let's pretend this hair makes sense


Another day, another crappy comic where I waste my time working on it.

Happy super belated Valentine’s day! I know I’m, like, almost a week late, but let’s just pretend Ghirahim and Fi were celebrating the holiday this whole time or something.

I also experimented with screentoning Fi’s hair with this comic, cause her hair is blue so it would make sense for it to be “colored” in. I didn’t do it before cause back in the day I did everything in black and white but now that I have fancy pants Clip Studio Paint I can do this that kind of shit. But idk, maybe there’s too much screentone now? I’ve read manga with ridiculous amounts of screentone and it’s a real pain to the eyes. What do you think? Yay or nay?

Alternate Universes

A little Smoaking Canarrow inspired by Stephen’s comment at Heroes Con about hoping Sara and Felicity ended up together on Earth 2 and my own opinion that it makes no sense Robert Queen would be the Arrow in any possible universe. (God bless him, but Jamey Sheridan is not a young man.) I don’t know if Legends of Tomorrow travel to different versions of Earth like The Flash has established or just in time, but for the purposes of this tale, let’s pretend they can go to alternate Earths.

It’s one thing for Oliver to see Felicity’s doppelgänger–her black hair and purple lips satisfying a goth girl fetish he didn’t even know he had–but it’s something else entirely to watch an alternate version of Sara walk up to her dressed in his Arrow uniform and kiss her full on the mouth.

“Oh,” he hears Felicity say. He turns to look at her to see if he can determine if that odd tone in her voice is good or bad and isn’t encouraged by the way she’s staring intently at bizarro version of her and Sara. He turns back to the couple and feels a strange pang of jealously when Other Felicity runs her hand through Other Sara’s hair in a way that’s very familiar to him.

He clears his throat and says, “well, that’s unexpected,” as much to force himself to look away as to get Felicity’s attention.

“Not necessarily,” she replies, her eyes still fixed on them. “College could have easily gone differently,” she adds.

He hears Sara, the one from his Earth, snort and finds her suppressing a laugh when he turns his head sharply to glare at her. She gets control of herself, but there’s a very pronounced smirk on her face as she speaks.

“There are actually a few timelines where we end up together,” she says a touch too smugly for Oliver’s liking.

“How many are we together in?” he challenges, pointing between himself and Felicity.

“A couple,” she admits—he thinks begrudgingly.

“How many do you two get together in?” Felicity asks, finally tearing her eyes from Other Sara and Other Felicity now that they’re no longer attached at the lips.

“Two so far,” Sara replies.

“How about the three of us?” Felicity asks. Oliver can’t see her face because she’s turned toward Sara, but he does register the surprise on Sara’s face at the question. She glances over Felicity’s head to look into his eyes a moment before she answers.

“None that I know of.”

“Too bad,” Felicity says under her breath, but before either Oliver or Sara can pick their jaws up off the floor to ask if she’s serious, she turns and walks away toward her and Sara’s doppelgängers.

Oliver stares after her a moment and then turns back to Sara and gives her a questioning look. She nods, confirming that he didn’t just imagine that, looking just as stunned as he feels. They both take off after Felicity in the same instant, walking as fast as they can without breaking into a run.


“What the what? That doesn’t make any sense!” Wade screamed. You were both stood outside a building that was on fire in which two hostages were in.

“I’m sorry Wade, it just terrifies me! The way it spreads so quickly and…”

“I guess I’ll have to go in and save them then. Let’s hope this weave doesn’t burn in the fire,” he pretended to flick his hair, “as weird as that is, don’t worry (Y/N). We can’t help out fears.”

Admittedly, the man from Four had been just a step away from being a total wreck for the two weeks before returning to the Capitol. A letter from President Snow made the request that Kai had garnered enough attention to enter the infamous, at least among Victors, sex ring. The man knew that the request was anything but, instead serving as a warning, a demand. He’d lost all of five pounds in the time since and let the his facial hair grow to its content. 

Caspian was recovering from the trip on the pair’s shared bed upstairs and neither of Four’s tributes seemed to care they had two mentors willing to assist them. To keep his jitters from taking physical form, Kai slipped into the swimming area of the training center and slipped out of all his clothes albeit his shorts. He sighed in relief as the radiating bubbles of the hot tub surged up and down his trembling body. Eyes closed and head resting on the tub’s end, the squeaky door hinges alerted him to another’s presence, but he merely put a hot towel over his face in response.