him even saying it, she was able to observe this and make it known to him that she knows now. And that she won’t leave again.

Bellamy finds it difficult to put his feelings for people he loves on display to them. He feels it is a burden or nuisance to them, and so he tends to bottle it up and tell himself they are much more important, that their wellbeing matters more. But that passion he has for affection to and from others is so strong, we find him trying to express his emotions in the faintest manner and it doesn’t really work. And it hurts him. He gets angry. He gets left behind. But, with this connection he has with Clarke, I feel that at some point he will be able to express his direct emotions more often. I mean, just look at 3x05 and 3x13. He told Clarke things, he told her that she left him, and that he was angry at her for leaving. Both in the past tense, though; ‘you left me’‘I was so angry at you for leaving.’ They came too late. 

But it is Clarke herself that has influenced his slow-but-steady road to showing people when something will hurt him, showing people what they mean to him and showing people that he needs them. It will happen at some point!

I used to stay up at night wishing for you to see me as the person that i really am. 
I was the person you went to when you were feeling low and I was the person who built your confidence. I was the one you could truly be vulnerable in front of and I thought because you showed me your insecurities that it meant you were going to love me. I thought being the only girl in your life who you had let in so deeply would mean that we would eventually be together, that you would eventually notice how long I’ve been standing here.
I used to hope for it, I used to hope that you would see me laughing or something and it would hit you, that you were in love with me, that every emotion I felt for you was reciprocated. but that never happened..
and as we grew older, I so desperately wanted to hold us together  because you were also the only person that I ever let see me. You were the only person I told everything too and you were the person I could be vulnerable with.  And as we both met new people we always came back to each other because there was a mutual understanding. something that was always worth coming back for. And I tried to hold that together, but lately everything just seems so much more clear. 
like the way you would never talk to me properly in front of your other friends, as if you were more  than me.. and the way you hide who you really are in front of other people and I fell in love with that person that you hide away, but lately I feel like he isn't even there anymore. 
And I realize after all this time, I never got you because you never deserved me. You are just a mountain, hard, solid, rock; that is just fading into the scenery. I am a volcano, I have so much life inside of me, ready to gush out and set fires and change the form of everything I ever touch.
I’m sorry that you are so interested in fading into the background, I’m sorry that you are afraid of strong headed women and I am so sorry that you feel the need to belittle others just so you can feel more superior.. and I am so sorry that I was wrong about you. But we can no longer be together my friend, because I am not afraid of standing outside of the picture, I am not afraid of moving mountains to create change and I am comfortable enough with who I am that I do not feel the need to let everyone know that my presence is important.
—  I look to you and I see nothing. 
Ponyboy Finds a Kitten

-He found it in a box next to the road as he was walking home

-Its mewing made him stop and he couldn’t resist

-It kind of reminded him of himself

-He tucked it in his shirt and luckily Darry wasn’t home

-“Soda… I got somethin’ to show you…please don’t tell Darry..”

-Pony pulls out this tiny little kitten and Soda is so conflicted because it is so friggin cute but how are they going to hide a kitten????

-Soda and Pony team up to make a nest for the little guy in their bedroom

-Darry is slightly suspicious because their room is actually staying clean all of a sudden

-Darry finds out a surprising three months later when Two-Bit bursts in and wants to see little JD

-He gets mad for like five minutes but they successfully took care of it this long so maybe it will actually teach Pony some more responsibility.

-The boys let JD sleep with them after Darry finds out

-JD is their unofficial mascot

-One night Pony slept over at a friend’s so Soda brought JD into Darry’s room

-“Darry, look he wants to sleep with you!”

-“Soda, ain’t no cat sleepin’ in my bed.”

-The cat slept in his bed that night, curled up on his chest

-Darry secretly spoils the crap out of JD with treats

Dating Pidge Head Cannons

Literally this entire thing was self indulgent. I love PIdge so much you have no idea so yeah they’re what I would want in a relationship with the perfect being.

