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Fic Recommendations

So, because I keep being asked for these and I do in fact have quite a few that I really feel aren’t given enough attention or the credit they deserve, I’ve put together a list.

There is no particular order.

If you’re not on here, it’s likely that I’ve forgotten while putting this together. I will also be adding to this list as I read.

If I’ve ever commented, liked, or reblogged a fic of yours and you don’t see it on here, please let me know so that I can add it. Don’t see something of yours and you want me to give it a read? Shoot me a message and I would be happy to!

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Writings by @spiderling–parker

‘Tree Hollow’ - “Peter, music, trees, chapstick, handwriting”
‘Imagine #7′ - “ Train Guy, Parker, was into you. Into you.”
‘Imagine #3′ - “You had landed a date with Peter Parker and you couldn’t believe it.”
‘Imagine #8′ - “I never knew just what it was”
‘The Crashing’ - (Part 1) & (Part 2)

Writings by @parkersenses

‘This Feels So Wrong’ - (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Writings by @ohparkers

‘Patience’ - (Part 1) & (Part 2)
‘Introductions’ - “Peter Benjamin Parker had the most honest smile in the universe.”
‘Too Much Chemistry’ - “For a being juvenile delinquent, you’re pretty cute, you know that?”
‘Unspoken Feelings’ - It felt like you were walking on air.

Writings by @wndas-romanoff

‘The Six Stages of Falling in Love’
‘1. Glances’
- If Peter wasn’t already gone for, he was then.
‘2. Warm’ - It starts in his toes- the warmth that is

Writings by @mattymattymerduck

‘Picture Perfect’ - “So what was a pretty girl like you doing on a roof like that?

Bucky Barnes x Reader

‘Bring Me To My Knees’ (A series) - But even astrology got it right sometimes, and today was one of those days.
‘The Evolution of Bucky Barnes’ - “Have you ever felt that before Buck? When you just look at them and it’s like getting the wind knocked outta you?”

Writings by @peterplanet

‘Chemical Infatuation’ - Her hands are warm against his and he can’t help but feel the stutter of his stardust-infused brain.

Writings by @spidereyhes

‘Skyline’ (A series) - “I wouldn’t be so sure, Y/N.” Peter grinned to himself and shut his locker. “You’re a lot more interesting than you think.”

Writings by @spideyboys

‘Once Upon a Potions Class’ (AU) - If you want to get technical, really technical, it started in Potions class one fateful October afternoon…
‘Pretty Boy’ - You love the way he looks at you, often and bright with happiness. You haven’t stopped looking at him since you started all those months ago, you couldn’t anticipate a time when you would.
‘Pretty Girl’ - He raised a hand to trace over the little stars, the freckles, on your shoulder with his finger, an unabashed grin beginning to make its way across his face.
‘The Reading of a Quiet Boy’s Heart’ - Peter had a kind heart, the softest you’d ever encountered before…
Inevitable Realizations’ - The thought had come so simply to his brain it was like he already thought the same thing for years.
‘Lights On’ - “If we’re doing this, I’m admiring you. All of you. Keep the light on.”

Writings by @thespideyimagines

‘Catch’ - Harry’s smile was predatory. “Catch.” He let go of the rope and chain, cackling as he did so, gliding away immediately.
‘Tangled Hair’ - His breathy voice made shivers tingle in your spine and it resulted in the complete opposite of easing the tension surrounding you two.
‘Don’t Listen to Them’ - You sniffled again and were about to explain why, but he didn’t let you, immediately barreling forward with his words.

Writings by @jbarneswrites

‘Letters’ - (Part 1) & (Part 2)
‘Hate’ -
… because he hated you - that fact was obvious in the past years at school, so why did he suddenly care?
‘Moments’ - Yeah, these were the moments that you really loved Peter Parker.
‘Excuse My French’ - (Part 1) (Part 2)

Writings By @writemywayoutofhell

‘Reaper‘ - (Part I) (Part II)

Writings By @partytrickparker

‘See You Again’The countless whispers of I love you comforted you both; and also left deeper bruises inside with every one.

Writings By @acashgirl

‘Untitled Marvel Project’ (A Series) - “I’m here, and I’ll always try to be here. But even if I had died then, I’m glad the last person I would’ve been close to is you.”

Writings By @wornquillsandspilledink

Bucky Barnes x Reader

- It was a necklace of bruises around your small throat. A dark handprint – large and ominous – that wrapped completely around the front of your neck.

This isn’t done, but here’s a few to start with. I have quite a few more to add but my internet is being slow as all get out, so have this for now.

Again, send me fics you want me to read; even if they’re yours. (You should be proud, so let me see.)

halloweentown   /   starter   sentences.

posted   in   preparation   for   halloween!   feel   free   to   change   the   pronouns   to   make   these   fit!

‘ being normal is vastly overrated. ‘
[ name ], it’s rude to stare! ‘
‘ why don’t we talk about how illegal it is to drive without eyeballs? ‘
‘ i’m just trying to protect you. ‘
‘ hey look! i’m a potato, are you happy now? maybe i’ll put down some roots in the carpet. ‘
‘ magic is really very simple, all you’ve got to do is want something and then let yourself have it. ‘
‘ you are not a witch. ‘
‘ why can’t you find a more normal holiday to get hung up on? like… arbor day! trees are important too, you know. ‘
‘ i’ve always said that the movies could teach us so much. ‘
‘ maybe we could go out for an ice cream. i know my way around town. i’m kinda like the big cheese here. ‘
‘ how are we supposed to grow up if we’re not allowed to go into the world, try new things and take some risks? ‘
‘ i bet you get a’s in school. ‘
‘ i wanna help you fight the bad thing! ‘
‘ i’m getting that déjà vu feeling again! ‘
‘ oh yes, we should put on our bikinis and go swimming in it! ‘
‘ i have my reasons and i will explain them to you when you’re taller. ‘

obscuramrose  asked:

First off. You are absolutely amazing and your blog is awesome. Second. Do you have anything with stiles as a fox? Like him being turning into one and Derek having to take care of him. Or even stiles is a special type of were and uses his fox form to hide from the world on bad days? Please and thank you!

Hey! I love seeing familiar faces in my inbox :) Thank you so much!!! I’m so glad you’re here, putting up with my fic rec rambling :p 

Have you read the fox!stiles fics here and here Also this is a great harry potter fic with fox!stiles and here are a few shorter fics. Ok! I think that’s the end of my fox!stiles collection ;)

Chase Me Through The Trees, Mister Wolf by  MissDizzyD | 3.4K

Stiles was… happy. Really happy. Happy in a way that had the forest singing to him, urging him to go and play and frolic and let his fox have some fun for once.

Suddenly you’re standing still by  gottalovev | 7.6K

A long time ago, Stiles promised his mom that he’d never cross the Hale property lines. He has kept his word even if there hasn’t been a Hale in Beacon Hills for years, not since the fire. But suddenly Scott gets turned into a werewolf, Derek Hale is back, and Stiles has to share his biggest secret.

The Fox Says Derek by  LadyDrace | 2.1K

Stiles is a werefox, he’s not supposed to get sick. Except, he does. Good thing he has such a nice boyfriend at his beck and call.

If I Can Learn To Do It - Anastasia AU with Jason Todd

Prologue | Journey to the Past | Once Upon A December | In the Dark of the Night | Trainwreck | If I Can Learn To Do It | The Nightmare | The Interview | The Ballet | The Reunion | The Reward | At the Beginning

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“So are we footing it to Paris?” Y/N asked as they made their way down the road. They had been walking since they had to jump off their train and Y/N was absolutely certain her feet were going to fall off.

“No, we are going to take a boat in Germany.” Jason answered as he continued walking. He knew they were fading fast, but they needed to keep moving.

“So, we are walking to Germany?” Y/N asked quietly. She didn’t want to irritate him, but she would like to know how much longer she needed to go. It seemed as though they had traveled half the length of Russia on foot by now.

“No, your highness.” Jason said with a bit of irritation showing in his voice. “We are going to take a bus.”

Y/N sighed and continued walking. She could make it until they reached the bus station. Especially now that she knew she only had to get that far.

“Okay, Jaybird.” Roy panted as they reached a covered bridge. “I need a break so we are stopping right here.” He dropped what he was carrying and sprawled out underneath a tree.

“Fine by me.” Jason groaned as he sat down against the trunk. Y/N sighed and put her bag down. She sat down and removed her shoes. The group let silence fall once again as they tried to gather strength for the next leg of their journey.

“Jaybird, I just thought of something.” Roy said as he sat up. “I’m going to see Kori again.” The redhead punched the air and let out a happy cry.

“Who is Kori?” Y/N said, laughing at the man’s antics.

“Kori is beautiful, and wise, and kind, and so fucking hot. Like extremely hot, and she is also the Empress’s cousin.” Roy said as he dug a picture out of his pocket. It was old and had been folded many times, but there was a picture of Roy and a tall girl. They looked to be in their mid teens. “We’ll be talking to her before we can meet the Empress. She discerns the real deals from the really good fakes.”

