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Theories (Peter Quill)

Pairing: Peter Quill x OC

Warnings: None…tiny, tiny spoiler for Vol. 2

A/N: This might be complete crap, but I desperately needed to write some Quill. I hammered this out earlier this morning and just did a quick edit, no rewriting. But hopefully it’s post worthy! I think a second part is in order? xD


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The sound of bickering voices drifted back from the cockpit, making me roll my eyes. I lowered the manuscript I was flipping through.

“Will you two morons cut it out already?” I hollered. I waited a beat, but the arguing went on. Probably hadn’t even heard me. Anyways, it wasn’t my job to break up the idiotic pissing contest that went on between Rocket and anyone he met. Or at the moment, Drax.

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out of our hands

“a five part study on the effects of eye contact on perceived closeness”

Or the one where Harry is a psychology grad student who is running a study, and Adalyn is the girl who signs up for it.

a one shot i wrote for ash last summer that i didnt post on tumblr for some odd reason

read below

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Healthy Habits

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Summary: Sam x Reader: Sam tries to convince the reader to leave her bed and join him on his morning run. 

Word Count: 1148

Triggers: None really (maybe some implied smut to follow?)

Y/N = Your name Y/H/C = Your hair colour Y/E/C = Your eye colour

Note: This is a shorter drabble based on an image imagine from @spnfeelstrain​“Imagine Sam trying to convince you to go jogging”.

“Come on (Y/N), it’s not that bad once you get started,” Sam Winchester, your greek God of a boyfriend, was smiling over at where you were still lazily lounging on the bed. Already dressed in his usual work out clothes he’d once more tried his luck at getting you to join him on his usual morning jog. Which, honestly, if he really knew you, he shouldn’t even be attempting to do. You were clearly a lost cause.

“And willingly give up my warm bed? Are you insane?” You groaned at you stretched on the bed you shared with the hunter, eyes barely open as you looked over at the big guy. You loved him, but hell… With how chipper he was in the mornings before even having a cup of coffee you did sometimes fear he was actually deranged. Your mornings usually consisted of a hostage style negotiation with your own mind to get out of bed after stretching and snoozing for an extra thirty minutes and then a metric fuck-ton of coffee to restart your brain from sleep mode. Not smiles, rainbows, and unicorn farts, and definitely not running.

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Three Blind Idiots (AAA girls) - Dottie

Courtney and Willam are fighting, Alaska wants them to stop. A cold brings them all together.

Okay so this is complete shit, I wrote this in a little over an hour after reading all of the asks about it. I know someone is going to come along and write a way better version of those asks and I’m so okay with that and so ready. I high key need all of the Alaska sick fics. And witney fics.

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quackmom  asked:

Congrats on 1K!! Will you do a Peter x Reader with "Uh... what are you doing under the bed?"

thank you so much!!!

“Uh… what are you doing under the bed?” You eyed your boyfriend Peter, whose head was currently the only part of him visible.  The rest of his body was under his bunk bed, which he had quickly shoved himself under the moment you opened the door.

“Oh, hey babe!” Peter gave you a bright smile, which you returned with a questioning look.

“I just, uh,” Peter looked around the room. “I dropped a pencil, and it rolled under here, so I thought I’d climb under to grab it!”

“You have a lot of pencils, Peter,” You entered the room, glancing at his perpetually messy desk. “Was this one really so important?”

“It’s my lucky pencil,” Your boyfriend explained, blowing some hair that had flopped into his eyes out of his way. “I couldn’t let it be lost forever.”

“Okay, I’ll pretend that makes sense.” You rolled your eyes and dumped your backpack on the ground, grabbing your phone from a side pocket. “Come on.  The movie starts in fifteen minutes and Ned can only save us seats for so long.”

“Yeah, um, if you could just leave the room for one quick second, I’ll be right out!” Peter replied brightly.

“Why do I have to leave?” You questioned, brow furrowing. “Peter, seriously, we’re going to be late.  Just get up!”

Peter closed his eyes, sighing deeply.

“What’s the problem?” You crossed your arms. “Did you accidentally get your finger caught in your trumpet again?  I helped you fix it last time!”

“No, I just…” Peter sighed again. “Promise me you won’t freak out, okay?”

“Okay?” You raised an eyebrow and crossed your arms expectantly, waiting for your boyfriend to move.

