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some less discussed hdm moments/elements/plots i’m super pumped to see in the tv show:

  • lyra being a little shit in jordan - lyra getting drunk off her ass, lyra being a little shit to the scholars, lyra fucking around in the catacombs only to have headless ghosts haunt her at night. give me my little shit of a child lyra
  • will parry and his cat moxie straight up killing a man
  • marisa coulter letting lord boreal believe she’s charmed by him and totally into him, then straight up poisoning him and leaving him in a tent to die when he stops being useful to her
  • marisa coulter leading an army of spectres?? marisa coulter being terrifying as fuck????
  • but then: marisa coulter in the cave with lyra; marisa, despite all of asriel’s caution, charming him and deceiving him and then escaping asriel’s captivity to spy for him
  • everything that marisa does between escaping asriel and then him saving her from the exploding power station tbh
  • then marisa lying with all her being to motherfucking right hand of god, ruler of heaven metatron??? marisa playing him???
  • people talk a lot about marisa in the golden compass but seriously. marisa in the amber spyglass. she’s terrifying and spectacular and i love her
  • anyway
  • mary motherfucking malone
  • mary being dragged into this weird world of parallel universes and angels and shit and being all “fuck it, i’m too tired to try and doubt this shit, i’ll just go with it”
  • cynic mary having this childlike excitement and wonder for all the things she encounters, yet still being scientific and analytical about it
  • mary and the mulefa. mary and atal
  • the mulefa!!!!! give me my alien elephants on wheels children who are so pure and good!!!!!! the real angels of this story tbh
  • okay now this is really niche but: ama, the himalayan girl who helped will wake up lyra in the cave? she’s pure and fierce and brave, i love that little girl
  • gallivespians. all gallivespians. then also tialys and salamakia in particular. hand-sized people who ride giant dragonflies and can kill you with a stab of their ankle spurs and take no shit from no one. how fucking metal is that
  • the knife breaking, the reforging of the knife, that’s some good intense shit
  • the world of the dead. will and lyra in the world of the dead. it’s gonna be fucked up. just fuck me up i’m ready
  • i’m gonna stop but this is still just a partial list really
  • no but listen???
  • this whole trilogy, this whole (multi) universe, it’s so fucking reach and beautiful and detailed and poetic and overwhelming and flowing with iconic moments and things that i love so dearly
  • fuck the daemons hype i’m dying to see all the other details, literally everything else
  • and with the team being so keen to stick to the source material?? i’m gonna die and i’m gonna love it

MC in the clothes of the RFA guys
(There is nothing underneath those clothes so you can let your imagination run wild ヽ(´▽`)/ )

I wanted to draw the different MCs, but I couldn’t choose which one to pair with each guy, so I just used the long haired MC

For the people who asked what happened to Jaehee


Freshuary Day 7 — FRESH MEETS KID!FRESH - What if he met his kid self? Let your imagination run wild…

I’m gonna let you puzzle out the context yourself. However, note: The prompt didn’t say when this meeting happens in the kiddo’s life.

The challenge itself is here.

MommaCQ belongs to @alainaprana

Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies

(Do I name and tag the rest of the crowd???)


Since I saw how much people loved the Genoary challenge by the lovely @shinydiamondblog​, I wanted a Fresh one, too! And so I asked and got their lovely permission :D Thank you!!

What’s the Freshuary Challenge?

Freshuary is about Fresh, CPAU, Lucidia, & everything CQ has given us. Each day, you’ll have a different challenge to take, depending on the day. It’s up to you whether you want to take the challenge or not. This is just for fun!

How do I participate?

All you have to do is draw something for Freshuary. Let your imagination run wild. It doesn’t have to be a drawing. It could be anything else you think is good. Be sure to tag your submission as #freshuary so others can see your wonderful work! It will also make it super easy to find your posts. :3 It doesn’t matter if you’re late for a certain day. You don’t even have to do all the days. Just have fun. You can post your drawing even if it’s a week late! ^^

Below is the list of challenges you will partake.