Request made by @hidingfromourtime (and myself)

-she always asks you to bake peanut butter cookies
-(she will never bake them bc she loves your cooking with all her heart)
-when sleeping in the same bed you both hit each other and sometimes wake up on the floor still cuddling
-dating her includes many sleepless night of her just saying how much she loves you
-she’ll let you play with some of her new gadgets
-she’ll be up late trying to finish a new gadget and programming but you’ll stay up with her as long as you can and end up falling asleep on her lap
-when she first confessed to you she was forced to by Hunk
-it took her about a minute of adorable stuttering and a literal push from Hunk which lead to her kissing you

—much movie marathon
-sometimes she’ll let you play with her hair to see her with new styles
-you’ll do each others makeup whenever you’re going somewhere very special
-one time she made a telescope and you two stargazed for an entire evening

-ever since you started having nightmares she bought you some special glow-in-the-dark stars for the ceiling to help calm you down
-when you wake up and cry from the dream she’ll hold you tightly while nuzzling your neck while just whispering things like, “It’s okay I’m here for you, I’m always here for you.”
-whenever you feel insecure at first she’ll get frustrated at whoever made you feel that way and then praise you as if you were God

-matching galaxy or polka dot socks for when it starts getting cold
-also matching keychains so that no matter where you go you’ll always have a reminder for the other  
-sometimes she’ll start geeking out about a new show she’s in love with and the next day you surprise her with some of the merchandise
-(she does the same with you)

-sometimes you two take showers together
-(not sexual, it’s just a bunch of washing each other’s hair)
-when ever you sing she smiles like a complete dork and just falls in love with you all over again
-there are times when she tries to hide how much she misses her family
-you notice right away and just cuddle to show that you’ll always be there for her
-you two surprisingly go out shopping for hours to only end up buying like one sweater each
-she bought you matching bracelets with the date you she confessed to you engraved on it for your one year anniversary
-if you wake up before her you wake her up by giving her soft neck kisses
-she’ll wake you up with kisses on your face

-one time Lance walked in on you two kissing and cuddling
-his reaction: “Oh quisnack! Sorry Pidge!!”
-from that day on he always made sure to knock

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I was reading the Yandere-post (of them never letting Reader leave), and I want to do a sort of sequel scenario (alliteration, it's fun). This is non-canon, btw. After watching Reader from afar, all the boys (or just the S and M, your call) decide that it's time to take Reader as their own; whether she's willing or not. Explain the methods of how they would go about kidnapping her. (You don't have to do Kanato, it's just him. And Reiji can make up an excuse).

I just did the S and M boys because those are the ones I did originally! Man writing these yanderes makes me miss writing for Hetalia… let’s see if writing 24 yandere stories paid off.


Shu - Shu wouldn’t have to kidnap you, stay around him long enough and he’ll have you eating out the palm of his hand. All it would take was time, time to break you down slowly, time to move your relationship in the direction he wants, and time to ask you to help him with homework. He’d have you so messed up by his mind games that you’d think nothing of it and walk straight into your prison like a good sl(CENSORED).

Reiji -
Reiji of course would use his go to, his potions. He’d spend weeks carefully brewing the perfect concoction to slip in your drink while you were distracted by the stupidest of things he could point out. The serum would be just right to knock you unconscious long enough for him to move you but not enough to kill, where would the fun in that be?

Ayato -
Ayato would take the direct approach to this. You are his and he is going to take his whether you like it or not, got it? Of course you wouldn’t play into that whole charade but it wouldn’t stop him from isolating you in the hallways and making sure you’re alone as the late bell rang. After listening to his narcissistic rant he’d give you a choice, if you choose to leave well you’ll find your head meeting the the locker behind you and the world going black. Not much you can do conscience right?

Laito - Laito has an uncanny way with words and thus he uses that to his advantage. He knows just the words to use to get you close to him, and he knows just where to touch to get you practically falling in his arms. All that’s left after Laito’s charm is well… the night of your life. Your last night alone as well.

Subaru - Subaru wouldn’t know how to go about taking you at first, the concept of loving someone was truly new to him so he’d try every approach there was. He’d try to manipulate you but his heart wasn’t in it, he’d try sweet talking but he’s not really a man of words here. Finally he’d get fed up and just grab you and literally dragging you to the mansion without even thinking of anyone seeing. I don’t think you’ll be willing to fight him, not when he’s frustrated.


Ruki - As manipulative as ever, he’d to have you eating out the palm of his hand by that time arises. He would break you down slowly and gently, just to make sure not to scare you off. For a week there he thought you were trying to be disobedient by avoiding him, but you came crawling back to your master like a good livestock. That’s when he knew he had you and eventually with a well thought out order you were walking into your new cage… Like a good little livestock. (I’m sorry but that was kinky…)

Kou - How could he get in his arms permanently? Simple, ruin you. If you thought having Kou ruin others’ lives for your sake was terrible it was nothing compared to you being on that end. Of course you’d never know about his hand in your misery because he was pretty damn careful. Organizing ways for you to not feel safe, creating a sense of paranoia if you will, even in your own home. You’d become so sick with worry that you’d eventually come to him and that’s when he’d strike.

