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Fire and Ice // A Dylan O’Brien Smut

Prompt: He’s a die-hard Mets fan, but you just so happen to be dedicated to the Yankees + request

Warings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Fingering, Oral (both recieving), Different Kinks (masterbation kink also releasing on girl’s face), Basically the dirtiest and most descriptive smut I think I’ve ever written. 

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Word Count: 6,200 (Sorry not sorry, I got carried away with the details)

Song: Bad Things by Camila Cabello and Machine Gun Kelly

A/N: I literally grew up loving the Yankees (still do) and I honestly don’t know how I hadn’t thought of this before. Also, get ready guys ‘cuz some cool things will be happening the next few weeks and I really hope y’all like it. 

P.s. I was originally gonna post a gif, but then I saw these two pictures and fucking lost it.

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“Oh, for the love of God!” The young woman complained before taking a long gulp of her drink as she watched her team’s pitcher fail for the fourth time tonight. “Sal, I swear, I’m gonna kill him.”

“Well, at least you’re still in the lead.” The bartender chuckled, wiping down the countertop in between the two.

“Yeah, no thanks to Bryan Mitchell.” She sighed, shaking her head in disappointment.

It wasn’t exactly one of the biggest games of the season, but to her it just about was. The Mets had a surprising comeback in 2016 and the last thing her Yankees needed was to lose to that pathetic excuse of a baseball team. With her eyes glued on the television in this small but cozy downtown bar, (Y/N) placed her glass of whiskey back on her lips and let the hard liquid tear its way down her throat.

As soon as the batter of the opposing team failed to successfully hit the ball, (Y/N) let out a much needed breath of relief. Her attention was completely dedicated to the game playing on the tv screen. Well, that is, until she heard the sound of the front door opening. She didn’t quite know why, but (Y/N) felt inclined to look at whomever was arriving at this small bar she frequented so much. And, boy, was she glad she did.

Her breath hitched in her throat the second she caught sight of the incredibly handsome guy walking inside, a backwards cap settled on his dark brown hair that she felt the sudden desire to run her fingers through. The first thing she noticed was the sexy as hell scruffy, but surprisingly tame, beard on his jaw, her imagination immediately lighting on fire with dirty thoughts. His toned arms and veins straining against his muscles as he coincidentally sat on the stool beside her and lifted his arm to get a hold of the bartender was what caught her focus next. The employee instantly strode towards the beautiful stranger and asked what he wanted to drink. He politely made his order and (Y/N) couldn’t find it in herself to take her gaze off of his plump and inviting lips.

Embarrassment like never before washed over her now blushed cheeks when he, suddenly, turned to her with a confused expression and she realized she had been caught staring. She tried her best to dart away from his stare, but his eyes locked onto hers and eager chills ran down her spine when a small smirk made its way on his pink lips. She took the opportunity to really look at his eyes and they certainly didn’t fail to make her knees weak. They weren’t just a regular hazel color, they were warm with a liquid golden-brown that also had a spark of mischief in them she felt so inclined to get to know. It was strange how they both connected so easily just through looks even though neither one of them believed in love at first sight. The two did, however, believe in infatuation at first sight.

The smirk on his face didn’t leave even when she managed to break the stare the moment she heard the crowd cheering on the tv and she, immediately, turned to discover what just happened in the baseball game. Dylan certainly noticed that his Mets had just made a homerun, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of the girl in the stool next to him. She wore high-waisted jean shorts that definitely worked in favor of her, breath taking, legs and his mind already came up with different scenarios of them spread before him. Her shirt wasn’t revealing in any way, it was just a plain Star Wars tee, and yet he still felt attracted to it. Maybe it’s the fact that he already knew they had a common love for this geeky movie series without even needed to exchange in small talk. But, the way her natural hair perfectly fell on her shoulders made Dylan want to push it aside and nibble down on her inviting neck.

“Are you serious?!” The gorgeous girl shouted, angrily pointing towards the screen even though she knew the umpire couldn’t actually hear her. “That was clearly foul play!”

Her words sparked interest in him and, reluctantly doing so at first, Dylan eventually turned his head towards the sports game. A smile lit up on his face as he watched his team celebrate their newest point only to, suddenly, remember the girl he had his eye on was complaining about this very achievement.

“Foul play?” Dylan questioned and (Y/N) immediately turned around towards the source of the charming voice. “Wait, are you a Yankees’ fan?”

“A proud one to be exact.” She smiled happily and if it weren’t for his shock with this new discovery, he certainly would’ve swooned at how beautiful she was.

“Perfect.” He sighed, only now realizing the bartender had left his drink in front of him when he was too busy gawking at her just moments ago.

“What?” She asked, genuinely confused at his odd reaction and watched him take a sip from his bottle of beer. Then, the realization hit her like a truck and she shook her head with disappointment. “Oh, no. You’re a Mets fan, aren’t you?”

Dylan didn’t even say anything. He just put his bottle back down on the surface and reached behind his head to turn his baseball cap forwards. Immediately revealing The New York Mets logo stamped on the hat and (Y/N) held back her laughter at the unexpected situation they found themselves in.

“A proud one to be exact.” Dylan repeated her words and, this time, (Y/N) actually let a laugh fall from her lips. It was music to his ears and he desperately wanted to hear it again.

Their attention was back on the game when the sound of bickering and chaotic commotion came from the tv, both now focused on what was happening. Neither one of them knew why the two teams were now fighting, but their hearts lodged in their throats as they watched the players lunge at each other. It was hard to tell who exactly started the fight, but by the commentaries coming from the voice-overs it seemed to be the Yankees’ fault.

“Of course.” Dylan shook his head, taking another gulp of his beer. “Wouldn’t be the first time.”

(Y/N) immediately turned to glare at him, rage and frustration rushing through her veins at the sound of disregard towards her favorite baseball team.

“Excuse me?” She hissed, completely offended at his remark.

“Oh, I’m sorry, does the 2000 World Series not ring any bells to you?” He retorted with a cocky smirk.

“You mean the year we completely destroyed your team’s ass?” She replied, a grin on her face as she proudly spoke. “Something we had already accomplished countless times and would continue doing ‘till, literally, this very day.”

“Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza.” Dylan simply stated, chosing to ignore her bragging and (Y/N)’s eyes widened at the familiar names.

“There’s no proof Clemens intentionally hit Piazza in the head with that fastball.” She defended and he let out a dark chuckle.

“Seriously? You’re really going to defend someone who gave a fellow baseball player a concussion just because he had terrible anger management?”

“Okay, you know what?” (Y/N) scoffed, rolling her eyes at him. “At least we have players that are actually good at pitching.”

That spiteful comment was enough to spark something in him other than desire for this girl and, needless to say, Dylan was outraged. No one can just mock his beloved Mets and think they can easily get away with it.

“Says the girl whose team lost to us, their biggest rivals, in a 15 to 6 defeat in 2008.” Dylan retaliated and didn’t expect the sudden chuckle (Y/N) let out.

“Sure, but what’s one losing game compared to the 27 different World Series said girl’s team has already won?” She shrugged and Dylan hated the fact that she was right. “Making her baseball team the one with the most wins ever.

“And sweetie,” (Y/N) continued, placing a hand on his thigh that sent lustful jolts throughout Dylan’s entire body. “You’re sad little team isn’t even close to being an actual rival of ours, not when you’ve only won a pathetic amount of 2 World Series. How about you try to insult me when you catch up with us big boys, huh?”

“Fuck, I don’t know what drives me crazier.” Dylan whimpered at her touch, his eyes boring into her dilated ones and there’s no doubt both of them clearly wanted to rip each other’s clothes off. “The fact that you keep dissing my Mets or the fact that you’re extremely sexy talking so passionately about baseball like that.”

With a sly smile on her face and confidence she didn’t actually know she had in her, the young woman extending her hand towards him.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).” She greeted as he slipped his own hand into her grasp and shook them together. “Huge Yankees fan who apparently also happens to be very sexy.”

“Dylan O'Brien.” He smiled back at her, a small chuckle escaping his throat at her comment. “Long suffering Mets fan.”

“Nice to meet you, Dylan.” She laughed and he laughed along with her when her eyebrows, suddenly, furrowed. “Wait, why do I feel like I’ve heard that name somewhere before?”

“I, uh-” Dylan nervously scratched the back of his neck. “I’m an actor.”

“Hey, that’s right!” She exclaimed, now putting together the puzzled pieces in her mind. “You’re that kid from that werewolf show.”

“Yeah, Teen Wolf.” He corrected and she let out a long oh of realization as she remembered all the times she flickered through her channels and passed by this show without second glance.

“So, what brings a Hollywood star like you to this unknown bar?” (Y/N) asked, a playful smirk on her lips. “Shouldn’t you be out partying with models or other celebrities?”

“Nah, I hate that stuff.” He shook his head. “I really love my job but despise the attention.”