Y/N was quiet as his words sunk in. Jason could tell that what Roy had just said hadn’t had a positive effect on her. “I have to prove I am the real deal? Like with education and etiquette and all that?” She said quietly. Jason and Roy shared a look before Jason nodded.

“We were going to tell you.” He started.

“When exactly? When we reached Paris? Or were you going to wait until the interrogation started and I was failing?” Y/N said as she stood up.

“We had it all figured out. You were going to have plenty of time to prepare.” Jason said as he watched Y/N begin to move away. “Where are you going?”

“I need some space.” Y/N said as she walked onto the bridge and looked over the edge. She heard someone get up and move to stand next to her. She looked over to find Roy standing there.

“It seems like a bit much isn’t it? Learning how to be a Grand Duchess, that is.” Roy said as he leaned on the railing.

“I don’t even know where to start.” Y/N whispered. She could feel the panic beginning to well up in her chest.

“Hey, you are going to do great.” Roy said as he rested a hand on her shoulder. “You already have the personality for it. I’ve never seen a person who was able to go toe to toe with Jaybird in a sass battle and win.” He chuckled. “Can I tell you a secret?”

Y/N nodded as she looked at their reflections in the water.

“My dad was a member of the court. He was the advisor before Nicholas started chatting with… At any rate, I grew up with your older sisters. I attended a lot of the same etiquette lessons and I remember enough to get you through this, believe it or not.” They shared a smile as they watched a falling leaf marr their reflections in the water.

“So are you two ready to get back on the road and get started with the princess lessons?” Jason asked. Y/N huffed and went to grab her bag. “Why is nothing I say ever good enough for her?” Jason muttered. Roy rolled his eyes and brushed past. Jason shook his head. He just couldn’t win today, could he?

“Now the first lesson you are going to learn, Y/N, is balance and posture. How you hold yourself is vital to making a good impression.” Roy began his first, of many, lectures as they continued walking down the road.

Y/N turned out to be a faster learner than they could have hoped. She picked up all of Roy’s teachings and was able to recall her family history as if she had already learned the information and was just waiting to use it. Jason and Roy were shocked at some of the facts she recounted. Jason swore that there were a few she mentioned that they hadn’t gotten to yet. Roy just shook his head and said that Y/N was just good like that.

Y/N was so busy learning that she didn’t realize they were already in Germany and getting ready to board the boat. She wasn’t feeling nervous yet, mostly because of how easy learning to be a Grand Duchess was turning out to be.

They boarded the ship and Y/N headed to their room. She sat down on the bed and felt her ache in her legs and feet start to fade. Walking all that way and then sitting on a cramped bus was beginning to do a number on her muscles. She stood up when she heard a knock. She opened the door to find Jason standing there with a bundle in his hands. “Put this on.” He said as he handed it to her.

“What is it?” She asked as she began to unfold it. It was a plain dress, but it had nice lines and a neat collar. It wasn’t made for a Grand Duchess, but it was world’s away from the oversized man’s shirt she was wearing right now. “There is so much fabric.” She murmured as she ran her hands over it.

Jason bit back a sarcastic comment as he watched her inspect it.The look in her eyes was doing funny things to his heart and he would rather not start a fight right now. “Just put it on. Roy and I are upstairs when you are ready.” He quickly turned and walked away.

Y/N watched him go before closing the door. She shed the ratty old man’s shirt and put it in the trash. Now that she had a dress, she wouldn’t need that threadbare old thing anyways. She slipped the dress on and turned to look in the mirror. Something about the way it flowed around her body made her feel like she was staring at a portrait of someone else. Someone older, wiser, someone who she had known and loved. She blinked as the feeling faded a bit and she saw herself. She may not look like royalty, but she looked like a respectable young lady. She giggled at the thought. Her, Y/N the orphan, was a respectable young lady. She left the cabin and walked up the stairs.

Titus’s ears lifted the moment she reached the top. He didn’t move, instead he wined a greeting before sighing and falling asleep. The trip had done a number on him as well.

Jason was the second one to notice her presence. He looked up from the card game he and Roy were playing. He could have sworn his heart stopped when he saw her. He had thought she was pretty before, even in her over-mended hand-me-downs, but now… Now she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Roy let out a low whistle that broke through Jason’s staring. “Damn, Y/N. You clean up better than anyone I have ever seen.” Y/N smiled and laughed at his comment. Roy sent Jason a knowing look before standing up. “Okay, now you are going to learn one of the most important things I can ever teach you. You are going to learn how to waltz. Jason, come dance with the pretty lady.”

Jason sent him a glare. “Why don’t you waltz with her?” Y/N felt her heart sink a little bit at his words. She had thought that she looked nice in the dress he had picked for her, but obviously not.

“Because I am the teacher. Now go wrap your arms around her.” Roy said, making a shooing motion with his hands.

Jason sighed and walked up to Y/N. “Can I have this dance?” He asked, offering her a hand.

Y/N nodded and put her hand in his. A little shiver went through her at the feel of his skin against hers. Jason felt it too, but maintained his composure. He put his hand on her waist and Y/N felt herself tense a bit before relaxing in his grasp. “Okay, now, Y/N, Jason is going to lead.”Roy said as he tapped his foot to an imaginary beat.

They started out slow and clumsy. Y/N stepped on Jason’s toes a couple times and was constantly looking down. Jason let go of her hand and cupped her chin, forcing her to look in his eyes. “Stop looking down and focus on me.” He said as he took her hand. She held eye contact with him as the started dancing again. They found a rhythm and danced circles around the deck.

Roy sighed as he watched them. They had become lost in each other. He could see the glow on Y/N’s cheeks and the softness in Jason’s eyes. Other people might not notice it, but he could tell they were falling in love. “I’m going to regret encouraging this, Titus.” He muttered as Jason dipped Y/N. “There is no way in hell they can be together if our plan works out.” The dog whined in agreement. Roy reached down and scratched behind Titus’s ear. “But I don’t have the heart to break them apart when they are obviously meant to be.”

“This is fun.” Y/N said as Jason twirled her. He hummed and agreement as he pulled her close. “I am getting a little dizzy though.” She admitted as pressed close to him again. His hand moved from resting on her waist to pressing against the small of her back.

“If you want, we could stop.” Jason said as his other hand moved from holding hers to resting on her shoulder. He rubbed comforting circles into the fabric of her dress as Y/N finally broke eye contact with him.

“We have stopped.” Y/N murmured. At some point during their little exchange, they had stopped dancing and Jason was still holding her in his arms. He looked around and cleared his throat, removing his arms from around her. Y/N immediately missed the contact and leaned towards him again.

“You did good for your first time, but I think it is getting late. We should all turn in.” Jason said as he strode towards the stairs. Y/N stood there and watched him go.

“Young love is painful, Titus. Remind me never to fall into that deathtrap of emotions.” Roy said as he got up. The big black dog whined playfully and nudged the redhead. “Yeah, I know. I’m hopeless romantic and there is probably no avoiding it, but you can’t blame a guy for trying.”

How to Deal (Savagely) With Fuck Boys Using Only Bob Ross Quotes:
  • Fuckboy: *asks how your day is going*
  • Bob Ross: Every day is a good day when you paint.
  • Fuckboy: *Talking about their dick*
  • Bob Ross: I really believe that if you practice enough you could paint the ‘Mona Lisa’ with a two-inch brush.
  • Fuckboy: *says something about how he'd do anything for you*
  • Bob Ross: In painting, you have unlimited power. You have the ability to move mountains. You can bend rivers. But when I get home, the only thing I have power over is the garbage.
  • Fuckboy: *asks what you want to do ;) ;) ;)*
  • Bob Ross: I think each of us, sometime in our life, has wanted to paint a picture.
  • Fuckboy: *asks "Where is this going?" or "Where do we stand?"*
  • Bob Ross: We don’t really know where this goes — and I’m not sure we really care.”
  • Fuckboy: *accuses you of friendzoning him*
  • Bob Ross: Gotta give him a friend. Like I always say, ‘Everyone needs a friend.’
  • Fuckboy: *gets annoyed at you for only replying with Bob Ross quotes*
  • Bob Ross: They say everything looks better with odd numbers of things. But sometimes I put even numbers — just to upset the critics.
  • Fuckboy: *sexts you*
  • Bob Ross: I like to beat the brush.
  • Bob Ross: Be so very light. Be a gentle whisper.
  • Bob Ross: If you do too much, it’s going to lose its effectiveness.
  • Fuckboy: *says he doesn't want to talk to you*
  • Bob Ross: Talk to the tree, make friends with it.
  • Fuckboy: *is mad at you for not contributing to the conversation*
  • Bob Ross: Just let go — and fall like a little waterfall.
  • Fuckboy: *asks abt your pussy/bussy/dick/whatever*
  • Bob Ross: This is happy place; little squirrels live here and play.
  • Fuckboy: *for when you lead them on with Bob Ross quotes and then let them go*
  • Bob Ross: Isn’t it fantastic that you can change your mind and create all these happy things?
Silent Night

Eleven x Reader

Request: @doctorppwhouffle Well, here I am. Again. Can I request a fluff one with the prompt 13 (Kiss me)? Elevenxreader, please. Thanks!!! Xoxoxo

Again, thank you for requesting! Due to the holiday season, this one has a Christmas theme to it. I hope you enjoy! Please stop by again sometime! Xoxo

Title: Silent Night

Warnings: Mentions of grieving and implied depression. Other than that, mostly fluff!

