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Aura? Yes, you can see it

I’m not going to explain what aura is, let’s just skip to the main part, how you can see it?

1. How to see other people’s aura. Blur your vision on purpose. 

(If you don’t know how, here is a little tip: Focus on something far away from you. Like a tree, or a car, let’s say, across the street. While you’re looking at the thing you chose, focus your mind on what is between you and that thing. The blurry part of your vision. The more you try and practice, the better you’ll get.)

Once your vision is blurry, go sit in the park or somewhere where you can see people walking around. Sit on a bench, blur your vision and focus your mind people walking around. Do not look directly at them. Just accept their presence and look at the thing far away. After some time you’ll see something that looks like a beam of light right above people’s heads. This is the step n.1. Remember the more you practice, the more you’ll see. After some time, you can start to see whole auras around their bodies. Some will be wide, some will have more layers, some will have colors and spikes or smooth edge and so on. 

2. How to see your own aura. Wait for the night. Sit alone in a room, let just the street light slightly enter the space you’re in. Hold your hand in front on you, make sure the wall (or something else) behind your hand is dark colored or preferably, black. Blur your vision focusing on your hand. Do not look directly at your hand. After some time, you’ll be able to see something that looks like waves of warmness around your hand. It looks like warm air rising from a tea pot. You may see colors, you may see shape and edges.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Don’t beat yourself up because you won’t be able to see it right away. It takes time.


About Mark Lee

You guys don’t understand how much respect I have for Mark Lee. I’m so serious about this. It’s such a hard thing to just move to a different country and learn the language. THEN you train and train and train for years in order to do what you’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

He’s kind of a role model for me because I want to be like him. Not necessarily a Kpop star or whatever, but I’d want to have that same passion for something that I love and just run with it as far as I can go.
Another thing is that he can take criticism when people want to help him improve. It’s very difficult to take something that someone has said to you like “you need to work on this more” or “this isn’t very good but let me tell you how to make it better” and turn that into something great with a positive attitude. I still struggle with that but just seeing Mark work with it makes me want to be more open to constructive criticism. People that succeed are people that allow others to teach them and help.

Mark may be my bias but I feel the same way about Johnny, Winwin, Kun, Yuta, Ten, Chenle, and Renjun. They had the courage to move to Korea and actually get through their training. I’m very proud to be a fan of NCT and I’m so happy that we have such a supportive fan base that loves each other.

“You have to let go of the past, because no matter how much you wanted to, its already gone” _Ted Mosby

I think the reason why all the boys in Mystic Messenger keep telling MC about Rika is because at first they think of MC as her replacement. Rika used to be someone that bring everyone together, no matter how much you hate her, this is the truth that she actually did brought happiness to everyone for a while. As far as I can see, all the boys truly treasured all these memories they created together, something they wanted to replay once again so that they can live those moment again. Though, some of them have feelings for Rika but its more than just love for her, its the memories they want to hold on. Everyone has one of those memories you want to replay, so I think you understand their desires to live in those once again.

As the result you can see, the past won’t replay. Whoever MC ends up with, everyone can not be all happy ever again because they all have problems unsolved. 

Why do I think this? I remember in one of chat room in route 707, he said that when MC’s here he thought they can hold the party and everyone can be happy again. Its just kinda tick me off because I did tried to live these memories again with familiar people, but it failed miserably. You just have to let them go, because life just moves on and be cruel like that. We want nothing to change yet we’re the very creatures that change every second.

The writer for this game truly did an amazing job.


“I was lucky enough to get accepted into the grad program at Yale. I’ve never seen so many talented people in one room who were above and beyond way more talented than I was. That was the driving force that really pushed me to excel. When you’re surrounded by people like that, you think, ‘I can do that; I can do more. Let’s see how far this can go.’”

Book scribble…So this will be an experiment to try to post on my tumblr a short story series “OAKLANE” by sketching a page each week. I’m restricting myself to three panels and grey tones with line work. Excuse the typos as I will be correcting in real time…let’s see how far I can go with this :)

I can honestly say I’ve never been more proud of two people in my life. These two dorks have managed to use their fame for something that we can all experience and cherish together, instead of just letting it get to their heads like a lot of celebrities do. It’s crazy to see how far they’ve come since the first PINOF, and watching TATINOF again and seeing the documentary definitely solidified it for me: they’ve changed so much, yet they’re still so authentic and such caring people who do so much for us and others. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next, and while it will be sad (kind of) to see their old branding with the llamas and the lions go, I am so excited for the next chapter of Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, and, of course, Dan and Phil™. I absolutely love them with all of my heart and I am so happy that they are such a huge part of my life.