“I see.” She smiled, not expecting to meet such a humble famous person. Living in LA, you meet a few here and there and they’re usually always very egotistical. It’s quite refreshing to get to know someone that’s the complete opposite.

“But, what about you? What do you you do?” Dylan asked, taking another gulp of his beer.

“I’m the, um, GM of the Dodgers.” (Y/N) stated nervously and it took everything in him not to spit out his drink in utter shock. The woman giggled at his astonished gaze, his eyes practically bulging out of their sockets.

“Y-You’re the General Manager of the fucking Los Angeles Dodgers?!” Dylan exclaimed after he managed to successfully swallow his alcohol.

“Why so surprised?” She challenged and Dylan couldn’t stop staring at her in complete awe. “Is it because I’m a woman?”

“No!” Dylan frantically shook his head. “It’s because I was already so attracted to you and, now, fuck… I think you might just be the death of me.”

“Well, O'Brien.” She grinned and Dylan suddenly moaned when she unexpectedly gripped tightly onto his thigh. “I’m very attracted to you, too.”

“Hey, do you want to get out of here?” He asked, beyond ready to do so many sinful things to her that even the devil himself would be ashamed of.

“Ah, the game’s still on.” She shook her head as she pointed towards the television. “Can’t stop supporting my Yankees just for a hook up.”

“The fact that you work for one baseball team yet your favorite is a completely different one amazes me.” Dylan chuckled, his eyes lingering over her body before landing back on her own.

“What can I say?” (Y/N) shrugged, the actor internally moaning when she bit down on her bottom lip. “I like to keep people on the edge of their seats.”

“Well, you certainly have me on mine.”

The sexual tension between the two was so strong that even the bartender could feel it seething off of them and taking over the entire room. He, honestly, thinks he could cut it with a knife from how palpable it was. (Y/N) still hadn’t removed her grip on his thigh and Dylan silently prayed to any god out there that she wouldn’t, his body craving her touch so much it made him hazy.

“How about a little bet to make things interesting?” She proposed and Dylan’s eyes perked up with intrigue.

“Go on.” He gestured, leaning in closer to her.

“If, after the game, the Yankees have won, you have to tweet out that my team is better than yours.” She stated with a grin and Dylan immediately scoffed at her proposal. “However, if the Mets win, you can take me to your place and have your way with me.”

Dylan’s cock already felt hard just at the offer alone as he watched her take a sip of her whiskey with a naughty smirk. It took all of the self control he had in him not to moan out and crash his lips against her red ones from the beautiful lipstick she was wearing.

“Deal.” He nodded and they shook hands for the second time tonight.

The two eagerly watched the game, both way too excited with what would happen right after. (Y/N) knew that, even if she does win, she definitely won’t be spending the night at her own house. They would constantly and shamelessly glance at each other, neither one caring about embarrassment. The lust and desire was so strong at this point that every stare, glance or lick of the lips was more than welcome. Not only were their bodies attracted to one another, but so were their minds. The two had more in common than they imagined and they enjoyed every second of mindless chatter and laughter. Dylan loved it when she laughed carelessly at his stupid jokes and (Y/N) felt like she was on cloud nine everytime he listened to her speak with such intrigue.

“Seventh inning stretch.” (Y/N) sighed, taking a sip from her third drink of the night as she groaned at the score. “And it’s tie.”

“Want to make things even more interesting?” Dylan smirked, narrowing his eyes in mischief and (Y/N) swooned, still not used to this man’s beauty.

“Just how interesting are we talking here?” She grinned, putting down the glass of alcohol she had in her hand.

“Let’s raise the stakes of this bet.”

“I’m listening.”

“If the Yankees win not only will I tweet they’re better than the Mets, but I’ll also record a video singing the Yankees’ theme to go along with it.” Dylan quirked his eyebrows and (Y/N) carefully listened to every word that came out of his mouth. “However, if my team wins, you have to come back to my place tonight and go on a date with me.”

(Y/N) eyes widened at the request and she, suddenly, felt her heart beat a little faster. With a happy smile now spreading across her face, she took her glass back in her small hand.

“Alright, O'Brien.” She nodded, clinking her drink with his. The sound echoing in their little bubble as they stared each other down. “I’m down with that, but you better start warming up your voice because there’s no way the Mets are going to win.”

It was as if the words she said immediately cursed the entire game the moment they fell from her red lips. The Mets were unexpectedly scoring homerun after homerun and (Y/N) would cringe everytime they did. Dylan, on the other hand, had a permanent smirk on his face the whole game. He would watch in awe whenever (Y/N) would angrily scream at the television screen and he couldn’t wait till she screaming under him. It didn’t take long for the game to end and (Y/N) question her entire existence. It’s not that she didn’t want the things that came with Dylan winning, oh she definitely wanted them, it’s the fact that her incredibly skillful and talented Yankees lost to the fucking Mets.

“Well, well, well.” Dylan grinned, standing up from his stool as (Y/N) groaned at his taunting. “Looks like my sad little team caught up with the big boys.”

The beautiful woman glared at his mockery towards the exact words she used just a few hours ago. They were meant to work in her favor not Dylan’s. She stood up from her own stool and took a step towards him, their faces now inches from each other.

“It’s only the beginning of the season.” She defended and Dylan smiled at her proximity, the smell of alcohol on her breath making him drunk on her. “The Mets won’t survive the entire year and you fucking know it.”

“I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.” Dylan retorted and she couldn’t keep her stare away from his lips as he tugged the bottom one in between his teeth, (Y/N) instinctively doing the same. Dylan’s eyes looked down at hers and it was as if their little feud immediately disappeared and now all they could focus on was what was going to happen next.

“Okay, okay.” The bartender broke their stares, blushes painting both of their cheeks. “(Y/N) take your boy toy and get out of here already before you two start having sex on my countertop.”

“Sorry, Sal.” She cleared her throat and Dylan nervously scratched the back of his neck. “We were just leaving.”

The two shared smirks, lust taking over both of their pupils before they ran out of the door. Sal laughing at them as he closed his bar down.

“Kids.” He shook his head with a smile plastered on his face.

The ride to Dylan’s house was surprisingly pleasant. They found more things they shared in common like their love for goofy comedies and their incredibly similar taste in music. Dylan put his phone in the radio of his car and they spent the rest of the ride singing loudly to the songs they both knew by heart. Laughter was the second main theme of the night, right after desire.

“Do you want something to drink?” Dylan asked the second he unlocked the door to his one bedroom apartment and they both walked inside.

“No,” (Y/N) chuckled as she watched him throw his house keys on a small table and turn around to face her. “I’m pretty sure I had enough at the bar.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” He laughed, nodding. “What about something to eat?”

“Not hungry.” She shrugged. “But you can eat if you’re hungry.”

“Oh, I’m hungry.” Dylan licked his lips, walking towards her in a predatory fashion and (Y/N)’s swallowed nervously at how sexy he looked. “Just not for food.”

Her breath hitched in her throat at his comment, jolts of lust rushing through her body and landing in her core. Dylan didn’t even wait for a possible response before crashing his mouth on hers and kissing her with such force he had to hold her lower back tightly so she wouldn’t fall. Both of them have been anticipating that moment the entire night and it was so much better than either could’ve expected. Their lips meshed together in sync with the perfect combination of hard and passionate. (Y/N) wrapped her arms around his neck to drop his baseball cap off his head and finally be able to run her fingers through his dark hair. The second Dylan bit down on her bottom lip, she tugged at the roots provoking a moan to escape from his mouth. The sound sent shivers down her spine and she knew that she desperately wanted to do more than just kiss.

(Y/N) broke the kiss to take a breath, but Dylan didn’t dare stop. He pushed her waist closer into him and she moaned when she felt his growing bulge against her body. Dylan left lingering kisses on her neck which spread goosebumps all over her skin. (Y/N) tried to reach down his back and pull the blue t-shirt off of him but Dylan just grinned against her neck.

“I’m in charge here, remember?” Dylan stated, his hot breath fanning across causing (Y/N) to shiver in response. “And I want to take things slow.”

“Fuck.” She whimpered when he nibbled on her pulse point and began sucking, clearly wanting to leave a hickey there.

Dylan took his time leaving kisses and hickeys wherever he damn pleased and it drove (Y/N) crazy. His provocative touches and the way his lips moved against her skin made her knees weak, wetness already pooling in her panties just from the teasing alone.

“Do something.” She moaned.

“Are you gonna beg for it?” He snickered and (Y/N) moaned again just at his dirty talk.

But, (Y/N) does not beg. She never had to beg to a man before and she won’t start now. Then again, she’s never met anyone like Dylan before. He had her wrapped around his finger just from one night alone.

“I don’t beg.” She shook her head and Dylan slipped his hands down to her ass, squeezing roughly.

