let's play spot the rare pairs

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What would wonwoo be like when he bottoms with all members? (except underaged members of course)

OH HELL YEAH THIS IS MY BUSINESS RIGHT HERE I deliberately waited a while to answer this so i could include all the members yay

Seungcheol: Cheol likes playing with kitten!Wonwoo. He dresses him up all pretty in ears and a butt plug tail and pampers him and spends all night long making Wonwoo come over and over and over again till he’s oversensitive and whining and clenching his hands in the sheets and sobbing from the overstimulation. His favourite part of bottoming for Cheol is all the lovely aftercare he gets and all the rewards he gets for being such a good boy and indulging Seungcheol (like getting to go online and buy 3 brand new toys to play with)

Mingyu: Mingyu likes it sloppy and wet and messy, so Wonwoo stretches himself open with too much lube and lays on Mingyu’s bed open and waiting and rock hard for when Mingyu gets home. When Mingyu gets in he lets out this strangled and surprised groan before immediately shedding his clothes, stumbling over himself in his haste to get to the bed. He strokes himself a couple of times before pushing into Wonwoo desperately, holding Wonwoo’s hands above his head and telling him over and over again how wonderful, amazing, brilliant wonu is. His thrusts are random and clumsy but it’s slick and wet and squelching and wonwoo arches his back and pushes his ass into Mingyu’s cock to get him to just the right spot. It’s desperate and rough and needy and they both come within seconds of each other, mouths pressed together in a clumsy kiss.

Hansol:  Hansol and Wonwoo are an unusual pairing just because when they play together, it’s usually with one or more of the other members there too. On the rare occasion is is just them, Wonwoo likes to get Hansol off as much as he can, sucking him off till he’s coming down his throat and then jacking him off till he’s hard again, laying on his back and letting Hansol fuck him however he wants till they both come, and then Wonwoo lays next to him stroking him again till he’s coming dry in his fist with a groan.

Jeonghan: SHOWER SEX YES PLEASE. Wandering hands under the steam and Jeonghan kissing Wonwoo’s shoulders as he pushes inside him slow and fucks him steady, hands on his hips as he presses more and more kisses over his shoulders and back, and their moans are echoing off the tiles. Jeonghan is louder than Wonwoo and keeps moaning at the top of his lungs, but Wonu pushes back into him with little gasps and groans.

Jihoon: Jihoon loves playing with Wonwoo because they made a mutual agreement a long time ago that Wonwoo was one of the only members who could handle Jihoon’s intense moods, so he’d be the one to be Jihoon’s stress relief. Jihoon ties him up and gags him and spanks him till Wonwoo’s ass is red and bruised, then he fucks him hard and rough and brutal, ignoring Wonwoo’s moans and getting himself off as good as he can. Once he’s come deep inside Wonwoo, he reaches a hand around and jacks him off till Wonwoo is coming over his fist and biting around his gag. Sounds intense and it doesn’t happen often, but Wonwoo likes it and doesn’t mind because it leaves Jihoon in a happy and pliable mood for a good week afterwards.

Joshua: Wonwoo rides Joshua in the bath (bc we all know how much shua loves his baths.) It’s slow and gentle and Wonwoo is barely moving, just grinding his hips down onto Joshuas cock and they’re kissing each other deep and slow, hands wandering everywhere and grabbing and stroking everywhere they can reach, water splashing around them. They both come quietly, gasping into each others mouths, and Joshua bundles Wonwoo up in a big fluffy towel and cuddles him for the rest of the night in thanks.

Seokmin: Wonwoo only ever bottoms for Seokmin when they’re both in the mood for soft gentle lovely sex. They’re usually home alone, and both end up hard and panting into each others mouths after a long and drawn out makeout session. Wonwoo is on his back with his legs pushed up against his chest, and Seokmin is pushing into him slowly with his face buried in Wonwoo’s neck as he whimpers and moans happily. Wonwoo wraps his legs around Seokmin’s waist and runs his hands over his back, murmuring little words of praise into Seokmin’s ear and telling him how good he is at making Wonwoo feel good. Seokmin always comes first, thrusting and then stilling and letting out a long, desperate groan before dropping a hand down and stroking Wonwoo to completion. 

Seungkwan: TBH Wonwoo bottoming for Seungkwan is probably the biggest rarity of them all, which is why most of their ‘bottom’ adventures tend to be oral related. Seungkwannie loves giving oral, which is why it’s a common occurance for Wonwoo to be sat on Seungkwannies face while he jacks himself off furiously, with two of Seungkwans fingers inside of him and his tongue licking at him desperately. Wonwoo would grind down on Seungkwans tongue and lean forwards a little to jack Seungkwan off too, maybe even licking at the head of his cock for a little bit. Basically I love Seungkwan giving oral and I also love Wonwoo being rimmed bye.

Soonyoung: Wonwoo and Soonyoung always start by Soonyoung fucking Wonwoo’s throat. Soonyoung is athletic and fast and needy, and he fucks Wonwoo up against the wall with Wonwoo’s face pressed into the paint and Soonyoung fucking into him so fast from behind that the only sounds in the room are their skin slapping together and both of their moans. Wonwoo pushes back against him and Soonyoung wraps his arms around Wonu’s waist and lifts him off the ground a little to get a better angle till Wonwoo comes completely untouched all down his thighs

Jun: Wonwoo loves riding Jun, and Jun loves having Wonwoo ride him. He sits back in a chair and sits Wonu in his lap before tying his hands behind his back, Wonwoo panting a little in excitement. Jun leans Wonwoo forward onto his shoulder and wraps his arms around him, slipping his fingers in and stretching him out till Wonwoo is biting at Juns shoulder and fucking back on his fingers. Only then does Jun lift him a little and slide him down on his cock, not giving him any time to adjust before he starts thrusting up into him rough and hard and precise, hitting his prostate dead on every time. He doesn’t alter his pace until Wonwoo has his head thrown back and can’t hold back the groans spilling from his throat, and Wonwoo comes all over his stomach completely untouched.

Minghao: CAN SOMEONE SAY REWARD SEX hell yeah i’mma say it. Hao rarely gets to top so every time he does really well at a concert/with choreography etc etc Wonwoo rewards him with the woo booty. He whispers it in his ear when they’re leaving for home which means Minghao has the whole car ride to think about what he wants to do. It usually results in Wonwoo handcuffed to the bed with a gag in, drooling around it while Minghao pistons his hips into him so hard the bedframe is banging against the wall and Wonwoo is moaning happily around his gag.

Chan: OK I haven’t discussed my thoughts on Chan in bed much yet but BOI he is a dom through and through. Wonwoo ends up bent over the end of the bed/a kitchen counter/the back of the sofa with Chan grasping his hips so hard it’ll leave bruises, fucking into him rough and fast and hard, moaning desperately every time Wonwoo clenches around him. Chan hasn’t had enough experience to know exactly how to make Wonwoo come yet, so he usually comes first and then flips Wonwoo over and jacks him off till he’s coming all over his hand with a happy moan