let's ride this momentum

        hello ! i’ve had this blog a long while, but was inactive for most of my time ( i lost the log in …. ) and in my last month of revamping, reacquainting myself with everything and everyone here, i’ve accrued a great many followers in a short time. and I am nothing short of grateful. now, with this season ( of game of thrones ) drawing to a close, i wanted to put out some good vibes , and positive thoughts.  

so ! a giveaway is in order . 


  • must be following me. ( x
  • reblogs only, likes count as bookmarks or place holder.
  • reblog as many times as you like ! just don’t spam. 
  • be kind, rewind . 
  • you have until september 3rd. 
  • you don’t have to be an asoiaf/got related blog . 
  • this has to get at least 50 notes or i’m gonna ignore it.


  • first place. ( one winner )  a gifset / graphic relating to your url, or any one of your choosing. a mobile header / matching icon of your choosing. a place on my blog rec page. and finally fic of your chosen setting, pairing, and au.
  • second place. ( two winners ) a header, and icon . ( matching ). a one shot of your chosen setting, pairing, and au.
  • third place. ( three winners )a header and icon.

i’d like to thank each and every one of my followers for tolerating my clusterfuck of a blog , especially my ever patience mutuals. you’re all amazing, and it’s been a wild ride this season , lets keep the momentum onward and upward. and remember, on this blog we love and respect house targaryen.