Word Count: 2,834

As you hummed along to the familiar Christmas tune that drifted through your home, the smell of pine needles tickling your senses as you hung up the lights around the tree. Glancing outside, there was snow gently, and silently falling outside as you kept warm in your favorite holiday sweater. These things were some of your favorites when it came to the holidays, but this year you were able to share it with the man you cared most about. “Oi! These lights are not very helpful if I do say so myself!” The Doctor exclaimed a few feet away. When you looked over to him you were greeted by the sight of him looking like a Christmas tree himself with how wrapped up he was within the green lit strings. You raised your hand over your mouth to stifle a burst of laughter, taking in the sight of him. “Well, I do have to say you look a lot better than the real tree. Maybe I’ll just keep you wrapped up in those lights.” You teased, walking over Christmas boxes to get to him. He rolled his eyes before connecting them to yours, and smirked. “As fun as it sounds, I’d much rather not be set on fire by lights.” “Ah, there’s a fire extinguisher!” You claimed wrapping your arms around his neck and began stroking the nape of it. His eyes twinkled in the illumination, making them look as if there was a thin layer of gold within them. He laughed not looking anymore reassured than before, letting his head fall back into your hands before looking back down at you. The way he was looking at you made your heart skip a beat and your stomach flutter. You felt so light that you could levitate right off the floor if you weren’t wrapped around your madman. You stood up on your tip toes to kiss his nose before finally taking on the task of untangling the Gallifreyan from the mess of green wires. “So Doctor, how do you usually spend your holidays?” You asked as you finished unwrapping him from the lights. “Ah well, I try to stay out of trouble, but trouble always seems to follow me wherever I go.” You nodded remembering him telling you one story of one of his past Christmas excursions, involving killer Christmas trees. As you started packing up things that wouldn’t be needed for the rest of decorating, you noticed there was a tinge of pain behind his green, golden-lit eyes and a single tear falling down his cheek. “Doctor? Doctor, what’s the matter?” You asked, rushing to his side on the couch. You took his face in your hands and wiped the tear away, not pressing for an answer right then and there. He placed his hand on top of yours, and let the warmth that they both expelled seep into his skin. “My past holiday’s haven’t always been the best. The last time I was doing all of this,” He turned out to reference the Christmas filled living room before you, keeping your hands in his and putting them in his lap. “I was with two people that I cared very dearly about, and I guess I’m still…grieving for them.” He admitted, not looking at you for he was afraid that too much of his vulnerability would be showing. As you listened, you felt a twang of pain pierce your heart. The Doctor has experienced loss many a time, and any other time had been just as painful as the last but now that he was explaining exactly what was going on in that maze of a mind, you felt that maybe having him with you and helping with all of these holiday traditions may be making it even harder for him. You had been wrapped up in having the perfect holiday, you had completely forgotten that maybe he had hit a low. “Doctor…I’m so sorry.” You whispered, squeezing his hands. He half-smiled at your touch and looked around the room before taking a deep breath. “It’s not your fault Y/N. Not at all. All I know is that, this is the best time I’ve had during this time of year. As well as the most quiet comparatively,” he nudged you making you crack a smile. “You’ve brought back my Christmas spirit.” He looked at you with genuine care and love, his face looking soft and glowing. You smiled back, and lifted his hands to your lips and kissed them. “I’m happy that you are here. With me. I know it must be the hardest thing, but I’m thankful for you Doctor. More than anyone or anything.” He took you into his arms and hugged you tightly, kissing your forehead then burying his face in your neck. “Enough with the sad things! Let’s do more Christmas-y things!” The Doctor exclaimed as you guys broke away from each other, making you smile again. As you watched him get up and begin another task of stringing the rest of the garland, you couldn’t help but feel concerned that he was able to switch out of his sadness so quickly. You were happy he seemed to be happy with you here in this moment, but you hoped that he wasn’t putting on a happy face just so you would be happy. “Doctor, it’s okay to not be okay all the time. Even during the supposed happy times,” You mentioned as his back was towards you. He stopped stringing the garland on the tree but didn’t face you, his body looking rigid. You tentatively got up from the couch and crossed over to him, wrapping your arms around his waist and letting your head rest on his back. “We can go back to the good stuff here in a second, I just…I just want you to know that you are loved. And it’s okay to feel whatever it is your feeling for however long you feel it. Just, please remember that.” You both stood in silence for a moment, the Christmas music and the crackling fire being the only sounds throughout the house. The Doctor finally took a deep breath, and you took another one with him and your bodies moved in unison. His hands lightly touched your arms, to make them part enough for him to turn around and finally face you. “You are the reason I’m okay. I don’t want you to forget that.” He cupped your cheeks not letting you look away as you tended to do when you felt bashful with him. You both smiled, and with another breath let go of the seriousness, and moved back to the lightness. The Doctor strung some of the silver garland in your hair, and letting it fall in front of your face. You both laughed as you tried to get the slippery pieces off of you failing miserably. “Hey! I thought you were the Christmas tree!” You claimed flinging it back to him, “I think it’s time you had a go at it. I think you’d look better than me as a tree.” You took the spare garland and put it on the real tree as the two of you laughed. “Alright, what do you want to do?” You asked looking around the room. “We’ve put up lights, the tree, baked some things, have a crackling fire, records are playing. There isn’t much else to do in here.” “Well, what about putting that star up? And then we could go out in the snow! It has been falling for the past three days non-stop.” He suggested pulling out your star topper from the nearby box. “Excellent!” You smirked, getting up from the couch and walking over to the six-foot tree. The Doctor followed close behind, looking at the details of the silver ornament. “This is quite beautiful.” He uttered, holding it up for the two of you to see. “Yes, it was my grandmother’s. A family heirloom in a way. It’s survived many, many Christmas’s.” You noted, not noticing that the Doctor was now staring at you and grinning from ear-to-ear at the sight of you. “Like you Doctor.” You claimed, catching him by surprise when you turned to meet his eyes. You smiled, his eyes continuing to dance in the lights, and his hair perfectly placed. You ran your fingers through the soft tendrils all the way back until your hand rested once again on his cheek, his cheekbone cradling your hand as if it was made to stay there. The Doctor grabbed your hand and kissed your palm before taking the star and finally placing it on the designated top branch. “Ah, there we are.” He muttered as he settled back down next to you, beaming as he laid his arm across your shoulders. “Perfect.” You admired, molding into his side and linking your arm around his back.  “Let’s put these boxes away, and then go out for a winter stroll!” The Doctor claimed, squeezing your shoulder before spinning around to get things put away. You giggled as you began to put away some of the extra lights in their designated storage bin. As the Doctor placed empty ornament boxes in another, he spied some of the extra holiday things you had. There were some little figurines, stuffed animals, old things you made when you were a child that your mom passed on to you, an abundance of Christmas cards, and even more bags of garland. “Blimey, you could decorate a whole other house with all these things Y/N.” The Doctor claimed, sifting through the bin. “I suppose so! Maybe we can put some of these things up in the Tardis, eh?” You pondered as you put some of the boxes back into the spare closet. “Why do you keep plants in here?! Shouldn’t this be in a pot of some sort??” The Doctor called over to you, immediately confusing you. “Plants? In a Christmas box? What the bloody hell are you talking about Doctor?” You asked, trying to think of what on earth he could be talking about. As you came around the corner, the Doctor was holding up the small green plant with red berries he was referring to, looking just as puzzled as you. “This plant Y/N! How on earth do you forget that you put a plant in a bin of Christmas things!” You once again found yourself laughing, only making the Doctor more curious. “Oh Doctor,” You muttered, walking further into the room, taking the plant from him. “Doctor this isn’t a plant for planting. It’s a fake plant, it’s mistletoe.” You claimed a little surprised that he hadn’t recognized it. “Mistletoe? Why would you need this fake mistletoe?” He asked, standing up still looking confused as he examined the mistletoe like it was a new creature that had never been discovered. “It’s another Christmas tradition. You hang it up somewhere and whenever there are two people underneath it, they’re supposed to kiss.” You explained, enjoying seeing him lean down to your level to examine it. “Why would you need a designated plant for kissing?” He queried, cocking an eyebrow up at you. You shrugged, “I don’t know, it’s just one of those things that’s been passed down and done for who knows how long.” “Hmm…” He pondered, still looking intently at the mistletoe. You flicked your wrist so it would tap his nose, startling him and almost resulting him falling back into the fireplace. You grabbed his arm to catch him, and pulled back quickly so he only fell on the ground instead of in the crackling fire. You attempted to stifle your laughter unsuccessfully as he looked up at you in shock. “That could have poked my eye out!” He exclaimed, only making you laugh harder. “I wouldn’t have poked your eye out Doctor. And even if I did, I’m sure you had a way to get it back in.” “Not likely!” “You’re more worried about getting your eye poked out by a fake plant, than almost actually catching on fire?” You teased, cocking your head to the side. He smirked up at you as he realized how silly it actually was. “You have a fire extinguisher.” He winked, knowing that you would instantly blush. You watched him start to get up off the floor, and as he got to his knees you put your arm on his shoulder to keep him down. He went to look up at you, once again confused, only to be greeted by your face inches away from his. “Kiss me.” You whispered, holding the mistletoe over your heads. He looked up and chuckled, meeting your gaze with an extra sparkle in his eye. “So this is what it does then?” He asked quietly, grinning at you. You bit your lip and smiled, “Are you going to keep asking questions, or kiss me?” You articulated, letting your arm rest on his shoulder. He let out a quiet laugh as he closed the distance between you and met your lips with his. You felt electric shocks fly through you from your met lips, heating you up from your core. He grabbed your waist as he stood up fully, letting both of your arms fall around his neck, kissing you deeply. The Doctor lifted you off the ground, smiling into your lips as you squeaked in surprise. You parted only slightly to look at each other, the Doctor setting you back down onto the carpet. You stood up on your tip-toes to give him another quick pec, and he rebutted by cupping your face and giving you a few more. “You are beautiful.” He whispered, his eyes darting around the details of your face and finally deep into your eyes. He was looking at you as if you were the only beautiful thing on the planet, or any other universe he had been to. You felt your heart race, his gaze stunning you as if he was a gorgon. You stroked his porcelain skin, and kissed him softly. “Come on, let’s go.” You uttered, grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the coat rack. The two of you bundled up quickly, and walked to your unrecognizable front yard, “Talk about a winter wonderland.” The Doctor expressed as you closed the door behind you. “I know, this takes on a whole new meaning of blanket of snow.” As you walked down your steps, careful not to slip on any hidden ice, all of a sudden you were taken down into the freshly fallen, pile of snow. “Oi!” You cried out, as you hit the ground with a puff of snow flying up around you. The Doctor rolled on top of you gently, laughing at your surprise. “That’s what you get for trying to set me on fire.” He joked, poking your side. “Ah! Why you little –“ but before you could utter another word, his lips were pressing hard against yours making you smile under the Doctors soft lips, making you feel so warm, you couldn’t even notice that you were in a cocoon of snow. “Didn’t need mistletoe after all.” You acknowledged, the Doctor shrugging in response. “Well, I figure I don’t need a fake plant to kiss the girl I love.” You were taken aback at his claim, and found yourself speechless. He smiled at you, and kissed you again. “I love you Y/N. Happy Christmas.” You couldn’t keep a beaming grin from appearing on your face, you rolled the Doctor onto his back, switching yourself to be on top of him. You let your forehead rest against his and gave him and Eskimo kiss, happiness radiating through you. “I love you too Doctor, and happy Christmas indeed.” The two of you ended up laying together in the snow, looking up into the sky as the flakes gently fell on your faces. You talked about the stars and the different constellations that lit up the sky for what seemed like hours before the cold was able to seep into your bones. The two of you ran inside and undressed, getting into comfier clothing. You made hot chocolate and sat by the fired and talked about the future and what it may hold for the two of you even though much of it was still unknown. All the two of you really knew was that you wanted to be together for whatever was to come, hopefully having many more Christmas holidays like this one. You both came to the conclusion that it was more than safe to say, that it was the first of many holidays for the two of you to share with one another. The two of you laid by the fire, and drifted into sleep under the white lit tree dreaming of Christmas lights, mistletoe, and snowflakes.