Peter took one last glance at you, and pulled himself up from under his bed.  You burst out laughing at the sight of your boyfriend in a skintight red and blue onesie, but the laughter quickly died away as you registered the spider emblem emblazoned on the front.

“Oh my…” Your eyes went from the spider to Peter’s sheepish expression. “You are in so much trouble.”


Title: Enclosed

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Theme song: Name by The Goo Goo Dolls

Request: Can you write a dean one shot where Sam and Dean are on a hunt and turns out the reader is too and they don’t know each other but in the mess of the hunt (maybe in a house or something) Dean and the reader run into each other… Literally. And they’re like shit!! Like they think the other person is whatever they’re hunting and then what they’re actually hunting gets them locked in a room so they’re useless and Sam ends up having to take care of the hunt. Ending with Dean being smitten?? Thanks!

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Your name: submit What is this?

The rain was a pattering constant over the windows; the storm, which had rolled in earlier this afternoon and refused to leave, was tapping its fingers hard on the roof which seemed to have given up against the downpour in a few corners of the decrepit house. Your booted foot splashed quietly through a puddle in the hallway, squelching down over the carpet, and you wondered absently what the place must have looked like when it was new.

You stopped, righting a silver-gilted frame on the mission table to your left. You ran your thumb over the photo, trying to make out the people within it, to eek out some small semblance of the lives that had been here first. Thunder rumbled in the distance and you turned away from the photograph, zipped your jacket up a bit more, continued on.

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Soulmate!AU where you and your soulmate have matching tattoos in the same location

Requested by: my damn self
Character(s): Kise Ryouta
Genre: Slight Angst 
Word Count: 1781
Tags: soulmate au, the tattoo one, 

What the fuck was he thinking?

He would change all of this in a heartbeat. He’d try anything, do everything he could. He just didn’t want to see that pained expression again.

Maybe it was the thrill that stole his foresight. The dangers and excitement in someone new, something different. He knew it was wrong, it was so fucking wrong. It was immoral and disgusting for him to do such a thing, to you of all people, but perhaps it was that sick allure that led to this mess in the first place.

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Exo Scenario: Cousin’s Wedding with Baekhyun ~

hey!! I was wondering if I could get a baekhyun scenario please?? like he and the reader are best friends, and you’re both secretly in love with each other, and you have to go to some fancy and super formal event together, and you’re acting all cute and coupley together, and when you’re like the center of attention baek just like does something tOTALLY OBSCENE and like swears really loudly and grabs you and starts making out with you and admits and it’s really adorable and whatnot tHANK YOU ILY

So I’m going to spin this a little, because I don’t think that Baekhyun would be obscene if he was somewhere where he would need to be polite. Instead, I’m going to write it so that one of the guests at the event say how adorable the two of you are, and Baekhyun acts adorable from there, confessing as soon as the guest leaves the two of you alone. Hope that makes sense, and you don’t mind that I changed it slightly. Please let me know what you think!

The two of you were getting ready in the hotel room when Baekhyun brought up the fact that he was pretending to be your boyfriend.

“So…I have to pretend that we’re dating right?” he asked from the other room while you tried to put on some makeup. Your cousin had offered to pay for your hair and makeup, but you had refused, saying that it was her wedding and that you would feel guilty if you went. Your mother and aunt, however, had insisted that you at least get your hair done the morning of the wedding, which was why you still smelled like hair spray and your hair was done up nicely.

Stepping out of the bathroom, you quirked an eyebrow at him. Baekhyun was standing there trying to put on his tie, which he was currently failing at. You chuckled as you drew closer, taking it from him and wrapping it around his neck expertly. You had done this enough for some of your younger cousins that you knew how to do it.

“That’s not a problem, right?” and you peered up at him, his eyes on you as you fixed his tie, making sure that it was in place. “My family has been on me about getting a boyfriend lately. I just…” and you sighed, shrugging, “You don’t have to, if you don’t want to.”

But Baekhyun shook his head, smiling genuinely, “No, it’s okay. I don’t mind, really.” he looked down at his tie and grinned even wider, his eyes turning to crescents when he smiled, “Thanks.”

You felt your face heat up when you looked at his smile, knowing that it wouldn’t be hard to pretend to be in love with him for the sake of your family. That was kind of why you had asked Baekhyun to be your plus 1 at your cousin’s wedding, if only because he was your best friend, but also because you were secretly in love with him. 

