let's play fetch!

A Summery The Trials of Apollo in HAIKUS

Apollo Trials
Powerless mortal human
No ambrosia

No bow and arrow
He swears on the River Styx
Wow he totes messed up

Cute Solangelo
Nico has a doctor’s note
Also, Gatorade

War Ukulele
Whoops, he forgot his weapon
Gonna have to sing

Meg need to be saved
Wait! Murder kills the mortals!
Don’t unleash the Beast

Mrs. O'Leary
Brings Percy and pees on head
Let’s play fetch with sun!

Worst insult is: “You Ugly!”
Sneezes his head off

Camp is temps saved
Minor gods represented!
Caleo comes back

~written by mrs-chekov

The full extent of Chalo’s prowess as a disc dog.