Okay lets talk about the symbolism of “two paper airplanes flying” though. You throw a paper airplane knowing that it’s going to come crashing down pretty soon. But you do it anyway, because you want to see how far it can go. You never know if it’s going to go two feet or twenty feet, you only know that it will, inevitably, come to an end, but you throw it anyway because it’s fun while it lasts – just like their relationship. And if you don’t think that’s some poetic stuff right there you can gladly go get lost in the woods.

#2MonthsWithVicton It’s been two months since Victon has debuted and I really can’t even begin to explain how proud I am of these 7 boys! They’ve done amazing so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. You’ve got so many fans that love and support you, Victon. Let’s keep going forward with our heads held high. I’ll always be here supporting you!

Solas and ...Sera

I had this one in a million ideas…

What if Solas offered an advice to Sera about running her group of ‘Red Jennies’ because it reminded him of something similar to what he was doing when he was younger?

Let’s say in the beginning of his rebellion act. I don’t believe that he was straight forward ‘charge-on-ahead’ guy while hoping to change the minds of the Evanuris. What if he started his rebellion - act of opposing the rulers - by doing pranks? Testing their limits? Seeing how far he can go without being caught; who would be on his side; who would join him; where he could find supporters to his cause, etc.

Before it all went dark and serious… maybe he was like Sera; scared and confused and trying to do SOMETHING.

I don’t know, it’s just a thought.

An AU where everything was the same except Lawless DID get bored of Licht and killed him in the end ???

“Oh angel, my dearest angel~” Lawless sings as he rounds the room in big strides, almost as if dancing to a song. He twirls the rapier in his hand with grace from years of experience, his face contorted in a mocking smile, “How many times have I told you that I can just end your life oh so suddenly?”

“How many times did you not listen?”

“How many times did you think you were better than me?”

“How many times did I have to hold back just so I can see how far you`ll go?”

He sighs and walks over to the body on the floor. He puts his hands on his knees, props his chin on his palm and nudges the raven-haired boy`s cheek, “I got bored of course. Sorry about that,”

He breaks out into a laugh as he lets his rapier dissolve from his hand, “Well, it was bound to happen anyways! Angels who get too full of themselves are bound to be taken by the demons- through their minds, or through their lives!” 

He pulls the angel to his feet and holds his face steady, “How I wish you listened to me,” Without even thinking, he wraps his arms around the eve`s slim waist and pulls him close, He breaths slowly, taking in the scent of the human who had the nerve to beat him in line. His thoughts slowly came back to him, memories even, and they were bittersweet.

“How I wish you saw me properly…” His voice fades.

“Maybe I really just wanted you to respect me a little…”

“Maybe I really just wanted you to acknowledge me…”

He sighs and loosens his hold. He pulls the angel to the bed and lays him down slowly on the white sheets. An immediate bloom of red forms below the pale body and he pauses. He indeed was beautiful for an angel.

Lawless leans in and places a soft kiss on the boy`s forehead. Oh angel, my dearest angel… Sleep perchance to dream, as they say…”

….I`m sorry ;;v;;

assorted poetry, part 1.
dylan thomas,  elizabeth bishop,  ezra pound,  langston hughes,  pablo neruda, robert hayden,  shel silverstein,  sylvia plath,

  • do not go gentle into that good night.
  • death shall have no dominion. 
  • though lovers be lost,  love shall not.
  • an open book confronts me,  to close to read in comfort.
  • i do not know my age.
  • is this how this country is going to answer you and your immodest demands for a different world?
  • even in my dreams,  you have denied yourself to me.
  • let us pity those who are better off than we are.   come,  my friend,  and remember that the rich have butlers and no friends.
  • unkillable infants of the very poor,  they shall inherit the earth.
  • your boredom is exquisite and excessive.
  • don’t you fall now.
  • i swear to the lord,  i still can’t see why democracy means everybody but me.
  • life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.
  • don’t go far off,  not even for a day.
  • everything carries me to you,  as if everything that exists,  aromas,  light, metals,  were little boats that sail toward those isles of yours that wait for me.
  • i loved her,  and sometimes she loved me too.
  • love is so short,  forgetting is so long.
  • my love feeds on your love,  beloved,  and as long as you live it will be in your arms without leaving mine.
  • will you come back?   will you leave me here dying?
  • i awoke at last free.
  • in scary night i wandered,  praying,  lord god my harshener,  speak to me now or let me die;  speak,  lord,  to this mourner.
  • if you’re a bird be an early bird,  but if you’re a worm sleep late.
  • if you are a dreamer,  come in.
  • i never have nightmares.
  • underneath my outside face,  there’s a face that none can see.
  • every woman adores a fascist.
  • i do it so it feels like hell.
  • i have always been scared of you.
  • o my enemy,  do i terrify?
  • you bastard,  i’m through.
  • you can lie back now.