“We should get going soon.” you said to release the awkward tension that was stirring in the air then, and the two of you nodded, grabbing your things and heading out the door…

The wedding was beautiful, and you had nearly cried during the ceremony because of how pretty your cousin looked in her dress. Sitting next to Baekhyun, you couldn’t help but express to him how gorgeous your cousin looked and how you weren’t sure if you would ever get married one day, but that you wanted to be as happy as she was. 

It was after the ceremony, at the reception, when one of your aunts came up to the two of you and asked how long you had been dating.

“A few months.” you lied smoothly, nudging for Baekhyun to be quiet and just smile and nod whenever your relatives asked questions about your relationship. They all smiled and told the two of you how adorable you looked together. Your grandmother wished the two of you well - adding in how she thought it would be cute if you two were to get married next. That had you blushing and saying “Grandma!” but she just smiled and walked away.

“You know, I think we made a cute couple, too.” Baekhyun confessed when your relatives left the two of you alone. Baekhyun had pulled you out to the dance floor to continue acting as the cute couple that you were supposed to be playing as, and when he said that, you paused, looking at him, shocked, before he forced you to continue dancing.

“W-what?” you said, still not comprehending what he was talking about.

Baekhyun’s lips quirked to the side, his smile just as beautiful as it always was when he said, “The two of us. I think your family is right, we do look cute together.” and then, as if he was just letting his own words sink in, he stammered, “I-I mean, if you think so.”

That had you smiling a little, how he had at first been confident and was now unsure of himself. You giggled a little and rested your head against his chest, letting the music sink into your bones. You could feel his heart beating through his chest and you adored the sound of it. From nights spent lying on the couch together watching movies, to dancing to no music at all like crazy people…he was your best friend. You had never thought he could possibly feel the same way about you.

“Yeah. I think so, too.” you murmured, just loud enough for him to hear over the music. Lifting your head from his chest, you kind of saw it coming when he leaned in toward you and placed his lips tenderly against yours, moving slowly and gently against you so as not to scare or frighten you away. But that was impossible. Baekhyun would never scare you away. 

The two of you were smiling like a couple in love the rest of the night, and you supposed from then on, you kind of were a couple in love. As much as you had gone into that night pretending to be together, you had certainly never expected your dreams to come true.

IM5 imagine

A/N: you guys voted on who you wanted this to be about, so here goes!

You stand on Will’s front porch shivering as the rain pelts at your skin, mixing with your tears.
He finally opens the door, eyes widening with shock as he sees you. “Oh my god y/n. What happened?”
You practically fall into his arms. “Can I come in?”
Wordlessly, he nods, letting you in. You change into some of his clothes, and once you are warm again, you explain. “I caught Cole cheating. He wants to get back together but I just… I can’t trust him anymore.”
Will’s jaw clenches angrily. “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe him.” He says in an angry tone that you had never heard gentle sweet Will use before. “You’re staying the night here. Actually, you’re staying here until you get everything sorted out.”
“Thanks Will.” You say with a small sad smile.
“You must be tired.” He says, and prepares the couch as a bed for you.
Gratefully you climb under the warm blankets. “You’re my best friend. I’m here for you no matter what. Goodnight y/n.”
“Goodnight Will.”
You awake the next morning to frantic pounding on Will’s front door. Before you can even get up, you hear the door open and an angry hiss from Will, “You can’t see her. I can’t believe you would do this to her!”
“Please.” Your heart aches at the painfully familiar voice. Cole. There’s a scuffling sound as Cole pushes past Will into the house. Quickly you close your eyes, pretending to sleep, not wanting to face Cole yet.
You sense him standing by the couch, unsure of what to do.
“Let her be.” Will whispers angrily.
You take the opportunity to sneak a look at Cole through a partially opened eyelid. He’s a mess, hair disheveled and eyes red and bloodshot like he’s been crying.
He reaches out a hand, like he’s going to touch your hair. Will grabs his arm before he can reach you. The look of regret on Cole’s face is almost enough to make you want to get up and pull him into a hug, reassure him that everything is okay.
But you don’t.
Instead you watch as he looks again at your sleeping figure. “Y/N… I’m so sorry. I love you.” He whispers before letting Will push him out of the house.

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How would Wonwoo, Joshua, and Mingyu react to waking up to you giving them a blowjob /.\ Lord I feel like im sinning xD

Joshua would wake up slowly, wondering why on earth he was feeling so warm below his hips. And then he’d look down, and you’d make eye contact. His mouth would drop open, and he’d just end up gaping at you, completely lost for words. He’d end up hastily sitting up and trying to cover himself up quickly, completely and utterly embarrassed. He’d act like he didn’t like it, but secretly he was really turned on by it.