“You might as well start learning how to.” Dylan’s face returned to hers, their lips slightly touching. “Because I love it when a woman begs.”

“And I love it when a guy actually fucking touches me.” She retorted and the smile on Dylan’s face didn’t go unnoticed.

He let go of her completely and she whimpered at the loss of contact, wanting desperately to feel his body back on hers. They took this moment to stare at each other and both loved the sight. The two had swollen lips from kissing so hard and smudged red lipstick all over their lips, chins and cheeks. Dylan placed his hand on the hem of her Star Wars shirt and pulled it off her, (Y/N) slightly shivering at the new lack of warmth. He kissed her gently, mostly to tease, as he unbottoned her high-waisted shorts and let them fall on the floor. As she stepped out of the jeans, Dylan licked his plump lips in appreciation at her gorgeous body. She was wearing a matching pair of simple a bra and panties, but the black heels she had on made her look beyond sexy to him. Dylan’s cock twitched against his jeans, desperately wanting to be inside of this breath-taking woman in front of him.

“Take off your bra.” He commanded and usually (Y/N) wouldn’t like being the submissive one during sex but this dominant side of him was turning her on more than she expected.

Slowly reaching behind her back, she unclasped the bra and brought the straps down until she was finally bare. Dylan’s eyes immediately stared at her breasts, the rosy pink nipples perked and ready to be played with. Which was exactly what he decided to. He took two quick steps towards her before returning his hands on her waist, (Y/N)’s back arching the second Dylan’s lips attached to one of her nipples. His hand carefully massaging the other breast he currently wasn’t working his tongue against. She couldn’t contain her moans at finally being able to feel something, but her core still ached in anticipation. When Dylan bit down on her nipple and pulled at it with his teeth, (Y/N) had to press her thighs together to be able to relieve some of the pressure.

“Ah, ah, ah.” Dylan tsked, shaking his head before removing his mouth. He pressed the hand that was on her breast on her thigh and pushed her legs apart. “I call all of the shots.”

“Ple-” She was just about to beg but realized what she was going to do and stopped herself immediately.

“What was that?” He smirked, gripping onto her skin and (Y/N) whimpered at the pressure that was in one place but should’ve been in another. “Were you about to beg?”

“Never.” She panted, his lips back on her nipple.

“Oh, come on Yankees Princess.” He snickered and she not only moaned at the new pet name but the feeling of him sliding his fingers closer to the place she needed him most. “All you have to do is ask.”

She chose to remain silent, not at all trusting her own voice and mind. (Y/N) was already putty in his hands and she didn’t want to give him anymore satisfaction. That is, until he completely broke away from her and took a step back. She stared at him with wide eyes and Dylan grinned sexily before removing his t-shirt. She felt cold and odd without his touch as he unbuckled his belt, pulling it out of his pants. Their eyes full of lust and desire never left each other even when he unbottoned his khakis and brought them down to the floor. Dylan kicked them away, but didn’t approach her again like (Y/N) expected. Instead, he folded his arms across his toned chest and cocked an eyebrow.

“I’m not touching you until you beg for it.” He challenged and her jaw dropped in awe.

Her eyes broke their gaze to look over his body and she swallowed nervously as she took the sight in, frustrated with herself because she now felt inclined to actually beg. Thanks to his crossed arms, Dylan’s muscles were pressing against his skin and it made her head spin. (Y/N) bit down on her lip when she looked at the trail of dark and scruffy hair above his boxers which held the massive erection bulging against the fabric, precum seeping through the cotton. Her core throbbed like never before thanks to the handsome man in front of her.

“Fine, fuck it.” She groaned and Dylan’s ears perked at her words. “Dylan, please touch me. I need you.”

It wasn’t exactly as desperate​ as he initially wanted, but it was enough for the desire pulsing in his own veins. He, too, wanted to touch her just as much as she did. And in a matter of seconds, Dylan rushed to her and instantly ripped apart her panties. Before she could even complain, his hands moved down to her ass and lifted her up. He kissed her passionately, tongue and all, as he brought her to his bedroom. Placing her down on his empty desk, Dylan spread her legs and fit himself in between them.

He trailed wet kisses down her body and (Y/N) buzzed with excitement. Once he reached her stomach, Dylan kneeled down in front of her and gripped his fingers against her heated thighs. He licked his way towards he left thigh and trailed his tongue close to her core. Just as he was about to touch her there, Dylan immediately switched course and began licking her right thigh.

“I’m gonna kill you.” She hissed through her clenched teeth and Dylan chuckled against her skin.

“Patience, Yankees Princess.” He teased as he nibbled. “Good things come to those who wait.”

She grunted, but accepted none-the-less. Although it’s not like she actually had a choice, the Mets did win after all. (Y/N) ran her fingers through his hair, slightly pulling the strands and Dylan would hum in appreciation. The vibrations shooting through her body and increasing the pain in her core.

When Dylan felt like she’d been teased enough, he let his tongue trace against the place they both desired the most. (Y/N) immediately moaned, not at all caring how loud she was being. His tongue spread apart her soaking wet folds and the young woman’s hips bucked when he momentarily trailed against her swollen clitoris. Dylan’s hand grasped tighter onto her legs as he gently slid his tongue into her, the ache in (Y/N)’s core now being replaced with pleasure and satisfaction.

She whimpered when he pulled his tongue away after working inside of her a few minutes but almost screamed out the second his lips attached to her clit and sucked furiously. One of his hands came into contact and slowly slipped a finger inside of her, her hips bucking instantly at the delicious pumping.

“Fuck.” She moaned and Dylan’s hard cock felt uncomfortable in his boxers as he watched her become a panting mess.

The feeling of his finger inside of her heat and pressing against her soft walls made his head spin, his dick begging to replace his hand’s place. But, Dylan was determined to make her cum with just his hands and mouth first. When he felt she was ready for a second one, he put another finger in and pumped at a faster pace. One of (Y/N)’s hands was buried in his hair and the other gripped tightly on the edge of his desk, her knuckles going white at the pressure.

With the mixture of his fingers curling against her walls and his tongue drawing figure eights on her clitoris as his lips sucked, it was more than enough to quickly build up an orgasm inside of the woman moaning uncontrollably. It didn’t take long to build and, the second Dylan unexpectedly bit down on her clit, her orgasm spilled over her entire body. Dylan didn’t dare stop what he was doing when her legs shook intensely along with her back arching up against the wall. He didn’t even stop when they did. The sounds that fell from her swollen lips and the way she looked as she came made Dylan greedy and he desperately wanted it to happen again. (Y/N) was still sensitive from her first orgasm and in a matter of minutes, she was cumming for the second time tonight. The sensitivity of her core making it easy to reach the edge of her pleasure again.

Even though Dylan removed his head from her inner thighs and attached his lips back onto hers in a forceful kiss, (Y/N) could still feel the burning of his scruff scratching against her tingling skin and she truly hopes the sensation never goes away.

There was more precum spread across his boxers that earlier and Dylan was beyond ready to get rid of the excruciating pain his cock felt from the lack of attention. He made his way back in between her legs after pulling his underwear off and kicking them somewhere far from his body. Dylan brought his hand to his member and pumped a few times in preparation. (Y/N) immediately moaned at the sight of him touching himself and Dylan certainly didn’t expect it.

“What-” He smirked, biting down on his lip at the feeling of his own thumb spreading around the precum on his tip. “Do you have a masterbation kink?”

“Maybe.” She confessed, a bright blush painting her cheeks as her pupils dilated when he increased his pace.

“Damn.” Dylan groaned, throwing his head back with shut eyes. “As much as I love this new discovery, I really want to fuck you right now.”

“Oh, please do.” She grinned, spreading her legs apart even further.

Dylan didn’t even need to think twice before placing both of his hands back on her thighs and lining himself at her entrance. His cock throbbed as he coated his tip in her slick wetness, lubricating himself. The two loudly moaned the moment he easily slid into her, the feeling of them becoming one making their bodies throb with excitement. Dylan let his forehead fall on her shoulder as he waited for to adjust to his size.

“Go ahead.” She stated when she was ready and Dylan immediately pulled back before pushing in again. He started thrusting into her slowly, moaning shamelessly at the feeling of her soft and wet walls tightly around him and (Y/N) loved the delicious feeling of Dylan stretching her as he pumped their bodies together.

(Y/N) wrapped her legs around his waist, giving him a new and deeper angle which he gladly accepted. His hands now moving their positions to thrust harder into her, his left palm flat out on the wall behind her and his right gripping harshly on the edge of his desk. She, however, decided to keep her hands on the arching muscles of his bare back. Considering how turned on they already were, it didn’t take much for the familiar knot to grow inside of the two. Dylan had to use every ounce of self control in him not to cum the second she unintentionally clenched around his shaft and, instead, he sunk his teeth into her shoulder.

