let's pretend this is actually true

Jumin’s route is so disconnected from the main plot, but the implications for it are interesting.

  • V actually comes to the party in this route.
  • He promises to tell Seven everything and looks like he’ll keep his word.
  • The Valentine’s Day DLC shows that he took pictures at Jumin and MC’s wedding, meaning he’s alive.
  • He can also see well enough to take the photographs in the DLC, when in Jumin’s main ending he can barely see out of his left eye.

Jumin being part of the Deep Story never made any sense to me, considering you barely learn anything and don’t unlock a single secret. But while Saeran and Rika are never mentioned and nothing is resolved on-screen, it almost feels like Jumin’s route is an AU where V comes clean and lives and gets the surgery. 

Just let me have this.

A Hufflepuff/Slytherin Relationship Would Include...

Other Pairings

* * *

  • The hufflepuff having to constantly remind the Slytherin that “violence and hate don’t solve anything.”
  • The Slytherin having to constantly remind the Hufflepuff that to “let out your true emotions instead of pretending to be happy all the time”
  • The Hufflepuff taking the cutest selfies with the Slytherin photo-bombing in the background
  • The Slytherin dragging the Hufflepuff out late at nights and the Hufflepuff not even worrying about getting caught
  • The Hufflepuff going to the kitchens to make the Slytherin their fav food when they’re sad 
  • the cutest hogsmeade dates
  • The slytherin giving the hufflepuff their scarf when its cold, claiming that they’re used to being cold 
  • The Slytherin actually not being used to the cold but they just like to see their puff in the slytherin scarf
  • The hufflepuff defending Slytherin as if it were their own house
  • The Slytherin doing the same for Hufflepuff
  • The slytherin constantly groaning because of the hufflepuff’s puns
  • The Slytherin secretly loving it
  • The Hufflepuff dying every time the Slytherin says something dry and sarcastic 
  • karaoke nights
  • The two being able to sit next to each other reading without feeling like anything needs to be said
  • The Slytherin making weird drink/food concoctions and the hufflepuff drinking/eating it without hesitation
  • The hufflepuff giving amazing sentimental gifs
  • The Slytherin, not being so good at gift giving, gives the hufflepuff long-life memories that they’ll never forget
  • The cutest yet most intimidating couple 
what i want to ask the signs
  • aries: why do you leave all of the best things that have ever happened to you behind?
  • taurus: why won't you open yourself up and trust anyone?
  • gemini: why can't you forget about the past?
  • cancer: how do you give everyone so much love, and yet never run out?
  • leo: why do you always hide your true self? why can't you let people see that you're actually a kind person?
  • virgo: why did you change for someone else?
  • libra: why won't you just let it all go for just a minute? do something crazy?
  • scorpio: why do you care so much about how people perceive you?
  • sagittarius: why won't you show emotion in public? why don't you let anyone but your closest friends see your soul?
  • capricorn: why do you keep pretending that you don't care about anything?
  • aquarius: why won't you share your talent with the world?
  • pisces: why won't you express affection for anyone? who broke your heart?
Gabriel Agreste & The Peacock alternate theory

Okay, okay. So, in my heart, I’m pretty sure that Gabe & Papillon are the same but I have seen different variations on his relationship with the Peacock Miraculous. A popular idea is the Mrs. Agreste was/is the Peacock but I’ll be honest with you, I prefer the OTHER idea that’s been going around…

What if Gabriel was actually the Peacock?

Let’s pretend this is true… Papillon stole away Mrs. Agreste because Gabriel had the Peacock miraculous and told him to find the ring and earrings or he’d never see her again. It’s those miraculous that will grant that ultimate power, not the peacock so he figured Gabe would have an idea of where the rest were.

(Note: Papillon wouldn’t NEED to be in villain form for him to do this to Gabriel. He can therefor, find Nooroo later. He’d just need to conceal himself around Gabriel.)

Since Gabriel would have been the only active Miraculous Holder and would have no leads on the other Miraculous, he’d put all his energy into looking into their potential locations & the origins of the powers and retire his Miraculous, locking it up. Being a hero, his plan would be to actually find the root of their power so he can use that information to destroy Papillon without giving him the Miraculous.

This is why he’s been absent from Adrien’s life. He was trying to find the Miraculous and any info concerning it. This also goes with how Gabriel treats Adrien and why it would make sense why he would LOCK AWAY ADRIEN FROM EVERYONE so his son doesn’t get kidnapped either. Time goes by and when Ladybug and Chat Noir jump onto the scene, Gabriel figures that his son is safe since Papillon had drawn them out on his own. Gabriel’s out of focus from Papillon for now and he can send his son to school.

