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“I’m so proud to tell [the] story you’re gonna see tonight. It’s a major step in self discovery, acceptance, joy, heartache, struggle, love and what our show signifies so often … #StrongerTogether. More today than ever before. I’m honored to have been trusted with such a beautiful journey and humbled to hear all the feedback so far about how Alex coming out was truthfully depicted. It has honestly brought me to tears. I’m so so grateful.” - Chyler Leigh on Supergirl’s Alex Danvers coming out

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More old sketches

Back when I drew him as more….conflicted.

i was watching this video and it said that keith and lance barely interact thoughout the show. well season 2 maybe definitely, but season 1? oh god.

season 1 starts with them arguing and going back n forth. but this is normal. lance has introduced the rivalry, keith has picked up on it, and it’s clearly not one sided. keith reacts to it and even initiate the discussion at times. this is pretty much very blatant in the very first 3 episodes of season 1, but then it tones down. episode 5 lets them acknowledge they are good team, and episode 6 moves their discussion towards something more personal: the infamous bonding moment. keith tries to prove a point to lance, almost expressing his frustration about it. episode 7 is when we actually get to see them working as team, or partners if you will. the more i think about s1 the more i realize how well it was done?

episode 7 shows they can work well together without arguing. keith is ready to attack, due to his impulsiveness, but lance calms him down, explains a better plan and keith has no problem admitting his was a better idea. later on, they do a pretty good job. *thumbs up*

after ep 7 i cannot recall many other moments with them,but that’s bc the focus shifts more on the big battle rather than anything else, and everyone is tense bc allura was captured.

in conclusion, season 2 kinda did feel like a regress in terms of their relationship no matter if you see it platonic or romantic. they spent most of the time (well the times lance actually had screen time) arguing and such. we only see glimpse of them collaborating (episode 4,5) which is nice, but not quite satisfying compared to what season 1 was i feel like.

also well hearing lance complimenting keith with that face was pretty nice ngl.

so yeah i really hope s3 puts them on the route they were going towards the end of s1 and progress happens again i’m in serious need of heartfelt moments between them

french is the language of love so i’ve learned how to call you a nerd in french parce que je t’aime, ringard


I’d like to thank datekou for existing

listen i came out of hiding to let you all know watch dogs 2 is the best game forever and there needs to be more fanart for josh

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