Dylan pounded deeper into her, now continuously hitting her g-spot no one had ever found until this very moment, and his dream of hearing the beautiful Yankees’ fan from the bar screaming under him finally came true. Her voice echoed in the room along with the sounds of his desk mercilessly banging against the wall and wet skin slapping against wet skin.

“Fuck, I’m almost there.” Dylan panted, loving the feeling of her breasts bouncing against his bare and sweaty chest.

“Me, too.” She shouted, bringing her own hand down to her clit since Dylan was using his for stability.

It took her about 15 seconds of furiously rubbing her already overly sensitive nub before she felt the tight knot inside of her explode and spread mind blowing pleasure throughout her entire body. Dylan tried to hold his orgasm in him the best he could since he didn’t exactly want to cum inside of her without a condom. It was extremely difficult to contain himself, especially when she clenched around him again and dug her nails into his back, but Dylan somehow managed to contain himself as he shouted in frustration. Once he noticed she was back down from her high, he immediately pulled himself out of her and took a step back.

“On your knees.” He panted, his voice weak as he pointed to the ground in front of him.

Even though she was completely hazy from the ground breaking orgasm she just had, (Y/N) slowly slid off the desk and instantly fell to her knees. Dylan didn’t know wether or not she fell due to how weak her legs were or if it was actually intensional​ but the second she gripped his member and licked his tip, the thoughts immediately flew out of his head. Dylan’s mind now focused on her taking him into her warm mouth. His hands instinctively dug into her hair as she slowly bobbed his cock. In a matter of seconds, (Y/N) hollowed out her cheeks to make an even tighter environment for him and Dylan moaned shamelessly at the feeling.

(Y/N) absolutely loved that when her tongue grazed his wet member she could taste her juices on him and she decided to deepthroat him in appreciation. She took him in as far as she could, her nose buried in the patch of his dark hair and her throat gagging at the fullness. But, Dylan definitely loved it because his dick instantly twitched in response and he quickly pulled himself out of her mouth. His hot cum squirted out of his tip and he watched with hooded eyes as it painted her blushed cheeks. Normally, (Y/N) would never allow any man do such a thing to her but the way Dylan was looking at her with pure pleasure and enjoyment swimming in his dark pupils was enough to make her want it to happen again. His liquid dripped from her face and made its way down her breasts, Dylan unable to contain his groans at the sight.

“So, I’m guessing this is your kink.” She chuckled, coating one of her fingers with his release and putting it into her mouth.

“One of many.” Dylan smirked, extending his hand for her to grab with her free one.

They stared at each other with satisfaction in their eyes as he helped her stand, both of them simply knowing without the need to actually say that that was the best sex the two ever had.

“I’ll be right back.” Dylan stated, placing a lingering kiss on her lips before walking away and disappearing into his bathroom.

One of (Y/N)’s eyebrows quirked at the sudden sound of water from a sink running momentarily but, when he returned to her with a small and damp towel in his hands, everything made sense. He kindly wiped away the now sticky cum on her skin and she smiled up at him.

“Now about that date.” Dylan grinned, throwing the towel on the desk when he was done cleaning her body. “How does the premiere to my new movie with a romantic dinner afterwards sound?”

“A first date in the eyes of the public?” She questioned, challenging him. “Borderline crazy.”

“So, is that a yes?” He smirked and (Y/N) instantly laughed.

“Definitely yes.”


In the painting scene, there’s a really well edited moment that goes from a shot of Thor putting on a hat on that cuts to a similar shot of Shaolin putting his helmet on before revving up his motorcycle. But did anyone else get a good look at the type of hat he was putting on?


It’s a really quick shot (the time stamp is between 32:46-32:47) so I had to rewind a few times to get a decent enough picture. But I really only noticed it because he’s holding onto the same top hat, positioned right behind Dizzee’s head, when Shaolin walks in.

Maybe it was supposed to be a cute, blink and you miss it thing, but the top hat is an important part of Rumi’s story/symbolism/imagery. So now I’m thinking about the meaning behind Dizzee letting Thor wear the top hat instead of wearing it himself, and now I’m emotional about this scene all over again.

fodieeeeeeee  asked:

Heya dear❤️ Can I have a BTS reaction to you dating them and you posted a picture of them kissing your neck in a sexual way on Instagram with a caption along the lines of, "nights with him💦" or "when daddy comes home? Idk I hope you get it. Thanks❤️

Of course my little favy baby<3


Jin would look at you with raised eyebrows when he got the notification you had posted the picture of the two of you from that morning. ‘If you only knew’ the caption read. You’d smile and shrug lowering yourself to straddle him playfully, waiting for him to scold you. “I can’t win with you, can I baby girl.” He’d say making you chuckle. 


‘Never want to leave this bed.’ He’d read, but wouldn’t say anything or let you think that he thought too much about it. But as a secret softy he’d send the picture to himself you had took and set it as his home screen so he could look at your happy face when ever he wanted. 


‘Daddy’s home’ He’d love the fact that you wanted to share the moment with others and the caption just made the whole thing better. He show it to with a laugh as you winked. You posting things like that put a stamp on your relationship and he didnt mind you claiming him for all of your friends to see. 


When you posted a picture of him stretching his neck to kiss yours while you sat on his lap on the internet with the caption ‘His neck’ wasn’t his favorite thing in the world, but once he saw it and could basically feel the love you had for him radiating off his screen he’d smile and made sure the two of you took more pictures like that and even would post one or two himself. 


He’d be the one to tell you to post it, seeing how beautiful and happy you looked as he laid sweet kisses onto your neck would make his heart flutter. He’d sit and help you write a caption that made you giggle at the subtle dirtiness of the words. 


He’d yell to you from the living room while reading your caption out loud “Look at those lips? Why are you telling people to look at my lips!” He’d said watching at you walked into the room. He’d laugh and shake his head as you approached and kissed him, forgetting all about the post.


He would see the post and his cheeks would redden and a smile would meet his cheeks as he looked at the picture for minutes on end. He’d be extra sweet to you, loving the fact you wanted to show him off and would want to take more pictures with you so the next he was away he had more than just one to look at.

Park Chanyeol// Feasible - Part 1

Originally posted by babyuns

Prompt: You’re a work-for-hire girl - for the criminals and criminally rich. Your job is to threaten, steal from, frighten or hurt whoever you’ve been employed to - but your newest job involves a person you swore you’d never talk to again. Someone who brought you into this entire business - and tried to get you out. Someone who, should you accept this challenge, would open a Pandora’s box of disaster…(/2 /3 /4 5 /6)
Scenario: AU, angst, miniseries
Word Count: 3,560

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XF Fic: The Tattoo

Summary: Mulder and Scully finally discuss her tattoo and her trip to Philadelphia.

Rating: Here Be Smut. (Mature.)

Notes: There is no such thing as too much post-Never Again smut. With thanks to @agoldenpalace for the excellent beta work, reassurance and friendship.

The mark on her back is years old when Mulder finally asks her to talk about it.

“Tell me about the night you got your tattoo,” he says.

The question startles Scully out of the easy rhythm her mind and body had settled into. She might have chalked the request up to possessiveness, or even insecurity. But given that he asks it while he’s in the middle of fucking her, she doesn’t need to be a profiler to suspect it’s just the opposite. The threat presented by Ed Jerse, both as a sexual rival and her attempted murderer, have faded away with the years. What remains is a hot tattoo and a dirty story.

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missmuffin221  asked:

Johnlock. 'Why are there googly eyes on all the suspects pictures?'

“Why are there plastic eyes on all the suspects’ pictures?” Sherlock asks. He is standing in the door of John’s bedroom, holding the frame and scowling. John puts down his book.

“There are googly eyes on all the suspects’ pictures,” John explains, “Because Mrs. Hudson found a whole bag of googly eyes in her sewing basket, and let me have them.” 

“To annoy me?” 

John considers. “Yep.” 

“They won’t come off the photos!” 

“Good. Do you know how off-putting it is having 120 different potential serial killers on the wall across half the house. In the bathroom, Sherlock. The bathroom.” 

“The bathroom helps me think!” 

“I have to use the bathroom too.” 

“John!” Sherlock is perilously close to stamping a foot. “This is a case!” 

“Well it’s a boring case, you’ve been at it for over a week already.” John dumps the book to one side and gets up from his bed. “You’ve not even left the flat. This is an ash experiment level of case, and you know it.”

“You like my ash experiments.” 

“No,” John says patiently, “I don’t. You’re just a passionate nerd about them, and I find that endearing.” 

Sherlock reels under the revelation that John does not care about ash or the categorising thereof. “John, I’m shocked at you. And you’ve googly eyed my evidence!”

“Well…” John says.  He clears his throat. “It is a bit funny though, isn’t it?”

