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a whole 7 things in the queue!! two of which are fics!!! look ma, i’m getting the band my life back together!!!

hahaha i wish BUT YEAH HOPEFULLY THAT’LL TURN INTO 3 FICS IN THE QUEUE BEFORE I PASS OUT TONIGHT if there is truly a god out there somewhere *prays to that distant deity*


Let’s swing, baby!

Part of the Pandora Hearts gift exchange! This one’s for Dweebunny! Hope you have a lovely winter break! <3


I was already working on the 1st style, when /certain people/ suggested to draw Iwa-chan in a leather jacket.
I like both looks and couldn’t decide, so, choose for yourself (´∇ノ` *)ノ

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just for you, sweet anon


endless list of favourite movies; girl, interrupted
“Crazy isn’t being broken or swallowing a dark secret. It’s you or me amplified. If you ever told a lie and enjoyed it. If you ever wished you could be a child forever. They were not perfect, but they were my friends and by the ‘70s, most of them were out living lives. Some I’ve seen, some never again, but there isn’t a day my heart doesn’t find them.”

you know i’ve been reading some posts about people regretting having children

and this is a thought before i should probably go to bed

firstly, i never want children because of this. having children means your identity is stripped away because things are 90% about your child and less about yourself. and do i want that? hell no. i don’t want my identity or freedom stripped away.

and during a volunteering thing i did for UCL, some college friends told me i should be compromising for the dude in the relationship (talking about cisgender men). like EXCUSE ME? but who gives birth? me. whose body will be changed? mine. who will go through the pain? me. who gets more judged by how good of a parent they are? mothers.

no. if i ever get in a relationship, whatever the gender/sexuality/etc of that person, they WILL know that NO i don’t want any children AT ALL. FULL STOP. i hate loud noises. when i’m in a restaurant and there’s kids yelling and being shitheads i want to literally walk out. i don’t like loud noises at all. i struggle with that sometimes, and even if i don’t tell you, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother me. i don’t like messes. i don’t like bodily fluids. i don’t like how fragile children are. 

why should i compromise MY HAPPINESS for the happiness of someone who can leave me the next day? why should i give up MY FREEDOM, for someone who can walk away without consequences? no.

and secondly,

if you think for one second that the child doesn’t know you regret having them, you’re wrong. because in a way, i know my mum regretted having me. in a weird way. i know she intentionally had me and went through medical shit for me. but i know and she told me that it would have been easier for her, being here, if she didn’t have a child. and i know i’m not the child my mum wanted.

so i don’t want the child to be affected by MY shortcomings. because mum finds it hard to be emotional and kind towards me, because it’s a surprise when she called me today to see if i’m okay because she doesn’t do that. because while i turned out to be ok-ish it doesn’t change the fact that it still affected me. that i can’t deal with people’s emotions well, since she never let me comfort her when she was angry.

so no. i won’t have children.

for myself, and for the child.

Made dinner for my family tonight!

First things first, let me start by saying @bananablondie108 ’s Citrus Tahini salad dressing is AMAZING! I used it on the dressing for the salad and it tasted so damn good! Check it out, and make it. You will not regret it. It has a lovely gang of ginger that elevated it so much.

Anyways, I made my old Mac n Cheese recipe along with sautéed green beans and salad!

My sister helped with some chopping as well as sautéing the green beans! Before dinner I made an intense legs and abs workout that my sister and I did! We were dripping in sweat! If you guys are interested in the workout let me know and I’ll post it on my tumblr!

Back to food.

Salad: spinach • arugula • carrots • tomato • sweet corn • chickpeas sautéed in black pepper • @bananablondie108 Citrus Tahini recipe

Green beans: white miso paste • garlic • lemon • crushed chilli flakes

Mac n cheese sauce: 2 cups almond milk • 2 tbs flour • heaping half cup nutritional yeast • juice from half a lemon • 2 tsp each of ( garlic powder, onion powder, basil) • 1 tsp chilli powder • 1 tsp of paprika

Just heat it all in a saucepan til thick n creamy! Top with fresh basil, more nooch, and toasted breadcrumbs if you desire!

Heads up, got loads of posts coming your way the next couple of days!

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anonymous asked:

Quick question, how do you encourage people to leave comments on your work without coming off as an ass? The stories get a lot of hits and a decent amount of kudos's, but no one ever comments. It's kind of discouraging since I can't tell if people like it or not. I can't read people's mind, as much as I'd want to be able to.