Yuma - Very, very direct. And by direct I mean you are thrown over his shoulder and carried to his home without him caring if someone sees. He’s not very good at the whole sweet talking thing and manipulation isn’t his forte but brute force is dammit! Now be a good Sow and shut up the rest of the way home because you’re getting on his nerves with your yelling. I would advice against fighting him though because Yuma’s not afraid to hit back… hard.

Azusa - Ahhh Azusa, I believe he would take after Ruki on this. He’d manipulate you into your predicament, of course in his own way. He’d drill his way into your head; oh, you want to be with another friend but what if I were to hurt myself? You can’t work with them because what if the partner I get turns out to be a not so nice person? You can’t sleep at your house because I’ll get lonely and I usually hurt myself when I get lonely. Of course we all know Azusa would do that to himself anyways but he somehow convinces you otherwise and thus you can’t sleep for weeks until he’s set in your head and you play into the ploy, spending your first night at the Mukami mansion and you’d never leave.

TBH if snow worked the way it does in children’s cartoons, then i would fucking love it


  1. i could freely walk and run in the snow without worry of slipping on any ice underneath. 
  2. the snow wouldn’t freeze my hands off. instead, picking up a pile of snow would feel like picking up a gooey marshmallow
  3. if i fall into the snow my entire outfit would stay dry and warm instead of becoming completely drenched because snow is ice and ice is literally just. frozen water.
  4. everyone in the world has a sleigh to ride down snowy mountains, completely by convenience 
  5. school is cancelled everywhere in the area no matter how little of an amount there is. snow?! in here?!?!? in this warm suburban area?!?!?!?!? UNNATURAL!!!!11! WE CANNOT LET THE CHILDREN SEE THIS!!!!!!1 CANCEL ALL SCHOOL
  6. no extra school days are added onto the end of the year to make up snow days. we keep the long summer
  7. the sun is out all day and for some reason it just. doesn’t melt the snow. i love dark gray skies so much, with all of my heart, but. waking up to snowy day with bleak,cloudy sky just makes me kind of. depressed
  8. all of the snow just magically poofs away after one day. no giant dirty mounds of old snow in the stop&shop parking lot. no leftover water puddles in the streets. NO ICE AT ALL
  9. i can mold the snow in into a perfect sphere with little complication
  10. i can go out in the snow wearing nothing but an ugly christmas sweater and my undies and i won’t feel any fucking cold at all.
  11. snow piles onto everything perfectly, and doesn’t fall off
  12. infinite snow. i can finally experience the joy of making a snowman
  13. snowflakes are big enough for you to see the pretty designs
  14. it’s not 10 20 or 30 degrees or whatever and it still fucking snows. a fucking anomaly
  15. every day that it snows on is automatically christmas. santa clause comes into my house and dabs
Nights Not Slept

So, let’s see how these go! I’m new to these preferences and I’ve read some before so hopefully this is on par with how to goes.


You’re used to falling asleep before him, safe and warm in his strong arms. He can’t always stay asleep for long, and he’ll often get up and walk around the bunker. Sometimes, when you wake up alone in the middle of the night, you’ll find him in a corner of the library. And eventually, you start to bring two mugs of hot chocolate. You lean against him, falling asleep once again before him. You’re barely aware of the light jostle as he lifts you and carries you back to bed, holding your body tightly against his. And you know he’s afraid to let you go, so you intertwine your fingers with his and squeeze his hand. You hold on until his soft snores reach your ears and you too, succumb to sleep.


His legs are intertwined with your own, one arm stretched out above your head and the other laying over your waist. You trace the calluses on his hands, and the scars left over his arms from the countless hunts. You know the origin of each one, but you focus on the feel of his hands against your fingertips. They’re rough, but comforting. His head rests on your shoulder as he watches you intently.

It took him a while to be comfortable with your focused study of his body. He trusted you, but was self conscious of the marks that covered him. You assured him you loved every inch, and after some time he’s able to relax completely. You’ll press a kiss to his knuckles and you can feel his lips pull into a smile against your shoulder. But when you’re finally tired, you intertwine your fingers with his and mold yourself into his body as the two of you drift off to sleep.