“Hm,” Sherlock says, eyeing him narrowly. He is replying the conversation in his head and on a second run though, he picks up what he missed. He supposes, with 120 suspects and a lot of the leg-work actually being head-work, John has had next to nothing to do on this case. And he supposes, given the complexity of the whole thing, he’s spend probably more time than intended staring at other people’s photographs. 

“Did I eat breakfast this morning?” 

“You had some toast. Not at the table,” John adds, meaningfully. 

“Ah,” says Sherlock, coming to a conclusion. Meals consumed with one hand, while working through files with the other. Sleeping on the sofa. Conversation has been limited or non-existent.  “Oh… John…I apologise for making you jealous.” 

“I’m not jealous!” John retorts. 

“Neglected then.” 

“Oh, come on, I’m not a bloody houseplant.” 

“John,” Sherlock says, leaning on the doorframe and turning languid. “Do you miss me and my attentions?”

“You are such an arse,” John says, with the pinkness around the back of the neck that says his tone does not match his thoughts, although Sherlock is willing to bet that John’s thoughts rattle around the concept of ‘arse’ nonetheless. “Can you just hurry up and solve this bloody case?”  

“John,” Sherlock purrs. “John.” 


“John.” He crooks a finger and John shuffles closer. 


“You are a very, very silly man.” 

“Hm. Says this idiot,” John grouses, even as his hands wander around Sherlock’s waist. Sherlock lets his arms slide over John’s shoulders. 

“Very silly,” Sherlock repeats, soberly. “There are ways of getting my interest, you know.” 

John’s hand squeezes. 

“Yes, that’s one of them.” Sherlock clears his throat, eyes rolling towards the ceiling. John chuckles. 

“Right then. well, as I’ve got your attention, so to speak.” 

“So to speak.”

“How about budging in a bit so I can shut the door?” 

“Willing to oblige,” Sherlock says, and the door closes. 

Yoongi Scenario: Blind Devotion.

Request: Can you pleaseee do a Yoongi angst/fluff where you two are married, and everything is perfect but then one day, you started losing you rsight day by day, and you push him away, but he finds out himself and tries to help you in secret because you push him away? Based off of Blind Devotion.

Genre: Angst / Fluff.

You secretly loved to wake Yoongi up, or well, maybe not so secretly. He always said he was going to wake up before you and before the alarm so he’d get his revenge, but you knew he wouldn’t as he secretly or not so secretly loved to be woken up by you. 

You liked seeing his face changing, his eyes opening to meet yours as the first thing he saw in the morning, how that gaze fluctuated from slight annoyance from being woken to utter affection in just seconds and then he’d attack.
You’d have him on top of you in no time, tickling your sides making you squirm and scream as you laughed, you loved mornings like that, in which you’d end up panting because of the tickling fights or the tickling fight would turn in you melting into each other.

You were married for almost six years, you looked back at your life with Yoongi and thought you had been really fortunate to find him, to find each other. Even after so much time together you weren’t bothered of each other’s presences, part of it you knew it was due to your independent lives, both of you worked and had your own time, but you also knew the big reason was the way your personalities worked together, you were a great team, so even when you had trouble you always found a way to work it out together, each fight you were able to overcome it because you knew at the end of it there was much more than anger. Yoongi would never let you feel alone and you would never let him think that.

You took “turns” to make breakfast, you did the most of the work but you appreciated him always being around and offering to do whatever task you had for him, being scrambled eggs, pancakes or kimbap, you always made sure he went to work with a full stomach, Yoongi worked a lot and you knew how he focused on it so much he forgot to eat at the company.

-Which one?- he asked showing you two dress shirts, one stark white, the other pale blue, you assessed the two options humming. 

-Have a big event today?- he shook his head so you pointed at the pale blue. -You look great in baby blue-

Yoongi snorted putting the white shirt aside to then throw on the other one which made you laugh and walk closer to him. -What?- he said smiling despite himself.

You extended your hands and put them over his making him stop, you finished buttoning the shirt for him as you locked gazes, Yoongi was smug but didn’t take compliments all too well, a bad habit of him that you were determine to break at some point. -Handsome- you stated when you proceeded to fix his neck.

He let his head fall back with a humorous sigh but then he came back to look at you his hands held you closer and he stamped his lips on yours. -I love you, mine, mine, mine- he said between kisses making you giggle.

Yoongi was sometimes quiet with his love, sometimes only saying this with his eyes, others as today making it evident with words, he’d watch you get dressed and wait to be able to say goodbye, and he’d watch you walk away to the opposite direction of him, you could feel his heavy gaze on you, and that too was love, whatever form might be you knew it was there.

It happened for the first time that day, you had gotten off the bus to walk the remaining block to get to your work when suddenly the rays of the sun where everywhere making your vision blurry, like you had gone out of a dark place after a long time, the light started to hit your eyes like arrows, to then go back to shadows and go back to the striking light afterwards, confusing you, making you bump with people and walk slowly because you didn’t know what was happening. And then you heard the screech of the horn.

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Defending the Outcast

Request: “A story where the reader is a Hufflepuff being bullied and Draco saves her?”

Summary: Draco doesn’t like the way Flint talked to you. So he finally did something about it after bottling up his anger.

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Universe: Harry Potter

Word Count: 1,797

Warnings: None

A/N: I’m baaaack…. ;)

Originally posted by nellaey

It’s not like Draco hadn’t done any bullying himself, but the way Marcus Flint treated you was something else entirely. You never deserved the acrid words that were sent your way, and even Draco knew that. 

It was during lunch when he finally snapped, but Marcus had been doing it to you all day. His most effective word to use on you was weak. Draco knew you fairly well, your parents being aquaintences within their business. He knew you well enough to know that you were far from weak. 

Marcus took the fact you were sorted into Hufflepuff and never really talked to many people to his advantage. He terrorized you for being quiet and keeping to yourself, insulting your family and what you were worth, all the while you never said a word. 

Little did you know that you were worth more than just a weakling to Draco. 

“Oi! Y/N! How’s your lunch, mudblood!” Marcus’s voice echoed within the Great Hall, calling almost everybody’s attention. 

Including Draco, who watched in horror as you said nothing to Marcus, looking down at your food. 

“Aren’t ya gonna answer me, ya Hufflepuff?!” Marcus yelled again, bending down so his lips were touching your ear. 

Draco grit his teeth, his jaw tightening, glaring at the back of Marcus’s head. He was utterly disgusting in Draco’s eyes, and he promised himself that he would stop Marcus’s reign on insults upon you once and for all. 

“Oi! Flint!” Sudden shocked gasps emitted from the crowd as Draco stood up from his seat across the Hall, a glare consumed with anger being sent Marcus’s away as he turned around to look at  Draco. 

Slowly, Draco made his way over, his fists clenched by his sides. 

“What is it, Malfoy?” Marcus bit, standing straight up so his lips were nowhere near your face. 

Draco watched you sigh from behind Marcus as she looked over, pleading eyes being the only thing in Draco’s mind. 

“Talk to her again like that, and something in this Hall is going to go awry.” Draco was now fully across the Hall and now walking up to Flint, his bright blue eyes burning with fire. 

A dry chuckle escaped Marcus’s lips, his head turning to look back at you, where you were watching Draco’s every move. 

“And why are you suddenly defending this little weakling?” He bit, his hand going up to grab a piece of yoru hair and twirling it between his fingers then tugging. 

You winced but didn’t make a noise, and Draco’s blood boiled to the point where he was going to snap at any minute. He touched you, and that was not okay. Draco was now out for blood, his face coming up to Marcus’s, his jaw still locked. 

“Get your filfthy hands off her…” Draco growled, and you looked up at him with wide eyes. 

You had never seen this side of him before, and if you were being honest with yourself, you kinda liked it. 

Suddenly, Marcus went chest to chest with Draco, his eyes turning into slits. 

“And what are you going to do about it, pretty boy?” 

Draco had enough with Marcus’s antics, and finally collided his fist with Marcus’s cheek. A loud gasp escaped your mouth, your hand going up to cover it while Draco bent down, sending another hit to Marcus’s ear. 

“Draco!” Your voice suddenly ripped through the chaos of the crowd, and you bent down to grab his robe, successfully pulling him away from Marcus. “That’s enough! You’re going to bloody kill him!” 

Draco’s knuckles were now ripped, drops of blood trickling down the side of his palms. You took his bloody hand in yours and pulled, dragging him out of the Great Hall. Draco’s eyes stayed glued to Marcus’s as he lied on the ground groaning from the pain in his ear. Draco had hit him extremely hard, the anger he’s been bottling up towards Marcus finally revealing itself. Unfortunately, it had to be in front of the whole school. 

“Oh god, you’re going to get in huge trouble for this, aren’t you?” 

Draco’s attention was drawn to you when he heard worry lace your tone, and he looked over to you to see your eyebrows scrunched together, stress lines making their way upon your forehead. 

