let's remember the good thing


…cannot be killed or swept aside. now fill the world with music, love, and pride.

she says don’t be so afraid. says write five truths down. so there are the clouds, forgetting to make rain. so there is the sky and its unseeing eye. i can’t remember the good things, because i like to let the nice words slip through my loose fists like dust. vicious i peel back my eyelids my skin. fevered with nightmare sweat i am afraid. maybe there is a white-eyed truth inside me, a blank-faced truth, a truth cool and slight as smoke, but i worship a god made of mirrors and too much gravity. hungry for still glass & bright lights, my truth is my body heavy as a gravestone. snap my neck down chin to chest. sew my eyes shut. give me a nameless face. give me a sickness of anonymity.

Let's remember the good things in Sherlock S4

Some people are upset about this series but at least we got:

-the bloodhound that wouldn’t do anything
-Mrs. Hudson becoming the ultimate badass
-Sherlock in the boot
-Moriarty jamming like the bamf he is
-“Hey bro!”
-Mycroft sword fighting with his umbrella
-…vs. a Clown
-THE HUG *wheezing*
-PARENTLOCK at the end
-THEY LITERALLY RICK ROLLED US (translate that weird picture language on the board)

There is so much more so add on if you want :) b/c we all still know that these are the characters we adore, love, and obsess over no matter what

Hi everyone!
I’ve been so busy lately, and really stressed. I’m loosing my mind between the birds, the calls from all over the country (not a lot, like 4 calls from different states, two of which were on this week), college (Im on finals next week), migraine, depression, anxiety…

I almost wrote up everything here. But hey, shit happens, life is heavy, life it’s difficult. So let’s take a moment to remember the good things, there’s always something worth it, there’s always something good.

Here, have a video of Paris being the cute diva she is.

I know there is a lot of drama going on with this years MAMA but let’s just take time to remember the good things
- hoseok in a choker
- Min(t) Yoongi
-they have each other for support (I guarantee they are in the back helping each other right now)
- Yoongi can recognize hoseok by how he sighs
-namjoon slaying us in multiple languages
- tiny Jungkook (no one gave him the update to wear insoles probs)
-jimin in a choker
-jins existence
- MPD-NIM giving tae a piggy back ride
-our boys are strong who built themselves up and aren’t going to let things like today get to them
- cotton candy joon

Kaidan Appreciation Week

Remember way back in December when I first started talking about a Kaidan Alenko Appreciation week? Yeah, we should do that. 

The question is:

February 3rd through February 9th, or February 10th through February 16th?

I’m planning out themes for each day, so of we do the the second one, there of course will be some romance valentine’s day trash.

Thoughts? Ideas for the daily themes? Date preferences? Let me know!?

To all the fans who are saying “they kicked him out”….creative differences can be on both sides, so let’s not jump to conclusions and cause even more drama in this fandom by saying that. It is beyond sad to see him go. Let’s remember all the good things and times he gave us in the 4 years he was part of Avenged Sevenfold.

Sending you all comforting hugs. Xx