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SU Theory: The Use Of Feeling Blue? - Their Use *IS*Feeling Blue!!

I’m going to start off by saying this is going to sound absolutely insane, but please please hear me out until the end. 

That Will Be All starts things off by revealing Blue Diamond, immediately shown crying over the loss of Pink Diamond. 

Now that is one stark contrast from what we originally saw of her back in The Answer

She was hardened then, willing to shatter a gem, even if that gem saved the life of a valued member of her court. Imagine disregarding a selfless act like that? That is ice cold.

But now, she’s broken. Thousands of years later, we learn, after having a taste of her own medicine, that all she does is spend time going back and forth between the Earth and the Zoo.

She abandons her post so much that Yellow had to come check on the zoo to catch her there again, and starts to sing a song to try to make her feel better.

It’s pretty clear that Blue is content mourning Pink forever, even willing to abandon her position as leader to do it. That’s some serious regret. 

And when Yellow suggests forgetting about Pink?

Nah. That’s not happening. It’s pretty clear Blue is having serious trouble letting go of the past. She seems to desperately want a do-over.

We’ve seen this character dynamic before.

I suspect the color parallels between Greg/Pearl and Yellow/Blue Diamond in Mr. Greg and this episode are foreshadowing.

Greg is Yellow, and Pearl is Blue. Pearl was unable to let go of the past, unable to get over losing Rose. Blue Diamond can’t accept having lost Pink. Even the names of their lost loved ones is the same name in different languages, it can’t get much more in your face than that really. They even fucking color coded it for us.

Greg helped Pearl move on after having been considered an enemy by Pearl for ages. Yellow Diamond is shown consistently trying to help Blue, doing anything in her power to do so, despite Blue’s clear disdain of Yellow’s efforts. 

But that’s where the similarities end, after that we end up with some interesting contrasts:

In Mr Greg, Steven was singing them a song that reminded them they’re all family, and how they needed someone who knew what they’re going through.

But in That Will Be All?

There’s empathy in the song, sure, Yellow understands Blue’s pain, but 

She’s lying to herself. She hasn’t moved on at all. Her repeating of the question ”What’s the use of feeling?” at the end implies she curses her own emotions for being so hard to repress. That’s why she wants to destroy the planet and forget about Pink altogether. They’re not talking anything out, Yellow is trying to push Blue along. Push herself along. She grasps the railing turning away from Blue Diamond as though in shame, here she was claiming to be above it all yet the moment she lets herself remember just a bit, she deteriorates. As though it’s the first time she’s allowing herself to feel anything about Pink’s death in thousands of years.

So the difference is, Steven’s song was about getting closure, while Yellow’s is more about repressing and damning the emotions that she can’t resolve. She was just projecting onto Blue.

That’s not all though. 

Greg was able to heal part of the pain of losing Rose by raising Steven, by telling him about his mom, by re-living his memories of his dead wifu with his son. What i mean is, having his son there to share in the pain of missing Rose helped a lot. Helps both of them a lot.

And as for Pearl, whenever she needed to, she could bring up a hologram of Rose and literally re-live her PTSD memories ad nauseum to get them all out of her system. In a way, she did get her do-over. She, at the very least, got to work out how to say goodbye, so that by the time she and Greg squashed the beef, she was ready and could finally move on to Mystery Girl.

But with the Diamonds? it’s a much more tragic picture. Yellow is in denial and wants to rush through/repress her pain and destroy the things that remind her of her loss. She refuses to face it. Blue on the other hand just can’t stop facing it. Not until she gets some sort of closure like Pearl. But that’s impossible, right?

I thought so too, until I heard this line;


Hold the fuck up. Employ????? Blue wants to employ the Rose Quartz line? 


Why?!?  Welp, hold on to your butts;

Yellow Diamond sings two pertinent verses: 

“Why would you want to employ her
Subjects that destroyed her?
Why keep up her silly
Zoo? Oh, tell me
What’s the use of feeling, Blue?“


“An army has a use
They can go and fight a war
A Sapphire has a use
She can tell you what it’s for
An Agate terrifies
A Lapis terraforms“

Yellow is juxtaposing the use of the Rose Quartz gems, as well as other gems in their society, with the use of emotions. What has Steven Universe been teaching us this whole time about emotions? What can they help you do? 


What else have we seen that heals things? 


Blue claims she wants to go to Earth to preserve specimens. 

But what if she’s looking for her do-over instead? What if her regret and depression are so deep, they’ve driven her to want to go down to Earth to find Pink’s shards and have the Rose Quartz line, the entire line, cry on them? 


Whatever happens, the Rose Quartz line’s healing tears can be used to fix other huge, previously unsolvable problems:


happy new year! sorry for not posting anything new in so long, i’ve been super busy with school and the holidays, but i managed to find some time over the past few days to write this one. enjoy!


ashton irwin & y/n
word count - 3883
warnings - sexual content, language


You were already regretting the words you had let slip out of your lips.

“You’re joking right?” Ashton asked. “You have to be joking.”

You couldn’t read his tone; and if he was about to start mocking you, you really weren’t in the mood.