It also tells you why he recognizes the miraculous in the regular and hidden forms (because of his research/book.) And WHAT IF the reason he was looking at Ladybug’s earrings was because he knew that if he gave them to Papillon, he’d get his wife back and he was being tempted? Same for Chat. This would also explain him figuring out Adrien’s secret in “Jackady“ & nothing happening in “Volpina”. He’s deciding whether or not he should take the ring from his boy to give to Papillon. Papillon in the episode didn’t react differently than usual and YET we KNOW “Volpina” is the episode right before the flashback. In fact, it looks to me that Gabriel is confirming the ring in his book in “Volpina” to be sure that it IS Chat’s ring but is called off to his real job.

The showy, colorful peacocks are the males of the species so I like the idea that it would be a dude. Plus, the reversal of a serious, stern person like Gabriel turning into a flashy, narcissistic peacock is so tempting. A fashion designer like Gabriel would match this so well and would be an even better fit than his wife. This would also allow him some redemption and explanation over his absence in his home life. He could also actively pass on the Peacock to a NEW young hero by the end of his arc. :)

But you know… headcannons. I don’t think we’ll get this sadly but I love all the art of Gabriel as Peacock. It’s just… perfect. XD

  • trans
  • Fan: Doyoung-ah, I want to hear a really romantic sentence from you
  • Doyoung: Take my hand!
  • -
  • Fan: Doyoung oppa, tell me something touching
  • Doyoung: When will we meet again?
  • -
  • Fan: It'd be good if Doyoung oppa doesn't see this message (But if he does that would be better wouldn't it?!)
  • Doyoung: I saw that ㅎㅎ
  • -
  • Fan: Doyoung-ah, I really love and miss you, don't let yourself fall sick and whatnots ok, eat more..
  • Doyoung: You're all also very precious to me, I really appreciate this ㅎㅎ
  • -
  • Fan: Kim Doyoung is really really lovable aigoo
  • Doyoung: I totally agree ㅋ @>@>
  • -
  • Fan: Doyoung is actually a slow typer aren't you!! I still love you though
  • Doyoung: *pretending* this isn't true ok?! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅎㅎ
  • -
  • Fan: Doyoung, you were super cool on the radio!
  • Doyoung: Aiya I really want to go back in time back to that day @.@
  • -
  • Fan: Doyoungie please receive my love for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Doyoung: ( ・ิω・ิ) such strong reactionsㅎㅎ
  • -
  • Fan: Dongyoung opaa I really truly ultra mega love you very much
  • Doyoung: I also super ultra love you the mega best thank you ㅎㅎ
  • -
  • Fan: Dongyoung ah...How is Osaka?..
  • Doyoung: It's really peaceful here now ㅎㅎ
  • -
  • Fan: If I don't get any replies again today I'll start tearing up ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ….
  • Doyoung: ah ah ah ㅜㅜ please don't cry ㅠㅠ if you're gonna be like this then i'll start tearing up too
  • -
  • Fan: Doyoung ah @.@ What did you eat today for dinner??? I really want to go to Japan for its food...
  • Doyoung: I ate curry ㅎㅎ I've eaten sushi before I came to Japan so I was really looking forward to coming here ㅎㅎ
  • -
  • Fan: Doyoung ah, you made a mistake reading out my story on radio didn't you??
  • > Heol.. I thought only I noticed this ㅋㅋㅎㅎㅎ
  • -
  • Fan: Doyoung ah, because you never read my message can you at least please read my title then...
  • Doyoung: Yes you guys are also my happiness ㅎㅎ
  • -
  • Fan: Doyoung ah, Doyoung!! I want to say your names a million times ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • > I'm here here here here heerrreeeeeeeeeee!! ㅎㅎ
  • -
  • Fan: Hey Doyoung, do you want to have carrot juice with me? I'll pay
  • Doyoung: I... the truth is that... about carrots... i don't like them............. please put lots of sugar in mine.. #.#
  • -
  • Fan: Doyoung oppa, your voice is so cute i want a voice like yours 깨롤록 0o0
  • > 깨롤록??? What's that ㅋㅋㅋㅋ From now on i'll start using 깨롤록 ㅎㅎ
  • -
  • Fan: ************Kim Doyoung, I miss you
  • Doyoung: Me too ㅠ *emotional*
  • T/N- these aren't all of it I just found these cute and thought I should translate them since no one has on tumblr yet

I had dream last night that Annalise and Bonnie actually talked about that that time they kissed. 

