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FIXed the errors this joke is dead but this is them

spoilers for t100 s5: this maddie nightblood chick starts talking to bellamy and proves to know an embarrassing amount on him because clarke spent the last 2191 days talking about her platonic co-leader and how much she platonically loves him. clarke dies a small death when bellamy just sorta looks up at her and smirks. i curl into fetal position and begin to cry

fic recs

alrighty, i know i was only asked about supercorp fics but this quickly turned into my end all be all list of recs. this got long and i’m not even sorry. disclaimer that i am Soft and don’t like Angst or smut

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concept: lance watches as keith and plaxum heatedly discuss conspiracy theories from their respective planets. with dawning horror, he whispers, “oh no, i have a type” and then immediately collapses melodramatically into the waiting arms of an incredibly amused hunk, his (debatably) only non-conspiracy-theorist date.


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The best thing about antis is how hypocritical they are.
Like, no one can say they’ve never shipped anything problematic.
Of course I don’t think shidge is problematic, I don’t think any of the shaladin or piladin ships are. Pidge can protect themselves, they’ve shown their strength and worth multiple times.
I’ve seen people against shaladin/piladin and they ship like Eren and Levi or like Light and L, both ships with an age gap much like what anti’s believe shaladin/piladin have. No one cared then. How about the america and england shippers out there? No one cared.
What I’m saying is, unless voltron is your first ever TV show you’ve watched and had ships in then chances are you’ve shipped something problematic before. You don’t get to pretend that you are holier-than-thou and that you get to police what other people can and cannot ship. Death threats aren’t funny or cute and aren’t helping anyone.
You scream that you’re helping people when really you’re just shaming people behind a computer screen about fictional characters. It’s childish behaviour,
Its very us centric,
Its falsifying claims against people who have ultimately done nothing wrong since none of their ages have been confirmed (and I swear to fuck if I get a message saying “but the wiki says-!” I’m going to scream, the wiki is fan run and can be fucking changes you fucking ingrates)
And honestly, its just stupid.
The entire fight against pedophilia in the voltron fandom is fucking stupid.
You aren’t helping anybody by being an anti. You’re just being annoying and rude and hurtful.
You demonize Shiro’s character, you erase Pidge’s character, and you soil the rest of their characters with a black and white world view.
None of the paladins ever though that someone who looked as old as Katie was undatable. None of them have ever doubted Pidge as a strong, capable, and responsible member of the team.
None of the paladins have ever feared Shiro and Shiro has NEVER harmed a hair on any of the other paladins heads.
Just because there’s an age gap(if there even is one) it doesn’t mean that Shiro would EVER abuse, manipulate, force, or otherwise harm any of the other paladins or Allura. He loves them dearly and has shown that he would do anything to protect them and they would do the same.
He is the leader of Voltron. The trusted, kind, understanding pillar of leadership that all the other paladins respect. Hes nearly died for Pidge on numerous occasions. He trusts their input and believes in their abilities.
If we as a fandom can trust shiro as a leader and trust pidge and the other paladins as members of the ficking defender of the universe, why the hell do we care who they decide to date??
tl;dr: I’m sick and tired of going into my ship tag and seeing a million posts from crying babies screaming at people for shipping something they just don’t like. If you’re an anti, don’t flatter yourself; you aren’t helping anyone and you’re just a self riotous bully.

signs as some art movements and/or styles
  • aries: post modern drip painting /op art
  • taurus: abstract expressionism / color field /tachisme
  • gemini: surrealism / bauhaus / social realism
  • cancer: tonal impressionism / pointillism
  • leo: cubism / dynamism / futurism
  • virgo: ashcan school / american impressionism /symbolism
  • libra: pre-raphaelite / rococo / art deco
  • scorpio: suprematism /german expressionism /de stijl
  • sagittarius: der blaue reiter / fauvism
  • capricorn: mannerism / hudson river school / post minimalism
  • aquarius: performance art /fluxus / guerrilla girls
  • pisces: art nouveau / dada

I am feeling very very good for a second evening in a row and it is … lovely. So:

The exam was okay nothing I can change now so no need to worry

Anna the Marscat is an angel!!? Thank you so much for feeding me soup and tea and everything and thank you to your mum for that seaweed tea And thank you for lending me books and being so cool in every other way possible you’re so! Good 

Went to a Death Cafe for the first time and it was very cool and they had good cake and it left me feeling content and fulfilled, I love people

I have good books to read and things to do and look forward to and I am in such a spirited mood, done with two exams, about to cook myself a late dinner, I hope every single person is feeling good and safe tonight thank you

anonymous asked:

How about instead of bitching about someone's contributions to the fandom you just enjoy them? People like you are why people leave, no one wants the drama. If you don't like the post just ignore it, not that hard.

Why I have to enjoy something which says Gruvia is an unhealthy and obsessive ship?

It’s wrong. I am not a blind sheep who follows the flow of the fandom.

OP asked for opinions, I gave mine.

I won’t pretend to like what I don’t for the sake of a fandom. It was also in the GRUVIA TAG aka my “lane” ;)

She’s not very fond of me… 😅
I’m actually sitting here feeling very sad just thinking about how scared and confused she must be. I wish there was a really good way to comfort her! I gave her some yummy foods and sat with her for a bit, then left her alone. But it actually brings me to tears thinking about her being so scared! She’s been living with the same person for upwards of 10 years, looking out the same window and doing all the same things. Now suddenly she’s here. I know I can provide her with great care, but for now she just seems lonely and confused. 😢