“Just forget I said anything,” you said. You attempted to clamber to your feet; but before you even really had the chance to move, Ashton grabbed your wrist.


“Ash,” you said, trying to sound as stern as possible. “I said forget it.”

He held your gaze for a moment, before his face broke into a grin. “Seriously Y/N, where the hell have you been finding the guys you’ve been fucking?”

You thumped him on the arm. “Ashton!”

“What?” he laughed. “I just want to know where my best friend has been picking up these losers that haven’t been able to make her cum.”

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Truth or Dare (SnowBaz)

Here it is. In response to this post I have searched deep through my Wattpad fanfictions to find the first one that I have ever made. I regret ever making that post as I cringe reading through this fanfic as I post it onto tumblr. So, in my exact words, here is my first fanfic:

This is an  idea I came up with the other day. It’s fanfiction for the book, Carry On, when Simon and Baz were still at Watford. I have never written fanfiction before, so let me know what you think of it!

Characters belong to Rainbow Rowell. These are not my original characters.

Simon’s POV

“Truth or Dare?” I ask to Penelope. We are sitting on the grassy lawn of Watford School of Magicks, playing a friendly game of truth or dare. It’s just me and Penny. Agatha was here, but soon decided to leave after an embarrassing question came up. Penny is ruthless.

“Um, Dare.”

“I dare you to… skip all of your classes for a day,” I say. I know it’s a stupid dare, but Penny is really into her studies. For her, that’s like saying she can’t eat for a week. She lives and breathes everything school related.


“It’s just one day. It’s not like you would miss that much.

“But, it’s a whole day!”

“Whatever. My turn.”

“Fine. Truth or Dare?”

“Dare!” I sit impatiently, waiting for her to bring her wrath down on me for the last dare.

“I dare you…”



“Spit it out, women.” She starts to giggle. It must be bad. Penny never giggles.

“I dare you to go into your room…”



“My god, you’re driving me crazy!”

“I dare you to go into your room and kiss Baz.”


“You heard me. Go into your room and kiss Basilton Grimm-Pitch.”

“You have got to be kidding me. No.”

“Then, I won’t do your dare.”

“I–but–um–fine! I’m going!” I say, storming off. Penelope smirks behind me. Ugh, this is going to be horrible. And interesting. I try to figure out how I’m going to do this. It’s not like I can barge in and just randomly kiss him out of the blue. I can’t believe I agreed to this. What will Baz think? I decide it’s better not to think about the after effects and focus on how I’m going to get there. By the time I get to the door, I have a vague idea, but not much I can move off of. Darn it Penny! Why do you have to come up with such good dares? I should have left with Agatha. Here goes nothing…

I walk in, trying to act as normal as possible. Baz is sitting at the desk, studying for our next exam. Typical. I close the door, but “accidentally” slam it. Baz jumps.

“Jesus Snow! Close the door like a normal person!”

“Sorry, I just–um…” WHAT DO I DO NOW!! Stupid Penny, this is more complicated than you think.

“Spit it out Snow!”

“I–well–um–” He stands up. His midnight black hair is perfectly smooth back and his school uniform is perfectly pressed and fits him in all the right ways. I collapsed onto my bed and he fixes his stormy grey eyes on me and his mouth twisting into a sneer.

“It’s just–I–um–”

“Use your words, Snow!” He is close enough that I can feel his hot breath on my face. This is going better than I could’ve hoped. I start to lean in. I see his eyes start to flutter closed. Wow, I am so close. Take that, Penny!

Baz’s POV

I was staring at words for hours. I didn’t know what else to do. There is literally nothing I could do other than study today. Then, Snow barges in our room like a crazy person, but I can tell it was with purpose. He’s planning something. What could he be planning. I can see uncertainty is is crystal clear blue eyes, but also something… I don’t know, a little mischievous. What is he planning? What is he going to do. I can tell it’s directed at me. There is no other explanation. Now I know what he feels all of the time. He’s plotting something, but what?

His eyes have me transfixed. They always have. Ever since I met him. I creep closer to him. I find his gaze fixing on my eyes as he tries to muster the words to create an actual sentence. His eyes drift to my lips. Oh, god. Please tell my fantasies aren’t becoming true? I feel like I’m blushing, yet I know that it’s probably very faint because of the whole vampire thing. But, I still start to feel self-conscious. He leans forward a little and I stay there uncertainly, my eyelids starting to droop as I give in. I feel a tug at my neck and notice that he is tugging on my green and purple school tie. Before I can even register anything, his lips are on mine and we are locked in a fierce kiss.

I’m kissing Simon Snow. Simon freakin’ Snow.

I can’t say how many times I’ve imagined this, but it’s even better than I could ever imagine. We click together like magnets and fit together smoothly. I passionately press against him and pull him towards me, not wanting this to end. I grip the back of his shirt tightly, wanting to make sure this is real. Wanting to make sure this is acutally happening. I’ve dreamed about this so long. How do I know it’s not a dream.

I’m kissing Simon Snow.