“Stop that.” He blurted, bringing his blood hand up to your forehead to wipe away the worry lines, which ended up in him wiping his blood on you instead. 

He groaned, apologizing for the accident, but you shook your head, sending him a soft smile. 

“It’s okay, Draco. Let’s get you cleaned up, yeah?” You said, lacing your fingers with his and tugging him towards Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. 

“Why here?” He questioned, looking around the bathroom as you brought him over to this sink, turning on the water. 

You looked up at him, your eyebrow raised. “Because it’s the one place we can get the most privacy. After what happened back there, I don’t want anybody finding you until I can get you patched up at least.” 

Draco watched you slowly as you gently brought his hand under the cold water, a hiss escaping his mouth as soon as he felt the stinging sensation run through his veins. You immediately withdrew his hands from the water, looking up at him in concern. He stamped the look into his brain, finding it utterly adorable. 

“It’s alright. You can put it back.” Draco reassured with a nod, and you listened, putting his hand back under the water and softly rubbing your fingers over the damp skin. 

“I can’t believe you actually did that…” You let the words slip out of your mouth before you could stop them, and listened as Draco chuckled. 

“Why not, love? Didn’t think a bully could beat up another bully?” 

A scowl painted its way upon your lips, and you looked up at him through your eyelashes. “Don’t call yourself a bully, Draco.” Was all you had said before shutting off the water and releasing his hand, walking over to the stalls and grabbing a small piece of toilet paper. 

Draco turned in your direction, furrowing his eyebrows. “Don’t you think I’m a bully? Doesn’t everybody? That’s the only other thing I’m known for besides being my father’s pet.” He spat to himself, babbling on about how much people hated him. 

You looked up to him as you returned to stand in front of him, grabbing his hand again and gently dabbing the cuts on his knuckles. “You shouldn’t care what other people think about you, Draco. Their opinion doesn’t matter unless you want it to matter. You are what you are, and that’s it. Whatever anybody else says you are, it’s irrelevant.” 

Draco looked down at you in shock, his eyes slightly wide and suddenly full of color. Your outburst was the first time Draco heard anything decent about him, and he couldn’t have appreciated it more. Suddenly, hepulled your hand with the toilet paper behind his back, his other arm wrapping around your waist so he could pull you closer to him. 

A breathless gasp escaped your lips when you looked up to realize your face was just inches from his, his minty breath fanning against your cheeks. 

“D-Draco…” You called out to him as you stared into his ocean blue eyes, a sly smirk that made your knees go weak planting its way upon his face. 

“Yes, Y/N?” He smiled brightly. It was one of those boyish smiles that reached from one end of his face to the other, and it made you laugh jovially. 

“W-Why did you defend me against Marcus” You brought your hands up to his chest, resting one of your palms against where his heart was. 

Draco watched as you suddenly bit your lip and looked down at the ground, almost ashamed of asking such a question. He shook his head softly, grabbing your chin and forcing you to look at him, his blue eyes wide with honesty. 

“Because you don’t deserve the way he treats you. I know you enough, Y/N, to know that your hatred towards violence and drama are strong enough to cause you to not defend yourself against somebody like that, and I couldn’t continue to see him talk to you that way without teaching him a lesson. You deserve better than a prick like that in your face all the time, and I decided that it was time to finally end his bullying streak towards you. I just couldn’t stand it.”

You could’ve sworn your stomach flipped a thousand times within the middle of Draco’s confession, and your cheeks began to turn a dark shade of red. You noticed Draco smile at the small change of skin color, and you couldn’t help but let out a sheepish laugh. His smile could light up a thousand worlds, and the fact that it was meant towards you made your heart swell with warmth. 

“Are your hands okay?” You abruptly spluttered, reaching down to grab his hands. 

However, Draco did something highly unexpected, something that uttered a soft gasp from your lips. 

He laced your fingers in his and lifted them above your head, his body moving forward to walk you back against the wall that you two were previously standing in front of. Your mouth parted slightly and you stared into his now dark blue orbs with a sudden sense of passion. 

“Is this alright?” He whispered in your ear, bringing his lips to your lobe and lightly biting down on the smooth skin, emitting a low moan from your chest. 

“Y-Yes.” You admitted, pushing your body forward so you were now closer to Draco. 

You could feel him smile a little as his lips traveled against your cheek, pressing butterfly kisses against the silky layers of skin there. Your breath quickened when his mouth became inches from yours, and you sighed in content when his lips finally connected with yours, his hands moving down to cup your cheeks, releasing your arms in the process. 

Draco could practically feel your heartbeat against his chest when he pressed you harder against the wall, slowly pulling away from you and removing his hands from your cheeks, brushing them against your waist until his hands were able to cup your hips. 

You were both left breathless against the wall, a heaping mess of passion and admiration all in one. Draco appreciated the way you reacted towards him, and he looekd down at you with a certain twinkle in his eyes. 

“Well then… That was unexpected, now wasn’t it?” 

“In 1961, John was given a twenty-first birthday present of £100 from his aunt Mater in Edinburgh. He decided to spend it on holiday in Paris with Paul. He had heard from Stu in Hamburg that Jurgen Vollmer would be in Paris and they arranged to meet up, hitch-hiking from Liverpool. While in Paris, according to Jurgen - later a professional photographer - he cut John and Paul’s hair in a mop-top style, brushing it forward, as opposed to slicked back like a Teddy boy. Later, the other Beatles copied it.

It appears from this postcard to Christine Carey, a friend of both John and Paul who lived in Bootle, that they were planning to move on to Spain, but they never did.

Dear Chris,

as you can see I’ve put the stamp on the wrong side cause I’m daft. Anyway, this is just to let you know what’s going on. Been in Paris a week as Paul will have told you, then off to Spain. Paris is great only “no rock” (well a bit of crappy “French rock”). Don’t know what else to say so cheerio til about ten days.

From John”

The John lennon letters by Hunter Davies.

Do Kyungsoo//Roommates - Part 1

Originally posted by v-dyo

Summary: Kyungsoo’s new apartment has some quirks. Like you, the ghost who still maintains the fact that the apartment is yours, not his. (Part 1/3)
Scenario: fluff, angst, mentions of death, violence 
Word Count: 4,195

Part 2 Part 3

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GF Valentine Headcanon

One year, Dipper makes Pacifica a Valentine’s Day card. It’s cheesy and covered in lace and glitter and it has a chemistry beaker on the front, with text saying ‘We mix well together! Will you be my Valentine?’

He even gathers enough courage to stick it in an envelope and write her address on the back. He doesn’t, however, have enough courage to put on a stamp and mail it.

So when he discovers it missing one day, he’s rightly panicked. The panic turns into hysteria when Mabel innocently claims that she thought it was meant to be mailed and sent it off with the rest of her Valentines

(she knew very well Pacifica was never intended to see it but she’s Mabel the Matchmaker)

Dipper agonizes for days and knows Pacifica will never let him live this down. Until he gets a text on Valentine’s Day.

I don’t normally date dorks. But I guess I’ll make an exception. You may have the honour of being my Valentine.’

Dipper is in a bit of daze after that and spends the evening having a video chat/dinner date with Pacifica, and she is quickly dropped from her high and mighty position when Dipper spots through the web cam that she framed his Valentine and hung it up. This breaks the ice and the awkward atmosphere from the first couple of minutes of their chat disappears

(Mabel tries to eavesdrop from outside the bedroom door but Dipper eventually catches her and throws a pillow at her. She then proceeds to shout about Dipper’s girlfriend and show pictures of her to everyone at their school and spams Pacifica with texts saying Pacifica Pines)

anonymous asked:

Dear EBT card users. I'm not judging you for being poor. I get it, my family was on EBT/Food Stamps for a while a long time ago. What I AM judging you on is your snobby attitude, like I should be kissing your ass for coming to our store to shop, when we both know the only reason you're here is because we're cheaper than our competition. Pull that stick out of your ass and recognize that energy drinks aren't food and therefore aren't covered by EBT.

Here’s how sales tax works on food (at least in Florida.)

Basic food is no tax. Bread, fruit, canned vegetables, meat, etc. the stuff you need to eat to live.

Luxury items are taxable. Soda, hot prepared food, fresh made subs, etc. the stuff that is nice to eat but not required to survive. (Not taxable with EBT) why? Because it’s dumb for the government to pay tax to itself.

Then there are non foods which have tax.

What pisses me off are the ones that come through and get pissy that their steamed lobster isn’t EBT eligible. “But they always let me have it” Who was it that let you have it so they can be trained properly? “I’m not a snitch” ok but you aren’t buying it with EBT today.

I’ve written up 4 people in seafood for putting the hot steamed lobsters under “SEAFOOD” so the customers can buy it with food stamps. I can’t seem to get it threw their heads that if we get caught doing that the whole chain can lose their contract and not be able to accept EBT anymore. That’s 300+ stores in 13 states. Not just our hell hole in the ghetto.

