let's pretend this looks good

I’m very disapointed that the fandom haven’t already made this joke yet and that I needed to do it myself.

But here you have it, a very chilled Eclipsa. Uh, by the way, this may be considered spoiler-ish? so yeah, watch out for that….
But if you’re reading this then you’re probably already seen the spoiler, so… whoops?


I drew the Big Hero 6 gang! :3 (Please don’t repost without permission ;o;)

Bonus because everytime i draw tadashi it turns out poop


@taeminsglock idk about you but I feel like the slytherin common room would be the height of elegance with sleek wood and velvet chairs that probably date back centuries and ornate mirrors and lots of plants because green is a symbol of life and nourishment and also Taemin and Key have taste and could never live in a dungeon that wasn’t tastefully decorated like it was on an episode of property brothers ✨🍃🐍

inkspot-blues  asked:

SS finally gets a perfectly preserved pie out of an eat-o-matic. Companions react to the pie being perfectly preserved, and maybe try some?

I’ve read somewhere that the pie doesn’t taste at all as good as it looks. Let us pretend it does :D

Cait - They’d been in that building for HOURS! Cait decided to explore the rooms around them a little, finding some stimopacks and taking care of few roaches. But then, she became bored and when Sole began dancing with the plate of pie, she was glad they could leave already, paying no attention to the pie. She has been set down instead, and a fork was put into her hand. She took a piece of the sweet smelling dessert into her mouth cautiously and as she felt the sweetness on her tongue, she quickly stuffed in another piece, earning a chuckle from Sole’s side.

Codsworth - As long as they don’t mind standing over that machine, trying to get that dessert that looked suspiciously good for being over 200 years old, he didn’t mind being there with them. He entertained himself by tidying the space around them a little. As they finally pulled out the bloody cake and began dancing happily, he just gave them his congratulations, rather glad they could leave now.

Curie - They were in the Dugout Inn, Curie was gauging the value of alcohol in all Vadim’s beverages, sighing from time to time, wishing they could leave already. This place certainly wasn’t very nice for her, not to mention the men that were literally drooling over her. She was more than happy when Sole grabbed her hand and lead her out of the bar, only to make her sit behind one of the tables outside of the Inn. They set the table with pie before her, sitting on the other side of the table.two forks in her hand. Curie excuses herself and leaves them the whole pie. She doesn’t want to eat anything that is over 200 years old, no matter how well preserved it looks.

Danse - He is getting seriously irritated, even threatening to leave them, since they are making no progress by hunting a stupid pie. They know him too well, though, they know he won’t leave and he knows it too. He utters a quiet and grump ‘finally’ as they pull the cake out with a squeal. They tell him to get out of his armour and even though he’s a little angry with them, he obeys. They take a bit of the pie into their thumb and index finger and put it in front of his face. He isn’t sure about it, but it does smell very nice. And tastes very very sweet. Maybe too sweet. he did appreciate the one bit, but it was enough for him, so he thanks them and smiles, not even angry anymore.

Deacon - He completely supports them, chanting ‘come on, come on, come on’ each time they try. He does so, because he once spend 5 hours trying to get the pie and the taste kept him almost crazy for more for weeks. Much time passed, he still faithful at their side the claw finally holding the plate firm and the pie on it’s way out. He picks Sole up and spins them around, both of them ‘woo’ing in happiness. They share the cake together, jokingly feeding each other, like they were a love-sick couple of teenagers. 

Dogmeat - He took a nap beside their feet and as he didn’t feel the warmth of them anymore he turned his head to see them jumping around him. They made sure there wasn’t anything that’s hurt him, before setting a hand with a bit of it in front of his face. He didn’t hesitate.

Hancock - They made sure the building was safe, several times and Hancock used the opportunity to get out few of the inhalers he found today, while Sole was getting more and more irritated about not being able to pick up the damn pie. The glass was almost as efficient as the Vault door, for even shooting didn’t help. He was sitting on the ground, leaning against some wall, minutes like seconds. He saw their happy face in front of his and smiled as well, just for them, before even noticing the pie. They shoved a piece of it into his mouth and his smile grew even bigger as the sweetness surprised him nicely. They sat next to him and carried on keeping one bite for themselves, one bite for him, while he hung his arm around their shoulder.

