let's play find bijou

Alternate title: How many different ways can I draw two people’s hair, wings, and horns in one comic??

OT3s, heck yes. I’ve had a lot of feels for the Bishop Brothers and it kind of turned into this. It’s not perfect by any means… a lot of it’s super sloppy where I sort of just gave up… but ON THE WHOLE I am kind of proud that I had the attention span to finish it at all!

Anyway, I was thinking about how the brothers wouldn’t initially plan on sharing Alex, and Alex being kind of oblivious to all romantic developments, and wondering how that could have possibly started. So, I barfed up a short comic! The story is that the brothers made a bet that they would both have to find a date by the end of the week, and they both kind of panic in the middle (100 bucks is a lot of money, man) and ask Alex, new in town and chatting around, if she would like to go see a movie. Somehow, all communication is lost, and since neither really say the word -date- or have any romantic implications, Alex just thinks the brothers (who she’s heard good things about, despite first impressions) are being nice and trying to make friends. The last few days have been pretty confusing, with three text conversations going on at once, with no one quite knowing what’s been going on.

…You probably notice the feminine pronouns for Alex. Well, I do plan on playing through with them as a girl, so that kind of happened. I tried to leave their body and clothing androgynous, though!

I leave this to you with a message to Corny: PLEASE DECIDE WHICH WAY YOU WANT ALEX’S HAIR CLIP -cries- also it would be super cute if it matched Alex’s expressions uwu