And let me tell you, everything about the scene was in character and stayed true to the tone of the show - the only thing that changed was that they actually acknowledged that they love each other instead of pretending they’re strictly platonic. I just don’t understand why that scene can’t happen on the show. 

If that kiss meant nothing and is never mentioned again (or involves Bonnie going “I’m definitely straight though lol” like Quinn did) I’m going to scream.


that one time ryuko gave satsuki a pep talk on willpower is actually such an important moment bc even though it’s what satsuki lives by, what allows her to survive, it’s not something she can let herself vocalize openly – not if she wants to play the bad guy and fulfill her true ambitions without losing to ragyo in the process. contradiction is truth! but then this girls pops out of nowhere, all emotion and no self-restraint, and she does what everyone around satsuki is too afraid to do, she stands up against her and openly promises to personally bury all the fucked up credences satsuki pretends to live by, she shouts and screams and defies in ways that satsuki can’t afford to, no matter how much she might want to, because that’s how she’s been forced to operate her entire life. ryuko says she wants to demolish everything that’s been hurting satsuki and ppl wonder why satsuki has a soft spot for her, fucking covers her up w/ a blanket that one time, saves her life from nui twice, freaks out when ragyo lays a hand on her, all before she even knows they’re related


My daughter weirdly wanted me to create a MATH book for her.  She actually wanted some extra math work to do, outside of her own homework.  You have to capitalize on these odd bursts of interest in boring things.  When your kid is like, “Let’s rake the whole yard!” or “Science is fun!” you have to pretend it’s true and see if you can instill a better work ethic in your kid than you have.

Luckily, math has moved on from New Math back to Old Math.  I don’t know if they just do New Math first to confuse and dispirit parents or if the kids end up confused and dispirited and then they throw in the towel.  Back to Old Math either way!  Happy to see ya old pal!  Pull up a chair!  Ya know what, pull up 5 - 4 = 1 chair!  Good Old Old Math!

Ya know, not some damn number line or bracket system but Old Math:

-   31

But also, my favorite:  word problems.  Officially sanctioned word problems are always so boring:

  • “Joe and Jennifer drove from Memphis to Boston.  If Memphis is zzzzzz
  • “Nathan and Joan bought 645 whatever from who cares.  They sold 45 of the BORING.  How many SHUTITs did they have left?

Well, heck I can pep that up for my eager daughter.  I can’t ever let well enough alone.  I gotta cause trouble, stir the pot, ya know PUT THE SYSTEM ON TRIAL and basically make things more complicated.  So I started making up weird word problems for my daughter’s home-made math book.  A sample:

  • “Sally found 4 sacks hidden in the floorboards of a haunted mansion.  In each sack there were 234 gold coins.  A ghost came and demanded all the money.  How much did Sally pay the ghost?”
  • “A wizard wants to turn a village of people into toads.  Each spell can transform 5 people.  If the village has 200 people, how many spells will it take?”

Ain’t that more fun?  And isn’t FUN the point of MATH?

Shay Mitchell doesn’t even try to hide her love for Lindsey Shaw. Look at her fucking face at just the mention of her name. The girl isn’t even in the room with her or anything, but her name is said and Shay’s face suddenly lights up like it’s goddamn Christmas or something. She literally has to poke her tongue into her cheek just to try and suppress her smile from completely overtaking her face. Even when MK is talking about Paige possibly coming back, Shay’s still smiling and probably imagining all the ways it could happen and praying that it’s actually true so she can stop having to pretend like she cares about all these other random chicks.

God MK, just let Shay write Emily’s ending. Everyone knows it would be far better that way.

Welcome to the craziest company ever

Whole year Mandarake staff pretends to be the normal people doing not quite a normal job, but at the last week of every year we let our inner selves to burst out and show true faces. So meet…

Our vice-president 

We are not lying, when we say that our staff are saints 

Osomatsu and his brothers are working in Mandarake too! 

We even made John Lennon’s actual clone to work with us! (he doesn’t seem happy though) 

Sakurai Sho even left his tour to work in Mandarake this week! 

Kenma doesn’t  want us to take his picture (guess he was playing games instead of work again!) 

Even game characters came alive! 

Mandarake girls are the cutest girls