1 - BRAND NEW DAY - Celebrate the new month of February with Fresh visiting for 28 days. How does Fresh enter your life?

2 - SWAP - Make an alternate Fresh! Underfell, Outertale, etc… 

3 - DREAM/NIGHTMARE - What does Fresh dream about? Are they good dreams, or are they nightmares? Maybe a little of both…?

4 - TRAVEL - How do you think Fresh gets from place to place?

5 - EMOTIONS - What would be the most INTERESTING emotion for Fresh to get? Go wild!

6 - TOY - What’s Fresh’s favorite toy/plush?

7 - FRESH MEETS KID!FRESH - What if he met his kid self? Let your imagination run wild…

8 - WARDROBE - Fresh’s clothes get ruined, and he has to go shopping. What would he pick out and wear? Design a new outfit for him!

9 - SHIP - Who do you ship Fresh with? No kinkshaming, please!

10 - ERA - Fresh in an alternate time!? Victorian, steampunk, 1950′s era!? Have at ye!

11 - THE GANG’S ALL HERE - Geno, Fresh & Error just hanging out. What are they doing?

12 - MOMMACQ - What’s a mother to do with her child? (Props to Alaina!)

13 - FRESH MEETS ONE OF HIS PARASITES - any parasite of your choice!

14 - VALENTINE - Does Fresh have a crush? Does he get valentines? Chocolates? ANYTHING GOES, HERE!

15 - THE FAMILY - Who would Fresh consider his family? People? His parasites? Hmmm…

16 - HUMAN FRESH - How do you see Fresh as a human? Or if you wanted to stretch this… another race!

17 - COSPLAY - Dress him up in another character’s outfit! Final Fantasy? My Little Pony? We’re not gonna judge. … much. ;p

18 - SNOW DAY - How does Fresh react to snow?

19 - CHIBI - Let’s be honest, Chibi Fresh is cute Fresh.

20 - CONVENTION - You see Fresh at a convention! Does he have swag? Is he carrying anything? Does he look out of place, or does he fit right in?

21 - MOVIE NIGHT - Time to watch everyone’s favorite movie! Which was it again?

22 - MEMORY - What would be one of Fresh’s fondest memories?

23 - LACE - Fresh dresses in normal garb most of the time, but what would he look like in an elaborate dress? 

24 - PERSPECTIVE - Try seeing things from another point of view.

25 - FRESH IN ANOTHER CQ WEBCOMIC - Gloomverse, Mortifer, CPAU… take your pick :D

26 - CPAU - Fresh hanging with the CP gang.

27 - THANK YOU - Let’s all appreciate @loverofpiggies! Draw her & Fresh together in any way you want!

28 - FAREWELL FRESH - Today’s the last day. How do you spend your last day with Fresh?

Shoutout to @shinydiamondblog for letting me use some of his prompts, @alainaprana for her massive love of Fresh, and @loverofpiggies for creating this wonderful monstrosity. :D

I hope you enjoy this challenge!! ❤

Goals. Goals are personal, goals are valid, goals are real. What seems to be in reach for you, is a million miles away for another, respect each others progress. No matter how small, or how big, everything you aim for is within reach. Hard work looks different of everybody, let people find out what they are aiming for, then let them run wild.

Goals by Amy Kennedy


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me every time krennic dropped the bullshit and snarled at tarkin/ vader/ galen erso/ random imperial underling in rogue one

Do we turn you on? (Muke threesome)

Summary: Your best friends pick up on the fact that the both of them make you insanely horny (i can’t do summaries okay i suck)

Word count: 3k

Warnings: This is smut! Luke assumes ‘dom’ position and they all have a threesome ;) 

There’s a little bit of NSFW above the ‘keep reading’ line!

A/N: I’m such a slut for muke I’m surprised this is my first threesome with them? Let’s just say I let my imagination run pretty wild haha :) enjooooy!