Simon’s POV

I don’t know how it happened, but soon we are both on my bed. Baz keeps going at me, pressing harder, kissing fiercer. He has a tight grip on the back of my shirt, as if he’s afraid to let go. I no longer seem to have control of the situation. It was just supposed to be a short, tiny kiss, but it seems it has turned into more that that, and I’m not sure what I feel. It’s nothing like when I kissed Agatha.

Of course it isn’t. Agatha is a girl. Your kissing a boy. And not just any boy.

I’m kissing Baz.

There’s so much passion in Baz, I’m afraid to break away and tell him it was just a dare. How could something so simple turn into something so… what’s the word… extraordinary. I feel a burning sensation starting at my lips and warming up my whole body. My magic even seems to be on edge and is tempted to leak out of me like a water fountain.

But, I’m kissing Baz? This isn’t Agatha. This feels…

I push him away. He stands there, looking bewildered. I’m scared for what’s going to happen next. Should I say it?

“You–” he says, breathing heavily. I worry that he’s going to yell at me, then I remember that it was supposed to be sort of a joke anyway. Just a joke. It’s not more than that… Is it?

“Don’t know how long–” he continues breathlessly, smiling stupidly, “I have been waiting to do that.” I feel my eyes start to widen. Oh, god! I really screwed up this time, didn’t I? Stupid Penelope! Now I have to tell him it was a dare and hurt his– or do I? I don’t know how to explain this, but that felt so right. But, it’s Baz. How can I–why?

“Um–well–I–um–it–” Come on, Simon. Say something. You can’t just leave him hanging there.

“I didn’t realize I wanted to too…” I say. It is, technically speaking, the truth.

“I–um– I should go,” I say, bursting out into the hallway. I start to breath heavily. I think I’m hyperventilating. Are those black dots starting to cloud my vision? What is happening to me? The world starts to melt to black. Before darkness consumes me, all I can think is, I kissed Baz… And I liked it.

Baz’s POV

What in freak just happened? Did I–did we just–? I can’t do this. This is all so confusing! I go back and sit on my bed, head in my hands. Was he just saying that? Surely not, surely he saw the fireworks they always talk about. But what if he didn’t. That’s my biggest fear. What if I made a fool out of myself? I don’t know what to do anymore. I stare at my hands when I hear a thump at the door. What could that be?

I open it to see an unconscious person on the floor with blonde hair that I definitely recognized. Snow. If what happened didn’t just happen, I’m pretty sure I would have laughed in his face. The Great Chosen One, fainting. But, I don’t think it will help the situation if I leave him there. I drag him onto his bed and leave him there because I have no idea what to do. What should I do?

Simon’s POV

When I wake up, I can immediately tell it’s morning. Baz has already left for breakfast. Was it all a dream? It doesn’t feel like it, but surely it was a dream, right? That can’t happen in real life.

Baz’s lips on mine. The absolute rightness of the situation.

It had to be a dream.

I walk to breakfast. I sit at my normal spot with Penelope and Agatha. I sneak a glance at Baz, but he seems to look anywhere but at me. It was a dream. It had to be. I turn my attention to my breakfast. As I dig into the school’s delicious scones, I hear Penelope whisper ever so softly into my ear.

“So… did you do it?” she asks. It was real. I did do it, but knowing Penny, she probably wants details. And I am not prepared to tell her that it was the greatest and most thrilling experience I have ever had.

“No,” I whisper back. It was real.

I kissed Baz, and I loved it.

Are y’all happy now? XD *crawls in a corner and cries*

In a Name: Ch 11

The people @pabegay1  @kristenscamander @hannah-caitlynn @graysonmalfoy @falltoashes @solsticestorm @bingewatchingmylifegoby @elenoranave @incadinkadoo @melanin—senpai @juuliiaa05 @sigridlaufeyson @ihaveanobsessenproblem @oneweirdfangirl

“Please stand.” Queen Frigga requested softly, just as you had knelt down. You eyed her warily but did as asked. “I take it you’re confused as to why we’re here like this?”

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alchemiq  asked:

Can you help me? c: There's fic where Stiles wanted to let wendigo(?prolly) kill him, and Derek killed this wendigo before he could kill Stiles. And then Stiles regretted it and started apologizing, idkkk, idr (sorry for my English, I'm from Poland)

This may be the fic you were looking for!  -Emmy

Traces by standinginanicedress 

(44,844 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek, ptsd, post nogitsune

Derek snaps his fingers and glares into Stiles’ eyes. “You say you’re not the same, but – there you fucking go, acting just like yourself.”

Stiles bristles. “Oh, right. Because you know me so fucking well, don’t you?”

“Better than you seem to think,” he mutters under his breath in response, and Stiles gets even more incensed.

“Pushing me up against walls, shoving my head into steering wheels,” he shrugs his shoulders, glares, “some real heart to hearts we’ve had!”

“Holding me up in eight feet of water when I was paralyzed, nearly cutting my arm off for me to save my life. Doesn’t seem so fucking shallow to me, Stiles.”

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EXO’s Reaction to someone walking in on you and them ;)

GIFS: Credits go to the GIF creators and owners. I do not own the GIFS (unless stated), just the ideas.



*Finds the closest thing to him (a half full water bottle) and flings it as hard as he can towards the entrance of his room*

“3 seconds. You have 3 seconds to leave before something else is thrown next. That water bottle may have skimmed your head, Baekhyun, but I promise you this lamp sure as hell won’t.”

