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Why Amethyst not hating herself anymore is not out of the blue - or an Amethyst development analysis season per season

This was originally a reply to another post, but people asked me to write it as it’s own post so why not.

Amethyst’s character development has happened on screen apparently this need clarification since early season 1.

In the episode “Tiger Millionaire”, season 1 is when we are first introduced to Amethyst’s inferiority complex. We learn she doens’t feel appreciated by the gems and uses wrestling to feel better about herself.

In the end, the gems let her wrestle, recognizing how pressured Amethyst felt.

The next important episode in Amethyst’s development is “On the Run”, season 1. We learn how she was made in the Kindergarten and how she sees herself as bad because of it.

She thinks Pearl sees her as “a mistake” and the episode ends when Pearl reassures her that she think Ame’s good and the two reconcile.

This is the first step of Amethyst’s development.

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wife: *grabs my hand while giving birth*

me: *pivots my arm and slams it down on the bed* you think im gonna let you win an arm wrestling contest just because you’re having a baby? think again babe

uuuumkay, no offense - but this is By Far the Best & Beefiest my sweet bara prince has ever looked -and I just want to know why the folks at voltron headquarters continue to taunt me with pics of him at this level of beef??? like what, exactly, the Fuck voltron team

It’s easy to be close, but almost impossible to stay close. Think about friends. Think about hobbies. Even ideas. They’re close to us–sometimes so close we think they are part of us–and then, at some point, they aren’t close anymore. They go away. Only one thing can keep something close over time: holding it there. Grappling with it. Wrestling it to the ground, as Jacob did with the angel, and refusing to let go. What we don’t wrestle we let go of. Love isn’t the absence of struggle. Love is struggle.
—  Jonathan Safran Foer, Here I Am

Alexa Bliss calling herself a goddess, both her and Bray Wyatt coming from a huge loss at Summerslam, where is my Sister Abigail storyline, now is *the* time WWE.

I wouldn’t want Alexa being Sister Abigail in a literal sense either but like - Bray isn’t doing anything, he keeps loosing, he NEEDS this, he NEEDS Sister Abigail so he just like, sees Alexa and believes she IS Sister Abigail re-incarnated, coming back from the dead to save him or whatever, and Alexa, being fucking SMART as she is, uses that and uses Bray - and eventually, the whole Wyatt family to get like ALL the Championships. All of them.

Also like… imagine this tiny woman controlling the entire Wyatt family. I need this. Also the Wrestlemania entrance???!

Booked right, this could be SO GOOD. So good.