Originally posted by ariana527

Michael’s warm fingertips trail across your upper arm, the heat causing goosebumps to pebble across your sensitive skin. As you’re sitting so close to the boy, you can smell the deep musky scent of his aftershave and feel a tug of desire to lean across and smash your lips against his.

You would if you weren’t in a room with your other best friend.

Luke’s leaning against a white wall, his blond hair tousled into loose curls. You take a moment to admire his wide stance before your attention drifts to his fingers curled around his phone. So many night you’ve spent - in the crowd at one of their shows - watching his fingers work magic on his guitar.

You’ve always wondered what they’d feel like inside you.

You imagine they’d be nimble: Luke always brags about his ability to twirl his fingers at perfect angles. But at the same time, there’s no doubt in your mind that he’d move quickly, immediately establishing his dominance before proceeding to bend you over a table.

“Did you just moan?”

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Lay With Me

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! A little smutty something for you guys. I didn’t put a specific character for this so I’m letting your imagination run wild with this smutty fic. Enjoy as always and happy reading!

Warnings: Smut (unsafe smut), swearing

Word Count: 1273

(gifs not mine, credits to the owners)

You laid on your stomach, scrolling on your phone as you waited for him to get home, wanting the feel of his skin against you, his lips, his embrace, everything. You sighed. You weren’t a fan really of him going home at late hours even though you don’t really sleep early as well but you wanted to just cuddle for a longer time until you fall asleep. You were starting to fall asleep but you fought it in hopes he might come home any time now. You looked over to your nightstand, the clock flashing 8:30 pm. You considered to take a few minutes of nap just because you were tired and your eyes felt too heavy for some reason.

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People are so quick to say that Cancers are weak crybabies when that is definitely not the case. Cancers are not weak. Cancers are in fact, brave.

Most people tend to run away from their emotions. Earth moons do this and disguise their escape as practicality and responsibility while air moons disguise their escape as logical and smart. Fire moons let their emotions run wild without consequences or fear.

With Scorpio and Pisces coming close, you’re not going to find a sign like Cancer. We tell them they’re weak for showing their emotions, yet we ignore the fact that releasing your emotions is not only healthy, but a brave act to do. Cancer is the sign who will openly make themselves emotionally vulnerable because they know for a fact that it’s the truly right thing to do. While we all hide our emotions, wondering how we could possibly handle our emotional messes while underestimating this sign, Cancer is emotionally nurturing others around them, for it is the most emotionally intelligent and kind sign out there.

You really can’t say Cancers are weak. They openly put themselves out there. They let their emotions out. Most people can’t do that.

I feel like Cancers need to be appreciated for all the hard work they do. Not only do they work hard to emotionally help others, they even make the selfless act of hiding their own emotions because they know the burden of emotional nurturing.

Day 23!~

“ 23 - AFTERTALE - What comes to mind? Let your imagination run wild. “

well at first if i just think aftertale all i really think of is AFTERTALE so i decided to twist it up and thought what if i dont know aftertale yet?what if somebody asked me what i think about “aftertale” before i even know about it,so i thought about it being a happy fairytale story about a princess and a prince living happily ever after together,i mean after-tale right? it sounds like a happy fairytale after the prince and princess gets married.

i was supposed to color this but i dont have enough time today,but hopefully i can color them next time cause i already have a color palette i can use for them! man drawing geno in a dress was so fun~

geno sans belongs to @loverofpiggies

reaper sans belongs to @renrink

the challenge was created by @shinydiamondblog (why havent i been tagging them before?? sorry about that shinydiamond)

Genoary, Day 23: AFTERTALE - What comes to mind? Let your imagination run wild.

Sort of a tribute to ye olde April Fools’ comic that never got finished, since that’s exactly what I thought of for some reason…

Genoary challenge by @shinydiamondblog
CQ as herself, @loverofpiggies

30-Day Monster Art Challenge

Every day for 30 days, draw/sketch/paint/etc a monster based on the prompt of the day. If you want, use the tag #horrificmonsterchallenge so that everyone can find your work! Some of the prompts are pretty vague, so let your creativity run wild!