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Ok just. Imagine this: UT/US/UF/SF Sans Crush is drunk and giggling at pretty much everything and the boys gotta make sure their crush don't get sick. Suddenly, Crush leans over and just. S h o v e s. Their entire HAND. In the Sans' eye socket. Purely out of unrestrained, drunken curiosity. Please I need to know the skells reaction, for science.

* I can actually… see myself doing this….

I think you will like this fic, especially Chapter 7 and several others


I take his reaction in that fic to be my headcanon. [not my writing all credit to poubelle_squelette]
“Yeah yeah,” you hiccupped, “give me. Give me the I told you so speech later. I just. Let me. Okay???” you said, pushing your fingers deeper into the socket. How far did these eyes go anyway? Your fingers started tingling. “Hahaha, your eyes feel funny.”
Sans grabbed your wrists. “eye see what you’re doin there pal, but iris you’d stop.”


He jerks back immediately, sputtering and indignant. “wh-wha the hell?” He’d yell, rubbing at the violated eye. He’d take away their drink, downing it himself, “alright, alright tha’s nuf for ya. time t’getcha home.”
Luckily, (or unluckily for Sans) Mett was taking a selfie right at that moment and managed to get the precious moment on camera. He posts it and it immediately becomes a meme. 

It’s called ‘I’m Not Crying There’s Just _____ In My Eye’ where the blank is the subject in question. It can be anything, ranging from depression to homework to Donald Trump. The topic is badly photoshopped onto the crush’s face. This is it. This is their legacy.


He squeaks and bats their hand away, holding the side of his skull. Yikes that felt weird. He takes away their drink, forces them to drink water and brings them home, all the while chiding them about manners, physical boundaries and social etiquette for skeletons. See? This is why he hates alcohol. It makes people do weird things.


He screeches like a pterodactyl and slaps their entire arm away. “OKAY NO MORE DRINKS FOR YOU!” He says, throwing money onto the bar before grabbing them by the wrist and dragging them out of the establishment. Later, “AT LEAST I DIDN’T STICK MY HAND IN YOUR EYE” becomes a valid point of any argument.

Bonus SF!Pap because I kept thinking about it and I can’t stop laughing

/looks into the camera like he’s on The Office
“This is fine.” He says, downing a shot.

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R is L's wife/girlfriend (whichever) & K's friend who know she's Supergirl & begs K to help prove L's innocence & later to rescue L

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“Kara, she can’t stay in there.  You have to do something; she’s innocent.  Talk to Maggie or Alex or someone, please-”

“Y/N, I promise you, I’m doing everything I can to clear Lena’s name.  I know she wouldn’t do this,” Kara cut you off before you could sputter out another plea and gripped you by the shoulders.

“They won’t let me visit her.  She’s in that jail all alone, and who knows how they’re treating her.  What if someone in there has a vendetta against Lex or Lillian and they take it out on her?”

“I’m going to see what I can do as far as getting you into see her, okay?” Kara assured you genuinely.  Her promises did nothing to quell the anxiety in your stomach.


“Kara, you have to let me come, please.  If something happens to her, I have to know that I tried.”

“It’s too dangerous,” the cape-clad blonde responded as she walked briskly towards the exit of the DEO.  You quickened your pace to keep up with her.

“Please, Kara!”

You caught her by the arm and planted your feet firmly onto the concrete.  Kara’s jaw locked, but after a few seconds of contemplation, she nodded.

“Fine.  Let’s go.”

We hit 600 today....

Thank you, my feelings about this are indescribable. It’s barely been 6 months since I’ve joined and I still can’t believe I got to 100 followers, let alone this. Thank you. It means more than you know- all the love, support, and advice. I love you all so much and can’t wait to see how far we all go!

-Ellie 💜

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I just loved that moment… Regina is losing herself to the Evil Queen again you really can see it how her eyes turn dark its like a switch is turned on 

This woman right here she is dangerous this is the woman who rips out heart this is the woman who let anger control her. And now would be the moment to run away as far as you can

But not Emma. Emma tries to reach her to break through to her. She tries to anchor her and she won’t let go.

Because she knows who the real Regina is but she is also aware just how much power Regina’s dark side has over her. But Emma doesn’t give up not till Regina comes back to her before the darkness and the rage can take over. 


AoKise has always been a big part of this blog (and of my art) and I just can’t miss not contributing to their day! So here you guys go~!

(Now time to disappear and study for finals)