Sorry. Kind of a hot button for me being a trainer.


hey!! as a high school senior in the middle of college apps, i figured i could give some tips on the process for my fellow classmates & any underclassmen trying to start early (pro tip: start as early as you can!) so yeah, here are my tips for teacher recs, the first post in my college apps guide series!

choosing your teachers:

  • choosing who should write your recommendation can be a stressful process, but it’s the first step! whoever you choose depends on a lot of factors, including: how well they know you personally, how well they know you academically, and how well they know what you’ve done & what you do. also, oftentimes colleges require teachers of specific subjects depending on your major, so keep that in mind too. it can be very beneficial to have a teacher who teaches in the field of your chosen major so they can give a perspective on your academic success in that subject.
  • generally colleges take two recommendations, so it’s important to make sure that your rec letters are a good blend of perspectives and that they are not going to be the same letter. two similar recs are not effective, and you may as well send in one. so when choosing your teachers, make sure that they can bring varying points of view to your letter of rec.
  • a teacher may know you well academically and personally, or know what you’ve done and who you are, so if possible, you want to get all three perspectives within your two recs, and it’s ok if one of them is repeated. however, the one thing you don’t want is a teacher whose class you didn’t do to great in, even if they know you well. i would personally say to completely rule out that kind of teacher, but if they know you 100% and have seen you grow and change, then i suppose that rec may be viable- but it’s still not the best idea.

requesting your recs:

  • this is a pretty formal process, so you don’t want to mess up too terribly. you’re essentially asking your teachers to tell a college why it should accept you, so you want to approach them very tactically.
  • unless you’re asking them over the summer, approach them in person. this establishes that you care enough about their rec that you can meet with them & reminds them of who you actually are so you’re more than just a name asking for a recommendation.
  • be nice & throw in the compliments (but not too many). you want to sound as genuine as possible, so lay it thick but not too thick. tell them you loved their class & why you loved their class.
  • and then mention that you’re applying to colleges this fall and would be honored if they could write a rec for you.
  • those are the basics. a lot of people also give gifts to their teachers, either when asking for a rec or sometimes after. this isn’t absolutely necessary, but it’s a nice gesture and makes them happy!

what to provide:

  • even if a teacher knows you well, it makes things a lot easier for the both of you if you put a majority of your info on paper. many teachers or schools provide forms for you to fill out, but if they don’t, here’s what you could give them:
  • a resume, with enough descriptions of positions you’ve held & things you’ve done for them to get the whole picture
  • a brag sheet, covering your activities, grades, plans for the future, obstacles you’ve overcome, what you’d like them to highlight, etc… basically put everything you want them to know about you.
  • whatever you provide them with, make sure it also has: some of your grades or gpa on it, the colleges you’re applying to, and your intended major (if you’re undecided then just let them know you’re undecided)
  • time!! time is so important. teachers have lives and other things to do, and you’re asking a huge favor when requesting a recommendation, so please keep time in mind, especially if you’re applying early somewhere! they should at least have 2-3 weeks to write your rec (at least!)
  • also remember an envelope with postage stamp and all that jazz if they’re mailing the rec letter in. and if you’re requesting a rec online, make sure you actually send in that request. even if you’ve asked them for a rec, that request is your responsibility.

other things to do:

  • check in with your teachers some time after you’ve asked them for a rec, especially if you’ve electronically requested one, to make sure everything’s reached them.
  • stay friendly with them, try to smile if you see them in the halls, just be a nice person in general. once again, they’re telling a college why it should take you. you want to make a continuously good impression!
  • ++ a lot of these tips apply for counselor recs too! your counselor pretty much knows they’re writing a rec for you, but you definitely want to make that request (online or in person if that’s how it’s done) and check up with them + make sure you’re nice to them and they know you. they should be able to recognize your face & know some of what you’ve done around the school.

more masterposts!!

i think there’s an important process to know for teacher recs & i hope i covered everything in enough detail! recs are a very important part of your application, so please don’t push them to the side! anyway, i hope this helps!! keep shining like the star you are and remember to be awesome today!!

- Aza

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I loved the yakov/lilia piece but it got me thinking. What about one where all the coaches sit and remember their skating days + reflect on their skaters?


“I miss when Chris was sweet and innocent.”

Yakov let out a chuckle while looking at Josef’s defeated look.

“How do you think I feel? Victor was never an angel, but at least he wasn’t this wild,” Yakov said with a sigh as he picked up his beer and took a sip.

“At least your skaters didn’t come home with a tramp stamp,” Alain mumbled into his beer.

“The difference between you and us, Alain, is that your skater is also your son. You’d have to put up with him anyway. We volunteer for this crap,” Celestino laughed while slapping Alain back.

“Don’t remind me, I can deal with the maple lead tattoo, but the tramp stamp?” Alain groaned.

“I lost half of my own hair when Victor turned up to practice after cutting his long hair,” Yakov mumbled while shaking his head.

“You two are lucky, at least you didn’t have an angel come up to you and ask if he can wear a skin type costume that highlights his butt. I swear I fainted in shock when Chris asked me that,” Josef groaned.

“At least you guys don’t have to monitor a social media account twenty-four, seven. I swear Phichit is going to kill me one day, he just runs off for the perfect media shot without factoring in the danger. He climbed a statue in Russia to get a good shot of some building or something,” Celestino groaned while finishing off his drink.

“I’ve had to replace seven phones because Yuri has smashed them to pieces. Seven! The boy has only been in my care for three years,” he grumbled before lifting up his beer and taking a deep drink.

“When Japanese Yuuri was in my care, I swear I spent every competition convincing him he did fine. Every competition,” Celestino sighed with a shake of his head.

“Jean joined a rock band and then comes to me and declares he is going to skate to his bands song,” Alain said while shaking his head.

“I do not understand what you are complaining about,” the four male coaches turned to the only woman at the table. Lilia sat there, a glass of wine held in her hand.

“You all have wonderful skaters that try their best. Shouldn’t you be thankful for that?” Lilia questioned while glancing between the four males.

“But we are, Lilia,” Josef chuckled.

“I am very thankful that Jean is so dedicated, but sometimes I just need to rant,” Alain said with a small smile.

“Phichit and Yuuri are both lovely boys. It saddens me that Yuuri got another coach, but it is clear that Yuuri is better in Victor’s hands than my own,” Celestino said with a soft smile.

“Venting, Lilia, we care for each of our skaters, but sometimes we just need to vent,” he explained with a wave of his hand.

“I do not understand, but please do not stop on my account,” Lilia said with a wave of her hand.

“Do you not ever have a moment where you want to punish your Yuri for his mouth?” Josef questioned, causing Lilia to glance towards the bald man and nod her head slowly.

“That is what we are doing, talking about those times. The Grand Prix is over, it is break time before we all hurry back for National Championships,” Josef explained with a gentle smile.

“I see,” Lilia said with a nod.

“Oh god, nationals,” Alain groaned while rubbing his forehead, “Jeans be at me about wanting to try and break a world record at Nationals.”

“Tell your boy to keep dreaming, if anyone is breaking any records it is Victor,” Yakov said with smirk, earning a snort from Lilia.

“Don’t rule Yuri out just yet, Yakov,” Lilia warned while taking a sip of her wine.

“Hey now, Phichit has been breaking records all season, they just aren’t fancy ones like your Russian skaters,” Celestino pointed out with a smirk.

“May god have mercy on all of us,” Josef said while raising his beer. Yakov chuckle as he rose his own glass and gently tapped it against Josef’s along with Celestino and Alain.

“Amen to that,” Alain mumbled as they all took a sip of their beers.

“You all need more than god,” Lilia mumbled, resulting in the table bursting into laughter at how true the former ballerina’s words were.

Love gives your enemies a perfect target

 PART 2 


Paul x imprint!reader

Warnings: Swearing, kidnapping, torture 

Request: “can u write a paul imagine where he imprints on the reader but doesn’t tell her but since it’s so obvious, some vampires kidnap and torture her to get back at him and he saves her and it’s super angsty and paul being a mess and a fluffy end? thanks!”

-There will be a part 3 i got a bit carried away in this part, and writing torture is harder than i thought i wasn’t creative enough hahah but there will probably be more in the next part, hope you enjoy<3

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Gajevy prompt: I don’t need a Prince Charming saving me

This one was requested by @supernovaecastaway <3 This one is actually the shortest fic I’ve written so far, but it didn’t take much to hit the nail on the head with this one! At least I think so, haha.

Levy climbed the ladder to the top shelf of the long line of bookshelves. She carried a handful of books with her that needed to be placed back into the guild library. She hummed to herself a little melody as she went about her work, content to living within her own little world, continuing to replaced the books that she had borrowed and searched for the next few books on her list. A dainty finger passed over the titles of the books as she searched for the correct name of the tomb she sought.