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Secret Place

Request: 16. I find your lack of faith disturbing. 28. Maybe we should go back now? 29. I. Hate. Running. With Happy.

Today was a special day. Today was the day you and your Old Man, Happy, got together. So, to celebrate, Happy planned a surprise for you. The only thing that you knew about it was what to wear, which was casual.

He didn’t come home til around 1 in the afternoon and by then you were ready to get this show on the road. He pulled up on his bike and had something wrapped on the back, you noticed as you walked over to him.

“Hey, baby.” He said as you reached him and he handed you your helmet and pulled yourself up behind him.

“Hey, stud.” You smiled at him and kissed his cheek. “Are you gonna tell me where we’re going?” You asked as he back you two out of the driveway.

He didn’t answer but chuckled.

You sighed as he pulled away and made his way out of town. It took a while but you got to a shady part of town where all that was there was woods. You looked around, suspiciously, like you were in a horror movie. He parked around some trees and took his helmet off and got off the bike.

“Come on, babe. Let’s go.” He said.

You stood off the bike and took off you helmet as you glanced around before speaking. “What are we doing here?” He didn’t answer but just unwrapped a package from the back of the bike. “Feels like I’m in a bad horror film.” You muttered to yourself.

He laughed at your before grabbing your hand and pulling you into the forest. As you two continued walking, you slowly started to become more anxious. “Maybe we should go back now?” You said as you pulled Happy’s hand to try and lead him back to the bike.

He stopped and turned around and then put his hands on your face to frame it. “Y/N, Baby. Nothing is going to get you as long as I’m here. Besides, I find your lack of faith disturbing.” He teased as he deepened his voice.

You smiled smally at him as you let him pull you along. After about 5 minutes of walking the trees opened to a type of clearing, which was beautiful in the glow of the setting sun. The rays of light shined off the tall blades of grass as the swayed gently with the breeze.

You barely noticed as Happy let go of your hand as you stood there, entranced by the scene in front of you. He then unwrapped the blanket that was wrapped around some snacks and whatnots.

As he got set up, you finally snapped out of the dazed state you were in and slowly made your way to him as you turned in a circle slowly, savoring the picture before you. You turned to him and noticed him staring at you with his face blank of emotion but his eyes spoke volumes to you.

You smiled brightly at him and sat down next to him on the blanket.

Neither of you had to say anything, as the silence was comfortable.

After a couple of hours of just basking in each other’s presence, you had a thought as a smirk formed on your face.

He looked at you with his head tilted in question. You didn’t say anything but smacked his chest and hurriedly yelled ‘tag!’ and took off.

He leaned his head back and groaned. He stood up and started jogging after you. “I. Hate. Running.” He groaned out to himself.


Rachel’s Pond, Jump City. May 15th, 2023. 11:45 AM.

“God in heaven, Jon, why can’t I stop shaking?”

“Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet, Batboy.”

“Jonathan, I’m serious! I’ve gone toe-to-toe with criminal psychopaths before, why am I so nervous?”

“Because this is bigger than that, Damian! Come on, this is gonna affect the rest of your life!”

“Look, just… Jon, I need to know something right now, before it’s too late.”

“Anything, Damian.”

“… Are you sure my tie’s on straight?”

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Waiting Pt. 10 (Yoongi)

*Is this even angst anymore?* 

Word Count: 2,217 words

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6  | Pt. 7 | Pt. 8 | Pt. 9 | Pt. 11 | Pt. 12  | Pt. 13

“So you call me after almost 5 years for a cup of tea? I see why you don’t have many friends.”

“Still as sassy as ever.”

“My husband didn’t appreciate me sneaking out the house like a grounded teenager going to the house party their mom said no to.”

“He hates me?”

“No, but he was scowling when he heard your name.”


“How are you? The kids are alright?”

“Yeah, they’re good. But I’m not..”

“Oh no. I knew it was more that just a cup of tea.”

“I like this guy but you know, Yoongi..”

“Yeah, the jerk who cheated on you.”

“He still loves me and I may or may not have spent three days with him. Without telling the new guy..”


“I know, I know. He cheated on me and dumped me, leaving me by myself but he kept chasing me even since he found me.”

“When did he find you?”

“A little over a week ago.”

“You two didn’t do anything.”

“Besides kiss twice, no.”

“You kissed him?”

“He kissed me the first time and I kissed him the second time.”

“Did you feel anything?” You looked at your cup, the aroma from the tea filling your sense. You remembered when your father told you that you could tell your fate from tealeaves.

But why does the cup of tea look so clouded?

“I don’t know. I liked it, at least.”

“What about the new guy?”

“He’s sweet and all but when he found out, he thought I was still in love with Yoongi.”

“What did you say to him?”