Wonwoo would wake up immediately and stare at you. What the he- he’d try to ask you what you were doing, but then you’d move your tongue a certain way, and he’d gasp, and he’d give up on making any sense of the situation, instead laying back down and letting you do your thing.

Mingyu would feel it the minute you started, but he’d pretend he was still asleep. When it started feeling really good, he’d move his hand to rest on your head, gently grabbing a fistful of your hair. He’d lift his hips slightly and get really into it, eventually opening his eyes to watch the view and smirk down at you.

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Running To You (Hyungwon One Shot)

Anon asked:  First of all I like your stories! :D and can you write a story about monsta x Hyungwon, you live together with monsta x and you walked out late to go home when you got attacked but he saves you and then you kiss and become a couple (maybe smut) sorry for my bad english :)

Oh no no your english is excellent ! Also I really hope you enjoy it sweetie! 

Genre: Romance/Major Angst/Slight Smut

Hyungwon x Reader

Summary: You had been living with your longtime friend Shownu and his members, seeing you struggle to try paying for both school and living expenses he had suggested that you move in with them until you got settled. Though the days spent there you had developed a special bond with Hyungwon, even if he always didn’t seem to show it he cared deeply for you, as you walked home from work one night, he runs to your rescue saving you in the middle of being attacked.

Originally posted by fy-hyungwonho

P.S. I just wanted to add this song, thinking it fit the story well !

    “See you guys tomorrow,” you waved off to your co-workers with a beaming with a big smile, because it was finally closing time at the small coffee shop where you worked, “Alright y/n. just be careful on your way home.” their words following behind you as you closed the door walking out.

     Standing outside taking in the cold air,and exhaling creating a misty cloud of your breath you let your smile fall and you stuffed your hands in your coat pockets. Looking around at the quiet, yet glowing street you started to walk towards the way of your living area You suddenly felt sad as you thought back to all that had happened the following summer, you had such a hard time paying for so many things, that you had to lean on one of your bestfriends, and his friends. 

   You felt ashamed, you had been taking more hours at work hoping that maybe, just maybe if you could save up you would be able to get back on your feet and stop being a burden to all of them. Though they didn’t seem to mind you  taking up more room in their house, you still felt like you were troubling them, especially Hyungwon. He was the one person who would always give you the kinds of looks which made you feel you were not welcome around them. 

  As you felt tears stinging your eyes from the cold air and from you getting too wrapped up in your sad thoughts you buried your face in your scarf as you kept walking. You were halfway home quietly thinking to yourself again whenever you felt a someone grab ahold of your scarf,puling you backwards. You let out a small cry and thrashed around, as your scarf came undone you flung forward ,skidding your legs and knees on the pavement.

   Groaning you opened your eyes shifting over as you sat up you suddenly saw hands going straight for your throat, you let out a loud scream as the assailant gripped your throat, but before he could apply anymore pressure, he suddenly got thrown off of you with major force. 

   That’s when you felt a pair of hands grab your arms lifting you up off the ground to your feet, as you squinted in the shine of the streetlamp you were surprised to find Hyungwon standing right before you.  “Come on, we need to get out of here,” he said as he took your hand in his and pulled you along. You winched in pain as you limped with a quick pain, as he looked back and noticed your scratched up legs he bent down slightly in front of you and gestured you towards him, “Get on my back,” You hesitated for a moment then looked back towards the darkness afraid of getting attacked again, you wrapped your arms around his neck as he walked back towards the house with his hands gripping your thighs, holding you in place.

    As soon as you both walked inside, he turned on the switch to the lights that connected to the living room and kitchen. “Where is everyone?” you looked around as you limped slowly towards the kitchen in search for the first aid kit you had kept under the sink, “Some of them are still at the studio, and the rest went out to eat,” He walked over to you from the hallway, bandages and medicine in his hand. “Sit down so I can tend to your wounds,” 

   You blinked and hesitantly looked down at the floor feeling your face fluster. “I can do it mys-” before you could finish he had already had picked you up lightly propping you up on the kitchen counter.