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*Not even facing the person, asks himself why he left the door unlocked*

“I thought I locked it…I’m sure I did…Did I?*

*Meanwhile, Jongdae slowly backed up, making sure to lock the door before going to stare at the wall*

Originally posted by suhomysuho


*Smirks because he knows he made you scream loud enough to have someone hear but then considers how you might feel now that someone burst in. Covers your body in a blanket while he stares at the person*

“Yeah, you guys see me as a soft cutie…but..”

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*Internally, he’s embarrassed but externally, his defense mechanism came forth*

“There are two doors that you can take. One is to leave my room, and the other is out of this dorm. I suggest the second one. Go that way.”


*Stops and starts to give a small lecture to the intruder*

“The polite thing to do when you need to tell someone something is to knock on the door. Barging in can lead you to be in a situation like this. It’s awkward for both parties, now go and study what you just learned.”

Originally posted by chenc-17


*Pauses what he’s doing and questions why the person decided to barge in*

“You heard someone screaming in here and thought they were in trouble? Someone is screaming, but not from pain, ;). Leave.”


*Decisions = Regretted*

*Internally* Why why why why why why why why why why why….
*Externally* Get out. Get out now.”

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*Will lose it for a second before making Chanyeol leave. Lets out the biggest yell when said person left the door wide open. He just stares at the door until Chanyeol came back to close it.*


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*Blinks at he person standing at his door in silence*

“I’m sort of, kind of, extremely busy right now. You’ve seen enough, go.”

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So! I changed my updating schedule, I’ll try to post every Wednesday and Saturday from now on. I know just Saturday is a long wait. Leave a request for something, I dunno.


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Beauty of A Secret Chapter Three

Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been working a lot and a guy quit so everyone’s had to switch their schedules around to cover his shifts and I’ve had to get to bed early. 5AM shifts are the death of me. Also, I was suffering from (boys cover your eyes) horrible, horrible period cramps the other night and could not get to sleep. I slept like two hours so…that’s my life hahaha BUT ANYWAYS, I thought I’d try something a little different. I decided to try out posting a one shot, then a chapter of this story, a one shot, a chapter of No Regrets, a one shot, and so on and so on you get the idea. Let me know what you think. You like this order of posting or the way I was posting before??

Also, I haven’t figured out how to tag people in posts yet (yes, I’m stupid.) soooo if you wanted to be notified, let me know on this post and I can private message you every time I post a chapter? Would that be alright for the time being while I figure out tagging??

Another reminder, Don’t Look Back is still on hold while I plan out the story. I’ll let you all know when the story makes its return!

Chapter Three: December 28, 2010

Wendy had every opportunity to tell Norman between packing up their things last night to the plane ride this morning. But something always came up. Norman’s phone was going off or someone was at the door. By the time they had some peace and quiet, Norman had fallen asleep. Wendy couldn’t blame him though. He rarely ever got the chance to relax lately. Why disturb him?

On the plane the next morning, Wendy nearly threw up but she held it together because as usual, things kept coming up before she could tell Norman anything. A few fans approached him on their way to board the plane and two more came up to him when they actually took their seats. Wendy couldn’t tell him anything when there were people craving his attention sitting just a few feet away. She stayed pretty quiet during the flight, just staring at the window waiting to land so she could lie down and take a long nap. She was exhausted and had the strangest combination of intense nausea and hunger.

Wendy was relieved to finally land and couldn’t contain her excitement as she and Norman were taken to their hotel. They kept it friendly as the rest of the cast was arriving as well and were hanging around the lobby and fans were lurking around the hotel. How they managed to find these things out was a complete mystery. But, the two of them held back on their affection while they were in public.

Andrew and Sarah were already sitting in the lobby when Norman and Wendy arrived. They greeted the two of them cheerfully although they were surprised to see they had come together.

“Ran into her at the airport,” Norman remarked, “Figured we’d be staying at the same hotel so we just shared a cab here.”

“Oh, well, glad to see you again, Wendy,” Andrew said, “I was just about to go check in.”

“I’ll go with you,” Norman said and they walked off to the front desk while Wendy stayed back with Sarah, who had looked down at her phone momentarily sending a quick text.

“Sorry, was just responding to my husband,” Sarah said, quickly putting her phone away to give Wendy her attention, “So, how’re things, Wendy? You coming back in May?”

“Of course,” Wendy replied, “I love this job so much.”

A family walked by Wendy and Sarah, a young couple with a little boy who looked to be maybe four or five years old. The little boy had a hot dog in his hand and he had ketchup all over his cheeks and his t-shirt. The smell of the meat and the ketchup hit Wendy’s nose so strongly, bile rose up her throat. She turned away from the family, pressing one hand against her stomach and the back of her other hand against her mouth.

Sarah turned to look at the family and then back at Wendy, “Are you okay, Wendy?”

“Yeah,” Wendy mumbled against her hand, closing her eyes and trying to breathe through the nausea. The smell lingered even after the family had gone into the elevators. If Norman didn’t hurry up and get their room key, she was going to get sick right there in front of everyone, “Just um, not feeling too great.”