“I wasn’t sure and when he was sure in my feelings for him, to call me.”

“First of all, you’re a hot mess.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“Also, why did you kiss Yoongi?”

“He was rambling about something and I just leaned in.”

“You kissed him to shut up.”

“Basically.” You took a sip of your tea and she hit the side of your head. You almost spit out your tea, throwing her a side glare as you calmed yourself down.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you?”

You don’t know if you like Yoongi and you’re dragging this new guy into the mix. Do you know if they met each other?”


“Sloppy, sloppy mess.”

“Look, I’m caught in a love triangle I don’t even want to be in. Life would have been easier if-”

“Are you blaming Yoongi for this?”

“He cheated.”

And so did you.”


“As much as I hate the fact you’re a single mom because of his stupid mistakes, you can’t put the blame for everything that helps in your life. Hell, did you even let him back in your life or does he have to barge his way in?”

“He’s hurt me before.”

“I get that.”

“You don’t. You don’t know what it’s like waiting all night long for someone who never come home. You didn’t have to search up pictures of your husband or go through his fan sites just to see his face. You didn’t call everyday, hoping to at least hear his voice before you went to bed.”

“You don’t know what it’s like to feel alone in a relationship. You don’t know.

“You’re right, I don’t know. I didn’t go through what you did but what I do know is that you can’t keep feeling sorry for yourself. You can’t cry, scream or yell because you have them, your children. Even when you feel torn, they still need you. I can’t choose which guy is best for you, but I can tell you to choose your kids always.”

“Thank you.”

“Well, the tea was delicious, that was intense and I think I need a nap.”

“You always ruin serious moments.”

“Yeah, remember at graduation when I called the head of the Science Mr. Eggman. He never looked so offended.”

“You were lucky we were graduating, he would have failed you out of spite.”

“I know, I wish I took a picture of his face.”

“Then the dean would have stepped in.”

“I’m cool with the dean.”

“No, you’re not. Goodnight.”

“Night, and remember what I said.”

“Of course.” You went back to your room, falling asleep only to be awoken by Yoongi.

“Morning, sleepyhead.”

“Morning, Yoongi-Yoongi? What the hell are you doing here?”

“I came with Jin and he has a key.”

“No, I meant what are you doing here?”

“What, you didn’t want be to see your room? It’s pretty cute, did you paint the seashells with them? I can see a little handprint next on one and it’s daintier that yours.

“Whatever. Get out,”you kicked his legs, hearing him grunt in pain and you watched him get on your knees. You must have kicked him in the crotch; it’s not as if he needed more children. He already has two with you.

“My balls.” He spat and you turned over, your back facing him and you tried to sleep. He didn’t leave as you hoped he would and you groaned when you heard his voice ringing in your ears again.

“Are you staying bed all day?”

“Why are you still here?”

“Because I want to be here. Plus you kicked my balls, I can’t get up now.”

“Then, hobble away.”

“Is this how you’re going to treat me?”

“We’re not together anymore. What happened in the hospital..”

“Was just you taking responsibility because you felt guilty?”


“Wow. It sounds worse out loud.”

“Yoongi, it was a mistake.”

“Then, why did you show up? Why the hell did you show up and make me have faith in you again?”

“I couldn’t just leave you like that.”

“You should have.”


“I came here, wanting to sort things out for us but you already did it for me.”

“You knew I still love you. You knew I was about to give up on us. You knew it all but you still came rushing to my side. Why the fuck did you stay?”

“I don’t know, Yoongi.”

“Did you do it to clear your conscience?”


“Did you do it because you still love me?”


“Give me a fucking answer.” He yelled, hitting your floor with his fist and you sat up. You looked at him, the crack in his voice alerting you of the tears that fell from his eyes.

Every teardrop fell into your sheets as he desperately clung to them as if you would slip away if he hadn’t. You were guilty. How could you toy with someone else’s feelings the same way your feelings were?

Didn’t you want to be better than this?

Didn’t you want to be stronger than this?

Why were you doing this?

“It’s because of him, isn’t it?”


“That bastard I caught you kissing. He captured your heart before I could, didn’t he?”

“Yoongi, it’s not him.”

“You don’t have to lie to me, I get it. I might have a thick skull but I get it now.” He got up, avoiding your eyes and you pulled on his arm. You didn’t think about what happened after that, would he pull his arm away, would he look at you and beg you to let him go, would he bark at you?

“I don’t know what I feel. I was so hellbent that I was over you, that I was fine. I kept telling myself that I loved him, not you. But why is it every time I wake up, my thoughts are of you?”

“Why is it every time I see a happy family, I see you, me and our kids?”

“Why is it when he’s holding my hand, I think about how yours felt?”

“Why do I say I don’t want you anymore if my thoughts are all around you?”


“I don’t know what my feelings are, Yoongi but I know there is something here. I kept denying it but it’s always been here.”

“Y/N..” He looked at you, the tears still running and you wiped his cheeks for him. You were caught off guard by the pressing of his lips against yours, his lips soft and gentle and you fall backwards. He stared into your eyes for a moment before leaning in again, your hands cupping his cheeks.

There was a spark of electricity when he kissed you, leaving tingles up your spine and your body became paralyzed to his touch. His hand brushed against your hips, holding you in place as his lips meshed with yours. He pulled away, getting off you and walking out of the room.


“I can’t.”

“I’m not going to make you but do you want to do something together?”


“You wouldn’t be here if you had practice, would you?”


“Then, let’s start over.”

“You’re not going in pjs, are you?”

“Right!” You went to change, Yoongi chuckling at you before you were ready to leave. Jin promised to take care of them and you left with Yoongi.

You watched the passing cars as drove by you, the wind harsh to your hair and placing the strands where it liked. He focused on the road, leaving your mind to wander freely until he parked.

“The lake?”

“Come on.” You took his hand, letting him lead you to the cherry blossoms and you smiled. He knew how much you loved seeing them, the pink flower always bringing you happiness.

“I brought you here because of this.”

“You got to be kidding me.”

“Are you serious? You put our names into a tree?”

“I did.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Maybe I am but I loved you so much then.”

“When was this?”

“When we were 19.”

“When we first started dating, Yoongi.”

“I wanted to marry you, then.”

“I told you were nuts and you need to wait.”

“I did wait, my feelings haven’t changed.” They did waver. 


“I’m not asking you, don’t worry. I just wanted to show you.” You two walked around afterwards, taking in the beauty of the lake and the fallen petals that landed in the water. Yoongi took a few photos with his phone, grumbling about not bringing his camera but willing to settle for the phone’s quality.

“Yoongi, we’re been taking photos in this spot for two hours.”

“Just three more.”

“I’m counting-”

“Smile.” You did so, counting the amount of clicks you heard before dragging him off. You talked with him, remembering stories from your past and teasing him about things he’s done.

“Remember when you almost got a nipple piercing when you were drunk?”

“Will you let that go?”

“Nope.” He sighed and you laughed at his expression, he ended up smiling anyways. He was unable to be mad at you for long anyways.

“Are you going to see him?”

“I don’t want to think about him when I’m with you.”

“Then, what are you thinking about?”

“Whether or not you would kiss me again.”

“Will this answer your question?” He spun you to face him before pressing his lips against yours. You knew he wasn’t the type for public displays of affection but he kissed you like he didn’t care. Your hands strained his hair; your fingers gripping his dyed hair in clumps as his lips never left yours.

“Mm.” You pulled away, not wanting to get carried away in public and kept walking. You were fine with walking behind him until he stopped in front of you.


“What, I’m just admiring the path.”

“Can you walk and enjoy the path? Multitasking is an important skill to have.” He repeated this stopping until you bumped into him and you hit his back.

“If you’re so sick of walking behind me, just jump on my back.”

“Is this your way of getting me to piggyback you?”

“Depends, is it working?”

“You should have just said outright.”

“But you’re cute when you’re annoyed.” You rolled your eyes, hopping on his back and his arms carrying you around. He made you feel safe; something you never thought you would feel again and he took you home after a few more hours.

“I had fun today.”

“So did I.”



“You’re hungry, aren’t you?” You blurted out, you didn’t know why that was the first thing that came to mind but he slowly nodded and you pulled him inside. You had no other excuse besides that, knowing he would leave if you didn’t come up with something,

“The kids are asleep, but they missed you a lot. And Yoongi?”

“She invited me in.”

“Are you staying the night?”


“Just tell me if you do and no funny business.”

“Jin.” He laughed before leaving and you began making something for the two of you. Yoongi raided your fridge and you could hear the two bottles hitting your table.

“You have soju in your fridge?”

“They aren’t for me..”

“He drinks them, huh? Fuck him.” He took glasses from your cupboard and opened the first bottle.

“You can’t drink, Yoongi.”

“Aren’t you letting me stay the night?”

“I didn’t say that..”

“But it was implied.”


“What’s the worst that could happen?”