MacCready - “The pie better be good!” He called out as he went to make a little exploring over the building, growing bored very fast. He supposed that everything is better than cave mushroom, that grows thanks to, as he later discovered, human meat. His mind became occupied of question, if he was a cannibal, if he used to eat the mushroom and didn’t even notice Sole standing in front of him, pushing a piece of the thing into his semi-open mouth. He yelped in surprise, and was about to spit it out, in a reflex, but they put a hand over his mouth to keep it in. They took the hand back as he started to chew on it, his lips turning into a smile. They looked at their palm, which was partially stained with the sugary cream of the pie and licked it off, their reward being blushing MacCready.

Nick Valentine - He sighed and sat on a chair nearby, pulling a pack of cigarettes out of his coat. This could take a while, he thought as he lit the first one, enjoying the tranquility, which was sometimes interrupted by Sole’s quiet cursing. He didn’t even care how much time has passed, he just kept smiling about the tiny stomp of their foot at every unsuccessful try, after an hour or so, He smiles at them and spreads his arms as they hold it above their head like it was a saint grail. They tear off a piece of it, stretching their arm in front of them and going to where Nick was sitting. He stood up and grabbed their wrist, so he could take the piece between their fingers into his mouth and smiled at the taste. As Sole ate the pie with their hands, he’d steal a piece right from their fingers ever so often.

Piper Wright - She sure is excited about getting the pie, but as she sees the first 10 minutes pass with no success she’s having second thoughts. She entertains herself by trying to make some sort of survey with the other people present in the Dugout Inn, about how happy they are with the bussiness. Luckily for her, Sole was very lucky and got it out, quickly, well, in an hour or so. They sat her onto a bench in front of the Inn and offered her a spoon. She took it excited and brought a bite onto her tongue. She soon started blinking, rolling the pie in her mouth. The taste was unexpected, since she thought it’d be like Fancy lads. It wasn’t bad, it was just strange. She didn’t want any more and rather went to get herself some noodles.

Preston - He would never say, but he is actually maybe even more excited about the pie than them and keeps pacing around nervously, for almost two hours, before sitting down close to them.It did took a while, but as soon as the pie was out, he swore he could smell it, even though it probably didn’t even have a smell after 200 years. He kept looking at happy Sole like a kicked puppy and they let him eat most of the pie, much to his happiness. There is nothing he hates more than denying his general, but he just really loves sweets and when he ate the last piece of it, he makes sure his general knows how much he appreciates it, by squeezing them tight.

Strong - He became rather impatient after first two minutes of just standing, not walking, no smashing. Sole jumped quickly back as Strong made a move and hit the glass with a sledgehammer. It made a huge huge crack across the glass, Sole noticed right before the glass shuttered into shards upon being hit the second time. Sole thanked Strong for that, though they couldn’t enjoy the pie as much, as the constantly kept pulling out shards.

X6-88 - He highly disagreed with spending so much time with such nonsense and kept thinking whether he should go to back to the Institute so he could do occupy himself with more important tasks while they’re pointlessly hunting some 200 years old piece of pie. He didn’t even flinch as they shove it in front of his face victoriously and as they offered him a bite, he declined. He had to admit though, finally getting it and munching on it did lift their mood a little and they seemed to work better when feeling happy. Maybe this wasn’t a total waste of time after all.

Today’s dinner be like: I get my vegetable and a friend next to me his steak with mashed potatoes and he looks at it and turns his head on me and whispers in the Skyrim guard voice: “What is this? Dragons?” I’m still giggling at that xD

the first thing you see when you arrive at hell


ZNTWEEK Day 6: Gold - Christmas AU

Who will you be spending Christmas with? // insp (x)(x)And let’s just pretend they all look happy in their pictures okay

A sketch of Tigerstar, the OG evil broad-shouldered dark tabby that the Erins keep bringing back because they can’t write a different, decently-written villain to save their lives.

I based him off a maine coon - I’ve always liked the idea of him having this big floofy ruff.  He’s a formidable fighter not just because of his bulk but because his long fur makes it harder to land a blow that breaks skin and incapacitates him.  I like to think one of the reasons why he thinks he can run ThunderClan better is because he knows he’s strong and he knows his clanmates rely on his strength.

He was meant to have a scar across the bridge of his nose, but I couldn’t get it to look good, so let’s just pretend it’s there!

Art © me
Tigerclaw/star © the Erins