   “Just hold still,” he said as he knelt down in front of you as he started to wipe away the little bit of blood and dirt around your scraped knees, you blushed looking away as you absent-mindedly pulled your dress down a little more past your thighs, “How did you know I was in trouble?” you spoke up fidgeting with a lose seam from the bottom of your dress. He stayed concentrated on making sure your wounds were all cleaned and bandaged up, “I didn’t,but I did feel that something was wrong, you are always home around 9p.m so I had gotten worried when you never showed up so I went out to look for you and that’s when I saw that bastard attacking you,” You heard him gritting his teeth as he said the last part. “I’m sorry he had took your purse and belongings with him,I wanted to get you here safely, that was more important to me”

   You let out a small,relieved but stiff laugh,”And here I thought you hated me,” He looked up at you quickly as he stared at your saddened expression and immediately stood up never breaking his stare. “Why..would you think such a thing?” you blinked up at him as he stared at you with a hint of sadness in his eyes, “Well.. Everytime I try talking to your or including you in things you would always scoff or just become..I don’t know, cold?” “That’s only because I thought you were in love with Shownu!” Your eyes almost popped out of your head as soon as he said that, “What!? We have been friends since we were little, I do not have feelings like that for him whatsoever!” 

    You saw him become less tensed up since he had found you earlier,he slumped his shoulder back to normal and he let out a sigh of relief giving a small smile as he looked down running his fingers through his hair pushing it back. “That’s good to hear. I never meant to make you feel that way, I just wanted to keep my distance, I had fallen for your smile,your sense of humor, just you basically.” 

   You looked down again, and although you blushed, you had felt immense sadness rush over you again, feeling as if he was playing a cruel trick on you, “Don’t..don’t make fun of me..don’’t pretend that you have feelings for me” 

   Suddenly grabbing both of your arms, he swiftly pinned them to the cabinets that were inches above your head, your face shot up as you he inched his face closer to yours,the closer he got, the more darker your cheeks turned. “I’m not playing with your emotions, I promise, I do love you..I always have since we first met,” He stopped right as the tip of his nose met yours. You felt his warm breath tickle your lips your face became hotter along with your body. You felt as if you were floating, as if in a dreamlike state. Letting go of your wrists he then placed his hands on the small of your back pulling your body closer to his, doing so he pressed his lips against yours.

   Closing your eyes you fell into the kiss hesitantly one second, then deepening it the next. Trailing his hands up towards your back he pulled you more into him as you felt him tugging your bottom lip gently with his teeth. After a few more moments of clashing here and there you finally found a steady rhythm that you both followed as you kissed eachother in unison. With your arms draped around his slender neck, and his hands roaming up and down your back you suddenly pulled away looking down at him with a flustered and hot face,” I needed to come up for air, you had taken me by surprise just then,”

    Laughing to himself, he then looked up at you with a soft smile, “It’s alright,Im sorry for doing so, I was surprised with myself for throwing myself at you like that,” You blushed tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, “I too,have liked you for a long time now,” you smiled looking down.

   Taking your hands in his once more he put them up to his lips,kissing them as soft as he was smiling, “Well why don’t we try this out..and take things slower from here,” You smiled warmly at him nodding, “I would like that, thank you for running into my life.”

Gah I know I know it may have been bleh and not really have alot of foundation holding it up like more details and such but I do hope you enjoyed it! <:-)

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Requests Are Open !

-Admin Bonbori

(Very Purely Hypothetical)

Jily Week 2 Day 3: Letters (or notes) or Pop Culture

James, Lily Evans wrote in her spiral-bound, muggle, charmed-to-the-teeth notebook. Are you there? Merlin I hope so. I charmed this instant reply thing for a reason, you know! Your girlfriend wants you at her beck and call. I can practically hear Sirius groaning from here as you hurry to find a quill and reply to me.

Yeah, Lil, I’m here, and you’re right, Sirius is groaning. How’s Cokeworth?

Driving me mad. I’m going to murder someone shortly. Don’t let the Ministry get hold of this, I don’t much fancy a stay in Azkaban, alright?

You’ll be fine, Lily! Remember what we talked about? Mumble nonsense words around him, keep your wand on you and twitch it at random, the walrus will be right terrified of you. And the Easter hols are only two weeks. You can do it!

It’s not even the walrus! Him I was prepared for. But there are multiple Dursleys here, he brought the whole bloody… what is the collective for walruses? Pod? Herd? Wait, I’m going to look it up, there’s a dictionary around here somewhere.