How about waking up the next morning with your clothes piled up on the floor, a headache and no explanation of what happened the night before?

Is that enough for you?

~Admin Blake

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Oh! Oh! How about Avery X Krystal, and they're both cuddly? Is cuddly an emotion? I think cuddly is an emotion. (I wanna see some OTP cuddles :3)

Well, FEELING cuddly is indeed something that ppl feel, as I do often ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
So let’s get som cuddles up in here, shall we?

Avery chuckled, reaching over to put his arm around krystal. He gently rubbed her shoulder, whispering some dumb inside joke into her ear. She laughed. He joined her, reveling in the bell-like tones of her laughter. They made him feel so happy. SHE made him feel so happy. His tail thumped gently on the tree fort’s floor. He could feel the gentle rumbling start up in his throat, and blushed as the soft purring began.
Krystal giggled again, gently leaning onto him. She snuggled up close to him, ears resting against her back in a relaxed fashion. She smiled mischievously, then gave Avery a small poke in the neck.
Avery jerked, pushing her away with a laugh. “S-stop it! You know I’m ticklish!” He made her promise not to do it again before allowing her to come back over by him.
“Cuddle me, ya dork,” she snickered, rubbing her cheek against his. “Ah know ya’ve been wantin ta do it since we got up here. Jus do it already.”
He blushed, but didn’t deny the statement. Wrapping his arms around her, he set his head on top of hers, still purring softly. The feel of her soft fur against his stiff fur made him smile, and he pulled her closer.
She obligingly scooted over towards him, getting comfortable in their embrace. She held his paws in hers, sighing softly. There was nowhere she’d rather be than up here, in this tree house, and held safe in avery’s arms…

Christmas Child (Eisuke Ichinomiya) Part 1

(Eisuke’s POV)

Vivian left to buy more coffee beans. But instead she comes back with a 5 year old child hugging her waist. Apparently the child’s parents were living in the Tres Spades London but had to leave on a business trip; they won’t be back until after Christmas.

He looked at Vivian and she said “Don’t worry. They won’t hurt you and they’re not as scary as they look.”

“I’m not scary looking!” Baba said.

“Yeah you are Baba. You’re a creepy, scary looking old man.” Ota said.

“The multiple insults break my old heart.” Baba said.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

He looked at me and said “My name is Akihiko Amachi. I’m 10 years old.” My eyes widened. The Amachi Group are a ruthless company, even more so than mine. It’s no wonder they left their own son in a foreign country without any other adults.

“I’ve heard of the Amachi Group. They’re not the most friendliest of people are they?” Baba said.

“They’re certainly not a nice group of people.” Hishikura said.

“I’ve heard they completely destroyed a small mafia syndicate because they refused to work for them.” Soryu said.

Akihiko looked at the ground as the others talk badly about his parents.

But Vivian said “Guys shut up! They’re his parents first and foremost!”

They shut up quickly but Mamoru said “Are you gonna let the kid stay here Eisuke?”

Everyone looked at me and I looked at Vivian. She had a pleading look on her face. I’m sure if I said no, she would be in pain like the child was her own son.

“He can stay with me and Vivian.” I proceeded in calling Kenzaki to bring Akihikos luggage up to the penthouse.

“Thank you Eisuke! Do you want to stay with me Akihiko? Vivian asked.

Akihiko blushed slightly and nodded. She hugged him like he was her own. Maybe this is what she would be like when we have our own children.


That night, Vivian went to cook us dinner and she asked Akihiko what he wanted.

“I like anything that has cheese in it.” He said. Vivian smiled and said she would back soon with the food.

“Um… Vivian?”


“C-can I help you?” Akihiko asked with a shy look on his face.

She smiled and said “Of course!”

While they cooked dinner, I called Akihiko’s parents to tell them that their son is with me and Vivian.

“Thank you. And I’m sorry that you are having to burden yourself with taking care of our son while we are away.”

What kind of parents are they to leave their son here on his own? “It’s fine. When you return, he will be here in my hotel.”

I hung up on them and sighed. Looks like we’re going to have some company for the next few weeks.

Vivian and Akihiko came back with dinner and proceeded in eating. Vivian talked to Akihiko while I listened.

“If you ever need anything, by the way, you can just ask. I’ll give you anything you need.” Vivian smiled at him and he blushed while muttering an ‘okay’. Akihiko seems to blush quite a lot, especially when Vivian says something to him.


After she put him to bed in the guest room, Vivian came into our bedroom.

“Vivian, try not to get too attached to Akihiko. He’s only going to be here until after Christmas then his parents will come get him.”

“I know Eisuke. I just wanted him to feel comfortable here. Plus he’s so adorable! I can’t just not take care of him.”

I chuckled and smiled. “You care too much.”

“What do you mean?! I’ve always wanted children, especially with you Eisuke!”

I was visibly shocked at what she just said. She wanted to have my children. Of course I’ve always thought about my future with her. But children was something I had no questions about. Vivian was always going to be the mother of my children.

Vivian’s face was a deep shade of red. I smiled and pulled her into my arms.

“You want to have my children?”

She nodded and said “I want all of your children Eisuke.”

I smirked. “Why don’t we start making one now?” I pushed her onto the bed and buried my face in her chest.

“Eisuke! What about Akihiko?!”

“Then you should probably be quiet. Not that I’ll let you though.”

I made love to her all night, making sure her attention was all on me.


I woke up with Vivian in my arms. She looked peaceful as she slept. What kind of dreams was she having to make her look so happy? I stroked her cheek and she nuzzled into my hand.

As I went to get up, Vivian mumbled something in her sleep.

“He looks like you Eisuke…”

Who looks like me? “Your son Eisuke…”

I felt my eyes widen. She must be dreaming about giving birth to my son. Vivian must really be thinking about having children. If she wants to be a mother, then I’ll make her one. No questions asked.

But knowing Vivian, she might say that she’ll only have a child when I’m ready to become a father. Am I ready to be a father?

When I went into the living room, Akihiko was sitting on the couch, playing on his tablet. He looked up and was visibly disappointed.


“… I just thought you were Vivian. By the way, what’s your name?“

I knew this would happen, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon.

“My name is Eisuke Ichinomiya. And Vivian’s sleeping. You seem quite attached to her.”

“She’s really nice. I like her since she cares about me more than my own mom does. Plus, she’s pretty.”

I smiled at him. Maybe Vivian was right about Akihiko being adorable.

“Are you both married?”


“What do you love about her the most?”

I thought for a moment. What is it that I love about Vivian?

“I love how she’s kind and considerate of others. I love how beautiful she looks when wearing the dresses that I pick. I love how she says ‘welcome home’ to me whenever I come back from a meeting or business trip. I love how she’s been so devoted to me despite the hardships we’ve come across. I love how she always smiles when making and bringing me my coffee. I love how she wants to become someone worthy of being my woman and be equals with me. I love her voice, her body but I mostly love her heart.”

I didn’t realise I was going on quite a bit but Akihiko had turned off his tablet and was staring at me with curiosity. He sat on the floor with his head in his hands as he listened to me. I didn’t even realise I was blushing. Neither did I realise Vivian was listening, hands on her heart and happy tears in her eyes.

“Don’t tell anyone what I have told you!”

He giggled and said “Vivian’s so lucky to be loved so much!! What else do you love about her?”

I smiled at Akihiko. Maybe having children around wouldn’t be so bad.


Vivian went to work and Akihiko stayed with me in the penthouse lounge. The other auction managers came in and started talking to Akihiko. Baba and Ota played with him for a while and I watched as I thought about what I said before.

Soryu noticed I was spacing out and said “You okay Eisuke?”

“Yes I’m fine.”

Akihiko walked over to me and asked “When will Vivian come here?”

“She’ll be here soon to clean the penthouse.”

Akihiko is becoming extremely attached to Vivian. It hasn’t even been a few days yet.

“Hey what about me and Ota? Don’t you want to play with us anymore?” Baba said dejectedly.

“I don’t want to play with old people anymore. I want to see Vivian.” I smirked at his insults to Baba and Ota.

“I’m not an old man!” Baba said.

“Neither am I. I’m not even 30 yet!” Ota said.

“I’m surrounded by old people. The only person I like in this room is Eisuke.”

I have to admit I was shocked at this. Sometimes I still wonder what it was about me that Vivian fell in love with. But I smirked to hide my shock.

“Of course he likes me the most.”

“How? What is it about Boss that attracts the ladies and children?!” Baba said.

While Baba wondered and Ota was annoyed, Vivian walked into the room.

“Hi everyone, is it okay if I clean in here?”

“Vivian!” Akihiko shouts, running up to her and hugging her waist.

“Eeek! What happened? What did you all do?” She hugs him, like a mother protecting her child from harm.

“We did nothing. He was the one how called us old!” Ota said.

Upon hearing this, Vivian went down onto her knees to his height and said “Akihiko, you shouldn’t call people old. It’s rude. Especially when you say these things to your elders.”