So, I came into writing fan fiction from over at fanfiction.net. I don’t regret it really since, as much badly written things can emerge there, I think it’s a great starting point for writers since it really embraces without shame, which let’s a person grow and discover themselves. Still, a common thing I would see back in those times—even did it once, actually—were statements that the author expected a certain number of reviews before the next chapter would be posted.

This is a prime example of what not to do. Everyone simply turns away expecting someone else to take care of it or starts to feel bitter towards your writing. Neither are good.

A rather solid example of a good way to go about it without coming across like an asshole can be seen here (not from my fic!).

Just vocalize that, more than anything, you want to hear peoples’ thoughts on what you just created. “Was there anything you liked? Didn’t like? Hit me up!” Keep it friendly with a dash of politeness and you should be good to go.

My take on the PewDiePie discourse

Alright. Im gonna say it flat out. The basics of this is that Felix is not a bad guy.

Whoa whoa, hold your horses before y'all get riled up. Now I dont care if I lose any followers or whatever. Let me say that Felix is not PewDiePie. Yes, he creates content for PewDiePie, but he is not that content.

Felix has said that he regrets posting anti//semetic jokes and that it was wrong. Okay? The man understands that he fucked up. Yes, all the things we did were not, in any way, okay, but he regrets them. So many people have expressed that Felix is not a bad guy.

See, this seems pretty straightforward, but if you argue, please, I am willing to start a conversation.

What I’m not okay with is saying people like Sean (Jacksepticeye) or Mark (Markiplier) are bad people. They have proven time and time again that they want everyone to be happy. In Mark’s latest video, he says that we’re all human. Even if you don’t like someone, they’re still human. They deserve the same respect you would give anyone. Take Trump, you may hate him (As I do) but that does not mean that he deserves to die.

We’re all human, we all make mistakes. If you weren’t forgiven for your mistakes that you know are bad, then where would you be now? Where would be you be if the world heard you say one thing and they turned against you. You could slip up, but it doesn’t matter because BAM, they’re all against you and they’re ready to kill you.

An eye for an eye. Its a familiar saying. But think of the full saying. And eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Now, that has a whole different meaning. Yes, Felix fucked up. But he knows he did, he regrets it, he’s a good person. So before you say hateful things about anyone, think about if you were saying them to yourself, think about all the stupid things you’ve done.

I honestly just don’t want to wake up one day next to my husband and regret marrying the one I decided to help with their feelings and problems before catering to my own. To wake up next to someone who’s just concerned with how you’re going to help them with their issues. To wake up next to someone who never cares to ask how you’re feeling. God please don’t let that be my life.

I Dare You (Chapter One)

Prompt: [From Here]

Line: “Do it. I dare you.”

Pairing: Riarkle

Summary: Lucas and Zay dare Farkle to talk to his Lab Partner.

Note: This is not finished. There will likely be one more chapter posted within a Week (Hopefully). There isn’t much Riarkle in this chapter but I hope you enjoy the Zay, Farkle, Lucas Dynamic because for this Chapter that is the focus. 

If you are sending me a Prompt or have Sent me a Prompt I am going to try to post it between Sunday and Wednesday I have been super busy and I have only Written one so bare with me. 

Also, If you are sending a Prompt send it before 2AM EST So I can start working on it while I have the time (I don’t have internet access so I will have more time to write).  



Farkle regrets ever telling his friends about her. He regrets ever letting them in on his complicated mind. Ever since his break up with Isadora Smackle aka his supposed Perfect Woman his friends have been on an extensive search to get him a new girl.

Farkle didn’t mind. It kept them busy and allowed him the time for actual work. For example His Science.

That was his first mistake. Sure they would understand his constant trips to Science Lab. His constant need to fulfill his work in the Library during their ‘Bro Time’ The thing is as smart as Farkle essentially is, he like most humans has his slip-ups.

Like when Zay is telling this story of how he ran into possibly the hottest girl ever the other day.

Or how Lucas went into detail on this Football play he did that won them the game.

During both moments Farkle’s eyes fell upon a Brunette a few tables down. She was surrounded by a group of girls which was no surprise she’s a cheerleader they generally traveled together.

Farkle usually caught himself when he slipped up but ever so often Zay and Lucas outsmart him and nearly a month after he came to terms with his feelings Farkle slips up again and both boys catch him. Their eyes follow his and their grins don’t leave their faces when they see whom he was looking at Farkle was sure this is something they wouldn’t let him live down.

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Alright kids let me tell you why recoloring whitewashed photos is wrong and how getting called out for it doesn’t make the other person “colorist”


Y'all are getting hella bold with your reasoning where you think fansites won’t be able to find you.

This is a long ass post and I encourage you all to…at least skim through it.

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