let's pretend i know how to make graphics here

yes, i’m finally doing this! i’m bored and i dont know what to do with ps anymore so now i wanna explore how much i know abt photoshop and practice my graphic skills (and learning/discovering more whilst) !!

what to do to get one:

  1. reblog this, likes won’t count
  2. you don’t have to follow me (though i appreciate it !!)
  3. must have a one direction related url

note: please be aware that i will be picky on urls, so not everyone gets a graphic (it sucks, but hey i will try my best to do everyone’s !) and please be patient; it all depends on my time, the url, and how much i’m inspired (bc making graphics takes quite a while..)

again, i’m only doing this for the one direction fandom and i wont be taking other requests from other fandoms (i only know 1d im sorRYR)

here is where you will find the url graphics i make!

also see examples of my graphics here if u want (pls do bc [harry’s voice] i’m narcissistic)

💐 thank you so much ! 💐


“The danger is I’m dangerous
And I might just tear you apart
I’m gonna catch ya
I’m gonna get ya
I wanna taste the way that you bleed
You’re my kill of the night”  (x)

AU - Killer!Hummelberry

Stylist Kurt Hummel and photographer Rachel Berry are rising stars in the world of fashion, praised for their dark and romantic vision. 

When night falls, the pair regularly roams the streets of New York City in search for inspiration. But if they invite you back to their Bushwick studio, do beware that a photoshoot might not be the only thing on their minds.

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