At the beginning of your relationship you found sleep hard to come by.  Because Cas didn’t need to sleep, you found yourself regarding sleep as an annoyance — less time to spend with the man you’d finally admitted your feelings to. But after a while, as much as he enjoyed your sleep deprived ramblings, Cas would have to call bedtime. He’d wrap his arms around you, pulling you close to him and quiet your words with a kiss. Some lasted longer than others, but eventually you would lie back and lay your head on his shoulder as he hummed one of the songs he’d heard on the radio. After a bit of this it would be your turn to kiss him, before you turned, placing your head back on him and finally falling asleep.

a letter to the one who doesn’t want to live anymore

I know things have been tough for you lately. for so long, you’ve wondered if things are going to ever get better. you get your hopes up, only to be let down in the end. So you stopped believing in happiness. You’ve let yourself get worse and worse, falling into an endless pit of nothingness. You don’t see how things could possibly get worse. You’re fed up of the bullshit life hands you every day.

I know that everything keeps getting harder and I hate to tell you this, but things will always be somewhat difficult. But you’re going to get stronger along the way. You are going to be able to handle things better. You’ll make mistakes along the way, but you’re only human. You’re allowed to mess up here and there.

I know you think that nobody loves you and that nobody cares about you, but you’re wrong. There is always someone that cares. Maybe it’s a family member or a friend that lives 3,000 miles away. Maybe it’s a friend that you haven’t talked to in years. Maybe it’s your next door neighbor. I don’t know, but there is always someone. Maybe they have a weird way of showing it or maybe they don’t tell you enough. Either way, you are NEVER alone and somebody loves you.

I know what you’re going through. I was there once, too. I’m living proof that things really do get better, so take it from me. Things will look up. And if they don’t get better on their own, then maybe you need to start making new choices. Maybe you need to rid yourself of toxic people. Maybe you need to start standing up against those who put you down. Maybe you need to find a way to stop being so isolated. Maybe you need to make new friends. Maybe you need to learn to love yourself. I don’t know, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

I need you here. Your friends and family need you here. Everyone needs you here. Your existence matters and you matter so much more than you will ever know. You’ve put up such a good fight, why throw it all away? You still have a lot to live for. You still have to figure out where you wanna go in life. You still have a family to start. You still have dreams to fulfill. You still have a life to live. Please don’t leave. Please don’t go. Not today, not now, not ever.

I hope this makes you rethink your decision and I hope you decide to stay. 

your friend,


VIXX: another member is dating their sister

N: would be extra sassy and strict with the other member. It probably wouldn’t be a shock to him, just bc he’s so observant and he could tell how you felt about them. Wouldn’t mind too much as long as they stay in their place and remember that you’re the leader’s sister. Makes sure to keep an eye on the both of you so he has an excuse to make yall break up, but always fails bc he could see that they love you.

Leo: might be the most salty when he finds out. Will not accept it until you sit him down and tell him that you really loved the other member. He’s such a protective brother and wouldn’t let you date just anyone, so he’s sorta glad it’s a person he’s really close with. Let’s be honest, it’ll take a lot of convincing for the other member to tell him bc they’d be so scared of Taekwoon. He’d sulk for a while until he realizes that you really like their friend.

Ken: might be excited, might fight the other member. I really can’t see a happy medium. If you caught him in a sour mood, you should probably wait until you tell him. However, over time he’ll accept it and just get used to it. He’s not exactly intimidating or scary, so he knows he can’t scare the other member into leaving you alone. If he sees that you’re truly happy, it won’t bother him and accept the other into your family.

Ravi: the most rational out of them all. He’d simply ask you both to sit down and talk to him, trying to convince him why he should be okay with it. He might not love the idea of one his best friends dating his sister, only bc if you break up then he’s gotta deal with all of the drama and the back and forth. But you’ll manage to convince him to be happy for the both of you. He’d make sure to have a separate talk with other member, esp if they’re younger than him, and sternly ask them to treat you right and not break your heart.

Hongbin: tbh I think he might be confused, thinking that you’re both joking and messing with him. His head would be a web of confusion and hesitation. He’ll appreciate the fact that you’re both asking for his permission, even after having dated for a while, but he’s still unsure of what to say. But in the end I think he’ll be happy just bc you’re happy, as long as the other member makes sure to treat you like a queen.

Hyuk: he’d be kinda shocked and scared bc they’re his hyung, so he can’t exactly say “nah, bruh, she’s my sister and she’s off limits”. If you’re already super close with the other member before dating, then I think he wouldn’t mind and be happy for you. He’s just unsure of what to do if yall ever broke up. He’d think of the worst case scenarios and scold himself for not seeing it earlier, bc duh he’s your brother and he didn’t even know. He’ll get over it eventually, since they’re all already like brothers.