Day 1: Big, sharp teeth.
Day 2: Insect
Day 3: Many limbs
Day 4: No eyes
Day 5: Many eyes
Day 6: Faceless
Day 7: Skeletal
Day 8: Deadly sin
Day 9: Twins
Day 10: Humanoid
Day 11: Hairy
Day 12: Slithering
Day 13: Alien
Day 14: Colorful
Day 15: Winged
Day 16: Claws
Day 17: Alluring
Day 18: Animal
Day 19: Cursed
Day 20: Undead
Day 21: Cannibalistic
Day 22: Arachnid
Day 23: Giant
Day 24: Mythological
Day 25: Aquatic
Day 26: Mechanical
Day 27: Ancient
Day 28: Ghostly
Day 29: Godly
Day 30: Monstrous self portrait

Study sessions - Archie Andrews Imagine (Riverdale)

Originally posted by knightlley

Warnings: Make out sessions, seduction (nothing further or explicit)

Request: Anon: 97, 25, and 7 for Archie ;)
7.“Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!”
25. “That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand.”
97. “Take off your shirt.”

Summary: A late night study session goes a little unexpectedly.

A/N: I’m so sorry its really short!!! For future reference (not necessarily relevant to this imagine) I don’t write smut but I will write up moments leading up to it and make it a little saucy (to the best of my ability). But ultimately I will end it in a way that you guys can let your imaginations run wild :) Enjoy! xx

Ever since you were in middle school, you and Archie had a study ritual on Thursday nights. You both would meet up after school and walk over to the Andrews’ house and study for 40 minute increments, taking 20 minute breaks in between. It was a good system. But ever since you and Archie started dating things got friskier. Your snack breaks became make out sessions and you guys have come very close to going further a few times before either his dad or your phone would stop you guys. Obviously not learning your lesson, the routine changed from study, snack, study, dinner, study, home, to study, make out, study, dinner, make out, home. As much as you loved the way Archie would make you feel with his kisses and touches, you knew that you guys would have to find some way to study without getting distracted by each other. Coming up with a plan to change things as you walk over the Andrews’ place like you usually do you arrive only to be attacked with a kiss as soon as the front door is closed. A kiss that then turned into a full on session. ‘So much for trying to focus more on study’ you think as you feel Archie’s hand on your thigh. Coming to your sense you sit up, Archie moving with you but not letting go.


“Hmmm?” He responds with his lips on your neck.

“We have to study,” he sighs before looking at you.


“No, I really need to pass this maths test.”

“Fine…” he gets off you and you both make your way to the table, pulling out all of your stuff. After about 20 minutes you start biting your lip.

“That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand,” Archie comments, looking at you with a look you’ve grown accustomed to seeing the past few weeks. You blush looking at the table.

“Is it getting a little hot in here?” He asks from the kitchen.

“If you’re hot, take off your shirt.” You flirt, “because I’m fine.” Calling you on your bluff he smirks at you as he takes his shirt off, flinging it to the couch. Rolling your eyes with a smile you go back to your work. Two minutes later the timer goes off announcing the end of the first study session. With speed that could challenge a cheetah Archie is up and attacking your lips, leading you to the couch. After about 10 minutes of a heated make out session, you break the kiss.

“Should we maybe head up to your bedroom?”

“I’ve been wanting to take this to the bedroom for a while now,” Archie answers, once again from your neck.

“Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!” You giggle beneath him. With a lot more grace than you’d have given him credit for, Archie picks you up from the couch and carries you to the bedroom where you resume your previous activity.

A/N: So this is my first imagine that has this kind of tone so let me know what you think! :)


Arthur (bubby, Flaurthur, bag of bees),he’s sassy and sleeps with his arms stretched out when he’s really comfortable he also has a thing for catching frogs and letting them run wild in the kitchen.
He’s also really heavy, has a double jointed tail and has the best meow in the world.