let's play fetch!


The other day I took Kilo out with my mare for a good run up the trails. Afterwards I let Lola out and played fetch with them both. Despite just going for a hard ride before, Kilo doesn’t seem to tire.

werewolf/halloween au idea!

  • jack as this overly aggressive dude who turns into a really timid werewolf every month.
  • he scares bitty just by existing and speaking all the time in really harsh tones, like even harsher tones than he did in canon. 
  • but every month when he transforms he’ll run over to bitty and curl around him and whimper every time there’s an unexpected loud noise or big movement. this is bc when he’s a wolf he’s a lot more sensitive and anxious and being around bitty makes him feel Safe, bc bitty doesnt do the whole aggro masculine competition. jack doesn’t even like to be near lardo when he’s a wolf since lardo is also pretty aggressive
  • bitty does not know whose big dog this is or why it comes running to him every month, but he does let it curl around him 
  • jack hates the fact that as a wolf he’s compelled to whimper and whine around bitty, especially since bitty’s a detriment to the team. 
  • or IS HE?
  • bitty’s concussion meant jack voluntarily shifting so that he can take care of bitty by cuddling him and taking away his phone. jack does Not want to do that in human form.
  • but dogs/wolves cant feed someone soup so jack has to do that in human form (lardo: “no you don’t have to do that.” jack: “um, yes i do? he’s weak he needs soup.” lardo: “doesn’t need you to feed him.” jack: “….”) 
  • as senior year goes on, jack becomes more mellow in human form and less shy as a wolf. he would even let bitty play fetch with him. 
  • this means that bitty is more and more attracted to the kinder, human jack and would sometimes whisper stuff to wolf jack, who he doesn’t know is jack. 
  • “jack’s eyes are so…blue.” bitty would say while he cuddles jack in werewolf form. “and the size of his….assets is unfair.” 
  • of course all culminating in jack realizing that oh shit he has a dumb crush on bitty after graduation and running all the way to the haus to get the kiss. 
  • once when bitty makes a “doggy style” joke while they were having sex jack has to stop in order to laugh and their sex may have been interrupted and stopped for the night but their ongoing pun-competition about jack’s wolfiness was ignited. 

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Going on walks with Sam in the park with Tessa then coming home and making out but Tessa ruins it before the fun gets started..

  • it would be a nice sunny (albeit chilly) autumn day and you’re both at home with nothing to do
    • “we should take tessa out,” you say and before sam can answer you’re already walking to grab her leash 
    • he’s also got the biggest smile on his face
  • you’re wearing sam’s sweater and just a pair of yoga pants and sam’s just staring at you like an idiot
    • “what?” You ask as you get tess on her leash
    • “nothin’, you’re just really pretty darlin’,” he says, pressing a sweet kiss to your lips before intertwining his fingers with yours
  • the park is tessa’s favourite place so you just let her go wild, playing fetch with her, letting her pick out a stick to bring home 
  • while sam’s got his arms wrapped around you as you both just talk about whatever 
    • “that cloud looks like you,” he says, pointing to a random cloud
    • “you’re crazy,” you giggle as he nuzzles his nose against your cheek, “crazy for you,” cause he’s that boyfriend
  • you’re both finally getting tired and so is tessa so you walk the short walk back home deciding on cuddling on the couch and watching a movie
  • of course it’s never watching the movie 
    • you’re in sam’s lap, grinding on him slowly 
    • while you’re just making out 
    • his hands on your waist while yours are in his hair
  • you can feel just how excited he’s getting 
    • “god you’re perfect,” he’d just mumble randomly, making you blush 
  • then all of a sudden you’re both bombarded by a blur of grey as tessa jumps in between the two of you demanding attention 
  • sam tries to get her off the couch and into another room 
    • “tess we’re a little busy, go play,” he’ll try but of course she doesn’t budge
    • because she wants cuddles and will stop at nothing
  • you can’t help but laugh at their interaction, the mood passed as you stroke sam’s jaw with your thumb 
    • “c’mon she deserves cuddles,” you pout, scratching her head
  • sam just rolls his eyes playfully, still not letting go of your waist 
    • “i deserve cuddles too,” he pouts and you just kiss his lips
    • “you’ll get them tonight,” you wink and that seems to cheer him up 
  • you end up cuddled into sam’s side as tessa takes up his other side all of you nodding off
  • it’s a cuddle nap 
  • it’s a nap pile 
  • it’s also real cute 


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okay but please consider: Kon being a big brother to Jon.

Kon being insecure at first cause this is, like, Clark’s son that he chose to have and not a bastard clone spliced up with Lex Luthor’s DNA.

Kon talking to his Actual Canon Boyfriend™ about how he kind of feels like Jon is the New and Improved Kon cause clearly he’s going to be Superboy someday, right? What will Kon be then? And Tim commiserating because when Damian showed up, Tim hadn’t had that long to feel secure about being Bruce’s son and then there was a biological kid actually trying to kick him out of the family and off a cliff. Kon being like “haha yeah that’s actually pretty fucked up” and then kissing his Actual Canon Boyfriend™, ACTUAL CANON BOYFRIENDS™

Kon maybe kind of resenting Jon a little until he’s forced into a situation where Kon is forced to babysit Jon a bit and maybe teach him something about his powers, and Kon realizing that hey, it’s actually pretty cool to have the little dude look up to him??

Kon starting to look forward to hanging out with Jon and teaching him neat stuff about Life and playing superpowered tag or something and letting him play fetch with Krypto and sleepovers at the farm and just *DEEP BREATH*


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chaos in the exo dorm
  • tao: [gets dog and posts pics on instagram to brag]
  • kai: [pops out of no where instantaneously] allRIGHTY LISTEN UP U FUCKNUGGET, i AM THE DOG MANIAC IN EXO, who the fuck do you think you are, thinkin u can steal MY position??? IF YOU DONT GIVE THAT DOG TO ME IN 10 SECONDS I WILL THROW AN ANT AT YOU -
  • sehun: i heard that tao, im not for sale!!!!
  • kai: pfft what the fuck is a maserati sehun come over here and lets play fetch

The full extent of Chalo’s prowess as a disc dog.