Just out of reach of her finger tips she found the title she had searched for. She leaned as far as she could, but still she could not retrieve it from it’s place upon the shelf. Huffing her cheeks in frustration, she leaned just a bit further until suddenly she slipped.

She seemed to fall in slow motion, and the only thought she had was that she shouldn’t have been so stubborn, she should have climbed down and adjusted the ladder. Her hair fell around her face as she fell downwards, her hand outstretched, as if to reach onto the ladder she had fallen from. Levy prepared herself for the hard and inevitable fall, but it never came.

Instead, she found herself being caught by strong arms and cradled close to a firm chest as a deep voice broke her from her shock.

“What the hell are you doin’ Levy? Tryin’ to get yourself killed?” The angry voice growled at her.

She cracked her eyes open to take a peak at who was scolding her. Lips pulled tight into a frown, and wild black hair tied back with a red bandana that made his ruby red eyes pop out, especially when he was upset… like he was now.

“Gajeel, put me down.” Levy huffed as her cheeks inflated and turned pink with embarrassment.

“Oi, how about I drop you on your ass to teach you a lesson? Should have let you fall, maybe you would learn to quit making stupid decisions on that damn ladder.” He proceeded to drop her a few inches into a chair nearby and stand with his arms crossed over his chest and scowl down at her.

“I don’t need this, you know!” Levy stood from where he had plopped her down, stamping her foot against the floor.

Gajeel rolled his eyes in annoyance, “Need what, Shorty?”

He was taken off guard and almost stumbled back when she poked him hard in the center of his chest. “This whole act! I don’t need a prince charming saving me!”

Staring down his pierced nose as her for a silent moment, he then burst into laughter at her words.

“Prince charming? Me? Do I look like a prince charming to you, Shorty?” Gajeel’s hands moved to his hips and he made himself wide, as if letting her examine his appearance. And even though she could recognize him from a mile away, she still took the moment to indulge herself in admiring his strong physique. His biceps bulged and thick veins ran down his arms, weaving in and out of the studs on his forearm. His sleeveless shirt was tight over his chest and if she looked closely enough she could see the outline of his abdominal muscles.

In an attempt to not satisfy his obvious cry for attention she turned to the table where her work was spread out and pretended to organize. Though she couldn’t just leave the words hanging without quipping back at him.

“You’re right, you’re more like the dragon guarding the princess.” She grumbled under her breath.

By the time she had finished her sentence, he was already on her. Pressed against her backside, his hands crept around her waist and grabbed onto her hips firmly. She wanted nothing more than to melt against him. His breath was hot against her ear as he whispered, “That would be accurate. And a dragon always protects what is his, my princess.”

Something Special

A Stiles Stilinski imagine

Resume: Lydia persuaded Y/N to buy a little something special that Stiles will not be able to resist. However, she’s not very confident when, in the evening, she decides to put the mysterious outfit on in order to please her boyfriend, which actually doesn’t need that much to be satisfied.

In which the reader wears a sexy outfit despite hating it for Stiles.

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word count: 1346

A/N: I always write to many words in imagines damn…

“Are you sure about that?” I sighed, nervous, the mysterious object still in my hands.

“Believe me, with that, he’ll never dare look at other girls.”

Sure of herself, my friend sent her ginger hair behind her shoulder, continuing to search among the articles of the shop we were in.

“I don’t think that’s my style …”

Indeed, it was not my style. And I didn’t think it was my boyfriend’s either. But Lydia seemed to believe it; since she was still saying that he would love it.

“No guy can resist that, Y / N. None on the planet,” she added, pinching her luscious lips before giving me a look that became desperate when she saw my facial expression.

“But …” I started before she cut me again, coming closer to put both hands firmly on my shoulders.

“Stop thinking. Stiles will love it, and it will be quite a surprise for him, especially seeing how you dress up every day … a total waste. ”

She winked and took the piece of clothes from my hands before walking towards the checkout with a walk that was both elegant and assured.

“I pay it, you have no choice!” Lydia flashed before giving me her most perverse smile that I knew.

For my part, I had to resolve myself. The red rose to my cheeks very quickly and I sighed loudly before following her, back bent, desperate. Stress was already beginning to make its way into my lower limbs, sending unpleasant tingling to my spine. I shuddered before trying the puppy eyes, my last weapon against the banshee.

“No, Y / N, you can’t make me change my mind. No, stop it. ”

Lydia handed her credit card to the cashier, and I grunted in frustration.

She had won.

Bad luck was definitely on my side, because that same day, on the evenning, I had to go to Stiles’ house to study chemistry. He had some difficulties, and as I was doing quite well in the subject, we had decided on a small study session twice a week.

The meeting time was at 19.

I was so stressed that I became confused. At 18:30, I was already in front of his house, glued to my seat, hands grabbing the steering wheel, not wanting to let go. I kept staring quickly and worriedly from his window to his front door. A stomach ache suddenly took me and cold sweat ran down my back.

That was the critical moment.

I was a little nervous every time I went to my boyfriend’s house. It was the first I had, and I was not used to letting myself go in the soft and comforting arms of the person I loved. I remembered the first time we kissed; I was so anxious and scared, afraid of not doing the right thing. But Stiles had reassured me, and everything had gone well.

More than just well, actually.

I had never been very confident with my body, but Stiles had always succeeded in reassuring me, in making my apprehensions and fears disappear. He was always replacing them with a feeling of assurance and comfort.

I raised my head, suddenly filled up with courage, and went out of my car to go towards the front door. I rang, and a few moments later, the handsomest boy I ever met opened the door with a dazzling smile that made me melt inside. I wondered again how I could deserve to have such an extraordinary person in my life.

Once in his room, Stiles grabbed his school bag and opened it to look for his textbook, but I had other ideas in mind. I slipped behind him and plastered my body against his back before putting my mouth close to his ear. My hands went by themselves against his abdomen, and he froze.

“Y / N …? What are you doing? ”

It was the first time I was taking the lead since we were together. He had every reason to be surprised, I was myself.

I took advantage of my position of dominance to whisper something in his ear.

“I have a surprise for you … chemistry can wait don’t you think?”

“Oh yes totally, chemistry can wait,” he said, swallowing, impatient.

I let go and tied a blindfold around his eyes. His lips stretched to form a smile as he put his fingers against the fabric.

“Do not take it off before I tell you!” “

“Don’t worry,” he said, laughing.

I hastened to change to put on the outfit that Lydia had bought me earlier. A light outfit; something that doesn’t cover a lot of skin. Something I’ll never dare bought myself.

It’s only when the sexy outfit was on me that I felt stupid. Stiles was waiting, patiently, sitting on his bed, legs crossed, a smile stamped in his face. And I, poor little me, had put this thing that didn’t suit me at all. The stress invaded my body again and a ball formed in my throat. I was ashamed of myself, I wasn’t made for this kind of outfit, I didn’t have a beautiful body like Lydia or Malia…

My throat tightened and I felt tears coming to my eyes. I was ridiculous; he was going to laugh at me. I thought for a moment of taking it away and doing as if nothing had happened, but when I saw him waiting, so beautiful and happy, impatient … I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t take away the smile he had. I swallowed my stress and my fears and told him that he could remove the headband with a trembling voice.

Stiles blinked several times when he saw me. He even rubbed his eyes with his hands. To be sure he wasn’t dreaming; I saw him count his fingers. For my part, I lowered my head and clasped my arms against my chest, uncomfortable and cold. I wasn’t ready to hear his comments, he…

“You’re gorgeous, Y / N …”

I raised my head, my heart missing a beat.

Stiles got up from his bed and came to lay his hands delicately against the skin of my bare arms. A shudder ran through me, and our eyes met. He smiled at me before grabbing my chin between his agile fingers and put his lips against mine, taking my breath away. Our kisses always made this impression, the impression that our breaths were only one while our mouths merged for a passionate kiss.

When our lips parted, I still had my eyes closed in the appreciation of the moment and the taste that it had. Stiles caressed my cheek with his thumb, gently, as if he was trying to chase away sad things from my soul.

“You don’t have to force yourself for me.”

His words made me open my eyes. I wanted to protest, but he put a finger on my lips to silence me.

“Babe, I love you as you are, and if you’re not comfortable in that outfit … you don’t have to wear it for me. I want you to be comfortable, and above all, happy,” He said in a low voice, very gentle, almost a whisper. That voice that I loved so much.

This time, it was a solitary tear that his thumb chased out of my cheek.

“And also … I like much more seeing you wear one of my sweaters … with nothing else underneath…”

He managed to make me laugh, something I could not believe possible for the evening, and I gave him a friendly pat on the chest before he took me in his arms.

After I put on more comfortable clothes, we spent the rest of the evening in the arms of one and the other. We even forgot the chemistry and the exam which awaited us the next day.

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