“Was it the hot dog that was bothering you?” Sarah inquired. Wendy slowly nodded as she put all her energy into keeping the bile from spilling out of her mouth. Sarah patted Wendy’s arm sympathetically, “Ya know, when I was pregnant with my daughter, the smell of certain foods would make me so sick. Food I used to love just suddenly made me throw up. It was awful.”

“Yeah,” Wendy chuckled nervously, “Definitely sounds awful.”

“Wait, are you pregnant?” Sarah said with a gasp. Wendy cringed and turned her head away when Sarah touched her arm. She was hoping Sarah would drop the subject but her reaction had basically confirmed it, “Oh my god, Wendy! That’s so great! I didn’t even know you had a boyfriend. Who is he?”

“He’s um, he’s back in uh, in New York,” Wendy stuttered. Why had she said New York? If she wasn’t careful, Sarah would see right through her, “He doesn’t really like being in the public eye and all that so that’s why you never see him.”

“Wow,” Sarah said, “This is so great for you, Wendy. I’m really happy for you. Do you know how far along you are? Did you have your first ultrasound yet?”

“Well, I’m…eight weeks I think,” Wendy said, “I haven’t exactly…told my boyfriend yet.”

“Wendy, you’ve gotta get that ultrasound,” Sarah said sternly, “Why haven’t you told him?”

“It’s not from a lack of trying,” Wendy muttered bitterly, glancing at Norman out of the corner of her eye, returning her attention to Sarah quickly enough to not raise suspicion, “Every time I try, someone or something interrupts. It’s the worst luck ever.”

“That’s pretty rough,” Sarah said. Norman and Andrew were making their way back to the two of them and she ended it by grabbing Wendy’s hand, “But you’ve gotta tell him and see a doctor. Make sure everything’s alright. Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is the most heartwarming thing you’ll ever experience.”

Wendy grinned at the thought. Once she and Norman were in their room, she would have to tell him. The way Sarah talked about it made all of it seem less scary. Norman stood behind Wendy, patting her shoulder, “Well, I’m gonna head up to my room I’ll see you guys later. We should get together tonight, have some drinks.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Andrew said, “Wendy? You in?”

“Maybe,” Wendy replied, “I think I’m gonna use the bathroom really quick before I check in. I’ll see you all a bit later.”

Wendy picked her bags up off the floor and walked away in search of a bathroom. Andrew frowned in confusion as he and Norman watched Wendy walk away.

“Is she alright?” Andrew inquired, “She seems kinda distracted.”

“She’s not feeling well,” Sarah explained, “I feel so bad. I know how rotten I felt when I was pregnant with Keala.”

“Wendy’s not pregnant though,” Norman said.

“She told me she was,” Sarah countered, “I was just telling her that she needed to hurry and tell her boyfriend because she’s eight weeks and hasn’t told him and hasn’t seen a doctor yet.”

Norman fought to keep himself from looking too shocked. Although, now that Wendy was supposedly pregnant, would it really be a big deal to reveal their relationship? On the other hand, Wendy obviously hadn’t said anything to anyone about their relationship so he wouldn’t either. Still, she was pregnant? And she’d gone all that time without saying a word to him about it?

“Well, that’s great for her,” Norman said, a tight smile on his lips, “I’m gonna head up to my room now, get some sleep.”

Sarah and Andrew nodded and Norman quickly headed towards the elevator, his mind spinning. His son was eleven years old, almost a teenager. Norman had thought about having more kids before but it just never happened and now it would be basically starting over for him. What would he even say to Wendy? Maybe she hadn’t said anything to him for a reason. But what reason could she possibly have for keeping something this big from him?

Norman was alone in the room for the next half an hour before Wendy finally came upstairs and knocked on the door, “Norman? Can you let me in? I don’t have a key.”

“Sure.” Norman opened up the door for Wendy and took her bags from her, avoiding her eyes as he wordlessly set her bags down next to his on top of the sofa, “So, uh, what were you and Sarah talking about downstairs?”

“Just work and her daughter and stuff,” Wendy replied uneasily, “Nothing too interesting. Hey, if you guys go out for drinks, I think I’m gonna sit it out. I’m exhausted from the flight and I think I’d like a nap instead.”

“If that’s what you want,” Norman grumbled.

The tension suddenly weighed heavily on Wendy’s shoulders but she couldn’t understand why. She and Norman had been having a wonderful time together all day. He was cheerful up until this moment.

“Are you okay, Norman?” Wendy asked, “Did I say something to offend you earlier or something?”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?” Norman blurted out. Wendy froze and Norman almost softened as he noticed her hands shaking. But the frustration made him keep going, “Why did I hear it from Sarah? And you’ve gone two months without telling me?”

“To be fair I’ve only known for two weeks,” Wendy said, “Before we left for Christmas. But there’s a perfectly good reason why I haven’t told you yet, Norman. There really is.”

“Wait, you found out right before we left for Christmas and you didn’t say anything then?” Norman said. He pinched the bridge of his nose and grabbed his sunglasses, “Look, I need to take some time to process all this, Wendy. And I just can’t look at you right now.”

