let's roadtrip


gotham roadtrip AU?? 
i just want my boys to be goofy and have fun, i don’t have a plot line yet but it has probably something to do with jim oz and ed getting in trouble so they decide to leave gotham for a while, while ‘collegues clean up their mess. 
which involves a lot of eyerolls on jims part and a lot of straight up murder (and romance ;3c) on ed & oz’s part.
(ed has solved that cube 758 times since they started driving and keeps tossing it to oz to scramble it again)

(i also wanted an excuse to draw them in skeezy edgy teen fashion)



Dolores solves the maze with William the first time around, and they escape. Now free and on the run, William shows a newly sentient Dolores the outside world.

@lapidot-week #6 !

still fell asleep sorry haha (damn am i this weak ?)

As you can see Lapis and Peridot probably borrowed…or stole (idk) Greg’s van. And songs. For a romantic roadtrip together.

anyway. lemme tell you something.

i’ve been drawing for years, and no joke this is the first time i draw people kissing

i already tried a few times and failed

i mean this is the first time i successully draw a kiss scene. *applause to myself*

i’m proud of this. and i’m also proud to tell you that i’ve probably no blood left in my veins after the massive nosebleed while drawing this. but i’m fine (y)

i hope i’m gonna be able to finish the last one today without falling asleep.

modern au Davey is the guy who jokingly suggests things like “yeah let’s roadtrip to California now at 2am” or “we should totally go to the beach at midnight” and Jack is the guy who takes him completely seriously leading to Davey sitting in Jack’s car 15 minutes later wondering how this happened and how they’re even getting enough gas money to get from new york to the west coast