Akihiko’s back was towards me so I couldn’t see his expression. But he turned around and said “I’m sorry Baba and Ota for calling you both old.”

“That’s okay Akihiko! We’ll still be your friend!” Baba said, however, Ota said “Children are so annoying. But fine we can still be friends with you.”

Akihiko turned around and saw that Vivian was happy.

“By the way, why aren’t there any Christmas decorations in here? There’s not even a Christmas tree in here.”

At the penthouse, when Christmas comes around no one really puts up anything special. Not much happens during Christmas time since everyone leaves to see family and do business. But this Christmas, everyone will be together for once.

“Hm, now that you mention it, there isn’t anything festive about this room.” Baba said.

“Lets put up some decorations and get a Christmas tree!” Ota said.

“Yes, let’s celebrate Christmas.” Luke said.

“I’m surprised you even know what Christmas is Luke.” Soryu said.

“Of course I know what Christmas is. Most hospitals close at this time of year.”

“Boss get Kenzaki to send up a Christmas tree and Christmas decorations and we’ll put them up.” Baba said.

“Fine.” I took out my phone and left the room to call Kenzaki. Vivian and Akihiko were happy, with smiles on their faces.


“Don’t put that there. Put the tinsel over that way.”

“Over here?”

“No over there!”

Kenzaki brought a big Christmas tree and lots of decorations to the penthouse. Baba and Ota started putting things up but now they’re fighting over where the tinsel should go.

Akihiko was on a ladder, putting baubles on the tree while Vivian was making sure he doesn’t fall.

Mamoru is sleeping on the couch; Soryu is helping bring in the decorations; Luke is sitting on the floor with tinsel and Hikaru is on a ladder putting lights up.

Only me and Hishikura are sitting down watching the chaos.

“Luke stop playing with the tinsel and put them on the tree.” Sorry said.

“They go on the tree?” Luke asked.

“Yeah they do Luke. Don’t you know how to decorate a tree?” Ota said.


Akihiko face palms and Vivian giggles.

“Luke wrap them around the tree.” Vivian said.

“I need you to help me Sexy Bones.”

“I can’t, I’m helping Akihiko.”

“I’ll help you Luke.” Baba said.

“But… collarbones….”

“…. He’s weird.” Akihiko said.

“He is, isn’t he?” Vivian replied. They both laughed.

“Vivian make me coffee.” I said. She turned to look at me.

“Can I get it after Akihiko comes down? I don’t want him to fall when I’m gone.”

“I’ll stand there while you get the coffee.” I said. Vivian nodded and waited until I stood by Akihiko before leaving to go get coffee.

“Vivian look I… where did Vivian go?” Akihiko turned around and saw me instead of Vivian.

“Why is it that every time you look up, you have a displeased look on your face when you see me?”

“Maybe its because you have a terrible looking face.” Hishikura said.

“Shut up.” I said.

“Its only cause I thought Vivian was there but she’s not.”

“She’ll be back with drinks. What is it that you wanted to show her?”

“Look, I put the decorations up.” The baubles were put on the branches neatly and they look beautiful against the green leaves. I smiled at him.

“They look beautiful, good job.” He gave me a shy smile. Vivian came into the room with a tray full of tea, chocolate milk and coffee.

“Vivian look!”

“Hm? Aw the decorations look so nice! Well done!”

I sat down with my coffee and watched.

“I’m tired. Let’s take a break for now.” Baba said.

“Fine old man. You didn’t even put that much up.” Ota said.

“Why am I being insulted so much today? Especially at this time of year!” Baba exclaimed.

“Akihiko, come down and have some milk then we can continue decorating.”

“Okay Vivian.” Akihiko stepped down carefully but he stopped at the third step. He turned around and held out his arms.

Vivian seemed to know what he wanted and she picked him up. He hugged her and said “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For taking care of me.”

Everyone watched at their exchange and I didn’t even realise that I had a smile on my face.


Akihiko sat down on Vivian’s lap and drank his chocolate milk. She stroked his hair lovingly.

“Vivian he’s not even your son so why are you caring for him so much?” Soryu asked.

“Because he’s a child. Even though his parents aren’t here, I want to give him the love that he won’t be able to get from them. Especially since it’s almost Christmas.”

She wrapped her arms around him and rested her head lightly on Akihiko’s head.

“Are you thinking about having children?” Luke asked.


Prompt: Imagine your first Christmas with Cas and the Winchesters

Requested by anon

Three days prior

“Come on Dean” Sam said as he followed his brother around the bunker. “Sammy, I already said no. It’s a stupid idea, alright? That’s it, end of story” Dean replied. He’d really not been in a good mood since the last hunt, you and Sam had gotten into a bit of a tumble. Dean had given you both orders, yet you went against them and almost got killed. You’d been in the hospital since yesterday, having gotten in front of Sam to take the most damage. Dean looked and Sam giving him a stern look before turning and continuing to walk. “For Y/N” Sam piped up before Dean could go into his bedroom. “She’s gonna be coming home from the hospital Christmas morning, you really want her to feel like it was any other hunting day?” Sam asked. Dean averted his gaze down to the ground as Sam spoke again. “Even hunter’s deserve a break once and a while Dean” he sighed. Slowly Dean brought his gaze back up to Sam, he exhaled lightly before nodding. “Fine, but I’m only doing this for her” 

Christmas morning

“Thanks for staying with me Cas” you smiled as you walked with him to the bunker. Cas had opted to stay with you in the hospital rather than the boys having to. You weren’t allowed to have more than one guest and rather than having to chose between the boys, you thought Cas was the best plus he wanted to the most. “No problem Y/N” Cas smiled sweetly. “You’re sure you’re okay?” he asked cautious. You nodded and smiled in reply. Cas opened the door to the bunker for you, letting you walk inside first. “Guys I’m…” you trailed off as you entered the living room. In the corner there was a tree with decorations and lights it was beautiful. Cas stood next to you a confused look on his face. Both Dean and Sam jogged into the living room, with bags “Damn, we uh we wanted to put the presents under the tree before you got here” Sam said, smiling as he looked at your happy face. “It’s not the best tree but it’s the best we could..” you quickly cut Dean off as you spoke. “It’s perfect” you chimed. Both boys let out a revealed sigh as they smiled. “Uh, may I ask what’s going on?” Cas questioned oblivious. Sam chuckled. “Right we forgot to tell you, it’s a surprise Christmas for Y/N” he explained. “Enough talking, let’s open these presents” Dean said taking a seat on the couch, Sam and Cas joining. “Guys I.. I didn’t get you anything” you said, frowning slightly. “You’re okay, that’s the best gift we could have hoped for” Dean assured you with a happy smile that Sam mimicked. “I don’t have any gifts either” Cas added. “Good cause I don’t have any for you” Dean teased. “Oh” Cas muttered looking down at his shoes. “Cas, we’re kidding. Here” Sam chuckled handing him a box. Castiel’s face lit up as he took the box. “I’ve never gotten a gift before” he said happily looking at both brothers. “Well there’s a first for everything” Dean nodded, flashing a grin at Sam. You looked at the boys smiling brightly. This was amazing, you would never have dreamed that the boys would do something like this for you. Holidays weren’t really their things, but yet while you were in hospital they had managed to pull all this together just for you. “Hey Y/N” Sam said, grabbing your attention as he threw a gift your way, which you caught with ease. “Merry Christmas” Both boys said in sync

Request: Jingle Bells, Out of Hell

Request: could i request a christmas one shot where it’s coming up to Christmas/into Christmas Day and it’s Adam’s first since getting out of hell (even though he ain’t, but still) and he’s maybe all excited while the readers, idk, happy to see him so happy that it’s just all fluffy and share their gifts and all that? idk, I’ll let you roll with it🙈x

Word Count: 651

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thank you so much!<3:D

“Adam!” You laugh, protesting as he suddenly lifts you into the air, “What are you doing?”

“Shh.” He lifts you easily onto his shoulders, “Put the star on top!”

You’ve been decorating your small apartment, determined not to leave a single nook or cranny without adornment. Three hours and a lot of tinsel later, you’ve only just finished with the tree.

“Oh, God, I’m gonna fall!”

“No you’re not! Trust me, and put the star on top!” He demands. You giggle, slapping his shoulder with a bit of tinsel you have tied around your waist. He grins, hands you the star, and you fix it to the top of the tree. Adam, however, instead of putting you down like a civilized human being, walks over to the couch and leans forward, so you fall straight over. You squeal, landing on the cushioned seat with a wide grin.

“You tit!”

“You love me.”

“I won’t deny it.”


He leans down, grabbing your face and pressing his lips to yours.

It’s his first Christmas since he escaped the pit- he turned up on your doorstep seven months ago, clothes ragged, bloody- but still Adam. Still, however, the boy you fell in love with.