“Norman, if you’d just listen to me,” Wendy murmured, “I could explain it all to you. It’s all a big misunderstanding.”

“I’ll be back in an hour,” Norman retorted, slamming the door behind him. How could Wendy just keep such precious information from him like this? And then she told someone else before she even told him. He could’ve been the last to find out about this for all he knew. In an hour, he could listen to Wendy. In an hour, he could have a proper reaction to the news. But right now, he wouldn’t be able to focus on anything Wendy told him. Not now.

I'm Not Fucking Sexist

Hey guys, it’s Sean. I wanted to address my ignorance about my previous posts, where I’ve said some sexist things. I’m very, very sorry. I don’t agree with what I have said, it’s wrong and pretty fucked up. In the future, I’ll think twice before voicing my thoughts… I believe that men and women are equal. Men can wear whatever, women can wear whatever. I’m a transsexual man that paints their nails and sometimes wears pink and dresses and skirts… Sometimes I even wear high heels. Don’t let one drunk statement define me as a sexist human being. I’m not fucking sexist. I regret all of those previous sexist statements and posts. I know, I was wrong. But I’m ready to move on and become a better person.


I was already working on the 1st style, when /certain people/ suggested to draw Iwa-chan in a leather jacket.
I like both looks and couldn’t decide, so, choose for yourself (´∇ノ` *)ノ

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Sigh....I didn’t think I’d have to do this, but I guess I have to.

Hello people, this is your friend Marco speaking. I have something important I would like to say relating to the Loud House fandom. This has something to do with the Safe House, Lewd House, and Loudcesters(Loudcest shippers).   

Well, here goes nothing.

As most of you probably already know, there is fighting within the Loud House fandom, and it has been going on for a long while now. The fighting has been between the Safe House, a small group within the fandom that strictly opposes Loudcest shippings in the fandom, and the Loudcesters and Lewd House. 

Loudcesters and the Lewd House are not the exact same group of people. Loudcesters are just people who ship at least one Loudcest shipping. The Lewd House is a group of artists who draw, as it says in the group name, lewd art of the Loud House, though most of the artists don’t exclusively draw lewd stuff, they also draw regular art, like SB99(ScoBionicle99) for example. By the way, I am not a Lewd House artist. I do not make sexual art. However, I do believe that people should draw whatever they want to draw, even if I don’t necessarily like it. I also believe that people should be able to ship whatever they want to ship, even if I might not like it(well, anything except Lilycoln(Lincoln x Lily)).

Well, now that you know what we are dealing with, I will go on to say what has been happening to certain people, me in particular.

Several people from the Safe House have been stalking some people, or should I say, specific people, me being one of them(and why me? I have no idea, I don’t even make lewd art, or share any art of that sort on my blog, or anywhere else whatsoever): 

^The first picture you see is a comment of mine that I made on a app called ifunny, and I think someone from the blog Loud Siblings Against Loudcest went to my ifunny account, or went to the Loud House tag on ifunny and found this, and eventually decided to take a picture of it and post it on their blog. By the way, this happened recently.

If you are wondering when did the stalking all start, well, it has been happening for a few months now. 

If you want to know possibly why these people have decided to stalk someone like me, I will just tell you everything from the beginning.

It all began at about early October of this year. I was still pretty new to the Loud House fandom at the time(I joined the fandom in September, and I found out about the Loud House cartoon in June) so I wasn’t really aware of what has been going on in the fandom.

Although I had met some people here on tumblr in which I was able to know at least one thing that was going on, a conflict between one of my favorite artists, JumpJump, and a 32 year old woman referred to as “QueenBean”(or Queenie). The conflict was about a fancomic of the Loud House that JumpJump made, and QueenBean wasn’t too thrilled about the content in the comic, so she and a couple of allies of hers decided to confront JumpJump about it and threatened to report his blog.

That wasn’t the only thing she did that caused many people(Loudcesters and Lewd House artists in particular) in the fandom to despise her. She also let her followers go on to the blogs of people who ship Loudcest or draw lewd art and confront them about those things. That is all that I can remember about the stuff she has done.

Anyways, I will finally go straight to the point. 

I was pretty angry about what Queenbean and her flollowers were doing, so I decided to make something which I now consider pretty silly of me to have made it:

*For those of you who don’t know what YouTube Heroes is, watch this video: 

*Or for a more entertaining explanation, watch this one:

I decided to post that picture I made here on Tumblr. By the way, just to let you know, it was meant to only be a joke, nothing more.

A few hours after I had posted that picture, I got a message from someone who I have literally never seen or met before here on tumblr. By the way, at the time of the conversion I had with this person, I deleted the messages from the person, and blocked the person. I regret doing that since I could have shown you exactly what kind of situation I was dealing with. So I will tell you what happened from my memory.

The person first said this: “Don’t you think your picture of her is really harsh?”

I said to them: “What are you talking about? What I did is nothing compared to what she has done. My picture was only supposed to be a joke. Are you a follower of her?”

Then they said: “Really? You are directly assaulting her. And I hate anybody that assaults people. You are promoting hate. You are disgusting.”