I asked the others, Sirius said that it’s ‘an ugly of walruses.’ Not sure I want to know how he has that information at the drop of a hat. Still, it’s fitting, right?



You actually went to look it up, didn’t you.

You’re on holiday, you headcase, and you’re still studying.

It’s not studying it’s… I don’t know. Shush. I like Sirius’ dictionary better, mine just said ‘a herd.’

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: SnowBarry undercover married couple.

So another that took too long but now I’m all caught up on tumblr inbox prompts! Here you go anon:

Despite the hours that have passed since he first put it on, the weight on his left hand is still utterly foreign—the band circling his ring finger drawing his attention in every quiet moment that crops up. Just as he’s done a dozen times since he’d slipped it on, the tip of his thumb edges along the band, throwing his thoughts into momentary chaos (he snaps back to attention quickly enough, unwilling to leave either of them unprepared and her unprotected).

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Special Friends: Chapter Fourteen

Holy shit, chapter fourteen! I hope everyone’s still with me and still reading - more importantly, still enjoying x

Stiles let out a slow breath, taking careful steps towards the girl who was curled around herself on one of the cafe chairs. Her head was slumped forward and she was staring down at her phones blank screen. 

“Lydia?” Stiles murmured to her softly, crouching down to her level and placing a gentle hand on her knee.

Lydia jumped slightly, tearing her eyes away from her dead phone and seeing coffee coloured eyes in front of her. She gasped.


The girl threw her arms around him without a second thought. Lydia buried her face in the comforting spot between Stiles’ shoulder chin, her voice catching as she tried to apologize.

“I’m sorry”, she hiccuped slightly, “I’m sorry I left this morning. I’m sorry I didn’t call”.

Stiles sighed and let his arms wrap around her, one hand finding it’s way into her curls as he held her to him.
He tried to keep the disappointment and hurt out of his voice when he asked her,

“What about being here now - with him. Are you sorry about that too?’’

He pulled away from her slightly, watching with a sinking heart as a tear escaped from Lydia’s eye. She gazed back at him, too guilty to drop her gaze.
The boy nodded silently towards to movie theater doors, “Is he still in there?’’
Lydia nodded, her eyes wide and still full of tears. She almost breathed a sigh of relief when Stiles took her hand in his own and gently pulled her to her feet.

“Let’s go talk in the jeep, yeah?’’

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Posting a sneak peek of my current big project here both because I like to occasionally remind you all that this is, in fact, my writing blog, and also because I need to get the taste of that non-con fic out of my mouth.

So have a peek at the Draygn au; Sail on Savage Seas yes that’s a httyd2 reference

The ship first arrived on the horizon just after lunch, slowly making its way closer to the island. Uncle Makarov predicted that the ship would reach the shore by midday, and Levy was curled up in her window seat, watching it get closer and closer. The sails were a dark rust red, the Fioran flag waving proudly from the tallest mast, and Levy wondered how close the ship would have to be before she could manipulate a gust of wind strong enough to rip the damn thing off.

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Amber’s statement about the video’s leak:

“I am not responsible for the release of the video. It was not what I wanted and I am doing what I can to force the media to take it off the internet,” she said in a statement to E! News. “I underestimated the toll that this difficult few months have taken on me, emotionally and physically, and the efforts made by the media to intimidate and discredit me.”

She continued, “It is for that reason, and my desire to make the healthiest choice for myself, and hopefully for Johnny, that I am attempting to resolve this matter in the most private way possible.”

Really? She’s been the one leaking info the entire time and don’t be so daft to think she’s not behind leaking the video. She leaked it and wants to settle so she doesn’t have to do a deposition. She claims to have all of this evidence but wants to avoid going to court because the media is trying to discredit her? In what world does that make sense to anyone? And before you go, “she doesn’t want to recount her abuse!” She lives in the condos where some of this alleged abuse has taken place. She walks up the same stairs Johnny allegedly dragged her up by her hair every time she goes to bed. Don’t pretend that living in a place where this shit allegedly happened would effect her less than giving testimony. 

We won’t find out what happened until papers are filed tomorrow but I hope he didn’t settle. He needs to let his evidence go to court. Nearly 10 exhibits are text messages between Amber’s friends. Dating back to last May. Elizabeth Marz is even a make up artist. If people sincerely believe that there’s nothing in those texts that point to some kind of scheme then I really hope you don’t procreate. We can’t handle another generation of people who lack critical thinking skills.