“Adam!” You shriek as you’re pelted in the back of the head with a snowball. There’s a yell of glee behind you.


“Damn you!” You laugh, shaking the snow from your hair and pulling up the hood, the furry lining surrounding your face like an eskimo.

“You love me.” He informs you, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and handing you a warm cardboard cup of coffee.

Christmas Eve snuck up on you, and suddenly, there’s snow on the ground and lights adorning everything and snowmen everywhere and children playing. People sing Christmas carols on street corners and you pause every so often to listen to them. You smile, watching as huge white flakes drift down around you both, falling to rest on your shoulders and heads. He leans round, pressing his lips to your reddened nose.

“I love you.” He says quietly, smiling. You laugh, leaning your head back onto his shoulder.

“I love you, too.”

You both pause, lost in the moment, illuminated by brightly lit fairy lights, overshadowed by the biggest tree either of you have ever seen.


“WAKE UP, IT’S CHRISTMAS!” You’re shaken out of sleep by a rather excitable Adam, who’s literally bouncing on the bed, grabbing your shoulder.

“Huh? Wha-?” It takes you a minute to comprehend what’s going on but then a wide grin spreads over your face. “Oh, okay. Merry Christmas.”

“Happy Christmas!” He leans down, presses a firm kiss to your lips, and pulls you into a sitting position. “Come on, come on, come on!”

“What are you, seven?” You laugh, swinging your legs over the side of the bed.

He runs out of the room, only pausing in the doorway to grab your hand. He pulls you into the sitting room where the tree is, a small selection of wrapped gifts beneath it.

You take little time in opening them, grinning at each other the whole time.

He got you the most beautiful locket, a picture of you both inside. It was taken pre-Hell, and you’re both grinning like loons, happy and in love.

You, however, had a lot of trouble buying for him. In the end, you’d been frazzled out of your mind- sure, you could have got expensive cologne or a new watch or something, but it just isn’t him. You’d been about to give up altogether when you’d walked past a store full of silly little gadgets and trinkets- you couldn’t resist having a look. And there it was- the perfect gift.

He grins widely as he opens it, then smothers you with about a million kisses, in between ‘I love you’s and ‘you’re the best’s.

Definitely the best Christmas ever.

Putting Christ back in CHRISTmas.

December is finally here, my second favorite month! I love the atmosphere & I love the happy feelings that CHRISTmas gives me.

Well, some of you may wonder why I always capitalize “Christ” in the word “CHRISTmas.” Well let me tell you. See, what had happened was…even tho CHRISTmas gives me all these happy feelings, it also makes me sad to see Christ being taken out of CHRISTmas when this day is supposed to be set apart to recognize & remember & celebrate the birth of our Savior.

I see places selling “holiday trees.” I hear people saying “happy holidays!” & even know of places that actually discourage their employees from saying “Merry CHRISTmas” to customers. Ok, but holiday trees? ‘Happy holidays?’ What holidays? If you’re gonna say that, might as well say “happy holidays!” every single holiday. & then I see people taking out the word “Christ” & replacing it with an “X” as in “Xmas.” I mean, these things may not bother you because they seem so innocent. But all the little things are adding up & slowly Christ is being pushed out of CHRISTmas. All these & more further show that the true reason we should be celebrating this holiday is being covered up, taken out, forgotten. & even we Christians are guilty of celebrating CHRISTmas as if we have forgotten the true meaning, too.

At a time when so many should be rejoicing in the birth of our Savior & using this opportunity to share Christ with those who don’t yet know Him, especially those who may be more open to it this time of year…we find ourselves wrapped up in stress. Decorating, figuring out what to cook, where to celebrate & with whom, checking off our CHRISTmas lists, & worrying about how we’re going to afford all these presents for every body.

My dear fellow believers, let us not get wrapped up in the commercialization & forget the true reason we celebrate this season. I’m speaking to myself, too. & to answer the question in the beginning, the reason I capitalize Christ is to remind myself of why I celebrate CHRISTmas.

So join me & put Christ back in CHRISTmas. & remember this: Christ who is fully God, stepped down in great sacrifice & became fully man. Because he loves us. Now be bold & go, tell it on the mountain because this is good news & great joy: Jesus :)

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” - Luke 2:11

<3 Nica (myheartbelongstochrist)

A War On Two Fronts | Part Twelve

Summary: All he has to do is kill her. If the Demon Prince can kill Princess Lucy Heartfilia, the war will be over and victory will be theirs. But he can’t do it. And she can’t quite bring herself to kill him either.

Rating: M                 Ff link

Words: 1758

A/N: Just a heads up, the next part shall be posted in a week instead of within the next two days. After that, updates should be back to normal though! I think I have you a nice chapter to tide you over until then… Let me know what you think!

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five/Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten / Part Eleven

The Fears Of Traitors

“There you are! I was beginning to wonder if Happy had played a trick on you and told you to go to the swamp or something.”

Natsu smiled at Lucy’s words as he let the curtain of leaves fall behind him. Their meeting place today was under a large willow tree on a small island in the centre of lake hidden deep within the woods near Magnolia. While it was easy enough for him to fly to this location, it occurred to him that Lucy more than likely would have had to row herself here from the other side of the lake.

It touched his heart that she put so much effort into seeing him.

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Trench Coat

Your name: submit What is this?

“I am so happy you two let me put this christmas tree in here! I need help decorating it though!” You say looking from Dean to Sam.

“Do we really have to Y/N?” They asked.

“Yes! Please! I mean, we are a family here right? Where’s Cas? Get him off Netflix and into the living area so he can help.” You bossed placing your hands on your hips. Dean only saluted and stood up on Cas duty. Sam chuckled at Dean as he leaned down to grab some bags of ornaments you had scrounged up.

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Festive Klaine One Shot: Let It Snow

Hello *waves* So this is a little one shot from me to everyone who’s ever read my stuff, just to say thank you, and Happy Christmas. It’s not linked into any of my stories, I’ve been thinking about Klaine a lot recently, and missing them, and I think about those two cute lovebirds spending their first Christmas together as husbands. So here we go… I hope you enjoy. 

“Just put it in!”

“I am! It is in.”

“It’s not in,” Kurt huffs. “There’s no way it’s in. It’s not even up properly.”

“It’s up and it’s in, I’m telling you.”

“Fine. Let go then, and we’ll take a look.”

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I’m back from camping. And I lied about not taking pictures. D:

Which meant I didn’t have enough time to capture these on paper (nor was there much room on the trails in most cases) and I am also a very poor photographer. My memories, thankfully, are very concrete.

So here are photos from Itasca State Park, featuring entirely too many red and white pines, though we all know there isn’t any such thing. I had never directly experienced any forest like this before, so walking these trails was an incredible treat. (That big white pine was 112 feet tall, that blows my little corn-fed mind!) J patiently put up with my tree obsessions the entire time by letting me drag him everywhere.

 Aside from these gorgeous trees, I was happy to observe a cluster of ruffed grouse on one trail, as well as trumpeter swans, pileated woodpeckers, juvenile rose breasted grosbeaks, and pretty much every member of the corvid family: blue jays and crows made most of the racket, with ravens dropping by now and again.

More photos and some scribbled studies will be showing up soon!

Wanna hear a Joke?- Harry Styles

“Harry this is boring.” you complain walking to the next piece of art. The two of you decided to go on a trip to New York, today you were going to an art museum Harry begged to go to. “We are almost finished, only a few more pieces to look at and then we can go Ice Skating.” He told you putting his arm around your shoulder and kissing your forehead.

The next few minutes dragged on to what felt like days. Soon enough it was time to go, you happily left the museum and started trying to get a cab to take to Rockefeller Center.

You look around and see all the Christmas decorations. The tree was lit up and everyone looked so happy that it was finally Christmas.

“Here let me help you.” Harry said taking your hand a guiding you to the ice. You took one step onto the ice and slipped. Just before you hit the cold ground, Harry was able to catch you. “Thank you.” You laugh trying to get your balance.

“Hey (y/n) do you want to hear a joke?” Harry asked, while you were trying to focus on moving forward on the ice. “Sure.” You laughed, knowing it was going to be stupid.

“Why shouldn’t you tell jokes on ice?” He said with a cheeky grin on his face. “Why?”

“Because the ice might crack up!” He said laughing, you roll your eyes at the joke your boyfriend just told you. You start to laugh, and didn’t notice your skate was untied. While you were trying to glide over the ice, your skate got stuck in the lace. The next thing you know you are lying down on your back.

“Are you okay?” Harry asked scared, sitting down next to you. “Yeah, my butt hurts though.” you laugh it off, and take his hand. When you stand up, Harry puts his arm around you.

“Hey look, a mistletoe.” You say smiling. Harry looks up at it, then back down at you. He leans forward, giving you a small but passionate kiss on the lips. He puts his arm around you.

“I’m never letting you go again.” He tells you, you smile and nod. “I can’t think of anything better.” You tell him.