I said to them: “How am I assaulting her? I have never even talked to her or interacted with her in any way before. Why have you decided to message me in private for a silly picture I made? By the way, I would say you are “assaulting” ME, you hypocrite.”

After I had said that, everything about the encounter would change.

They responded with this:  “By the way, I am a minor. You don’t have the right to accuse me of assault because I am a minor.”

After that conversation, I decided to post about it. I kind of regret doing that:

^Reading my post two months later, I feel stupid.

After I had posted that, within a few hours Queenbean saw my post and reblogged it for all of her followers to see, and said this:

And then she posted this:

After I found out she had found my blog and my posts, I decided to block her:

Oh yeah, and if you are wondering how Queenbean found my post, the person who I was talking to via messaging, probably showed her. 

However, the real question is, how did that person find me? How did they find my post? I had NEVER interacted with that person. Not even with Queenbean.

Immediately after Queenbean posted about me, that same person messaged me again saying: “Lol I don’t even follow her(Queenbean)”.

After all of that, I decided to block the person who messaged me. Nothing else really happened for a while after that incident. Well, I guess this is why the Safe House stalks me despite the fact that I don’t post anything sexual/pornographic of the Loud House on my blog, or elsewhere. I don’t even make sexual art of the Loud House, I only draw normal art.

There is one important thing I want to say about this: I had never checked out Queenbean’s blog or the Safe House blog before that incident happened. I never even wanted to go to those blogs to see what they had to say about certain things, I could’ve cared less about what Queenbean and the Safe House had to say about me and other people in the Loud House fandom. Basically, I decided to simply ignore her completely. So I didn’t bother to go check out her personal blog or the Safe Loud House blog. But that all changed when I saw this on the Loud Siblings Against Loudcest blog about several weeks after the incident I had:

*The picture in the post is a screenshot of a post I made on the ifunny app, and by the way, I wasn’t aware of anybody stalking me at the time.

At the exact moment I saw that I was like:

I was like, how the hell did they find me on ifunny?(They probably just went to the loud house tag) Who was doing this? 

I decided to do a little investigating, and I found out that several other people had something similar being done to them as well, and finally I was able to find out what was happening: some people from Safe House were spying on people in the Loud House fandom who disagreed with their views.

That is when I actually started to check out the Safe House blogs, besides the Loud Siblings Against Loudcest one.

The spying/stalking would continue for weeks, and it’s still happening right now.

Someone even wanted Queenbean to spy on my friend @guyhero6, and by the way, he is also not a Lewd House artist:

Anyways, I have wanted to tell all of you about this for a while now. This is what has been happening in the Loud House fandom for a while now. 

To tell you the truth, I find all of this conflict in the fandom to be overwhelming for me, though I’m probably not the only one who feels this way.

If you are reading this Queenbean, I want to remind you that a lot of people in the fandom, the Loudcest shippers, the Lewd House artists, even people who might not like those two things but are neutral about them, despise you.

To think that a 32-year-old woman would decide to pick a fight with a bunch 16-21 year old guys and gals? Well, I will leave up to you people to say what you think about that.

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When BTS regret breaking up with you

Well, my foot should be okay. Just need to let it heal. Which means that I’ll be doing a lot of sitting and writing these next few days, so hopefully I can finish up these last requests before I go back to school Monday~ And I hope you enjoy this sad post to go along with the sad updates from me today xD

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin’s thoughts were consumed with you, but he didn’t try to stop them or distract himself. All he did was try to continue on with his day as he thought about you, everything he does and sees reminding him of you even more, but he tried to pretend he was okay. No matter how much he may have wanted to, he couldn’t go back to you because he knew how badly he had hurt you, and he doubted you wanted to see him again. The other boys would have to intervene, contacting you for him if it got bad enough, and he would only apologize for what he’d done if you came to see him, not bothering to ask you to take him back because he didn’t think you would.

Yoongi would do nothing but think for a few days, messing up choreography even more than usual and pacing rather than writing or sleeping in his free time. There wasn’t much he could do to help him figure out what the best course of action would be, but he eventually decided that he needed to talk to you. However, he wasn’t sure if you would agree to see him, so he took a couple more days to write down everything he wanted to say to you. Once he was sure he had it all down and organized so that it made sense, he texted it to you, one text for each very long paragraph, and then waited for you to respond.

It wouldn’t take Hoseok long to realize that he’d made a mistake, and it would take even less time for him to start planning a way to correct it. He paced around the dorm for a while, talked to his band mates, and eventually rehearsed his apology in front of them to perfect it. Not even twenty four hours after he’d broken up with you, Hoseok was on your doorstep, flowers in hand and apology fresh on his mind. However, seeing you would make him lose his words, and his well thought out yet bland apology would become a heartfelt and sincere plea for you to forgive him and take him back.

Namjoon didn’t know what to do with himself, but he knew he couldn’t lose you. Granted, he might have already lost you, but he didn’t want to believe that there was no saving your relationship. He wanted to apologize, and he wanted you to hear how sincere he was about his apology, but, knowing that you might not want to talk to him, he decided that he would have to call you while he knew you were busy. The moment he got your voicemail, he started apologizing, then continued where he’d left off after he’d been cut off and called you again. If you picked up, he would hang up, wait for you to leave the messages he’d left, and then hope you called him back.

