let's pretend that manip is real

anonymous asked:

How do you think FAHC Gavin would respond to someone attempting to manipulate him instead of the other way around?


yes ok

honestly, he’d think it was cute. the funniest thing ever. this little…infant trying to play gavins game better than gavin. this condescension can easily backfire on the off chance someone actually is better than gavin at the manip game but hey. its a low chance

but gavins just tickled pink. he loves it. its so cute of you. just darling. now how he responds depends on how dangerous your crew is. very dangerous, a real threat to fahc safety and and gav wont drag it out, he’ll let the dude know “hey, nice try bitch but no.” and just kill them or let the crew do it

but if the threat is more minor then gav will def have a bit of fun with them. pretend to go along, pretend to fall for it, while both making it very obvious to the crew that its that particular dude making gavin act so oddly

fuck i wasnt done with this ANYWAY

yeah gavin just sells this shit, comes back to the penthouse late, phone left on a little too long so someone can see a flash of a name, that name of that guy they all hate but are forced to work with? why’s gavin calling him? standing a little to close when the two gangs must meet, and its equally gavin and this dude like

of course if youve been hearing stories about the fahc and suddenly you have the golden boy himself under hand you’re gonna gloat like hell. you’re gonna smile a little too wide, a little too mean, a little too gloating, at the Kingpin or the Vagabond or Mogar. You’ve swindled Gavin Free right out from under Geoff’s nose, leading him along on a string! of course you’re gonna gloat about it! and gavin plays the hapless idiot card so well man, too well, if he’s fooling you he’s fooling the crew just to make it more believable so

its obvious this guy is fucking with gavin right, its obvious this guy is trying to draw gav away so he can hurt him. and thats not acceptable. this is not ok and all the crew against the one manipulator. but gavin vouches for him. hes fine, gavin is certain of it.

and then the manipulator manages to get Gavin alone, trick him into going someplace without all his bodyguard, and the guy can see it now, kidnapping the golden boy, selling him back to ramsey piece by piece at a ruinous price, skipping town to a safehouse where they wont find him. 

and then he usually gets shot. or Gavin starts his own little game. “oh, you were doing so well im so sad i have to cut this game short.” i mean anyway the guy gets the carpet ripped out from under him, that gavin wasn’t fooled a single second, and he dies in some way and gavin smiles “it was a nice attempt though.”