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Is there any evidence chara cared for the dreemurrs?

Most certainly! Lots, in fact! A few highlights:

- Chara knit the “Mr. Dad Guy” sweater for Asgore.

- Even in the genocide run, the friendship locket they had with Asriel is the most powerful piece of armor in the game. Even as a mindless demon, they keep it.

- While their side of theirs and Asriel’s room in New Home is mostly barren, the family photograph is turned towards their bed.

- The narrator remains mostly silent and solemn when you fight Toriel, Asgore and Asriel, and the game switches to “serious mode”, meaning that all names with funny abbreviations get serious abbreviations instead. If you believe in the “Chara is the narrator” theory (which is almost certainly canon, in my opinion), this is highly indicative of them being upset at the situation. They don’t want to hurt their family.

- On a slightly more implicit level, consider the fact that Chara was apparently the “light of the Underground”, everyone loved them and Asriel immensely, despite the fact that Chara was apparently a pretty cold and cruel person. It’s very easy to read them as having simply pretended to be nice with strangers, while only showing their true colors to Asriel. That says a lot about how much they trusted him. They most likely let their guard down around him more than anyone.