Jimin knew he’d messed up, but he didn’t know how to fix it. He wanted to text you an apology, but he thought that that wouldn’t be enough. So, instead, he was going to do what Namjoon suggested and leave his apology in voicemail form, hoping you wouldn’t pick up when he called. But, just before he called you, he wondered if that was good enough, and eventually decided that it wasn’t. He couldn’t figure out what was good enough, though, so he went on a walk to clear his mind, only to realize that he was walking to your house. He continued towards your house until chickening out and turning around, and he walked between your house and the dorm until you caught him and approached him.

Taehyung didn’t want to break up with you; he didn’t know why he’d let it get to that point, but he knew he had to fix it, and soon. But could it be fixed? He’d messed up, and so had you, but he knew that he’d really hurt you. How could he apologize for that? He would pace around the dorm all day, trying to figure out how to go about apologizing to you, and eventually the others would approach him and offer their help. He would gladly accept their suggestions, sitting down with the ones who weren’t busy and talking through how to get you back. And, the moment he’d come up with what he thought was the best solution, he carried it out.

Jungkook didn’t think the breakup would affect him so much. He knew he would be upset by it, but he didn’t expect to regret every single aspect of it. However, he continued to assure himself that he’d made the right decision in breaking up with you, despite the fact that all he did was stare at his phone, waiting for you to call or text him first to let him know he wasn’t the only one regretting it. And if he wasn’t staring at his phone, he was staring at the door, either waiting for you to walk through it or expecting himself to work up the courage to go to you. One of his hyungs would have to intervene, either telling him to do something instead of sulking or contacting you to convince you to go to him.

I love you, I will always love you, and I have always loved you. You can be the cruelest person on earth with a chip on your shoulder and a bruise on your back - or the kindest man in the world and I will still think the world of you. I will never give up on you and I don’t think you understand how hard that concept is. How hard it is to love a person that will never love you back, a person that breaks your heart and is constantly letting you down - to love a person like that, you may as well love the devil.
—  Things i’ll never find the right words to say to you. 

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Hello! Can you do #49 on the writer's list you posted?

Sure thing. 

49: Writing Advice. 

  1. My biggest piece of advice is to keep writing. Don’t let people tell you that you’re not good enough, because you are. 
  2. A lot of writers say to keep writing, even if you don’t publish it, and I do agree with that, but publishing my writing actually helped motivate me to write a lot more. I was incredibly anxious to start a writing blog because i’d never done anything like it before, but it’s definitely not something I regret and I can see how my writing has improved over the past three years. 
  3. Read.
  4. Read other fan fiction, read novels and plays and poetry and news and whatever you want or you can, because I agree that reading a lot is definitely one of the best things you can do to help your writing 
  5. Read critically. 
  6. Something I do while reading is looking for what I would have done differently. Not necessarily for things that are bad but for wording that I would have changed or a different scene I would have added. Looking at what other writers do and seeing what you would have done differently can be really helpful to creating your own scenes
  7. Share your writing. It can be with a friend or a teacher or parent or really whoever, but letting someone else take a look at your writing is super helpful. The writer’s often to close to their own writing and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it helps to have someone who hasn’t spent the past four hours writing that scene to see if it makes sense 
  8. Edit other writing. 
  9. This goes back to the reading critically but looking at someone else’s writing and seeing what you would have changed, even if it’s spelling and grammar mistakes can be really helpful 
  10. Write about what interests you, not what people want. If you’re trying to write for other people, there’s always going to be something, some fear holding you back that this isn’t what they want, but you’re not writing for them, you can’t write just for them, you have to write for yourself 
  11. Don’t worry about “original ideas” 
  12. Obviously don’t plagiarize or steal another writer’s words or ideas, but don’t worry about coming up with something entirely new that’s never been thought of because that’s not going to happen and a lot of great stories are built off the same premises using the same tropes. Don’t be afraid of those tropes, if you want to use them, use them and make them your own. 
  13. Write with no distractions. 
  14. This is something that I struggle with (I actually had to force myself to turn off Netflix so I could finish typing this up in a more timely manner) 
  15. Multitasking isn’t really a thing. Sure you can work while you watch TV or listen to music or something, and something listening to music can be helpful, but a lot of the time those things only serve as distraction that only makes things harder 
  16. Jot down ideas, even if they seem uncoordinated 
  17. Talk things out with friends or other writers. Put away the notepads and pens and paper and your computer (or wherever else you guys write) and just talk about the story and the characters. That’s really helpful to me especially, just take some time to think and talk about it without worrying 
  18. Don’t procrastinate. 
  19. We all say that we’re going to write that next chapter tomorrow and we all know that doesn’t happen at least half the time. 
  20. Keep going. Even if, as you’re writing, you’re thinking that it’s terrible, keep writing. It might be terrible, I’m not going to say it’s not, but having something down is better than having nothing. You can edit something bad and make it better, but you can’t do that with nothing. 

“Sorry… I just wanted to feel like a normal student after this week’s ultraviolence.”