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If you're still doing the text thing: ✿ with the whole RFA if it isn't too much trouble


Zen: I just want to get out of work so bad, princess ;-;

Zen: I’ve been good at work today, does that mean I can spoil you when I come home?

Zen: Please say yes, I’ve been missing you all day.

Jumin: You’ll find a present in the wardrobe when you arrive home.

Jumin: I know you’ll like it, after all I did pick it out myself for you.

Jumin: I was having fun imagining it on you, let me please see the real picture.

Jaehee: Mr Han won’t stop going on and on today. It is beginning to tire me out.

Jaehee: Oh? You’ll know how to keep me awake?

Jaehee: As long as you stay awake too. I want to stay up for the whole night with you.

Yoosung: I can’t stop thinking about you during this lecture, please can you come round to my apartment afterwards?

Yoosung: I know how to treat you!

Yoosung: Oh I was thinking just a nice meal, but if you want I can treat you to more than that~

Saeyoung: I can’t stop thinking about what you looked like last night o:

Saeyoung: You, wearing nothing but those cat ears, looked irresistible.

Saeyoung: I don’t suppose… you could sport the same thing again tonight?


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//no matter what, you’re beautiful and he won’t let you think otherwise//

~this took me fucking forever, so you better enjoy it. To the nonnie who wanted a gentle Kookie smut loaded with insecurities and thank you for staying up with me Abby, love you<3 ~

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An older Finn design Kasu- what are your thoughts on that? Would you be disappointed if they just used the giant Finn that's in the comics and stuff? Would you be alright with a super bishie looking ones? Do you want him to be significantly taller or broad shouldered, have a new outfit? What are you hoping for/dreading in terms of an older looking Finn if the show ever gives us one?

I’m thinking that if they were to make a serious age-up of him, he wouldn’t change all that much, especially in his twenties: maybe have broader shoulders and be built more like how Martin was when he was younger, but nothing drastic. I didn’t like his Puhoy design, because it deviated from his basic form too much… maybe he would start growing a mustache/beard but I honestly can’t see him with anything too bushy when he was sporting a babyface for so long |D the hat would obviously stay but maybe he’d let his hair peek out a bit… maybe he’d go for a different bag and finally different clothes too…


In Hae Soo & Wang So’s defense. There is only so much one can take. Both are in a cut-throat environment where if you don’t change you die. .

I understand Hae Soo wanting to leave the palace. She can’t marry the King and she can’t really stay with him either. She puts up a front and claims she understands, but how long can one stand seeing the person you love with another until you finally break.

In regards to Wang So “changing”. I would say he’s more evolving rather that going through a complete 180. He still is the same person who loves Baek Ah and Hae Soo and is willing to protect them at any cost. He’s adapting to his toxic environment not changing his personality.

Jaebum and Jackson mysteriously arrive in a students bedroom...in boxes?!

Jaebum and Jackson had no idea how they arrived there, but the student who was currently fast asleep didn’t seem to notice their presence as they watched her peacefully sleeping. “Who is she?” Jackson asked quietly.

“No idea…let’s just stay still and see what she does” Jaebum said under his breath, looking around her room and noticing all the language books and manga on her shelves.

After she woke up, got ready and left for her part time job - Jaebum managed to escape from his box with his sheer will power and wits!…while Jackson had a little more trouble than expected. “JB…help me! I can’t get out of here…what do I do?”

Jaebum thought long and hard, wondering just how he was going to attempt to break Jackson free. “Try rocking yourself back and forward…but don’t fall off the shelf!”

“Okay…here goes…” Jackson braced himself for impact.

WOAAAAHHH!” both the boys screamed as Jackson almost toppled over - being saved by the girls books on her shelves from rolling on to the ground. Nothing seemed to work no matter how hard they tried.

“I guess….we’ll just have to wait until that girl comes back. Maybe she can help us get back to where we came from?” Jaebum sighed as he thought about how long you would be gone for.

“I hope she can. I don’t know how much longer I can take being stuffed in here. Come back soon, mysterious girl…” Jackson whined through the transparent film of his box - neither of them knowing what else they could do except to wait until the student came home.

LOL you guys, I got my GOTOON figures of Jaebum and Jackson today and I couldn’t help but do something like this. I can’t open Jacksons until November unfortunately because it’s a present for my mum who thinks the sun shines out of Jackson Wang’s asshole (she’s not wrong tho)

BUT I can play with Jaebummie in the meantime. I feel like I have 2 dream knights watching over me now, hehe ^^